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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, March 04, 1909, Last Edition, Image 10

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Hill JiHnt Hcdlutkm rn Wlllg rl
ConMlliillofHil rmwlniewi llm
Ing IV < irilc u V HC im It
MOT 1410 March 4The hou
Mnt twtolMtlon pmt ldlng for a con
R optional anwndlmnt altowlM he
yupli of the state to vote at thin ilea
i jttal pie thm on Ute question of ab
w ollrr prohibition wu defeated at the
morning ealon by the narrow miigln
of S votes that is In KecnrtB H Iwo
tMrd majority IIIft bill WM a Memo
antic meanur fathered by Rang who
1 In connection with IUd IIf Hear I akr
made the prlnclpul gsrehra In favor
Of the measure
An tloquenl and opportune appeal by
Jtoptvaentatlve P < 1 John ton of Ring
ham county wa responsible for turn
r hop the aomlment of the house against
this Kanborn me aure Intrnded to < oi
NCt th Hunojay losing lav by allow
ing livery Ktablm thmtrrs pls
house or any each Irikae or pubii
anwiaement to remain < if n m Sun
day Mid hareln lav the yokel The
wortta MJln such place of puhlli
amtwemrat Jatmiton contended wiilil
completely m alldivte the pr wnt IBM
and throw opMi uch piace of amuse
ment u the law now oompeli to bt
r cloaad The 111 rote brought an
overwhelming majority sgaJnut the
The gcnato brouirht td1 ward tor con
Mcmtton this inonrtng UM oup
coMy bin recently pad by the
MM und condition hid for a favor
d able comMeratlon Until Pagmlrv of
Hear Lakt mode a pKw and flnally HIt
i tured ft majority of the vote to have
the me sure thrown Into commHtee < f
the whole FriendK of tll9 nwwmir ure
now very anxious rewarding Its fate
They far damaging amtndmcnta
TmUy end the regular tt day SM
lon of the kfflnlaturp but H will be
toiiMjuMtrfe to vniik < t the work be
fr the end of the week A concur
PMt rsioltrtlon boa therefor been I
Umed making f turdvy at i p m the
time of adjourning
0 l MmtaH col cMmiro have w
iWtITtbernmrh iNMniMem
C N Kimball of tie well known piano
t bud irin building lions In Chicago
arrived > esterda > afternoon from n Pa
cine coast trip and stopped over tier
tot the special purpose or hearing the
9u meat organ In the tabernacle It will be
remembered that H little over right years
N 11110 the tabernacle organ wa rebuilt
by the Kimball company bout the only
relies of lag old Instrument left In use
brine the case the fogwoatlon plot anti
a fw of the other stop 80 h was prac
tically a new organ Traveler of low
and Jrlgh degree have listened to It with
deilgttl noted artists from both Amen
Xand European eortmerts have play
ed upon U with marked satisfaction and
the present orgnnlit Proto J J McClel
lan ha built np on It a reputation for
kill In performance that has eaotly plac
ed him on a plane with tbe best pe
t Mr Kimball said this pu hi tint
trip to Salt Lake which he had lone bn
anfctoui to visit and regretted his bud
nu engagements dM not permit of his
remaining here longer However hI
hoped to be out this way from Chicago
In tha summer time when he would be
r able to slay longer Mr Kimball had
k therefore never heard the gnat Instru
ment and In consequence was particu
larly Interested In hearing It Bo Prof
McClellsn gave him a pilvat recital
this morning with this elected program
The D minor Toccata and Fugue of
Hach Hatlstes Communion In O the
Andante from Vldorn Fourth Hviti
phony Annie Laurlf I Nd Th
Wary Hour < hymn excerpt from
4t three Wagnerian opera and a WMor
Toccata The organist wa at his best
y anti the visitor was strict attention
Jnd wa notice that Vie iwcmed to be
overcoat by hili feeling particularly
7 by the Ratite and Anne IAurle num
ber and at ahe close of the program
shook the organist warmly by the hand
saying he had now listened to one of the
y great n In the world played by
> aa artist fully capable of handling It
v Mr Kimball exprm q eo himself as con
curring more heartily than ever In the
a proposTtlun to enlarge tbe Instrument by
the etpendlture of HI least CSOMi and h <
1 would see to It that the Church got more
than Its money worth Thl enlarge I
ment would make the tabernacle organ
the largest and moat eomyilele In eglit
ence Prof McCIlln vaeorted the vlsi
tor to the Church offices where he was
Introduced to the first presidency who
received him most ordlally and Mr
Kimball resumed hU journey east Ibis
noon feeling that the time was not fai
distant when the proposed enUrgcmnnt
would be made and well satisfied with
its Halt Ik trip
y Two building permit amounting to
t HtlTW were lssuid this rooming b f the
city building inspector Om was for the
rnnsiruction of the L D H university
g mnuslum which in being instructed
at the cost of tlsUUIW The other wan it
permit for the Halt Uik Mining Btudt
Kichangt building which will t ost KOM
It Ii bring erctd at 4t Kxrhaiige plate
There were several small permit tak
en out during the morning which In
creaaed the amount to JJlnil
The hafey Reduction ronujwny filed
Its articles vif incorporation today In
the county dark don It la capital
Ired for HUM divided Into shoe
of H tlIh The purpoae of the cOla
pany k to leaav on dump 8 and carry
on a general ore reducing purinee
The oompuny headquarters Mill be In
Halt Lake City M R than la pres
ident M P DUITOW iiepresldent
and Jumei chrlatlunKeri secretary and
Articles nf Iniornofutliin Here filed
today in the county clerk o nfnre by the
HIUK Utility ioniHuiy Tliv idpltull
> 1 t
ril the
Will b seen the very lyle f
spiln halo that we ore nuv
110 Main
action amounts to SSOM lllded Into
hares of tin The company will carry
nn a general real estate tnMtiMM in
pelt take The ofnVers are R W
Wiley president J J Brennan ke
prrajMmt R II Mill secretary and
E O Hines trtaaarer
111I lisp Vmr Ciftwv lie 111I > lielkk Iti I
tinier ItrtmH
I A It hal the monthly report of On
Trur illdoii Hnydtr which was
ftled tndat with the city record shows
hut the cash nn deposit In the National
Honk nt the Republic amounta In nn
hbAl ho due not IIIvII the amount of
outstanding warrants against thin fund
The continuum fund ha been reduced in
tittle slmc the first of the year At
the present rate the esnttnjent fund will I
how H deficit by July with no fund
on hand to run the administration Then
I s now a deficit of MM4M In the Newer
and dmtn fund
City Auditor Rudolph AlIT whose year
ly report baa not ben presented tn the I
mayor wa unable to State yesterday the
mount of outstanding warrant an I nut
the deport In the bank It In known
hat there are severs thousand dollar
uutandlim aojalnM every fund In the re
port When these amounts are daduited
It will In all probability leave deficits
In many of the fund
On account of the ooroplliald manner
la which the petal auditor whoA act
the city i3A00ll ten the Bookkeeping svs
lam Mr All way unable to give an es
timate on the amount of outstanding
warrant from hie book He house tea
M able to submit his report Ma tin
In the near future
nor A Burton Meet n Iew Friends
And Thou VanMir
The poMoe are tirtaK to locate a nan
Munad Hoy A Barton a cotlaltor who
lefraudvd several felt Lakers In a
rather clover terns
A few day ago the fellow opened a
moll account at tlu ah National
bulk and then pow 1 to draw
chaclui for vnrtou amount lie sac
ceaded In cubing a check for tt M
A O Molntyre Ml Judge building util
another one at the Townsend drug
star The chock ware cached on Sun
day and Monday but Burton had with
drawn Ms account Saturday morning
and when the chucks were pretontmi at
tHe bank the bold were informed
thare were no fund The police wr
notlitod and tried to locate Burton but
found that he had packed hi truing
lap and dapartod for parts unknown
Mr J T Yoiine ol Pocatello and
Mr and Mr Fred Hew of Ogden are
Malt Lake U ltor today TiMor are
down oo a pieasui trip and are stay I
ing at the Iullen
Mr M T Peck and Alice Adams
of Rlgby Ida cum down frum the
north today and registered at the n
liHtitl IhlllKo the well known mill
tug roan and capitalist came in from
Venice CM today and registered at
the Cullen Mr Rvans is making one
of hi periodical trip to look alter ble
many Interest In thl etata
II HHI 31 Hull a wall known Idaho
mining expert Is down from Ma ham
i In Bogie e fir a few day on busies and
I legtateied at the Iutkm
T P 3luriwy who 1 a wall known
mining man of Los Angelus Cal b
visiting Ball lAU City on buoinoo
He U staying the Cullen
A n Wllhc of Silver City came In
from camp thl morning ana la regis
tered at the Wilson
d A WlllUm of cboneld le rlalt
lag Bait Lake lily toy a day or two
and u located at tIM Kenyon
Mr awl Mr II T Ctrittdatxlar of
Dillon Mont are In Halt tail un a
short visit und are regleterea at the
H tcMi yyrttWH ma wit are rK
litcmd At the Knuuford They n
fiim ihmdlng Idaho and are on a
lileasuie trip to Utah capital
K X WJw and wife are vMUac
Kali lakity for a few day froni
Huffalo W > o They an rgttr4 at
the Knutsfmd
= = =
Only One BROWO QUtNWE loot k
Laxative ffirotnc Qtdnlne f8 Py on every
curw did III A Gr1 2 tics d box 730
If II 11irllor 1 S Andrrvji H Williamson
Windsor Company
General Insurance and Adjusting
Hurni lus To
E < Al PII > Holder
AIImIUnla d PitUburg 186M 11176111 5 6Ihu
German < > I PM taewrg 3163 1093341 461195
Girard 01 PhiUd hu i Sbs 13656 kb n 1 y
Spring arden PhUadelpW III Jso7lp 71ltq9
Maryland Caualty Blitinvirc tltll 44o7bA Ip7346
tulility sti DtrxMit lialtimorc 1190 61102Ih 4 s 16 Sul
Also Agents for Bests Insurance Roportn
LttfiAlfifl tfaJLfM ft
r n fcoat
I IIonlltl red r1nnt tog IIn =
rule HP though then wen r trt tie
j S inii n < f1R in fn nest mim ttt
I tin1 n Ir mi > ii i n iiiulilnn mil
lalkli mil tl n fur > MI H sitsrlil
KnUlll dx Iharg ii oIt 11 en > i Uf
lllns hilt ha aid nt hem any arM
lilnr ir the alllna 4 the body The
ilri1 mans head wet battrr d aim < el
in H pulp and ha rkrthln nl t > il >
sucked In bind TAbed ckMAa nrr
strewn n or the beds cad floor ctiHr
0rnwfUe and aHI l s scatleued about
the room
The police ar at work on the ease
and are trying to local the than
called Boston Joe andAMn Mann Who
rented the room Bwt IHtJa N kltbwn
< rf the doad man farda and lettcra
found tfh him showed Ufeft no ma a
painter and paper banger and Ida let
tero w ere sent to the admire tlit
Harriett hailed from Pa ton other
he had two children his wife died sometime
time ago
The p Clkt declare that the enllr
county will be warvhixl In an elf rt to I
And the two men Ueut Shannon t
out U men In all direction thl after
noon to proeute thiearrh
Frrrl H Minllh the noted lectur
will address the tud nt of the Inl
vernlty at 1110 a m tomorrow
Manager fUilph Hartley has wnl a
contract to the Oregon Uwlvenilty for
the debate to take ptaur In the Salt
Lab theater < > n the Mth Inut The
name of Parley L Wllllni and ex
governor H bvr M Well hate been
sent alon also for the firecim Inl
vemlt to elect oM of the Judge
The irnlvvrnltr debaters will prob
ably disease some ptiaM of the tars
quMtlon with the Colorado college In
The Kiench reckon nf the modern
language claaa was held at the UnJ
wirrtty at 4 p m toda > The program
nIOIft of a ketch of the life of
tactile b > Margaret Watmm a solo by
Crma Peniberton und alt one by
Maude Rller with reading from Rae
no b > Innauke Okubn
Mr and Mr K L Tracy entertained
at a dinner last evening In honor of
heir netcc Mm Louis MubbMleld of
Nashville Tenn and Mia Wlnlow of
t alltornla The recipe were docoratad
I B American Beauty roaM and cor
were laid for 11 gUesls
Mr W M MoCraa WIYI bowie ai a
pretty luncheon yesterday given In
honor of Mr M C McOraa the decor
Mica being In white awl heliotrope
and coven laid for a half don
Mr A IV Jam wan one of yoater
diiytt hoatemo entertaining at a bridge
tea with three table played the room
decomted ta violets and bunch of
violets awarded tbe prlae winner The
affair was the unit in a settee
The LtoiHa club was mit rtain d yea
trd by Mr Matthew Culhm the
pries going to 8 H Pinkerton Mr
E M Boil Mm II c Hoffman loAd
Mr A E ilutohlnaon
Mr Wad Mr Wtlltem NaugHt WII
tam have issued Invitation for a reo
oaptlon at their boGIe Friday eYttlllnll
larch b In honor of Oov and Mn
William Spry and member of the
Mr 11 O WUIhvm will enl rtadi at
a luncheon nt her atssrtaMot In the
Branford Saturday In honor of Mr
Ioftey Ah of HarkeIy Cal
YeMerdny Allee Illaach Ital and
Charles 0 IttUlMK wn nwrrlod the
erenuMiy bring pert rmd at4 p m
by Judge George ArmstrooiJ Thai
rooms woe effectively daoatwtod JJ
a wedding dinner roved attar which
Mr and Mn iMUlnx Mt for a trip to
hoe Angel The Vital gown was of
whit lace vc Ilk and tbrt going
away gown pal green cloth They
will be at horn In April at M7 M
Mite Mth Critehlow enUTUUu Mr
Card club UMnorrowt
a t
Mr W M Hunt entertained at
lunclHwm yiiliriar oorr botng laid
far a baU doom
5 5
Mr and Mr Lester Freed will en
tertain at a dinner tomorrow In honor
of Mia turn bon of Mestana
Mr Will KUaiejeck entertained her
wine elm yelMr + kr
Th Collage club will meet this even
tag with Ml PnMwr and Mla La
lour at 41 earth west TvoyM street
r t
Mr John C ft + will entertain ut
a SM party at br him this after
Mrs III D BVMU will MMarteln at
1Ir hithis atumodh far Mm borer
Ash of atrkr OKI
e a
The lawinc club will be Mitrtalnd
thl afternoon by Mr Ivrood 8
corii > NOT i wi niiirv
1ilMWw III lmlg IUfu Court duds
lllHiMilr In Peculiar Mlimi
Tiylng to plead guilty and behig 1e
inI the privilege uag the sperlm
or KJiuer Lane In the district court this
utteinoon IHIM Is charged with Iir
lerf ring wuh an officer Pnltivmpn
Iy m and thu afternoon was arraigned
i heron Judge Lab he pleaded guilty
lie was telling toe court during his
I plus fur leniency just how the adult
lark place DIll Atty LAnrhuumw
jumped U hIa feet and informed the
IOUH that the prlaoner iii bar was dal
lying ulth truth with nriklao bn
din and right lhei Lane struck a nag
Ills plea of guilty was Ithdraw curl
a plea > r not guilty entered fur him
Then his thai will preod
Uae and a partiMr M M Murphy
I wets bagging ta Deuvmbei when Lynn
i Pltuoed Murjihy under arreat lan
rushed 10 hie alUno kw klng llu
h > W brtwe datawp dews ta the tots
lest Then lyeo reoveM 1 Wa eiuUh
rlum and billy fish at fine tuid ih
sent time miMMaa UM aaVcllns hls
arreM ikargliig him with the i > fr iiM
for whlth lito Is anowerlM this fii
Juan VUJ U INUiill
Aflrr being dead Ililitr four yui
thu Mill of Mia Janet Tvraie HI
j found a few d aye ago und Larry
f41Uti11t WK MM gf cualoii 1 Mwu
I Wll it r I lath 1 to h I I pa pyre
I of iitiiiiiiKtiHilnii l hi Mi rrdle
gird on Inn JO IK sir i fi H Ml Inn
II ruld iot he found liv hit hu hiinrt
lxiul toil estle ear
Tenlie to whom i
beiiueslhcd The wltn b the
will ni d ifniiit i I en a1 nId
yenrc 11 l I mi1 I IIM t I
Kf srtiimiltrHton It nil 1 hne
I and ii hl in mli MSI n H1 I it
whlih i nnslxtml of I t I II k plat
4 In MIHI Him thei I i I giro
and III the snit unusIlly d Mil im
the ffit of Tinli r I ind the
will who h had him n h I tr n
long Tin will MMine thfl h ntln
eststr I i him Me rli I u Ii i
tlMs und Mv n ho hi ii + + mtiiii
In the q i ii ales that the eataUl
be 1111 mud i > Mt ht be given a cbkll
till t hi i ui diy
utri iHJuamaj HIM
John Jmi Itrcuxht suit till divorce
ngslnst Mi livnrlfttn Jonm yetrdy I
in the Third dlalnrt ioilil on the
groumls of desertion They were mar
led In Rues < Vlstu 1010 on Jan M
im Share ISM I0 I8B7 he declare
that Ma wife ha refused In lire with
Mm US that she left his hnUM with
eat tripe or reaaoh
Movrw i oit MHV TIIIAU
A motion for a pew trial in the case
nt K D Oamm < ni who was convtctnd
of embeMlemont while nn employe of
the Tbll Delcetlvc S rvke company
wog filed yesterday In tilt Third tha
t nwrt The motion will be argued
nn March a when Qammon come be
fore the court to be srntenced
Xta Mhkt MelUn brought an action
In till TWrd district court yesterday to
obtain A dtyarry from Harry L Mellen
M the MMM a of desertion They were
marriei late on Ebb 22 111I7 A short
time after the wedding Mi > Melhtn de
cmnw that her husband failed to pro
vide for her and later lived apart from
her without any cause or muses She
ak the court tn nature her to her
maiden naps 8 phla Johnson and
grant her attorneys fee and tasty of
till suit
When the case of M J Murphy a
clerk who filed suit against Max Dan
him a tailor to recover the price of a
suit which he declare III an 111 fit was
called yeaterday In Judav Whltaker
court Murphy wore the suit whlrh
caused him so much dm > les ure Ho
showed the court the poor manner In
which the cloth At him and uft < > r the
eetlmony wa concluded the mm was
taken under aurlaenwnt Daniel sin
nlflcd hie wllllngnaw to make a suit 01
clothes which will sooth hllO feelings
and In all probability the case will tie
dlmted I
The Deeeret Saving bank tiled suit in
the Third district court yesterday tn se
ure judgment against flllas H Smith
for S6 68 on a promissory note Whlh
wa executed on Kept 1 ISIS The not
wa olKned by OeorRe 43 aniltli and Ml
I aa S tmlUl but It Illeged that
acorm 11 Smith is not a result nt t
he Site of Utah and that the com
puny baa been unable to serve him with
a commons Por this reason the bank
ak that judgment be entered a tnt
BUac 8 Smith for the full Hinoulit or
the note It wa due DP 1 1106nt I
the bank asks for the legal rat of In
tereet and coat of the suit
Th case of W B MiVornlck a > iii + a
Marie Levy tor tM fore kwure of i
nHe was
mortgage on a proml ory tint
called for trial today In Judge Iou s
court The note was Issued mi Jan 30
IM foi UmH and fell due one year
IIKW IlHitk CI < > nrliHP < Todaja lo
I al bank clearing amounted to 1116
67SB9 as compared
for the orrepoBdlng day of ISOS
The regadcr
GvneoliHlloul StIIJTh T
weekly meeting of the Genealogical
> at the
held tomorrow
octet > will be
Lion house at four
frost I Y Tujlor Hotter
Taylor of Granite take
dent Frank T acuuple of weeks
of e X <
who ha een 111 for a couple
with stomach trouble Is report
Hd to be much better thl morning
T v < iitji llth southern WHril What drama I of billed
as a will be played
and romance In four acts
ed by th dramatic dub of the Ten
tysltth ward Mutual Improvement associations
nentih i
ociatlons In the ward agyyyesnent
tonight and tomorrow night wecaus i
I Love You Is the title of the il > l e
and in the cad are the following NIII
Brown HY Duplax Bather Wllcllng
Mamie Abbott ElIII Monlait Ovld
Sudbury T E Wld
JenseIt 1ttJermaJ
Weave and
lag Frank HOgtrMl
Alex Wnl TM hall la on Eighth
South sired and Jordan earuline lid
oversired Pro tI line
ed over the Ioplar
MMleod Alonemnnt and the Origin of
Plural Marriage
A pamphlet containing over a hun
dred pages has jut bn issued Tbl
brsabur contain a Uloualon on the
questions quoted between Bldar Jo
sephOF Smith Jr and Mr Richard
C ivan tile latter gentleman begin
second counselor to the present of the
Reorganlte The questions are en
tered Into exhaustively by both side
and a great deal of valuable Informa
tion ii given Rider JoMiih F Bniltli
Jr shows by historic data and In
controvertible deductions that the po
illlon of hi opponent Is untenable
Poet paid to any address ISO
a Main St
490644 <
By Orson F Whitney
In 3 Volumes
800 part cadi
containing in all
235 M tool
pinto Moroc
co Ilk btdiOl
Tomtr Price no
I ttMfit 4 +
Ilv re tit il lMii or tin Intvi tal >
mmIf i otninUslmi Hlxllve to 1Irnr
+ li IMI nt lir xprss i niiiBnlen is lit
i IIn I rrest In Illi liIn 11Uu r pr uple T
I In Uif The Im iKlon butte that it
j pr < e < iiiiniilci may nut h niulml In
A rcpt C I i l > shipment of liqimi mil
I SKSume the burden of olle < ilng lie
Hint pil pIK ui spres charlara
I n tin i iin in i tie Mir r other oewn
imMlittii IhH alp tnI h UMt uM
of tile iiiiiiii i in the nil at evad
ing the pn ddhllh h Inw In anmll com
munltteo it nin tine me UNlel or
puttla K sinn In the i untom Of Wp
ping Intdfjli Hnti Into a proMMUo tw
4Mrvgel to iI nillilma con Hi > a and
mvlMtii In the e4ir a eomrMqr of
nee udtM railed W by tarns ohg Who
k wlee to the chme or until a
customer can be found for It The cue
araw from the complaint of the Hiiyal
Brewing company nf Kan City
against the Adam Untied oHaMn 14
Well narri Kxpren companlea slider
the clause of the Hepburn 1a4r which
prohibit unduu disci Imlnsrtloti against
a particular cogAniodlty The espies
conspanltM had adopted a rah that
they no longer otIId accept wok Mp
meat C a D tn Its dectalun tile com
mission states that the dlacrlmlnatlon
against liquor la not undue and uphold
UM ruling adopted by the oaprees com
panic The expre companies dispel
that the liquor dealer bad taken ad
vantage uf the r n D plan to end
urge quantities of Intoxlcunt Into jim
hlbllloii conimunltks without bona ml
orders In litany canes to fictitious al
dreon on bolng notified that th
shipment had nut been rolled for th y
would obtain customer l > y v rk us de
vices ournctlmeH emp4i > lng traveling
agents Under this plan they clalmi1
the express olT e + often became liquor
Wttjeliousi Uuih had a dcmnrultiliiK
effect nn Ilie employee Inwhoo irl
dltloniil tick if ls from tire or n > h
ter > and fn iuentlv innUnl th aril
pnnltN in lltiKitiin with Iwd uitliin
LSi7o i 1 1 Irl4 lm
V et rro
C lCa
A Undersirable
Ta > kage nf laundiv work IR
ornethlnff we annul produoe By
th use or S < jJTKNBD and FUr
TKKED water we attain PElt
Both Phon Ui tN MAIN ST
Rings Dyspepsia Tablets
10 T iiiticT num CD
200 Main non 1luinnocy
4r84M14rr4ar4 rrWei J
announce fiat I
We donlr to announce that we
have established in connection
1 with our paper a Patent Bureau
I and InvUe tin cooperation of
t Inventor Mechanical RnglneerH I
+ DmughtmuHi Maahtaltt Wuj
t rtnln < ata and Porem f I
r Stxtp and ilUls Bktllwl Me
y ehnnloa In all trade Karjner f
and all other in bonding up a
Xi patent IIIIHtm that will give
toast advice to kirwilora pro
teat th lr Interest by good pat
ent and strong oentraet aM t
Inventor In perfftatlag their In
ventions and IB sIUi their i t 1
ents wtieo obtained and In all
mnttwrs to render aareful sr
vise aad aye full value for
mtutay pea 7
We base aa o < mid with us 4t X
VIwNptfen D X an ttonuiy t
J wlw hat bout In coMlnuaus pruc
tiN tar the past twenty year
ad we are M polto to aunr
i antes that any MsAt matter
plan la our hands will reurdve
t prompt and orttl attention
J and lust the oriargM will always
Y Irti moderate
7 AVt also In addlttoti to aaollt
log of pahndr caW m Trade
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Deseret News Salt
Lake City
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73 1
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S 0 A
Lets Advertise Salt Lake =
With Electricity
There I s nothing which apisals tine anraby tn initnr r
ilty than well lighted business streets particularly whcru torn faro
of electrically lighted decorative treel Temp poet is used j
It gives the city a reputation for civic pride i rojnv len < y ni
Such a ayirtem le installed now on Main street Let the
thanu see to It that very pot Is lighted
We are prepared to do our pert by making a very ion rata tor
the current and lamp renewals
Inquire of our commercial department for particular
Utah Light and Railway Co
Electricity for Everything
Tell Kx 19 Ii < i
Only hef who fIM a time sass his home In ash
bttt barn and Mao he mere smoldering dust can apl r < <
ate the gladness the hope the security testing in Hi
II Was Insured
I fiurealght pre iwradueaa HCiuiIty thei murk III I
uocesaful man ileber J Grant A Co M Main Ph
I Me writ all Mn M of IfMBrance We respectfully aolUit
I your pateuage
To School Teachers
You are invited to examine and play the
I Anderson Piano I
And hear its Singing soul at our new
Store With Young Bros
We have other standard makesEasy
payments no interest
New York Western Piano Co
23 West 1st South Street
W r
Gold I
This Is tho amount we onllecled for
tbe Hugei Clothing to from an
old claim of thirteen sans stead
ing W we doing such UlJ rus
niKilnually and all berauo tkra
Had Hi leak of Uonetfy In DMpU
we i llaot for everybody every
her We collect mare mom y
from honest dbt than any agm y
in the world
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Inm X TW Hniiial lfenngP i T Nut nnee 1rqIr Hoiil I
Cu on ISa ka h =
fOtit KIDNEY CURl Irregularities Corrects
Do not talc havlnj
vIm euro any cpae of Kidney or Bladder Disease not UriKW r PIU ae
I beyond tho reach of medicine No medicine can do more or Dbctci
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