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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, March 04, 1909, Last Edition, Image 4

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j 1BI r VENI G tWS
Sunflaj 6sepikt
Orn r ef aMh seP1 sad gl tt
pis mrettn 11I1 L V City U t
b1rIneM itaaMM
Harare O Whlinwr
Ihl Advance
On Aunts e
Ma MiHtth i
r < Muit
On th
lan wb 1111 SIP vrat J
Henil Wr k per Y I
On and nthfr reedtg plat
ter for 0tdxron Simula be awT i
Adair all bttNnPM cvniunnlatI I
end all rrtnltt
iJ4 JI tAb City UISL
Entered at the mr te of llah Itke
at a se cond via matter eS1S
to Act of anlreas Muroti 1 iris y
Aitur LAKR ctft MAnOR t ue
u c = =
LTQCOR mlMlou WAtlba
Amrnlng It not Ingtmlou Is the argu
Mnt brought forward by the oppo
nenta of prohiMUon that with the pas
Mgr r f eh a law tile humble dnii
tnre M suddenly going to aatunw II
gantte and terrible proportion Th
aelkltud with which tha friends ol
the Mtoon world hleld the commu
nity from tho deathdealing dragon
breath of the drug tore ta alinot
tnnrhlag One rbamplun cowhe lama
Hi relit aanlnvt the dreaded offendi be
CHUfa forsooth Church members alt
financially tntrtt in a eertaln phar
macy Another deal battleax blow
again pOt prohibition bec tio a fel
low praetloner who favor prohibition
rumen from and ha financial Inter
f Its In a town w ere there are as
many or two drag tare either or both
at which may might or do dto
rtuff at
r no liquor tad mighty poor
that And m In fine form or another
the healthful benefit of the aatoon at
gamut tho degrading depth of the I
Xragatorea are held up tor compartaon
To an
before our afrtghted yea
rvenlvbalanced Intelligence It must
ppmir that w M ale < tloIIt menace and
a aouthreat nlng peril the little apo
thecary lIMp ta being worked over
It U all a shallow trick to divert at
tention frora the main laaue There ta
nothing In the proposed antlaloon leg
Matlnn which by the wildest stretch
of fancy can be construed aa favor
able to the aale of liquor m drug
tom And If there ta make uch
restriction and afgnard m respect
to liquorwiling that nine druggUt out
of every tan would rather rut out I
liquor entirely from his tock than run
the risk ot falling to comply with the
laws condition But give till a law
tint closes the saloons and make tho
aloon traffic Illegal That U what the
people demand 7100 trop They do
not tk for a local option bill with faro
regulation Read the handwriting on
the wall ora ere ta not a word of local
option In U Local option IS simply of
fering the sovereign people a atone for
fetttut and a arrrent for ftuh It can be
done but not safety
That Mr Booeeveit will be before
thri public although his terra of omoe Is
saded g19 a without snag His ug
X tk u that a world congrea be held
for the purpose of dluing way
and mean of the preservation of the
natural reeonreea of the globe aurae
to have been well received If each a
congrea 1 held at The Hague a1
proposed Roosevelt will In all proba
bility be cboaen to preld provided
he attend and If not be 1s neverthe
la likely to be placed at the head
of a world organisation tor the fur
therance of the object of the oongr
Th neceaaity of taking care of the
natural reaourcea baa been recog
nised by the leading nation of the
world since the matter wa taken up
by President Booaevelt And the hand
of Providence may be urea In this for
the ItllIOrc of the earth are not
iMxhaiHIMe Fonda can be cat down
and fertile countries thereby changed
Into deert Entire species of an
imal may be extirpated And other
reaeurce can be quanderd The In
torext in economy aroused by the
Initiate step taken In Ibis country
gives hope that the day will be de
layed long when any of the now well
nYedtoreheaua ot aeturo wIll be d a
pkMed Moet of the damage done baa
bee through tgnoranop and greed air
Koo velta name will be linked with
tot Steal wurld nnsement for a rat
Wahl economy for ever
Mew wa wine talk a short dine
a4q about the changing of the plans
ninth Panama canal from a look U a
en level ditch But ploe Invenllgalun
r waU d the impractlcabtllty of UP 1 + 1
J ptoJect and the work will ha
j addled out U originally planned
14 a lengthy article In Urn Kitgiii >
e Ittg MAg aln Cur VVbruary the ICJMII
wfiy a lock cent In preferable are
given It In nut u question of poet vnd
time but rather of the Inipowlbllty of
i balidlng u sr Irvel ditch that trust le
be MM in tin iiiugMtllv meM > Hd
eun thl the Himilt mulch fron
UUHI tu it citlsixi through wumi
lied iiljig too i line lit hut lo ie <
CFwgrer iiir prtn ul dlfflrultlr that
an iiiMt uUI 1 IoJIIII this u L
r tlOH the Hanuini taliraad trustw H
inaymlrv knuwii > < UK Irish swamp
Where Vila toe d l < UK fall tu and
k ttum Hein In io > T tiM > hundred
I Pet vI track Of II 1iiMiii ia red
auddenlx 41I1P11 il lie nml
UitU ntcaillly r BUS free < 0 i n h <
war idling IUP Cltkgr v i iron
Ublupo lu the allllIln i iin i in
bet > 11 t u lvnl trul i > 4 be
total < r 01 iuu > It uuit ri du led
lvel Neu irh < > tl in ii < IW
Cime r t rI it a n
11 < tK Wl t 1 j era tin it
Ihk both 1 > n ii v s I i UK
puma no lee n i in i li I in
Tbv artuel i i llrle neotiil
tlr Imp hIf tna the Uliriculllfs
w i L mi wt ui ui miunubUi A
K th kIInaaNng
11 I i h
to 11 illl
I k li 1 Iw ovdlJU le
tenilln from the Atlantic cna t Inward
nearly to Rnhlb It wes not very Je p
or broad tile original French use
lep ttitjvi iKntPmplated a ranal oiiy
fen fiat deep with a width of nly
n M > slut the full depth wen n < > VI
e on ths complied ellanI It
mil predifted that ton op n n en
would have to be dredgrt mu i II t n
twin to damage from caving and sit
wit ateaetiy till thin ha happ nrvl
rNMta of tbta old Fresco ditch now fnrn
law channel of the Unarea 1111
au mion tl soma mil ol lu old croo eu
costae and a targ part at the chn
eel tnwner has ass tilled With slit
salt mud exactly aa wag predloted And
If ihl hallow dlteh beeline MI dil 4
With depoatt in a score of yean what
Would be the Inflow ot material into
the hug ditch requifed by the peeen
ealevel project with 111I battom M to
to feet below the lavaf of tal vaat tea
to treacherous wamp
Then are probably ether weighty
reason why a ad ealtal fwuat lee con
Itructed as ortginally plalincd but III
rime to be the moat important No
on can tell what a sea level canal
would eat bat it le all to aay that
the Coat would be enormous
President RooMvelt and Mr Aft
were bath originally Inclined to view
the ana level canal with favor In an
6d fraB to the board of engineer
Hooeevelt rid he felt the sea level
canal to be the beat In the end if
feanlole and Taft in trnnimintng the
Hrport of the beard to t u prlrtn
ronfeaaed that he had originally
thought the sea level canal would be
injuch more certain to natify the le
inand of the world commerce but
fhat be had been ronverted tu the oon
trnry view bt the Itport of the ml
horlty Mr Houwvctf judgment aa
Mated la his message tu congress naa
Itccted by the oanelulona of Chief
BhgJneer John r eleven
11015 iV1tlWJIti
The impending destruction of the for
eu ta being met by a novel eaperiment
In California where three thoueand an
gora are to take part In the tree cul
ture problem Thee little white ani
mal of the long wool are to be mad to
perform their part of the work during
their regular graalng 110 that they will
not even suspect how they an being
gd to solve one ot the preeelng prob
toina of civUlaatlon
The owner of a band of angora goat
In the Laaeaa national forest baa made
an agreement with the forest aervlaa
officer to run a line parallel with the
oantour of the eloper by cutting trail
elkvut eight rod apart Tbeae tralta are
to serve em guide for tho Angoraa
They will grass in each direction from
the trails killing It ta estimated a
strip of bruah about 10 yard wM
The wide lane cut out and graced by
the goat will serve a Ideal fire line
In protecting the foraatcovered land
tytncibtyond and around the chaparral
area and also make atdaa tor re
production of merchantable t
It a upon that tale work of the
angora If MKoeeetul will Anally
solve tile problem of removing the un
dergrowth or chapparal The tank of
dewing the land of this vegetatMn ta
very dlfOcult la that region
Should the protection brought by
these goatbuilt Are line at last bring
relief from the wont effect of rot
re in Oallfornta the vast problem of
eontructlag thea clearing to g s
oon the spread of the flrea through
the undergrowth will have been solved
for many other localttte
Moreover a large amount rot chap
arral will IN Wiled out to rniike room
for the growth of good ree that pro
duce lumber If proved successful at
the end of two year the work will lie
carried to national forest la other eec
tton where chaparral has choke out
good forest tree and created a danger
ow Ore risk
The Imported troublesome June frees
W mere property broom genes that
bas recently ipread over many of our
mountain might lie cut oCt by the
aaane mean
A Mtawuri IcgUlator ha proposed
a bill requiring that the length of
had heed be regulated by law and
that they be nine feet long
The proposer of this bill ta being
ridiculed by the editor but a Wis
consin editor defend the bill He
These editor Mho suggest that a
tied tat be taken to the propoaer of
Ibis bill have surely never had to
leap In bed where the blanket and
comfort were ao lOlled for two feat
that they were an offense to pernana
of cleanly habit Time and again It
ha been my lot to choose between
fraeitng and using bedding thus soiled
becttuie the sheetS were so short they
had failed to protect the < blanket or
comfort from rontiuH with the person
of the sleeper I thoroughly approve
of tu proposed bIn or any hIP In
deed with will protnt the traveling
public fitmi the dlsoumfort und per
HlM Infection which tt b fompalled
tu end on uaOer the mat unmg
InUd sate of affairs
This editor then proceed to con
demi bedding that has nu sheets and
IJI for this reaon very unsanitary
the pen tu of th 4MEarnt membrn
> t th family using UM sine towel
und nmn sharing It with Mtrangara
this Inviting the HVread of skin din
eat > and tIM unepaaknW pra < tli of
paving tXirtaM vault nncoverod with
dry earth thus making certain the
ucnUuiliutUun uf the atmuspnere with
the grrms of a thousand plagUM
TItftIuo conditions are surely were
than the aogMwhat absurd lagtalatlon
Ihut it seems nvaMary IP enact In
Nome urea la order ta shock the
iuMli uns4taUtBe M M were tn
v u i Hii uton o MM jaannas and
unic4 > of ib jg mu4h ii On beat
rounds the editor and the Missouri
awmaker may III nearer right than
In the abUal they appear to be
Kilt the Aiuiitiui elute
A greet hero lida ir > rtigicltig up
I ktdL
A t id end hl > = fit J y r bL4 sYrm
The Kiri of mb Is one of natures
1lirat nifti1
iculdc Curry tar luuit over lee things
The Nrn York Christian Herald
some Hnir ago urn nut a Fetter of
Inquiry Kintalnln threw riu < ptioni
What is lh most Important tk br
ine the nrv Ht1mlti4 liHtlii jmlir
IrMldnt Tart What nor arm t hlnlf
Hhoulrt be aihlnrfl l > v the Inromlnt
Tell AdmlnlMratlon1
Two hundred replies were NIIIII
unit In th < ei no less than forty Blf
tirftii luaiftlatlt mil administrative
In ks were monllnn i1 cis nHnir of first
Importune In dealing with govern
nwnt uiid korliil Ifrttn trim atlunal
l > i < irrs dentin < lfx < > iiin > nt purl
lliHtlnn of putties hettrrlna the r m
dltlnn of l lnr and a > l imlng the we
titre of all the people Then are
mentioned at lbs most Importunt tank
now before the new IrrdriVnt Reduce
the Tariffontwrve Natural Henooroea
Prewi the Forests Regulate Child
Labor edam 1Iureu tow Improve
Portal M ervk Parcel Pest Cuntlnue
Roaeerelt Pollvle Kxtend Rural yee
Delivery Mettle the Rave In < hlrm
Safeguard Public Health A Larger
Navy Ileetrlcl Immigration Tuhcrcu
loa Regulation Reromllr Capital
ale Labor Finish the Panama Canal
Obliterate Sectional Liner Greater
Sanctity of Court Revlval of Merchant
Marine Work for Peace More Rfflrl
slit Oonaiilar Servte Work for Meal
Qorernnwnt Inland Waterway II Re
store Business Confidence Help Ua
her Purer Food LAW Portal ghvinpe
Banfc incremwd PRy for Holdtom and
nikes ProMrute Illegal Trusts Falr
tr tMeltthtttlon of Wealth Extend n
II Service Enforce the Law Reduce
ArM and Navy Uplift the rainier e
Repaints ownership of Land An Un
mwuled Prsr and Ballot for Women
Ytlt reduction ta demanded by lei
cofTMiwndtnts ballot lor women by
8 and work for peace by > b Here Bra
ter of to answer received
By U H Senator George C Perkins
deaf Cr
of Callfurtila
TIle meat Important mibject which
are likely to be brought forward are
old age penilnnR public health and
tuberculoiii legislation preeerratlon of
forests and conservation of natural
raourrM legtatatloo to safeguard
food preparation greater sanctity of
our court eatnlon of rural free de
livery and conatrwftlon of American
ships and the encouragement of the
American merchant marine and postal
savings bank
By Representative Richard Bartll
oldt Ulesourl
President Taft can make himself Im
mortal It during his administration
he would perfect the legal machinery
by which difference between astlota
that are not to be than over the thtttga
that are
i a ieaei a
And now far the extra Mllio s
tart revleuxi
Moat valleiT coda aerie tveomc from
the Infernal re t
One living ePreWte t three Urtac
Man want It a nod deal her beloW
but He gets only a little
These who give advice woally are
shrewd enough not to take It
If you leave the Iatda atria out some
sneak thief ta wire to stall It
J i
Illtltk lr chef to be smoking
again U ColUna a dgaretu Hand 7
Bxperlenc ihlMa belt set aa a
teacher tat aa a recorder < ff hbwdera
Bunlnea ta buataeee wept In the
public tMnlnea hero It to pollUca
Jeffrie le aching were le net Into
the ring than he ever aohed when to
It I
Governor Hughea fay eras author ta
aid to lie Bptetetu Ratter a slavish
Myron W Herrtek aaa y refueed an
ambaamaAonhlp A queer nM malt
Mjf IterH be
It U very hard to rv i a legal < t
thought any lvnith of Urn without tt
coming uncoupled
A man may be hla own worat enemy
but even than there will lie other who
will run him close
Today Ohio became the Mother of
PNoidenU and Virginia tMe Grand
mother of Prafdant
Mo matter which way ha turn
Preddant rJIt me that treasury de
leU start him In the face
tome who are being anaeotited for
misbranding food product plead Ignorance
for their
norance of the law M a reason
course Be Ignorance of the law ex
case Ile Me
On tha mdrte of the powers Bervla
hu ilucHai not to demand territorial
uuiuauagnnii from Auetrta Hungary
It wa tooA ttdvtc and good sense to
take It
The gvemor lect of Oeorgt wy
hat he will have no parade musk or
how of any kind at bill Inauguration
But perhata be ta jut playing pos
sup Till state ta famous Mir them
A J4aln TOOI AXM > >
fasten Transcript
The wanhlp without funncU hue
come In the UlU h Indufat gnbl
which will be Bfopellad by Internal
agJSatlimaj uagrlnee Tie warship
without pia wll com with the mil
Collier Weekly
The WtarMpangtad Wanner an a
truiy production U something worse
han mediocre The fees haughty
net daaarvaf oblivion along with
vautitiaglir swore hireling and
save ana foul stepe pollution The
day for untruth and Insult la the guise
at national hohrt ii pant Th soldiers
referred U wer < no pure deserving of
heee chaaa intuits than the Anierl
can ermlse weep War I ueunlly a
aluinltv in which cuntlctlon principle
and wii rife are on both la ea The
United States deserve Nag iv out
and stirring enough to be sung on
tbJiary 12 or on Kubruary iU In
untury of htiii ot Virginia and him of
tiiiuilo tndluia ao4 Ullnot mrniU
t rll gi to jiilt foutb Carulnia aid
Masusrbuesti Oregon and Male Juet
la feeling beautiful pleas unUn
sal in spirit and In tram Nearest u >
the right eel otlen com My teuntry
Tt iif The but the Dolly lurks piju
er Wi mill await On uulodi acid < he
words watch halo glue tongue to the
beat our country ta and hope to Le
with hull bII In truth national In
iiilng UK to the lovt of tuuntr and
aiaa U LIlt love w < man itotwclaUy do
will be settled by Jnnlc lal derlelon In
steed of by war A good start hni
been mI and ir prns in nrWt rat lull
trestle ate Htlll furtjr ontemtMl the
sly of bloody we r will noon he IIrI
By Hepr fmtatl > n I renri liurfii
Harrison Nw Yrl
The moat Important nritma ti < iore
the new admlnlMratlon arc II I H gen
uine solelea of the tariff ilownwara
In the Interest of the whole poplo
and to lmrrn < > the revenue i2 11 rent
l rrel poet Ofm uhna Cllr Hn1
of the panels purls a hl h hnr trot < ri
so aueresetul In thci n Iii d loon
triM 8 legislation linhini m the 05
tablldhment of a roe I iur > iu of 1ub
lie Health
11y John Mitchell Vln Im tnhnt KIH
irutlon of later
The mole Importmit umk cf the
new admlnlMratlon nil b < to pnwivo
Inviolate the > n tltutluiml trnnltlon
nl and inherent liberty of th people
to write speak und pi Hit their op
inion being rte wertalble unUT the la v
and to a Jut for what they writ nay
or print Any systM whli h permit
under whatever pretext n enxorhlp
nf speech or praaa accept in time nf
war will prove deatructlw < > f I1btrl
and will lead to greater evil then the
n wrong which the dental of
theta right eeek to corrft
B > Mr plank Levlle Rue otk
The one paramount endrnvoi of Mr
Taft hMHdb > Ml keep faith In dlrart
lint continue the admlnlitrtthi forvcti
oerdlngito present policies in the
wake of wMeh will follow ltfl Parcels
Wed and fusel banking systems the
reirnJatton of child labor the preserva
tion of forests and the comwrtxtlc of
natural roeouroe and ab + r all 11
absolute equality of all iltlienn be
fore tier law regardless < > f wealth
iHMltlon and power
By Kltxrt Hubnnrrt Editor ol The
PhlllMlne East Auroru N Y
The moat Important task < on denting
President Taft IB tu cease making waF
on capital We ae PHUHIIIK through
an era ot adjuntnvnt and n djuat
moat and the ara o n > orntloii are
quite as moral In their scaling aa
the atunldlty and Immorality of the
people at large will admit Unit lilt
aay they are neither worm nor bet
ter than the average man If we would
allow evolution to work out her plans
the world would be vastly benefited
If however wv agitAte until confi
dence la gone we will get th countv
In a chronic sate of panic where we
all will auffer juxt as many suffer
we await a ling which shall be equal
ly popular above Mason and Dixon
line and below
From a United matt Consular Report
While there to a market ff > r a limited
number ot Imported pianos in China
it II not a large one and the British
and Oerman builder seem to hold the
trade together with the fnrelgnbullt
American Instruments Improved There
are occasional snail order for high
grade American piano which win
probably continue but It Is certain
that ao long as the retail price of
BrltUrti and German pianos In Shan
ghai are from 10 to to per cent low
er than American prices then IB not
opportunity were for the American
Sale for All
fatreael e you have only one
chair In the kitchen 111 get you
Brtdyet Shore you neednt mind
maam I ver have but gentlemen
caUNew York Herald
As It Really Hniineatil
1u iant the loa of the tree said
oeorgs father You expect to take
up aitatearaaiuhlp do you aotr
Toe air
ben I wouldnt go In for aeforea
taUo It tat popular UH l vUto
Co rler > Juurnal
lrtxlla llly >
The flower were born to Mush un
eea became tired all at once ot
waling their iweetnee on the desert
Weal have to atop It they sighed
We are not conserving our natural
Aa for the deaert air lot what did
It care Chicago Tribune
TTHtllfHl emir
There had been a lovers quarrel
and It wa hla am viU la two week
I guess you know there uu a
difference between your spar and mj
pelf he ventured trying to pump the
little alllter
< Yea Indeed responded the latter
without hesitation
Wellelo you think Clara will
make up when she comes down
Little Bete leaned over near und
She b upHtalrj making up now
Chlcaco Nl > w
TONIGHT Friday and H turday und
fl < tunlMV Matinee
Klaw < KrlinKM present Sir Gilbert
Parkers keel Dram
The Right of Way
With iuy Standing anti Theodore
Id Inill IK IIIh famous Imixmona
tlon nt lharly IIINI owl Jut
rrli lie
Ill I tl Vl
I le n llil im
I Friday lelgiet Carmen
aturaty mutljiee Hi oj tto
I Malurdiy nlni
CavallUrla Hustlmna and Pe1liit 1
Prion + rvenlnl lie to 11 11I WI
were taw to It
lrwiillinfMI1 eapsaded Heat
now selling
Null Vtk Wllluril Mauk and IlIOr
lull li TU g hosEdkord rlt
r aswseress
L Jf rho Tlatre lMB rrt I
YRIC hdy roil Irul bouw
I n air Lk 1
Ariruoun j t lviulnr at 7
I on i fall to are Die spoftsi uUr plr
TflJl WATIiMAIEftS nxenwr
bl > utlioi big fSltlUltill IhUlllul I
ti uxve
Itnlo Holt A m
Jfft lines MIUMK
The Thn 1usrerrn
inipprlsl Mali Ulnitott
tines e Cmist
Mr und Mm tulby
Thr Klnodonir it Ih ent unJHBii t
I C1a Iteee deiie rxVI HunUr
1 Mltlnrt lo c n Im ala T
i > iilniis i I T Itnv Nwlt II
Htfttf Iwlwren Hi redun11flld Month
Willard Mack
And Associate Ilijers IrfMtit
PrIM 7V flft 2fc Mutli ef + Y f
neiday and Katurdn 1 iwc rats HI
j fir
j Neat Ievk Vlllnnt Meek acid
Mary Hull In Till Ruth if rut
R NOII r u it e < nli innl
I The Great McEwen
The l > lstlnirulFl > i < l Miotilii I tur
In Original 111 Mnjt Mind
Reading Itirulf a 11lKry mil
Price fi if ok mil A Mati
nee QFelene5lJ lid iliinlii > Prices
We Uc told u
lyric 1000 Reward
Open afternoons and evenings cat
ers to only the bout people Le
die are admitted free at sfteV
noon sessions Held Band turn
labia the noise
for Spring and Summer Now
on Display
65 UI On
For the
correct lime tl tese cox
Shoe Sale
245 and 335
168 and 195
195 and 245
75c and 100
fJ rt iid01i
Charlton Shop
Women Outfitters Exclu iy iy
Tailor Made Suits
Coals Gowns Even
Ing Wraps
122 So laID Salt Lk
Si IT Jr nk Anthrarlta
Ala i > 1 nhuyuuorder
v x > A 1 nRMRr
toll Esc U u to Mala
lad MOO
0 =
Dissolution Sale
< > lMidtl l 10 IK UllUtoUt
n For Zeckacha
neules KktUBatllM I
rIi1 UUf atIJ the Ki I
UU n y1Ia44ar
MIl MotnlLIUua J1 aMUiuy
tljeJgfea B l
The New Silks
r OR spring and summer wear 1
Fi arc now being shown
dainty figures fine hair and
pin stripes in all the new
and staple shades 24 to 27 inches wide
Cf These goods were bought to sell at
125 regular Your choice at 100 net
New Wash Fabrics
Spring and Summer
< 5 The variety is a splendid one All the
new and most desirable fabrics arc being
T India Dimity
Fancy Batiste
Flaxon Linen Thread Finish
Belfast Bordures
Linene Bordure
a Flouncing Mulls
Satin Warp a
q So great is the pattern display and the
variety of colors you can surely obtain
s the desired one Prices
range from
IScto 7Sc 1
a Y and
i Dm 1
Healthful Sanitaire
Hygienic Beds
Bed Rooms
I Why
8ecause they are safe
rwecausc they are durable
Because they arc artistic
ecause they are Just and germ proof
You can KEEP them clean
The Sanitaire Bed for Health
Sold exclusively by
Dinwoodey s
I 275 up to 3500
I R1XDQRFER Price 2500 I I
e swraw
Solid Comfort Trains
East From St Louis
Over Shortest Route I
They run dnily ovor Pennsylvania Short Line
leaving St Louis Union Station as follows The
Kcyttone ExprW 844 a ro The Now York
Limited 100 p m Tho Now York Express 1125
p m Reservation in through sleeping cars will bo
arranged and full particulars about fares etc furnished
in reply to inquiries Address or call on
QUO T HULL DUtrlct Agent Ill Seventeenth St DMNVBR
AM HTAOIC iicrrtniua
rlraeM ae
We Play Sing and Sell Music
Bcesley Music Co
46 Main Sired

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