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I iATEDfflON1 DESERET EENING NEWS Quantity Tcrtlscr Possesses of Circulation TIio Iilttlo Komt Vnlno Offers Without to Both tho Quality Ad
Most Imprtant Question Presented to This Administration
Foresees a DeficitHas Directed Heads of Depart
ments to Reduce EstimatesFurther Revision of Tariff
At Present UnwiseTrying to Learn Exact Truth as to I
Execution of Groce and Cannon Relations With
Foreign Countries Friendly Refund in Sugar Fraud
Cases Will Not Prevent Criminal ProsecutionCoast
Defenses all That Could be DesiredReform of Judi
cial Procedure UrgedFavors Postal Savings Banks
Statehood for New Mexico and ArizonaAgainst
Territorial Legislature for AlaskaTariff Not Respon
sible for High Prices
Washington Dec 7Tho first an
nual message President Taft iviw de
livered to ConRrcss today I val pre
sented In both houses by Asst Secy
Latta and In both houses was received
thortly after 12 oclock
when reading of the
In the senate the rea4lnJ t1
message began at 1212 i > m great
interest was manifested by both Re
publicans and Democrats
There was it full attendance of sena
tors on tho floor of the chamber and an
tlO hail
soon as copies of the document
been furnished them they riveted their
attention upon the printed pages
While the secretary of tho senate
lcd the presidents words many sena
tors hastened over tho pamphlet hunt
ing for subjects In which they were
i especially Interested
eapcclaly proceeded In the more orderly
way of following the reading from the
desk The message follows
TJie relations of the tinted States
have continued
with all foreign governments 1oe
tinued upon the normal basis of amity
and good understanding and tire very
generally satisfactory
Pursuant to the provisions of the
general treaty of arbitration concluded
between the United States and Great
Britain April 4 130S a special agree
meat was entered Into between the
two countries on Jan 27 1909 for the
submission of questions relating to the
llshcrlcs on the north Atlantic coast to
Isherl I
a tribunal to tic formed from members
of the permanent court of arbitration
at The Hague
In accordance with the provisions of
the special agreement the printed case
of each government was on Oct 4
last submitted to the oilier and to tho
arbitral tribunal st Tho Hague and
the counter case of the United States
is now In course of picparatlom
The American rights under the fish
eries artlelo of the treaty or ISIS have
art the
been a cause x > C difference between
United States awl Great Britain for
nearly 70 years The Interests Involved
eals the
t ed are of great Importance to
American fishing Industry and the final
will remove
settlement of the controversy wi
move a source of constant Irritation
and complaint This is the first case
Involving such great International
question which has been submitted
to the permanent court of arbitration
at The Hujjiie
The treaty between the United
States and qroat Britain concerning the
Canadian in ternatloa nat boundary con
cluded April 1 1909 authorizes the
appointment of two commissioners tode
I the Interna
line and mark accurately Interla
1 tional boundary line between the TJnitctd
States and the Dominion of Canada
In the waters of the Passamaquoddy
bay and provides for the exchange of
briefs within the period of six months
The briefs were duly presented wltftln
t the prescribed period but as the com
missioners failed to agree within six
months after the exchange of the print
ed attitemcntD as required by tho
treaty It has now become necessary to
recort to the arbitration provided for
In the article
The International fisheries commis
t sion appointed pursuant to and under
the authority of the convention of April
1 1908 between the United States and
Great Britain his completed 0 system
of ulilfom anil common International
I regulations for the protection and
preservation of the food fishes In in
lernatloml boundary waters at the
United States and Camilla
The regulations will be duly submit
ted to Congress with a view to tho en
actment of such legislation as will 1e
necessary under the convention to put
tliom into operation
The convention providing for tho set
tlement of International differences be
tween the United Stales and Canada
Including the apportionment between
the two countries of certain of the
boundary waters and the appointment
of commissioners to adjust certain oth
er questions signed on the llth day of
January 1000 and to the ratification
L of which the senate gave Its advjco
and consent on March 3 1909 has not I
yet been ratlllcd on the part of Great
Britain I
Commissioners hnvo been appointed
on the part of the United Slates to
Set Jointly with commissioners on the
part of Canada In examining Into tho
question of obstructions In the St John
river between Maine and New
ow Bruns
wick and to make recommendations
for tho regulation of the uses thereof
and arc now engaged In this work
Negotiations for an International con
ference to consider and reach an ar
rangement providing for the preserva
tion and protection of tile fur seals In
the north Pacific arc In progress with
the governments of Great Britain Ja
C pan and Russia Tho attitude of the
governments interested leads mo to
hOpo for a satisfactory settlement of
this question as the ultimate outcome
of the negotiations
The second peace conference recently
hell at The Hague adopted I conven
ton for tho establishment of an Inter
national prize court upon tho Joint
proposal or delegations of the United
States Franco Germany and Great
Britain The law to be observed by the
tribunal In the decision of prize cases
was however loft In an uncertain and
therefore unsatisfactory state Article
7 of the convention provided that tho
court was to b governed by the pro
visions of treaties existing between the
belligerents but that In the absence
of such provisions the court shall ap
ply the rules of International law I
no generally recognized rule exists the
court shall give Judgment In accord
1 ance with the general principles of
Justice and equity As however many
uestl < nln International maritime
law are understood differently and
therefore Interpreted differently in var
pus countries It was deemed advis
able not io Intrust legislative powers to
tho proposed court hut to determine
tho rules of law properly applicable in
a conference of the representative
maritime nations Pursuant to an In
vitation of Great Britain
vitaton Brlnln a conference
was Ill at London from Dec 12 190S
to Feb IC 1903 in which the following
powers participated
The United States AustriaHungary I
France Germany Great Britain Italy
Japan The Netherlands Russia and
Spain Thl conference resulted in the
declaration of London unanimously
agreed to and signed by the participat
ing powers concerning among other
maters the highly Important subjects
of bloclcadp contraband the dstruction
of neutrl prizes and continuous voy
agesThe declaration of London Is an eml
of blockade contraband the destruction
International maritime law and it is
hoped that Its reasonableness and fair
ness will secure its general adoption
as well as remove one of the difficulties
standing in tho way Ot the establish
ment of an International prize court
Tinder the authority given In tbcsun
dry civil appropriation act approved
March 4 isoa the United States was
represented at tie international confer
ence on maritime law nt Brussels The
conference met on the 2Sth of Septem
her Jast and resulted In the Isgna
ture ad referendum of a convention
for the unification of certain regulations
with regard to maritime assistants
and salvage and convention for the
unification of certain rules with regard
collisions at sea
The new projects of conventions
which have not heretofore comenLom
sideredla a diplomatic conference
namely one concerning the limitation
of icsponslbillty of ship owners and
the other concerning marine
thel coreerhhl mrlne1ortge
arid privileges have beeif submitted by
the conference to the different govern
ments i
The conference adjourned to meet
again on April II 1910
The International conference for tho
purpose of promoting uniform legisla
tion concerning letters of exchange
which was calMd by the government of
The Netherlands to meet at The Hague
In September 1909 has been postponed
t meet at the capital in June 1910
The United States Will appropriately
represented In this conference under
the provision there COl already made by
The cordial Invitation of Belgium to
be represented by a fitting display of
American progress In the useful arts
and inventions at the worlds fair to
be held at Brussels In 1910 remains to
be acted upon by the Congress Mind
ful of the advantages to accrue to our
artisans and producers In
artlns competition
with their continental rivals I renew
the recommendations heretofore made
that provisions be made for acceptance
of the Invitation and adequate represen
I tation in the exposition
The question arising out of the Bel
gian annexation of the independent
state of the Congo which has so long
I and earnestly preoccupied the attention
of this government and enlisted the
sympathy of our best citizens is still
open but In a more hopeful stage This
government was among foremost
he great work of the uplifting the
untivlllred regions of Africa and urg
ing the extension the benefits of civ
ilization education and fruitful
i1aton eucaton frui open
commerce to that vast domain and is
a party to treaty engagements of all
I the Interested powers designed to carry
out that great duty to humanity The
way to better the original and adven
titious conditions so burdensome to the
natives and so destructive to their de
velopment has been pointed out by
observation and expcHence not alone
of American representatives but by
cumulative evidence from al quarters
and by the Investigations of Belgian
agents The announced programs of
reforms striking a t many of the evils
said to exist are an augury of better
things Tho attitude of tho United
States Is one of benevolent encourage
ment coupled with I hopeful trust that
time good work responsibly undertaken
and zealously perfected to tho accom
plishment of the results so ardently de
sired will soon Justify the wisdom that
Inspires them and satisfy the demands
cf humane sentiment throughout the
A convention between the United
States and Germany under which the
nonworking provisions of the German
patent law are made Inapplicable to time
patents of American citizens was con
cluded on Feb 23 1903 and Is now In
force Negotiations for similar con
ventions looking to the placing of
American Inventors on the uarne foot
Ing as nationals have recently been I
Initiated wlfli other European govern
ments whose laws require the local
working of foreign patents
Under an appropriation made at time
last session of tho Congress a commis
sion was sent on American cruisers to I
Monrovia to Investigate tho Interests
of the United States and Its citizens In
Liberia Upon Its arrival at Monrovia
tho1 commission was enthusiastically
received and during Its stay In Liberia
waif everywhere met with the heartiest
expression of good will for the Amer
ican government and people and the
hope was repeatedly expressed on all
sides that government might sec Its
way clear to something to relieve
Continued ftn pace tee
i 1 4 j
Treaty whim Great Hrltnln Submits fisheries dis
pute to Time Hague tribunalCanadian boundary to
be dcmnrkcil
Protection or Fur Seals Negotiations for an in
ternational conference are In progress
Second Pence Conference Provided for establish
ment of International prize court
Declaration of London Agreed to and signed by
all the participating powers Eminently satisfactory
Congo Fret Stale United States attitude Is one of
benevolent encouragement
Jilljerln Commission afforded every facility for ae
cortnlnlng true condition of affairs Helpful mea
sures hoped from Its report
Spllenbcrfccii Islands United States asked by
Norway to take part in conference1 dcvlso means
to remedy existing conditions
Turkey Change of government should be of bene
fit to American commercial Interests
XatJn America Relations of United States with
the various countries arc generally
counries gcneraly good
American Capital Investment In foreign coun
tries unprecedented and Imposes on the govern
ment vastly Increased responsibilities
1an Aincricnn Policy Principles long since fixed
and arc unchanged Monroe doctrine should not be
permitted to exist for the perpetuation of Irrespon
sible government or thc escape of just obligations
Nicaragua Affairs Washington government has
been compelled to intervene diplomatically In them
clajns Government Complaints against It
have kept Central America in constant turmoil Two
Americans put to death by Zclayas orders Diplo
matic relations have been severed Such further
steps will bo talelna comport with the dignity of
the United States
Tho Vn > East Governments policy there Is un
changed being for equality of opportunity
Opium Trade President favors vigorous legisla
tive control of the manufacture sale and use or
Mining In Sonth Mnnchurln ChineseJapanese
conventions cans do not intcrfer with rights of Ameri
Relations with JapanThey continue to be as they
have been very cordial
Department of Stale Endorses Secy Knoxs re
commendations for Its reorganization along modern
lines For divisions of LatinAmerican and far
eastern affairs and certain specialization In busi
ness with Europe promotion of secretaries by merit
Tariff Act of 1009 Officials appointed to assist
In collecting information necessary to Its wise ad
Expcndituree and Revenues Economy most im
portant question for the administration Deficit for
current year certain Estimates cut down
Panama Ctmmmnio good reason for departing
from policy for paying for construction by bond
Issues This causes part of burden to fall on future
generations that will get the benefit of it
Civil Service Its reclassflcatlon recommended so
that It may be Improved and some Inequalities In
salaries avoided Civil pension list advocated
New York Dec William Astir
Drayton SOl of J Coleman Dravton
financier and nephew ofCoU John Jacob
ttOli was beaten and robbed early to
day pu J3nst FiftySeventh street while
plRsl FltvSevcnth
returning1 home from a social affair He
was picked up unconscious by1 a police
man nlsl studentIn Columbia
university I II not knOwn how much
time robber obtained
New York Doe iJohn Drew the
actor was thrown from his horse while
riding with his daughter on the bridle
path In Central park today and scrl
msly Injured TIio horse trampled on
time actor as he lay on the ground Air
Drew was carried to tho Presbyterian
hospital The extent of his Injuries Is
not known
Representatives of Seventeen Million
Protestants Gather in Louisville
Louisville Ky Dec Representing
7000000 Protestants tho executive com
mittee of the federal council of the
churches of America began Its annual
meeting at thc Warren Memorial Pre
lytcrlan church In this city today About
SO members of the committee of which
Dr Wllllnm II Roberts of Philadelphia
Is chairman are In attendance Wel
coming addresses occupied todays see
nlon and tomorrow papers on religious
ocloloy will bo read
Bishop E P llcndrlcks of Kansas
City Molprcslilcnt or the federal coun
cil Is In attendance also
New Orleans Dee iA weekly news
paper published at Managua lc dated
Nov 19 has Just been received hero
containing a report of the execution of
Cannon and Groce tho two American
rime paper asserts the Americans were
caught In the act of trying to blow up
ho steamer Diamante I says that
when the men were captured they hInd
In their possession dynamlto fuses and
machines for causing time explosion and
that nfl r a trial at Fort El Castillo
hey confessed to having set the mine
St Petersburg Dec Alarming re
ports concerning the condition of the
empress originate dall In Irresponsible
sources There Is no truth whatever In
IICPB stories It Is well known that the
empress has suffered for two ypars from
the effects of 1 nervous breakdown and
nfiainmntlon of tho veins of the lower
hubs However there has been no
marked change In Tier condition which Is
In no House critical
Telegrams received dally from Llvadla
show that the cmproHB Is attending the
isual dinners and ceremonies of time sea
Comm The royal family Is expected about
Dec 12
Denver Del 7TIme entire state or
Colorado Is shivering under time coldest
December weather In 31 years For three
liys the highest mark lu Denver has
hen five degrees above and last night
for the second time In three days the 10
jclow mark wan reached
Bitterly cold weather Is also reported
from southern Wyoming 12 below being
recorded at aramlc last night
GovcrnorV Daughter to Officiate at
launching Battleship Utah
Miss Mary Alice Spry eldest daugh
ter of Governor and Mrs William Spry
received an Invitation today from the
Now York Shipbuilding company nt
Camdcn N J to act as sponsor for
the United States battleship Utah
which will bo launched nt 1030 oclock I
Thursday morning December 2i 1903
I The Invitation is signed by Delnney
1 May president of the ship building
I company
Customs T < rniiil < Treasury department and de
partment of Justice trlylnp to bring guilty parties
to Justice Congressional Investigations not advisable
Just now
Minimum mid Maximum Jltitcs That their en
forcement will lead to a tariff war Is not at all
likely and president has no fear or any such result
Xo ono hceklng such a war Continuing annual ap
propriation for tariff board asked
War Department interest of Immediate econ
omy and because of prospective deficit reduction
in estimates required Army not to be recruited up
to authorized strength Measures only temporary
Officers elimination bill nc ded Coast defense
generally nil that could be desired Not wise to
iTinkp large expenditures 01 Philippine naval base
Navy Department Voyngo of battleship fleet a
great event and more than justified Plans for re
organization of officers to be sent to Congress Esti
mates for department reduced 38000000
Department of Justice Should be change in
judicial procedure so as to reduce expenses of private
litigants and to facilitate dispatch of business
Much lawlessness and violence of lynching due to
uncertainty and injustices growing out of delays
Favors appointing commission to examine federal
law and equity proceedings Recommends legislation
on Injunctions in conformity with Republican plat
Interstate Commerce Will send special message
on that and question of trusts
Postofficc Department Annual deficit largely
caused by low rates of postage on second class mat
ter Postal banks system necessary and practiable
Ship Subsidy Recommends passage of bill pro
viding for It
Xev Mexico and Arizona Statehood for these
two territories Is urged
Alaska Recommends legislation for appointment
by the president of a governor and executive council
Opposed to a territorial legislature
Conservation of Resources Further legislation for
that purpose is needed
Consolidation or Bureaus Authority asked to
unite those of manufactures and statistics
White Slave Trade Urgent need for additional
legislation that it may be checked by recruiting
from abroad
Bureau of Health No reason why various bureaus
and offices of general government which have to
do with public health or subjects akin thereto should
be united into one to be called the bureau of
public health
Civil Service Commission work has been
satisfactory Congress urged to enact law requiring
congressional candidates and committees In charge
of their candidacy and campaign to make statement
of money contributions and expenditures I
FrccdiuciiS Satin ATrust Co Congress asked to
appropriate money to pay balance due depositors
NORTO Emancipation Semicontlnnial of Lincolns
proclamation should be properly celebrated Endorsed
ed proposal to hold exposition showing progress of
the negroes in celebration of event
Heavy Snow Lower Temper tre
And Strong Gale Resulted in
Three Deaths Chicago
LargoPart ibf Mis ouii Covered With
Snow TerribleExperience of
Jo1hctmll Her Babe
Chicago Dec 7Heavy snow accom
panied by lower temperature and n 35
miles wind swept over Chicago and the
surrounding territory today bringing
death t three persons lit this city be
fore the noon hour and seriously ham
poring transportation Ono man was
found dead from cold and exposure
and two men blinded by snow were
run over by trains
Tho snowfall In this city was four
Inches and reports from outside points
told of 15 inches with heavy drifts In
railroad cuts
St Joseph Mo Dee Northwest
Missouri Is covered with snow and cold
weather Is causing suffering Railroads
arc having difficulty In moving trains
and telegraph and telephone wires arc
down at some places
Tho Missouri river was blocked here
today caused by Ico Jams
Kansas City Dec ifhl portion of
the southwest is today In the grip of
tho most severe cold wave of the sea
son with temperatures ranging from 8
degrees above zero at Oklahoma City
to 4 degrees below at Concordia and
Dodge City Ian
Clear weather prevailed over all of
Kansas Oklahoma southern Nebraska
northwestern Missouri and tho Texas
PanHandle today following the heavy
snow storm of yesterday and last night
but with the cessation of tho snowfall
temperatures fell sharply
Snow continues to fall today in
southwestern and central Missouri
Railroad traffic which yesterday and
last night was demoralized was much
improved today west but trains cast
were still hampered
Tho following temperatures were ro
ported ntS oclock this morning Kan
sas City 3 above Topeka 1 above
Dodge City 4 below Amarlllo 6 above
Oklahoma City 8 above zero
Danville Mo Dec 7Lyimmg In six
Inches of snow on the steps of a hank
building and almost dead 11 Hungarian
woman and her Cmonths1 old child
were found at daybreak by 1 police
Attachedto the womans dress was a
tag consigning her to her husband
a coal miler at Westvllle Ills She
with her baby arrived In the night
frorfi New York She wandered about
helplessly the child clasped to her
bred until she sank exhausted and
lay for hours In the storm
Revived by warmth and food the
woman and her baby were sent on to
Lincoln Nob Dec 7TWelve
Inches of snow and minimum tem
peratures of six degrees below zero
were reported this morning by the
local weather bureau
El Paso Tex Dec 7TiiO weath
er continues freezing cold hero there
having been Ice In the street since
Saturday night Snow fell lato yes
I tcrdav and It threatens snow today
Z = 2 J
Cherry I Die 7A dviving snow
storm and bitter cold weather kept ex
jp eted s > iuiessfl0w j from the cprp
ners inquest to the Cherry mine dls
iter today Manyappeals for heavy
clothing tvero received at the relief
commissaryearly In the day
1 Coroner Malm stated that he has
some reason for thinking that Alexan
der Rosenjack and Robert Dean the
two missing witnesses will be present
within a day or so and he will not
close the Inquest until he is sure there
Is no hope of these witnesses appearing
New York Dec 7rao thousand on
lookers at tho sixday bicycle race In
I Madison Square Garden were startled
today by the report of a pistol shot
I from behind the tier of boxes When
quiet was restored It was found that
two len hal started a fight and that a
man In the crowd had been shot
The wounded man whoso Injuries are
not serious is Christopher Brown oth
erwise known as Tug AVilson n pug
ilist He says Interfered In a fight
between tho to men and does not
know who shot him
Bert Kcyes a prizefighter formerly
of Philadelphia was taken Into custody
by the police He denies having fired
the shot
Schncctady N Y Dec iAbout fit
holiermakers tank men and helpers
employed at tho American locomotive
works quiet work today because the
company attempted to Introduce tho
Standard time system
New York Dec 7Th fact that
George P Sheldon is so 111 at his homo
In Connecticut that ho Is expected to
dlo will not cause 1 abandonment of
the Investigation and prosecution of
the mater of the Phenlx Insurance
company of Brooklyn from time presi
dency of which Sheldon was removed
at the instigation of tho state insurance
department The case has been placed
in the hands of the district attorney
Tho Insurance department believes
s risks to the public arc
tIme companys publc 10
not Involved and that the entire loss
through loans negotiated by Sheldon
can lo balanced by crossing off 1000
000 of time companys 53000000 surplus
Although tbe Investigation lows
thnt Sheldon managed tho companys
affairs tilono and without consulting
tho board of director fiupt HotchWss
declares each of the directors Is re
sponsible under tho law
Investigation into the affairs of the
company were begun today by the
grand Jury The witness Included t
number of Insurance men and repre
sentatives of the office of Supt of In
surance Hotchklss and banking and
brokerage houses
Henry Evans who In this crisis has
been railed by prominent stockholders
to assume the chairmanship of the ex
ecutlvc committee of tho Phenlx In
surance company Issued an official
statement this afternoon declaring his
belief that the companys capital of Jl
900000 a Intact and that there would b
a net surplus of about JjOOOOO
St Paul Dec Everything Is
Quiet was the only comment President
Uiwlcy Wt the switchmans union would
make today on the strike condition The
men continue to assert they have the
VRllroads tied up but the railroads claim
tho strike Is broken Thin latter clnlrn
II backed by tho Jobbers and manufac
turing association
turlnr She hlr senior vice president
of the Order of Railway Conductors
I sued un order last night to all con
ductorc that they must observe strict
r g
In Regard to His Recommenda
tion for Increase in Number
Of Army Officers
In 1001 Had AH Needed for Army of
100000 Nov AVaut 700 More
Would They be Enough
Washington Dec Secretary of
War Dickinson today received Ute
encouragement in regard to his rec
ommendation for an Increase In the
number of officers for tho army With
the view of Impressing upon Congress
his Ideas on this subject a embodied
In his annual report ho had a con
ference with Chairman Hull of the
house committee on military affairs
today Mr Hull was not sanguine over
the outcome of the attempt
Why as late as 100J we gave them
as many officers a they said they
would ever need for an army of 100000
men said Mr Hull as he left the
secretarys office
Now they want about 700 more
How long will those be sufficient
He admitted sonic branches of the
service should be Increased among
them the signal corps
The chairman of the military affairs
committee continues to urge the
abolishment of tho marine corps as
an independent organization
Why could we not have sent the
Infantry to Nicaragua as well a tho
marines he inquired
The advent of the big battleship
to my mind signifies the passing of
the marines
New York Dec 7All eastbound
records between New York and Chicago
on the Now York Central railroad for
trains carrying passengers were brok
en today by the special carrying Sam
uel Newhouse of Salt Lake City here
on his trip to catch a steamer for
Europe where a brother is dying
Approximately the train traveled the
distance In 17 hours and 3 minutes as
against IS hours which the Twentieth
Century limited makes
This record was made by the New
houSto special In spite of the fact that it
lost IS minutes by the disablement of
an engine at Hudson XY Had not
this mlsbaT > occurred the traImi would
have probably made the run In 10 or 15
minutes less than 17 hours The west
boUnd record IB still held by thc Van
ilerllp special which male the run to
Chicago on March 2S last In 1C hours
and S minutes
The run of 812 miles from Chicago to
Albany was made today in S30 minutes
An especially fast bit of running was
that between Syracuse and Rochester
the S3 miles trains covered in 75 min
uteTh special reached the Grand Cen
jtial station here at 319 p in The ex
fact running time between Chicago and
New York was 17 hours and 16 minutes
thus lowering the eastbound record by
1 minutes
St Petersburg Dec 7Graml Duke
Njchola Nlcliolalevltch second cousin of
the emperor was today designated to
take full charge or affairs In Finland
MajGen 5ieln acting governor gener
al of the Grand Duchcy will be under
his control
Austin Tex Dec 7Tue jury in
the case of H Clay Pierce charged
with liaise swearing returned a ver
dict today of not guilty
Judge Calhoun In special charge
to the jury sustained the contention
of Mr Pierces lawyers that he was
immune from trial under the laws of
Texas as thc counsel for the state
sought to use testimony given by Mr
Pierce on the witness stand In Missouri
with tho intentipn K possible of se
curing his conviction
The sale of the WatersPierce OH
company H property was postponed by
Judge Wilcox until late today
This was done It Is stated In order
to permit Pierces lawyers to inter
vene in his behalf
WIlHamstown Ky Dec iA mob
of 300 men surrounded the Jail hero
and threatened to lynch Earl Thomp
son 1 negro charged with attacking
Mrs Maggie Roberts three weeks ago
Tho negro when arrested was taken
to Lexington for safe keeping Today
he was returned here to ta ctho
grand jury I
Tho mob surrounded tho train when
It stopped but Sheriff Caster and I
two deputies rushed tho prisoner to
tho jail
The mob leaders declared the negro
would bo lynched if the grand Jury
failed to Indict him
Sati Francisco Dec 7A formidable
array of attorneys appeared In court
today for the second day of tho trial
of Patrick Calhoun on the charge of
having offered a bribe to John J Fuer
roy a former member of the board of
supervisors to vote for an overhead
trolley franchise for tho tJnltcd Rail
roads of this city Judge Lawlor re
fused to permit Diet Atty Langdon
to make a motion but It Is tho general
belief that he wished to move to postpone
pone the trial until January and tll
Impression was strengthened by a
consultation which ho held with the
attorneys for the defense
Judge Lawlor adjourned the case un
til Thursday but in tho meantime he
will continue his examination of the
venire summoned during his b enc by
Judge Doollng
Brussels Doc 7It Is reported that
tho paralysis In the right arm oC King
tioprlysls extending and that IIP can
write only with difficulty Ito spends
much or his time In an easy chair
> 7 c z = =
3I100T5 ITALIAN 1 I 1
Those Acquainted Say Affair Was 1 1
Unprovoked and That Police I II
man Was the Aggressor j
Duel Occnrrcd Last Night In Olympian
Saloon No ActuolEycwltucsscs
To mime Shooting
Emil Glascr a night watchman em
Ployed privately by property owners i l
in South Temple street and Pietro li
Marcarilll an Italian U b
Iarcarll Illan are lying at tho
P0 Int of death In StsMarks hospital lij
lc result of R revolver duel be j t
t nccii t Ie two men In front of tho I
OlympJa saloon at 553 west Second I r
South street about 230 oclock this I I
morninG I
According to Leo Love of 502 north U i
First Went street who is employed f I
by the Star Printing i 1 i
Printng company and
Morton G Smith who lives at 73c I i I
west Second South street both or r It I
whom were picsent In the saloon I U Iit I i
when the F 1 t
trouble started Glazer was
the aggressor They say that i I
Macarllll was standing at the bar r 1 i
drinking beer and chatting with fl Jr I
them when Glaser came into the I fr
Place and began the row by picking i m I
on the Italian r
Glascr was supposed to be on duty L f Jk
and walking his beat in South Tem i r
ple street at that hour according to i I
Lieut Ilcmpcl
I I1
Love and Smith say that Marcarllll i 1 li
was talking about the SpanishAmeri c4 IIi
can war and that ho had Just mado 4
statement to the effect that he had i 4 fought
ought In tho war when Glaser l i I
butted In and asked In an Insult
hog tone Did you say you wcro In i 1 i j
the Spanish war you dirty dago > I r
Marcarllll answered Yes I was In II 1
the war Glazer then sneered Yes ilt l
you were Where did you do any 411 1
fighting Mqrcarllll replied I was hi t
Cuba Glascr asked what were you 1 h it I
with Marcarllll replied 01 was In I I i
the light artillery j r
Glaser walled up to Marcarllll and i b t j
shoved him against the bar saying 11 < i
ou arc a liar You never was In 31 I 1
the war Closer then slapped Mar L i
carilll In the fice drew his revolver r I
an struck the Italian over the head off h l
with It Marcarllll said You ar i rr I J
drunk and with whisky I U
drnk an crazy Ili nU I
not a dago I am an American L t
have fought for this country and I ri 1
was In Cuba ttpo > iul IdpnJt want te Vi
fight with you You Jm arcvojvei 4h i
and I dont ivmmtAny trouble 11 1 1 k
Smith suys that Glaser showed tlTat il I
he Was intoxlettedandIldtooie Glasor t j
by the arm and tried to persuade him A > J
to quit qarrellng Glazer shouted I Pt 1 1
will get the dirty dago anyway t4 i r
Marcarilli picked up his beer glass and H l i i i
threw the beer and the glass at Gin m V I
sera face Glaacr reached for his re I
volver and Marcarilli fed out of the rj
saloon through the front door Glas r I
ran after him and before the other q I 1 t
2 1
men in tho place could reach the sidu
walk they heard the reports of the I >
revolvers ii
There were no eyewitnesses to the m I tf
shooting and none but participants l J 1
knows which man fired the first shot
Glaser has recovered i
Neither Marcarilli nor Onsel I
covered sufficiently to malon state J 11
ment regarding the shooting i I
After being removed to the emer 11
gency hospital where Dr Frank K t It
Steele the police surgeon examined i I
their wounds both men were taken to X L
thei <
St Marks hospital 1 i
Marcarilli received two bullets In thj J t
back on the left of the spino and It
Is almost certain that they will prove fj n
fatal 1 II
Glascr was shot twice one bullet en J I I
tering tho right breast and the other u
penetrating the abdomen Im J i II J
The police have learned from all the i F f t
with Marcarilli that j I
persons acquainted
ho bears a good reputation as a peacu it
able man Glazer It Is said was amiable AR
when sober but became a fully under
the influence of liquor and when drunl i 1
ho always sought a fight with anyone f
with whom he happened to come IntM i1 I
wih Gluscr is known to bo of a jtli I
quarrelsome disposition and has been 1 t f
quaI ti
In numerous altercations r
engaged nUlelouS atcrclon
cnSlgd one occasion ho has been U
called upon to defend himself on tio
charge of buttery Those who aro acquainted i
quainted with these facts are Incllncu E
to believe he probably started the nm I j
which resulted in the shooting IE
Closer elte the place of Spotal Of
shot to t
ncerd C C Riley who was Illotto
death by a holdup whom he was at
tempting to take to Jail on the night
of Oct 3
Spry Much Wanted Man at fr
Governor Iou
Conventions and Gatherings f
Cow William Spry received a number
ot Invitations In his mal this morning
The governors conference will be hojd
lit Washington D Con Jan IS 1910
The National Civic federation has post
poned Its convention until Jan 16 11 and
ponc which Is lo be held at Washing
ton D C In order to secure tho at
tendance c all the governors Cow Spry m
ni Joclnors
Is asked to attend both convention limo
National Good Roads association holds I
atonal meeting at Topeka Kim I
on Dec II 1000 and Cow Spry j asked
to attend and appoint several UiIeRntch I J
Tho National WoolKrowora association Ig
meets at Ogden on Jan C 1910 and Cow
WpeI Invited nnl1r 1G a JO deliver rn
Senator Smoot Expects to Have It I
Made a Full Regiment Post
Special to The News
Washington DO C Doc 7Scnator
Smooth will see time secretary of w i
this week with the Idea of Interesting
him In the project for the completion en i
the buildings nt Fort Douglas so aa to m
nrovldo accommodations for a full rpsl
mont nt that post Tho senator say
amount to accOmnililJ i c
that tho necessary mpUlh
tills purpose will bo In lImO neluliborhooa 1 c
ltn quartop lr A million dollnrs and I
he Is fcatiKulne of success In securlns I
time support of the secretary I
Harold Smoot son of Senator Smoot i
has advised his father he will sail from l
Liverpool on time Lusltanla on time ISth
and will arrive In Washington In tlmo
lo Join time family on Christmas day
This will be tho first time In mnnv
years that Senator Smoota family will
ill Iwvo bepn together at Chrltm itm
time galherhiK Tfll Tie in tIms nature 6f a

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