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iIiT v
Corner of South Temple and Eflt Tem
Salt Lako CItY utnh
plo Streets CjtyJU
Horaco G Whitney Business 2nagT
In Advance
Ons Year
Bis Months l
I Throe Mcnths is
One Month W
Edition year 5
Saturday k1 t 0 per aoo
SemiWeekly per year
Correspondence nnd other rcadIfl pint
tenr jiubllcMton should bs addressed
to thft EDIT > < <
Address nil business communications
and all remittances
L wiwe
Stilt Lake City Utah
Eastern Rcprclli
Franklin r Alcorn PIt Inlt Dulldln
k I Chicago W Wolf Security Bulldlnir
tornco of Salt LLkn
EntorwJ ot the postofflco
City aJ > ccond cluss matter acconllnK
t I to Ant of Congress March 3 1878
I The Presldcnt opens his message to
Congress by thc announcement hat
I our relations with foreign governments
have continued upon the normal basis
II and are very generally satisfactory
I If an exception Is implied In the term
1 within quotation marks this must refer
to Nicaragua For there Is no other
government with which tho relations
have not during tho past year been
entirely satisfactory And tho trouble
I with the Central American republic Is
but a passing cloud
The President calls attention to cases
I of International Importance that arc
i about to be submitted to arbitration
I Among thcc are questions relating to
tho fisheries In the North Atlantic
which for 70 years havo been a source
of controversy between the UnUed
I States and Great Britain This Is noted
such International
es the first case of
Importance to conic before the Hague
tribunal The treaty of ISIS provided
1 that American fishermen wcro allowed
to take fish inshore that is Inside a
line parallel with tho coast and three
I miles from shore on parts of the coast
I of Newfoundland and Labrador also
to dry and cure fish on unsettled parts
of those whores and to enter harbors
for shelter wood and water But the
treaty has always been a source ot
difference between the two countries
In 1S77 the United States paid 5500008
according to a decision by an arbitra
tion commission for certain privileges
exercised by American fishermen If
tho submission of the case to the per
I manent Hague court settles the con
troversy for ever that court will there
I by establish Its usefulness and demon
strate that war is no longer a neces
sary evil but one that can be avoided
Tho message pays a great deal of at
tention to foreign countries and af
I fairs It suggests the probability of a
j special message on Liberia This rcpub
r Slic was founded in 1S21 on the west
coast of Africa by American negroes
In 1810 the National Colonization So
I ciety camo into existence with the aim
of encouraging tho emigration of free
negroes to Africa and in 1819 Congress
Appropriated J100000 to carry back
slaves captured at sea Thus Liberia
was founded But it has never bean
1 prosperous The country has asked tha
L United States for assistance and this
cannot very well be refused But In
what form can help be rendered con
The status of the Spitzbergen Islands
is another foreign question to whIch
the message calls attention That
group of Islands situated about 400
jI miles north of North Cape though
I known for centuries by explorers whal
ers and hunters has been practically
H nomans land Russians have made
efforts at colonizing But tho islands
aro valuable on account of mineral deposits
posits as well as for fishing and whal
ing purposes and a conference Is about
t to be held for the purpose of establish
ing an International status To this con
ference the United States has been
Ono of the Imnortank nnrts nf the
message relates to Latin America Con
gress Is asked for a liberal appropria
tion for representation at Buenos Ayres
I next July at the fourth PanAmerican
i congress and the agricultural exhibi
tion to be held at the same place fiom
t May to November next year
Attention Is called to the fact that
American capital Is being InvesteJ In
S r foreign countries n1 that ijierefoie
American citizens and Interests must
be protected abroad This leads to the
following Important definition of our
PuiAnierican policy
With the changed circumstances of
tho United States and of the republics
l to the south of us most of which havo I
great natural resources stable govern
ment and progressive Ideals tho appre 1
hension of which gave rise to the Mon
roe doctrine may be said to have near
I ly disappeared and neither the doctrine
as It exists nor any other doctrine of
American policy should be permitted to
operate for the perpetuation of Irrc
uponMhlc government tho escape ot
Just obligations or the insidious allega
tion of dominating ambitions on the
1 part ot tho United States Beside the
fundamental doctrines of our pan
American policy there havo grown up
a realization of
political Interests com
4 munity of Institutions and Ideals and
ti a flourishing commerce All theso
bonds will be
greatly strengthened as
a time goes on and Increased faculties
such as the great bank soon to bo es I
tafbllshed In Latin America supply the
means for building up the collossal
intercontinental commerce of tho fu
Special attention la paid to NJcura
Ec and the Zelaya government Iii se
I I verely arraigned The Important point
Is made that the two Americans who
were killed by Zelayaa orders wino
I officers In the Insurgent army and were
entitled to the rights of prisoners of
i war This fact cannot but count against
the resident of Nicaragua
Tho Message discusses our fur eastern
C policy which Is ono of respect for tho
4 Integrity of China and equal opportuni
l ties for all Our relations with Japan
are said to be cordial which can only
mean that Japan too Is in harmony
with our far eastern policy
I Turning to domestic attain the Mes
sage recommends tho subdivision of
I 1 the State department for the purpose
1 I i of better specialization of the enormous
business This ill a splendid rcconi
incnUatfon As the country is growing
Its business demands some such ar
Tho Message then takes up the ques
tion of economy In expenditures Tho
ordinary expenditures for tIle current
fiscal year ending June 30 1010 will
exceed wo are told tho estimated re
ceipts by 34075620 If to this deficit Is
added tho sum to 1 > e disbursed for the
Panama canal amounting to 39000000
and 1000000 to be paid on the public
debt tile deficit of culinary receipts
and expenditures will be Increased to a
total deficit of 71075620 This deficit
the secretary proposes to meet by the
proceeds of bonds Issued to pay the
cost of constructing tho Panama canal
By cutting down the expenditures of
every government department the cs
tlmatea for the expenses of the govern
ment for the next fiscal year ending
Juno 30 1911 are less than the appro
priations for this current fiscal year by
42S1S000 It Is thought that the ex
penditures for the next fiscal year end
ing Juno 30 1911 and excluding pay
ments on account of the Panama canal
will leave a surplus of 33931000 The
Message adds
The secretary of the treasury points
out what should be carefully noted in
respect to thlfi reduction In govern
mental expenses for the next fiscal
year that the economics arc of two
kinds first thero Is a Raving In the
permanent administration of the de
partments bureaus and offices of the
government and second there Is a
present reduction In expenses by a
postponement of projects and improve
ments that ultimately will have to be
carried out but which are now delayed
with the hope that additional revenue
In the future will permit their execution
without srocurlng a deficit
A great saving Is made in the mili
tary expenses It Is stated that not
less than 45000000i will be saved on
this account The naval expenses alone
are 38000000 less than the corre
sponding estimates for last year
The President emphasizes the necessi
ty of a change In tho Judicial proced
ure with a view to reducing Its expense
to private litigants In civil cases and
facilitatingtho dispatch of business in
both civil and criminal cases lIe ex
presses the view that much of the law
less violence and cruelty exhibited In
ynchlngs directly duo to the uncer
tainties and Injustice growing out of
ho delays In trials judgment1 and tho
executions thereof by our courts lIe
suggests In this connection that the
Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court could
bo confined almost wholly to statutory
and constitutional questions He rec
ommends the appointment of a commTs
lon with authority to examine the law
and equity procedure of tho federal
courts of first Instance the law of ap
peals from those courts to tho courts
of appeals and > to the supreme court
and the costs imposed In such proced
ure upon the private litigants and upon
ho public treasury and make recom
mendations with a view to simplifying
and expediting the procedure as far as
possible and making It as Inexpensive
as may be to tho litigants of little
means Another recommendation fls
directed against the abuso of Injunc
The Message lecommends tho estab
Ishmcnt of postal savings banks tha
passage of a ship subsidy bill the ad
mission of Now Mexico and Arizona
the appointment of a governor and an
executive council for Alaska legisla
ion against the white slave trade
the establishment of a national bureau
of health publicity with regard to cam
paign funds the conservation of our
national resources the observance of the
fiftieth anniversary of the emancipation
ot tho negroes and closes with the assurance
urance that the country Is enjoying a
high state of prosperity
The Message of President Taft Is a
comprehensive clear and statesmanlike
document Everyone who cares to keep
posted on the affairs of the country
should read It thoughtfully
A clipping from a iccent number of
a Plttsburg paper has reached this of
ice It purports to be tho complete
story of a famous Mormon preacher
once a member of the Avenging
Angels who at a ripe old ago has
turned counterfeiter The story is not
very clear Wo have written for fur
her partlculttrsi The central figure Is
described as a famous Mormon
preacher although it Is safe to
say that nobody In these parts
ever heard of his fame lIe Is
also said to havo come west In 1819
with the famous prophets band
whatever that means and to be a fam
ous huntel The item states that Ills
name Is Lee and refers to the Moun
tain Meadow massacre and the ques
tion naturally arises whether the au
thor of It In his befuddled condition
does not confound the alleged counter
feiter with the famous villain of the
Mountain Meadow drama who paid
the penalty for his crime over thirty
years ago That Is generally as near
as antIMonnon writers ever come
to the truth
The author of the Item claims that
the alleged counterfeiter now 71 years
old was once a member of the Aveng
Ing Angels and the remark Is pertinent
that ho must have entered It the same
year he was born for that organiza
tion also known as Danltes was
formed In 1838 and died an Ignominious
death shortly after Its birth Alto
gether the counterfeiter must have
been a remarkable child
The reference to the Danltes re
minds us that a strange misunder
standing exists In tho minds of non
Mormons regarding that band They
generally suppose It to have been a
Mormon institution sanctioned by
the Church By anliMormon wrltcru
It has even been represented as
a body guard to tho Prophet Jo
seph Tho truth Is that It was an
abortive attempt at forming a secret
organization to fight tho Church as
Wl1l as all law and order Luther used
to say that where the Almighty builds
Ills church satan Is tune to build his
chapel and this truth Is well Illus
trated In the attempt to launch that
The organization known an Danltea
and Destroying Angels was the con
ception of Dr Sampson Avard at Far
West Mo Ho was an unscrupulous
fanatic who was expelled from the
Church as soon his vile schemed be
camo known to the Prophet Avard
was secretly laying plans to become a
lcadcrof the Church At a time wUeli
persecution raged In wild torrents and
hearts were bleeding under the hands
of oppression Avard found an oppor
tunity of preaching the unChristian
doctrlno of retaliation to some willing
ears Ills aim was to overthrow the
Church and set himself up as a wordly
ruler He persuaded some of the Saints
to believe that he had the sanction of
Sidney RIgdon for his plans And by
false pretenses ho brought nomo to
gether In a secret organization which
was named tho Danltcs He tried to
organize companies of fifties and tens
and place each under the command of
an officer He taught them that they I
were to go out and despoil the outlying
settlements and that they might lie
and steal with impunity Many of his
followers revolted at this and left Mm
and as soon as his wickedness became
known to Presidency of the Church
ho was expelled and afterwards sought
companionship among the enemies of
the Church
This Is the famous Danltc organ
ization It never was a Church Insti
tution Thomas B Malsh at one time
made nn affidavit stating that the Lat
terday Saints have a company con
sisting of all that are considered true
Mormons called Danltcs and Orson
Hyde partly corroborated this false
hood But both repented and sought
Thoro never was a Uanlte organi
zation In the Church and It Is high
time that the misunderstanding bo
removed The story Is one of the
peculiar falsehoods that live on though
everybody knows It Is not true It Is
like the stbry regarding Luther
women and wine or tho fable of a
pope having cursed Halleys comet
Some yarns obtain currency though
based on fiction because thero are peo
ple who wish they were ture and the
Danltc fable as a Mormon insti
tution is one of them
Elder B F Grant delivered an earn
cst address In the Pioneer Stako hall on
Monday evening In which ho depicted
tho moral conditions as present pre
vailing In this city Ho told the story
of tho stockade that was closed I
through tile persistent efforts of the I
sheriffs office with tho aid of private
citizens but ho expressed the fear that
the placo will bo opened again If he
said the promoters of that institution
have reason to believe that tho people
are discouraged and that they have tho
administration behind them they will
surely reopen tho shops where human
vice Is turned Into money They will
advertise Salt Lako City all over the
country as a place where money Is
freely spent and where tho government
Is on their side Hundreds will flock to
tho City Then cards will be distrib
uted In tho City and In every country
battlement north and south inviting
our young men and boys to come And
many of them will fall Into tho trap
The speaker asserted that tile chief
promoter of that Iniquity has so many
men In her clutches now that she can
control to a largo extent City elections
Her victims ho said are afraid of her
He told of many attempt at entrap
ping men prominent In reform move
ments and ho believed that funny liasi
beets caught and although innocent
of wrongdoing not care to be pub
Icly exposed
The speaker urged tho people not to
lay down their arms in this warfare
against a fearful evil Hc thouglit the
citizens ought to rise as one man and
demand that the officers do their full
duty cr clso that Impeachment pro
ceedings be brought against them
We are now In about the same posl
lon as we were when the socalled
Liberal rule became the curse of the
City At that time too a flood of
iniquity was let loose upon the people
here The streets swarmed with deni
zens of the underworld Gambling hells
flourished Holdups became so numer
ous that citizens lived In constant ter
ror Several murders were committed
In the streets The citizens had to form
a special corps of night watchmen to
patrol the blocks and look after their
safety Finally the consciences of tho
Christian men and women who by their
By E J Edwards
This dally series of anecdotes and I nchlents that throw new Interesting
and frequently dramatic light on famous events and personalities of time past
havo been collected by Edwards during nearly forty years ool more or less Inti
mate acquaintance with many of the co untrys leaders since tho Civil War Each
anecdote or Incident le fresh from Mr E dwardss notebook and either In whole
01 In part It constitutes New News of Yesterday garnered from the men who
made tho news the history or from cq ually authoritative sources As Im
portant contributions the Human Int crest sort American history theta
articles have a distinctive value all the Ir own
Great as were hIs financial conquests
probably the greatest of all of Jay
Goulds victories was that which he
gained over his temper said an old
friend of the family to me at tho time
of the little wizards death In 1892
In Its natural state lila was a most
unruly temper Unmasterod It would
undoubtedly have led him Into all sorts
of embarrassing situations and to my
mind seriously Imperiled the success
of his alms In Ufo But more than once
I have heard Russell Sage say and he
certainly knows that Mr Gould was
the most even tempered man with
whom ho had ever been brought Into
business association
Indeed BO complete was Mr Goulds
mastery over his temper that I can
recall only one time when It ever got
the better of him Then curiously
enough Mr Gould got boiling mad In
behalf of a good friend and business
associate and had not seIne of his
closest friends been ablo Anally to re
strain him there Is no telling to what
lengths ho would have let his fury
carry him
Ono day there came to Mr Goulds
cars a report that to this his friend
and business associate a second friend
and Ibiwlncss associate was acting so
disloyally that there was grave danger
of an unfortunate domestic disturbance
Conduct of this sort was the ono thing
that Mr Gould could not forgot or
forgive and Instantly the bounds that
ho had kept for so many years on his
temper burst and his rage became truly
His one thought then was to drive
tho alleged disloyal friend out of rep
utable busIness and social associations
To this end and while his fury was
at Its height ho had prepared a bit
ter vitriolic article which purported
to bo a narrative of various private
episodes In this spans life This article
ho exultantly told several of his friends
when the completed innnuscrilpt vas
handed to him he was going to havo
published tho next day In the Now York
newspaper that he then owned Ill
tako tho full responsibility for Its pub
lication ho declared and added that
Jus would bo only too glad xto dp 110
feilie tilt auto that lImo publication
votes and iuflucnco had helped In plac
ing such a government In power was
aroused and mass meeting were held
In which strong protests were made
und by and by tho Liberal party was
disbanded In disgrace Some similar
awakening seems to be culled for now
For thoro never was a time tn tho his
tory of the City when united action
against tho forces of corruption were
more urgent than just now i
VJicn a girls face Is her fortune her
wealth Is not great
When an automobile turns turtle It Is
generally a snapping turtle
Being whole souled docs not make a
mans foot warm but It docs his heart
An Insurance company scandal with
only a million Involved A mere bag
atelle l
1 t 5
Zoliya seeriis tohnvogone wayback
and sat down He could do nothing
An Ohio girl has married tile hu I
man ostrich She can feed him on
A man can easily make a fool of
hImself and not be able to make a
cent as a clown
Nearly thirteen hundred nominations
sent to the Senate in one day Docs
Mr Tart wish to make a record
The Standard OH decision has at last
made tho proposed copper merger sit
up and take notice
A Vassar girl drowned herself In a
cistern Why did she not choose to
end her life In the Plerlan spring S
What would you do If you had a mil
lion dollars asks the Philadelphia
Times Do what Is right and let the
consequences follow of course
Chairman Hull of tho House com S
mittee on military affairs thinks tIlde
arc plenty of officers for the army That
Is an Town Idea that has been adopted
by the whole people
Collector Locb says that uny employe
of tho New York custom house who
a colt a tip will bo discharged
Among1 Pullman car porters such talk
would bo regarded as Utopian
How good It Is to read In a message
to Congress a good word for economy
For a long time past the word has
found no place In tho government
lexicon Thanks for Its restoration
If Dr Wiley government chemist
wants to make some genuine experi
ments on his poison squad ho can
find just tho stuff In some of tho meat
markets and dairies not a thousand
miles from Salt Lake
MaJorGcneral Leonard Wood says
that a great deal of the talk about
peace is rot Even If It Is which
is not admitted very much more of
the talk about being prcpaicd lor
war Is rot
President Taft docs not favor any
further tariff legislation at present Is
this on the theory that It is wise to let
woll enough alone or that It Is better
to suffer tho Ills we have than to fly
to others wo know not of
Writlns from England Sir Charles
Tapper expremier of Canada says I
do not forget that all parties In the
United States agreo in the desire to ob
tain possession of Canada This Is
not from Tuppers Proverbial Phi
losophy but from Toppers political
The creditors off Prince Miguel of Bra
ganza who married a New York heiress
last September are suing him for a
million dollars How perfectly lovely
It will bo for the lady to pay the debts
Just to show her absolute faith In her
princely spouse Pleasant at first the
repeated experience becomes monoton
of the article would drive the man Into
obscurity a chcumstance which would
bo little enough recompense to tho
friend who was In danger of being In
Well it was only after very long and
very earnest efforts on the part of Mr
Gould conlldants that they were at all
ablo to swerve him In the slightest
from the plan of action that he had
mapped out In the heat of his anger
But Ilnally Mr Gould was reluctantly
dissuaded from making tho printed at
tack by the fctatement of ono of hIs
friends that while the article would
probably drive the man Into obscurity
as Mr Gould hoped it would it also
would probablycause tho public to feel
great resentment in the end to the
bringer of such unwelcome news In
which antmus would unquestionably
be discerned S
That was something which Mr
Gould had not taken Into account Nor
had ho thought what the effect of such
an article might be on his financial
sqhernes His sole Idea was to help a
good friend who ho believed was fac
ing a most serIous danger Later on
when his angel hud cooled and he
had regained his usual control of his
temper ho admitted that he probably
would havo done the wrong thing had
ho persisted in having tho article pub
lished and from that time on to
the day of his death ho was more than
ever convinced of tho great danger
there Is In doing anything in the heat
of passion
Copyright 1009 by E J Edwards
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