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ii p T t J r 1VTL
9t I
I Full Face ot IicndStlvcr Discov
ered Yesterday In Drift on the
I l J 1000 TJOVC
j I Superintendent C C Grlggs of the
Undo Sam and May Day Mining com
panies who came to town this morning
from Tlntle released what Is consid
t ered Information regarding what Is
looked upon as the most Important
I strlko made In the May Day for several
I years It consists In the discovery of
I a fine body of shipping ore on the 1000
level several hundred feet north of the
j I shaft which carries from 40 to 50 per
J cent deal and from 20 to 25 ounces sil
ver per ton
ft The strike was made In a drift off the
Incline which was sunk some distance
north of the SCO level of the main shaft
1 This Incline was sunk to thc 1100 level
where a station was cut and every
I preparation made to start drifting when
tho developments above that level war
ranted the company incurring that ex
house Meantime the work of hunting
the ore body from the 200 level In tho
Incline has been prosecuted for somo
tlmo past on tho assumption that the
I dip was greater that It has proved to
be The work done proved to be above
j the vein and yesterday morning after
I running back the ore was found The
drift Is in a full taco of ore carrying
lead carbonates with galena with some
I silver
I I Naturally Supt Griggs and tl >
I stockholders of the May Day who knew
of tho strike this morning were feeling
jubilant Mr Griggs regards tho strike
I as settling once and for all the doubts
I expressed In some quarters about the
ores of that part of the district going
II down In all the mines In that vicin
ity the most Important ore bodies yet
I discovered have extended like great
1 roots mar the surface but the May
I Day strike in the opinion of Superin
I tendent Grltrgs proves absolutely that
I nil that Is necessary to discover big ore
I bodies at depth In the properties In
I that part of the district Is to go after
I I them
The most of the work done on the
t I May Day heretofore has boon south
from tho shaft but the present find
is doubly Interesting from the fact that
It has been made north of the shaft sev
I eral hundred feet in ground which is
virgin and In which nothing of any
coiueinicnce has heretofore been found
t Colorado and Iron Blossom Improving
t bay Day Wanted
i Some Improvement was noticed till
morning In the prices of a number of
the better securities of the Salt Lake
I Mining exchange Colorado and Iron
Blossom both show gains the former
I selling up to 84 and the latter advanc
t ing to 75 on a buyer 60 Sales wore
I made at 73 at the close May Day was
I I also in good demand at 19 and 20 and
j Uncle Sam hung around 50
I Columbus fell back to 145 and Lower
Mammoth receded to 47 New York
I sold up to 1116 and Ohio Copper was
traded In on tho open board at 535 and
A number of the smaller Tlntic stocks
ere In good demand this morning
among thorn being Crown Point at 5
East Tintic Development at 7i and
Tintlc Central at prices ranging from
6 > i at the opening to 5 at the close
Utah Con was also active at 4 and 3
Trading In the unlisteds was con
fined to McDonald Ely which loosened
up 100 shares at 35 Uintah Treasure
I Hill which transferred 5000 shares at
10 and Dlngham Central Standard
1000 shares of which changed hands
at 34
I I Closing quotations were as follows
I Laid Slks Bid Asked Bid tAsked
Addle O 01
Ajax 31 3j 31 35
Beck fun 1 15 15
1 Big Hill O 02
BInS Ama 081 10 09 12
Blk Jack 08 03 OS 0S3
BosCon2000 2100
Bullock 01 02 01 014
1 Carlsa 50 iO
Cedar 04
Century 07j 09 07 ½ 09
i Colorado 54 55 Si 85
Columbus lJ 14i 152Y 157 i
Ciown Pt 05 t 06 05 05 1f
Daly Jud e 450 500 450 500
10 Cr Pt 011 01y
Ii Tin Con 1 02
E Tin Dev 07 OS 07 OS
E T G K OO6 OO 1
Ely Calum3t 36 10 27 36
I Grand Cent 2I21f 2m 242 24i
Grutll 02 04 05
Ind Queen 03 01 03 031
f I lit P O D 102 ½ 105 100 10 6
Inyo 06 06
I I l3lossoin 72 74 78 i9
I K Con 15 121 15
J Bowers 01 02 011 02
Keystone 1i
f Lead 1nJ 01 01
Ixshl Tint 0lhl
Little Bel 162y 1671 165 liO
h i Little Chler 55 5 70
th L Main46 ½ 4H 4i 4
j Maj Evans OO
Mason VaL 190 10 190 lr6
I I May Day 18 ½ 15 22 23
I I McKinley 03
Mtn Lake 01 on 03
I Mtn L Ex 01 01
Nev His 66 iO 70
New York 11 Wf1 lf
Ohio Cop 520 535 535 Gro
Opohongo 22 27
Ptocl 1 03 1 10
Plutus 03 0H
Prince Con 100 1021
Provo 08
Sit ShIeld 011 07
I Sacramento 0
1 SI King 3971al 400 I
I Scot Chief 00Ihl
Seven Tghs 09 011
Rich An I 03 0
Ilb for the
recn I
I Buy Father an
I Uptodate Bookcase
I One that ho can add to as
I his library grows No waste
shelf roomno laying of
E I books on their sides because
I the apace between the shelves
IB not wide enough A Globe
1 Wernlcko Elastic Bookcase Is
i made In sections to fit any
I i size books Any size anv
linisilfit anywhere
ii For Christmas
f BreedenOfficeSuppluCo
60V 2ndSo
r =
LEAD steady J3H2 Jt2
COPPER quiet J2901325
Todays lJ570138
Dcc 8 1908 J182833JO
fled War 430 440
Sioux Con 404 41
S CoL Con On
Swan Can 02 02
Stray Dog 01
TIn Cent 05 06
Tin Hunlb 02
Uncle Sam 49 50
Utah can 03 01
Victor Con 04 05
Victoria 160 1724
Tel Nov 20
West Utah 260
Yer Copper Oty 041
ZcnoH 1 10 I
Unl st A II I P M
Tin Stand 101
Fed Ely 17 18
McDon Ely 30 138
Ely Witch 23 32
Demijohn 05 Oi
V GI 10 15
Colorado 1600 at S3 1100 at S4
Columbus 200 at 150 600 at 145
seller 6 200 at 171
Crown Point 800 at 6y
East Tintlc Dev 1000 at 7 buyer
Indian Queen 100 at 4
Iron Blossom 3300 at 74 BOO at 75
buyer 60 BOO at 7 soiled 30 300 at 73
seller 10
Lower Mammoth 200 at 47 100 at
May Day 500 at Z BOO at 19
New York 2000 at 1 1500 at 14H
Ohio Copper 25 at 620
Seven Troughs 260 at 09 ½
Silver King 250 at 400
30 Sioux Con 650 at 4 500 at 41 buyer
South Columbus Con 2000 at 7 ½
4000 at 7
Tintlc Central 1000 at 6Ji 1000 at 6
250 at 5
25t osam
Uncle Sam BOO at 50 seller 30 100 at
50 500 at 49 seller 60
Utah Con 3000 at 4 1000 at 3 ½
seller G
Bullock 2000 at I1
Colorado 1100 at 84
Columbus 100 at 115 200 at 147 ½
600 at 150 200 at 147 ½
Indian Queen 4000 at 3
Iron Blossom 1000 at 75 1500 at 76
Lower Mammoth 300 at 47
Ohio Copper 300 at 535 100 at 540
TTncIo Sam 100 at 49 50 at 50
Yerington Copper 2000 at 4
Shares Amount
Regular call 30875 1164275
Open board 19650 691900
50525 51856175
Old Board Elected Routine Business
Only Transacted
At the annual meeting of the Horn
Silver Mining company held In this
city Tuesday afternoon the following
officers were elected to serve for tho
ensuing year Ambrose I Harrison
New York president J M Ceballos
New York vice president and treas
urer F A Bishop
Ur secretary and M
C Morris general manager The di
rectors chosen were as follows A I
Harrison J M Ccballos W I Wool
verton and Jacob Neadle all of New
York and P T Farnsworth John
Sharp and H S Young of Salt Lake
There were 2786 < 0 shares of stock
represented at the meeting
After the election of officers several
matters of routine business were dis
posed of and
some consideration
considerton was
given to the zinc tonnage In the mine
but nothing was decided
deIded as to the
course to be take to save the silver and
lead as well as to make the zinc
Electrical Machinery Shipped Stamps
To Bccln Dropping Soon
Reports from
Rports Goldfleld tate that
work on the mill
mi of the Tonopah Ex
tension Is
approaching completion I Is
expected that
stamps will be dropping
about the middle
of January
no ln further delay Is experhencel In get
ting the electrical
tng machinery shipment
of which has been delayed two
I Is reported to be on the months
way now
Jlvlng left Pltlburg last
Ilst week York
also been
rcumed the mine
a small rorce wih
smal preptor to
the extraction or start g
extrcton ore as
soon as the
null Js completed a
ttabiirarSllvcr Peak Co Oflicl1
Tlicmscltcs For It
sCltnton Rno Nc of Dist Dec Atty ° VA rcprc
dC1 of Eunerajda At AUlustu8 TI
PlttsburSlhcr CoIjiit3 that the
Peak Gold
ran officials hnd ObligatOd Mining themscles corn
pay the bullion
tOI of which criminal tax for the colec
resortel to the proCutons were
thorltes yesterday equalized county the tax RU ac
cording to the agreement and tax
ogreeient authorized
the dismissal of the IndlehncntR
lie officers and directors of that against com
pn This means that all criminal
prosecutions dIrected against PresIdent
Flint Ulilted Stntcs
Flnt Ulited Senator Olyer
other Ocr and
Clhcr Officers or tho company 11 penn
1lvanla subordinate officers In NeHla
and others will cease find that
anl wil the ills
Iluted Cay wIll bepzld
The Utah Ore Sampling company or
ganized In Salt Lake filed articles of
Incorporation with the county cleric
yesterday with a capital stock of J200
000 In dollar shares Officers are Er
nest n Woolley 109930 shares presi
dent and
general manager Jesse
Knight one share vice president J
William Knight one share secretary
and treasurer These with W Lester
Mnngum and F R Woolley holding
ono share each comprise tho director
ate The company takes some min
ing claims and properties In Salt Lake
and Juab counties from Ernest R
AVoolIcy for 200000
East Tlntic Tcv Report
The report of the secretary of the
East Tintlc Development company
covering the period from April 1 1907
to Nov 1 J909 shows that the disburse
ments were 4519894 and the receipts
4287848 during that time On thin
showing the company entered the
month of November with an overdraft
of 227015 During the past few
months the company has entered the
list of shipper and at tho present rate
It Is said that there aro good prospects
of tho company starting to build UI u
reserve early In the cominG year u
J R WHITNEY Slock Broker
334 AHa Bell 1470 Res 3004Z
Pioneer Roofings
Sold laid and guaranteed by
Plants In Utah Bought by Krnest R
AVoolIcy mid Associates for 200000
Deal Closed Lust Night
Tho flrm of Taylor and Brunton
which for many years has handled a
good shore of the ore sampling business
of this state Is now a thing of the past
the ownerl having sold out their In
terests to Ernest H Woolley and asso
ciates who have Incorporated tho Utah
Ore Sampling company to handle the
plants of the above firm at Murray and
Eureka and tho works of the Pioneer
Ore Sampling company The deal was
closed last night between Mr Woolley
and F1 Taylor of tho Firm of Tay
lorBrunton Mr Taylor having come
from Colorado for this purpose and It
Involved a cash consideration of 200000
The deal brings Into tho hands of the
purchasers control of one of the most
Important accessories to the mining
Industry of tho west I means that I
the business will bo carried on hereafter I
with many economics heretofore Im
possible and with every means of giv
ing the shipper of ore better service
Then It Is taken Into consideration that
practically all tho custom ores of Utah
Nevada Idaho western Colorado and
parts of Montana California and Arizo
na pas Into tho market via local ore
samplers tho Importance of the busi
ness really can 0 appreciated There
will b no immediate change In ar
langemonts so om shipments will be
received at the various plant as usual
Ii G Burton Brings Samples and Re
ports Mine Looking Well
Manager L G Burton of the Revenue
Mining company returned this morn
Ing from the companys mine In the
Wah Wall mountains Beaver county
with numerous samples of line looking
rock taken from tile new developments
In the vein on which tho management
has drifted for a considerable distance
1 was thought that the fissure was
the Cliff vein but this has been decided
now to be incorrect as the Cliff vein
Mr Burton says Is fully 60 feet ahead
of tho crosscut tunnel which Inter
cepted tho present vein Before leav
Ing the mine Mr Burton let a contract
for extending tho tunnel to connect
with the shaft which has been sunk
on the Cliff vein nearly to the tunnel
level This work will take nearly two
and onehalf months All of the energy
of tho company Is being bent In this
direction owing to the necessity for
ventilation The air Is so bad now that
It ha been found necessary to fire the
rounds in the day and do the mucking
at night
Mr Burton reports the Lou mine near
by extracting a fine grado of silver
lead ore from the SOfoot level About
150 tons of ore Lire now on the dump
ready for shipment which will assay
50 per cent lead and 70 ounces sliver
per ton In addition to a heavy Iron
A J Walters of Illinois who has been
In charge of the work for some time
past for eastern parties who are financ
Ing the development work will arrive
In Salt Lake shortly on his way home
to spend the holidays
James A Pollock Co banker and
brokcr furnish the following reedy
ed over the Private wire yesterday
Adventure 6 < 5 > 11 Az Com 41 < g > i
C A 101102 C 1 1216 D
W Sifj9 Grandby 103 asked La
ialle 15i51116 Mexico Con 5 f
Mohawk 5961 NIp slng 1011
C H 645 bid Osccola 15715S
Qulncy S385 Shannon 15 ½ 16
Tamarack 64565 Utah Con 4H
45 Vlctlrla 3 ½ 4 Wolverine 145
148 Zinc 36 Corbln 22tf
V Glroux 1 Hancock 20U
1 Miami 1S Newhouso 3 ½
16 S B 1 1 Oil 3S1 asked
Allouez 56
Alouez56 asked B Coaln 29
Cent 3738 Cop Range S14 If
FranklIn 151H i C C 12
Mass 7 ½ 1lch 61i Nevada
Can 2i 1 N B 60 Old Dom
5114 ½ Parrot 29 i < ii > 30 Santa Fe
2li 7 V Atlantic 1112 Trinity 10 U
½ Utah Copper 58V4
Y 581 2i Winona
SV4 Royalo 256jJ ½ B C 20216
East Butte lli12 Lake GS ½
Kow 41 M C C 10lGc North
Lake S 9 S P 1617 United
States com 53fii > do pfd 52y53
Ahmeek 220225 Gas 4041 Bos
ton Ely 3 ½ j Chemung 1C asked
Cum Ely 9Y Ely Central 11
First National 6idyt Florence 2 1
ii Ray Central 2i 1 La Hose 4I
1516 Nov Utah 1716 Raven
757S San Ant 9U Leaf 1415
Tonopah 65i Yuma Hi1 Gila
4516 Chief Con 11516 A
M 50063 Begole 1M B L 26
28 Cob Cent 2527 Davis Daly 5
Vi Ely Con 80S5 Gf Con S 5i
Daisy 712 South Lake 7U Ma
jestic 9396 Rh Coaln 1618 Ray
Con 22 Seneca 75 bid Queen
2325 Yukon 5 Chlno 9 In
spiration 7716
Sandstorm 4 bid Colorado Mtn C
bid Jumbo Ext 13 bid Kendall 4 bid
Booth 10 bid Blue Bull 34 Silver
Pick S9 Blue Bell 23 Lone Star
23 Om 34 Atlanta 1011 Great
Bend 2 bid Red Top Ext 1 bid Flor
ence 267 bid Goldfield Daisy 89
Combination Fraction 46 bid Great
Bend Ext 1 asked Great Bend Annex
1 asked Kewanos 56 Portland i
bid Crackerjaek 1 bid Red Hills 3
bid Y Tiger 3bld Grandma 1 bid
Goldfleld Con 7924705 Dlamondfleld
Triangle 1 asked C O D 68 Flor
ence Ext 1 asked
Ophlr 175177 ½ Mexican t52 ½
165 Gould Curry 272S Con Va
9091 Savuge 4S49 Hale Norcross
7I8 Yellow Jacket 107y110
belcher 100105 Sierra Nevada IGt
47 Exchequer 20 bid Union 61G2
Chollar 26 bid Potosi 60061
Tonopah Nevada 650 bid Montana
Tono > ah 85 bid Tonopah Extension
48 bid MacNamara 2729 Tonopah
North Star 2 asked West End Cons
20 bid Jim Butler 89
James A Pollock Co bankers and
brokers 6 west Second South furnish
10 Con Wopan Mach51160
Descret National Bank2910
6 First Nail Bank Ogden 53l8d
10 State Bank o UtahSBIC
fOO Utah Sugar CommonS 270
J5nno S L City RR Bonds
5000 Sugar Bonds
10 Zions Savings at V5000
Edward L Burton
< South Main St Phoncit WTt
New York Stocks
Boston Coppers
Chicago Grain
Utah Stocks
Badger Brothers
160 Main SL Salt Luke City
Branch office Eureka Utah
Members Salt Lake Stock Exchange
change Direct wires to all mar
kets of the world
Will Sell
18 Kaysvlllo Brick 95
4 Utah Mex Rubber Co J2U5
Will buy Elk Coal shares
the following received over their prl
sUe wire this afternoon
Stocks I HIgh I Low
Boston Consolidated 2111 2W
Butte Coalition 29 20 s
Calumet Arizona 103 101
Copper Range 811 81
Cumberland Ely 10 91
Davis Daly 54 S
East Butte 12 l i
GIroux Consolidated 12msl ii ½
Granby Consolidated 104 ½ I 102
Greene Cananea 12 1214
Nevada Consolidated o 27 27 ½
Nevada Utah lY 1716
Nlplsslnp 10 10
North Butte 61 9s
Trinity 10 lOtt
U S Smelter com 53 6
U S Smelter pfd 52i 6Zf
Utah Consolidated 45 ½ 45 ¼
Sup Boston 1 IHs
La Rosa 4 41316
Sup Plttsburg 151 15
Chief Con 11E16 1516
A sixInch stringer of galena has
been exposed In tho drift from the
bottom of the winze from tho 400 level
of tho Red Warrior mine In Beaver
county I IK said to run well In sil
ver and lead and to be under tho largo
body of carbonate ore developed In the
upper workings
The officers of tho newly organized
ElyCentennial Mining company arc
E W GrlinthH president E F Vande
lioff superintendent of tho Nevada
Con vice president Gilbert F Bore
man secretary and treasurer Tho
other directors are Samuel Newhouse
VI Rice Charles H Grlflln and 1
D Carpenter
Lost sale Dec 8
Amalgamated Copper 87
American Beet Sugar 47
American Car Foundry 72 ½
American Cotton Oil 6S ½
American Locomotive 61 ½
American Smelting Refining 98
Amer Smelting Refining pfd111
American Sugar Refining 123
Anaconda Mining Co 49
Atchison 121
Atlantic Coast Line 135
Baltimore Ohio 116
Brooklyn Rapid Transit Snd
Canadian Pacific 180T
Chesapeake Ohio j 581
Chicago Northwestern 177
Chicago Mil St Paul 155U
Colorado Fuel Iron 50
Colorado Southern bid 57
Delaware Hudson 183
Denver Rio Grande 49
Denver Rio Grande pfd S6
Erie 33V
Great Northern pfd 142 1
Great Northern Ore Ctfs 81
Illinois Central 16y
InterboroughMet 251
InterboroughMct pfd 621
Louisville Nashvlllo 151
Missouri Pacific 71
Missouri Kansas Texas 4H
National Biscuit bid 116
National Lad 8S4 I
Now York Central 127
Norfolk Western 98
Northern Pacific 143
Pacific Mall 44
Pennsylvania 131
Peoples Gas 11414
Pullman Palnco Car 191
Reading 170
Rock Island Co 4034
Rock Island Co pfd 88
Southern Pacific 129
Southern Railway 31
Union Pacific 2004
United States Steel 9U1
United States Steel pfd 125
Wabash 2114
Wabash pfd 57
Western Union 78
Standard Oil 635
New York De 8 Money on call
firm 4S5 per cent ruling rate 4 I
closing bid 4 offered at 5
Time loans steady and fairly active
6 days per cent 90 days H3
per cent six months 434
Closo Prime mercantile paper 5 ½
sterling exchange easier with actual
business In bankers bills at 48425030 I
for 60 days and at 48780 for demand I
commercial bills 483U04S4
Bar silver 51
Mexican dollars 43
Government bonds easy railroads
Have you a friend or acquaintance
In your former field of labor to whom
you would llko to send a copy of the
Saturday or the SemiWeekly News
I so take advantage of our special
offer mado to aid the great mission
ary work Wo send tho paper ono
year to any point In the United States
Canada or Mexico at half price 100
Tills docs not apply to points where
there are regular wards or stakes
David H Lane the Republican leader
of Philadelphia was telling Htorifs et
a Republican banquet
And Its always a mistake said Mr
Lane to mix politics and religion
politics and prayer
There was I preacher out Cltmamlu
son way who mixed politics and pray r
to his cost Ho prayed on the eve of n
general election
Grant 0 Lord that the great Re
form party may all hang together
Amen cried C scoffer
Not 0 Lord resumed tho preacher
In tho sense In which that profane
scoffer would have It understood but
let the party hang together in acconl
and concord
Its all ono to mo the scoffer again
Interrupted what cord It Is
crd S lout aa
its a good strong one
At cut rates to all paidup subscrib
ers of the Saturday or SemiWeekly
Nows Only 52CO at our office
Postage 75 cents extra
At Least Her Friend the Hon
0 Mrs John Ward Says
Bishop of London Amused by Parrots
Swear Words Social Swimmers
Will Ease Up n Bit
Special Correspondence
Txndon Nov 26158 Jennie Crocker
and her great friend the Hon Mrs
John Ward arc enjoying themselves
thoroughly after their long separation
The very first thing Mrs Crocker did
when sho arrived at Mrs Wards was
to make a rush up to the nursery to
see Master Ward who took to her at
once Am engaging smile spread over
his chubby face which grew still wider
when ho caught sight of tho exquisite
Jeweled rattle which his Auntie Jon
nie ha brought him All Mrs Wards
girl friends arc aunties to her son
her Is Auntie Pat Princess Patri
cia Auntie Nellie Miss Nellie Post
and BO on
Mrs Ward has made up her mind
definitely that her extra special pal
Miss Crocker must marry a Britisher
and she has her eye on two or throe
very cllglblo young men for the heir
ess for so wo understand Miss Crocker
is One of them has I title and one
day will be an carl t would not bo
playing the game to say more than
that his father holds a very Important
place in the kings household He dined
with tho Wards to meet Miss Crocker
tho other night and from all accounts
everything went satisfactorily
Mrs Ward and Miss Crocker aro Just
now In Paris looking round the shops
generally Tho latter has a taste of her
own In dress She Is fond of white of
old lace and of simplicity In stylo all of
which suit her Sho Is also one of the
Independent young women who say
they wont adopt the new stylo ol hair
Tho worst bird In London and that
Is saying a good deal Is Mrs Ritchlea
parrot who goes everywhere with her
and has an Intelligence which Is al
most human This pretty feathered
friend IK of tho grey persuasion and
speaks most distinctly and tho cold
ness and deliberation of her often em
barrassing remarks suggest that she
really knows what she Is saying When
Mrs Ritchie was visiting a country
house In the north recently which did
not meet with the approval of Poly
she kept shrieking at tho top of her
voice How long aro you going to stay
In this rotten place Returning home
It happened that the bishop of London
was occupying a seat In tho carriage
in which were Mrs Ritchie and Polly
who kept exclaiming Well this Is tno
Hades of a hole only Polly put It more
forcibly sli I Is Bald that his lord
ship laughed hugely and enjoyed Pol
lys swearwords Later the bird said
to tho divine You must not kiss my
missus I was this vivacious bird
who was so saucy to King Edward
that he never forgot her and never sees
Mrs Rltchlo without making Inquiries
for Polly
I am a suffragist sho said to the
king and a Jolly good suffragist too
What are you 1 Bulragst
The very latest of now clubs lE to
be tho Take I Easy Numbers of the
smart set say they aro worn out by
the pace and thoy propose now to tUr
the tables and take things a quietly
as possible Members must sign a
pledge never to look at an aeroplane
never to enter a motor car of any de
scription or travel on express trains
The Sedan chair Is to be requisitioned
by members the club as well as the
rlckashaw as used In Japan I any
member la found saying that she la
In a hurry she will be heavily fined
and if the offense Is repeated she may
run the risk of being drummed out of
tho club There are no restrictions
mado In regard to dress save that I a
member is found to hurry her dress
maker she will be subject to a fine All
the clocks In tho club will bo kept a
quarter of an hour slow I Is pro
posed to have halfadozen rest
rooms In tho establishment Peace
Ease and Rest Is the motto
Numbers of men aro clamoring to
gain admittance aoid several very ox
alted personages are Interested In this
now club among others the Duke and
Duchess of Hamilton Lady Newber
ough Lady Craven and the Countess
of IlchoHtcr The dowager queen of
Sweden a notoriously peaceloving lady
who resents beyond everything the rush
of presontduy life Is said to have
given her patronage to the latest fash
lonablo organization Her majesty Is
Just now In England taking things easy
as sho always does more or less wher
over she Is
I Is by no means In a fashionable
square this now abode of our one and
only Winston Churchill At tho corner
not only motor buses but trains pass
It is difficult to think why Winston and
his beautiful wife took a house In
Eccleston Squaro unless It was that tho
futuro prime minister as many of his
friends regard him in a lIt of good
natureand Winston has these at
tacks badly at tlmoa thought he would
take It off tho hands or Mrs Arthur A
Beckot for whom It was I white ele
phant after tho death of her husband
The house was decidedly oldfashioned
but the ChurchlllB have spent n heap
of money on It and brought It quite
uptodate Agent are saying that they
expect great things for the square now
that Winston Churchill has advertised
It by taking a house there This Is
always tho way in London this land of
snobbery Directly someone of dlstlnc
Ion rents an abode In a quarter that
Is doing downhill there Is a wild rush
for houses close by
The Churchllls of Eccleston Square
aro radicals pure and simple and It
will bo a cosmopolitan but an eminent
ly Interestlnr crowd which will fore
gather at their winter receptions Poets
of the future novor mind If they are
down at heel men of letters of to
day with brains and I future states
men cranks interesting freaks great
beauties and the ct ccteraa which go to
make up the part that Is really worth
while going to will be there where wit
flies and wisdom and nonsense arc dis
cussed In the samo breath However
brilliant Mrs Winston Churchills re
ceptions may be they wont beat thoso
held there by the a Becket In the past
when everyone who was anyone In society
ciety Intellectually and artistically
used to assemble
Tho Concordance of tho Book of Mor
mon by Geo Reynolds Reduced to
> athw 600 Cloth 500 Tho most
complete concordance published Con
Hlna SCI pages Your ward and homo
library Is not complete without It
Send your order to tho
Now York Dec 8prlees of stocks
advanced I fraction today In tho open
ing dealings which were on 1 moderate
scale Gains were In excess of 1 half
In Heading American Smelting and In
tcrboroughMet preferred Otherwise tho
upward movement was sluggish and un
important Low priced railroads and
Industrials were active at advancing
prices but tho usual market loaders did
not share In their strength and the cntlAa
market weakened later when the liquida
tion In Third Avenue became active
The Important gains were Central
Leather 1 Southern Railway preferred
H2 American Woolen H Erie first pre
fcred 1U and the second preferred
Ontario Western Kansas City South
ern American Hide and Leather pre
ferred United States Rubber and Gen
eral Electric 1 Third Avcnuoa break
of 334 to 12Y pulled down Interbor
oiiKhMet pretcned from 6234 to Ct and
Met Strcet Railway also lost 3 Prices
rallied on light demand which carried
St Loull and San Francisco second pre
ferred North American nnd Hocking
Coal 1 over lust night IntcrboroughMet
preferred 2 National Railways of Mex
ico llrst preferred 1 ½ St Louis and
San Francisco first preferred 134 and
Hocking Valley Certificates 234 Hallway I
Steel Spring preferred fell Z United
States Steel rose to 91
Bonds were Irregular
The Influence of a rise of a point In
United States Steel to 9 was farrcach
Ing the market becoming more active
and higher Western Railroad stocks
wero tnbcter demand particularly
Union Pacific American Sugar got up
2 United States Realty 2 Union Pa
clllc Atlantic Coast Line Norfolk
Western Great Northern Ore Certifi
cates and American Can preferred 1
Kanawhn Michigan Certificates
dropped 6
Tho soft coal stocks were feature of
tho dealings the heavy buying of Nor
folk Western which went up 24 to
W causing I brisk demand for the rest
of the group Pennsylvania Chesapeake
Ohio AtchIson and Erie gained 1 the
first preferred and Southern Railway
preferred 2 Erie second preferred 134
preerrcd Philadelphia Company 2 t Tho
leading railroads and Industrials were
quiet but strong
The market closed easy and dull
When Amalgamated Copper wont to 1
below last night the whole list ran oft
and much of the gains were lost Dela
wale Hudson fell 1 St LouisSouth
western 1
Hocking Coal rose 3 t Ontario
Western 2 Iowa Central preferred 1
nnd International Paper preferred 1V4
The decline was arrested but late recov
eries were poorly held
Chicago Dec 8 Cattle Receipts esti
mated at 20 market steady Beeves
4005925 Texas steers 3tO400 west
era steers lexas 71 stockers and feed
ers 315BSO cows and heifers 2135
i70J calves 700Q9EO
HogsRccclpts estimated at SOOrt
market steady Light 7S5SSDO mixed
785SS35 heavy S05S55 rough 80141
7683 to choice heavy S2o8w
825 good 128w I
pigs goo bulk of Bales S5850
ShoepRecelpts estimated at 25000
market 25 to 30c higher Native 5005
650 western 5EOobO yearlings 6005
70 lambs native 660SS30 western
5E ° 82S
Omaha Dec SeattleReceipts iW
market steady Native steers 400S80Q
cows and heifers 3000SOO western I
steers SSOQSffi cows and heifers 2105 I
440 canners 2232 stockers and
feeders 30i 2 calves 305701
bulls stags etc 271430
HogsReceipt 60 market steady
S8W mLxed 817345822
heavy mied 817Hj62n
Heav 81oS2 pIgs 6755775 buIlt
SlponReceiots 7400 market strong
lOc higher Yearlings 750700 wetness
4 Ijher ewes 43635 Jamb fiwfr
Kansas City Doc 8CattleRecclpts
13000 market steady to strong Native
steers 475860 holfers and cows 2601
e ffi I7SI and feeders 325020
bulls 300423 calves 3766800 west
> 600 western cows 2o
ern steers 37560 welteln
It steady
Ho sRGcclpts 10000 market
Bulk S100S33 heavy SJSfiSW pack
ers and butchers S100S40 light 7T3
825 pigs 6jIV25
SheepReceIPts 80 IO higher
4Z011600 lambs 6005800 fed
luttons western wethers and yearlings jD70
ted western ewes 4255535
St Louis Dec SW001 unchanged
Territory and western mediums 244i > 29
fine mediums 21525 fine 11520
Boston Dec 7Thcro has boon a re
vival In the local wool market especially
tlireuBh tho demand from woolen mills
fully maintained and It Is
Values are
VnluC fuly
said Mint American growers are holding
for top prices of lW for their 1910 clip
Bidding for tho now clip has been re
sumed in Utah Lading domestic quotations
tions range as follows
tons d values ToxaBFlne twelve
monthS 16KI fine six to eight month
CS70 lino fall 291160
California Northern 67fi70 middle
count 63665 fall free 50G > o2
OrclonKaBtcrn No 1 staple 67S
OrelonEastern No1
eastern clothing 7p72 valley
67551 2
C7 rltoryFlno staple 77ft > SO flub
medium staple 70ST2 line clothing 705 1
medium clothing 66511 half
72 fine
blood 73TC thrccelghthsblood 685
70 quarterblood G7fCS I
Pulicd Extra 72075 line A Cj < ff6
A supers 60563
Chlcaso Dec 8The Argentine frosl
scare displaced the government report A
as a factor In tho wncat market today
and sentiment In the pit early In the ses i
sion was bullish Leading commission z
h6uHCn and shorts were eager blddeii
whllo offerings for a time acre meager s
News from Argentina was of a conflicting
11 afr
log nature 11e the general opinion of
traders seemed to Incline to the belief
that considerable damage would result
from tho recent freeze
Prices at the opening were U lower to
U higher with May at 1VJJ6 to 107 i
Within I few minutes tho price of the
May option had advanced to 105
The bulge In wheat caused consider s
able strength In the corn market shorts y
and cash Interests being active bidders
light receipts Inspired good demand for
December and the price of that option S
advanced about 34 a cent May which X
opened a shad lower to a shndo high
at 61 to 6HL advanced to 62V
Oats were active and strong Commit
lon houses and shorts were active bid
lore owing to continued light receipts
May opened unchanged to H higher at
3H to U and advanced to 43K
Provisions were strong because of a
fair demand based on continued light
movement of live hOI Offerings wero
scanty Price at the start were un
changed to 1234515c higher
Wheat Buying of tho December deliv
ery by I loading elevator Interest caus
ed a atlll further bulge during the final
half of the day tho price of the Decem
ber option advancing to 300 which was
Zc above the low point of the rtny At
tile same time May sold up to lOSlifSi
The market closed strong with Decem
ber up H at 109 May was up T at
Corn Tho market continued strong
ho remainder of the session rue top
lot May was i34 The closo was strong
hJlLYw tn
with SILLY i higher at 62535
Close Wheat Doc 1 09 May IOS
July 58345
CornDec 6 May 621Bf July 61
OatiDec 4 May 4335 July 4
Porkan 214 Ma iOu
LordDec 129714 Jan 1240 11
u uTCi uutjr 114734
Ribs Jan 113734 May 10SO July
HyesCash 74 75Dec i 72 < May 70
r Barley Cash 4963v I
10 Con Wag t Moon CoUCr
100 UtahIdaho Sugar Jfd J 380 I
WOOO S L City R R Bonds 85 I
10 Z C M I J203W
Bonds Bought t Sold
10 UtahIdaho FOn Sugar BAUD ptd r
10 Con Wag Mach Co
Amal Sugar Co pfd j
John C Cutler Jr
Established 1SS3
Both Phones CSS
Timothy March 403
Clover March 1623
New York Dec 8 Sugar raw qnlt
Fnlr York 38H centrifugal 9 test J
43134 molasses sugar 36134
Refined Steady Crushed 6S5 powder j
ed 525 granulated C15
Coffee Steady No 7 Rio 3 15534
No 1 Santo S 1 J
Chicago Dec 8 Butter Steady
Creameries 20933 dairies 24523
EggsSteady nt mark cases included
MifotffiiS receipts 2773 firsts 2H
prime firsts 3034
Cheese Firm Daisies IGIWFJJ Twins J
16535 Young Americas Hit Vi Long r
Horns 16W
Jas A Pollock Co
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J of Trad
o Te
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Provo office 24 N Academy Avenue
Heber City office In Heber Bank
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