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1iISTEDrnON i DESERETEVENING f > v l T E w o Quantity Hy Tcrtlscr Possesses of arcnlntlontvithont Tlio Little NeTs Valhe Offers to Both tho tl i
Interstate Commerce Commission
Finds There Was No Undue
No Preference Was Given Salt
Lake City Over Ogden
As Charged
Uniform Tntcs for Ml Stntc mill Coun
ty lnlt SuRSCStcd Complaint
Must ue Dismissed
Special to The News
Washington D C Dec 9The Inter
state commerce commission today pro
mulgated an opinion In the case of tho
Weber club and Intormountaln Fair
association vs the Oregon Short Lino
and others Briefly tho opinion or
the commission Is
1 Tho provisions of sec 22 of the
act do not entirely exempt tho Is
suance of excursion tickets from the
operation of the undue discrimination
provision of the act but the statute
Itself authorizes discrimination In per
t mitting the Issuance of excursion
tickets and It Is only In cases where
this privilege has been plainly abused 1
that the commission would be Justified
In interfering
2 The defendants make a pas
ecnger rate of one faro for the round
C trip Ih the spring and fall of each your
to Salt Lake City Utah from the stir
rounding territory In order that per
I sons may visit that city for tho Mor
mon conferences and the Utah slate
fair but It issues passenger rates of
only one and onethird the round trip
tare for excursions to the Intennoun
tain fair held In the fall of each year
ut Ogden Utah Complainants do not
attack the reasonableness of the ex
cursion rates to Ogden but they com
plain that the defendants unduly dis
criminate against Ogden Held that
the commission Is not satisfied from the
It record that Salt Lake City has been
given by these excursion rates prefer
ence of such proportions as to be term
ed undue
A 3 Tho commission suggests that de
ft fondants should establish a uniform
f passenger rate of H cents per mile
each way to all state and county fairs
but this is a metier upon which the
commission has no authority to make
1 any requirements
The opinion continues Tho excursion
established to Salt Like City on ac
count of these conferences of tho Mor
mon Church Is natural and proper Wo
have required defendants to furnish
a statement showing the movement of
passengers through Ogden to attend
these fall conferences as compared
the movement to Ogden In attendance
upon tho IntermountaIn fair and these
i Ktatlstlcs do not Indicate that any great
ru undue prejudice Is being worked
t against the locality which complains
at present It Is possible that under
the guise of excursion rates like those
attacked Salt Lake City might he
given preference of such proportions
as to be termed undue but we arc not
satisfied that such has been the result
of those rates up to tho present time
The passenger rates upon the lines
of defendant are 3 cents per mile tho
excursion rate accorded tho Mormon
conference is 3 cents per mile both
ways or n cents per mile each way
Tho commission suggests that this
rate would be sufficiently high as an
excursion rate to state and county
fairs and that the establishment of
this uniform rate would remove all
ground of complaint and would prob
ably stimulate tho movement of traf
fic to such an extent as would make
goad to carriers any loss in revenue
from a reduction In the rate Itself but
this is a matter upon which we have
no authority to mnke any requirement
The complaint must be dismissed
Mayor John S Bransford returned last
night from Los Angeles where ho has
been for the past 10 days on pleasure
and business After looking after his
affairs In Los Angeles he spent a few
days at the beaches He took hold of
the citys affairs this mornlnfe which
have been handled during his absenco
by Councilman Thomas R Black who
was chosen mayor pro tern
Special to The News
Washington D C Dec 9 Patents
liaised UtahH C Bellinger Salt
Lake City furnace for treating ores
J Colllcott Salt Lake City Iron heated
by electricity H H KInsey Ogden
Idaho J L Webb Oakley door step
For the
Christmas News
OuIiiR to the crush which at
tends time publication of the
Christmas News local advertis
ers arc respectfully requested to
furnish copy Intended for that
edition NO LATER TlfcVN
Barlows Defense of His Depart
ment in American Organ
Is Torn to Pieces
She Glno Diamonds to 1ollco to Sac
Brother As She Thought From
Reform School
Tho statdmcnt In The Tribune this
morning that whcn shown The
Deseret News containing the story
both the mother and daughter said
that they were shocked at the story
and said that their alleged statements
In print were ridiculous was de
nounced as unqualifiedly false today
by the two women referred to namely
Miss Ermina Whatcott and Mrs Anna
Whatcott of D7G north First West
street sister and mother respectively
or little Lon Whatcott tho boy who
was arrested on a charge of grand
larceny on order of Chief of Police
Barlow becaso his mother had re
fused to give up to the police a
diamond ring and a diamond stick pin
which the boy had found on the
street last Monday morning
The statement attributed to Chief
of Police Barlow was declared a false
hood by Miss Whatcott and George F
Lloyd a well known business man
who Is manager of the Cache Knitting
Works company at 41 south Main
The statement attributed to Chief
of Detectives George Sheets that the
account published In The News Wed
nesday evening was a tissue of lies
was also pronounced false by the same
Miss Whatcott and Mr Lloyd stated
that they would swear to the authen
ticity of their statements which were
printed as interviews In The News
yesterday They declared that tho fol
lowing statement of Chief of Police
Barlow printed In Tho Tribune this
morning Is false When Mrs What
cott who lives at 575 north First West
street was assured that we Intended
to protect her Interests after wo had
explained matters to her sho readily
turned over the diamonds After they
have been Identified they will be re
turned to tho rightful owner The
story about the boy being plac d in a
cell was entirely false There vas not
a man In this office or connected In
any way with the department who
wished to put tho child In Jail
Miss Whatcott said this morning
Ally mother and I never said that we
were shocked at tho story In Tho
News and that our alleged statements
were ridiculous The statement In The
Tribune that later In the day tho
parents of the boy called at the pollco
station and released tho gems Is false
My mother has been confined to her
bed for two days and Is seriously 111
at LImo
as a result of her treatment
hands of the police My father was
In Garfield tit the time It was I who
took tho jewels to time police station
I did not do It either as Chief Bar
low says because I was assured that
ho police Intended to protect our In
terests I released the Jewels be
muse I had been told that unless I
did so within an hour my little broth
er would be sent to tho reform school
until ho was 21 yeais old and my
mother would be arrested and sent to
the penitentiary They said my brother
had committed grand larceny and that
we knew the dalmonds belonged to
Kxander and that my brother had not
round them and that he would be
sent to prison for stealing the stones
My mother had been driven to des
peration by the police and sho feared
their threats I was afraid that they
would do something awful to my lit
tle borther I knew my brother had
round the diamonds but I was scared
and the police frightened UH all so I
badlv that I thought It would be bet
ter to give up the diamonds than to
have tho police after my mother and
My mother never went to the poIce
station Wednesday night On the con
trary it was the police who camo to us
Chief of Police Barlow accompanied by
Tilbuno reporter came out to our
homo last night Chief Barlow asked
my mother to deny the story printed in
The News and she absolutely refused
to do it He tried to make my mother
Whatcott broth
my sister Lillian my
er Lon and me make written state
ments denying the story In The News
Wo said that we had given up the
diamonds because we didnt want to bo
hounded by the police any longer but
hat we would not deny Interviews
which we had given and which we
knew to be true In every detail We
are standing by what we said and arc
willing to go before a notary public and
swear to everything printed in The
Mr Lloyd said The police got hold
of Miss Whatcott and bullied her
that she
ualn until she was so scared
returned the diamonds without my
knowing anything about it I had engaged
gaged Atty Moses Davis to fight
case and wo wore determined to see
It out to the bitter end But the police
frightened the Girl so that she ran home
and got tho diamonds and gave them
to the police before wo knew any
thing up about it Her father was InGar
field whore he has been working and
her mother wa sick In bed I have
made no denial whatsoever of the state
ments Which The News quoted me as
saying I am satisfied that the police
swindled the Whatcotts out of those
diamonds I know that they never
were Identified by n good description I
and I know that Lon Whatcott found I
themThis affair has opened my eyes as to
tho method used by tho police In deal
Ing with helpless women and children
and I have the greatest contempt
Chief Barlow When he says that the
boy was not In Jail ho tells what he
knows to be untrue Chief of Dctec
lives George Sheets In my own pres
ence wild to tho boy Well I guess
that your falks dont care anything for
you and they think you are guilty of
stealing the diamonds and will let you
or they would
no to the penitentiary woull
come to ECO you The boy was arrested
and placed in the city prison although
no complaint had been led against
him ofla charge of grand
when tho police knew that he had
found the diamonds Chief Barlow
knows that he refused to release the
boy until I and my brother gave JlOOi
bond before Judge Whltaker I jipetit
several hours walking through the cold
Tuesday night Capitol hill finding n
lawyer and trying to feet the boy rc
wised I can not understand how Tho
Tribune could print mich falsehoods in
defense of the police when that paper
Create Amazement in Copenhag
en Where Scientists Are In
clined to be Credulous
Thinks PnsssiRcs 111 r Y Times Stor
Thoroughly Unworthy Cnpt Loose
Explains Statement
Copenhagen Dec tA summary of
the affidavits of presons claiming to
have aided Dr Frederick A Cook in
the preparation of his polar data pub
lished In London and New York today
was read here with amazement Sci
entific circles are inclined to be In
credulous regarding tho charges and
some persons like Dr Carl Burrau
the astronomer Consider them so im
probable that their effect will be to
strengthen confidence In Dr Cook
In an interview Dr Burrau said
Passages In the story telegraphed
hero give me the Impression that the
matter Is thoroughly untrustworthy
Take for Instance the statement about
Capclla Capcila neither rises nor sets
in tile polar regions but remains fixed
over the horizon In order to make ob
servations at the north pole a more
extended and a more detailed knowl
edge Is necessary than is enjoyed by
the average ships captain I will I
however be easy for the university to
determine the truth or otherwise of the
The committee of six under the presi
dency of Prof Ellis Stromgren the as
tronomer which Is to examine the
north polar records of Dr Cook on be
half of the University of Copenhagen
will begin its work at the end of the
present week
Affidavits of two men asserting that
Dr Fr derek A Cook hired them for
4000 with promise of an additional I
bonus of 500 to one of them to fabri
cate astronomical observations and
calculations of latitude and longitude
for submission to the University of
Copenhagen were published in the New
York Times this morning The men
who say they helped Cook In preparing
records of a journey t the north pole
George 11 Dunkle an Insurance broker
and Capt August Wedel Loose a set
man admit that their reason for ma
king the affidavits known to tho public
was that the explorer only paid them
260 for their work
New York Dec 9Capt AW Loose
the master pilot and navigator whose
affidavit stating that he had formulate
a long series of observations and data
for Dr Frederick A Cook at Dr Cooks
equest since his return from the a
tic region was published today talked
at his
home In Brooklyn concerning
the statements made In the affidavit
I went to Dr Cook said Capt
Loose thinking I might bo of some
assistance to him but I never expected
when approached him to do such ex
tended work as I have done A short
talk with Dr Cook convinced me he
knew almost nothing about navigation
He was ignorant of some of the essen
tial of the science
At first I considered it at least likely
that Dr Cook had got near to the polo
say to 89 degrees or within 60 mIles
of the pole Even his observations
would have given him that accuracy
Later I was forced to change that
A person not especially accurate
might have thought himself at the
lo when only within 60 miles of I
when I got deeper into the matter I
begun to suspect that Dr Cook was
never out of sight of land
Please notice that I have never sad
that Dr Cook Is able to submit my
calculations to tho University of
Copenhagen as his own observations
Dr Cook never intimated such to me
I was working for pay then and was
Indifferent on that point Now I
havent received my pay I dont ox
presa an opinion about when or how
Dr Cook wrote up his record books
Dr Cook never allowed me to In
spect his original records or indeed
any more of them than has been
published In the ncwspapets
Capt Loose said the writing down
of seconds In Dr Cooks reports of
his observations did not show I a skil
ful attempt to deceive
The limits of error were so great
that the recording of seconds would
not be of the slightest value in adding
accurately declared the captain
Still of course Jie added Dr
Cool could havo looked at his Instru
ments seen the seconds and put them
down conscientiously If Ignorance
or their lack of Importance
As to whether ho thought It pos
sible for Dr Cook to declare now that
these calculated observations by Capt
Looso wero simply for comparison of
his own Capt Loose said
Dr Cook probably will say this but
why does ho need any such calcula
tions and reckonings backwards as I
made for him Why did ho need any
one to make calculations for him If
he is a navigator ana mathematician
and if ho went to the polo and took
care of tho observations on the way
to and from the pole7
knew they were untrue I want to say
publicly that I admire tho stand which
The News took in this matter I shows
that it is the only Independent news
paper In Salt Lake City We saw to
It that tho other papers were given tho
correct version of time case but they
never printed our skis of tho story I
dont wonder that the police dare to do
such outrageous things when they arc
defended by dishonest newspapers In
my opinion the time Is fast coming
when the people of Salt Lako City will
rise up against tho abuses of the police
department The decent men of tho
community are awaking to tho fact
that Barlow is not fit to bo chief of
police and as for Sheets he Is un
speakable Lieut Shannon Is another
man who Is a disgrace to the depart
ment He Insulted Atty Davis and me
The state loan commission met
Wednesday afternoon in tho governors
office and an order was made to pay
the state board of land commissioners
100000 which had hccn borrowed
by the plate to meet current expenses
of the government The board of ex
aminers checked tho state treasurers
report and found the figures correct
Columbus 0 Dee 9rhc village of
Utica was practically wiped out by fire
today and one man 0 guest of the
Hotel Vance wan burned to death
Thirtyfive other guests had narrow
3 =
Hendersons Store at Sixth South
And Coombs Drug Store
Looted Last Night
Victims Advised to Hire Private Dclcc
thcs If They Wnnt to Recover Plun
der Uncle Snm In Case
Two more daring burglaries were
committed In the heart of the city at
an early hour this morning and at
least one 01 the jobs was pulled oft by
experienced yeggs who on finding a
safe loft open left their soup or
nitroglycerine the cake of soap with
which they had Intended to calk up tho
cracks for the explosion the fuse and
caps right on top oCthe safe 1
plain view
The two places robbed were the Hen
derson Commission companys store at
Sixth South and State streets and the
Combs drug store at Fourth South
and State streets
The yeggs entered through the rear
of the Henderson store They first
bored a hole through the back door with
a small brace and bit and then cut out
a panel with a tiny keyhole saw J
B Henderson the owner stated that
he did not keep the combination of the
safe fastened as robberies have been
attempted in his store recently and
he left the safe open because ho dd not
want the door cracked open Theyeggs
opened tho door Inside of the safe
and rifled three drawers rhe cash
drawer had also been left open but
the robbers broke open tho other two
drawers with I chisel The cash regis
ter had also been loft open and tho
burglars secured but IB pennies out or
It A number of memorandum slips
were taken a the yeggs probably
thought they were checks They musJt
have used a wagon n they got away
with Hour five 50pound socks of the best
The yeggs left a fuse about a foot
long with a large cap on the end hal
a bar of soap and the makings for
soup on top of the safe
They are after me all right sad
J B Henderson and I am prepared
for them Lieut John Hempel and
another police ofllcor came down to my
store this morning when I notified po
lice headquarters They looked things
over but said they could do nothing
and that If I wanted to recover my
stun I would have to hire private de
The pOiiccproectton In this city Is
a Jokej Thieves safe crackers holdups
burglars and secondstory men have
been after me and my family during the
last two months Two days ago a cou
ple of burglars robbed my hame at 510
Lowell place in broad daylight My
wife was not at home but Mrs A C
Kersey our neighbor next door was
and she saw them leave but no trace
could bo found of them by tho time the
police were notified They ransacked
every room In my house and turned
everything topsy turvy but my wife
had not left her Jewels in the house
and the thieves apparently didnt care
to steal anything except very valu
able stuff and money a they knew
they would ho seen and attract atten
tion If they left with a largo bundle
Floyd Young one of my drivers
who lives at my place was held up 1
two nights ago as ho was walking
home He had nearly reached our
house and was turning Into Lowell
place from around tho corner from
Fifth East street when a highway
men stuck him up Just at that
moment a couple of our neighbors
happened to pass and Young hurried
back to the street from tho court
while the holdup took to his heels
and escaped through tho dark after
n hard chase by several men
My barn has been robbed time and
again during tho last two months
Last Sunday morning I camo down
to the store to clean up some extra
work and I found two large ham
mers and a chisel under the hayshcd
in the rear of my building 1 knew
then that robbers had been there but
thought they had probably been scar
ed away by someone who had sur
prised them while they were trying
to get Into my place I didnt want
my safe blown all to pieces so I left
It open and banked most of my cash I
Another daring burglary commit
ted between midnight and 7 cfoocl this
morning was that In Harry Coombs
I drug store at State and Fourth
South streets The robbers entered by
the back way First they broke a win
dow glass and reached through and
unlocked the door Then they went
through another Inner door cutting
out a panel Thoy opened this door
on going out The burglars broke open
the safe taking 60 In postofflce
funds In cash 50 In currency be
longing to the store and twq checks
one drawn by D H ChrIstensen for
Have you a ab
sent friend inter
ested in U tah or
If so send him or her
I Saturday Dec 18
Members of Crew of the Steamer
Clarion Which Was Burned
Near Point Pelee Ohio
Big Steel Freighter W C Richardson
Sunk Near Buffalo Five of Crew
Being Drowned
Cleveland Dec 9Two men lost their
lives and the fate of 13 others Is un
known as a result of the burning oC
the steamer Clarion near Point Pelee
In Lake Erie early today
Six members of tho crew were taken
from the Clarion by the steamer L C
Hana and Brother These say all at
tempted to leave the Clarion as soon as
It was discovered she could not bu
saved Capt E J Bell of Ogdens
burg N Y and 12 other members of
the crew took to tho lifeboats
I Is feared they may starve or freeze
before rescued High seas arc running
on account of the recent storm Sur
vivors say one of the crew fell over
board when attempting to enter the life
boat but was rescued by those In the
The mate was frozen to death A
vain effort was made by the six sur
vivors to enter another lifeboat One
sailor fell overboard and was drawned
In his efforts to launch the lifeboat The
men were forced to remain In the Clar
ion until the Hana rescued them
Buffalo Dec 0The W C Richard
son a big steel freighter sank early to
day at a point five miles up the lake
from Buffalo harbor and five members
of the crow were drowned
The remainder of the crew of 1 were
rescued by tho steamer Paine which
with the Richardson had anchored off
Waverly Shoal early In the night fear
Ing to enter the harbor because of
the prevailing storm The sea was high
and early today the Richardson shifted
her cargo listed and foundered
Toledo OhIoDecSThme operator
at the United Wireless station hero 1
picked up a message this morning say
Ing that six men had been taken ci
a burning vessel near Point Pcleo and
taken to Cleveland He could not get
the name of the ship nor the sender of
the mes ago
Chicago Dec 9LUla Johnson the
only known woman bookmaker in Chi
cago pleaded guilty yesterday before
Judge ltelShewa lined 5 and
costs Miss Johnsdn also known as
Laura Nelson admitted that a num
ber of women of Kenwood and Hyde
Park bet dally on horse races 1
St Paul Dec 9The coldest spot In
the United States today was Devils
Lake N D where the mercury reg
istered 22 degrees below zero accord
Ing to tho weather office reports
Moorehead Minn was next with a
temperature of 20 below
Winnipeg Man reported 30 degrees
below zero
The weather forecaster says that tP
temperature will b appreciably warmer
Nelson Ricks manufacturers of
Golden Nugget butter were arrested
this morning on a complaint Issued
by County Attorney Job P Lyon
charging them with selling butter un
der weight In violation of the pure
food laws Wlllard Hanson state
food and dairy commissioner gathered
up 19 pounds of butter at random on
tho market and found that It fell short
In weight an average of 13 ounces
The land office ha received notice of
the action of tho secretary of the in
terior In approving the clear Hat No 1
comprising 8799 acres In the Salt Late
City land district selected by tho stat
or the uso of the agricultural college
This grant almost completes the allot
ment of 200000 acres made for this
purpose other grants having been ap
proved before
230 and the other drawn In favor
of Harry Coombs for 30 on Walker
Bros bank Neither check was en
Tho thieve evidently worked In a
hurry as they pulled aeverafl hun
dreds of dollars worth of postage
stamps of different denominations out
of the safe tout allowed them to drop
on the floor and didnt pick thor up
again They also overlooked a lot of
money In the postoffico money draw
Although the police tell victims of
burglars that they will have to hire
private detectives I they expect to re
cover their stuff the ycgj who
pulled off the Combs drug store trick
will have to deal with a sterner set of
official officers this time as Undo
Sam secret senIce agents are work
Ing on the case to recover the postof
ice funds I appears that the United
States government sleuths and thu
Salt Lake City police under direction of
Chief Barlow and George Sheets are
two different propositions when I
comes to their methods dealing with
yeggs and other dangerous criminals
The police gavo out nothing on theo
burglaries and safe robberies for pub
lication this morning This Is In ac
cordance with Chief of Police Barlows
avowed policy of suppressing all news
of crimes committed In this city Noth
ing would too learned by tho people of
the wave of crime that has swept over
Silt Lake City because of Chief Bar
lows Incompctency were It not for the
toct that the victims driven to des
peration by the lack of police protec
Jon and the callous indifference of the
ton In trylnff to find tho criminal
make the robberies public themselves
In hope that the people will old in the
detection parties and capture of the guilty
f Ti S
Story Emanating From London
That United States Had De
manded it Denied
Report That Xclnya Had Ordered Exe
cution of All Cnptnrcd Kcolu
tlonnry Army Discredited
Washington Dec 9he statement
telegraphed from Nicaragua to London
that tho United States had demande
the resignation of President Zelaya and
that he had Indicated his purpose to
retire by the end of the present month
is declared at tho state department to
be without foundalon I
The story from Panama via New Or
leans that some time ago President
Zelaya had Issued an order that al
Americans captured while serving onlh
the revolutionary army should be put te
death Is discredited here The officials
do not belIeve President Zelaya would
thus court his own undoing and the
certain overthrow of his government
Developments In Nicaragua arc
awaited with great Interest by officials
here for It Is not doubted that within
the next few days or weeks at the
farthest a crisis will bo reached whIch
will determine the fate of tho Zelayati
New Orleans Dec9A cable to the
Picayune from Panama says
Death to Americans Is the order Is
sued to army by President Zelaya Posi
tive Information was received hero to
day that more than a month ago Ze
laya Issued Instructions to his military
commanders to shoot every American
caught fighting In the army of the rev
olutionists Some of Zclayaa military
officers protested against the order and
warned him that trouble with the Unit
ed States would result
Tho gunboat Vicksburg which has
been stationed at Corlnto ever since
the Nicaraguan trouble assumed ar
acute stage has been reinforced and
there are now four American warships
In the Corlnto harbor
The Vicksburg needs coal and now
that reinforcements have reached Co
rlnto she will probably come to Pana
ma to replenish her fuel supply
St Paul Dee 11Time swltchmen s
strike In the Twin dOcs Is at a stun
still ihme slrlker continue to Inslt
li The
that they have the traffiC or time Ial
roads ted up while the railroad ofelnis
ale equally earnest In declaring they are
gainimmg on the strikers every day rho
extreme cold weather It belI 1Q 10 I
degrees below zero today win un
doublodly handicap the railroads and wJ
make time work of the new swltchmei
more difficult
President Hawley or time switchmens
unloim left last nIght for Cincinnat
where he will hold n conference wih
President Gompera oC the America
Fedematien ot Labor to learn dcnnle
Just eraton kind oC support tho switch
American Feder
men will get from the
Texas Railroad Angry at Ticsidcm
Because Hasnt Answered Appeals
Dalhart Tex Dec 0Angry b > cauk e
they have received no answers to their
appeals to President Taft and Sccrc
appals State Knox in behalf of James
A Cook the American conductor in jai
at Guadalajara MeL railroad men
here have appealed to Gov Campbel
and Texas congressmen to Intcres
themselves In Cooks case
Local railroad men declare that 1
action for the relief of Cook is not
taken soon they will retaliate by mak
ing I us unsafe for Mexican laborer
to come into thIs section as they can
Five hundred dollars have been raise
to defray the expenses of a campaign
In behalf of Cook who formerly work
ed here
Cook wits a conductor of a frclghl
Into Guadalajara and was arrestec
after tho train was robbed charged
with complicity in the robbery bul
has been refused bond although his
Mexican brnkeman and several foreign
ers arrested at the same time accuse
of receiving stolen goods are out or
bond Cook declares he was In the
caboose making out his reports when
I time moving train was robbed and thai
his Mexican brakeman was on the
New York Dec h1Wimile several por
ter were amusing themselves cracking
Jokes at each other In a hal in a of
fice building here yesterday afternoon
Emi Williams laughed co heartily that
ho threw his Jaw out of place A near
by physician was summoned and bo
put WlllUunss Jaw In commission
New York Dec 9 Records continued
to go by the board today In the six
day bicycle nice at Madison Square
Garden This morning seven of tho 13
surviving teams had covered 154335
miles in 78 hours which Is 1525 miles
ahead of the worlds record of n year
agoThe officials declare Frank Galvin out
of the contest His partner Keegan
who Is had up with congestion of tho
lungs was declared out of th race four
hours previously and Calvin could not
get a partner withintho time limit
Butt and Stol wore also officially de
clared out of tho race as a team StoPs
leg was in bad shape and It woo Im
possible for him to continue riding
Tho MaoFdrtandCIark team was an
other of the leading combinations brok
en up during tho morning MUcFarland
suffered s much pain from a broken
linger that he retired at 1152 oclock
This left his partner Clark free Jo
form an alliance with Rutt left part
norlesi by the retirement of Stol
Score at 2 oclock
Root Fogler LawsonDemara Wal
thourColllns HolsteadLawrencc Pye
Hehlr 16S15 RuttCIark Anderson
Vanoni CanwrsonKrebs HillStcon
lesiM GeorgetGw > rgt1GS13GCr
malnCarapezrl 1606
Previous record end or elRhtyslxth
hour 16744 miles mode by MacFar
land and Moran In 130S
= <
1 1
I Hundreds of Guests Driven i
Scantily Clad Into Streets
Firemen Overcome i
All Was Sent From Battle Creek mil I 1
Grand Rapids to Assist la Get I i
tin It Under Control m J I
Kalamazoo Mich Dee 9 One life
probably was lost many firemen were
overcome by smoke 300 hotel guests r
were driven scantily clad Into the IcY
streets and property valued at approxi l i
mately 1000000 was destroyed by a I j
fire which started hero at 10 oclock
last night and was only extinguished 1
after an allnight struggle by tho com
bined fire fighting forces of Kalamazoo
Battle Creek and Grand Rapids I I
Starting in the basement of the Star I
Bargain house a 5 and 10cent store at j i
318 West Main street the flames fanned I
by a strong southwest wind spread I
eastward along the north side of Main 1
street totally destroying the Burdlclc r
House a fine fourstory hotel and storo 4
building covering more than half a city I
block On an arcado running north 4 111
through the Burdlck building to Waiter
street were located half n dozen small j I
commercial establishments and these l ii
were burned out Sweeping eastward on 1
Main street from the Burdlck tho I i l
flames ate their way through the Post 1
al Telegraph and American express of I 1
fices and other smaller business places I
The flames made such rapid progress jI
that It soon became apparent that the 1
local fire department would be unable 1 i J I
to cope with the situation and aid was j I I lit r
summoned from Battle Creek 23 miles
east and Grand Rapids CO miles north 1
Guests In the Burdlck Ious were
warned of their danger and hastily fled II r I I
to the street many of them scantily I I i
clad and as other hotels In the city 1 l
were crowded some of theo persons I f
wore compelled to remain out In Uoi I
biting cold several hours before finding i i
shelter i
While the names were raging in the i
hotel a man suddenly appeared at I
an upper window and cried for MIl r i u 1 r
Before a ladder could be put In posi I I r
tion to rescue him ho disappeared I R 1 l
and It is believed he perished In the 4
fire it j I
To the low pressure in the water II l I
mains can principally be attributed the 115 1
prnclpal I
great extent of the fire The city de fi i
pends for Its supply on artesian wells f 1 i
and the water from this source was < JI
entirely Inadequate A largo standplpe III I
as the asylum was connected with the JIn i
city mains but afforded only tem 1 1t
porary relief So great was the short n 1I
ago of water that as one time only
two streams could be directed upon j i
the fire and these barely reached to I i
the third floor At 130 a m an at ii
tempt was lad to connect a cIty I 1
main with a nearby creek In order 1 f
to secure ammunition for fightIng the i rJ f i
advancing fire The Battle Creek fire 4
men arrived on the scene at 2 a in lt
but owing to lack of water were of j J
little service The Grand Rapids fire rl I
men arrived nt 6 oclock and Joined 1
In the attack With their aid the fire I il
was soon under control jM l
The temperature was about 10 de
grees above zero and the fire fighters I 11
suffered severely from exposure
New York Dec 9Now York Citys
firemen have appealed to the board of I I
estimated for an increase ot 200 3 year
In their pay They assert that time In I j il
Creased cost of living has almost dou i I
bled their expenses since the present i
salaries micro fixed to years ago Thoy j1i
received from SOO to 2100 per year at ir
present Time granting of tho peti 1i i
Lion would cost the city about J500
0 a year f i
Slacvc 0 Dec 9A posse Is In pur
suit of O E Holey who created A reign
of terror at Bog Prairie near hero last i
night and today shot and killed Sheriff
Jacob Boll
Bolcy escaped from the Miiallon state
hospital yesterday
Last nIght lie uttcnUcd prayer meeting
at time Methodist church sitting In tho
congregation with a shotgun standlnff
between his knees
Later he went to the homo of Roy
Sheriff Bell was sent
Lee Early toduySlerl Bel WI senl
sheriff Bolcy
for After he soot the shcrlt 1
St Louis Dee OWhen the grand jury
r st Louis Us investigation Into thc
murder of William J Erder of which I
Mrs Dora 13 Doxey is accused mor I
than 2 witnesses were left from the 3
summoned yesterday
Among those who testified today was
Dr W II Wnrren the Washington m
1 In I
university chemist who found arsmic
Erdcrs remains Tbo grand Jury tny
not complete its work on this case until
late tomorrow
Bedford Ind Dec 9The danger
of rioting In tho striking of the General
Union of Stone Cutters in the great
quarries hero was eliminated today
when tho mill owners sent back to Chi
cago tho Imported workmen
and the detectives that guarded them
Many of the stone mills arc in full op
eration by members of a rival organization 1
Tho owners plan Is to enforce against I
the strikers prosecutions for contempt
time restraining order granted recently
octlo restrning orderanteZo
cently In tho county court restraining
tho national officers of the general
unlcm from paying strike benefits to
tho Bedford membership
1le affidavits charging violation of
Today afdnvl
thin clause were filed against Joseph 1 I
Eva national president and the
officers of the union
The author of the poem entitled
The Paradise Quest submitted
for the Christmas News competi
tion Is requested to iilonor I
telephone time city editor this eve
nlnB or tomorrow mornlnir as early
lln1 10rllngaelrly
I as possible

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