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< Varying Tastes of Royalty Displayed by Special Christmas Cards UI
Special Correspondence
ONDON Dec 0 Twenty yearn
LONDON Christmas hosts of
j the late Queen Victorias friends
received dainty cards containing
her majestys greetings These cards
were prepared by the late Raphael
Tuck from designs which were sub
mitted to the queens selection and
approval Four years later this sen
sible solution of the problem of ro
jncmborlng their thousands of friends
at Christmas tlmo was adopted by the
present rulers of Great Britain then
the Prince and Princess of Wales It
i has since become a custom and tho
l honor of preparing Christmas cards for
i the German emperor the czar and
1 czarina of Russia the king and queen
S of Italy and tho king and queen of
I1 4 Spain has also been conferred upon
I tho firm of Raphael Tuck and Sons
S Every year a group of carefully and
artistically executed designs Is sent to
un each of the above royal personages
r k 1 In order that the final one chosen In
i each case may be somewhat repre
o sentative of the personal taste of the
0011 The Christmas card of the English
1iJTJ sovereign this year for Instance has
t4ii a dignity which Is symbolic of the na I
rF tion It represents a scene In King I
Arthurs great hall at the palaco oC
1 Camelot A large company of lords
r dt
N and ladles and knights are gathered
to witness the ceremony of King Ar
° t 1 thur admitting Sir Tristram ono of
the best knights and tho gentlest to
5 the Fellowship of the Round Table On
the right of the picture Sir Lancelot
lk J i a prominent figure on his white charg
Ttrr er stands sponsor for the kneeling Sir
I Xrlstram The original picture was
1f a painted by Howard Davie Mr Davlo
liiis also painted the queens card a
beautiful panel representing Queen
Philippa pleading with King Edward
s tlJi III for the lives of the citizens of Ca
Saa lais In 1317
A historic incident In Temple Gar
dens Is the subject of tho Christmas
Lr card chosen by t h e Princo of Wales
jf Its title Is The Roses of York and
= Lancaster
It was a felicitous Idea to select for
ll r representation on the Princess of
Ab Waless card a little boy Alfred the
tf Groat reading to his mother Queen
ee Osburga
Singularly appropriate too Is tho
subject for the German emperors
Christmas greeting to Ills friends
i Henry VIII embarking on tho Great
Harry In Dover harbor May 31 1520
rf on his visit to Francis I of France
i s 1 the meeting which became famous as
that of the Field or the Cloth or
Gold Though the Great Harry In
the pictorial representation Is far more
fantastic than the smug appearance
of the kaisers warships yet one easily
can correlate them Anything nautical
has always hit tho kaiser hard Yacht
Ing as a fashionable pastime was al
most unknown In Germany before the
kaiser ascended tho throne but during
his reign ho has made It ono of tho
most popular of national amusements
William was a llttlo shaver when
with his younger brother Henry ho
had his first sail The two little prlncoj
were staying with their mother the
Empress Frederick thon crown prin I
cess of Germany at a watering piece
on one of the Frisian Islands A Gor
man yachtsman a rare creature In
those days happened to be cruising in
the vicinity and the crown princess
asked him to take the boys for a sail
They wore delighted with their experi
When I grow up to bo a big man
Im going to have lots of yachts and
big ones too AVIlhelm said to his
mother when they returned Tho em
peror has realized his childish ambition
It Is not for the sake ot yachting alone
that ho goes in for the sport his object
la to foster a nautical spirit among his
people and thereby arouse feeling
which will support his ambitious
schema to create a navy that will sur
pass Englands
The young queen of Spain has chosen
a painting of a Madonna and child
It Is interesting to note that the hair
of the Madonna Is flaxen and shows a
sweet English face Tho queen herself
has ilaxon hair and is a typical English
Ono of the most charming of the roy
al Christmas cards Is that selected by
tho king and queen of Italy Tho artist
is Harriet Bennett Painted In delicate
tones tho picture represents a mother
holding a child close to her breast The
heads of angels with their wings tucked
snugly beneath their little chins are
hovering above tho mother
The queen was delighted with the
painting and to mark her appreciation
of it sho presented to Adolph Tuck
manager of the art company a gold
cigarette case on the outside of which
Is the royal monogram In bluo enamel
surrounded by tiny diamonds and ru
The king and queen of Italy both
= u
ii Most Significant Announcement Ever Made in the Automobile World I
re t
Overland Model 38
ac Y Q For 1910
oeei1 A casual perusal of thoro specifications will bear
Oidb out the full truthfulness of tho headlines
f du Wheel Base 102 Inches
TrendLt Inches
Seating Capacity Two threo or four
Rear Scat Combinations extra
Body Roadster
lt lr Motor Four cylinder cast singly 3 xli inches
+ Horsepower wen Ie
Transmission Planetary two speeds forward ono
a + ifl reverse
ClutchMultlplo disc
q Ignition Rcmy magneto
Carburetter Scheblcr float feed
Brakes Internal and external on rear wheels
f Springs 151x36 Inches smlolllptlo and l ixM
inches full elliptic front and rear respectively
Steering GearWorm and segment adjustable
Front Axle Dropforged I section
Rear Axles Semifloating
Irk 1 Wheels Artillery
S Tircs32x3 3 Inches
ce3l FramePressed steel
f w Lamps Two gas three oil
Trimmings Black leather
1af Color Finish dark blue throughout
Price QW
Toy Tonneau 100 extra
fYo i
When wo say that the Overland Model 38 23
H P car at JlWO Is tho first real automobile evor
offered at that price we mean precisely that and no
Wo mean by real automobile a car that em
j bodies In its makeup everything that Is cknowl
Y edged the world over by the makers of the highest
priced cars the very latest and most approved prac
tice In dcslgu material workmanship Htylo and fin
ish It Is a low priced car but distinctly It Is not
a cheap carIt could not bo a better mado car If
tho price were twice what we nsk
Wo nre absolutely certain that It In the first car
built to Hell for loss than JlGOO that contains
nil tho latest nnd best features of tho worlds best
In construction
It has produced a veritable sensation wherever
nnd whenever shown and from tho way In which the
sales everywhere have gobbled up the product It In
perfectly evident there wont bo enough to go around
There arc hundreds of ways the manufacturer
might have skimped and saved Thara arc many ways
In which they might have reduced tho cost of produc
tion but the men back of the Overland began with
their standard set high on a pinnacle of quality
possess that childlike simplicity which
Is the most characteristic and the most
lovable of Italian traits During jnp
season accompanied by only a chauffeur
feur the king and queen explored tho
whole of Piedmont
Dont you think asked King Victor
Emmanuel of Queen Elena that other
sovereigns would bo afraid to go about
as wo do without any escort and In
places we hardly know
They certainly would the queen
replied and I feel sorry for them on
that account for thoy miss what we
most enjoy
It Is no unusual thing for the king
of Italy to bo arrested for fast driving
In places where ho Is unknown
Show me your license exclaimed
one official who had succeeded In top
ping the royal car The king fished out
a newly minted five lire piece and held
It in his outstretched palm head up
The fellow In the next town would not
let you off under ten francs said the
official his frown giving way to smiles
Tut tutl man broke In the king
there must be something wrong with
your eyesight Dont you notice any
resemblance 1
The representative of Italian law
finally came to
Tho Christmas card of the Empress I
Alexandra of Russia has a beauty i
that Is poignant It represents a dark
haired Madonna with a rather sad faco
shielding her child who gazes at her
In helpless adoration Though the
czarina Is a highsouled liberal
minded generous loving woman of
the most refined tastes no ono can
adequately describe tho profound
depths of the unhappiness of this Im
perial woman Day and night she
broods over the condition of Russia
and over the Isolation of the Imperial
family Often she starts up from tho
gloomy reveries which have grown
habitual to her in a sudden gust of
fear that assassins who have so
often chosen the rulers of Russia as
their victims might be at hand At
other times sho storms Into the nurs
ery to make sure that her beloved
children are all alive She realizes
with dread clearness of comprehen
sion that death hovers over her hus
band and her family so that every
morning she cannot know whether
sho will be able to clasp them In her
arms at evening
Furthermore the painting of white
determined to make tho car good all through first
and tho price afterwards
How well this policy has succeeded can be testi
fied to In no uncertain way by tho thousands who
arc now driving Overland cars and you see them
wherever you go
With next years cars the same policy obtains aa
It always will obtain here make the car first mako It
as good an a car con be mude all through mako tho
prlco afterwards
The prlc minus the Toy Tonneau Is JlCCC com
pletely equipped
It docs not seem possible In comparison with tho
prices which others arc obliged to got for cars of
gT gt
like size and power and It Is not possible for any
other factory with less manufacturing experience
less manufacturing facilities or less marketing fa
cilities than thoso possessed by tho Overland Com
pany Quantity that Is tho answer
The manufacturers arc going to build 20000can
one exactly like the other except possibly an to
style of body Every one of these earn will bo run
ning over tho streets and roads of our own and other
staled between now and tho time the leaves begin
to fall next year
And mind you we would havo had to ask J1SOO
Instead of 100 If tbo production were GOO cars less
than MWO The Overland Automobile Cos cost ac
countants their material buyers their engineers arid
their factory producers are figuring the production
at Us maximum and at Us minimum
The motor buying public gets the benefit the first
real automobile for 1000
It IB not possible to go Into details of construction
within the narrow confines of tills advertisement
how every part Is cnapgauced how every part Is In
spected and then Inspected and tested again bow
every cylinder nnd every bearing and every moving
part IB ground and polished ao that tho lit Is accur
ate to tho thousandth part of an Inch but wo can
say a few words about the
MOTORThe 13 H P motor In tho Mode 38
Overland Is of the Lhead type with both exhaust
and Intake valves on one side positively actuated by
ems of ccnjrous size Both Intake and exhaust
valves ar of largo diameter In conformity to the
latest practice of the worlds best makers
One of tho largest foreign factoriesa concern
which makes automobiles selling all the way from
S8000 to J200W has Just completed a test of motors to
determine which Is to be preferred from a standpoint
of power fuel consumption and reliability
Three cars of nnrmf were run under Identical
conditions with tho three contrasting types of motor
Lhead Thead and Valve tntholleacL
calla lilies on tho border of tho
czarinas Christmas card Is a delicate
tribute to her purity During the 14
d too el cg ITlII
years of her life at the Russian court
the Czarina has resolutely opposed the
immoral tendencies prevalent In the
Imperial circles Her own life has been
blameless and she has excluded from
her own circle all those women who
could be Identlllcd as participants In
scandalous affairs Although she could
not overcome the customs and tradi
tions of centuries ncverthless her in
fluence on the Imperial court Is keenly
Discounting the anecdotes related of
them If one wanted to prove that royal
personages were beautifully human
their selection of this years Christ
mas cards would be sufficient
By general consent the word perfec
tion was applied to the Christmas cards
chosen last year but by comparison
with the new collection Just out their
artistic standard was inferior After
all however this Is quite In keeping
with the traditions of the Tuoks who
year by year break records In their
special work The word finis has yet
to be written
One Thousand Dollars
Fully Equipped
We havo said In tho display headlines of this an i
nouncement that this Is the most significant an
nouncement that has ever been made In the automo
bile world
We want tho reader particularly to be lmpresst
with this statement
It Is not a more highsounding or extravagant
phrase Its the literal truth as youll be amply con
vinced If you compare the specifications with tho best
car you know of at nSOO 310 or oven J2000 You f
cannot find anything like or near the Overland at J
anything llko the price and you cannot Got a
z1 Hjrldplc
botter car of 2SHP at any price I
This car wherever shown Is conceded tho most
astounding automobile value of tho era t
Forty horsepower Planetary transmis
sion two speeds forward one reverse i
Roadster body Single or double bucket
seats extra Two three or four passen lir
ger Price J12JO
MODEL fl I t
Forty horsepower Planetary transmis 1
sion two speeds forward ono reverse t
Close coupled body or fivo passenger I
touring four or five passenger Price
Forty horsepower Sliding gear trans
mission threo speeds forward one re
verse Closo coupled body or live passen f
ger touring four or five passengers
Price tlMO
i a V i LS J
It The First Real Car for 1OOOOO
I 11 Including Foil EgLai mea atLamps Generator Horn Magneto I f
The Lhoad motor the some aa tho Overland
came oft with first honors by a bIG majority the
Thoad camo second and the ValvelnthsHcad typo
third Every motor Is fitted with a Rem magneto
which during tho past season has been pronounced
by the drivers who have carried oft the most honors
In all tho big events absolute Ignition perfectIon
The carburetter Is unquestionably the most eco
nomical in the world moreover It Is tho easiest of
adjustment There Is ono little button to turn ono
vay or tho other to get any desired mixture A moro
tyro can adjust the carburetter on the Overland
Tho cylinders are cast olngly 394Inch bore and
4lnch stroke Noto the long stroke the latest
practice the world over
CLUTCH Just as an example of the thorough
ness tC blshaeS manufacturers have built this
car tho Item of the clutch alone will servo this our
peso as wall as any They could easily have adopt
ed the conventional cone clutch whloh of course Is
tho very cheapest construction but Instead nova that
tho Overland Is fitted with a multiple disc clutch
enabling easy start without throwing stress or
strain on tho reciprocating parts nn easy clutch to
manipulate a clutch that needs little or no attention
the typo of clutch that la acknowledged by tho beat
makers tno world over an the moat standard and
the moat expensive
It was In the year 1S65 that Raphael
Tuck planted tho tiny acorn destined to
become the stalwart oak when ho lain t
tho foundation of the firm that still j
bears his name In 1SS1 ho retired and
his three sons Adolph Gustavo and
Herman assumed the reins of the firms
government S
A staff of highly trained artists Is In t
the regular employ of the firm and
when Christmas cards were first sup i
plied to royalty many specimens ot
these art productions were submitted In
order to glvo soroo scope for the exer
cise of tho royal judgments Now how
ever after many years of experience In
catering to the varlo6s tastes of their
patrons the Tucks can determine at
tho outset what paintings fmnlly will be I
selected In fact King Edward has
such Implicit faith In tho Judgment of
the Tucks that ho seldom sees his
Christmas cards until the twentieth of
This years cards of King Edward and
those of tho Prince of Wales are mono
chromes white those of tho other royal
personages are In colors The original
paintings are In their personal posses
sion and In order to obtain permission
to reproduce from them for the pubfc
the Tucks have to petition tho crown
months ahead of the time at which the
cards are Issued
Special Correspondence
ONDON Dec 8No ono who
LONDON through the great ship j
yards of Harland Wolf on tho
Queens Island Belfast and saw
the frame work of the new White Star
liners Olympic and Titanic which are
under construction there would Im
aglno for a moment that tho confused
mass of Iron frames and girders In the
two big slips would grow In less than I
a year Into two floating palaces of the if I
Atlantic They resemble now nothing
moro than the half completed steel
frartcs of two skyscrapers
The progress made with tho construc
tion of the first vessel the Olympic la
o f course tho more notable the vessel f
being more than half framed and tho
after body decks up to the upper deck
plated Amidships and forward the
lower dock beams are being placed In
Some Idea of the immensity of the
work Involved In the construction oC
such a leviathan as the Olympic may
be gained by a few statistics The riv l
ets in the ships double bottom along
weigh 270 tons They number about
500000 and tho largest Is 14 + Inches la 4
diameter The heaviest plate weighs
4H tons and 13 36 feet IonS Tho stern
frame which Is already In position
weighs 70 tons the rudder 100 tons
and the boss arms 73 > tons aft and 43
tons forward Tho largest beam used
tops 4 tons and measures 32 feet
TRANSiriSSIONThe transmission of tho Over
land is of the planetary type unquestionably the
most simple and most easily operated i
Note all absence of gear shirting lovers It Is
safe to say that tho majority of troubles experienced
by owners or new cars and even old orporltmbed driv l
ers Is duo to faults In gearshifting This IB all ob
viated In tho Ovo andg Simply press your foot on
the pedal and the trick Is turned A child a woman
anyone can do It No danger of stripping goats no
xevcro ohoccks to trnnsmlslon or engine everything
smooth silent and sure
In tho building of the Overland the element of
safety has been takon Into very serious consideration
Study tho construction of the running pear thoroughly
= age arf
oughly You will noto the rigid pressed ntcel frame
reinforced by heavy cross sections long resilient
springs thoroughly arid safely anchored bearings of
generous proportions and wheels mado of tho very
best second growth hickory
Tho steering wheel steering column steering
knuckles and oil other parts contributing to tho
guiding of tho car are of generous size made from
the best drop forgings giving to the driver that con
fidence which ho can scarcely have with many of the
makeshift constructions on cam mode to sell at a
I We closed the contract for the Exclusive Agency of the Overland Saturday Afternoon j Dsc 11
+ e 08S0 Id a I e d W agon M ae line C o 138150 GEO T ODELL General So Manager State
sM + + Wi
V r r S i NV 1M C
R wl I v wM in 1 Tr f a 1 M 1yV ° yr
+ w + w Rr f l y y LW n = t 4rC m 7 S wi jy
v y sw om w < y 1 j yt4
= d

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