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Th nl Crow WI1 Take JtlRlltulc ol
I SJCCIL1I Trains for Sullivan Col
1nd IIns Bout ut Ogden
Thero will he n big crowd of Salt Lake
g light fanll al the ersonKarp
wrestling match al Ogden this cenln
a and another large delegation at the Sul
lv1I1Colllhs round tight Friday eve
ning As the National OOgloworll a8
I 10claUon Is in sessIon both events will
E1 surely be well patronized rholo will
bo special trains to and from Olden
lllO 0 n G will run 11 spcdal leav
jug Salt Lake nt j ooloclt Friday eve
nlng and will return 311 minutes after
thc fight so the fans will be able to got
l home In reulOnaule time
rho wrestling match this evening will
ft undoulltedl bo one of the most Sjre1U
Jl out mal oontests ever pulled oft III tills
scctlon of the country The men are
evenly matched and both have trained
I falthfull for the struggle and arc In
L tM J1lnk or condition AnMr30n lIt con
I lldent ot wInning by wearing < own Kurp
arid ho expects the route will be a beg
I one On the other hand la1l1 believes
he Is faster and stronger than Anderson
and that he has a batter knowledge of
i g
tile science of wrestling There will be
n good curtain ralsel In a match be
j tween Dale Dean and Ed Ferguson Wil
lard Dean will referee tho cOntest lIlco
Yokel will be nt the ringside and It Is
understood will accept the challenge or
the winner
Thorels a great deal oC Interest In
the Ieherlulcd 20round light between
Peto Sullivan tho eraelt oenl light
weicht and Bird Leg Collins the elev
cr cOlored fighter Colllnl has made
nhilliy friends in Ogden and is beIng
I1dt d heavily Sullivan Is the favorIte
In the betting bilL the odds mo nothing
to avo over The fighters have finished
theIr training and reports from the
camps are to the effect that both arc In I
first class shape and each should bo
Utile to travel the Marathon dIstance
Jack Downey and Era Vrlght will fur
9 nlh II 610Ilnd prellmlllnr and Peanuts
5Incall and Eddie MUIphy will go on
Cot the other
Ephmlm Jacobson the SaIl Lake boy
who won the twomile amateur roller
Hkatlnlt championship of the city and
then challenged Ulle Schatz the stato
I champion for n ace for the title does
not take kindly to the answer he reeel
ed from Schatz IIl1d 15 partleulary rur
I lied about thc reference to gottlng a
In a communication to Tim News Jac
ohson declares he can heat Schatz and
nil he asks rOt Is a chance and to got
thal chance ho says he hi wllllnl to
eomply with the demands mado h the
Utah champion and not only race ono
or the men suggested by Schatz but
match up wIth three or them
Ill race three 01 a dozen said
JacobRon or do anything In reason to
get on a match with Schatz 1 helleo
I can beat him and I am so confident
thlll I will take on Lawrence Vance
Fenton Hardy Danty Green or OlIllS
SchOle Ie 1 defeat them I cannot see
how Schatz can get out or a match with
Arrangements have been made for
three races beginning Saturday evening
at the AuditorIum Jacobson wJl race
against VUnce On Thursday evening ho
will teat speed wIth ScJ1Ol1ed IInti on the
folloivh11 Saturday eveiiing raeo Fenton
I Hardy Ir he Is successful In these
racell It will ho UII to Schatz to look to
his laurels Tho coupo raeo tates place
Wednesday eenlnl
Los Angeles Jan 6Deearlnl that ho
knew nothing of any Injunction Issued
against him 011 hchaf or the Wright
lIrothel Glenn U Curtiss who arrived
In Los Angeles from the caRt today as
sorted that hc would enter as many of
the events at the aviation meeting next
week as possible
I have just received n telegram from
my attorneys In New York he added
and they ussllrc lIIe that no Injuncllon
has been granted Some kind or un or
del vis isziietl by a Judge In Buffalo but
whatcver It was It will not Interfere
with my I1llhts In LOS Angeles I came
to Chllrornln to make a number of cx
pcrlmelHlI In Pnclllc coast atmosphere
Ohiil I Intend to s0 ahead with them
Clifford D Harmon the wealthy New
York aeronaut announced today that 1r
he could obtain a lroler gas supply at
Albl1querflue N 11 he would make that
place his starting point tara trip In his
halloon the New York In an attempt to
break tho words distance record now
> > J mllJI
Ills reason for not starting from Los
Angeles Is that the danJm or blns ma
rooned on tho great stretch oC desert
through HOme accident III too great From
Albuquerque the plevalllnJ winds would
bear his balloon eastward
The University of Utah first and sec
ond teams scored over the first nail
second btsletllull tennis of the Salt Lake
high school In the U Im Wediicsday
1he U I1rft team wall by a score of 2G
to 10 and lIio second team landed 11 vie
tory 17 to S Both gains wero well
played fill decidedly interesting Tnt
teams lined lip as follows
High School Utah
FitzpatrIckitc IIomesknd
Thn of havesO and IG minutes
JJIsh 2nd Team U 2nd Team
lJItOI1I n C Paul
KlmbiII LC Iorns
Times or hnlvefj minutes nefcree
Conch Jon Iarldock 01 the UniversIty of
fho Slsnnl Corps hllskctllall team or
the national guard and the L D S U
five meet In a match game at the Armory
thlll evening and devotees Qf thogr1nt
Indoor gnnlC look for an Interesting
contellt No ailmission will he charged
fur the cOnteSt anti a large crowd is
assured Bolh teams LIre 111 good form
and the winning five will hlle to pIn
pretty fast basketball
SInce the rhhd ward music hall has
been completed the young IHollle of tho
ward have turned their attention to
basketball 0111 many good games hae
boOn scheduled ream have been or
ganized by the boys nnd girls and flome
lively contests are looked for Tho
Third wardol arc out with a challenge
to meet an team In the city The first
game played was hetwecn a team led by
nltu iCardley ltIUl a team led by Jonnle
Anderson Ihe first named won by a
lIeore of 5 to 2 The IInoulI of the girls
teams follow
Team No IJennie Anderson captain
Bell Gibbey Imcda Eardicy Edna Tan
ner 1Iiizei Ballard
Team No 2Anita Eardlcy captain
Minnie ndorson label Dollo Katie
hail Ruth Baker
In a gooHepln match played Wednes
day cvonlnJ tho BIllmarct team defeated
the Stars In three Itrnlghl games Ek
dahl carrIed oft individual honols with
lI score oC HI3 for high sam and a total
of Z3i The scores
fartln S9 S Io 21
Houller 93 51 8l 23
Jlaugl1 1 Sli 83 23
Gempeler Ij 79 11GS
Total 32 339 3301023
Ekdahl 93 97 103 295
AlIlp 51 59 SI 233
Donkin SO 91 81 260
Blake 07 79 87 263
Total ss 31 3311071
Cincinnati 0 Jan 61homas J
Lylfeh new lresldent or the National
baseball league appeared for the first
time nil a member oC the supreme court
of baseball at the annual meeting of
tho national commission here today
Chairman Herrman In his annual report
warned club owners against permittIng
syndicate baseball IC It Is attempted ho
said no matter III what league or In
what city prompt action to suppress It
mUllt be talten not only by the national
commls810n but hy everyone interested
In the Ilorpetuatlon 01 the natlona
ama I
He reviewed the work of the commls
aba for 1m showing 126 findIngs nil
logs and notices had been Issued ThIs I
represented un increase of 20 per cent
over the first year of the commissions
WIhbiam Murray former manager of the
Philadelphia Natlonas asked the com
mission to investigate his contract with
the Pliibadelphilb club It Is said hc has
a contract to manage the Phlladephla
team two years more but that ho had
been Informed hIs servlcts were no
longer requIred
August Herrman was reeected chair
bun and John E Bruce was again
chosen secretary
Tonight PresIdent Lynch will bo a
guest of honor at Il llnner given by 111
Herrmann and President JOhnson or the
American eauehlll associates oC the
commission About 30 persons have been
Every old sore is an external symptom of a depraved or polluted con
dition of the blood These fostering places on the flesh are kept open and
in a state of irritation because the circulation is continually discharging into
thom the impurities and morbid matters with which it Is filled This pol
luted condition of the blood may be the remains of sonic constitutional
troublc the effect of a long spell of sickness which has left the bloodstream
weak arid germinfcctd or because the natural refuse of the body which
should pass off through the proper avenues has not all been eliminated
and has been absorbed into the circulation External treatment may
cause the place to scab over temporarily but the blood is not made any
purer by such treatment and soon the sorG will return or break out at
another place and be as bad or WOISO than before S SS heals old sores
by removing every particle of impurity from the circulation It goes down
to the very bottom of the trouble and so completely changes the circulation
that there is no longer any impurity to drain through the Bore but the
lace Is once more nourished with rich healthful blood S S S heals the
WOre from the bottom the skin regains its natural color and whoa SSS
has thoroughly cleansed and purified the blood the place is permanently
healed Book on Sores and Ulcers and any medical advice freo to all who
IT the Ladies
We have just fitted up a
fine private office for you
where you can transact busi
cess with us without publi 0
city We invite you to come
and see it This is in appre
ciation of your royal support
in the past and patronage
in the future
Volc wish you a happy
happy New Year
c Icintifls Clletor of floneat Dbto
Rooms Tf to 100 CommercIal National oiII Building Salt Lak City
UtAh FRANCIS LUKE Genera olanpJer
Some Peopio Dont Like Ua
JUdging by the present slate or at
fairs It looks as Ir theres gains to be
1 I
a wholo lot of trouble because of the
suspensIon or Mel Sheppard and Billy
Hayes by the Military Athletic Leaguo
oC Pennsylvania which act has been
Indorlled by the registration committee
ot the Atlantic divlllon oC the Amateur
Athletic union with headquarters In
PhIladelphIa James E Sullivan chair
man of the national registration corn
inittee and regarded as the highest
authority In A A IT affairs has quick
Iy locked horns against the Philadelphia
contingent by coming out flatfooted and
slating that Melvin Sheppntd h5 IJS free
to Unln any A A U competition to
day 01 tomorrow as al any time Mi
Sullhan also states that the 11 A L
or Pennsylvania had no authority to
Oakland Jan GSIIel Knight again
showed that he was In great form by
wInning the San Rafael handicap al Em
eolllo today melting the third straight
victory within two woeltll He was favor
Ito and led all the way winning easIly
from Raleigh and Jeanette 11 Ossabar
a daughter of OSSal starting for the
first time won the 2carod event
Billy Mer another consistent per
former made It three straight by tak I
ing the openlng race Results
FIrst race live and a hair furlongs
lelllngDIllY Myel 107 C Wilhiarns 3
to 1 won No Quarter JOt Smith 7 to
1 second Ampedo 107 Cotton 7 to 1
third tlml0735 Copperfiec1 fur
lelgh Bill lllyhnm Boos God Heart I
Plckawa and All Alone finished as
Second race throe furlongs purReOs
flllIar 101 OIallll 12 to von Welakoa
117 Colton 16 to 1 second Frank Ferris
110 Martin j to 1 third tlmc36
Ada Aragoneasa Prestollto Sam Mat
thews Vague and Amargoja finished ns
Third race futurity course selllng
Madeline Iusgrave Yl Kederls 8 to I
won Nagazam lro Vospel 13 to G sec
ond relngton 117 Walsh 3 to 1
third tlmelIO 2S E 11 Fr Anna
Ma Sowd Sam Barber and Redeem
finished as named
Fourth race mile and fl sIxteenth San
Rafael handicapSliver Knight 100 VOS
per 13 to 3 won Raleigh ro Callahan
S to 1 second Jeanette 11 105 Walsh 7
to 2 thin tlmelti Rosevabe and
EdwIn T Fryer IInlshed os named
Fifth race ono milo sellingEd Ball
Ill Keogh Ii tol won Convent Bell 101
Rosen 15 to 1 second Deneen Ill Cot
ton 16 to 1 third tlmel4135 Cadi
chon lQSsbact Demas Sliver Grain
Colonel Jack and Dellmelo finished as
Sixth race six furlongs sclllngDallo
I nUt 105 Vosper 5 to 5 won llonorella
9S Tenny 7 to 1 second Dr Doulh
t 110 McBride 15 to 1 third time
11123 Salnoltn Moorol Reson Ocean
View Oralncrc and Mybes OConnell
finished all lIamel1
Juarez MexIco Jail 5rho pUblic fared
badly at Terrazas park today six fa
ortes being defeated The card was or
I dinary six selling events being run art
First race selling seen furlongs
TIpster 101RaJn8e 20 to 1 won Lord
Clinton 106 Kenned 8 to 1 second
Judith Page 91 Garner 4 to 1 third
tIme tlmel2933 Luke Gales Wolheby
g i SR oahJJ
C Kennon Banlatly King Rover and
Odd Rose also ran
Second race selling One mlleOrhed
Lad 105 Mondan 4 to I won St KJlda
100 Garner 7 to 2 second Orasudduth
93 Ramsey 9 to 2 third tlmeltl 01
lie Durnctt True sir Playllt The Thorn
Gerona Sad News and Donnn Ellvera
also ran
Third race selling five and a half fur
onGsSliver Stocking 93 Denescoten 3
to I won Oceans Queen 101 Garner
I to I second Jolly 109 McCahe II to
G third tlmeloo Valley Stream 11pd
dllug Hannah anil Joe EhrIch also ran
Fourth race selling one mileIlata
102 Garner S to 2 won Light house
100 MeCahe 3 to 2 second Charlie Do
hero 112 Warren 7 to 1 third time
141 15 Fathom Contestee Dainty Belle
and lcNally also ran
Fifth race sclllnR slxturongsLlght
Knight 116 Moesworth 4 to 1 won
Cottto lro Denecoten 2 to I second i
Don Hamilton 319 Crowley 7 to 1
third timel13 43 Elder Dill Dramblo
Cardinal Lindsay Santo Chian Judre i6cie Shortall Caesar Augusto VirgInia
Seallick and MlslI Gratitude also ran
SIxth race IIclllnlr mile and a six
teenthCervlle 100 Burlingame 18 to 5
hw n
g J 7elo oc =
won Wahitider 11th Warren 7 to 5 iicc
ond Fantastic 108 Deneseoten U to 5
thIrd tlmelH Howard Pearson Sea
IIlble and Miss Alert also ran
Jacksonville FlaJan 3C W Burt
and Grand Dame were the only favorites
to wIn taday Clans Duach faIrly wcll
suspend Sheppard and Hayes and the
AtlantIc association or the A A U
also had no authority to confirm the
action of the M A L The upshot ryr
this whole matter ma he a break be
tween the Atlantic assocIation and the
natIonal body oC tho A A U In that
case a genoral rumpus may develop
In which a whole lot of scandal which
has been heard of late as to the pro
methods ot several leading athletIc
stars may reach the public cars Shop
lard Is to race Harry Glesing In a
special hlllf mile event In Boston Jan
2Mdl lhas been Itt hard trttning 10
the event and expect to make a new
record f9r thc distance As the A A
U has granted Sheppard permIssion to
run the chances are that his compet
Ing In Boston will cause more of a
backed won the first at 6 to 1 The faa
lure race the Lakeland sellinG stakes
went to Booger Hed the little horse win
ning out by a great stretch run Ganz
putting up a 8plendld ride Results
First race five and n haIr furlongs
HolJnpClem Biaehy 6 to 1 won Cap
lain Gore 6 to 1 second Dave Nichol
SOP 3 to I third tlmel08 25
Second race five and a half furlongs
C W Burt 1 to 2 won Waterbury 12
to I second Baby Willie 10 to 1 third
ThIrd race six furlongs selling
Grande Dame even won George W le
bolt 8 to 5 second Aunt Kate 9 to 1
third tlmeIH
Fourth race Lakeland selling stake
five furlongsBooger Red 9 to 2 won
Arlonette tt5 second Lady Irma J
to 5 third tlmel0225
Firth race 5e = j turongsRoseboro 9
to 2 won La Rome Hlndoo 3to I sec
ond Sally Preston 5 to 5 third time
SIxth race mlle and a sixteenth sell
ingropsy RobInsOn d7 ri f won 4Erod
mion 12 to I second Bolleview I to 1
third tlmel4S 15
Now York Jan Gfhe governors rec
ommendatlon that leglllirition be enacted
to abolish oral betting at the tracks
struck racing men here today with dls
may rhcSy stand to lose thousands of
dollars It tho suggestion Is put Into ef
Lust year oral betting was little inter
fared with by the pollee There was a
drop In attendance and Il decrease In bet
ting It 15 true but not enough to keep
thousands from the tracks As the sea
son advanced and 11 feelinG of greater se
curity established itself hope ot bettor
patronage another year found expression
iii larger stakes and more entries
The Coney Island the Brooklyn and
the Saratoga Racing associations have
mado plans for a more active season
thIs year
New York Jan SDonuses on a slidIng
scale hl1ve been offered by Iirank Far
rell owner of the New York American
league club to Manager George Stallings
IC he sllceeeds In landing the club In the
first dIvIsion
Farrell has promised Stallings 2500 It
ha captures the league pennant 2r for
second place IfiIO for third honors and
1000 If the manag9r lands tho club In
fourth position
Then a cold and a coughlet It run on
cot pneumonia or consumptIon thal
all No matter how yoU got your cough
dont neglect Ittako Ballarlls IJoro
hound Syrup and youl e Ocr It In
no time Tho sure cure for coughs
colds bronchitis and all pulmonary dls
cases In young and 0J Sold by Z O
lI J Drug Dept 112 and lU South Main
Street Salt Lake City
Via Bamberger Line
Ogden Thursday Jan 6th 100
round trip Karp vs AnderoIl Spe
cial train leave Salt Lake 7 p m
Tickets good returnIng on any train
next day or until Inn 10th
A rantecd care for the
ItIquor and Tobaeco Habit
PRICE 1250
chramm When the Can
Stop So1eACCHq i
DII Blacks Eyes Sparkled lcn Tex
Rlclmrtl Showcll 111m Fifteen One
TJlOulIud Dollar DUI
Tex Richard Is IlS enthulllaslie over
the possibilities at the big JeltrlcsJohn
son light us an eggs lull ot meal While
discuiIslng the fight dope with a nnm
bar of other sport Iovrs In tho lobby
at the Northern Inst night Mi Richard
dropped Into a reminiscent mood and
related a numller or Incidents concern
ing the signing up of llio bIg tiruisers
glce ferl
which were or parttetilnr interest
That man Johnsun Is 11 nllght smart
man said Hlelenrd He Is no mans
fool and no mans too He 18 awake
and at the bat all the time When I
went Into the moetllll where the bldM
were opened I had III the sealed en
eldpe a corti lied cheek for SoOO and
1M 111 crIsp new l0 bills
When that bid of mine wall opened
and all of the men In the room saw Iho
1000 In money nnd lie certified check
their ees opel1ld lip n little bit you
may bet
Johnson never tool hili eyes off that
mOlley for a minute It SCorned to las
elnate hIm Alter all thp other bids hiild
heen read Johnson turned to the big
man and Ills ttrst words were
Please read ilIstah Richards bid
His eyes spnrkled aol his biG whlto
teeth showed In n smile that just bub
bled all over his face When m Mil
was rend the sceonl time Johllson
closed with It at ojiee and lie
meats sero quickly signed N agree I be
1I0vo the ready money had Quito a little
to do with It
I figure that Chic pictures arc worth
0300000 and that amount can be made
from them by iiehilng national and state
rights for thell use Offers have nl
ready been recehed from England AUII
trails France Germany and other coun
tries far the sole rights to exhibit the
pictures In those countrlos J flguro that
the light revenue from all sources will
be more than a half a million dollars
How about the Ely raIlroad rate
he was asked
I dont know as that matter has not
been taken up aR yet hut I am certain
that we will get U sntlsfnetor Iate Thc
most sensible plan that I can suggest
for Ely fight fansand hero will hi
lots of them In the dlshlct111 lie tu
charter a Special train for the fight and
arrange to sleep In the PuUma1s IC they
want to There will be a bIg bunch gO
tram Ely and that will bo tho most
economical and Satisfactory wa In
which to handle that situation I have
no doubt that If a train Is chartered by
the local men they can
get a rate ot
10 for the round trip for the big con
test Ely DaIly Mining Expositor
You feel as 11 ou had ono face too
many when you have Neuralgia
Don you Save the face you may
need It but get rid or tho Neuralgia
by applying Dollards Snow Llnl I
ment Finest thing In the worlri for
rheumatism neuralgia burns cuts
scalds lame back and all polq s Hold
by Z C 11 L DruG Dept 112 sad 114
South Inln Street Salt Lake City
Via D R G Jan 12 3 G 1 10
Good Rettwning Until Jnn31st
Account National Apple Show Fruit
Jobbers associatIon md National Live
Stock Show Stop overs allowed In
both dIrections
New York Jan 5James Bronson
Renolds aQ authorIty on Immigration
matters formerly with tho department
of commerce and labor and now a New
York lawyer joined John D RoekeCe
her Jr foreman of the smud jury and
the dIstrict attorney oC New York to
day In the preliminary Investigation oC
the white slave traffic
After a long conference today be
tween the three It was announced that
Mr Reynolds wlll be a special assist
ont district attorney In the Investiga
Gov Hughes In his annual message
to the legislature today recommended
more drastic legislation to curb the
traffic and State Senator Timothy D
flulllvan who represents the heart at
the East Sltl where the girls are re
cruIted Introduced a resolution de
manding an Investigation either to clear
the clts name or to convict the guilt
On Mends George Gibbs Turner a
magazIne Titer whoso articles first
drew general attention to the traffic
will appear before tho grand jury
Alarmed by the activity ot the special
grand jury headed by John D Rocke
fellor Jr to Investigate the socallcd
white slave traffic many persons be
ikived to have been engaged In that bus
IncAs have > fled rom the city taking
refuge tn Phlladephla Chicago Pltts
burg Boston and elsewhere
The identity of these white slave
traders was first discovered by United
States secret selvlce detectives who
had been nt work on the scandal fol
several weeks In connection with an In
eaUgatlon matte by immigration om
The cvdencc collected by the govern
moist authorities w1ll be presented to
lie specIal grand jury
Durnslde Ky Jan 6 511ri Martha
order her daughter Mrs James Kifid
and three small ehlldron were burnod to
death In a Ire today which destroyed
Kldds house at Plavcns Ky
It Is a dangerous thing to take a
rough medicine containing opiates
that nearly still your rough Instead
or curIng It Folos Honey and Tar
boosns and cures the cough and ex
Iles the poisonous germs thus pre
venting pneumonia and commmpUon
Refuse substitutes anti take only the
enulnc Folcs Hone and Tar In the
crow package > SchrammJohnson
Drug Co
ONLY 2000 I
10 Denver nnd Heturn
January 2nd 3rd6th Hh and 8th I
Via Oregon Store Line and Union Pa
cHic ion Colorado Apple Show and I
American National Live Stock Asso
ciation Convention Limit January
list CIty Ticket Office 201 Main St
San FrancIsco Jan 5Mayor E H
TaYlor received today the report oC a
commltteo appointed by him In Oct
1908 to Investlg and report on the
causes oC munIcIpal corruption In Sun
Francisco as disclosed by the Inostl
gallon oC the grand jury and the pros
ecution or certain persons for brIbery
and other offenses against the state
The report makes a number of rccom
mendationr among the most Important 1
oC which arc That munIcipal elections
bo male nonpartisan the names or I
candidates to appear on the tickets
without part designation the annull
meat of franchIses that have been ob I
tained by fraud the enactment or a
statute compclllng public service cor
porations to testify agaInst thcmsele5
und making It a felony to sell the col
umns oC a newspaper unlOss they are
plainly marked as columns sold
A Iclched Mistake
lo endure the itching painful distress
or Plies Theros no need to Listen
1 suffered much from PlIes writes
Will A 11arsh or SlIer City N C
till I got a box of Duekens Arnica
Sale and was soon cured Burns
DollS Ulcers l ever Sores Eczema
Cuts Chapped Hands Chllbalns van
IsIs hefore It 25c at Z C M I Drug
Department l1lH So Main St
Salt Lake CJt
or what can bc prVduccll In
aundQrlng you should avail
ourselvcs of at least n sample
package oC our perfectly hound
ered produCts There Is perfec
tion or color and detail In each
thals unexcelled
Beth Phones lit iN lAIN ST
Are Yon Using Tungsten
Tho have halt the cost oC eeetre
light thus makIng It the cheapest
and most convenient rtlfical 11
Let us tell you about them
Utah Light
Railway Co
Electricity for Everything
Salt Lake Dlrocl w
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Exchange 4l1d RnceL Eastern
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titles ot popular copyrilrhts which Smith 160
wo son at SIc each or 2 for 125 The Lords ot HIgh Decllon
postpaid Write for list ot same by Nicholson 160
The Pool ot Flame by Vance 160 John Marvel Asst by Page 160
The Silver Horde by Bench 150 Martin Eden by Jack London 150
The Calling ot Dan Matthews Mr Justlco Rallies bUornunR
by right 150 150 i
The Danger Mark by Cham A Girl at the Llmberlost by
boris 150 outhol of Freckles Porter 160
Desaret News Book Store
The Leading Book Concern
White Fawn You
know is Milled Just
It S f ul1 of Goodness
Fancy White 1 J
H < < c
A Dnmontl Engagement Ring
Is n Glils Dcmcst Ish
It Is a sentimental symbol
and of nil her jewels Is prIzed
the most
You should use care In Its
seectlon and purchase and
should deal with a reliable
We place at your disposal an
experience at 18 years In such
matters and lie largest 1110 of
Diamond Solitaires to select
Como In and see their
Phon I UI
I A hlghclass conCoction put
up especially for us In 1nl
ersity of Utah colors S l1s
at I the package
The Nevel Substitutors
Successors to
F C Schramm and F J Hill Drug W
Cos Stores
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06 1
Enjoy the comfOrts ot home
Nothing will gIve you more corn
fort and JllollSu1 than a mantel
Warm and cozy In the wlnter I
bright and cheerful In the summer I
Mantels Complete from 50 up
See what you are buyingdont
seeet from a catalog
Our patent radIant grate WllrTl
the room thoroughly and Is clean
and economical
qpposlto South Gate Tempe Block
Secure Your I
r PaIents j 11
Through the r
Desere News 3
ft i
t Vo desire to announce that 11
i have established In coiinection 1
with Our parser a Patent Bureau f
lroRJ1c aR riea
and invite the cooperation of
i Inventors Iechanlca Enghieers j
Draughtsmen Machinists Sup X
erlntendents and Foremen of s
Shop and Mills Skilled Me
chanlcs In all tradeR Farmers I
1 and all others In building upu f
3 patent system that will give
5 g J lt
honest advice to investors pro
r tact their Interests hy good pat
r cola and strong contract sal c
f assist Inventors In perfecting their
i Inventions and In all matters to j
X render careful service and give X
r tull talus for money paid
We have I1ssocll1ted with us at z
J Washington D C an attorney 1
r who has been In continuoull prac
z tlllO for the pant twenty years
c and wo are In position to guar
antce that any patent mattere I
r placed In our hands will receive Yc
r prompt and careful attention V
and that the charges will alwayS S Ii
t be moderato < t 11
t We also obtain Trade Marks 7f7J
Copyrights Labels Design Pat f
ants and In fact transact bud
c I ness at nil character In this llno I > J
All patents secured through our s
Bureau will bo advertised for sale > f
at our expen and will thus bcf rt
i brought to the attentlon ot the
i thouzaiidii of reader and naa < if
t lOrinhi assist the Inventors in s Pli
i deposing theIr plttcnt > 1 <
I It ou have mode an Inveton
Send us 11 sketch or model and f f1
t crlptlon with 23 al1dWO niIIr J
have our attorney MOoke IIthOr ii
ough search ot the records of i
I the United States jat3nt Office t
I and advIse you as to the occur J l
I lag ot patent the cost and the r
manner at procesdlng
Patent Burcan Thft <
Deseret News SaIl j
Lake Cily J

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