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b J 1
strenuous Situation Among the
Local Dealers Incident to
The Cold Snap
Engines Freeze Up In 1Vyouhr and
ashullts lit Ulllh Arc FIIClolS
In Temporary Famine
Theft was It strenuous situation this
morning III the local coal market 01
as one coal company official remarked
For the coming 21 hours we arc lip
against It But the Short Llno officials
arc doing aU they call to hasten
through scores oC cars loaded with coal
from the Wyoming mines so there Is
a good chance oC relief At the same
time Ir IInCavorablo conditions con
tinue there Is hardly any tclllng where
we will be One large yard In this
city did not have n ton or coal on Its
premises yesterday and had to doss
The speaker continued I trust the
newspapers will not make a sensation
of the coal situation because IC they
do It will cause a panic for which there
Is really no occasion If no exnggcratoJ
reports ale spread the situation ought
to simmer down In a Cow days with
the passing or this cold spell and
things become easier But every time
there Is n coal scare the people to suf
fer arc not the welltodo but the poor
man who can not load up his bins with
several tons ot coal but must purchase
I in small lots We have had men carne
r Into our office and make represenla
I tlons that they were suffering and
must have coal Instantly or there would
likely 00 serious consequences Then
when such orders were filled as emerg
I encies we have had our drivers return
to tell ot finding one or more tOIlS of
coal already In the cellars that were
supposed to be entirely empt Why
a man came In ono day to declare that
there was sickness In his family he
hadnt a scuttle full on lhe premises
and unless there was coal on han
earl in Ule morning death was likely
to ensue from consequent exposure to
cold Well we made a special dellvcry
in the morning to that man out on the
cast bench But in the meantime the
mans regular dealer had rustled up n
little coal for him and when our load
reached the place this man refused to
take the coal and told tho driver to
return with it I have noticed that
whenever there Is a scare the fIrst peo
ple to rush to the coal offices and
order arc the very ones who really clo
not need It to the exclusion ot those
who do
A call on other offices develop a
peculiar situation Sme of the dealers
declared there was a shortage but It
was not serious enough to Prevent their
delivering orders within 24 hours after
receipt Others said they were four
and five das behind on their orders
and were apprehensive oC the immedi
ate future particular If the cold spell
continued Reports from Idaho and
other parts of the country were making
some ot the dealers uneasy Wednesday
and the report that Omaha was ex
periencing weather 18 degrees below
zero with 10 Inches oC snow and a
fierce gale blowing did not lighten
matters any
The Utah Fuel people reported there
had boon a shortage In delivery from
their mines the past week on account
of the refusal of their miners to work
the last day In the year and then Ute
next day being Saturday they wouldnt
work anyhow Then on the following
day came the washout at Riverton
which shortened up things materially
So altogether the shIpments for the
time being were very light But now
the Utah Fuel is shipping hero 700 to
too tons per day Then the Short Line
officials stated Wednesday evening
there would be 150 cars ot coal from
Wyoming into Ogden today which
ought to clear the situation up Man
ager Quealy oC the Kemmerer mines
said he was putting out plenty or coal
had plenty of cars and was supplying
order only perhaps a day late He
was not at nil apprehensivo oC any
famine and saw no cause for any genre
A prominent coal man said today
that Rome cars loaded three weeks ago
which they expected oven day arc still
standing on the sidetracks at Rock
Springs according to advlees received
yesterday Salt Lakes supply Is still
ample for all demand but the situa
tion today demands better service from
the railroads Ills understood the O
S L company has been having trouble
along Its Wyoming lines on account oC
the unprecedented cold weather Many
engines have frozen up and delayed
passenger trains have lately como Into
Ogden with as many as thrce freight
engines pulling one train In such a
predicament regular freight and coal
trains must necessarily be neglected
Dealers say there will be no Increase
In prices and there Is no extra charge
for hauling up on the north bench
There Is a recommendation In connec
tion with north bench deliveries that
Iln electric hoist 00 established up
Canyon road opposite Eleventh avenue
Should not be neglected It leads to more
6crlous troubles It shows tint the Import
ant functions of the liter arc imperfectly
performed The best medicine to luke for It
Is the mild gentle and purely vegctable ca
thartic Hoods Pills which act on the liver
and bowels cure biliousness constipation
morning Iud sick headache break up colds
lc1lcyo uncomfortable fullness after dinner
Hoods PiUs
Arc prepared by C T HOOD CO Lowell
Mass Sold by all dmJsIsts and sent by
mail Price 25c
uy which all teams with load for the
high lands might be raised up the
Elcenth aenllo level and make the
haul from that altitude This la done in
Cincinnati where the Idea hal proven
a success
ll1mllllstlatioll oC thc Governor of
Idaho Is Apparently falcing a JIlt
C C Dietrich private secretary or
Governor James E Brady or Idaho
called on GovelIor William Spry Wed
nesday to pay his respects to the chief
executive M E Hushes or Pocatello
was with Mr Dietrich They have been
In Wyoming on business and stopped In
Salt Lalte on their way back to Idaho
The direct primary law which went
Into effect recently III Idaho will be
given a tryout In the election or a gov
ernor or the stale this year There Is a
feeling of satisfaction all over the state
as a result oC the administration ot
Governor Brady and It Is probable that
he will be rceleeted
Governor William Spry has appolnlcd
the following delegates to the confer
ence on uniform legislation called by
the National Civic Federation at Wash
Ington D C on January 17 and IS
J R Letcher Beliner X Smith and
L L Baker members of the Utah com
mission on uniform legislation D R
Roberts Horace Smith and Nicholas
Morgan now In Washington and Mrs
Reed Smoot Mrs George Sutherland
Mrs JOSCDh Howell and Mrs Fran
Saved At Deaths Dom
The door ot death seemed ready to
open for Murray V Ayers ot Transit
Bridge N Y when his life was won
dorfull saved I was In a dreadful
condition ho writes my skin was
almost yellow eyes sunken tongue
coated cmanelated from losing 40
pounds growing weaker daily Viru
lent liver trouble pulllng me down to
death In spits of doctors Then that
matchless medicineElectric Bitters
cured me I regained the 40 pounds
lost and now am well and strong
For all stomach liver and kidney trou
bles theyre supreme 60c at Z C 11
I Drug Department 112114 So Main
St Salt Late City
The poultrymen have finally secured
hire premises 170 west Second South
street In which to hold their annual
chicken show which Is promised to be
tho largest ever given in the state J 1
dozon silver cups will 00 awarded In
addition to the regular ribbons and
other prizes The association vlil meet
this evening to discuss arrangements
for the show
ThcntcrTonlfht witnesses the re
turn to Salt Lake ot the popular actor
Mr Louis James who will be seen ai
Cardinal Wolsey In Shakespeares play
oC Henry VIII The principal lady
character that of Queen Katherine
will be enacted Iby Miss Aphle James
s e
OrpbeumIn response to an urgent
request from Ogden Edwin Stevens will
give his Eyenlng with Dickens at
the Orphcum there next week In
order to oblige the Ogden patrons It Is
necessary to drop SL Paul from the list
nun aloBuslness at the Bunga
low In spite of the cold weather keeps
up well and yesterdays matinee oC
Polly Primrose was given to a big
house Another looked for Saturday
e e
lIsslonThC house Was dark last
night The new bill of acts which has
been brought up from the coast by way
oC San Francisco will be seen tonight
Tho company Is headed by Dick and
Alice McAvoy with seven other fea
ColonlnlA Girl at the Helm
with Billy S Clifford In the leading
part runs out the week Next weeks
offering wlll be The Virginian with
Marshall Famum brother or DUstl1
Farnum in the role 01 frampas The
two next attractions at the Colonial
are Wildfire and King Dodo
GIamlThe play oC Tempest and
Sunshine will run out the week with
Marie DeBeau in the leading part
Making Life Saver
Everywhere lire Is beinG made more
safe through the worlc of Dr Kings
New Lifo Pills in Constipation Bili
ousness Dyspepsia Indigestion Liver
troubles Kidney Diseases and Bowel
Disorders Thero easy but sure and
perfectly build up tho health 26e at
Z C M I DruG Department 112111
So Main t Salt Lake City
ft f
i W omens Special in Shoes
ii j TW AU our 350 and i
i 400 shoes which in
clude patent tan gun
metal and kid in turns
01 welts All this sea
sons goods on sale
M hursda3r Friday and
Sattuda y at
I fia
r = IT2a95
I a
3fcmhers ire Quietly Lobbying to In
crease HOSlcr and Not Hulsc the
Inlllnlloll Fee
There Is much quiet lobbying among
the members ot the Commercial club
these days and Il is probable that the
result will be a retention oC the present
Initiation tees antI n tremendous effort
to reach the 3000 membership murk be
fore the olcnlllg of the new building on
Exchange place
The annual election Is to be held Sat
urday afternoon and while there hi coil
sldemble Interest over the Invasion or
the Insurgcntswlth their board oC gov
cl nora ticket the lIght Is veering
around to tho membclshlp problem It
has been proposed to raise the initiation
1ce Crom 50 to nOD for resident mem
bers and from 25 to 50 for nonresi
dent applicants
It is argued by these Into Insurgents
that with the openinG ot the new club
building there will he ample accom
modations for a granny increased mem
bership and that the dues oC a large
number of members will be mure val
uable than an Increased initiation feo
from a limited number as It Is claimed
the increase will bring about The an
nual fee Is 10
As the mutter is more and more
take over it seems to acquire adher
ents and from present Indications the
old fees will be retained by a largo
vote The boosters arc already talk
Ing or the 2000 mark and many have
expressed their willingness to get In
and hump for new members provided
the present fees remain unchanged
To reach the 2000 mark would re
qulro almost SOO additions to the pres
ent roll Tins Is moro than the mem
belshlp of the club less than a month
ago when the campaign for 1000 was
started The enthusinst3 claim that
with tho attractions of the new build
ing In sight many business men will be
brought Into the fold who havo here
tofore been Impervious to demands be
cause oC the limited accommodations of
the present quarters
Cured or n Severe Attack or Bron
chitis 1Jy Chamberlains
Cough Rel11ecy
On October 18th last my little three
year old daughter contracted a severo
cold which resulted In a bad case or
bronchitis says Mrs W G Gibson
Lexington IC She lost the power of
speech completely and was a very sick
child Fortunately we had n bottlo of
Chamberlains Cough Remedy In tho
house and gave It to her according to
the printed directions On the second
day she was a great deal better and
on the firth day October 23rd she was
entirely well of her cold and bronchitis
which I attribute to this splendid medi
cine I recommend Chamberlains Cough
Remedy unreservedly liS I have found
It the surest safest and quickest cure
for colds both for children and adult
or any I have ever used For sale h
all druggists
Utah State Board oC Medical Exam
lnClS After Unlicensed Practitioners
The Ulah state board of medical
examiners concluded its session at the
Commercial club Wednesday after
noon The members discussed the
most efficient method oC excluding
from practise unlicensed and unlawful
practitioners A number of sugges
tions were offered and some definite
plan will be presented to tho legisla
ture next year for enactment The legis
lative committee will hold a special
meeting at the Weber club In Olden
Jan 18 for the purpose oC framing
some measures to be offered as laws
Tire personnel of the board Is as fol
lows DI David C Budge oC Logan
president Dr G F Hnrdlng or Salt
Lake secretary Drs A N Strauv
Robert Hampton Charles Olsen H
V Lund and IC Smullan oC Salt
Lake and Drs Hibbs and Condon of
The following physicians were grant
ed licenses Wednesday by reciprocity
C Edgerton Carter Theodore H
Wheeler A N Gray and Ralph J
mot I
The second meeting oC the electrical
contractors ot Salt Lake was held at
the Commercial club Wednesday
where the matter of forming a perma
nent organization in Salt Lake was dis
cussed A set oC bylaws and a pro
posed constitution were presented and
utter thorough consideration wherein
some minor changes were made were
recommended for adoption at the next
meeting which will likely be held next
week In the form oC a banquet The
men at the head of the movement ay
the principal object ot the organization
Is to present a united front In the fight
for better regulations in regard to
electrical work In this city They
calm to have found detects of consid
erable importance In the recent report
or the engineers or the National board
oC fire underwriters regarding Salt I
Lakes eeetrcal wiring In general
A little boy the SOn or ChrIs D Peter
son a well known resident of the vll
lago of Jnelesonvllle Iowa had a sud
den and violent attack or croup Much
thick stringy phlegm came up after glv
lug Chamberlains Cough Remedy Mr
Peterson says r think he would nave
chained to death had wo not given him
tills remedy FOr sale by nil druggists
100 round trip January Gth Gth
7th and Stir good returning until Jan
10th 12 trains dally to 25th and
Lincoln Ogden
rhe annual meeting or the members
or lhe Manufacturers association of
Utah will be hold Wednesday evening
Jan 12 1910 at the CommercIal club
among tho items ot business to be at
tended to being the election of 10 di
rectors The members whose terms
expire thIs year arc John H Denhalter
George Austin L N Stohl Robert
Stelton J P Fowler H L Herring
ton W F Jensen J A Hyde H E
Jones and Bird Murphy That as many
members as possible may be brought
together to set acquainted that they
may better promote each others and
tire associations Interest It has been
suggested that the meeting take place
at a dinner table Arrangements have
been made for a dinner at a cost oC 1
a plate the expense to be borne by
those taking part Inasmuch as the as
sociation Is not In a position financial
ly to do the honors gratis
A Wild BlI11a1c Raging
brIngs danger sutLerlnroftcn death
to thousands who tako colds
coUghs and arippcthat terror ot
Winter and Spring Its danger sig
nals are stuffed up nostrllll lower
part of the nose sore chills and fever
paln In back oC head and a throat
grippinG cough Vhen Grip attacks
as you value your life dOllt delay
getting Dr KIIIgs New Discovery
One bottle cured me writes A L
Dunn ot Pine Valley Miss after
being Iald lIP thlCO weeks with
Grip For Ioro JunKs Hemorrhaes
Cough Colds Whooping Cough
Bronchitis Asthma its supreme SOC
100 Guaranteed by Z C Dr I
Drug Department 11111 So Main
St Salt Lake C1ts
< 2 b
Theater Candy Sl M achines
of ae Ines
Numismatic Curiosity Shops I
Jl Is n numismatic curiosity sho1
which Is owned by Don L Lenzi at
54 east South Temple street While
amateurish In Its scope ninth In the
nature oC It compulsory collection still
there arc many rare coins In tine
cabinet of a consillelablo value And
thu joke Is really on the other el
Mr Lem1 Is an entelpllsing young
man who alters to the sweet tooth of
the thcatelSolnS public He lies in
charge those slot machines whose
gaping maws swallow dime arid eject
those list chocolatccontalnln boxes
which are su popular with the girl
you have with you When the demo
dont happen 10 be In yom pocket
almost allY old tldng of the same size
Is co conselencelesl brought Into re
quisition And thereby hangs the tale
ur that collection on cast South Tem
The ncardimes which have produc
ed theatergoing chocolates embrace
coins from practically every country
011 the face of the globe some oC
them very rare The taco value of
these which huvo been used during the
past two seasons Is about 112 but the
worth In the numismatic world Is
considerably over 600 And that it
why the joke Is on tho other fellow
rIie old American 3cent pleco Is
quite popular as a candyacquiring
medium closely followed by mono
gram boning dimes Of the former
there Is one In splendid condition
which Is wOlth to lire collectors world
225 The engraved dimes are oC all
characters and descrlulions bearing
upon their limned faces dodhless the
beginning and end or many a romance
Flnnnclall they arc worthless
There Is the Filipino half centavo
many oC theso showing that at one
time they famed memoirends to
various hatpins The German pten
nls is also In evidence with It
deutschss retch on the dull copper
race Queen Yllhemlna Is represented
with the Nethelland cent a pretty
copper coin with n lion rampant en
circled by IonJngrijk del Nedcrlan
Japans 10 senft Is artistically one I
or the finest coins of the collection It
Is beautifully and tastefully executed
on the finest sliver The Mexican dies
centavos aro plentiful mostly of re
ceilt date They vary greatly in weight
and size and arc mostly of recent dare
The Greek 5cent piece rather crude in
workmanship and ot little beauty Is
seen here amt there
The face of King Edward VII is rare
ly seen but the features oC Queen Vic
toria arc recognized on many Canadian
Newfoundland and British Coluerbia
coins A very rare English piece was
found lately In the 3cent silver coin
date 1800 The obverse side bears the
likeness of the king who reigned when
America won her independence It hears
the Inscription Grolglus III Del Grd
tla On the reverSe side Is a Roman
3 crowned and the encircling abbre
viations Mag Bri Fr Et Rib Rex
all of which Is taken to mean that the
redoubtable George considered himself
king of Great Britain France and Ire
Tine last oC the French kings Louis
XVIII contributes a hall franc piece
of tho vintage ot IS2 a very beautiful
coin And from the same nation comes
a modern 50centimes sliver coin
also showing the artistic taste oC Jean
Cmpaud Recent Spanish coins are
scarco but the fine 10 centavos ot Al
fonso XII Is seen In numbers It Is
noted that the Castllo ruler Is modest
in that ho claims to be king only Rex
isGso t onuirti
Constitutional lnsteadof Del Gratin
hUS 011 other European monarchical
The great Vittorio Emanuel1e II ot
Italy offers contributions dated Son
nearly all being the GOcenleslml pieces
Ecuador from Its mint In Lima Sa
present with Un Declmo de Sucre
most appropriate named for what it I
obtained Then there are Scandinavian
coins the inserted squares ot China I
and a few Russian pieces A number
bear inscriptions which have not been
And all oC these have been used In
Salt Lnlee for thc purpose or obtain
ing candy from the theater slot l11a
dunes Don IJ Lenzi the collector 15
the son or 8erst Lenzl or the Salt Lake
polIce department
Finances or Phillips Conrcatlonal
Church In Good Shallc GencrnU
The annual meeting antI dinner ot
the Phillips Congregational church
was held Wedncsday evening attended
by 175 people The treasurer reported
the church free from debt and the
finances In good condition During line
year 31 new members were admitted
malting a total ot 275
The election of officers resulted 13
follows Dcacon n W Parker dea
coness Mrs Rae Gleeson trustees
A E Purne and Thomas Hodges
church cleric Howard H Don trees
urer H 1V Smith financial committee
H F Duke N Stewart H L Baldwin
and Roy Watrous Sunday school
porntenc1ents J E Scodec and A aF
nows TIllS
We otter One Hundred Dollar Reward
for any case of Calarrh that cannot bB
cured by units Catarrh Cure
F J CllliNBY CO Toledo o
We the undersigned have known F J
Cheney for the last 15 years a1Jl be
Heye hIm perfectly honorable In aU bUIII
ness transactions and t1nroSlilly able to
carry out any obligations nude by his
Vholcalo Druggists Toledo 0
Halls Catarrh Cure Is taken internally
ncllnS directly upOn the blood and niu
cons surfaces ot the system Testlmon
lals sent flee Price 75 cents per bottle
Sold by all drulllsts
Tako Halls Family Pills for coneUpa
7 JIIiiiiiIIIW LOrM airB
Regular 1500 1800 and 2000 values aU cast into the one lot and
while they last to be sold at the above ricethey are the aU wool fancy mix
tures a good line of colors sizes and styles represented
Fifty in aU Made of an extra quality of the aU wool plain and fancy
weave material Nicely made in the one piece effect a good assortment of
colors and sizes
1000 and 1200 Waists at 595
This is one of the best offerings of the seasonthere are a dozen of dif
ferent pretty styles to choose from A good showing of materials and all
Regular 200 and 225 values in the searfs and Throw Effects Several
different styles to choose from Certainly a great bargain
Large assortment of childrens bath robes and kimonos fade of extra
heavy flannelette and eiderdown Regular 200 values a good assortment of
sizes 100 Flannelette Kimonos for Children at 49c
Ladies fixed wool and cotton vests and pants in white I
and gray Regular 75c values at each 49c 11 I I
Ladies fine quality r nixed wool and cotton ui ion suits
Cream only Regular 125 value at I 1 94c
Lathes fast black cotton fleeced hose 121c
SpecIal the paIr 2
Ladies fast black fleeced cotton hoseleinfolced heels and 19c
toes Special the pan at
ilc1rens fast black cotton fleeced hose 12c
FIne rIbbed Special the pan C
The tremendous 1
e success
f fit
i r
S Enjoyed by our great semiannual clearance sale may be
74 directly attributed to the bona fide offers we are making
r Every va1ue is a Siegel value S51Iichnneau a ettel aloe
itt l 55 Every stJe is a Sfug l1 itje 1 h1eh 1n ns fi eoii t1jel 1
and z4ued the Swgelwa lover W
The tremendous reductions in our entire stock make this
r1 i n sale absolutely irresistible to the man who know qual f u
i ity knows style recognizes the reductions and appre t
4 e Y dates an opportunity to save I
i Suits and Overcoats un rice t
r Y th tS way J J
t i 1 All mens suits in blues b1ack and fancy on1r thiBBcn < t 4
sons styles and patterns reduced as follows > r
if t y1 w i t r
II 4 I 1800 and 2000 SUIts 11615 t
1i i AS r 2250 and 2500 Suits 15 i J
t 2750 and 3000 Suit 1925
+ 3250 and 3500 Suits 2300 lh
1 3750 and 4500 Suits 2850 0l
t zl F t a All overcoats in heavy weightpatterns and fabrics or jH
1 i nowreduced this way > Ij
7 i 1
s 1 1 Up to 2000 Overcoats 1160 F
2250 to 2500 Overcoats 1500 q t
cf 2750 to 3000 Overcoats 1925 > tB
1 r td 3250 to 3500 Overcoats 2300
Eqllnll Imporl Boys and tint
I 4 ant reduction j I irons clothlngJl ih
throughout our tr and furnlllhlngs i
entire stock oC at nurked downs j
furnishing good just ns decIslvc w
and hats h
anawr rY
S hJ
Tii = llR r

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