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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, January 06, 1910, Last Edition, Image 6

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I i r
Grent Copper Jrllllm COllmn
I I 1all StocJdlohlel 2i on Endl
Share DIln Pat Year
Wih tho payment oC the IIVIdOfld
i or 8 pr share last wec Calumet
I Heclt Ieturned to li hare hold
t I 1 erA for the clelllnr scar HI09 27
I per share against enrnln of 3
per horc sayi thc Ishpcmln Rcc
I od The mineral output for tho
r year wi be equal to SOOOOOOO
I pfunds oC refined copper but lS te
eompanr II clrtalnl It Ingot output
i 11 1 per cent only S6 Tr cent ot
thIs mineral Is being Imellee The 10
I I fined copper output therefore should
i be 60000000 IIOul1ls Tllo mIneral
I oUlput reIHesenL nn equivalent In
I Ienncd Copp et of 8031606 pounds
I ThIs CPPI with an output of 81
I I i8326 pounds for the fiscal year
I endIng April 1 1905 I
Callmet Heclns cot last year
racy be e thnlel at SI cents per
pound the average prJco of Lake cop
per sIll not be far front 112 cenL
t hut the average selling price of
Calumot iecla wi be slightly
abase this or Heca 136f coaLs yielding
a profit per raund of refined copper
of G4O cenl equAl on
pound to 3726000
c For th lrlt tinO In Its history
Calumet Hda has a fixed charge
In he Nhnc ot Interest on 81 19100
of noteS which eore 11ued to aeflitite
the urions Hiselow stocls lheHe
otl are about equally dllded hc
I on 4 antI I Iel cents unit the
I annu11 InlNcH rlmiirge amounL to
F1 S4GI0 8 nn offset to this fixed
n charge howeer Calumot Ieeln
p has recrived in dildends this year
from Oeonintlle only one of tlmo no
t qutrt loels haYing dlldendsS
L ler hnlc on 2318 shares and 4 on
I f p600 slres u toll of 223S48 Tile
mllflereice it explained by the fact
Ill cHItrclce S600 shares acquired tram
his spring did
I tic Bigelow interests
I IIOt terry tn Calumet Heeln the
Ii ivtinfi POill Feb 1 109 The 23
11 itars were In Calnmet 8 Heclas
to this dlvi
t I C lon long previous dl
I tend payment
ill I In olhlerln the earnln or Calu
met iIoclt It must not be forgot
j ten that shareholders have on equity
I 1 1 In the ummeltei mineral which line
I 1n produced this year On the 1
iii 000000 itoundx of refined copper re
i entei by the untelec mineral It
ii fair to fsuro 1 minimum prol of
1 Ii r cents per poundon the asump
I lion that this copper Is not lIkely to
i be sold at less than H contlor
II 682500
vt COI ldcrtle cthl ShoWlol the
11 Local Stock Exchange
f I Trndln continued 10011 on the local
I exchange today although stocks were
I xllnge the majority or cases the
prices were lor than on yesterday
The feat ro of time market today was
1 II Mason Vale which dooloped conlld
I crble strength A little 001 to weeks
I ago this stock was sIln around 2
but today It commanded the new high
price of 2i2 and 21G
I The tolal number of share disposed
of this morning WIS Gii0 andl
t amount paid out for the stockswl
1 The bear raid on Columbus Consol
t i dated this 1101111 continued und ha
I I stock opened lt 1 0 It continued to
moo up and at tho close was ShOW
I q Ing some strength at 12i Prince
i > Consolidated developed 1 good degree
t ot activIty although the price was low
rangIng around and 59 cents Tlntc
Centrl during the paxtfcw days tins
Ii ii appeared strong and considerable Fel
t t lng was noted this morning The stock
i 11 1 I was Iold In bunches flom S4 cents to
r I cents Ten thousand shares were
I i disposed oT at the latter price
I ColoradO was off today w was Sioux
Te laUeI sold at 30 and 31 cents New
I York also went don from 15 cents st
I time opening to 13 centS at the close
Several lns10 ta13 were offered on the
curb market but no ales were made
iiTi I A M I PM
t I Lstd Stl I Bid fAsJdl Bid IAtlod
jY Deck Tun1 l3l 15 I 1 16
h4 Big HUh I 02 I
r I BIng Amal 10 10 I 12
i i Bk Jack 12 12y 12 13
1 Bog Con 200
t Bullock 01S O1r Om Ol
I I Camp Bird OO 01 OO ½ 01
II i i Carlsa rO 50
Cedar Ot 0i4 04 01
OA 0tY
I 11 I r Con blam O
I I Century 10 16 09 10
ColOaco is 79 i8 i
I J Columbus 127 ½ 130 10 112
1 1G
I C Meteor I
Ii Crown Pt 06 OGi OG 065
Daly Jd 1 L50 175
1 II 1 Cr Pt OH OJ
I F T Can 01 02 111h 02
E T Dov 07 0311 07 07
I i g T G K I OO 001
i Ely CalumnI fr I 51 I 2G 11
Ii GI Celt 270 I 23T53 237 I 10
GroUt OJ I 05 03 07
t Grul 03 I 05 I 03 I 06
I Ind Qucm 02i tt25 02 02 l
j L I P O D 107 1iO 10 110
Inyo 06 03 05
i t I I J Ulo ol 75 I 77 77 7G I
il t1 1 I CUl 12 12
tl I Joe DUWC11 o 02 01 t
I < yslolo I
I j tlII VI t 19
I IHt 17 1
5itt1t Chief 5
It Jltl
I j Maui 51 G2 I 50 52
t I I Majestic I 95 1110 1 91 1
fl tittsomi VII 2151i 215 I 212 215
I May Day lCI 20II 20 21
1 McKinley 0
n I ln Flat 1 01 O 01
I t Mt Lko1 OG 05I OG Oi
1 t L Ext 01 t 1 01 I
N Brie I 37 I W I 35 50
j Nov shills 115 I Gi I G Gi
I 11 I
CCrrect System
lr I
II I We Fel time only correct system
f i for buiding Its a charge
regIster that Issues In original
I and duplcate sill and retains 0
triplicate Steal insurance
Ugulnst 0M or charges Vo
kA have them In different models
I and many sizes Do uptodate
I amI buy oce
For ling
i1 fii
60 West Second South
COlIEH ctholcs 13716
En quiet 1074a7204
coprEn quiet lSi251355
SIIVEIt 52 4
Todas tU131
ln 0 DaD 101828011
Nowhouso 350 460 375 4 25
New York 1334 1 13 13
Ohio Cop 630 150 530 535
Ploche 7 1 OH 05 0H OB
Plutu 03 06 05 054
Plnee Con 90 109 9i 10
Pom OI 0i OGY OH
a Shield J 2 02
Sacramento 02 03
Sliver King 36 36 I 3G 375
Sot Chief uO ½ 1
Seven Tsha 1 12 l0j 1
RIch Anno 10 1 10
Sioux Can 30 31 10 31
S Col Can I 004 i
S Iron HI 1 0 Ot
Swan Ext 03 04
Till Cent 03 l 09
Tin Emnp 02
Tin Humb 02 1
Uncle Sam 42 43
Utah Con 1 06
Victor Con 05 05 i 1
Victoria l1S 15
Vt5t Nov 20
Yer Copper 03 04
Unl led Stock I BId I Asked
Peacock Copper 1 05
Ely Witch r 25 1 30
Xaldlcr IS
Op 10 45
lcDonnJI Ely 0 I
Ding Butte 1 05
BlnAham Amalgamated 600 at 1
Shack Jack 500 at 12
Columbus 10 nt 120 10 ot 125
200 at 174 ZOO ot 12HS selor 60
Crown Point ZOO nt G
Indian Queen 1500 at 2 l
Iron Tihossoin 100 at j5 10 at
j5 Ir GO
Inson Valley 400 at 2124 600 at
215New York iOO at 15 100 nl 1 30
nt n 3500 nt 12
Ohio Copper 100 at G35 seller 60 10
at 630 seller CO
Ploehe Met 4000 at 4i4
Prince ICO at 09 seller GO 200 at 98
ceIler6O 400 It 9i seller 60 Go nt 10
300 nt 99
Seven Troughs 1500 ntl
SIoux Con 150 at 31 r at 30
seller GO
South Columbus Con 600 at 74 500
at il 300 at j 3000 at 7 seller 60
Tlntc Chtrai 400 nt 84 Ioler 30
1300 1t 8 1000 at 9t 2iO at 81h
100 at SI seller GO 10 at 8 seller
Black Jack l00 at 12 ½
Colorado 1MO at is
Columbus 700 nt I2i ½
n Indian Queen 200 nt 2Y1o0 nt
Iron Blossom 1200 at 76
Mason Valley 400 at 215
New York 1000 nt 131h
Sioux Con 100 It 30
South Columbus Con 100 at 7 eel
her CO
Tlntlc Central 200 at 9 100 at 8
seller GO
Shares Amount
Regular board 639iO 1359545
Open board 1380 44SOO
1otals 6inO 180745
Bullock 20l at 1i
Carlsa 100 at W
914 Century 60 at 104 buyer G lo at
Colordo io at 75 20 at is seller 30
25 nt ii
Columbus 10 lt 127 ½ ZO at 12G
400 nt nl 1221h 300 at 1Z0
Crown Point 150 at G ½
Daly Jude 10 at 40 10 at 455
Grand Central 0 at 235
Iron Blossom 100 n i6
May Day 600 at 194 100 at 20 60
at 201
Mountain Lake 0 at 6
New York 1000 at I3Y 1000 at 1
seller GO
OhiO Copper 10 nt 65 10 at530
seler 60
1100 100 nt G
Seen Troughs 500 at 1
Various CIIC8 Vhii hold UI chet
nol This lanth
For tho first time In 1 lOng long
while theo wIll undoubtedly bo nodit
dends from time flnte aiming proper
ties for the month of January There
are various reasons for this but It lx
generally understood that the realm
m owomi II that thin companies hav nol
mace enough money on account of the
cold wculhel to pay the nount they
mmnly hate and therefore will refrain
from paln any at nil Although no
official Informaton 11 glen out by the
officers or thc various dividend payers
It Is almot a flel that nothing 10
mild hl month
At the regular monthly meetings of
the Siom Columdo and Iron IOsom It
Is certain that the board or directors
Wil agree 10 the paying o the divi
dends of the e companIes quarterly In
stead or nionthhy Through their of
nclals such actIon has brn praclCII
nluounccl I Is not believed by Iler
50115 cO1ersonl 1th conditions at TIn
tic hut Irmixmd Central and Victoria wi
hure a dividend during the month It
1 11
C te probable that tittime two conipa
nips will cor lhe Iltuatnn by an
nllnelng lHIlelI dlvdal D
lhere Is also lmldel blo doubt a
to tile Uncle SLl eomJI bllg ll
to pit Its 11ldonll this month Of
course this wi1 bo one of the things tl
be ecldod Thai company has a faIr
I Kurplu on luuII but the directors hue
always bcrn very cemiaervntiie about
r d fd
iayhng dikiemide Th cold weather
t aitmi th canoe Itwe delayed shlpmenl
i at the trnrle Ham 10 thin tho cminC
of the rOllpl have Iecm much below
tIme average fO tie year Further tiian
that the wOthol continues to prevent
Time nmain measori for the Tuttle 1101
eltles hot pnylll dik5en1s Is ellar l
Ly n person thoroughly fani with
thai rlnte distriCt to bo that lila comph
flies hare not the JOII to pa ar1
that lhl Is not duo 30 much t contil
tons underground V 10 the trouble II
getting the ore to the market
Berlin Jan 6Exciiamigo Oi Lon
10n n marlel I pfenllng for eheelta
Money 34 per cent
Prlvato rate ar discount 3 3S per
Pioneer noofnr
Sold laid and guaranteed by
1 T n W1fTTNEY Sto le Broker
1 u Atlas Del BO 1iA O
JUI New Mill amid Ueccnt Discoveries
The Property Promlscs to lc
Big Thins
TOme Utah Apex property at lingham
prontisos to be one of the big things
of the camp from mmow on aceordln
to reports that are coming In from the
compnnrR propertr The flOw null
that Is the practically new mill Is git
log good satisfaction and has ben
grinding out concentrates far 50mo
time The multI WlS recently remodeled
and its capacity more than doubled
Rllate to time recent dcelopmcnts nt
the Ilropert George L ValkoI In his
weehcly hotter says
Tho Utah Apex hits dorololled whnt
promises to roc 1 ery largo body of
lelu1Rlh01 Oe In its Parvenu tunnel at
0 Ilolnt 1G50 feet on the dip below
the outcrop of its PDrnet vein Heeent
advices state thnt the whole taco of
the tunnel eon by nine feet I In
ore whiCh runs 101 15 per cent to 20
percelt lead three ounces or shIver
about 26 pounds of copper and 65 cents
gold to the ton This deelopment will
bc especIally Important If It proves to
be tho continuation of tho Purel 010
bony and goes up to the surtaco ns
well ns down to stIll greater depth
The Pnrel rout of lead ore de
veloped In the fourth 1001 of the mine
some 1200 feet above the Pnrel tun
nel hal now been opened for 0 total
distance of 100 feet I varies from
fve to 20 feel wldo and carries nn
average ot 16 per cent lead and the
Usual copper and sliver values I It
mnlntalns this ayerage length width
and richness from the fourth level
down to tho Parvonuo tunnel It con
tain according to tile estimate of 1
leading Utah Apex Interest 5000
tons of ore for which the company
should reeelo an average of 10 per
ton front the custom Rmeltera and n
net 1ont of 2000000 to 30000000
Whether or not It IR the same ore body
wle aetermhneml h development
The PhMnl mi which Is at the
mouth of the Pnrvenuc tunnel has
been reconstructed by the Utah Apex
company at a COlt of about 35000 I
la lion treatIng 120 tons of ion grade
ores dnl concentrating three tons Into
One and making 40 tons of concen
trates having an average gross value
o about 25 per ton The mIll has a
capacity or 200 tons daily and aM U 10
cult of thc new dIscover In hue Par
venu tunnel It wi soon b treating
that amount of ore At present abaut
20 tons of first class ore Is being ship
ped daily averagIng about IS to 820
per ton Vhen second class ore enough
to run the mill to full capacity Is mined
the production of first class will In
crease to about 40 tons daily
The manaement feel that Utah
Apex has turned the corner anti that
from now on It wIll show steadily In
creasIng net earnings A new smelt
lag contrct has been made recent
which Is a decided htlproement over
the old one The copper are deposit
tram which Utah Apex mae consider
able shipments two or three years ago
II not being mined at present but ater
thelA Is nn advance In the tlllco of thc
metal I wi be opened UI at greater
drpUI and will add to the compans
shipments anti earnIngs
Smclel tomnpaii1 Will COIcno With
In 1 Few Dlus
WIthIn the next tew dos directors
oC the International Smelting 8 Refin
Ing company will hold a metng but
It is not probable that there will be
an increase In the dhldoad on the
10OO or Issued capital mock ulll
June r the IIllnt plans ar the
management are carne out the stock
will b place on either an 8 per cent
or 10 per cent basis In the sCnd quar
tor The earnings of the eompan
have been runnIng botweon 10 per cent
and 15 per cant on the capital stock
and when the Pine Cnyon smeler is
started In operatIon the earnIngs ot
the company will undoubtedly be raid
to better than Uj per cant on the stock
The new smelter will prbbh bo in
running condition by May
James A polack Co banker and
broltors furnIsh the following received
over their private wire this afternoon
Ophl 21H220 Gould Curry
43 bid Con Va 160162 Savage
6 bid Halo orcrosl 69 bid Tel
low Jacket lO bid Bolcher 130 hid
Confidence 1H ½ bid Sierra Nevada
70il Exchequer 3638 Union 97 jl
99 Cholar 3i3S Potosi SiO
Montana Toopnh 75 asked Mac
Nllar 26 bid Tonoph Belmont SS
691 Wcsu End Cqn 22 bid Jim
Butler 9 bid
San stolm 4 nsked Col I 3r5
Jumbo Ext l iH Kendal I a5ked
Booth IOGNl Hue Bull 34 Silver
Pick 8110 Due Bell 2033 01 SJ4
Alantl 101 Gt Bend 34 Red Tu
Extn 1 bid Florence 6G56U7
Dteld B 13 Cons 1 asked Goldlold
Daisy S9 Comb FractIon 3740 Gt
Rend Ext 1 asked Gt Bend Anlex
1 lkcc Rewttitos 6ti7 Portland 1 bid
Clckerjncl I bId F Mohawk 2 bid
Red His 31H Yelow Tiger Giij
Goldfeld Con i Gi ½ uslell C O D
68 Florence Extn2 asked
ACe some oppositIon tim special
mcetll of the English KtockhoJel Jr
the loston Consolidated ut 1ondomm
yesterday ratified the agreenuent or I
consolidation with the Utah COIIOI
Manager Vt J 11011Itt of tire Red
Warrior mine was In the city yesterday
Ho declares that the company Is nlk
Ine god progress In sinking the haft
to get under the ore body found on lie
30 foot level He decu fiat by lhl
last of the month the shaft wi rench
the 450 foot level The compnny hI
now shipping three car of ore a iteelt
Reports from Tlnto say that COllllcr
8tnlns are being found In the quartz
encountered by the Tuttle Stonl1arl In
lie drIft on the iOO foot level The
drift haH now gone about 10 foot from
the shaft and I Is probable tha nn ore
body will he found harly This Is
the list indIcatIon or coppr fountS
II time dlftrlct and goes to how lllQ
Ilmllllty or the East Tlntle and Tln
tIc districts
At an 1eJIO prlo or 12 ½ cents a
15 Con WI Stiuch11210
10 Utah at U r t
J Tth51tuo Sugar Pfd S s
20 lHahJaho Sugar Com 3 Z1
i Sugar CIty Town Co NC
10 Ama Sugar Ptd 290
10 Con By Pow at O
Edward j Burton
c South ReIn St Phone m
Badger BROKERS Brothers
160 Main St Salt Lake City
3Icmbers Snit Lake Excnnc
Private Wire Corres
Harris Winthrop Co
Members New York stock ExchanGe
Will Sell
300 Metcalf Coal lOc
400 Sunnsilo Brook Coal lOc
1000 Consolidated Fuel 40e
15 Kars Tunneling 525
3 Acres U Mox Rubber U6
3 Shares U Mex Capll Stock 340
pound the Steptoe Vale smelter turn
ed out blister COppC during 1909 tu the
exteiit of 64S503ZSil rule lepIe
gGnl an output oe lCi8263 tloullt of
coppel t lrOUCO which 1671606 tons
of ore were treated at the multi antI
simmelter rime average shipment ef
copper during the 11t quarter wn iSO
03 pounds a day This 11 24 timex as
much ns for the Ist quarter In 108
Since operations were stnlted In 1903
tim smelter has shipped 613913iO
pounds or commercial I blister copper
New York Jait6Money on call
firnu 4i per cent llns rate 6Y PCI
cent closing bid and offered nt 4 per
C lC loans strong for GO days 1
pr ccnt for 90 days H 57 per cnt
for six month 1 ½ per cent
Chose Prime morcunlie paper 4o
5 ½ per cent
Sterling exchange easy with actual
business In bankers bills nt 483j
454 for 6 tiny bIlls anti nt 48690 for
demand commercial bills 4834g
liar silver C2 ½
Mexicamu tiohiars 44
Government botds steady railroad
bends Ilrogulal
Last saleThumsday Jan G
Amahmmated Copper 89
Amerlc Beet Sugam I ½
American Car Foundry i9
American Cotton 01 67
Amerlcnn locamote GO4
AmerIcan Smelting RefinIng 101
American Smeltng RefinIng lOB
Amol Smelting Relnln pfd l ½
American Stmgar Refining 12 4
Anaconda Jlnlnr Co 2r
Atchison 1 1
Atlantic Coast Llno 103 ½
Daltmoro 00 lH
Brooklyn RapId franslt 78
Canadian Pacific 181
Chesapeake Ohio 90J
Chicago Northwestern 19
Chicago 7111 St Paul 1o1
Chlcnlo 1
Colorado Fuel Iron 4R
Colon110 Southern N G9
Delaware Hudson i
Denver RIo G111Ie 60
Denver Rio Grande 11fll S3
Erie 3
Great Northerptd HH
Great Northern Ore Cls i9 i
Illinois Centrl H61
nterboroughIpt 2414
InterbroughMet pM 59 I
Louisville Nashville ltHl
Missouri Pacific 711S
115Aourl Kansas Texas 49
Notonal Biscuit 15
Nutanal Lend S9
Now York Central 12r
Norfolk Western u R1l
Northern Pacific 12r
Pacific 1101 40
PennsylvanIa 155
fennslanla 13o
Peoples Gas lH
Pulmnn Palace Car HJI
Hocc Island Co 47i
Rock Island Co pM 8
Southern Pacific 13fV
Southern Rnlha 33
Union PacIfic 20
United States Steel 8i
UnIted States Steel pfd 12
Wabash 25
Wabash pfd 6i
Western UnIon 75
Standard OIL 69
Chcuo Jan 6Packey MaeFulal
heaves today for New York hero ho
trill luke a steamer for England
Pnckey goes Ior tho express purpose or
forcing lIecdle Walsh 10 mot him on
thc other Ide al ho SU6 he has glv
en up all hope of securing C match
with BattlIng Nelson
a51Inglon Jun CHuntngton Wi
son nl1lslunt secretary of state fell on
tho lay pllCment nl Io stopped from
his autoboblo last night and cut his
flce N badly that ho tns taken to his
homo under 1 physicians care SIrs
Wilson nlso fell hut wnR uninjurd
Tim assIstant secretary hUH not hen
In tIm best or health lately and the of
feels or the shock are feared
London Jan G John Etirims presi
dent of thin local
government board and
lbol leulcl In the house of commons
hnd n chart mixup with mimi unhlonU
fed mun ns he wnl Icvl a poltcl
mettng last night Te mlnlsler Wil
about to enter his 1010r ca when lh
nmn sprang uon him Groin behind all
three him to the ground There ivas
I lively struggle and exchange or blow
untIl tho lolce TuIM the assailant
away The offender escaped
London Jnn 6Tho directors of
the Dlnle of England lt the regular
weehely meeting today reduced thin
minimum rate oC discount Cram 4 1 to
4 11cr cont Y
Thl action a goneral antclpat
cd anti wait due prlnclpul to the manic
1lontrul money supply as well at
the fact that the opon murket die
count rCto via more than 1 per cent
holow the banks minimum rte oft ½
leer cent
TIme laltet hardly antdllalcd a
Curther reduction In the bane rate ho
fore April In 101 of the lilosPeetIvo
now l sue and the continued inquiry
for gold for lrnch and Indian ac
The ct ct or tho lowel rato on the
stock oxchulgQ was speedily tilt
counted b Ito InnOllcmunl or tht
early Issue or new Imlan 311 per cent
loan amountng 10 3700000 which
will be offered at 963k The Indian
stock and other gltedged securities
cased off and cOlsoHs dropped to 821
a decline of cOlt but rccoicrol Dan
aC thc loss Inter
New York Jan GThero were slight
traces of Irreularl In Iho moemelt
or openIng prices of stocks tollS hat
the hredOntlmilint endemic was upwurd
Dedingls were active anti call dlelrlb
utetl Anaonl rOse 2 SOlthenl PacIfic
and Conolllnted Gas 1 end Union Itt
ciSc Atchison Vablsh Reading ant
AmalRnmnted Copper large fractious A
block of 70 shorC8 of Rack Island saId
at un advance uf hi IntcrboruGh
Metropolitan preferred declIned h
rite murkel became reactionary when
Ihe iteivy selll or Hoel Island rxi5
resumel Rock Jslafld sagged l to
16 and he preferntil also host a poInt
Subsequent large orderl for Southern
Iuchllc Chieapeuke Ohio antI Unltel
Slates Steel eauHcl I brisk rally nil
arolld but Roele blnlls Ccconlllo
nuotlloos kept the tone unsettled Big
Four rose 2 ChtesitpcikO OhIo 1
Southern fneilc and Frisco nrst pro
Zoned 95 the secold preferred
New York Central amid Unite
Stales Steel 5 At ii oclock Stock OIl
leJ io iJI Of
was run up to 47 and tile whoio mar
bet rallIed
PrIces adnncd mow steadily when
Rock Island became Quiet Colorado
Southern rOo 3 Amalgamated Copper
1 1mtotmathomuui Punup 1 v Unhoti Pf
eile lellll Pncilc und UnIted
StatcI Steel 1 anti 1ennhunla Ucla
ware Hudlon Ian nl Texas Texas
1ucllc 81 LulaSouthwfslern
mellcnn Smelting and Inlerntonu1
Harvester 1
Stands were firm
TIara wits little interest itt the market
aitd luetualoll were tlimporlunt until
St Paul wa forced clown over a point
from Its highest Jolnt when lie whole
lint yIelded slightly There WM omo
realizing < Union InclOc Amalgamated
Copper and Unlled States Steel Utah
Copper rose 1 all National Lend 1
Trading became Irregular In the nftel
noon After the effect of the St Paul
sellIng wore off the list hnrdned but
the higher levels brouJht out more
stocks anti the Ilvanco stopped Unled
States gXprcsi rose 4 International
I 1 ff
Pump 2 lemiernh Electric 1 and Den
ver 8 Ho Ornde L
Jhe market closed nnseltel all hr
regular Prices ran ar sharpl Rack
INland gain to near the lowcst and In
dependent gains being about wIped out
merIOlI Agricultural Chemical do
dined 1 mid Brio second prcfered I
Vulcnn Detinning preferred rose
III f tln lnYt
alr elrS
Ptthlmtin 1 triud ltahiwzmy Steel SrImug 1
Chlclg Jan 6ltttnec lpIS esl
nailed lit 70 market strong hade
hlher Beeves 380 Texas steers
4li4Nr western steers 463
slocl < ers und feeders 31553 cows and
heifer Z2Gl calves 796
HOJsncelptK estimated at 0
market Sc higher Light S3ISw mix
ed 8181 Iteavy 84000850 rough
54047857 good to cholco heavy S5
Sg pIgs 7of1Si bulk oC Ialel 833 t
ShfrRecelptl estImated at 2W
market strong Soc hidter NatIve 3s1
616 western hljher yearlings 6Wl
810 lambs native G2811 western
6 2lfiSS3
South maha NeI Jon 6Cntle
Receipts 3co market Rtod to Klrong
Native steels 10041770 cows and hell
ore 205510 wester steers 4CQ1T6B
cannels r3 stockers antI feeders
27OjiB calves 3Wi bulls slugs
etc 27514W
10gRecllpll iO market 81onl
to 5e hlghel Hea 8505560 mixed
U3r86 lIght 8iOijS50 bulk oC sales
SheepRecellIf io market Ilead
and active YearlIngs 673t370 teeth
actv Yearlng 6i5i5
ore 8J 8id610 owe 4901600 lamb 760
Knnsus CIty Jun GCatlenleoIJt
60 market stcad Native steers 10
I ii COWS and helfel O6O sloel
ers and feeders 34k152i5B buls 335211
60 cnhCs 1M western steers
U6i wCHIrn COWl 30iH
liogsBecehple 800 market Sc high
Cr Ituhle of sales 8278B heavy 85t
63860 acfeI itiud 8t i I 840fS55
light 810f86 pig 6r77
J 501 market
ShteepRecejpts stromug
Battens IJJ 5i bfn7 it lcd
welont wetherR and yearlings i0670
ted wester owes ir l560
51 LoulH Mo JAn GWool unchlng
cd errlory and weBlel medIums 2j
1322 lIne medium J2t line I21
ChIcago Jan GGrin advanced
slightly In the early tradIng here to
day coin and oats prIces showIng great
tnt11 evhn G
or xtrcmmgth than wheat whiil provisions
rospolsho 10 the strong live hog mar
kel showed a consistent advalce
Foreign cables tolling or un advance
In Liverpool wheat prices Induced buy
lug hero today amid were held rCpon91
bin In for tilt wheat
part l an upward tl for
prices iii the inItial itui I 15 5lti mit tIm
outset WiS uncllnJld 10 5 higher than
elerdcyu final Iure at 113 to
11H In tile iSlet hour of the sessIon
Bit tel ai 10 11334
rnmportallol ttCtj Induced by the
extreme cold gave Rtrolth 10 the corn
lilt In the carl ratios and Hl the tu
Lures OpemiOd hIgher the I IJe being
from uurhlued to Scattering sales
were made clrl COlntr orerna
wore light hut much corn IH reported
to bo 11 cars 01 Ihl way to market
Mar ojlClec 10 14 hlJhOI than 3051cr
tin S Iol II 8 10 Gy hut modell
realizing stiles caused I rN clon Trial
liii In the oats pit nuts smell early In
tile IxY bitt the market showed fair
sttengtii May pe Iikl lower tofa I
hlghI than yestcnln1 final figures n
17 to 47 and developed frmlcS lit time
first houl
Good hurl I In all the provisions
slrenlholl1 tho prices 01 hue pork
products lho ndvnnce ranging from 2
to 35c The recortl price or live hogs
nIT 1rre
Oath continued light receipts at lie pack
hug centers hootcd the provlloUH mar
ket OpenIng Prices Iii January proilmict 8
IJ xl
were Iorhc 2200 lard 5270 fhrr 1155
healThe market wa Ilm and iC
tho till tlay Slay advanced to11Hf
rho market closed firma with May i
hhhel at 11Y
CornBulish sentiment prevaIled In the
corn pit here throughout the session
Record prices In nIl the fulurls for the
crop wpro reached May tochll 68
nnd Jul anti September reached ro The
coNe with firm with 5Ia 1 hlghel at
CI05oWhoalJln itss Nay 1141560
1 July 1005 Sept r
Cornnn Cl Iny lS July C
60 Sop GH
OnlsJln 41 Slay 4774t5145 July 1
Sept 42
PorkJami 220234 Slay 2210603334
JUly 221234 IOf12
LlrdJL 20 Slay 125 Jul3
Jlly LG2 1Z Mnr I6Y1l3
1ICLsh 81 Slay SI
DnlleyCash 511365
TlmOlhMakeh 31C131CO
Cloerlnlh 152
ChIcago Jnn GBllerStcarl
Cefmore8 2eq734 dalre 13
L593StmOug nt mnrlr eisuc Inelud
211O 511B34 reeCIJID 2540 Irtl 35 prImo
firsts 11
ChttoeoSlencly DnII hG59h7 Twins
162i34 Young Americas 1 Lone
Horn 36SUGAR
New York Jan CSuger raw siesta
muvcoMdo 81 test 152 centrIfugal Pit
test 100 molasle eugar 89 test 227
ntIISlell rushed 57 granu
In tad 0 lodarer 713 Jrnu
CotenSpol Hledy No 7 SIlo S 116
01 No I anlo9 Pc
We will send our new catalogue to
any nddrol FREE Drought up to
any address FREE All the standard
ChUrch evorks Ineludod
6 Main st
South Dakota 1Ien Rl51nln heavy
Losses In VtsimomtPltlable Caso
or Jcnl Wife
1 n 1 lloro of South Dakot abel
rrtner passed Ulrugh Salt Lkc to
day having had extCrlcncos In tho
wMtoUt down near Cnlento that they
do nut cure to repeat They had two
carloads or horses on a freight train
Tho traIn was turned over In ono or time
washes vest or Elgin and every hOlsl
In thin two C r lost so they are return
hog home minus stock and cast
They cay the tracks oro almost com
plotol gone for a distance of 17 mItes
between Culente and Barclay Then
Ct of Barclay It Is reported that over
30 1les mono ar the track Is gone
mal < ln a total distance or nearly 50
miles of washed out tracks tho rIp
capped track was carried away for
mIles upon mies Passengers who left
Los Angeles on Dec 31 have been
marooned on the desert at varIous
points In Nevada some af whom arc
just reaching Sal Lake Some oC the
men have walked I far as 40 mIles
In order to catch a mimi nt the Snit
Lake end Of the Ino near BarclaY and
get through The wagon road between
point arc all gone One newsboy 11
0 passenger charted acmoss tho hlu
from clc at 10 n m reaching Bar
clay IMt nIght Mans have waIcd
from Cllenlo to Barclay n dlsllnce or
22 mIles One party of passengers M
cured two cnoyanct at Acm and
went up into the his and will como
through another valley In n round
about sa thus being able to escape
the tvashed region and catch a Salt
Lako train at Barclay
Ono of lie fddest reatuIc of the
caltropho Is lie experience ot the
wife of the railroad agent at Elgin In
Rainbow canyon At the tmo or te
flood she was In f delIcate condition
The trek being washt out sho could
be taken no whero for treatment and
to make things I much wors the
floods actually washed away the 8tl
ton To agent and his wife wOre
compelled to leo to tho hills Steno a
dugout was hurriedly construcoth and I
1 lIttle hater huelu child eas born
Those who have ben over the
grounds iat It will be perhaps n month
01 moro before Ito rainS can possibly
be running again through Mcadow Val
Icy wash
CIIII or Ynllnble Animals Cuht
In Salt Lake HOltl oubles
J D McKay of RiversIde Ca
purchased I carload of horses In
Cache Valley Itnrted with them for
homo got n for aG Milford on Jan
1 but tothay finds hlmse and his
horses In Sit Lalce with home pros
peels still In the dim future all on
account at washouts on thc San Pedro
railien >
raln plrchnsed a carload of hIgh
work In the ontiiugo
glade horses for orngo
CalIfornia flue
groves of Sou thorn Gnltornla
bunch II worth over 1000 the 22
head costIng an uvorlgo or 180 apIece
Fouii of lho team welh 2950 to
the team lie other animals weigh
about 1300 each Mr McKI says 10
loaded al Presion Idaho over a week
ao and all went troll until he reach
ed Ilford on the first oC the ear
and evoid came that lie ahoul
below wero Impassable So ho un
loaded and for three dabs the horses
hind to shad oltln the open and their
nightly loriomu WIU 0 beth or now
nlghtl now 10 to 12 IncheR deel1 Then
It rlnod which InerenNed the ills
comforts and exposure At tho oxplm
tion of three tla3s the outfit was
brought back and the horses unloaded
In Sail LaIre tock yards whore they
now await word from the rlirolll
company lo go forward They may
be taken over the Southern Paclc
and down the coast If the bIg walhout
Is nol Boon repaired I Is co tnr 1
In Salt
McKay 10 a day Sai
1cKa beginning to wondr who wi
PR the freIght
loy In the nule of BuxtommThO
homo of Ho Albert Blxton formoll
11ntor of the Central Christian church
In ltll city and nOW at Newton Riots
has been visIted by the stork It Is a
SOle Vsorlc nud No PJohn K
hardy secretary of Gov WillIam
Spry wa appointed VednesdlY by
tho Juvenile court commission to act
as secretary without compensation
11 hardy succceds M A Broedcn
whO resigned
111el 10 1ctetrito Salt Ialto
Imtstltuo ot
chapter or the Americn Insttuto
baniclng will hold a bauquot this eve
fling at S30 oclocl at tho Commercial
club There will be 1 musical prOf11
Includln piano solectons trm Proto
cClelan violin selections from VI
lard Velhe and C J Netloton anll
vocal numbers from A J KIelburg
Brick PIom Sail UIsiou1rs R
D Carter retUnee lust night mon
tho D R G ralrond from Denvor
whoro she wal summoned by telegram
to tho dilth
on Dee 29 last to come
bed or her KlstOI 1 n WinnIe Jcme
Fleming When she heft lucre Hho knew
that hOI sister hacl met wllh nn lC
cldent but not the pre cilo nature of
It On her arrival Denver she learn
ed that her sIster Stud alreadY pnl0d
away Ai stated before In Tho NOses
Sirs Fleming was the victim or 1
11 struck
street car accident She was
at a street crossing not beIng scanned
of tho approach of thin car Mrs Car
such accltheimt some fatal
ter says accdell Iomo
are cry common In Doner aR a re
8ult of reckless driving or street cars
Tuecmuticlhi Waud InttutcThc Mu
tual Illolment wodaUons of th
istoiiticIi esard are arranging ti hoW
a cntcth ware membols oC lhe old
n runion ward Institute on rul31ay
evenIng Jan 20 In the word amusement
ment hll The program for the occt
sian cr111 be furnished by some of the
early orleel nat members of the In
stitute This society was organized en
Jan 20 1573 and was one or the first
and foremost pretieceasnis of thin 1 I
A organizations of the present tny All
persons who at any time wore member
oC lie Institute are Invited to b pr s
ent on this occasIon
Nol York Jan 6Threo heavily
armed men hold up a prlvato batik
In the Green Point section oC VB
lamshur today ali alen1tell to rob
It They were resisted and 011 of the
robbers wnl shot rho police report
od that aCer a 11ht the olldo
mans companions wcre captured
teitlm him
gc lnlnn Dllnt Comlll Vlthu Dc
mnnd and Vns KIlled
Chicago Jnn 6Falln 10 comply
with 0 domand for 3500 contained lit
letters signed The Black Hand which
he received through the mal sam
lmo no D Sennl GO years old 11
Italian merchant seas shot and In
tnnty killed by three men this morn
Inc whlo hQ lay asleep In tho neat ot
10 Con Wag Mach CoUT
10 UtahIdaho Sugar Pfd8 8 i
Con Ry Pow Cu Bonds 0034
10 Z C M L 1357 7
Bonds HouJht 1 Sold
10 t1ahldllll Sugar ptc r
11 Con VAI Mch Co
Amal Sugar Co pfd
John c Cutler Jr
Established 18
Doth Phone 515
hIs store The assailants esc d be I
fore tho police arrived and no arrest
hoo as yet ben made
nehlnglal Jan 6801I tor Perkin
or CalifornIa slipped on the Icy side
walk this morln In front or his hotel
and It in beloed severely Injured his
spIne Hc was carried to his apartment
where he was given prompt medIcal nt
ton lon
Senator Perkins har left his place ot
residence shortly after S oclock and was
proceeding cautiously along cf Ice glaz
ed surface of the sidewalk when ho
toll Ha struck the ground with terrlne
force and lay far several
li Ioveml seconds In a
ilanai ontiltlo
r < eondllao
Passersby went 10 hil aid nnd hn wee
carrler to his apartment Dr 0 Lloye
MnJrullr wits summoned and declared
the patient had suffered I severe wrench
ot tie spino iii
II additIon to painful
bruises about the body Senator Perkins
his not enjoyed the best at health for
some time and tho peculal nature oC
the present Injury wa such that hla
phslcll did not feet justified In Stating
how seOa he would reenter
Washington Jan GA scheme for a
government guaranty for a through
railroad project from tdewater to him
InterIor of Alaska In whhh the lug
Ienholm Interests figure 100ls back ot
a display or neararctc grin and
cgetublc9 that stocked the room or the
house committee on territorIes today
The Guggenholm mining Interests
hoo copper proprtIes In the Copper <
river sectIon and until recently I hid
been claimed that they an to no guar
anty Now a mOVement has been given
ncw life looking to general leglsldlol
to guarantee tIme interest on the bonds
of railroads built In Alaska after a I
certain IJOUnt of cnlluOlol work
has beon campleted Its advocates claim
that capital cannot bo Induced Into the
terrItory without i
torlory government coopcra
tlon The mater has not yet conic be L
tar the committee
Tho railroad project with its proposed
connections contemplates a tdewater
outlet at Cordova east of VnldGz the i
eastern terminus to be at Falrbrnk
not far from ho arctic j ca and the
exhibit on the territories commitee
table Is Intended to show what that
sectIon can plduco and promise In the
way or agricultural railroad trrlc
CIncInnati 0 Jan 6All danger or
a strike of the telegraph operators on
the BIg Foul railroad was effectually
ended today when the commIttee of the
Order of Railway Telegrapher and the
road officials at the company agreed tn
submit the entro controversy to ubl
I wa learned that the Order or Rai
saS Conductors and the Brotherhood
of Railway Trainmen through General
Chalrmen Hardosty and Reed of the two S
organizations are lucre formulating a j
list ot grievances to bo presented to al
rairoads entonn Cincinnati
Ems Mtty Itree seeks a divorce from
her husband John W Rose II a comm
plaint tiled his mornIng in lie Third
m l lJ tl
listnict court and obtained a s
Ing ordel prohIbIting him from with
emllg his money from the Deleret
National bank where he hss It deposit
ed ule r the name oC tV J Reick I
He deposited the money under nn alias
tho complaint says so that she would
know nothing about his affair She
charges him with failure to provide
They were marriott on January 25
195 Since April 8 1909 she alleges
that ho has r uscl to support her and
that sue line been compeled to work
for her own Ivlg She sks 10 bo
restored to her mnldon namo and
UWlrdd 1IIItnbie alImony
Amelia Sherman illed smut fur divorce
against Frank J Shlrmnn il the
Third district C01t lhll morn
IlS She alleges that hem hURbard hM
neglected to provide fOI her ald theIr
daughter Gladys 2 years old sInce
Aug 11 1909 They steno marrIed
lucre on Nov 12 1906 AIrs Sherman
asks fOI the custody of UIO chIld and
IHlnblo allon
9 r iitoimt probatIon officer of the
jiiveiuhio court of Jtiiub coumnt9 sub
milieu hIs yearly report to lie jtmvenlle
court comiunileshomu this morning During
the yeam he huu3ndled 155 cases Of
tIuI muummber 145 score hns and 13
scene girls ito settled 78 cases out of
An old fence line estabhishitI 40 years
ago hixel time boundary amid title to
3886 acres of land accordimug to out
opinIon hiandeui lossn thIs miuornlbmg iu
the case of John Rydtulcim cugiulntut C
Ieroy Andeisomi administrator of ha
estate of Charles L Andersomu altirtn
Ing ho jutlgmnent rendered by Juido 5
Li Ritehiie in favii of Andersohi 1
suit was brought to determine ads r
title to tIme land which Is sltuatd
Tooeie county Andersout ehosceti Ills
ho fobuco limbos had existed for tO ye
and that ho had been in poSsosOi i
the land for a number of years
Bought and Soil
For uotatlons and Informa
lion call up either pluono 325
343 Slain St Salt Lake CIty
I Jas A Pollock Co
Bankers and Brokers
No I West Second South Stretut
Stocks and Bonds Boaght amid Sell
in any market of the world
Iluuetest service to CbIeaO Boa
of Trade

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