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i TT iiii iit JI1I11 11TTT
Noted Warriors Who Took Part
jI In Subjugation of
Red Cloud
Tax on Oleo 3luy Ito roncrcll but Ollly
I After SUIT Opposition From
The Bullcr Trust
Vnsb In ton D C Jan lNlno
teen years ago Red Cloud the famous
Sioux Indian chief throw up tho
I i ponge and surrendered to a young
I f officer ot the United sttc cavalry
I I Capt C111lrles W TAylor Last week
lm ned Cloud died and by a tango co
I i Incidence on the exact anniversary oC
I his surrender two at mho participants
In that last or the Indian IIght met
and celebrated In Washington that an
I n1versary
I The 30th ot December 1909 the cold
I cat day In 14 years In washingtoa was
S a particular reminder to sonic ot them
ot that l1erce blizzard with tho ther
mometer 10 degrees below zero In Va
kola when the small United States
r army In the field ended the outbreak
er the Slouxs brought pence to the west
and virtually soWed the Imllan ques
m + tion for all time
1 Two old campaigners on that occa
sian entered Harvcys 00 Pennsl
I their races
I vania avenue with frost on
and dust In their throats to hold an
r l other reunion
Lleut Col Charles W Taylor ot the
i I adjutant generals office then a cap
S Lain In the Ninth United States caal I
ry and commander or the enlisted
i Ogallala Indlal1 scouts was one and
John M Burke The Major ro long
associated with Col Cody who by
the way WaS a participant the cam
palEJ1 was tile other But the recent
t celebrated Indian
zI denth of that most
warrior ned Cloud brought the ca
p lCcr ot this noted chief out prominently
and the fact ot his presence In the hos
0 tile camp and the stubborn determined
fight of The Mission left that last
r contest almost n drawn battle The old
rover demonstrated that his hand had
not lost Its cunning In the game of In
dian war and natle strategy In which
ho had been preeminent for nearly a
I score at years
It That Is history but It wall at es
j pedal Interest that the old opponent
I L ot Gen Harne Sherman Sheridan
i I t I IiIes ferrltt Crook Carl et al tams
it In practlcaU surrendered to an old
I Rochester boy Capt Charles W 1a
tI Capt Taylor occupied an unenviable
II I I position as thc rellablllt ot his red
i scents was by many doubted
4 Time official records howover show
that they stood loyal to Il man and
tl there was nothing they would not do
I I and dare for their beloved leader
Chief Charley White hat as they
named CIlPl Taylor
After the battles peace overtures In
l i which Col Cody and his associate
Burke assisted with effectiveness were
1 I made to the recalcitrants and with that
diplomacy which marked old Reds
career It was learned that he claimed
to have been forced out or soldiered
by his people and wanted to come In
A sly way he had of gaining the ad
miration or his warriors In battle and
I the plaudits or both iwhite and red In
h the resulting peace
It was through Talors scouts some
I I of whom had been captured and morti
fied by contemptuous treatment that
r I the wUey chief sent word to White
i Hat The negotiations were carried
on and one night the old Fox with a
couple or youngsters met a scout11ll1e
and was soon In the tent ot Capt Ta
i and In the morning was taken by him
rj to Beaver Coat Gen Miles to thl
end that he might assist In the final
lIe oUnUom which were completed
I after a visit to the hostile camps of thc I
i two last Indian peace commissioners
I Gen Jesse M Lee and Iaj John M
Burke It will always remain history
that lie at the greatest name for ae
tual achievements most tenacious up
i position most bloody records most
t I continuous enmity to while rule and
the very last and greatest native gen
l oral In the history of the ted mcool
I I Red Cloud made his last actual sur
render and smoked his final pipe of
I peacewith LlcutCol Chllrl IV
I r TayiorChief White Hat or the Og31
I laIn Indian scouts
1 In the 20 years which have elapsed
I since Red Cloud surrendered to him
I Copt Taylor commanded the colored
1 troops wllich saved the Rough Rld s
I l at San Juan when 1113 was shot all
I to pieces has served In tho Phlllprlne
II and again on the frontier and now it on
R Itafi duty where the inactivity Is ole
1 cidedly Irksome to 11 cavalry leader
j who Is at home In the saddle and at sea
I I In front of a desk
Press dispatchers from Valparaiso
Peru announce that there Is a report
f I current there that J PlerIJOnt 1101
kI gan Is organizing an English syndicate
with 11 capital or something like 160
I 000000 sterling to cover the nllr3to
Special envoy from President Zelna to President Taft and Secretor Knox
u uuuuuuuuu
product ot the world The Islands
on time Pacific coast at South AmerI
Cl cave for years furnished practical
ly all the nltrato deposits oC the earth
Peru and Chile fought several
wars over tho control ot some oC theso
Islands The recent death ot Goneml
lv 1V Dudley former eommllloner
or pensIons combined with a report
that banker Morgan Is engaged In a
plan to control the nitrates of the
world calls to I let fact stI t tho
socalled Landreau claim Is still un
settled Landreau was an American
citizen who purchased a concession
covering one ot the Perlivlan Islands
rich In guano deposits and as It Is al
leged was deprived or his holdings So
far back ItS the days of Secretary
Blaine this claim was a cause celobre
It has been a sUbject at negotiation
for upwards or three decades and It
Is alleged that the Geneva tribunal
decided In favor ot Landroau Il year or
tWO ago But the claim has never been
settled The orIginal lAnl1reau Is dead
his grandson has passed on and one
General Dudley was
or his attorneys
burled here only last neck General
Dudles surviving partner Gonoral
Mitchner Is or the opinion that the
attempt at the Morgan syndicate to
control the nitrated deposits may pos
slbly result In the ultlmato settlement
at the Landrellu claim But manana
Is the motto of the South American
countries and unless some vigorous
Knoxlan policy Is Invoked It may be
that several generations wl1 pass away
before the Landreou claim Is settled
In spite ot time fact that J Pierpont
Morgan Is trying to control the nitrate
deposits or the world
President Tart has answered the
question What Is whisk greatly to
the satisfaction of the gentlemen en
gaged In combining two or three dif
ferent distillations Attorney General
Bonaparte Insisted that whisk was the
direct product ot thc still with no
extraneous substances Incorporated
Any product or a rectifying establish
ment which contained more or less
than was produced tram the distillers
worm was according to 111 Bona
partos ruling a compound and not
whisk but President Taft has decid
ed that what Is known as whisky Is
commercial whisky From this time on
and noW he and his cabinet aN con
fronted with the question What Is a
The new penal code which went Into
effect on the first or January pro
vides that when liquors whether
spirituous vinous or mall are shipped
from one state to another the package
In which they arc sent must In ad
dition to giving the name of the con
signee show plain on time labels
the character or the contents and the
quantities ot same
Ordinarily whisk Is put up In bottles
five to the gallon Commerclolly
but the
bottles are known as quarts
question arises as to whether 01 not
a shipment contlllnln six of these bot
tles can be designated as six quarts or
whether the labels must show that
there are exactly slxIlrths or n gallon
Apparently there Is
In the package
no one yet competent to answer that
question The railroads and the ex
press companies who arc held respon
sible under heavy penalties for the
transport or shipments Improperly la
beled have declined to render an opin
Ion the law officers or the government
will not answer questions from parties
outside the executive departments and
the consequence Is that shippers are
In n quandary ns to where they stand
It Is probable therefore that President
Taft will have to supplement his deci
sion on the question ot what is whis
ky by deciding what Is a quart 7
Recent pressl1lspatches have asserted
that there Is n great trust In existence
to control the price or butter It Is
asserted that some or limo Chicago
houses dealing In dairy products havo
practically cornered the butter market
with the purpose or forcing the price of
this household necessity tot figure
t J e
r 975 J
Barton Annual 975
Suit and Overcoat Sale
Starts Saturday Morning January 8th
418 420 425 and 430 Suits and Overcoats
264 So State
which will net them enormous profits
which the consumer must make good
On top or that statement Representa
tlvo Burleson or Texas has Introduced
a bill which will shortly be considered
by time committee on agriculture or the
house to reduce the tax on oleomar
garine from 100 a pound to lSc R pound
The present tax Is 4c on uncolored
oleomargarine but It any colored mat
ter whatcver Is Incorporated Into the
product It will pay a tax of lOe n pound
Secretary MeVengh Is understood to en
dorse this bill heartily on the ground
that the lower tax rate providing some
amendments to the present law arc
adopted wlll assure the sale or oleo
margarine for exactly what It Is and
will at the same time Increase the rove
nues The Durleson Jill will undoubt
ed meet with strenuous opposition on
the part of the socalled butter trust
but at the same time the high price
ot butter has Induced many labor or
ganizations and other combinations ot
consumers to urge that the tax on the
Imitation product be reduced so that
those who desire to lubricate their food
with a wholesome article ot commerce
may not be forced to pay the exorbitant
tax ot lOc a pound for the privilege ot
doing so The present agitation prom
Ises to be as acrimonious as that or
190 which resulted In the forcing of
the Grout bill through Congress In spite
of the fact that at least 10 per cent or
those who voted for that measure were
honestly opposed to Its principles
A Story or the Echo Canyon War
By Susa Young Gates
A noW charming stOry by SUM
Young Gates just issued from the
press It Is adopted In tho Reading
Course or the Young Meos and Young
Ladles Association
Price 100 postpaid
The public health committee ot the
romans league held a meeting yester
day at the homo ot Dr Belle Gemmell
Who Is state secretary ot the public
health education committee and among
other timely subjects discussed was
that of prevention ot the spread at
tuberculosis for which the committee
is instituting a campaign The education
oil ft 1 ti t
tion committee is an organization of
women physicians ot the American
Medical association Its object being to
disseminate accurate information In re
gard ot the nature cause and proven
tlonof disease and to aid In the gen
eral hBlenlc wolrare at the people Dr
Katherine S Eager Is county chairman
ot the committee Lectures and papers
on sUbjects embracing a wide variety
or health topics will be given from time
to time Especially is It desired to
consider local conditions and needs and
timely discussions or such subjects will
be forthcoming
Deputy u S Irirshnl Jullau Riley In
diners In a Chilly Ride
The life or a deputy United States
marshal Is not all a bed oC roses which
will ho worn to by Julian Riley a memo
her of the local marshals force Mr
Riley has just returned from 0 trIp after
a comparatively unimportant witness
who waR located tar from any railroad
connection In the Nephl country The
deputy marshal showed up this morning
at the marshals office with a pair ot
had lookln cars and a nose which had
evidently made a close assocIation with
snow and friction
I had to drive B miles from Ioronl
to Nephl said the deputy after ho had
been thawed out by the fire and this
warm welcome ot his confreres There
was nol a minute or the time that the
mercury was not threatening to bust
the bulb Say that man Peary certainly
has got tho nerve Sure Thnts what r
went for I served the subpoena and am
sllli alive and kicking Quit Nol on
your life The good old summer time Is
coming amid when that fine old moon Is
In time sky It aint so bad after all those
long drives
Mr Riley says that while the weather
has been cry severe and limo snowfall
hens ho heard no reports ot loss ot
stock only some hardships which were
met by time stockmen
Dont Use Your Iotter Heads Scratch
paper for sale cheap at the Dellcrct
The Salt Lnke Symphony Orchestra
held Its regular weekly rebcarsal at tbe
Odcon nt 10 odoclt this morning be
tween ro and liO members being present
Miss Sybell1L Clayton who will bo the
soloist at time coming concert was also
present and rehearsed her number which
hall been changed frOm the Ltszt Concerto
to a number from Crier She oxprssed
herself al delighted with tho work ot
the Instrumentalist
The Sunday matinees at the Orphcum
threatened to disrupt the Symphony hut
the mnnncement or time house consented
to excuse the men early on the day the
concert OCCUr whIch will bo the 16th
nt tIme COlonial theater at hE p m
Have you 0 friend 01 acquaintance
In your former field at labor to whom
you would 1IIto to send a copy or the
Saturday or the SemiWeekly News
It BO take gdvantage ot our special
offer made to aid the great mission
ary work wo Bend tho paper ono
year to any point In the United States
Canada or Mexico at halt price 3100
This docs not apply to points wharo
there arc regular wards or stakes
Secy Knox Addresses Circular
Note to the Powers as
To Prize Court
Proposes That It bo Invested Rllh
Court or lrbltrul TusllccXo
Itepllcs Yet Reechcd
Washington Jan 6Vllh a view of
making International arbitration judl
clad In act nil well i9 In theory Seey
Knox lies addressed n circular note to
the powers proposing that the Juris
diction of the International prize court
authorIzed In 1907 by The Hague poem
conference be extended so as to make
It a court ot arbltrnl justice
This note was dated Oct IS 1909
No responses have been rcccived A
statement explaining time contents ot
tho note and reasons time proposal WClS
made was given out tonight by Secy
The International prize court was to
be composed or 15 judges eIght to 00
chosen from the larger maritime coun
tries Germany AushloHungary
lrance Great Britain Italy Japan and
the United States to serve six years
Other judges wore to be chosen from i
other nations and wero to sit far a
longer or short period as determiner
by the maritime standing at their rc I
Bpectlvo countries
In his statement Secy Knox says
The advantage at Investing the prlzo
court with the functions ot a court of
arbitral justice needs no argument be I
cause It Is obviously easier to utilize
an existing body than to create a now
Institution andas the judges ot the
prize court must necessarily be versed
In International law they could weill
bo entrusted with any question sus
ceptible to arbitration
The proposition has time very great I
advantage or providing the nations
with a permanent court ot arbitration
for the peaceful settlement ot contro
versies In times or peace whereas tnc
prIze court as such presupposes a
state or war for without war the
capture at property Is Illegal
UtilizinG the method of composition
or the prize court by thus Investing It
with the jurisdiction and functions or
a court or arbitral justice would con
stitute thIs latter 11 tribunal and the
world would thus have for the states
freely consenting to and accepting the
proposition ono International judiciary
to adjudge cases arising In peace as
well as controversies springing from
war The court would thus be per
manently constituted and would In
reality be permanent obviating the de
lay Involved In the creation of n tem
porary tribunal and developing intr
natlonal law by a series lri carefully
considered precedents by judges care
fully chosen and acting under a sense
et judicial rcsponslbllt I
Arbitration would not merely bo 13
both Hague conferences have said the
most efficacious and most equitable
method ot settling disputes whIch ell
plomnc has failed to adjust but would
be judicial In fact as well as In theory
Secy Knox proposed that nations
confronted with constitutional objec
tions In the matter ot direct appeal
from their national courts to the prize
court might present instead of tho
Judgment at their national courts the
question involved In the capture at
Issuo that the proceedings In such n
CILSO should bo In the nature or a re
trial de novo and that the judgment or
the International prize court should be
limited to the award or damages for
Illegal capture
A13 constituted by The Hague confer
ence the prize court was to be a court
or appeals either from the original na
tions court In which the case was tried
or from the judgment ot Its appellate
The United States lets not sub
mltted judgment of Its court to Inter
naUonal tribunals explained Secy
Knox alUmough It has frequently pre
sente questions Involved In Its courts
to mixed commissions and ha promptly
paid the awards when the decision of
tha mixed commission has taxed the
United States with lIafblllt not found
iy Its national court Appeal from a
court at the United States might raise
a delicate and difficult ClIestion of con
stltutlonal hart and render difficult it
not Impossible the rall1catIon or the
prize court by the United States
The difficulty Is one of form rather
than substance for whether tho prin
ciple Involved In the judgment bo decid
ed 01 the judgment ot a national court
bo submitted time result will be time
same namely n decision upon the
legallt of the capture
How Is your stock ot Lettor Heads
Envelopes Bill Heads and other ot
Ice supplies
Lot us figure with you on blank
book certificates booklets or ro
celnts In tact anything In the print
Inc line
lineYo guarantee satisfaction
An Impromptu and unique light some
thing not on the bill or there might
havo been a rush for tickets took place
Tuesday night at the Richards treet
toknlIng rink It wa In fact a fight
on skate And there were live
lively participants young men ot the
town Every well landed blow 19 said
to Lava floored Its victim and every miss
brought a man to floor At ono period or
the spicy contest most ot the pLrllclpants
were sprawled on tho hoer scrambling
to regale their feet or rather their
skates The wholo affair started ocr
one young fellow thlnklll ho lied been
maecessanlly jostled by another
Louis Jamcs the actor and wire ar
rived In Salt Luke this morning and
arc guests at tho Knulsrotd
Contractor w 1t Atkinson or Colo
rado Springs Is at time Kenon having
come west In connection with work to
bedono at Fort Douglas Mrs AUdn
son Iii with him
The Concordance of the Book ot Mor
on by GlJo Reynolds Reduced to
Leather 600 Cloth GOO The most
completo concordance published Con
lame Siil pages Your ward and home
library Ie not complete wIthout It
Send your order to the
Helena Mont Jan iAll Northern
Pacific passenger trains lrc snow
bound east ot Livingston Northern
Pacific ornelal expect to get lrtin3
through the heavy drifts by morning
Dell Moines la Jan 1 when It be
came 11l1Iarent Tuesday night that the
snowfall would continue orders were
issued by ralhOads throughout lawn to
Quspend freight traffic Efforts have
been made to continuo passenger tnLf
fic although trains on all lines arc from
five to nine hours late A fuel amino
II Imminent
The usual ofllc1al changes mado on
the Denver t Ito Grande ICcm to luLO
been confined this year to the Colorado I
divisions one ot them being time pro
motlon or n C Ten Eck to be super
Intendent or the third 111IHlon with
headquarters nt Gunnlgon The 11081ton
or assistant superintendent abolished
S H Barnes Is made superintendent or
tho fourth division with headquarters
at Alamosn and J L Fagan Is ap
pointed general boilermaker foreman
with Jurisdiction over tho entire Ss
tem IV E Miller superintendent or
the first divisIon with headquarters at
Pueblo has resigned
Passengers on the Overland Limited
from Denver due to reach Salt lAke
late yesterday afternoon did not roach
here until after 10 oelock this morn
Ing They had to lay over several hours
In Cheyenne
Engineer Hogan Conductor Reddy
and Brakemen McNabb and Cochan
our must bear the blame for the do
mllmcnt of extra freight train No I04G
on the Oregon Short Line one and a
half miles wet or Disney Ida Decem
ber 29 l1ccordlng to a board ot Inquiry
convened at Pocatello
Goncml Supt T C Dailey or the Rio
Grande lines In Utah has returned
from no trip to Baltimore Ito reports
bitter cold weather down east and
hooy railroad traffic
At cut rates to all paidlip subscrlb
en ot the Saturday 01 Semiweekly
Noise Only 250 at our office
Postage 7G cents extra
The NellOl1 Ricks company filed
articles of incorporation with the coun
ty clerk yesterday placing the capital
stock at 10000 In shares ot 10 each
or which 200 are held In tho treasury
The company takes over the business
of Nelson Itlcks 171 Second Fast
tre ts ClfftJ r8S rJx
street for 48000 Officers are J A
Nelson president N n flicks vlco I
president and manager and these with
Elizabeth Ricks Rebecca Nelson and
Jool Nlbloy comprlro the directorate
w Trimmer Is named as secretary
and treasurer
Articles or the Tom TholllpOn com
pany ot Salt Lake were med with the
county clerk wHit n capital ot 500 In
dollar shares The officers are L E
ShurtillT 1331 shares president and
treasurer J P Thompson 833 shares
vice president L H Young 1333
shares secretary and G E Thompson
with 500 shams and J B COSlrllT with
1000 shares complete directorate
1ho company will do a taIloring busi
Time Hornet Mining company with
headquarters In Salt Lake 1IhIl articles
In the county clerks office The capital
stock III = GQOOO In shares ot 10 cents each
or which 00000 aro held as treasury
stock Officers are Henry South
worth president GoorJO Saxton sccre
tary and treasurer Those with Robert
T Southworth Jlht1 Southworth and
Sarah A Saxton are the directors
Articles or tho Young Moos company
or Spanish Fork taking over the Young
1Iens Consolidated Coopcmtlvo Insti
tution at 9500 were filed with the sec
retary ot state yesterday The com
pany has a capital ot 75000 in U0
shares subscribed by about 75 residents
ot Spanish Fork Dlredors are Thoma
D Jones A D Itockhlll Henry Gard
ner Alma Andrus Benjamin Arfiyis
and John E Drown
Ely Ncv Jam IItlll feel that
the JeltrlesJohn fight will KO to Sail f
Lake City said leoc nlckard tOday
when shown Gas Sprs statement made
last night through the Associated Press
Thl laws oC Utah relative to boxing
contests and 1Imllefl round meets aTe d
hased on the California code which her
mits such contests r can see no reason
why the governor should bike sue I
stand and I still believe thAt hn enl
convinced that the contest will ho strret
ly within the law
If Utah turn the fight down come
he contlnurd Il 1M more than likely
that It will 10 to California J do not
know exactly hero It will ItO hut Cal
Ifornla has the heat chance Thc bail
nose men or lay hao offered to J11Ar3n
tee 1110 against Loss In limo matter It I
will pull the fight aft here This matter 5
I will consider carefully heforo any de rc
cisIon hI reached Ely certainly will
kayo a lookIn on limo might 1t Utah goes
against 1t
A book or 140 pages chowlng the lat
terda apostasy
This book 18 Invaluable and India i
pensablo to missionaries and all other j
students of Church history It deals
thoroughly wltlm limo origin of rho Re t
organized church and conclusively
proves It to be at apostate sources al
so that that church has departed from 1
the doctrines ot the Prophet Joseph
Smith and now attacks them 1ndle
tlvely denying many at tho principles
of mho gospel The book also treats
tho Succession In the Presidency and f
By Elder Joseph F Smith Jr
Just published bY the Deseret News
Cloth binding per copy to cents 1n
paper 20 cents
I Peary s 1
° a f Own G
t Story i
of the f
Ii < of the w
North Pole
As a true patriotic American you simply must read this vivid 1
thrilling narrative of the most remarkable accomplishment of modern
times It is full of human interest adventure grit and the lure of the
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A 50 000 Feature The high stpricededit rial feature that has ever
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most entertaining most thrilling historical narrative ever published It will
appear exclusively in HAMPTONS during 1910
ExPresident Roosevelt Says 1 am proud beyond
measure as an AmerI
can that this one of the great feats of the ages should have
been performed by a fellowcountryman of ours VVe are all
Pearys debtors all of us who belong to civilized mankind It
is the great feat of our generation i
Admiral Evans Opinion of the Panama Canal is another very irlt
portant feature In
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Evans articles are of immense importance to every business man in America i
= = 1
Tffl 1
S ffiThn 0 w Iny JNJ w
Teas llD411j rr ii 1h CIr p W N tmmJil1f IRl lcIh1DIfi
fdJn Clllllafrl kml ii
WS f m Am a ° c
It drculates extomdy in Utah Idaho Wyoming Arizom Nevada
Colorado Mexico New Nmcico and Western Casad where DO I
other Utah paper is taken
Ba llft9 8 D 17 WJoctSp wlhMh mmm1m1fmcd 01 1
bD 0mm 9 aml Iramcl1 comqmm
m Rmi

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