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IAJ EDITIOiJ DE SE R E T Ii V E N I N G N1EW S QunntltorClrcnlnlIonWlthnntQ Tcrtlscr P085Cflreq Tho Llttl NcwI VnhlC Orrrr to Doth tho Ad
Comes This Afternoon With Pre
liminary Session This
Arhur Elc or CoIormlo Tells
Silcelmlcn W1mt 10 Thinks or
p Conservation
oen Uub Jan 8Tho mornln
sesIon of the National Vool rowers
conventiOn was devoted principally to
the fnls1Ins up of scheduled ad
drese leaving the final session of the
conVention this afternoon to the adop
tion or resolutions and the election oC
The Sheep Industry of Nevada
was reviewed by C H DuberS or Elko
The secretary read a pnper by T
Arthur Eddy president of the Natonal
Public Domain league of Denver Cob
revealing the hidden motives of the
onorvaton alarmists
3 Arthur Eddy who spoke today ar
ralgned the present plan oC forestry
Rb Is president of the Natonnl Pub
j1cDoma1n league Denver Colorado
During his speech he attacked the po
sion taken hy I paper published In
the Interest of the conservation of nat
llral resources Characterizing the bu
cau or forestry as a mongrel cross
between patrlnrchlsm and I benign autocracy
tocrac reared by n socialistic wet
nurse he chalcnlcd the bureau to
show that there Is danger oC a timber
amino In 25 01 30 years and asserted
that the annual growth of timber prac
tically equals Its consumpton
Upon the statement of the United
States geological survey lie contn
uC I challenge the assertion that
there will be a coal famine In 10 years
and pint to the government reports
that our coal supply equals 300 bIllion
Itns and that our annual consumptIon
Is lpqs than hal a billion tons
When the government reports that
OU stock of Iron ore In present dl
Iovrle equals 6000000000 tons ot
high Sade ore and 5000000000 tons
of lower grade are wIth an annual
consumption oC 5600000 tons Ich l
lngc the statement that we will have
nn Irn ore famine In 30 01 40 years
Upon the authority or the United
States census showing that the aer
njt yield pci 1ctc of all our prln
dpal ClOpS has been the greatest tur
Ing tho lat rcdcI challenge the
Etatement that our soil Is becomIng
I hlionge the conservatIonists to
l lsent a plausIble theory as to how
and when our water powers could be
lTad Into a monopoly
The real true conservationist 13
I nol the man who rides and rerldes the
continent In Pullman car lmrngucs
the people with alarms and upon their
i 1 guilt In using our resources to develop
I the country But the real conser
lonlsl Is the man who silently and
without ostentation Is delving In the
laboratory and shop to solve problems
I is perfecting the gas engIne Improve
methods for stocking and coal combus
I tion economical coal mining appl
ances timber preserving treatments
practical substitution or Iron cement
apcretc for wood substitution of
waterfais tides mineral oIl peat
shales and even the suns
I rays for coal Improved methods or
I farmIng new cP plants Improved
live stock and the thousand and one
flCIievements hat day by day are bc
Ing announced
Dr A D Melvin chief o the bureau
or animal industry adthccsed the
mldlesed con
cnton on the bureau of animal in
ustry and Its attitude toward lip and
Ill ulrraton and SOlO mouth lambs
Dr Melvin of the bUreau of animal
Industry who was 01 todays program
9Hiued the convention that his bureau
was nmlous to
cooperate wIth the
tolmen Ho discussed the nature of
cbeep dlseales In a gen ral way and
the steps taken to cure them He saId
a great plrt or the country had boco
released already from quarnntin and
Ie hoped that the bureau would bo able
i to release the western state affected In
it reasonable time
Dr MelvIn was foliowed
Wa rolowed br Dr John
n 1oh1er chIef of the pathologlCal
division of the bureau of animal In
dU8t who gave a scientific dlsqulsl
ton on the nature and treatmont ot
iheep diseases A F Potter fsslstlnt
forester of the United States dlsClSa
the forestry sellce and Its relation to
the ttoclnnen He said he believed that
a tetter understanding was growing
up between the forestry service and
stoekmcn and he honed that In thn
near future they would be able to work
In harmony
He said ho had ben sent out IW the
secretary oC a lculure to come her
and find out the russ or friction and
what was neccssn to remove them
He reviewed the criticisms against the
regulations of the forest service and
explained the reason of the adoption
f these regulations for the heM Inter
sts or all concerned lie recommended
flu effort to secure uniform bounty
laws for the QItrctim or predatory
wid R1hnals At the afternoon sessIon
the committee on resolutions made Its
report realing as follows
The commIttee on resolutions submit
ted th following report
The National Voolrowers assoJa
tlQnn Its IOItyslxth annual cmcn
ton 18Bombied at Ogden Utah for the
urose of considering matters ot vial
importance to our Industry vlz thc
use ot the national forest and the pub
lic lands a they pertain lo the live
stock Industry the exterminatIon of I
f predatory wIld anImals tariff leA Is
laton railroad transportation oC live
stock rte and service In the shIp
mOnt ot sheep and wool the national
warehouse and storage company and
other matters pertaining to the sheep
Industry submit the followIng 18 an
expression of our views and wishes per
taming to thee maters
Because ot the serious losses sus
tamed by those engaged In the live
stock Industry In the transportation
or stok to market due to slow mov
mont of railway trains and lonG and
unnecessary elaYB which we attribute
to the tonnage system now In vogue
which fact wehac repeatedly called
to thc attention ot the railroad ollcla
without obtainig complete r ler and
Inasmuch a this condition obtains on
Practically ever railroad tCI In
the United States we deem It n proper
wbJcl for the consideratIon ot tho
Nntlntl Yool10 WOI association
We recommend that this u8socla
tion send a commIttee to Washington
shall endeavor to have a speed
mInjmttm speeo
mlnlmlm clause
added to the prcscht
fedorai prele
fedorl law known as the 3Ghour
lmit which goverqs the ship
lent ot live tock and provides lr
humane treatment
forts Wo of mot American heartily commend Humane the of
ton 11 behalf o legislatIon along assoeia those
lnes and take this Opportunity to ex
press our appreciation or Dr William
0 Stlman Its Worthy president for
his 11
untiring efforts to
untring erOtS secure the enact
meat of humane
legislaton Vo recm
mend that our commite be Instructed
to cooperte with the American Hu
mane associatIon In seeurln
nsoclaton securing the enact
meat ot tho 16mile speed limit
ISmie lmit
laton recommended by the assocIatioj
Wo associaton
would further recommend that
thIs commite should also appear be
fore the
te Intertate commerce commIs
sion for the purpose of obtaining an
equitable reducton In the minimum
rte on carload lots of sheep and par
ticularly lambs and also brInging before
the commission the fact that the pres
ent freight rates on wool are excessive
and wholly out of proportion with th
rate on other commoditIes in carload
Our industry having received the
recognition due its importance In the
protection afforded It by the recent
enacted PayneAldrich
tariff law and
fully realizing that nothing so quickly
demoralizer sheep husbandry as tariff
tinkerIng tve therefore strongly trt
DI Plllmlj Is Chief of the Bureau
OF Anlmul 1miutry of alul He
ns GIdlatcd at Yule In 18Dl
pose any attempt by anyone whomso
ever to amend schedule K
We express our appreciation to all
members of the United States Selltc
and Congress who so earnestly urleed
for the ieglttlation 80 necessary to
make wool growing with proUt lc the
t0ekmnst rs ot this nation
We recommend that tIle National
Vooisrowers association mplY eely
means within i Its power to encourage
the future development of the wool ii
dushyln tho United States Produc
tion should bo fostered in all sections
ot the countn and the industry nation
a1hed Nothing would do more to en
courage the industry on rangeand farm
than to Impart a feeling of confidence
and certaInty In our ability to protect
ourselves against unwise legislation
and ncY rcocondlt ns
The United States arc the greatest
wool using market M th9 world and I
Is therefore the ditty or the NatIonal
Yoolgrowers association fo exert
every plslble effort to supply the eel
Incr asin demand of our countrs
consumptIon of this staple product
Being at all times In full accord
with any p 1clc havIng for their pur
lOSe the conservation and development
of our natural resources we are de
Hlrous of according to the promotion
of such policies our hearty coopera
tion realizIng that future generations
IS well al we of the present wi enjoy
the fruits resulting
Therefore a e take this position that
the government authorities In promot
Ing their policy of the conservation oC
the natural resources or the country
cannot accomplish greater results In
any way more satisfactory to the people
pie than 1 invitIng the cooperation
of those concerned lhe regulations ot
the forestry service which our oxper
lence has taught us are established
more on theory than knowledge have
worked untold hardships and annoy
ance to our Industry and have been
productive oC severe but just crilcm
ot fQres service administration This
his been brought about by the enforce
meat of regulatIons unsuitable to the
proper and profitable conduct ot the
business and we think tho mistakes
of thc past can be avoided If men of
experience In handling sheep on the
range are brough Into conference with
the forestry sclce Thlrefore we In
sist upon equal consideration with the
forestry omeialsI the tOlmulaton or
the rules and regulatIons that shall
obtain In the management ot forest
We condemn the prctse or the for
estry service In Imposing burdensome
fInes without giving the party fined a
trial before a court competent juris
diction The principle Is un Amercn
and tyrannical This prctse maea
the supervisor the party Injured the
judge and the jury
Certain lads In the national forest
that are unsuitable for cattle grazing
arc closed to the razing of sheep Such
a polIcy Is a detriment to the sheep
industry and of no benefit to the ctto
owners ana a consIderable loss to the
government In grazing fees We de
mand that such areas In forest resenes
ns are not required for cattle and
horses be thrown on for the grazing
ot sheep In order that the numbers
of live stock may 0 incresed and the
situation very much relieved with ret
erence to the increasing shortage or
mot products
Ye recommend that the secretary of
agriculture have an investigation made
by experienced men that the thousands
or dollars worth of summer feed now
going t waste on the forest reserves
may bo made use or by the stockmen ot
the surrounding country
We extend Hon Secy Wilson or the
department ot agleulture our sincere
thanks for his visit to the west during
lhe past year to met the users or the
national forest reserves This visit has
already done much to brIng about a
better reeling between the forest super
visors and the user or the reserves
We sincerely hope that SC Wilson
I will take a firm hold ot the great con
servation policies or our natural re
serves For we blec It only needs
the application ot god common sense
along brpad business lines lo make I
I all that the people hope fora blessing
to this and future generations
Realzln that the stockmen of the
I public Iqnd states suffer great loss each
year from the depredation of wild ani
mals and believing that an ample and
uniform bounty will ulUmately result
In the erdicaton of such animal ana
te lack OfSltchbount will result in
Continued on vacc two
b < < 1
Denounced by Speakers at Har
many Conference of Six Hun
dred Missouri Democrats
Says PJnchots Dismissal Is First Step
In Rooscclts Candidacy UClub
ban Nomination for President
Kansas City Ja SMore than 60
Missouri Democrats gathered at Con
vcnton hal hero today in a harmony
conference Most ot the leader of
the party In the state were on hand
and the spirit or all the speeches was
lissourl must b redeem
Cannonism and Aldrlchlm so
termed br the speakers wa denounce
Three of the speakers James A
Reed of Kansas City and eeGo
Dald n Francis and Joseph W Folk
are regarded a candidates for the
United States senate to sucec Vl
llama Vainer Republican whose term
expires on March 3 191 and at the
Informal conferences hold before tit
big meeting wus called to order the
race fO senator was dIscussed freely
The nalngerPlnchot episode was In
jected Into the gatherIng when Repr
sentalve Champ Clark minority leader
In the house of representatIves aid
In an Interview
rho dismIssal of Forester Plnchot Is
one or the first steps In Roseelt3
candidacy for the Republlan nomina
tion for president And If Roosevelt
runs for president It will b the hottest
lht thl has taken place In a Re
publcn conventIon since Grant was
defeated in the dogas of lSS0
Two sosslons of the convention were
held II time morning speeches were de
livered bj A M Dcker a former
governor James A Reed and Senator
WIlliam J Stone
Norman E Mack chairman of the
national Democratic committee who
hud bon invited sent a letter oC regret
Tonight a 2 n plate dinner wIll be
held and Representative Champ Clark
will be the principal speaker
Defective Wiring the Cause of Damage
At Pretty Residence 01
n t Booth
DefectIve wJrlng In the attIc or the
handsome home oCW P Kiser 160
south Thlrtc9nt eatstreet ya thd
cause of a cost lire shortly before
9 oclock this mol InS and had It
not been for the prompt response ot
time fire department and tho quick
work done by the lire thtersot No
4 station commanded by Ch Glore
nearly 20OOO would have gone up In
hO damage done to the buIlding
which Is a twostory brick valued at
2000 amounts to 1000 and the
los on the contents valued at 6000
i1 rdach at least 500
The lire was discovered IW ills
Kiser but not until It had gained con
siderable headway The smoke pene
trated the lower rooms and then broke
out through the roof Mrs Kiser at
once turned In an alarm and then
notified Mr Kiser The apparatus
from No 4 was soon on the scene
and Chief Glorc drove from headquar
ter By this time names and smoke
issued from the roof and could be
seen ly resident on tho bench and
students at the university
When Chief Gore arrived neighbors
had begun to carry out the furniture
but he told them It was not neeesary
0 the fire was confined to the attic
The los to the content was caused by
smoke and water
Considerable difficulty was encoun
tered by the firemen when they laid
a line of hose from a lire plug near
the Khmer residence The hydrant was
frozen and the hose had to bo un
coupled and taken to another fro
nlu In addition to a line ot hose
from the hydrant the chemical en
gine was brought Into requIsition
After n fight ot moro than an hour
time flames were extinguished The fire
did not get Into thc lower rooms and
did not bur oft the roof The loss
both to the building and contents Is
fully potected by insurance
Garden City Men Hope to Keep Tin
tic Central Property In Their Own
lmul for Another Yell
Speclll to The News
Provo Jan STo struggle for con
trol of Tlntc Central started early this
morning and the two factions showed
in time Held earl The struggle Is be
tween the Prove Interests backing A
N Holdaway and others and the
Eureka interests in which L Co Doty
C C GrlgS and Arthur Thomas of
Dern Tomas are the leaders
Time meetIng was caned to order rt
1 oelocle this morning and various
reports were heard The manager
made his report and thc auditng com
mlteo also retorted A committee ias
appointed to compile the proxes I
there Is an cnolmOUI number or thom
After the appointment or the latter
commIttee an adjournment was taken
until 2 oclok In the afternoon
The managers report stated that
durIng tIme year 1909 the company ex
pendcd for development work taxes
equipment and various other expenses
Sl602071 and that there II now a bal
ance In the treasury ur U3832 I
was also reported that the shaft IH now
In a lime formation and the water
Is drying up 80 that It Is giving the
company no trouble Everything is dc
care to be In a most fsvorablaconii
Both sIdes this morning are cnldent
or winnIng but thero seems to bo hut
little doubt that the Provo crowd
will be able to control the situation I
i J
Summary Dismissal of Chief For
ester Pinchot by President
Taft the Cause
To Thln1 Whmzit May be the Rcsult
Conjecture ps to Outcome
Fill the Air
Washington Jan 8Glford Plnchot
chic forester or the United States yes
terday Is a private citizen today ap
parcnty unconcerned ad smiling In
great contrast to the political ferment
In which Vahlgton finds itself
The summary dismIssal conveyed lat
night In time presidents letter In the
closing lines ny your own accord you
hao destroyed your usefulness as a
helpful subordinate oC the government
and It now becomes my duty to direct
time secretary ot agriculture to romovo
you from your ofce I the forester
hns brought nothing from Mr Plnchot
more than the simple statement I
would prefer to Bay nothing at this
time but polUtcl Washington almost
trembles think what may be the 10
Plnchot today In time opinion ot
ninny becomes the pivot on which the
Insurgent fight with the aministraton
can turn its suns The effect of Pin
chot the personal friend of Theodore
Roosevelt and head champion of the
Roosevelt conservation policies being
ousted from the official family of Presi
dent Taft Is another phase of the con
jectures which fill the air The effect
or Plnchots dismissal upon the congressional
gressional investigation ot Secy Bal
linger and the land office Is another
In the ominous silence which fell on
time whole situation followIng the first
bammg after the cabinet meeting at the
White House yestorday many ot the
political forecasters see unmistakable
signs of a great tempest within tho
Republican part with ramifications
which some oC the most sanguine fear
to think about
thnk ut
There Is only one con luslol tipon
which all are unnnimous u That Is
there Is a great fight on hand ole
which tepr ldent ha sought to
o tl re lleatnld In i
nyJ <
forcing It at thIs tlmbho dismissal
of Plnchot the presidents supporters
uinlntaln that Mr Taft has considered
all the probable effects and conse
quences and has decided to see It
through Vlthin a few minutes after
the president had Instructed Seey
Wilson to remove ilr Plnchot from I
omee the order had been carried out
Similar letters or dismissal wore
sent at the same tIme to Associate
Forester Oerton W Price and As
sistant Law Officer Shaw the two men
whom Mm Plnchot defended in the let
ter to Senator Dolver which was the
cause Ol ono of the contributng causes
of his dismissal
Mr Plnchot wa at his office early
this morning Ho promptly took up
the closing up ot his work and expect
ed to have a very busy day To all
appeals for further statements regard
Ing his dismissal by President Taft Mr
Plnchot merely smIled his declInation
lo contribute further to the news on
that subject
Throughout the bureau of forestry
there was a feeling of alarm ns to
what might become of the organizaton
which had been to such a large degree
the work of the late chief forester
All of the Qfclall of this department
who occupy places of responsibility
WCIO personally selected by him
Whether or not there will be any fur
timer shapeup of the bureau Is a ques
tion that Is today calling forth a great
deal or concern with In the bureau
George P McCabe the solicitor ot
the agricultural dOpartmeOt called on
111 Plnehot In his office early In tho
day and presented to him a letter from
S WIlson which designated 11
McCabe as acting forester
Albert F Potter an assJstant for
estel In the servIce who had been pre
viously desHnated by time secretary to
relieve Mr Plnchot a forester being
In the west and not able to return for
several days I became necessary this
morning to namo some one else In his
place 11 Plnchot gave 11 MCCabe
a heart welcome andsld he was
ready to turn ocer the bureau to him
at once
Word then being passed around that
Mr Plnchot was about to leavo the
building the scores or emp10cs who
occupy time eight floors of the big office
building In which the bureau Is beat
ea gathered In the osembly room al
the top floor
11 Plnehot met them his entrnlce
being signalized by deafening applause
No candidate returning Irons sued
cessCul campaign ever was greeted by
a 1010 onthu lastlc demonstration thun
that accorded to the late forester Mr
Plnehot bade farewel to al who flied
by A little later he left the buIlding
frs Mary lCflUuh Passes cnc
fully Away at the UCBIIcnco
Of lcr Daughter
Special to The News
Ogden Jan 8Mrs Mar Kava
liaugh the oldest woman In Ogden died
at noon today at the homo ot her
dnughtcr 2128 Sherboure avenue ot
Inlnntc incIdent to old age She
I was born In Ireland1I years ago and
came to America 64 years ago and t
Utah 38 years ago coming hero with
her ton James Kaatlaulh a prominent
railroad contractor or those early days
vho operated from errcI She hived
there a hOt tIme but she ha resided
most ot the time In Ogden She Is well
known In this city a well M In Salt
Lake She II survived by one daughter
12 grandchildren and a large numor or
BrentSIJndchldrn Funerlunnunre
mont will ho made 1ater
Rush of Cal Money to 14 Per
Cent Showed Them They Had
Made a Miscalculation
Unsettling Influence oC Presidents
Message Iml Wage Queston
Were llortnnt Factors
New York Jan 8The furry In cell
money to 1 per cent on Monday ot this
week admonished tIme speculative hold
ers or securities that the hope or prompt
relaxation with time turn ot the year
was n mIscalculation The heavy un
landing ot Rock Islan stock nt tho smo
time aroused fears that a speculative
positIon was beig forced In the oxer
ese at discplna meues for recent
market manipulation ot that slack Tho
fears or tho effect to be produced by
the presidents message made another
unsetting influence To lhls was added
the consideration or the wage question
invited by specific disputes a well as
by the wIde spread attention IIcn to
the subject or the high cost of living
These unscttng Intuences were per
ceptblc all wee In the stock market
There WAS no well defned tone In the
openlnj stock market today A rise or
3 in brie first preferred was the ommly
Change in excess of a poInt The
list sagged after the opening Union
Paclfc Southern Paile Readlnl New
York Central Atchison and Chesapeake
Ohio falling oft 2 to 7 Thc resist
nnco shown by United States Stet and
the large subsequent orders for
the stock which carried It up to E
caused n general rally In which Read
Ing recovered a point Prices however
were not well sustained
The market coed tr PriCes hard
ened slowly toward the end or the day
In sympathy with the lpolnt rise In
United States Steel Rock Island pre
ferred Baltimore Ohio Illinois
Baltmore Ilnol Cen
tral Denver Rio Grande Iclede Gas
and St Luis San Francisco second
Rreferrd rose I United States Express
and Philadelphia company 3
Ogden Jan 8A F Roberts assistant
forester or tho United States who has
been in attendance on the National Weal
growers association len for Washing
ton today In response to instructions
from Secretary or A rlcu1ure Wilson
Declares Thc Have Too Many
hcll 9J lhlth Iw
Flds cnnler Gimilty
Nick Alexander ono of the proprle
tor of a pool and billiard hal was
found guilty by Judge Bowman this
morning of violatIng the pool table
ordinance by keeping the place op n
on Sunday
The defense sought to show that
Alexander coUld rot be guilty ot vIolat
Ing the ordinance Inamuch a he sas
simply a momber of a club or corpoma
ton The case upon an agreed state
ment or facts had been submltcd to
Judge Bowman and II rendering his
decision the court took occasion to
make a few caustic remarks relative to
the shomes hatched by saloon men
law and keepers or pool halts to evade the
Judo Bowman declared that In this
case I was Quite apparent there was
a deliberate attempt to escape punlsh
I mont for violation of the law and that
the keepers of the place had undoubted
I permite the gmes to run on Sun
day He called attention t the fact
that there 010 but three officers In the
socalled club and there was no pro
vision for a meetIng oC stockholders
unt1911 Ater finding the d01endnt
guilty as charged Jan H was the date
sot for sentence
H F Robinson a druggIst charged
wlt sell1 liquor on Sunday was time
next loser followIng a hard fight I
seems that Chlo Barlow gave to hIs
secretary Herman L Bauer money
with which to purchase lquor from
Robinson The evidence showed that
Robinson sold the liquor Counsel tr
the defendant argued that al the city
was a party t the oCrense mmd In fact
invited a violation or the ordinance
the accused could not be held Judge
Bowman took a different view of the
mater and sale there Is a law against
the sale of liquor on Sunday and that
time person selling It no mater to
whom would b guilty ot the offense
Robinson will be sentenced Monday
Big Show of Utah State Poultry lS
socntlon Next Week Promise
To bc n Winner
The great American hen and roster
vibl hold out next week under the
aegis ot the Utah State Poultry aso
elation at 10 west Second South street
In comlon parlance the chicks who
wear the gold medals 0C pedigree wi
be exhibited tom the delectation or time
nubile for one sold week so that all
who come may read time hand writing
on the poultrywmdhi
From present Indicatons time poultry
show promises to he the best In the
history of the city The facers and
those who raise the birds moro for
money than for love have been taking
a lively Interest In the event and
George Strlckley president or the as
sociation has been losing sleep and
many business hours In striving
making the show a big success
The entries have been coming In fast
carpenters have been busy In mak
lag up the prpr nccommn6datioas and
the proudest game cock of time bunch
will have no kick coming over the
quartors afforded The prizes which
arc being oterell are vcr generous and
include ever possible entry The en
tries close tonight and all birds must
put In an appearance by 9 oclock Mon
day morning C Y Keeler ot Vlnl
mac lad ot national reputation as an
appraiser of poultry merits 15 to be
Cnmbrldge MaSs Jan SCo James
Parr Amos dean ot the Harvard law
= = T
school and formerly chairman ot the
athletic committee on I the university
died today
Dean Ames who was C years old w ns
n beading authority on suretyship nfl
miralty partncrfhlp ant equity June
diction and author or numerous legal
Iiutisba On easter shOre at Lake Al
bert Ugantl IlrOlector Jan S
The SmithsonIan African scientific ex
Idlton arrived at Rhino camp the
basis for the hunt of the eagerly sought
white rhino early today Rhino camp
river Is on the Congo side of the BareJebel
The hunting part left Butnbn at 10
oclock yesterday morning and reached
Keba 10 I
lobn at minutes before mldnhht
Forty minutes later the journey val
continued to Vadclnl amI thence to the
camp which was reache at daybreak
The trip from lutuba across the north
cnn end or Lake Albert amid uO the liar
elJebe1 river was made uJ n team
launch which had In tow two steel boats
lORded with equipment
The expedition as made up In the
present hunt consists of col Hoocel
Keri Menrns holier Lorh1J Cunning =
ham and 30 porters ald boys They
1e 3 loads of supplies
Tho distance from lutnbn to VaIllnl
Is 72 miles The party has tl tem
porariy loft Uganda for the territory
remarkable for the presence to the white
dllno I their plan are carried out time
expedition will continue for some da s
In its present locatIon amid proceedlmmg
to Nlmule later Unless the Imo 10uht
iii round within week tho
Ii n quest will
bo abandoned
Washiogton Jan 8Another fight be
tween the InsurEls and tho organiza
tion In the house hfs been precipitated
1 the action or the senate committee
on nubile lands today In reporting n
resolution authorlzhlJ the appointment
by time rico president amid the speaker
ot a Joint committee to investIgate time
1llngelPlchot controversy
Now Orlenn8 Jan ItI ivan an
nounced time New Orleans cotton exchange
chang that Frank B Hayne for moro
than a decade one of time biggest ac
tor In thc cotton future market had
left for New York with W P Brown
tho bull leader I Is understood that
the campaign for 20 cent cotton will
be waged not only In Now Orleans and
Now York but also In Liverpool
Ottawa Kan Jan SRev W 1
Stuckey the exminister of WillIams
burs Ran who has been on trial here
charged with abductIng Lrena Suth
orland his 16ycrold parishioner was
found guilty by a jury today Thm
case probably will be appealed
TaLitiIsSecln Jan Iii astrug
glc early today with ala
Paul Sauls 1 years of age who was
left to watch the postotilee building
shOt and kle them both In the base
mont oC the building The boy was
only slightly Injured The cracksmen
both of whom were white have not
been Identified
ScventyoU Cases Against time City
WIth Aggregate Demani of 9265
Clt Attorney H J Dinnin med his
annunl report with Mayor John S
DrMsord this morning During lho
years 0 and 10 there were E civi
I suits e against the city and 37 pond
lag making a total at 71 cases There
were Ii cases disposed or In 19 and 2
dlsposel of In 1500 leaving i cases
pending 011 Jan I J10 lwentYfve ot
the cases wore decided In favor of the
city G were rendered against the city
and 5 were compromised nnd I were dis
missed The aggregate demanded In
these suits was X w and the city paid
24In the criminal court there wore 5
prosecutions which netted the city 1
4940 In fines and forfeiture There
were 373 prosecutiomis In the sme
court In m but the revenues from
fines and forfeitures amounted to only
3685910 Thirtyseven cases were ap
pealed Dinnin reports that he has
1640 to his credit In thc contIngent
fund at the beginning of the year
Old Firns or Scars 5 1crCI Company
Closes Its Door
The Scars 8 Jeremy compan prod
uce dealers on Richard street Is In the
hands of time deputy sheriff a writ ot
atachment oorllS an llebtedn
or 38540 duo the Weter Mills com
psmy having been issued from the city
court Tuesday Several days prior to
the atnhmonthe pbac had oel closed
and time keys In the hands of Hancock
Brother from whom time building ltd
been rented
For six months or snore the affitirs
or the company have been managed by
mIr Ft sail to be ono of the pro
prietor For may years prIor to that
Isaac Sears had charge ot the affairs
At one tme Mr Scrtr was well to
do having buit one at time largest
structures now on Richards street just
across the street from the Jrnt
At the tmo ot serving the writ or
attachment the company was behind
on its 1 ltS and It Is understood owe
considerable to a local bank and b
other creditors
h first simlpmemltOfseUthmern Calol
since the flood through
nlavegetabie foO thrush
Meadow Valley Wash arrived this morn
Ing over the Southern Pacific In Sac
ramGnto They came by express con
sIgned to 1 prminent firm on west FIrst
South street and were found on open
ing to be all right The consignment
did IOt hist lonG the firm 10 about
10 minutes Of courSe during time coo
ot through traffic over the Salt Lake
Routt all fnllt and vegetable shipment
will eOle Over the Southern Paclc
Time mails nt tIme postoco are begin
milumg to como In on something like time
the trains halng overcomo ho nmmmess
handlcnps which ho been causing ni
sorts or trouble for the pat week
While all or them nra hate from two to
six hours the deliveries ao rrjlnr and
tuG conditions are fthmt approaching time
normal status of ordinary hlfers
rornl Salt Lake Route II tc up and
al man mater from w st Js routed
through by way or Sacramento over
the Southern Ilcllc 1 or the Los
Angeles mal which ordinarily Ii rout
ocrthe salt Ikc Route Is belig
Belt Pacific to Ogdemm and west over tho South
Don Keiser Calls Bluff of Fellow
Countryman in
Boarding House
Frank Miller Waving n Reohcr nnt1
Uttering Threats Is Shot Down
In Short Order f
Sheriff Joeph C Sharp and As
slstnnt County Attorney Bowman are
In Garfield today investigating the
shootIng or Frank Miller by Don j
Kelse Friday evenIng MIller l den
and Kaiser Is locked In the count jai t
pending developments In time case
Keiser declares he was justified In
shooting MIller not only colt defense
IN claimed but Kaiser say hat Miller j i
had repeatedly Insulted Mrs Kelscl
ller entered the KeIser home at6 ii
oclock Friday evening and while time
family were at dinner In the dining 1 or
room Miller drew a bIg nrmy revolver
and told Kesler he would give him ono < < dj
minute to say his prayers 0
I certainly will not say my prayers 1 4
replied Keiser and In a IIh hc drew
a revolver and fired three shots into
the body of the would be assassin Mn
her tel to the floor dead Keiser at F
once went to the home of Deputy
SherIff Jim Williams told him wat
hall happened and surrendered Th
man was at once brought t Salt Lake
and lOdged In the county jail 5
Time story told the authorities by
Keiser is corroborated by his svife aud
family I was found that MIller was
not only armed with a heavy revolver
but carried on hIs left han a set ot
brass knuckles
The two men lived In adjoining
boarding houss noth arc rom Ads
tria Keiser claims that Miller imad
Insulted Mrs Keser and although they
had once been on friendly terms they
were not friends during time inmt few <
days Miller it drri gIJh 1JJIlst bcn 1
drinking heavily and manifested nu I
ugly disposition
Whie time Keiser family were at dir I
tier the dining room door WS sudden
l5 Inn open and Miller staggercl Into
the room Pointing a big revolver at
Ke Isel he told the later he could have 0 1
one minute In which to say his lrMc
ers Miller declared he would kIll e
Keiser and flourished the gun QuId
as a Slash Kelser drew his revolver anll
shot Miller threq Urnes the latter 1
dying almost instantly
Kelser will beJ1c Ia at the cnunt jail t V t
until the authorites have mmlo a 1
thorough investigation Or all the facts
Now York Jau SFor Cain to cut
the weeds brush and grass along tIme 1
compans rlht of way In Smthtown I
L 1 a Jury In thmo Stmffolk county Sl 1
preme court has rendercd a verdict of
3200 against qC Long Island railroad 1
The damages asked wore i3OO coy j
erlng two years of neglect on the cons 1
pulYs part i
The suit was the first to be brought
tinder the forest fish and game laws
of this state enacted In 1900 requrlng
railroad companies to clear their right
of way at least twice a year The rail
road com pan will appeal the case I
Rome Jan SAsersant gIrl 1mm Turin
became possessed rccenU of a roil 1
glous mania Time oman who em J
IJloycd her found hor crucified
The girl ufer placing thors on her
head and Infctng a severe wound on 1
her chest nailed her fet amid her lee
hand t the boards of her bed mmml
spent the nsht suCerlns torture When j
discovered she was unconscious Sue
was taken to the hospital In a critical
conditIon 21
She sid that out ot love for Christ
she voluntarily cruclned hers l Her 2
reason she said was that she wished
to share Clmrlsmts suCerngs
Chicago Jan 8Time mounted hlgh > i 1
wa man ot other days has glon way
In Chicago to the woman robber In a
taxicab She descended on Tony Lnzo 4
last night as he was waking under 4
the Rock Island rairoad viaduct at
Fiftyfirst street took his money and 0
sped away
The woman was walking when she
approached him said Lnzo As she
drew near she crIed Olt as If In fear
and then fell as I faintIng Umo
gallantly stepped forward amid stooped
down to give assistance <
As he did so ho found hlmseI face <
to taco with a revolver The woman f
laughed and arose bide Lnzo to
stand still Hc did so wJtlout effort J j
She added that It waS timely that he
hant over his money IL 1
I was a little slow I thlnI Lnio XtJ
told the polee and she reached out fo
and srched my pockets with one hand i
whio still holding the revolver in the
other Now beat I down the street s
she said when she had cleaned out all
I had taking my puSO and watch 1
beat I all right not looking backunm k
t I had gone halt a block Then I tt
stopped and watched her Sue hUITlell
to the west end ot the viaduct and en It
tered a waitng taxicab and away she r l
Chicago Jan 8118 Scott DUllt1t
gave the membels of Iae Cqult
lanners Institute at Geneva yestem r
day a surprise when she told then t
about liar experlenco a dairy omanJ
When n questIoner asked imcr to wIt
she atributed her success She al r
swemotl Because I am a woman l
Mrs Durammd caused surplso when ne
sho said her profits fronm a herdo fO
cows er 12000 last year Asked what t
alma did Z12QOlastyea shn said sims
silent It In ketplimg a free kIndergarten
In Cimlcimgo 11t
I becamnu interested in time question i
of good nilik for babIes Mrs Duranch
said mitmil the nmoro I trIed the monO
fascinated I becanmo The outrages pen
pctratcd upoim time people by careless
amid nmoneygrubbing mimlikmnon made may
imlood boli arid I mache imp iii nmlnd hmut
I would altos thegi how to run a dOi
mmmd omako nionoY and at time smnme titmi
make the dain isanim as clean amid
wlmoIeaoLmmO as ni kitchezi f

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