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17 1
k 1 Probable That Nominations Made
I By Committee Will Go Through
Without Change
I DTOpOsItkiU 10 InlItI1O lie IlIltInl
I PImlnts lit Prospective JlcmbclR
I Is XOI PopultiiOpczi IJoutc
t I I Frank S lUIllh
I JOY H JOhn on
H Vance Lane
George D Alder
j V WI Armstrong
I I John S E3ranstorI
I Yo T Ben ou
George D pper
In places of lIesrs Lane amt
I Alder
Balanco ticket rcmalulng same
I asaboye
I Amendments increasing Initiation
I fee tram 50 10 100 for resident
f member and from 2 to 50 for
nonresident members
1 I It is the big day In tho Commercial
1 club thiN day ot Jan S 1910 A D anti
there arc a number ot Important mat
I tent which arc coming up for a vote
I4 The first Is that ot the election ot six
1I1emlXlS of the board ot governors
t ever whIch there Is something at It
sight and the other one particular bone
1 I ot contention II as to whether there lit
i to be on Increase In the initiation tee
It I from 50 to 3100 for resident members
1 1 with 0 corresponding action In regard
ij to outortown applicants
t4 I A nominating committee was ap
j I pointed to name members for the board
I I of governors n3en this body made its
II report There were some exceptions
I taken to Its findings and two names
i were substituted In n sort of a mlnorl
I ty report The probability Is that tilts
rt noml nations made by the committee
I will go through without change
fhe holdover members or the board
I of governors are IV J Halamn prel
t dent or the cltb 1m H Lewis H P
Iii Clark A W rlln William Spry
I John Dr Samuel Welts H L A
It I Culmer and John T Odel
I There is no question but tho proposed
II propsed
I I Incrc or the initiation e will be
III i lterrto I Is the very gCerl oln
Jon or the fllelflhers that
I If mebers a numorical
I Increase with the annual dues accruing
l r therefm Is more valuable than a Urn
Ited number ot new names with an In
i I crease In the fe
p There was an open house this after
t I non and there were all sorts of bust
I fleas men present Members who rat
lnlzc their own roof trees habitually
mdo It a pint to b present at the
luncheon a apcnl stunt and ther
I was all sorts or mod humored ee
tonerlng going on The rooms wero
I crowded a luncheon hour and the pres
it ence of n vast number at the fall sex
I denoted that there ms interat outside
f or the masculine gender In regard to
I I I the outcome of the election
The luncheon was of
an excellence a
LI follows
i Chicken Broth with Ice
California Rlpo Olives
MInced Lamb with Green Pepper on
I t Braised Sugr Cure Ham
Champagne Sanco
p Chlpage 8nc
I it t Roast Young Turkey stuffed
I h Croisberry Sauce
Mashed Potto Succotash
t Cold Meats
Beef Tongue nt Beef
b Bologna Sausage
I Pot Salad
I Hot Rolls
I Apple Pic with American Cheese
Tea Coffee
I COrC I Milk
I convorted hO Idea of
I I I storing your valuables In
I afo deposit vaults you na
I I Ii turt want to select a vault
I II P that will be securenot one
that lire may easily destroy
22 aI that burglars may pene
I trafe with their nefarious
i tools
1 The Utah Savings Trust
p Companys ault are fire and
I Companys
I if burglar proof and they are
located In a firo proot build
1 I I ing at No 236 Main Street
I Sat Lake City In the husl
i ness heart Their lock boxes
I I I are the latest model They
1 have private booths for use
of customers and courteous
I t I attendants
i Pure Food Conlls loncr Tackles the
I Home fude Mince Pie
The Iluro food commissioner secured a
I I tj number of home mao mince plea
r and fresh ranch eggs Friday after
I l noon from local tore and the same are
I f being investigated by the state chem
I IIL New Orleans molasses made In
j J Ogden Is also beIng tested The eggs
i were found to be cold storage affairs
When Cormlsslonl Hansen bought the
C I eggs he asked for a receIpt tal the
price paid so a9 to legally identify the
I e dealer The later declined however
i with thanks 80 tIlts commissioner car
t ned oft In triumph the sign strictly
tesh B cents per 0 This will cor
t nCI the dealer when he Is brought Into
I court for misrepresentation
t Word was r cIed from tho Groves L
D S hospital this ufteron that the
1 1 condition or Edward T Taylor son of
I I Joseph E Taylor is very crItical nnd
t the young man Is not expected to hive
Cotton Bloom
We must reduce our etoek of
tItle daintily fragrant toilet soap
In three slzespecI
Guest Room Ib
3 tOt 10e
Colon Bloom size
Hndlns 33 sIze
3 for Oco
T POr Drug
South MW
Washout Will Force Unweloome
Holiday Upon an Army
Of Employes
That all offices of the Salt Lako
Route not actually concerned In the re
pair of the road following the washout
will bo temporarily closed and tho or
lcnls and clerks of the general traffic
department forced to tnko an unwel
come holiday eems certain tram state
moats made locally This will affect
the offices In l citIes where they are
maintained and particularly In this cIty
and n Los Angeles and other of the
larger California Salt Lako Routo head
fIte1 District FreIght and Passen
gel Agent rallCle1 stated to The
News this afternoon that the curtail
mont was Imminent but the details
would not be decided upon for several
days Whether or not the uptown of
flees of the company II this city wi bo
closed It once ho would not cay From
th statements made however I np
prs that all business for the road will
b transacted at the dept cad the
oI1es or tho varIous engineering and
construction department will be the
only ones maintained on a large scale
All through passengers who bought
their tickets before the dlrter can
have them exchanged for tickets over
tho Southern Pacific mad at Ogden or
thIs city All trfic both passenger
and freight w11 for thc time be han
I dled exclusively I by the Southern Pal
General Manager It E Wells or the
Salt Lake Routo held n long conference
wih Vic PresIdent Dalct this
morning In the Iates office relative
to traffic maters but both subsequent
ly said they would mao no state
ments for publication 11 Wells stat
ed early thIs afternoon there were no
new developments today Imther than
what had already been mado known
Ho had boon Intending to go to thl
front by tonights train but would not
know for u certainty until late In the
afternoon Relative t existing con
ditions MI Wells said I Is Impos
slbJe to state just what they are at
this date for we are shut off from all
access to tho localIty Involve both
by the washout and tho destruction
of the telegraph lines We will not
know her we are until our chief en
gineer ha ben over tile line He leC
Los Angeles this morning with a pack
train for the scene of disaster and In
the course ot a week he will have trav
eled over the destroyed line Ten hu
wIll know just how the situation 11
and wc w1 have some Idea or what Is
t b done
When asked Ir he thought the road
through that section or the country
would have to bo relocate up the
mountain where the 100ds could not
reach the track 11 els sId nothing
could be said on that matter now It
would be entirely speculation But
the flood was certainly the worst that
over happened In that part of the coon
icy far more so than the great hood
of 190i While the road Is out et com
mission on through business It wi be
operated between loon3 and Salt
Lako for local traffic
11 Wells then reiterated what he
hud said ft first tat until the chief
engineer had completed hIs survey 10
information could bo given out a to
the future how many miles or road
would have to be rebuilt 01 how long
It would take to restore the hue where
It was before thee 100d U to the
curtaIlment or the office force that
was out of his lneunder the traffic
department of which Mr Mahdereld
Is In charge at this end
Mr lanlerleld the aslstmt general
freIght and passenger agent stated
to a News representatvo that the re
ported curtailment would be made but
It was ImpossIble at that time to state
just what I would bc or whether
thu uptown altec was to bo closed tor
the time being I Is likely to be sos
eral days before this Is decided upon
SuperIntendent Van Iousen was seen
at the dept He stated that as far o
he knew traffic wOuld bo continued as
usual between this city and Modena
There Is A general all o depressing
and repressing gloom pervading tho
Salt Lake Route ofces the only cx
caption being II Manderfehl who Is
bound to be cheerful
I i Dayton rg COg
Cr 2 < So and State Phones 552
Just few of the
a many savings you
p can realze at either of our two stores
I all next week
Hinds Almond Cream GOe value 80c
I DaJget and Ramsdel Cream 60c size lc
Slnltol Tooth Paste 2Gc size 1c
Packers Tar Soap 2lc size Ic
Horpleldo 100 size Oic
Horplcldc 10c size 3 Ie
h Vera Rose Rouge lOc size 33e
I l GodbePits DruCo
J Cr Mnln ant 1st So l lon0 HOI
Continued tram page ono
ocn granter loss t the live stock bust
ness be It resolved
That we appeal to the several state
legislatures to enact uniform bounty
lairs and that the executive committee
lf thIs assoIaton take immediate ItlP
to brIng tills mateI te the attention 01
Ihe governors nod legislatIve bodies or
Ihe several states
Ve recommend uniform rules
and regulations bo prescribed for the
marklu ot 110111 und scalps Ve com
Ilnd the work ot the national forest
mploycs for what they have dana to
ward the destruction ot predator
anImals however In title connection
It Is Ijut tnh to ask thai the national
forest bureau beat their
rUII beal proper pro
porlol of the expense In aconlanco
with the area controlled by them
The National Wool arehouse
Storage company of ChIcago Inaugu
rated by this association ha accom
111hel results In the marketing at the
wool of Its shareholders far beyond
the fondest hopes at its promoters
and Is now Irm etnblshed on a
sound and Impregnable basis thus
proving the great advantage to be
acooniphlshied by united effort anti co I
operation of thee association We there
fore appeal to oil members ot the
Yoolgrower association to 10aly
support the Warehouse company
being rull convinced that the move
ment Is In the right direction and
that tho benefits of the woolgrowcr
by reason ot the existence ot thIs corn
pan wIll continue to Increase fro
year to year
Ve extend to 11 J E CosgI
president of the National Warehouse
compn and to President Fred S
GoodInI at this association our sincere
thanks and appreciation for theIr un
tiring efforts during the past 12
months to devise Was and means
through the medium of a Warehouse
company controlled by woolgowers
for marketing the wool groducts at
the country In the same business lke
manner as other staple product are
Wo heartily commend the efforts
at the commercial interests of the city
ot Omaha couple with the financial
support or western woolgowers In
establsh hI a voot warehouse In that
city recognizing that the movement
Inagurnted a that place his been at
great advantage to the wool Industry
of the western state
Wo Rreclato the effort of all
western and Missouri rJvor cities to
establish Independent warehouses
where the woolglowers can store their
wool until such time as It can bo
snLsactorl marketed
Vo believe tat the success here
tofore attained In tho establishment
ot Independent warehouse will war
rant the building of cooperative ware
houses at various Atlantic seaboard
cites In tho very near future
Ve commend the work ot the do
pnrtlnent ot agriculture the bureau
of animal industry and the bureau of
plant indeistry In their investigation
ot poisonous plants and all other
valuable work for the benefit at the
lve stock industry and the farmers ot
the country and wo recommend to
Congress lberal appropriaton for the
contInuance of such work
The recent acton at your reeu
tho officers In aiding the prosecu
tion of recent crimes against the Ihes
and prollert Q Wyoming svoolgro wars
Is stronglY cQmmended hnd erecom
mend that this soclator gta notice
that no expense or efforts 1 be
spared In protecting the lives and
property of Its member
Tho thanks ot the nsoelato are
duo arid are hereby most heartily
tendered to the governor of Utah the
mayor of Ogden the Weber club the
Elite cub the officers at the Utah
Woo owels association and the
citizens ot Ogden general for the
generous hospitalIty extended to the
attending members at this IsoclfUon
and the wives of those accompanying
them and for the numberless
courtesies which have contributed to
make our eta In Ogden a continuIng
pleasure and to the pre for its In
terested and accurate report at te
proceedings ot the session
Respectfully submitted
George W Reny John D Hol
day p M Rothlocle Charles A Kim
tile C H Duborg Jay H Dobbin H
M Rowe peter a Johnston chairman
The election or officers and the chooo
ing ot n meeting placo for next year
wi come late In the day
The present officers will be d
ad the indications aro Porld Or
will b chosen I the plao for holdIng
the next convention
Former Governor GoocHn Ercss
Jllsl PJnlnl on Plnehots
Special to The News
OGDHN Jan 7After tho program
for thiN mornings session of the wool
gwen was practically vere Frod
I Gding gained the floor and paid
his respects to Glrold Plnehot I am
glad Plnchot ha stepped out ho said
and I hop that wo will have no
moro Plnchotsm In tho administration
at the forestry bureau I hop to
that the new appointee will b a man
In sympathy with thee interests at the
western sheepowners and wester Inter
eels for a harmonious dmlnlsmton
ot tho buru At tho conclusion ot
Ills remarks he was Jeotc with deaf
ening applauS which dId not subside
for several thrilling moments He
some to have struck a note that
found a response In the views or ovary
delegate present The cheering and op
pluu mc to come from every
quarter of the convention hal
Asst Forester Potter who II name
In the press dispatches as the tempor
ary successor at least of Gifford Pin
o was a speaker this morning 11
Potter wa happily received by the con
vention and his brief pdres was lIs
tened to with marked Inter Mr
Potter Is on Arizona man and I a
westerner he wits looked upon as u
man who could better understand the
situation existing between tho forestry
bureau and the western 10ckmaters
Before I heft Washington to attend
this convention Mr Potter said I
called upon See Wilson and asked
him It he had an message to send to
the convention ot sheep owners Ho
told mo that being a western man I
probably understood the situation I
welt as he did and that he hal only
ono message t send to them SeC
Wilson told mo to say to you that I Ie
the desire of the department at agcuI
tore and the forestry bureau patcu
with the sheepmen
1111 to cooperate wIth
to the end that the administration neay
work to a common purpose and met
on some common ground which with rs
stilt In the greatest good and the most
lasting benefits Ye want nn Intel
gent administratIon ot the forest re
serves and W6 need your assistance In
obtaining this
II Pllor was roundly applauded at
thee conclusion ot his short address anti
then from the 1001 many questions
were hured In his dIrection Mr Pot
ter endeavored to answer these In I
generl wa not going Into definite
ground but ho told the deletes that
Ir lie would wllto to the department
they would he answered with the great
I cot detail and with no sparing 9r palms
He told them that tho department
wants to lear all It can of existing
conditions and from all sides In that
the development ot the policy may 0
Intel ent nnd such as wIll work to the
bet good of the greatest number
Another address at thlg mornings see
slon that was lstene to wit
Interest was Cleat ot Dr Melvin ot the
bureau or animal industry Mr Mel
vIn wet Into detail on the subject of
fleece ballosls telling ot the progress
mao In its oradlcoto and also OX
pressing the hop that at un early date
uU at the districts under qurltlno
h will th bo releaaed on I clean bill of
The resolutions ot protest adopted nt
the plUmlnul eeeesting of the Utah
Wool growers aseociatlon In Salt Lake
the day before the convention wero
taken from the table of tho convention I
anti referred to the c fn tv of thee
Utah Volgrwcrf who Jlt In annual
convention In Salt Lake next week
It Is the usual custom ot the aso
elation to honor tho state wherein the
lselaton II meeting by the election
ot a delegate of that state as vice
preslden1 of tIm association In this
conntton the name or John C Muckey
of Salt Lotte has been heard muny
times but to rhe News this arernoon
Mr 1luk 1ald that h would not per
mit the use of his name lh4 neay net
to defeat the usual custom
Howevel the name o George Austin
net ttnhl candidate for Iccpresldent
has bon suggested und the Utah delo
gton seem suns that hits wi be elect
ed at the conclusion of the convention
this afternoon
One of the strongest uddres of thee
Convention was that of Pete G John
son of Biaekfoot Ida who spoke this
afternoon Delegate Johnson said
Tho suljcct I shall attempt I address
dress you upon Is one which In order
upn arer
to have u clear understanding of It
wIll b necessary to state the attitude
of the National Woolgowers towards
the national forest reserve In the past
1 know at no tel way to do this
than to quote a resolution which was
unanimously adopted ot the last two
conventions which were held one In
Pea Uo Ida and the other at Helena
Mont ThIs resolution Is as follows
Vc are unqUUOedly In favor of the
preservation of the public forests and
of the creation of forest reserves out
of timbered are within which timber
may b cut only under government au
per1s0n without however giving our
approval t the plan of imposing the
burden of forest preservation upon thl
1ctook industry From this resolu
tion It will bc observed tlt the Nation
a olgowors endorse mos heartily
and are unqualIfiedly In favor at the
preservation ot the public forests anti
the extension ot thee same here thee
land included Is timbered area
At the helena convention thoNation
at Voolgoers asked for the prompt
clmlnton of the nntmber lands
realizing that It this action were taken
by the tort department the lands
suitable for agricultural purposes would
bo free for the homeeer to tae
odanto of
Another resolution passed at the Po
telo convention If a follows Ve
rllrto our opposition to any change
In the present law governing the public
lands of the United States except that
Which shall promote the interests antI
wltare at the bona Ide homesteader
From this It can b plainly seen that
the National Wooigrowers place them
selves a record for the settlement ot
agricultural lands and ask for tho
otmlnatlon o such lads from the for
est reserves In orderthn thee said loads
might b placed under the present
U S bend law whIch after all In
my judgment are the mot wholesome
that have ever existed There Is no
doubt but that the United States home
stead law Is the best lazed lacy that wo
have ever lead and notwithstanding the
hue and cry at dishonesty connected
with I I OI1e th t taken I a whole
there hzbn o muc hqnesty and In
teglt manifest In the purpose of the
homesteader In acquiring title to his
hand a there has ben oi Is In aquIr
In tUe t ohcr possesions by any ot
his fellOw ot pssesons SOl 1eh
for the position of ho National Wool
goers 1th reference to the national
forestsand the settlement of the coon
While It Is true that we have gone
on record o to our purposes and that
too In this very public manner we
leave not always enjoyed the confidence
at seine of our leading men a to the
ruthtulness of our assrUon A
notable nstnce at this Is found In the
statement made by exPrsIdent
Theodore Roosevelt In n letter to Sen
ator Warren at Wyoming In which he
says The opposition we leave to
our proposal now comes primarily tram
the bIg men who graze wanderln
flocks of sheep and do not promote the
real settlement of the country ThesG
two the men whose Interests are dia
metrically hostile to those ot the home
makers who wish to cat out and tIc
maera le
stroy the country where he desires per
manent to live and who when they
hovo thus rIne the land of tho home
stcar and small stockman movo else
where to repeat the process or dev
taton Many of the sheepmen who
are permanent dwellers In the land
sympathize with our movement Oth
are unfortunately sympathize with
their nomadic brother the ultimate
result of whoso actions Is to destroy
the country
Such sltemont as this place the
woolboer In a false light and ao
lesonslblo for much unjust criticism
upon the industry and ill opinion ot
It by the people nOt In possession of
the facts concerning H The wool
grower ha ben and Is a home build
er anti there Is substantial testimony
ot this In many or the settlements or
this Intermountain region For ex
ample take Salt Lo county and
note the settlements Draper Taylor
vle JUI Creek and tho two Cotton
woods also Davis count In such set
tements a Bountiful Kayslo and
Fannlngton AU these and your beau
tiful city ot Ogden leave received tho
benefits at our Industl as Is evIdenced
by the beautiful homes business build
Ings and bank structures that belong to
the progressIve woolgroers that live
In your midst The assertion of thee ex
president that the land of tho home
steaer has been ruined by the wool
grower la 0 Ito farfetched In my
own experience covering a period ot 25
years the lands which were sheep
ranged at the beginning ot that pro
are now In many Instances doted with
the prosperous homes or the settlers
villages have ben built and thrived
tam the support receIved from tho
Do You Hear Wel
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Duf or Puo DdMsy Now
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P 1 b u r
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eaflfacforij ar1 al rl d
= Ir
7u7 ncn lllr such
cuxss uneghcey a trqust
U l aj trum at
horj tubal sar dais tasa
Sec It Ca tins aicctrls 01
phol tba 01 OD Oil our and
saSheS ha Isitnt It Li applied
iCto ncfale he CS Ckarr
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ban sad rar ear not
50 aLto 1 tNloV and flee
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rralv exerediec rh II < t
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Pt = UIUISSU Man Opialoa
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iosnvctsaihtszi4jenp55a VflIIS netoep Date
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luau fn if sad I Ot I1 oiitfi f I
PREFRoJflLErOjyj R4CTftZD ned 1 541st
lk4tdttOdaiisfthen Ienarececen4ttCnoli
on eho Patedefecffts 54045 ii It nOT Wtoli
1 Grocer lSBt gT i
FrooTraof 1 Stol Eodropbnoo atouSlorc
I coT ou of its gecat merit Call tl
Salt Lko City Utn
sheep husbandry tinS tho oIw
lag Industry has contrIbuted Is quota
to the prosperous conditIons that have
been enjoyed by the settlers and It hM
done itt sharo to make
Is Iharo possible the
building of homes schools and church
el and thus bring about that condition
ot community interest and wlI being
that living makes life pheasant anti worth
The regulation at gracing and the
allotment of ranges occupied by the
wool Iwol hM ben beneficial whiten
Crk out with dun consideration of
thee IntOsts ot the parJ cOlcorlld
the fontr service h however al
tempted much 11 their policy ot rcu
lotion that has been injurious laU1Lr
than beneficial Mude lieu ben said
about tire little man and the care for
hll and starting him out In business
at the of the holders
expense te lager holdeI and
the 1oloy of the forest service has
been to reduce the holdlne some and
givo them to otCN This policy his
been seriously objected to by tho par
tite who suffered Uw loss and II lost
Intancl the have hul just caule tOI
COIIlnllt hjeciiust no recognition was
gIven thor for thee ging privileges
taken from them whereas a a matter
ot fact and i the light of justIce th
plllego to graze upon the forest re
verve was a much theirs by prIor rIght
u the privIlege to tise water out or
the public streams becomes a right hey
beneJclal use True the forage with
In thee forest belongs t the entice
communl but so docs the watcr In
the Itrems nnd a plioI right to either
of them should be determined by tho
use and occupancy that hess been ac
quired by the part In posse Jon
In my observation ceo great benefit
has resulted from starting men In bust
deco 11 tins cpcnsI ot others I has
created 1 spirit thnt Is unAmericn
aced Is Scal tc In Its tendency mid
whHe socialism may bo all llght I nm
not a believer i It
The cheep busIlcs to be made a
success of requires a practical knovl
edge of It with considerable patience
and Intellgonc and a constant care
that few other brche of industry r
quire Protective limits and minimum
limits have been sot upon certain tee
serves which did not invite the prac
tica man inasmuch os tho limits welc
too small to engage hIs attention and
ho well knew that no prolt could bl
made out or the number or sheep por
mltte to the beginner and only thC t
who wer beginners In oery sense Jf
the word have taken udvfnlgo at the
Invitation from thee fort ervlce In
some instances the privilege of trails
forcing grazIng prllege lies been ex
tendeolaced thee same arc naturally mal
or less valuable but the parties whJ
were rcducc In tho frt ptao received
nothIng whatever but were cmpeleJ
to relinquish for nothIng tholr rights
and privileges In favor of SOleono else
I do not agree with this method ot
prOure but I do approve ot the sao
ot sheep with the range privileges In
sufficient numbrs to suit tho parties
to the transaction when thoso num
hers shall not exceed forest reserve In
question I seems to mo that It would
b only fair t all parties concerned
thee man desiring to engage In the business
ness and tho ono wan tn to set out
or I when the carrying capacity of
i reserve hM ben detcrln d for the
forest service to say to the beginner
desiring to eng In lee business
Yes you teen get all the sheep you
can purohl e on thee reserve up t the
maimum lmi I the beginner com
plaied tat the price domade by the
sheep owner already using the forest
was excesive It would I evident that
ho was not fmiar with the IntrInsic
value of the sheep and the ranges and
that the man who eves In possession o
the range and sheep knew bet their
No man engages In this Industry for
his health or the pleasure ther Is In
It Too many cares and hardships v
coiinpaxey Ule buslncs for anyone to
atempt I except for profit Ordinarily
when a lan Is In the bilnes and is
offered full value he will dispose ot It
and It not It woulll b better to leave
the determination of the value In his
hands and It he cannot get what ht
fools 15 value let him go ahead aced
successfully handlo his business cattier
than to adopt any leglaUon thnt will
place the determination ot this mnttl
out ot his hands
There Is I very obJoctoblo uncer
tainty t a business that may be 10
ducc A certain per cent In a year or
two and under Imo regulations there
Is no telling what there neay be done
In this respect the policy of the re
serve In the pat has ben somewhat
Iko lightning or even worse Lightning
navel strikes but once In the snmo
place but the forest service may strlko
several tines and no ono knows hw
hard Jt mn strike
AU will agree tat whatever cndi
tons ot certainty and permanency ar
incorporated into lie forest regulations
will 1 ot great bnet to th business
being regulate rho nveyer lease
extended upon certain reserves Is tram
this standpoInt a step In the right di
rection and It la to be hoped that the
cuttn down of ouUt will In the fu
turo be loft to the discretion of those
that own tem and the regulations so
tor1lated that this can be dono and
sUI b In harmony wIth tho forest poll
While n discussion of the rules and
I regulations concerning tho cutting and
selling or timber may to somo seem out
of place In this convention noverthe
I less I am confident tat tho men who
conepose thIs convention ae broadminded
minded enough to tko part In this
I question from ever standpoint The
regulations surrounding thee cutil or
timber In the roseres are Quit rigid
aced necessarily so I Is very proper
that top should be pled and every pre
caution taken t prvont forest fires
Much has been acomplshed along this
lne that Is r commendable The
rule ot the forest service Is that the
pettier can cut his dwn timber and hayo
It sawed and We Is true In theory but
It does not work out In foot Thee price
of lumber In this Interlountn region
Is excessive In n got many instances
In mv state It teas bon harmful and
detrimental to tho settement at t
country The prospctive homobullIer
not able to take advantage of the for
est service regulation and perhaps tar
removed from its borders discovers
that the price for lois prospective homo
I such that It staggers him I 19 so
much In excess of what It watt a few
years ogO Utt In somo Instances ho 0
cme discouraged and gives It up I
believe that It Is the right ot the forest
sic to Inquro into the price that
shall b charged for the lumber as
much a It Is t charge a certain price
n stumpage I would say chag lese
for stumpae and see to It tit lee
people who own the forest get the bno
fit of the reduction I no inquiry L
made a to price the lumbr from this
tImber Into the market and
tmbr goes open morket ad
tho price Is raIsed In keeping with the
trust prices which govern In almost
this entIre mountain region I La n
fat that In certain places within my
stat lumber Is hauled from Oregon
and Washington tn somo Inl as
tar cut 120 miles on the other hand
lumbr Is cut In the forest by mill corn
panics and hauled to the same pint
M the Oregon lumber and both a sold
at Idenlcly thee same price I does
not require much ot a Irgnt to
prove that the setter Is being made thee
victim at the lumber combination I
declare as Irof ot thIs assertion that
I am acquainted with lumbermen who
at the time tho forest reserves were
created nero poor men and at flee
present time thoy are wealthy and their
oJrtons leave been within the r
BrveTho timber within leo forest
reserve Is ours It belongs t all tho
pplo of the UnIt States I Is prop
O therefore tat this natonal olnl
ration should bring to thee attention or J
the forest otcrl any abuse of tho i
Umber cutting prVUeB thoy may I
have oxlnlc to anyone whatsoever I
I tttnhiot teD any reason why a corn
mission the
mhc1lon should not b appointed by
forestry people theat shall Inquire into
te h Jt rt i I
the pricea for whhchi the forest timber
it marketed no matter where it may b
sold I this I done In a businessiilto
way keeping In mind teat the lunlXr
producer II entitled to a tall eietze ot
prols lo his labor and no more It
will serve cut a lace t the trade ad
In many instances rduco the excessive
prices of lumber This titan should not
mct with any objection from thee loin
heel dealer because It us they claim
hey do not receIve nn excessive prom
they should leave no ear of th Inveet
gton hy the CI1ml810n above stig
Ae led nut whether hey do or not the
commlson should be appointed
I Ohio price ot lumber continues to
go 111 or what benefit II our forest
reserve I thcro Is not tmbel enouh
on the many millions at acres thnt
are Iet apart u forest reserves to
Control In come degree the price of
tmber In the Interest of the home
builder there la certainly I vast
amount of the land that his no mel
chantable timber upon It and It IR
therefore not forest land anti It should
be elhnlnated and put to some bene
fcial lse I on the other nand wo
have the lecher we certainly have the
right to lot our prIce upon I to say
who shul cut It and the conditions
whIch slal govern its ultmato dis
posal Acton of this kind will most
certainly benefit thee man moet entItled
to I the homo builder I am willing
to legislate for the future welfare or
this nation and the proper conserva
ton at all of It resources It Is our
duty to do 50 A refusal or a neglect
to do this would place us In the pel
tion of parents refusing to provide for
er r tl eto
heir cieihdreie At the caine time
however I believe In taking care of
the present generation and can Beo
neiher sense nor reason In deprivIng
ourselves of what wo really need boo
cause ot what may bo laid by for
th060 yet unbor
Tieoso remarks I wish I thorough
understood are not made In thee spirit
of criticism I 18 easy to erltclse but
lfeul In marcy Instances to offer 1
letter wa From my acquaintance
clth the chief forester at the United
totes the lon Gifford Plnehot I
ecerely beleve that ho Is honest and
Idunted by lofty motives and Is on
Irnorlne to administer the office ho
dcs In a manner that will In his
Jdjmenl sere the best interests of
I plrtes concerned le Is devoting
th bet enls of hIs life to the glcat
t silt assigned to him and he Is onc I
tho highest types of the true Amen
lan citizen I cannot agreo with hIm
however upon a number of matters
pertaining to the forest srvlco and his
regulation of It aced these remarks arc
mado In an endeavor to come to 0
better understanding ono which will
benefit the members at this orgniza
ton and nt tho same time not Inter
fore with the rights ot all I is to
be hoped that a public discussion ot
thelo questions wi have that result
This method at procedure Is In keep
lag with the spirit ot AmerIcan gov
ernment and the men at the National
oolgrowers association and the or
nears of the national bureau of for
estry should bo large enough and wide
gage enough to sot together and ad
just the maters which concern thom
In t friendly way and spirit and all
bear In mind and strive to be actuated
by the thought which shall brng
tho greatest good to the greatest num
ber to alt parties cQncerned I Is
with this thought and to this end that
I havo addressed you
Itnk Clark Pleads Guilty to Stealing
Cno or Surgical Instrmets
Froiie Doctors Aulomoble
Frank Clark 20 ear old pleaded
gui to the charge of stealing a case
of surgical InstrumenL out ot Dr
Joseph H RoblnRons automoblo In
Judge Lewis court this morning and
svaii sentenced to 30 days In the coun
t jail After withdrawing hIs plea or
not guilty to the chargo of grand
larceny District Attorney Fred C
Joofbourow reduced the charge of
petty larceny and Clark pleaded
guilty Before he was sentenced Clark
made a statement to thee court Ho
said that he had just arrIved In Salt
Le from Denver and eves without
funds lc was liucigry nnd whoa he
UW the case thoughtlt contained some
tool ACer dealing them he pwnec
the case for a smal Rum and bought
somethIng to cat Wheen ho seas a
restefi he said that he admitted Lk
lug thee Instruments and assisted Dr
Roblmin and the police In recovering
them Judge Lewis said that ho would
tko thee things Into consideration
and gaVe him a light sentence In the
county jai
A Franklin alas George Lron
was brought before Judge Lewis this
morning on n bench warrant He Is
accused In the information filed
against him at assault wih a dead
weapon having stabbed Charles Wll
Iams a laborer with 0 knife on Dee
7 1909 FranklIn pleaded not gui to
the charge and was released on a
bond of 600
Has SUO Assets and Si20i50 Lia
bltc In Pomlssory Notes
Joseph Smith Is a man who has had
a varied career as a musician In LaId
Logan and Sal Lake and who has
mnnaged to accumulate debts to the
amount of 1426450 In a few years
most ot them being In tho nature of
promissory notes His np lenton for
voluntary bankruptc Is beforo the
federal court at lie present time Ho
hns placed his asset at 10
In his petition he states that he has
found It Impossible to make n living
for hla wife himself and one chIld at
his profession and lmt he Is now
und lees been for several months em
ployed by the Intermountain com
pony at a salary at 60 I month He
gives hIs place at residence a 1910
south Tenth East I
In the past tow years of life Mr
Smith ha managed to pile up I v
number at debt There IN an unpal
IJromlssory note ot 00 ulged
John Y Smith ot Salt Lake There I
another ot tho IUI dImension Whit
boars tho sluturo ot George o
Smith at 1hl JeHe Smith at A
19 In foe HOt on paper cued then the I
are and rents one other grocers accounlt bills and a doze
specified In the bill flied at tho ofc o
thee clerk of th federal court
Some at the promissory cour are
follows Peoples Cooperative Inur 1
once company Lehi 200 Mrs Dlxot
Peston Idal0 2 Dahl Roberts
Logan 20 Dank of Lhl H0 nobrS a
hedge Sugar CIty ItIco 110 Mrs C
A Grangr Denver 300 I X 14 per
nlturo and Carpet company Salt Lakes
83 51cc Martha Hoese Lgn iS
Jean Johnson Logan 55 Spand Fur
nlturu Company Logan 9 Roeky
Mountain Del Telephone Roeki
The bankruptcy case of Mr ficnifi
hiss gone through thee hands Sllf
commlsRlontr UII Is now up to thet
creditors Tho legal publications art
now being mDe the limit being Jar
27 whel It will comp before Jan
larhnl or thee federal court for final
disposition fnl
dlp91ton 1
lel Alexander seeks a dlvor
tram George J
Alexander In a Cecil
lllaint Icd this momlng In the rhlrd
district curt they wore married her t
On June 18 Ur07 and have no children
I II set out In tho complaint chidr g
the last year Alexander lies treted
her In 3 cruel mrUJer choking her
beating her and throwIng houschoh I
articles at hOI an different occasiont
She says that she halt him In 1
her because she was afraid of him and f
asks for 15 a month almony aced o
attorneys feel and S frI
CaptaIn Hall l the local land Orco
breathed a liege High ot relief thlf
mornIng whel hc round nn envelope
on his desk with the postmark of
Iqhlngton I Is the l1mt whIch hM
been received by the land office tram I
official headquarters In over a week
Vhen ollened lC captn found that
It was official approval of a staton C
site or selneosl 10 acres for the Souih
ern Utah HalWl company an 18
miles line which cures south tom
Price and taps Ito now coal lands t
Te situ hI located In SeeUon 28
Township 15 rangU 8 East
Crt Pohibis lime llSpOSiflg or
Anlomoblc nflI l rlJcrty to Wife 5
After hearing supplementary pro fr
ceedlngs In tho case of Irs Danlerjl w
Stuurmun against Den Hartwick Fri
day ateroon Judge George G Armt
strong Issued a retraining order pro
hlbltng him from disposing of his hal
Interest In the Fsk Co his Jackson
automobile and 0 shares In the Del I
Monte company to satisfy a judgenti
of 2lOO secured by Mrs Stuurmanl
whose son Jacob was killed by Hart
wIcle In an automobile accIdent a Yeri
ago Hartwlcc disposed ot most ot
hIs property placing It In his wifes ii fe
name and she stas mae a party to tho
restrainIng order Mrs Stuurman was I
ordered to Ilt up a bond ot t2OO anI
prepare an acton against ills Kily
Hartwick testing Iho legality ot her
hOldlng which wero given to her by
her husbnd
Thore was quite a love tlat In th
ellmlnal divIsion of tte cty coud
this morning after a couple or drunk
and wig cases had been disposed or
I sects all brought about by Assistat
City Attorney Bdw A nagels who
leaves the department todjiy 11
Repels mado 1 brief Ipacc In which
he thanked Judge Downmn for his
kindness during their asclalon In
tier NervlcC of the cIty Attorney New
ton also made a few appropriate no
marks and expressed regret that Mr
Rogers and Clerk George 1 Gutch
were to leavo leo department Judgo
Bowman replied In kind und wished
both Mr Rogers aced 11 Gutch sac
cet In theIr pursuits 11 Rogers will
henceforth devote his time to law bus
incite In partnership with William Mc
Crea Mr Gutth who has been clerk
of the court for a long tmC goes Into
theo insurance business t
Tho Union Pacific wil build I branel
from nmuta Wo to Cal hal
Routt county Cob This Is taken la
mea that thee Union Pacific believes
loratt will teal resume constr
I lon on his short line to this city In tio
spring and thereforo intends Imaslonl
of his terrItory Mr Moffatt says Ice
I Ih build whether tlec Union Pacific4
likes it or not
WISCOlIBJn this city Jan 7 110 Jano
C Wllomb ned Si year at thl
family residence Ill east Third South
Street 4
Notice of funeral will bo given later
R E Evans FlorIst 3GB Main St
Floral designs a specialty Phon 961
work that will alow beini to attend i
school Address Y Tamk 1S North I
1st West St 13
1 Y
U j I
212 STE
f I
ln1 extractIon at teeth or
n py AU work guaronteoet
mE Us II
We Treat You Right Jt i
You Cannot Afford to
Miss Shipwreck Prices
Offered on Monday at the
Peoples Gash De
partment Store
Ollehalf Block from Alain St
42 44 46 48 Vet First South

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