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1ii1 I 1
I Tm
Corner ot lUh cmp au1 EclIt
pie Streets alt Lake CIy tlnh
HorneoG WhltIlO BuIIi Mnnnrer
I In Advance
t n TaIj pcr ca I
I E Cnrrcrs rr ye1r
Smt1VicUI > pCI yr
I Snlunll Nvi pcr cr >
Cor4Ionh1clc c lnll other rtu1In lI t
ler tor Ihd1tIQn houlLl bo udrM
to rtlfgrEIlj Won
I H AtJcJielJlll nil bune I comrnllnlenllon
and JI remlttncc
Salt Lake City Utoh
EIstern nrplellcnlntlelNew Tnrk
Fml1llIn P Alcorn Flat Iron nulllUn
ChcJ o W Wolt Sccurl lIullln
Jnlered at the postorne ot Snit Lnko
City IS econe cIa mUer ccordln
to ct ot Congress March IST
PreslcJent Tat In his special Mes
sage to Congress ou the Tnters ito
Commmco act dcllnfI the term
trust states the Intention oC the
I Shernllm antitrust act of 100 cx
111alnll the IIICallll1 of the expNIon
I comlJlnntlon In restraint ot trad
y1vel n Inlet history of prosecution
tinder the law IIlIggorts a number or
nuunllmcntl and states the future
antitrust policy oC the government
The Message Is really IUI essay In
which n great tIeaI of Information Is
given on 0 topic ot ov rsh dowlng Im
I PresIdent Taft lIklS the vIew that
I II oombln1Uon POI IC Is not prohibited by
I law and should not be because It Is
1105Sblo for tho owners oC II buslnC511
of manufacturIng and selling useful ar
tIcICs or merchandise so 10 conduct
their business as not to vIolate the In
I hlbltlons ot the antitrust law and yet
to secure themselves the benefits or
the economIes of management and oC
production duo to the concentration un
Ii del on control ot large capItal and
i I many plants But the Message says
1 I It theY attempt by a use or their pre
hi ponderaUng capital and by a sale ot
1 their goods temporarily at undue low
I prices to drIve out ot business their
1 compeljtors or It they attempt by ex
III duslve contracts with their patron
II I tllli threats ot nondealing except upon
i such contract 01 by other method of
i a similar chnacler to use the largeness
i I of their resources allli the extent of
II I their output coiniared with the total
Ir t output as n means of comilellln cus
i1 tom and frightening art competition
II then they cJlgclo a purpose 10 reItraln
trade and to establish a monopoly anti
i I I violate the act The object ot the anti
i I I trust law was to suppress the abuses or
I business ot tho kind dCerbd I was
I not to Interfere with a great volume
I of capital which concentrated under one
I o
I wanlzton rCI ll the cost or pro
I < rlucton and made Its profit thereby
r and took no advantage or Its size by
t methods akin to duress 10 stfio contpe
p tton with I
AccordIngly the Iessgo recom
1 mends the enactment by Congress of
I a law proldln for the formation ot
U coror tons to engage In trade all
commerce protecting them from unduo
II Interference lJy the stateS and National
it regulation to plent abuses The law
I I It san should provide for the Issue
1 of stock to an amount CIUal oJly to
I i the cash paid In on the stock and It
I I th stock ho Issued for property then
I at a faIr valuation ascertaIned under
I approval oC federal authority It should
r nlo provIde that corporations organ
I Izod under this act should be prohibIt
p cd from aceiulrlng and holding locl In
other corporations except for specIal
I reasons upon approval by the proper
I federal authorItIes The antItrust
Iaw agaInst combinations In restraint
I or traIn can 0 effectIvely enforced only
I U when the national government shall
I provide for the creatIon of natIonal
I t I corporU m to carl on 1 legitimate
I I busIness throughout the United States
fho Message has a number ot re
I commendations relative to the Inter
I siale ComIPa Iaw One Is that a
I I 4 UnIted SUte Court of Commerce bo
I I eslabl6hed clothed with jurIsdiction
I over certain cases now heard by tho
I I I Interstate Commerce CommJ310n It
I recommends that all lItigation afect
I Ing the government be under the dl
rect control ot the deportment or
I Jli justice awl that all proceedings affect
I Ing orders and decrees oC the Interetete
I I j commerce commission Il brought by
I or agaInst the United States co nomine
i I ztnd lJe placed In charge ot an at
slstant atornesenerl actIng under
4 the direction oC the attoreyenerl
I I Pooling agreements between raIl
j roads arc not condemned Inle8n they
I operate In restraint of trade but It
recommends that the Commission be
JI el110Wcrtd Ie Investigate any 1 ase
In rates and to fx a mOlul Anuth
I cr Important recommendation Is this
I f that while existIng holdings ot stock
I 1 he not interfered with the law 1lould
prohIbIt In the future any company
subject to the Interstate commerce
ai commissIon from dIrectly or indirect
ly acquiring In Interests ot any kind
I f In capItal stock or purchase or leaso
I I any railroad or any other corporation
1 wlleJl cOllletfs with It respecting bus
I mess to which the Interstate com
I morcc act apples
t the Message flashy s utl the
J pole of the Government
j The Government Is now trln to
I I lkohe some ot these combinations
and It Is not the Intention of the ior
h I rnllnl to desist In Ihe 1111t depree In
I its effort to end thee combinations
j ultieli are today monopoItzin the
commerce of the countt that srherc It
TllrJcnl that the acquisItIon md con
I ntraton or property go to the ex
ernt of creating a minmnly or of ij1
II stuntlally and dirCetly restrainIng hi
1rtltc lomnlre It is not tii
tl htn
lon or the Government tu permit thIs
I monopoly to exist Ula1Cr 11111 lror I
porton 01 to transfer tu the IIolet
lag wilI oC the pf > rat GQIJ1enl
the slatr corporllDI 1 violatIng thl
Sherman act DUl It Is nOl and
should not be the polIcy or the Gov
orument 10 reent llusluablo concen
trallon ot capital which is neceSlar
to the economic dlelopnwnl or manu
I raclure trade and commerce
The MesEage wil commend itself 10
the American people as IlnboJlng a
safe polIcy I discriminates between
I legitImate enterprise and monopolIstic
cOllbhlIOI 1 distInctIon which Is
nlImportlnt In the war upon trusts
Jlo convenIng ot the wool growers
Lt Ogden this week Is U meeting or
mUch Ilenllcancc
Wool is or should be the basis o
IhI clothIng ot the people This coln
try has unusual tnclltl tor the pro
duction ot wool and It would seem
natural to believe that we should 110
duce most of the wool required I the
home malltet
Unforlllltel thIs Is not the case
The domestIc product falls tar short
oC the home consumpton And various
theories have been advanced to uccount
for tho tact that thIs country procJucel
n smaller nllo ot wool per capita than
do nest ot the tr more thIckly set
tIed countries ot EUrope I
le counties Eurole
Undoubtedly too much reliance has
been placed by the average wool grow
er upon the bunt ot Jtureupon the
range nne the open unoccupied lands
ns a means oC pasturuge und even 01
I wInter ceding Wih t1e cllhlell
settlement ot many of the areas for
lerl open thIs resource or sheep
men grows less eXlefslvc each year
lhe result must be In the end that
free ranges wIll le relllced to thl
Iloslon or a mere incIdental utHft I
nee and pastures wi have 10 be own
ed for his on use by every flock
master But It docs not always pay
to pasture 01 to ic td with hl anti
other ClOpS tn Inferior brleq o sheep
When whiter feedIng and private stim
mer pasturing become the rulelt would
eern that only lie best producing
breeds ot anlmnls will Ila although
the inferIor Idnd nlMo yIeld much thorn
of a chip when I < fnlnrl fed In wInter
and safely pastured In summer than
when the flock 15 exposed on the wide
public domain In such 1 wlnlr for
Inttuneo as the present one
The method or wool production most
commonly employed In this country
that Is br simple relIance on the pub
lc lands tor pnsturge whIle Il his
often yielded extraordinary gains for a
series of years his too frequently beer
subject to correspondIngly heavy loses
In bad years und so the Industry htul
lacked that clement or certaInty for
small Investors which I might other
wise have possossed
Ve note Wil approval the move
ments made by the headers In this In
dustry to overcome lie disadvantages
that follow Iho restriction of the range
by takIng up land for pasturage and
of many other to Improve the strains
composing the oclts up to something
hike lie European standards
A peculIar result ot the limitation of
our homo luPJI ot wool conies 10
our attention In one oC todays ex
changes relating to the substitutIon ot
cotton for woolen underclothing
Leslcs Weekly discusses the questIon
whether wool cotton or linen should
be worn next to the skin and decides
In favor or cotton The opinIon oC
medical men Il says has radIcally
changed In recent years and now
many If hot most doctors favor cotton
or lnen next the skin I says
9Vool absorbs perspiratIon and re
lalns It It absorbs It with dlmcul at
first but surrenders It to the iurround
log all with even greater dllcul
Cotton on the other hand asks only
un opportunity to dry which I docs
as mpldly ns PossIble The best plan
In cold weather 15 10 wear cotton or
linen next the skin with wool outer
clothing The wool excludes moisture
and cold while the cotton absorbs the
per lrton qulclt and dries oven
more qUickly This I dots wIthout
chIlling the body IC the latter have an
outer covering ot wool In this climate
wheN houses and ofeel are generally
overheated In wInter and the tran81
ion from Indoors to outdoors Is at
tended by a tar greater change Inter
perturo than In milder clmlte5 where
the houses arc not kept as hot a boy
are In America I Is better to wear
cotton or linen underclothes and to
iely upon heavy outer garments to
resist the cold air
This may be true though opposed to
past practIce but hal wool been plenti
ful the question would not perhaps
have arisen at all And whatever 1
he true al to underclothLng we trust
that the wool growers will 90 increase
their output as to meet the demand oC
the people for woolen clothing and 10
displace the colon and shoddy now so
largely worn In place or wool In the
fabric oC outer clothing
We welcome the representatives oC
thIs great Industry to the hospitalIty of
our State and nIsIs them every success
In advancing Its legltmato interests
Many caures have been pointed out
at c mtrlbutng to the hhher cost ot
1 lng iion almost uiiliitisal but
neither tho Increased gold supply nor
the failure ot production to keep up
with lie increase of populatIon ac
counts for the tact that tho people of
Salt Lake hove to pay about 200
moro for coal than they pay In Den
Ir Ot that butter worth 26 cents u row
IleH from Sal Lake cost 15 cents
herd or that mutton or veal shipped
Com Utah to California Is cheaper
there than when sold here There Is
something rdlclll wrong somewhere
when local pries are so much hlshet
than they ought to be
The cost oC livIng In any given com
munlt Is very largelY InOuencel1 by
the management ot public affaIrs The
people pay In higher prices on every
article of conBumDton for the blun
ders and mhltkel and extravagance
ot the government Ever cent dishonestly
honest paId out ot the city treasury
every cent wasted on men who arc
gIven jobs for part service It the ex
pense ot the tnxparer every cent
paid out above the faIr price In gift
contracts every cent spent for pur
10geS of graft anti jobbery ads un
nee l nrly to the cot ot living Such
money the taxpayers pay In addiion
to the legItImate expenses even It they
do not ealz It nt all times
Salt Take has been run Into debt to
the tune o about OCOOo That Is
n eonslderble Rum for II city ot this
size The people arc IYlnl for the
lie ot that money Its dmlnlstm
tlon needs about a millIon dollars annually
nuI for oleehoher anti employea
That hK to lJe met SIeclnl taxes
IUlt be plld In lldlton We have
It on hIgh authorIty that the blunders
of one City omelet alone during thia
past year cost the City SOth
TrIbune saId soand that other blu
tiers were much moro expensive end
that has ben amply proVl by the
mess made or the sewer construction on
thai West Ilde Tho people are pity
Inl for ul these things And that
inches the prices Boar locally way ahovo
tho general level People In Eastern
communIties are beginning to wako
up and realize what extravagance
graft and waste cost thom The awak
ening wIll como here too lomo day
GO Sfy I to bo commended for
his protest agaInst the proposed con
test between Sullivan and Collins In
Ogden There Is no doubt that I 1941
prize fight and fl ouch prohibited
by law The maor chldlko and
bland assurance dint ho will attend lie
show lnd stop It It I develops Into
n prize light must bu regarded nM
Insincere A bodng coicst ot 20
rounds or any other nnount of
round for money is a prize tlhl
or cisc there Is no Much thing as a
prilo lIght und the hw Is 1 jake
1 the sltUlo books
Ulfojtulmtel there are Ioplo here
1s elswhcrc who arc completely Indlf
erent al to the mnnner In which they
mako money or draw busIness 10
the locality In which they hive For
money they wIll break ever law In
the code If they can do 10 with safety
They will open wide the 100csatcs ot
vIce It with lie current comes float
IIA some bold which they cnn reach
The are very iincaiy about poll
gamy In there neIghbors hut find
tlclsehs comrortablo In Sodom and
Gomonnh Il the dolars roll their
iay That Is the class hut clamor for
gambling heiM stockades and prize
fights while thanking God that they
are far superior morally to their Mar
men ncIhbors
Wo hop the law against prize
fights and other modern celIa wIll bo
enforced In Ulllh In Iplte oC the rls
lug tIde or InIquity und we compl
ment Ills Excellency Governor Spry
on hIs iatchfulness over the moral
Interests oC the Slate
The eOllurl of lr 1Incnnt lends sup
port to the unposlton that he Is pro
ceeding in the Ialnpr otroven
nCt entirely from 1 desire to see truth
vindicated or wrong righted huh rth
er for lie purpose or JItclcdIUng the
admInistratIon and causIng trCe In the
part What other nterrctntlon can
bo given to his defiance of his superior
officers and his dIsobedience oC cln
fel Whatever nial be the merits of
the case 01 the foundation the
chars made aglmlt Bnlngernd I
to tint judgment must b suspended
until the InvestIgation has taken place
Pinchot has certainly prjudlcl his
side of the case bY his insubordination
OM who IJ In the rIght huts no need or
resorting to uesUon9ble methods for
Ills dIsmissal from the servIce was
under the cfrumslnces Inaldabl
Question has been raised as to whether
this action would net bring about n
breach between the CHends or Roqsevel
iLIl the present administration but I
we arc not mistaken Roosevelt Quld
have dismissed a defiant stubborn of
fcal from the public service for insub
ordinatIon so fulokI that the fellow
ould hdrl have hat line to realize
what strucl him PresIdent Tar hM
hut dent what was necess under I
the circumstances
A notnble reformatory movement Is
on foot In the Mohumleda1 world Thc
chnncelor of the UnIversity oC Egypt
Selm elDlhrl and a comlltee as
sociated wIth him he cIled a con
fernce If prominent Mussulmans to
be held 11 I l at CaIro for the pur
pose of discussing plans for tho promo
treuigthcnIng the relIgIon of
ton and strngthening rel
the Arabian prophet
This movement Is by leading ather
eats of Ilam compared to the reConl1
than of Luther The dcthronement
three rulers In the 110hammednn world
causes reflectIon among the thoughtful
The editor ot a leading Moslem paper
says It suggests an inquln Into
condItIons of Islam whether the ad
vancement ot Infidel natIons has aba
lten the faith ot Mussulmans In the
wisdom and abIlIty ot their leaders
The first thing the paper goes on to
say for the people or rlrlte persln
and Morocco to do Is to consider their
own regeneratIon and get ready 10 take
aart n the advancement of civilization
which Is IrresistIble I adds I lie
teachers or the faith do not acknowl
edge the necessIty ot such progress
their followers will doubtless break
asay and leaye them hehlnd The
period oC decadence or Islam has ended
with the dIspositIon or the three abso
lute monarchies antI horelter there
can bo no tardy or IndIfferent recogni
ton oC the Inevitable without sharing
their tate lhiis wo take 10 indicate
that the Mohammedan world Is ripe
for a reformatIon
And this reminds lS of the singular
fact lint the history ot Islam In home
ot its most prominent features very
much resembles the history or Chris
tanlt The Christian church soon
after the death lf the Apostles ound
itself torn I conflIcting doctrInes and
claims to authority and Inal It was
dIvided In two halves tho western and
the eatern nr the Roman and Greek
In the sixteenth century came the Ro
Cormaton by which so many both so
cial and religious Insttutons weN
aba tttrcd
Ialal too was eariy disturbed I
sectarian agitatIon The Jlbarlcs for
Instance taught predestination The
nsltes Introduced n kind of higher
criticism ot the KOln and the Slta
ttes contended for the Infallibility or
the text of the heel There wore
numerous other sects Since the tenth
centul IIIm has been divided Into
two great hostIle camps the Sunnlcs
and ShiItes The tanner accent tin
diton as well as the Koran as a source
ot truth They predomInate In the
Turkish empire tho north of Africa
Turkestan Afgllnlstan ulII India Tiuo
Shiites predominate In Persia and are
scattered all over the Mohammedal
domain fhey number PossiblY 20001
000 souls wNle tho other sect Is cstlnat
cd at 1300000 or more
But lie Christian world had Its I
Reformation That seems to bo this
stage oC development to which Islnhl
110w hus arrived And here again l
relarknble parallel Is noted At the
tmo or Iho Hotormatol hue CAlholc
church wus it social and political Insti
tution exorcIsing man ot tho func
tols ot the tonner Roman empire I
owned more than 1 ftth part ot the
land or the EUlrm contnllt Its
IHlotall Wlro vowelful fudat lord
Its OmCrl wer Htlesmcn who dom
Inated the courts lho HerornmUol
changed all this Bomb hersclf ad
mitted tho ncceII ot 1 Rerormalon
because of the prevailing cOIplon
and the growing demand for liberty
Roman wrIters freely 11Imit that It Lo
X hall leon moro oC u statesman urnS
perceived the 81snileance ot Iutherl
reformation Iw could hnve averted
what they cal the clttroplle But
he faIled to read the IIJn or the
time and the revolt came
The Mohammedan leaders seem to
realize that a rcormaUon 18 nout In
evitable They seo lint Iho unrest 1
general Yhat form wi It take What
will be Its effects
The Younr Iuik luvement has ai I
1111 brought Iherty ot thought and
speech nail has ben followed by the
publlciitloii If newspapers In every
Turkish city the esnbiisliiuuent If
schools tOl the edu atol ot the people
the partal cinancipatlotu lt women cuuih
n recognition oC the chU moml and
spIritual rights ot mankind 1 forms
o worship are now tolerted In Iho
Turkish empire and one Is considered
n good ns the other except h many
former rolleml who have not yot been
able 10 divert themselves of prejudices
or long standln IIie rcr rmatol
movement means n furher extensIon oC
the princIples of Individual lIberty
throughout the realm oC Ordain 1
means list the lrd I s pleparlnA Iho
world for the estblhlent ot His
Tire news from Marc are conlletng
Sonic tlmc ago It was announced that
an aHlrolomel had observed an erup
tion on Iho planot by which In all
probabllt tho greater part of life It
there Is any hind become extinct No
further confirmaton howeer was
given of this star ot I MartIan cat
otrophe Now come Dr Lowell the
famous astronomer ot Flagtnr Ari
zona ant tolls the world tut the Mar
Ihls arc pencerul digging canals and
making improvements conlpared to
which our oWn Panama canal Is but an
Insignificant Lilliputian ditch
Dr Lowell made 1 statement 10 that
effect 1 few days ago at Huiltnglon
hal Boston at 0 special sessIon of one
sectIon oC the American Association
for the Advancement of Science As
reported by the Boston Herald he
claimed hint on Sept 30 heat rear two
canals were vlslblo In 1 region where I
there were none before These new
ditches ran Irma the bottom or the
Srts lajol and from a point on Its
eastern side outh converging 10 an
oasIs Itelr new on te Cocyh about
twothlrds of the distance to where
that cunal meets the Amenthe The
Amenthcl Itelf wmts nul visible ex
cept possibly as a ii ipclon Tho
new canals were recorded 11 Indepen
dent drawings by Assistant g C Slph
er and the dIrector niitl shortly after
wards were photographed as the most
conspicuous canals In the images
Dr Lowell Is positive that these
marldng on tame surface oC Murs are
now enterprises In form he sas
hey are lIke all the other canals
narrow regular lines ot even width
throughout running with geometrIcal
precisIon from delnle point to anolh
el point where an oasis Is located
The oasis resembles all other oases
They partake therefore of all tIme
peculiar features or time canal sslem
feature which I have elsewhere shown
make It Impossible oC nltural creation
that Is of being the result or any
purely phmy9lcah fQrccs of which we
have cognizance On the other hand
the system exactly resembles whm
life there would cvolO under tho
conditions wo know to exist The
present Ihenomena show that tho
canals ate l In process or creatIon
that we have actually seen sonic fOII
cd under our very eyes The hn
portance of this to our understanding
of the canal sstom ot Mars Cn hard
I be ovelestmnted Tho phenomena
lrnscent auto natural law nn1 url
only explIcable so far n8 cnn be seen
by tim Ilresence out yoncior oC emil
mate wit
This Is nn Interesting contribution to
the discussion of the llueston wheUlcl
Mars I inhabited Those who nIce
the negatIve generally urgo that a ver
small cllnge In earthly condlUon
would causo life on earth to becomc
extinct A change In temperature or
atmospheri conditions would mean
unhelsal death on earth I the moon
woro larger we should be drowned In
tIdal waves I the earth wero smaller
we should loose 011 atm03Jhero IC It
were larger we should not be able to
flant upright or to lount a hill Io
thon they ask can I be mulntalnecJ
that Mars 1 pIn not omil3 half as large
us lie earth and OOOOOO mies fur
ther from the fun 10 inhabited
el It nitty be jerrectr tre lint
human bohl1 organized to lu on
earth woull perish on Iars hut Iloes
that prove that there cannot be liv
lag beings on liars organized to meet
the conditions exlst g there Dr
howell seem to be confident hint his
theor hal been confirmed by recent
No rose without Its thor or I eol
A wInter wIthout snow Is 111cc eggs
without salt
Of the making ot books and strikes
thor Is no outS
Opportunl uimal comes from with
In und lot from without
Somotlmol thero are skelotonl In cab
Inels as wel as In closts
atrb 9nys that he expects peace
soon Tho roomier the better
The tholmometor to the weather
What 11 mo II low exalt
No m has ever leon a busted trust
Will aRmy Iln ever Bee ono
Beware or a man or one book
Is excellent advIce I means the book
Tho insurgents say that congress
men do not live by plo alone
Eel scion storm Inaurel a plentiful
supply or seater for next summer
To Jmke money Iro lie tlltheJt pos
Ilble gut I pORtofce order on ChIna
Tho Ilnedolar hog hn arrived In
ChIcago Is It ot the end seat vairioty
The death of thommndl ot wild ducks
1 he duo to the wIld oats the lowe
Though he scems to smoke 10 eXCeIJ
Speaker Cannons political habits are
all reAnlar
I tho soIl Is bllg exhausted and the
forests felled and not replaced how can
the world be ImprovIng
Arc 1mso WhO n week ago wlched
the New Year come In keeping 1 strict
wtch on theIr resolutions
here Is only ono thIng let for Mr
Pinehot to doIt Is to challenge the
wlnnel of tho JohnsonJertrlc match
The Statc food tmmllsloner must
b Arguseyed ho has hIs eye on so
many places a one and time same time
Who will first discover tho foul anti
weigh cad measure It asks the Nw
York World Seine soulless corpora
ton no doubt
Do men Imow when they are dead
asks a mlglne writer That depends
upon where they are whether In pol
Itcs or In the earth
I Internationalism
The lwonlleh century will present
marcloul lchleemclls In hygiene
avIation and rapId communiaton but
the muslel over physical forces wIll
lJe r prophesy less important than lie
oertlrllR at ageIon prejudice and
tho mastery of man over the forces
which erect psychIcal barriers that sep
aratc him from his fellows The lat
century wept away many barriers of
time and space The present century
wi 10 mora than all prlous history
to surmount the barrIers between
sur10unt brrers man
ot race preJudice natIonal vamulty and
those buIlt up by an outgrown politIcal
ecolol and to apply those politIcal
PrInciples which have made a United
States Vorld to the organizatIon or a United
To teach even the clements of pa
triotsm Ind the new InternatIonalism
the tocher must perceIve tho organIc
relatIon between tier little school room
I ned the naton and between tho natIon
and the filially of nations One may
tech the multIplication able admlr
ably wihout knowing cube root but
ono cmmot tech even an elghtyer
old koy what salutIng the flag mCns
ues he has 0 comprehension or many
thing beyond not only tho chids un
ii0mtantlng but beyond that attained
In the lust century by the normal school
Adunf This question ImplIes no
criticism OJ normal methods but far
rather of thn homo traInIng which lets
so many youmig teachers grow to wor
tmhood with little sense or vial ret
tiomhlp to 31 orcle outside their
famL and friends The teher who
rads no thoughtful row of the hIs
tory that Is In the making wlio olalml
to cme nothing tOm poltcs who docs
not vote Ir she Is entitled to ole may
teach coaching writing science and
arithmetic to perfection but until sho
NlerK vitally wih as eager interest
a time and strength permit Into time
larger human life she cannot inspire
her Iltucton In any subject that
teaches tho chIld to approach froferl
the greatest problems before the world
I For tIm solution of these are needed
Imnglnaton sympathy the power to
put oneself In anothel1 place to do
justice to love macicy and to walk
humbly among mans as worthy as one
self Does not commercial progress
of tIme world at present depend more
upon these qualitIes than upon a cur
rlulul which enables a boy of 1 to I
earn 1 a week Instead or 3 by nn
acquired cleverness ata mahine
Ineraslnt millions are mIgratIng and
changln natIonality In the present
centur the problemI or socIal Indus
trial anI political combination will
multIply Inteldeprndonee of people
through commerce alll the Investment
of foreign capital wIll double and
treble AnfloSlxons whose school
has not trined them to put thcmselve
sympathetIcally Into the place of oth
ers whoso race religion social and In
dustrlnl condItions are different from
their own arc sure to let men trained
like the Germans secure the trade
whleh throuAh pIgheadedness they lose
German success In South American
trade has bean well deserved for It has
been based on underlandlng I women
In Brazil desho gay colored cloths ot
certain Ilmenllonl packed In baSs In
stead or boxes so UR to be carried on
mull hack the get precIsely those
tImings from the Germnn with bIlls In
tIme language of the count whIle the
unlmaInatve English and American
loses the ratio by not finding out how
to treat mullen customer
Science does not know Its debt 10
Imimaglmiatlon saId Emelson and
neIther docs commerce nor Indu8tr
know Its debt to Imagination and Its
l J i Edwards
Thil daIly serIes ot nclolc nl incidents tml throw nw InterestIng
end frequently lraniatie hIght on fumous events uimd perlnalUNI ot the
have ben nt Iramnlc dards during nlarl tOt years ot more or hess pas
mime iucqunintamica with many ot the cOnlrH leaders sInce Iho Civil War Cach
anecdote or incIdent is tlh from Mr l dwlrds nOleblok and either In whol
or In pan 1 conlUtutos New News Of ICfIIY gunimercil from time men whim
from equmall authorlumihlw sourceS A8 ire
made Iho muewsthte hilscoryOr ull RuthorllI Ir
lorllnt newltll ot the Humnn ImmterC8t sort to American hIstory theo
artIcles have n Itnetc value all their own r
I have had a joocJ mamiy very In
tcrsnf and some rather tramut
experiences In my polItIcal life saId
tho Into WIlliam n Grace once mao
ot New York City 10 mo a tow days
after the death several years ago Jt
Suprcmo Court JustIce Calvin Pmt
oC Irooklyn but I think that my mot
dramatic experIence was that cemmter lag
about Justice Pmtls refusal 10 seek
the Demoeratc prcslcJentlnl nomlnaU1
In 1880 II Is II story that line novel
been Ilublshe and It gives you too
In Interesting insIde glmpse of flat
tlolal oltC
When I became clear to the Demo
crtc leaders nScmbled In RL Louis
for the conventIon Ihut 00 Tiden
would not accept I second nominatIon
for the presIdency they began casting
about for I rndldllte who would bu
Iblo to carry the tato of New York
There were ninny consllatonfOll
o thor beIng held In my roomnd Ht
Inst It Wil suggested that New York
unie In presentIng the name or Justce
Prnt us its eandldate for the norila
The more Justce Pratt was dlscuss
et the greater seemed his strength Ho
had 1 splendid record as 11 judge In
varIably beIng elected by the voters
lcgrdle8 ot party affilIations amid
there was no soldier with 1 bettor
record than heHo had bean In the
Civil war as an officer In a New York
regiment He had been absolutely
without fear His men had idolized
hll He had bn desperately wound
cd In battle and even nt tIm line or
the conventIon carried the bullet where
It hall lodged between the nose and
tho bone under the eye Altogether ho
and Patriotism I
annual loses In hard cash from lack
oC sympathy rho school education
of a commercIal race must comprise
niuch more than bookkeeping commer
cial geography and the abIlity to cal
culate In figures I must train mInds
to deal wih humun problllleR quito
a much as with mathemutcal cer
tolntes abut materIal things Bitter
ness rivalry jealous based chiefly on
Ignorance are costing In lrmlments
and loss oC trade fabulous Rums annually
nuall which only a specific kind ot
educatIon can turn from otter WltO
to constructvQ purposes
This education is new Inl practical
It alms at nothing Utopian I sup
pIles Imowlelgo ot now methods or
preventing latent 01 from finding out
let Just as tIme latent hoodlumism In
the chIld ot time cutter Is prevented
from coming to time surface If whole
some activities In a goo play ground
arc provided just ns passion which
ol1ce found vent In duelUIK Is largely
sidetracked when courts are well es
tzubllshed so latent antagonIsms be
tween communItIes may be prevented
from ending In stupid waste of proper
ty and life by the use ol methods made
practIcable only since democracy onll
rapId communIcatIon have brought
abut new worldconditons
It our country 18 to Cull Its destIny
the future voter must learn thee meth
od and believe In them they are in
Thy opinIon of Incalculably more con
sequence to the republic than his
knowledge Ot square root or prtclpml
adjectives or tho list ot planets 01 the
number or men who foil at Antetnl
The now School Peace league which
alma to she tho teacher the power to
give the chIld the new tools which this
practcl ago ot internatIonalIsm do
nlands Is probably the most Important
single agency In American schools 10
At Its annual meeting held In Denver
last July the NatIonal EducatIon ns
slaUon declare that It endorses
unanimously the work or tho Amorcan
School Peace leage whose object It i t
to Promote through tIme schools and the
educational public at Amorlc the In
terests or Intemntonat justIce and tr
terl The meetIngs ot the league
held In conjunctIon wIth the asoia
ton were areIY attended and a pro
found Imp110n was made by the able
all eloquent educator who are allied
with thE movement and who are bUld
through Its splendid organizatIon
which touches nearly qvery state Ii the
Union to mule itself powerfully Sit n
the teaching oC history lIterature good
I citizenship and patriotism TIm presi
dent or the assocIation Is James 1
I Van Sickle superintendent oC schools I
BaltImore and the scrotar Is Mrs
Fannie Fern Andrws 41 Marlborough
street Boston No fee Is charged for
membership and an enrollment Is de
sired or tM her normal school stu
dents one other connected with educe
tonal movements
The leaguc offers two set of three
prizes ot 75 50 and 25 for the best
essays o Oom 300 to OO words upon
ono or tho following subjects 1 The
Unite State the Eemplarot 1
UnIted World 2 The History of In
ternationni Arbitration 3 The His
tory and Significnce or to Two Huge
Peace Conference 4 The Opportun
Ity and Duty of tIme Schools In the In
teratonal Peace Movement 5 Tho
Evolution ot Patriotism Ono set or
tho three prIzes Is open to seniors 11
the normal schools oC the United States
the other to seniors In preparatory
ahool The contest close March I
and Ito award will 0 made at the nn
nual meeting oC tIme leuo In July
Ample lIterature for study ot these sub
jects can b obtained from the Ameri
Can Peace society 31 Beacon street I
Boston Ins
seemed a most acceptablo candldale
mind wo o New York tell sure that ho
could carry the atateand be letld
lmrldOiit a
But just when It seem el that nIl
vcro ready to unIte In presentIng Jus
lice Prntt candidacy to the conVen
tion some one suggested lImit
the JUlIeo Is a CatholIc and I
ur a lIttle afraid that In some
narts oC the country the great
body ot Protestant voters would
refuse to IUlt him because of his
religious beliefs
Well J Iald JustIce Pratt Is here
Suppose wo g to his room and yes
whet ho has to say about It
So we went to his room and tOln1
him In bcd for I was quIto late
at nlghtneurl mil night U I re
mcmlJer I
Juslco Pratt I saId there Is 1
strong feeling In the New York dele t
lon In favor of offerIng you to tho
convention as New Yorks candidate
for president But some ot 1 trlend
here doubt the wisdom or ilolng thIs
solely on the ground that yoU are a
member oC the CatholIc church
Justice Pratt raised himself till lru
bed and looked over the Ito group
01 men standIng before him
I wi begin my reply by tehllngyeu
a war ton ho alt after a mo
ments hesitaton hero CM10 a clay
when I was desperately wounded In
battle I was told that my deathw3
ccrtalnthat It might be n question o
at few minutes and I myself had no
expectation oC living moro tan an
hour or two So I wantet a clergyman
and asked hose around me to get mo
The sent out and acer searchlnl
everywhere lie only one that they I
coull find was mc priest or tim church I
of Rome the chaplain ofaru IrIsh rell i
mont He came to iwo cheerfully Ho
r tNeOd r lrid
ministered to nmy Immediate relIgIous
and physIcal wants n tenderly 9
any mother could have done lo did
everything that possibly could be
done for my comfort
His kIndness anti consIderation
made a profound Impression upon nie
ant then and there I told him that 1
wanted to be received Into his church
So ho baptIzed me adminIstered this
sacrament to 1 and I have never
doubted that It was In part due to hIs
tenderness and sympathy and relIgious
support that after hovering between
life end death for das I wan at last
restored to health And since that
time I havo been a consIstent mel cr
or the church of Romo
For a moment or two the ju
tce paused as Ir In deep thought
said Mr Grace Then he continued a
The time Is not tar dIstant gentle
men when no ones poltlcl character
wIll bo luestoned because or his re
lgious faith but wo are not yet quite
ready for It In this country I doubt
If any member or my church or It a
Hebrew were nominated for pesldanl
I would b0 possIble to escape the de
nomlnatonnl issue But the line I
not far distant when I will be No
gentlemen you must leave me out ot
our consIderation And now U8 I ihhfl
night cry tired I will bid you al good
Thus oneluded Mr Grace JU3
lice Pral retused a Preslulentlmil nmm
Inatlon for I have never hid any
douht that he could huvc ben noimm
Inateil ehmil 1 am moire that hOyolld
havo carrle1 the state New York i
And you know tho ullmbto reult pt
his refusal Hancock ho smlp0rl uas 5 3
nomhlalel aI a war Dumoelit and
lost New York and time election I
San Francisco Cal
Tle tariff relatIons between Canla
and tIme United States are hadl
straIned and asaresultagreat volume j
or trade between the two countries Is
seriously Imperiled Canada cmplans
bitterly of certaIn prviions or our tar
II alectlS paper wood pulp Wl 51
barley and lumber and this feelIng
seems to work In the directon oC r
talaUon that wIll make relatIons a
great deal worsejetween tha two coun
tries The Canadians are ongagd la
negotIatIons for a tat of commerce
with France whose provisIons are de
clared to bo characterized by gross dIs
criminaton against the p1duct ane
trado o the United States I this j
charge Is well founded the result must
be to compel Mr Tar to appl tIme
schedules oC our moxlmum tariff to all
Imports from Canada The mnmul
adds 20 per cent to the minimum rates
Do not let you supply
run too low
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