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P81DENT 15
44 t I
Reported He Will Assure Public
I There IsNo War Between Ad
4 ministration and Insurgents
f 2cbrnnCongrcs l1nn dmlts Corre
I ij 6pondcncoHas 1ncd Dctwccu
I DIm llnel Wlllto nOlUC
I ViuihlnstoD Jan 12rcsldeht TaU
I Is credited nt the Capitol with a desire
to Put an end to the war which threat
ens his administration It was com
mon report today wherever the
nernber3 congregated that the presi
dent Wl1S preparing toassure the public
through norne form oC communication
lI that there yas no war between the ad
i ministration and the pubIlcan In
1 surgent That wrrespondenco has
l pnsed betveen the president and Rep
I sentaUo Norris oC Nebmska one ot
II I the foremost oC tho Insurgents con
I cerning the situation 115 admitted by
2 the lobraska member today but In tho
i L absence omelal sanction he declined
J to mako PUbliC the contents oC fho let
l t ers
I ii President Tnt 15 said to h1O written
F Mr Norris declaring tim admlnlstrn
ii tlon was making no war upon any
ii member oC the house and that he In no
F 1110 blamed Individual members for i
I hF acting In an independent capacity In
I ii anything affecting themselves or their
fFr ltrlcts
Ill II Tho president however Is said to
l have deprecated tho action oC the Rc
Ji I i rlllbllcan insurgents In making such a
ii 1 fight as to cause tho press and tho pub
41W I
codfish are caught yearly on
the coast of Norway from
the Jivers of which we get Cod
Liver Oil
Only the best of this oil is
in the production of their
Scotts Emulsion
The skillful combination of
this Oil with Hypophosphites
makes a foodmedicine un
equalled in the world for
building up thebody Dru 1stl
8d hOe nm of iper ani thi L Je ocr
rtl SaIo Book rund M 8ktoh
Book Each bnllr UllAlnoa OoodLurlC1 < > nnr
lie to bellevo that a division had oc
cur d within the party and that the
administration was confronted wIth a
serlOUII defection In Its own mnlt be
fore It had become a year old
DrStlc action looking toward tho
suppression oC the white slavo trat
lie In the United States was taken by
the houso today
A bill was passed under which IC
adollte1by the senate It will be unlaw
ful for any person to provide tnmspor
tItlon from one state to another or
an person who enpiges In proitItutIon
or other Immoral practlscs The mere
purchnsc ot n ticket for a woman
whereby she would bo enabled or as
sbned to go from state to state for Immoral
r J mIWt tfh
moral purposes will render the pur
chaser liable to 10 years Imprisonment
and a 5000 fine Immoral allen wom
en are to be deported whenever they arc
discovered and their procurers ntQ to be
excluded deported and punished
It Is intended that this measure
shall be drastic declared Rep sentn
tlve Bennett oC Now York In charge oC
thu mcaIuIC and coauthor or It
ThIs Infamous whlto 11110 traffic
must be broken up und the Immlml
tlon committee believes the pending
measuro will sunio every con3tau
1 Thosc bud night coughs M of thc
StoD Couah Wht sbnll OU give thcm Just whal
1 > 011 a your mothcr live you IInd Justwbst her
1 rirt l g J mother gnc bcrlJrl Jomc fnmiliesAycrs
l ji Ae gorT JJOIf he esidrcs AVer3 Cherry Peelorn hns been the only cough
II 1 I au Plf the coughs J colds of mOd dna for sevcn years Once lfl the
t cJilc1rcn Doczssaj c tyC r B I r nn hqnd
i A
Tree Tea
t ts Uncolored and complies
1 with all Pure Food regulation
t A tea to be high quality must be first crop
must be mountain grown must be uniform
Tree Te is
t I first crap
4 1
mountain grown
l always uniform I
BewOIe of imitations
Ij P
11 Semi
ki I iI F J Annual ITT
4 I Sale
i Has reached such pro
4 I portions that people
1 everywhere regard this as I
iii the one big opportunity
F of this season of the
t f r year which to pur
frj chase at unusually big
discounts some of the
I4 prettiest daintiest yet
J most substantial furniture
t and
furnishings ever
shown in this city
jI1 1 l We are making
I these sweeping
r hi reductions on
J I special lines
l because the
patterns have
been disc on
lit I f
i tinued and the
suites ale in
j l y complete
Jig Every article has our
I l
fk guarantee
I Li No piece offered that
I does not come up to the
1 IL Dinwoodey standard Of
II excellence
ct A visit to thiS ale will
I l convince you of the gen
uineness of these bargains
ik Dinwoodeys
itk l = =
1I I I
A Skin of Beauty In n Joy Forever
ft R T Felix Oourauds Oriental
D Croom 01 Magloal Donutlflor
d n > OTCI Tan IImlet
f Vre5j lIolh 1lrb
htkJtt Skin XIMkI
1 LSd everyboitb
Jj a Os toSIT cod d
Sco dttctc ft
bu stool ISO teit
rg n J
oC C tr oLd
II Is aa borode w e
J toitait tobiurtl
S ilpro I =
ftl t skUsr
nID Dr L A
Slyto to S
raNeot lb hoyt
Co As aat IWJ
I Till yocomiscsd
GonPlluI C1onm u the lafl hUlDful nt cC lb
b rlr3 In tho PolEd u c loLEl ird cd Europe Fosy
r1wTgeH Pr 7 ftblJlrt Sind Hew Tri
tlonnl test to which It may 00 subject
Chairman Mann oC the committee on
Interstate Rnd foreign commerce who
rolll yesterday that he Us notopposed
to tho blU tpran a surprise upon Its
dcC nders by moving to recommit the
measure The motion waS lost by II
voto of 36 to 1i4
YJllLtevcr opposition there was to
certaIn sections oC the pend11g bill few
members RECme anxIous to have them
FOlve9 placed on record as voting
against It alld only an oral vote was
taken 011 Its passage
A Wild Dlbrortl nnin
brings danger surrcrlngoCten death
to thoUsands who alto colds
c01gh8 and Ingrlppcthat terror oC
WInter and Spring Its danger sig
nals arc sturrod up nostrils lower
part oC the norm sore chills and fever
pain In back oC head and a throat
gripping cough When JrJp nttncles
as you value your liCe dont delay
getting Dr KIngs Now Discovery
Ono bottle cured mo write A I
Dunn oC Pine ailey Miss after
being Ialll up three week with
Grip For sore lungs Hemorrhagcs
COughs Colds hoopinG Cough
Bronchitis Asthma Its supreme tOe
100 Guaranteed by Z C M I
Drug Department 1121U So Main
St Salt Lake C ty
Washington Jan 121ho joint Re
pUblican caucus oC the senato and
houso tonight selected 0 new congrcs
Elonnl committee and joutned after
a perfunctory session None or the
Interesting Issues that were expectcd
came up
The meeting was held In the hall ot
tho house oC ncentatlves and was
presided over by Senator Hale ot
Maine The only Iecognlred Insur
gents on the committee arc Woods
Iowa nnd Hlnshnw Nebraska
Following Is a partial list or the
no committeemen
CallfornlnJ H Needham
ColoradoScnator Simon Guggen
Idahorhomas R Hnmel
MontanaCharles N Pray
NevadaSenntol George S Nixon
OrcgonW R Ellis
UtahJoseph Howell
WahlngtonV A HUll1phre
YomlncF W Iondell
AlasknJnmes Wickersham I
ArlzonnD V Cameron
HawallJ Ie Kalanlanole I
Guadalajara MexIco Jan 12Tho
tlmo having expired for the preliminary
Irivestlgatlon ot the case against Con
ductor James A Cook accused oC com
pllclty In the robbery oC a freight train
under his charge the third judge oC tho
criminal court Francisco Z palaCox
has ordered the case returned to the
jurisdiction oC the procurator oC jus
Cook has been In prison since August
The government has been securing de I
positions oC witnesses In various part I
oC the republic and In the United
State Soon the case Is expected to go
to trial 01 bo thrown out altogether
It III said the Investigation has faled
to how that Cook had any knowlellgo
oC the robbery
You feel ns It you had one face too
many when you have Neuralgia
Dont you Save the face you nosy
need It but get rId oC the Neuralgia I
by applying Bnllurds Snow Lini
ment Finest thing In tire world for I
rheumatism neuralgia burns cuts
scalds lamp back and all pal1s Sold
by Z C M L Drug Dept 112 ntl 114
South Main Street Salt Lake City I
Washington Jan 12Presldent Tart
this afternoon appointed hear S
Graves director of the Yale forest
school as forester ot the United States
to succeed Gifford Plnchot He also
appointed Albert 10 Potter at present
acting forester as associate forester
TIm new forester and his associate
are both known as Plnchot men Both
have served under Mr Plnchot and
both are In sympathy with his policy
oC administration It was largely
through Mr Plnchots efforts that the
Yale forest school was IJstablllhed
and Mr Graves went from tho Ilost ot
a < chief or the division ot for
retry under Mr Plnchot to become di
rector or tho school In 1000 He had
serVed In the forestry division for two
Mr Graves graduated from Yale In
1892 He was trained In forestry In this
country and In Europe and has had
extenslvo experience In the west hav
Ing mallo the teconnnlssnnco survey ot
the Black HIllS III 1897 Mr Graves will
begin his duties no forester Feb 1
Mr Potter now associate forester
who succeeds OvertOl1 W Price Is n
native ot California and hall spent nil
his life In tire west until he became Q
member oC the forestry staff nine years
ago Ho has toad Jurisdiction over all
grazing privileges within the pre
serves He Is well acquainted with
Western conditions and Is thoroughly
Informed oC nil the policies and prac
tises or the forest ervlco
De1levllle III Jan lJudcc G A
Crow of tire circuit court ot St Clair
coanty today Sentence James Pullman
murderer oC his onemonth old child
to life rather than die so that he might
suffer u lIfetime haunted by the walls
oC the dyIng Infant
I will not sentence Pull mall to tho
ga1lowl salll the judGe but to the
penitentiary for liCe It will bo punish
ment moro tOIrlblo than death for him
10 hear daily tho cries ot his murdered
child His crliroo was the most ntro
claus I have ever heard or IIo stamped
the liCe out oC the child with his heel
Pullman had pleaded guilty Ho Itllled
the child after ho rood its mother had
failed to tll1ll a homo for It
Saved At Dcuths Door
The door oC death seemed ready to
open for Murray W Ayers oC Transit
Bridge N Y when his life vas WOII
derulI saved I iuns In a dreadful
condition he wrItes rny skin was
almost yellow eyes sunken tongue
coated cmanclated from losing 40
pounds growing weaker dally Vim
lent liver trouble pullinG mo down to
death In spite of doctors Thn that
matchless medlclneElectrlo Bitters
cured me I regained the 40 pounds
lost earl now nm woll and strong
For all stomach liver and kidney trou
ble theyre uprcrn SOc at riy C 2
I Drug Department l1lH So Main
St Salt Lake City
Winston Spencer Churchill Out
lines Scheme That Would Affect
Millions of Workmen
Scheme to be Enacted Into Law and
Carried on 111 ConjunctIon With
Labor Exchanges
Lndon Jan lZA big scheme oC un
employment insurance will bo the work
oC tire now Liberal government lC r
turned to power Winton Spencer
Churchill president oC the br oC
trade outined the scheme In the
course oC a sPeh at Glasgow tonight
Mr Churchi said that IC tho people
granted the money the house ot com
mons would pas a compulsory and
contributory unerniboymcnt insurance
bill which would deal with tho IC
fairs of upwarll ot OOO adult work
er skilled and unskilled alku
The new plan would bo clTled on In
conJunctlQn with 110 labor cxchnnJes
soon to bo opened throughout the king
dour Te10 exchange 11 Churcl
said would gheabr n tlollllo 131
hot and the a4vantagcs which modeln
civilization had conferred on all classes
Tire insurance plan would Improve and
standardize labor and woulll equally
beneibt the employer turd artisan
Chancellor LloydGeorge at Volvor
hampton evidently referring to the
Immo scheme said that ho had put
l OOoOO In the budget to detl with
unemployment hele15 his opponcnt
were trying lo maintain a land system
that was more responsible for unem
ployment than any single cause
A Balfour the opposition leader
speakIng at York on the home I u10
problem said It was a subject requir
ing the attention ot all students ot
politics and one or the greatest pnrb
lems over lout before the country Y t
It wiia brought forward by the Liberals
as In unconsidered Item and as nn
unconsidered schema oC legislation
Referring to tariff reform Mr Bal
four repeated that the Tory party was
pledged not to Increate the cost or food
to the POOl He thought that a small
duty on wheat with preference to the
colonies would diminish rather than In
CtlS0 the cost of bread
Election meetings still are the seene3
ot considerable disorder Ono at Brent
wood tonhh developed a riot In which
many person were Injured
Is or should be worried when the IUe
ones have n cough or cold I may
lead to croup 01 pleurisy or pneumonia
then to something more serious blal
p itor lngYr row Dt
iards Homebound Syrup will cure the
trouble at once and prevent any compli
cation Sold by Z C M I Drug Dept
I rind 11 South Main St Salt Lako
Washington Jan 2The Mondell
bill which was intended to unlock the
gates oC the conserved coal domain by
permitting agricultural entries on coal
lands In the United States wa pmc
tlcnl agreed to by the house com
IJlttee on public lands today The
bill apples to all the coal lands ot the
An estimate by Chairman Mondel of
tire committeD Indicates that theme arc
iOoOoO acres ot these coal hinds The
bill does not apply to Alaska
Then a coM and n coughIet I run on
set pneumonia or consumption thBtl
roll No mater how you get your cough
dont neglect ittake Baliarls here
nJ al dt Ytorf
bound Syrup and lB be ever it In
no time Thor sure cure for coughs
colds bronchitis and all pullinnr die
cases In young and old Sold by Z C
M I Drug Dept ill and 11 SoutIr Main
Street Sail Lake City
Salt Ialte Photo and Supply Co
Kodaks finishing tramln H2 MaIn
Notice Is hero given that I spcelal
meeting of the stockholders ot the Seutr
Columbl Consoldated MinIng Com
pan B corporation of Utah has been
duly called to be held and same will be
held at the office oC the company In
the Judlo Building corer oC Main and
Third South Streets Salt Lake CIty
Utah on the 2nd day oC January 1910
3t 10 oclock 0 m ot that day for the
purpose of voting to emend tire Arties
em Incorporation F the cempirny and
particularly Article XV thereof so that
said Article XV will hereafter rear as
Colow towlt
The term ot office ot saId officers
end directors shall bo for one year and
until their successors are elected nnd
qualnell und they eh31 bo elected by
the stoelehoillers at the regular annual
stockholders meeting whIch hnl be held
at the general office oC this corpora
tion In Sal Lake City Utah on the
second Tuesday In June 1910 and on
flI thereafter at thc Mama place at
10 oclocle 0 m ot that day No notice
of nay future annual meeting aC stock
holders need be given to the sockholr
ers Any ot said officers or directors
may be removed by a two thIrds vote ot
the stockholders represented nt any
meeting OC the stockholders called for
that purpose
1y order of th Board ot Director
VAL S Snow Prsillelt
Dated December list tO
ARellabte CTRH
Elys Cream Balm I
Is quickiyabsorbed ° oR COU
Giver Relief at Once odcw
It cleanses soothes H yy t
heals nod protecta
the discased morn
brane resulting froni
Catarrh and drive
away a Cold in the
Head quickly Ito
stores the SetisC8 of
Taste aud Smell Forbi size 50 cts atDrtrg
gists or by mail Ia liquid form 75 cents
Ely Brothers G Warren Street New York
Charlton Shop
WcmOD Outfitter EicbulyeIy
Tailor Made Suits
Cal Gowns Even
Ing Wraps
12 S Mi Bat wl
lx half ounco ot Colcentmtell
plnu comllouml with two ounces or
glycerine and n half pint oC good
whllleey shako It wcl each time und
uw In dOles ot a teaspoonful to n
tnblspoonCul every four hours
Those Ingredients can bo hall from
any good druggist or ho will get them
from hIs wholcl1lt house any ono
can mix them This Is said to bo tire
ulckcst cough and cold cure known
to science The Concentrnt pine II
n special Jllno product and comes only
In halC ounce bottles each enclosed
In nit airtight case but bo sure It 16
labeled Concentrted
Notice ot Special Meeting ot Stohold
ems Snit lke City Utah Jn S 1910
To the Stockholders ot Carbon County
Rolhva ComponNoteo 16 hereby
given that ulpeclol meeting ot the
stockholders ot Carton County Rail
way Comparry will bo held at tire
wo COmp31Y wi
principal office ot the company In Iho
Judge BuidIng nt Sal Loko City Utah
upon Friday the Zbst day of Januag
190 lt 101O oelck at for the purpose ot
considering and confirming or dlsapplv
Inc certain action ot tire Beard ot DI
rectors of said company provirling for
tire srrbjectiofl of rWIny companys gr f
ronlll railroad property and franchises
ld Itl other onsets and property to the
lien ot the First Consolidated Mortgage
len the Itio Grndo Western Ralwuy
Company Ho date Ap1i t 18 and for
tire purpose of taking m lawful notion
In relalon to the mortgaging oC the
compns railroads reuroad property
and franchises and Its other assets and
property ni may by tao stockholders
lt such meeting bo deemed requisite or
Also for tho purpOs ot considering and
confirming or disapproving certain cc
tbn of the Board of Directors or said
company providing for the Gale and con
vyanco ot roll oC the ralroad proper
ties assets and franchises oC the com
pan to the Denver l Rio Grndo Rail
road Company but subject to the len
tiotroon of the First Consolidated Mort
gage or The Rio Grande western Rail
way Company of date April 1 1S1 and
tor the purpoSe ot taking any lawtU
action In relaton to the conveyance ot
the compans said railroads poportles
assets and franchises as may by the
stockholders n said meeting bo deemed
requisite or desirable
DC taking action
Also for tho purpose acton
upon a proposition to dlssohotho cor
pomation after tho making ot the con
ennees above mentioned
D E T Jelory Prcsldent
If A GreenwOod Secretary
Noteo or Spcr111 Meeting of Sockhold
er Sal Lake Cit Utlh January 5th
19IuTo the Stockholders ot Castle Val
icy Railway CompanNotee Is here
by given hot 1 special meeting ot the
stockholders ot Cstle Valley Ralwny
Company will bo held a the principal
orlco ot the company In the Judgo
Duldlng Salt Lake City Utah upon
Friday the 21st day or Jnnunr 1910
at 1Z oelock a m for the purpose
ot takingaction upon propositon to 1s
olve ho corporation and 10 authorize the
Board of Directors to cause application
to bo made for judicial declaration ot
such dissolution In the manner required
ty law
ly E T Jeffery President
E A Greenwood Secretary
Notice oC Special Meeting of Sloekhold I
ers Salt Lake City Utah January StIr
1IOTo thu Stockholders ot Copper Belt
Railroad CompanNoteo Is hereby
given that a special meeting oC the
stocleholdors or Copper Belt Railroad
Company will be held at the principal
office of tire company In the Judge
Building Salt Lake City Utah upon
rldny the list day of January 1910 at
12 oclock Ii for the purpose oC taking
action upon a proposition to dissolve the
g hoo roo
corporation and to authorize the Board
ot Directors to cause application to bo
made for judicial declaration ot such dls
solution In the manner requIred by law
B C H Schlacks President
Edward R Murphy Secretary
Notice of Special Meeting of Stcckhold
ers Sal Lake City Utah January 9th
t910To the Stockholders Sanpcto
Valley Rnlhv CompanNotce Is
hereb given that a speed meeting of
the stockholders or Sanpete Vale H31
way Company will be held nt the princi
pal office ot the company In the Judge
Building Sol LaId City Utah upon
Friday the Zlst day ot January InO
at 1115 oclock a m for the purpose
or taiirig action i a proposition g
dissolve the corporation and to authorize
the Board of DIrector to cause applies
ton to be made for judicial declaration
ot such dissolution In the manner re
quimed by law
B C H SchlRekl President
E A Greenwood Secretary
Notice ot Special Meeting of Stocleheld
ers Sal Lake City Utah January Eh
1910ro the Stockholers or Sevier Rail
way CompanyNotco Is hereby given
that a special meeting or the stockhold
ers oC Sevier Railway Company will bo
held at tho principal oCtcof the com
lall In the Judge Building Salt Lake
City Utah upon Friday the 21st day
ot January 1910 nt 10450cock nm for
the purpose ot tlllnl action upon a
proposition to dissolve the corporation
and to authorize the Board ot Directors to
Cause application to te marie for JudicIal
dcclCmton ot such dissolution In the
manner relulred by law
By f T Jeffery President
E A Greenwood Secretory
Notice Of Special Meeting of Steckhold
lcaY lt
era Salt Lake City Utah January 5th
1910To thn Stockholders of Tintte
o Tlnto
Range Railway CompltNotco Is
hereby given that a special meeting of
the stockholders of Tintic
Tlntc Range Rail
way Company will be held at tire pried
pal oleo at the company In tire Judge
nuldhl Sni Lake City Utah upon
Friday the 21St day ot January 110
lt 1 oclock n m for the Purpose ot
taking fiction upon n proposition to dls
olve the corporation and to authorize
the Board ot Dlreclors to cause nppbica
lon to be made for judlclnl declaration
such dinnoiution
of oluton In tho manner re
qulrpd by law
B E r Jeffery PresIdent
E Greenwood Secretary
Notice at Rpcclal Meeting of Siockhold
ers Sal Lake City Utah January 9th
t910TO the Stockholders ot Utah Ear
ern Railway CompanNolee Is hereby
givers that a special meeting ot tho
stockholders of Utah Eater Railway
Company will be helll nt the principal
omceot the company In the Judge
Duldlng nt Sal Lake City utah upon
1rlln the 21st day oC January 1910
at 10 ocloelc a I for the purpose of
f r Wo conilrming or disapprov
leg certain actiero of the Board t Dlrec
torn ot said company providing Cor the
suhJeeton oC tIre comnnnyl raIlroads
railroad property and franchises and its
other assets and property to the lien of
tlro First ConsolIdated Mortgage of tgg
Rio Granola Western RaIlway Company
of date April I 1S and for tire purpose
ot taking any lawful acton In relation
to tire mortgaging ot the companys
railroads railroad property and fran
cirises ned its other assets and Iropert
RII may by the stockholders Rt such
meeting be deemed requisite 01 deRlr
Also for the purpose of considering
rind confirming or disapproving certain
action of the Board of Directors of said
Company providing for tire babe and
conoonce ot all af the railroads prop
erties assets ann flnchlses ot the
cot3lY to the Denver Rio Grnndo
Railroad Company but subject to tho
len thereon ot the First Consolidated
Mortgage oC the Rio Grande Western
Railway Company oC date April I 1m
and for tire purpose t taking any law
ful action In relation 10 lIre conveyance
of the company8 said raIlroads proper
ties lets and franchises ni may by
tho stokholders nt said meeting bo
deemed rcqulsle or desIrable
Also for the purpose ot taking acton
upon a proposition to dlssolvo the cor
portion after the making ot the con
voyanceir ahoe men tned
I C I Schlack President 1
E 1 Greenwood Secretary
place of business Bait Lake City Utah
Joc ton ot irrigation canal Salt Lake
County Utah
Notco Is hereby given that at 1 ngu
lam meeting of the Board ot 1Irector
ot tire North Point Consolidated IrlIa
toh Co held on the Btb day ot De
cember bb09 nsesment No 3 ot I cents
per share was levied upon the capital
stole ot the corporation issued rind out
standing payable Immediately 10 the
Secretary at his office at Bailey l
80n8 store G Et Second South
Salt Lake City Utah
Any stock upOn whIch this asSI
meet may rean unpaId Thursday the
Bib day Of January 1910 shall be do
dared delinquent and advertised for sale
nt public auction and unless payment
18 made before will bn Iold On Satur
day the ith day ot Febrnr 1910 nt
oclock p m nt tho office ot tire Sec
retary to pay the delinquent assessment
thcrton together with the cost of ad
vertising and expense ot sale
First publIcation December 21 1909
CO Prlnclpl place oC busIness 014
Judge Building Sal Lake City Utah
Location ot mines Alta Utah Notce
Is hereby gIven Atn a meeting ot
the Beard of Directors oC the Columbus
ExeMlon Mining Company held on the
18th day ot December 1m assessment
No 4 of ono 1 cent per share was
Jevcd upOn the capital stock oC the
corporation issued and outstanding pay
able Immelllntely to the secretary nt the
Office of tire corporation 2023 Judge
Building Salt Lake rogrt Utah Any
tock upon which thIs aSSCS8ment may
remain unpalll on Saturday the 2nd day
of January 190 will be delinquent end
advertised for saiD n public auction
ds unless payment Is made before wIll
be sold on FrIday he r od Of Feb
misery 1910 nt 930 oelok I m nt the
eompans office to pay tho delInquent
aSessment thereon together with the
cots of advertising and expense ot ale
Y S SNOW Seretary
First DUblcation December 2st 10
COMPANY Principal place oC business
Salt Lake City UtRh Location oC mines
Toelo County Ulah Notice Is hereby
given that at n meeting ut the Board
ot Directors ot the Surface Sliver GI
Irma Copper Company held on tho 1th
day oC December A D 1109 assessment
NO1 oC 15 ot 1 cent per share was
levied upon the capital stock ot the co
porn lon payable immediately to R lot
Hol secretary O the company at his
office North Salt Lake Sal Lake City
Utah Any stock upon which thIs assess
meet may remain unpaid on Teesday
the 11h dny ot January A D 1910 wi
be delinquent and advertised for tale
at public auction and unless payment Is
made before will bo Iold on Monday
the 31st day ot January A D 110 at 10
ocloclt a m at the companys ofnc
North Sal Lake Sal Lake City Utah
to pay the delnquent assessment ther
on together with the costs of adver
18In and expense ot snle
R H HOLT Secretary
ING COMPANY a corporation Prlnel
hal place ot business Sal Lake City
Utah NolceThcro are delInquent up
on lie following described stock on roe
count oC neseseiment No n levied Dec
Sth 1m the following several amounts
sot opposite the names ot the respective
Cert Name Slims AmI
7 54 Carrie Sauerrm t0 5 710
toOl J J Turner fo 710
M tV E 10
lQI0 P T Brady Ij 150
1224 Mary L English 11 15
122 DIary L English 10 15
lEt Mary J English 10 IW
12i Mary L Englsh 10 17
J22 Mary J rISlhh JO 1
bIB Mary L lfrigiish Ito JW
12 Mary I English 10 15
hall Mary L English 10 1
1232 Mary I nglsh 10 1i
12 Story L English 10 lW
121 A P 150
1421 Samrel Furrot 150 150
g g
1472 C 0 Erickson Ito 3j
1139 J IJ Hcksem 11 150
1811 11 8V Doricirer 10 30
m J Obemnnlorfcr r m i
1931 E L L Rue TO ir
And In accordance with the law and an
order or the Board ot Directors made
this Stir day ot December 1m so mnn
shares ot each parcel of stock a may
be necessary will he soil nt the com
pnns Office 5B MeCorlcl Dock Sal
Lako CIty Utah on the Zth day 0
January at 1 ocloek n m to pay Ire
delinquent asessment together wIth he
cost ot advertising and capensa of sale
It bY re Secretary
51 JcCorlcle Bock
MILLING COMPANY incorporated un
del the laws ot the State of Utah Prin
cipal place oC business Salt Lake cay
Utah NotceThere are lIennQuent upon
tho followIng described stock on ac
count ot assessment No 2 levIed on the
Ditto da ot November 190 oC onehalt
ot ono cent 14 per hare the several
amounts set Opposite the names or the
tespectvo shareholdor as follows
No No
CerL Name Shll Amt
2 R Eugene Jones 5 5
12 S S Jones 9 4
3 S J 61
3i S J Jones s 421
G S J Jones 4 ZO
ci S J Jones 5 2
136 Joshua J Dnncs Jr29 1250
13 W T 5
m J O Carter 10 S
2 J O Carter W 20
2 J O Carter G 2C
295 J O Carter100 50
901 J O 50
3 J O Carter 31 16
31 John Brown G 25
311 A N Heldaway1050 61
313 A N HoldawayIC 61
310 D S IlnckleylO 50
39 Sphla T Nual et all6 S16
O J A HoldaWR Jo 50
m J A Holdaway 6 50
2 SIrs S P Evans C 30
416 J R 1welves 10 25
43j J R Twelves 410 20
HI Fredk SlelGmeyer 10 60
413 Frek StellmOer 10 50
490 Vt E Racker100 O
46 Ceo H Joirnnon1003 60
491 James Coomba 410 20
L1 J O Carter1000 60
t J O Carter 10 2l
E J O Carter S 250
l J O 50
52 n A Barney Co 501 2E
l1 R A Barney Co 5 t
5U Child Cole I CoI0 60
6 Child Cole Co E 2S
6G R A Barney Co1000 10
951 It A Barae Co 146 423
SM R A Barney g m g
576 Wimmer Invt Co 10 2e
579 Wimmer lnst g m g
952 Wlminer Invt Co 420 210 1
r9 It A Dare Co 100
Ct W M Havenor 100 20
612 JO Carter c 250
6 Lowe l Co rJ 250
6 humor Ilvt Co 421 210
C Vlmmer Jnvt Co r 210
697 N Ifarameniganakis 50 25
030 Samuel To nfn lm 763
642 C I Whiney em r
63 J H Deming 20
64 p n 50
6S Taylor Bros 10 60
693 lmmer Invt Co 50 ZS
63 Taylor Bros 5 r
c Vlmmer Invt Col0 60
610 I A Barney Co 426 Zt3
699 Fannie S leneld 9 45
i02 n A Barney Co S 2m
itO Child Cole Co10 61
71 J O Carter 310 S
72 J O Carter S r
i2t J O Carter S 43
732 R A Barnes l Co G UO
73 n A Barney Co 5 290
ii W H Hnvenor 10 S
7 I V I HBenor 2 10
i V M Hnenor C 2
T7 tV N Mills 10 5
TS E S Jenrr 10
751 A S Campbell10 GO
7o Badger Bros 5 L
i2 Badger Bras 43 2tS
71 Pratt McBeth l 2
813 J O Carte
cit J O Carter 891 417
81 J O Carter1000 500
8Z J O Carter r GO
au J O Carter 5
S Badger Dros 0 21
IC J O Carter c 1 I
SG J O Carter 19 is
81 J O Carter 200 100
8M R S Lusty 20 10
090 J O Carter 20 JO
313 J O Carter eo 150
990 J O Carter Cr3 1
92 C I WhItney S 250
3U Wimmer Invt Co 421 211
103 J O 50
IGO J 0 Carter GO
he i r i
909 5hcetsNceI Co O 100
< Badger Broi IS
907 DOdger Dros 00 2
I 990 John Y
r Sheet 1eal Co 42 2
r C E Itanipsiolre109 G
1000 H J Greenwood 001 2
101 H J Greenwood 0
m 2
1016 Knight Mangum I t
10 Jesse Winn 16
10 J A Pollecle Co 2j
icco Radcllr Q Cnnnon 4
1037 Rdclr Q Cannon 4
1041 Itrodeliff Q Cannon 4
19 clr Q Cannon r
104 lr Q Cannon 410
3 g
lCQ Radeblff Q Cannon 2m
10 R3dclr Q CannonCe
101 Indell Q Cannon5
110i Indclrr Q Cannon 410 ft
C Indclr Q Cannon100
lC Idclr Q Cannon1oc
109 J 0
8 g
104 J 0 m
lCJ ShletN 1 Co 100
10 J A Polock Co 10
II Dr J 1 Daggonaeo
m L 0 Cnrter A
1123 fl blOat
lW Moses noylanca 11
14 Gee Q Cannon AIn IC
1 Ifrrlght laIt d
Whitney 3
11 1
tl57 Miss L Tremnyno 100
11 Geo Q Cannon AMn 4U
1S Gee Q Cnnnon AIIn t 2
r Geo Q Cnnnon Aun 50
b J O Carter S 13 I
1Ro 1 0 Carter
1223 ShpetsNcab Co Ito 2
gr ChIld Cole Co Co
1226 J K Udglo C
K 2
1246 J O Cuter 410 I
bit J 8 Carter Sf0 i
1s J 0 Carter m
126t n E Jones 2
129 J O Carter 90 2
131 Preston J Cannon 143 2
131a Preston J Cnnnon C 0
1390 F O Rchmondl C
tW F G RIchmond 50 0
t1 F G Jchmond C
lZ W H Child i f
t36 U H Child 10 S
fW Wimmer Invt Co t o
1930 W I Child 20
1399 Leon a 12
HO IV H Chid Ito t 0
bOOS Badger Bros 10
1 J A POlock Co DO U
1 J A Polock COIO j
142 1 A Polock Co 90
HIG g 90 Vest r01 21
11 WImmer Invt Co m 26
1i50 C L Whitney 21
1 A S Campbell 20 cia
161 Y I CbIJd CS 11
Hi Samuel n Nee 40 j
IH3 I E 1
1199 J O I Q
1502 J O Crtor1 1 0
1116 G A Anderson IC
1 2 J O
1 n J Badger 0 3 0
1117 J O ej t U
1953 John Mcflonirl ill
isrt John Mclcrtraid il
t 6 F 0 rchmOnr 50 t
JtS F C Rcld r
ml F n Drls 100 I
1977 H W B S
m Preston J Cannon1101
1M3 John McDonald Sl j
1615 Abs Gurimaniven IC f
1895 Samuel It Nail m f
1633 11 B I
ff U B Cole b00 11
163 1 F DuTon t
1002 q Wibhardson f J
1116 Ned 9o5eKenzie
tC J O Carte 50
JC J H ArrowsmlhI0 6
1699 J H irrowsnnitli100 5e
1693 i fl c1 m f
1713 F It Davl tz Co 90 tl
1721 P It Davis Co f
12 w H Child 2 10 j
li J O Carter 107 29 t
li43 J O Carter14 509 II
1753 J O CarterbCCr 60
1794 J O > 5t
li72 V S Snov 50 60 11
I J O Carter 5 2t l
1808 J 0 Carter 901 3J 0
1871 fi IC Cobb CO m 50 t
1CI l S B Cliipman100 ace i
034 J F 6C
Ill i V f t
1110 J f 300
109 105 Ic Erlmrrnris1900 7t
Tsn las reighton 1000 sc
m lg f
102 C nsfl 1000 901
t i r F briwrrrrls11150 850
ista Franl flcq 10 51
less Fran iflnrc 10 0
1031 Frank JonI 10 5Y
1052 Frant Jones Sf4 2bo
1B6 D2ouitt jt nTJ ia
mi Ian J Corer 5 25 2
1591 J O Carter t SIn
1800 A S Erieicenn 1000 150
1547 Alurert < I i It It
1m H D Fol lm 5 n
910 F J Tnyloro109 S91
t91 Somali C Toyborb159 IM
ttR Mrs Pat 1llrph rows Z
195 R L atrnrlers 0 2
re i
i J
1126 F T Hiatt 101
199 J O Cluterh tr t1
1941 J G Scot 1
lOll Preston J Cannot h 1 ff
1102 Preston J Cnnnon 1 ii
ie34 O M Olsen 1
o lot Olsen
i org It A Shipp rne g I
17 n A Shipp il
tl1 I 1V Do cher 2 t
lOS T 1 Whitney I
1m R Barney Co urn
ta9 Iv IT Child I
U g 3
1992 oS H 2V
IOU 1mib G Clur if j s
And In accordance with law rod an Of
der ot the Board oC Dhctorl read C
lIre Oth day of Noem1lr IY sri mn
shares of each parcel of srreht clod s
11 I hn
may he necessary will it soil at utlbt
auction at Room No 42 All mode
Salt Lake CIty tTtnh Oi the 21st day Co
ot Jnnunr 1910 nt the lrorrr o f 10 oclocl
a m to pay delnquent assessment 1f
gether with the cost of nderI13In inl
expenses ot tire sale
4 Atlas Bock Salt IJnke City uth
Consult County Clerk or respective liP
Consul for further Intoratot
bate Division In and for Salt Lake Cous
ty State of Utah In the rustler 0 I
estMo and guardianship of Joseph Daft
MInor Noticerho petition 0 31 Jd
fgreol he guardian 1 tirO person ad
the estate ot Joseph Dar minor
confirmation ot sale of the following des
cribed real estate towIt
Comrneirclng 5 feet north or the IOU
east corner of let 1 blOck tO dPI D
1tot J
Suit Lake City r o and rur s
thence north l84 feel thence west NIb
thonc 10rh
feet tbence south 168 feet thence 15 t
106 ° 5 feet tothe place of beginnhnrl 0
the f of 01157lOt ll07u csah I
balance UPOI co nation by this CuD
blloce the return ot 15 fuel
irs appertrs from tbe se
D thiS Court has been ant for heDr
ot January A D
oil Friday the 2st day Jluar
01 CODDty
1910 nt 2 oclock p m ot the
Court House in the Court Room Of J
An riy
Court ito Salt LOJIe City ft 5415
Witness the Clerk of sold Court with
affixed this 10th daY 0
the seal thereof aOxl tl 10t
January A D 1910 j
Seal P Palmer Deputy Clerk
Dan B Shields Attorney to Pit
Third Judicial DIstrict SttoofUtahln
and for the County of Salt Lake L
In tire matter of the Estate ot
Page Real Estate Jr deceased Notice oC Biio 1
Under nuthorlty ot an order ot a
iranted by tire Third JudicIal DistrIct
tourt 1903 1 State the of undersigned Utah dated r i JJi
of said statC lrl sell at private 1 J 5 55
the following described real ettS I
uatelt In Salt Lake City Sat Llo coun
t State of Utah tor 0
Commencing 10 rods Cut of tire non
west corner of lot 6 block 25 piat n
Salt Lake elf Survey Salt Lalce CtJs
i tlrenco east 3 IS reds ilrerC0
ty is
iltW Jl ror1a rc thence west I 14 rods e
thence Tire sale north will 10 be rOds 8tde beginning on or otter gal
urda the 15th day of JAnuary 1JO Dnd
written bIds will be received It the allre
of Thurman Wedgwood Irvine tl
tornoysatLw 723 Boston bul lnj t
71 <
ncr Exchnngo PIece and Mal 8tb 53il
Lake City Utoht terms of sale caib teil
Lg ioU 1S dc i
per cent to trccemiany the bId and the
balance upon conilrmatlen ot thnl
by the said court
Admlnlslratrlx of the Eiste of Jobn
Page Jr docased t
f1 at Salt Lko City Utah Ju
amy 3rd 1910
of Ehiza Jane liceson Whipplo PeOtOip
cr1 CredItors will present cbrrJrr5 t
ouehers to the undersigned at r Scl
Building at ofrico of Ul WIlIer h
Salt Lake City Utah on or tJ
Stir day Of May A B 1910
AdminIstrtor ot Estate of El J40
Beeson Shipple Deccascd
Dale of flrst publication Jan 8 mO
mlnletrltor Wilii1 0 WUe Attorneys for

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