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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, January 20, 1910, Last Edition, Image 6

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New York 3tnrketlrMVS 1YP nule For
b1t1tH1I1 lcthOlI to Produce nl
Snlcs Conformln to l Jndlnl >
St to the r
OC conldcrtbl IntCrCt
Is the
chnnJes thtouhout the
rcent action of the
change at ew York In
match orders In trod I nl ThIll Is one
< along thl > line
ot the UnIt AtOpt taken
1 In speaking oC this the New I
I Commerdl1l MY
exchange h
The Conolldatetl
dellsncd to
adopted n
matched onlers In tradIng fhe
committee appointed by
federal In
lfI well IlII the
Coy Hushes a
I vetlgator or thc eJtchanCI
matched orders
more fault with
fenturo oC the
with other
1 any
Stocl exchange
on the New York
Consolltlahrl exchange the Cotton oOC
change and the Prollllce cxchl1nc not
I to mention the Metal eocchmge
oC the
The governors
exchange met yesterdaY nrtlrnoon anll
I amended thc by1aw regariling
the worllll But
and bills by ertlng
1 nil bids and orrertl In lots exceedln
must IX flllell by accepting
100 shlrs
bid or otter In
ot such
fihY rart
8harc lots Thc paragraph US
ed rend IUI tollowo
Section 1 All ofteMl to buy and j11
be bllliling anti durlllS
securities shall
I wthllraw all
nil no member cnn
III an nuiliblo
otter or bill except
nH1Kes n bill or
I The broker who first
orrer nt 11 figure lhnll he the prece
nlld his bid or
11ellC Oel nil others alit
orcI must bl filled before another f1hull
he tho privilege of hUJlnr or selling
at the same figure prolIllll
lots at
tlLt bld ot offers In lOOsharo
tho lIno flgue may he Illled 01 accept
ed Irrespective of smnller hotP as being
I But
cscntiahiy lftrent proposItion
In lots exceeding
nil bIds or orrerll
j shares must be filled by accepting any
Pnrt of such bid or orrer In looBhare
t Iptl A ehano oC fraction or figure
gives the precedence to the part ma
Withdrawal of offer or
Idltg the Sl11le
< 1 A 31le hnll take
bid Is permitted
nil bids and offers oft tho floor No
offer or bid shall be recognized between
partners or members oC one firm
J B Lynch secretary ot the Consoli
dated exchanlrl when seen regarding
the amendment explained that the
governors meant It to carry out In Cull
the recommendations of the Hughes
committee It Is llesIIell spXlllcnl
I to put n stop to ° nll or none bids and
I orrers DC large blocks oC stocks and to
trades ordered to be made with a
I certain broker wcalrnS n red and green
tie and no other Hltherto It hM
I been a common trick In rigging the
j mark to rer to buy or sell all or
I none of enormous blocks oC stock
I I 10000 shar ° S or marc which no one
j broker was likely to have an order for
i In the ordinary course of business The
enforcement oC the new rule will en
r r able ntiy broker to buy or sell any part
oC such large block from the maker oC
j i tho offer In 008haro lots or multiples
During the recent and for that mat
tJr the present excited trading In cot
I ton on the Colton exchlnsc certaIn
brokers and traders contend that ccr
lain aU or none offers and bids for
I 10ooOble lots wore not bonafide but
were matched for the purpose or
washIng the price up or down These
brokers wish to see tho Cotton ex
changes Callow the example oC the
Consolidated exchange and give any
broker n right to buy or sell 100 bales
or multiples thereof from or to the
maker oC the otter of 10MO balos They
say the scheme oC moving the price up
or down on fictitious bllll for or offers
ot Impossible lots oC cotton all or
none must he stopped aB similar trade
have been on the Chicago Boors oC
Trade when attempts arc made to run
monthend corners In the grain mar
ket The ConMlIootcd exchange ices big
things coming Its way on account oC
the troubles within the other ex
changes and wIshes to be In n position
to handle big trades while gllng the
small trader n chance for his lICe
Iron nlosom I1ml Others Go 1I1lIcl
On Local lInlru Exchllnle
Followln tho flurry oC yesterday
Itockg on the local exchange continued
1ctle today and the volume oC bush i
lieS wal Iltttel than usual Most ot
the stock showed conlllerble
strength and Grand Central and Co
lumbuN Consolidated were about the
oniy ones that gave evidence oC a
Colorado tas Calrly steady today and
laId at 6 cents Columbus Con olldat
cd was given Il hard jolt early In the
session and front 2 cents It droppo to
Cs cents During the session 2600 11111rc
changed hands Grand Central dropped
to 2024
Iron Blossom developed the grplhat
strength this morning and Is now el
Ino higher than Colorado The nuukt
opened al 81 and SO cents MIll w11
during the open board sessIon find
dOletl strong at SI cent This 13 the
highest price lCtlched by the stock this
year It Is declared that InipOe
ment at the property jlUstlf the ld
vance Maron Valley also entice In for
n very substantial advance and cold at
0245 the highest the stock lia gone
this year Sioux Consolldzted retaIltetl
steady nl HI advanced price and sold
from 3j to 311 cent
The total number of III1ate disposed
oC today wal 43H7 anti the amount
represented by the transactions was
There was more activity on the euro
market today and IUIO 5h1res of OIMX
Consolidated Mines company tock cold
nt 58 cent A total of 100 shares was
ifi1 I it 1 h2JPhoji
p I
i Typerwriter
Wo recommend BGrkshlr
Linen Typewriter Paper be
cause we know it to be beat
adapted for good work 11
comes In 1I0cn tll1tecnt sur
faces and In all weights 10
sizes A splendid feature
about Berkshire Papers 11
that they are
1 Not Expensive
60 Veat SecondSouth
Silver a2
COPII cathodes 1 UG
LrLtl 1llIlet IG 6 L72 V
COPIEH 1J Hjl13 1
SIrYEH 5 1
loctcty 10 itIiot71
disposed 01 at GO cents During the
session l00 shares oC Ely Witch acere
sold at 23 cents and ICOO hares of
Federal Ely brought 14 cents
Ltd Stint I Bitt Askedi Bid jAcked
ll kln 1 15 j 13 15
Big Hill j O 02
Bing Atnal OJ ½ ny
BII Jack 101f11 10 n
Bullock I on 017 01 014
Camp Bird 01 I j 01
Ah1sa GO 1 50 I il
Cedar I 01
Cent MCI OH 10 01 11 10
Centur 1 u io
Colorado 70 77 77 70
Columbus i0 91 8G 89
C MercUl 15 J Hi
Crown Pt 1 OG I 0C 06 t
Daly Judge 40 100 1 UO
E Cr Pt t 008k 01 OOz 01
E Tin Con on 01 on 01
F fin Dcv O1 Oj WIl 07
E T G K OOH 01 OO 01
Ely Calu S
Grnnll Cent 200 ZO3 200 2O4
Grutll 02 oz8 0284 031f
Ibex 03 1 03l 1
Inll Queen 02I 030 02 i
01 01
Int P O D lCO 102l t
Ino 00 OG
I Blossom 81 S2 34 sa
I K ConH W 14 20
Little Bell liO
Little Chief 4G
L nm 49 498 49 10
iuj Evans 0Gl OO ½ Oi 0dt
Mason Val 245 250 2i24 245
May Day 18 19 1755 HI
Ihin Flat 01 01
Mt Lake 06 O
No British 35 GO 35 50 I
Nov hills 63 Gi
Newhouse 300
ow York 09 11 09 OY
Ohio Cop JE 500 t0
Opohono I 22
Ploche M 05 10 04 Oa
Plutu 01 J OJ
Prince C 95 98 94 18
Proo 07 07 07 07
Sacramento 02
Silver KIng 30 360
Scot Chief oo
Schwab 00 4
S Troughs Oi 09
Rich Ana 10
Sioux Con 3jlh 38
S C0L Can Oi ½ 0H
S I mos1 001 1004
Swansea C 03 HIh
Swarnea E I 01 1
Tin Cent OS I 0Sj
fin Comb 03 M
Tin Emp 01 I 02
fin Humb O
uncle Sam 43I
Utah Can j 00 o
Victor Con 03 034
Victoria 1 150 I
Yen Con 01 10
Yer CoppelI03 03 j
UnlIsted Stroke I Bid I Askell
Opox 1iO
Ulntal Treal Hill 12
EI Witch 1 23 24
McDonald EI 41 42
Bullock 3500 at IIi
Colorado IWO at j6 seller GO tOO at
Columbus 100 at 92 100 at 91 2300
nt 90 100 at SS
Con 21cr 100 at 11
Grand Central 100 at 205 100 at
2024 seller 60 400 at 20Y
Iron Blossom 100 at 81 buyer GO 500
nt SO 101 at 51 500 at SI 200 at 83
buyer 60
Little Bell 100 at liO
lower llammoth 300 at 19
Macott Valley 100 at 2374 27 at 235
GOO al 242 ½ stller 60 200 at 24y 700
al 245
May Day GOO at 19
Mountain Lake EiQO at G 2000 at 6
Sliver 1ing GO at 355
Sioux Con 3000 at 35 ioo al 38
1000 at IS buyer 60
Tlntlc Central 2000 at S5
Tlntlc Combination 3000 at H 1500
at 4
Utah Consolidated 500 It 44
Victor Con 10 at I
Colorado 500 at i6 Fller 30
Et Crown Polnl 100 at
Daly Jude 10 nt 100
Grand Central 600 nt 200
al Iron S Blossom 100 al S2 400 at 8 10
lllson Valley io at 24214
Sioux Can 10 at 3j IMO at 3744
Tlntlc Central 1000 at S
Tlntc Combination 2000 at 4
Shares Value
Regular 304ji 1453GI0
Open 1290 66j300
133jj 32i20940
B Amol 121 at 9
Colorado v000 al 7 100 at n
seller 60
Crown Point 1000 nl 63
Grand Central 100 at 205 200 at
2014 seller 30 400 at 2024 seller
30 60 200 nt 202 Y 200 at 200 seller
Ino 2000 al a
Iron Blossom 1000 at S5 300 at
81 100 at 85 seller 60 100 at 86
Lower Mammoth GO nt 4916
Iaol ale 2100 at 2424 10J
at 242I seller 60
May Day 100 at ISIl
Apohongo roo at 22
Ploche l 1000 at 5
Flml pament was made this morn
hll by the American Star Mines com
pnny for the purchase of the Town
View antI the Town View fraction
mlnln claims In the Tlntc 111
hiet Tho Illrchase or this prop
Ct was made a year ago The
payment today finishes up the pur
chase price oC 5 Tlto company has
thus rounded Into hap some oC tho
finest property In the Tlntlc district
Preldent 1 Hart who was In
strumunlal In
strmenlal grouping the property
has returned to Boston A N Hohla
way of Provo II ono oC thl heavy In
tersts In the property
1ltES 11 TUg EST
Col D C Jlcklnl general manager
of the Utah Copper company returned
from Arizona and New Mexico last
night anti heft today for Now York In
hit private car On account oC the
tult Oed by Col E A Wall In New
Jersey In which he necks to prevent the
merger of the Boston Consolidated and
the Utah Copper companies Mr
JaclnK left at once for tim east
Pioneer floofings
Sold laid and guaranteed by
Colhlnntlul lNlllcrt SOOI to Start
OlcratlolHullol h 81111
OlGrutl Flld Ore
Greater activity than er IJCore Is I
promised In the East Tiltlc dlitrkt
early this spring With but few exCep
tions most ct the proptles there 10
now working anti by the last at Fb I
runty nearly every property In tile en
tIre east Ido at tne district wi 0
pushIng work Such Is the information
orought In from the dIstrict this morn
Ing by llenjnmln H Bullock munl cr
oC the Tlnte Combination Buloc
and Tuttle
llntc Empire properties
lly thl middle oC February actIve
work wi b started on the Tlnlc
Combination which Is owned principal
13 by the FlzKCIhls or Salt Lake City
By Feb 15 tho power wi be turned
on for work at the haft The shaft
at the property Is now down a
dlslnnce of 2M feet and It Js the In
tention of the management t drift to I
the caNt and crosscut the Golden TreflS
un vein which traverses the property
In the bottom of the shaft are found
stringers of copper sulphides that go
as high as 1 per cent copper
The Golden Treure vein 11 about
75 feet wide on the property and from
I assays have been obtaIned that ran
from 300 to So ounces In silver In
account at the collar oC the shaft be
ing located nt thc base oC the huh the
drift will get a depth of better titan
100 feet when It crsuU the vein
At the annual meetIng of thp rom
pnn a short tIme ago Judge William
H King was made president ot the
company The other officers are Don
jamln H Bullock tico Irldent and
general mllm er Hart J Fitzgerald
secretary find treasurer Tho officers
with I A Smot ot Pro and Thomas
H Fitzgerald compse tho directorate
At the Bullock property a large
amount of work Is being Ione along
tho Bullock vein Some nice ore Is
being topod out or this vein but on
aount of Its width Il requires conoll
emblo time to get out 1 shIpment
fho mine Is ill excellent condition 14
everything point toward a 1177 ore
body beIng found In the property A
crosscut sent out from a drift oil the
210 foot level Is nol following the vein
Mi Bullock declares that the East
TlnUc Development company hls a
world oC ore On the GO foot level
a drift has been run 16 feet to thc
east to catch the ore body found on he
330 and 230 fool level Front Inillca
tons In the face of the drift yesterday
Mr Bullock believes that at almost
an minute tho ore will be broken Into
on that lee
At the Grut property the manage
menl Is working In the cave on the
20 Cool level Some ore has been en
countered In the cave and drifts are
beIng sent out in searching thIs cavern
The lime that Is being encountered Is
declared to be ideal for are matIng
and that most any time a strike may
be Considerable reported work Is also being clone
at the Vlcklow property I Is under
stood that before long the Eureka Lily
Gray nock and Tintc Empire corn
panics will also begin operations I
Is believed that there will 0 seareIy
a property In East Tlntc that JI
he Idle br March
James A Polock Co bankers and
brokers furnish tiiq following received
oi I
over their private wire this afternoon
Stock I High I Low
Boston Consolidated 1544 IH I
Butte Coalition 231 2444
Calumet Arizona SIY 8144
Copper Rangl Sl SO
Clmberland Eb 714 744
Daly West S S
Davis Daly 3 3
East Butte llA 11
Greene Cmanea 10 93j
Nevada Consolidated 2444 23
Nevada Utah 1 716 H
NlpiS nS 10 10
North Butte 4675 4144
Trinity 944 9
U S Smelter com 49 4S4
Utah Consolidated 4014 101
Sup Boston 15 151
flay Cent 3 3
Chino Cons 2 2 31G
Stock I High I Low
Newhouse 3 3
Utah COP r 53 1 51
mne5CI Copper 35I 3
Stock 1 high 1 Lw
Boston Consolidated 1S3 1SY
Cobalt Central 2044 20
Eiy Consolidated SO 75
Grux Comolllatell 1 10
1 plrtlol Copper 914 81516
King Edward 916 =
lhml Copper 2514 23
Nevada Cmolldatcl 2444 23
Nevada Utah 124 1
flay Central 31 31
Ray Consolidated 24 2P4 I
Yukon Gold 41 I
G 1n Copper 9 9
Chino Copper 13 l2
Ohio Copper 1 4 Ig
La nose 4 t16 11
I Ostone 644 5
J K Turner andT A Lonz Return
Prom Camp hi EI o Count
After having finished Iollg aCer
the assessment work for the year J
K Turner elhll for A D Myers
oC Los Angeles and J A Long vice
prlllent of the Mlzp1h Gold Copper
Mining company came In from Ely last
night Thoy have just tnlshl look
Ing after tho assessment work on the
property which I In the iUph dls
trlct Elko count Nevada abut W
niles north ot EI
Mr Turner declares that thor 18 con
sIderable activity In the district the
first time since the panIc Although
the district which Is practically a cop
per bearing camp has some rIch show
ings work has not been pushed there
for several years Mr Turner alrts
that people n becoming more Inter
eted In the country around them anti
that It will not be long before the camp
will b ni active as In former days
At the Uzpah Gold Copper lUn
Ing company oC which Mr Ierl Is the
president there Is a 10 Coot shaft and
60 feet oC drifting has ben done The
are hlch Is principally copper con
o Con Wag Mach U
31 PItch Sugar pfd SS
It thIdlbo Sugar Corn 20
10 Amel Sugar PftI 890
I Am Sugar Com1DL
6 State Bank Of Itn
I De Nat 2170
5 Thatcher Bios Banking 160
5 Homo Fire Ins Co O
Edward L Burton
HSouth Main st Phones 007
Badger Brothers
160 Main St Salt Lake City
lembell SnIt Lola Exchange
Private Wire Corres
Harris Winthrop Co
I Members New York Stock chulce
Will Sell
300 Metcalf Coal lOc
400 Sunnllo Brook Coal lOc
1000 Consolidaed Fool 400
85 Karms Tunneling 8120
3 Acres U lox rttmbber8125
3 Share U Hex Capll Stock 5340
talnH good values In gold and sliver
and assays have been mo from ur
ous place In the workings that run a
Ilgh n 100 n ton The six claims
which are abut a hnlf n mile from the
town of Uzph and S miles south ot
Cobre are well located
Arrangements ure being made by Mr
Turner and Mr Long for further fin
ancing the company and putting In
more machInery
Other properties In the district which
arc now workIng arc the Brnnigan
and Brady group and the Mlzpah Con
James A Pollock Cu brokers all
bankers furnish the following received
over their private wire thlR afternoon
Uutte London 25027 Cumberlanll
Ely 71 Clroux Consollllatcd l0Ad
3k Nevada Consolidated 2444
Nevada Utah 14844 SOlpI8sln 1OOj
44 Newhouse 3544 Tennessee Cop
per 36Hi Utah Copper 52i
Dominion Cop
Davis Daly 3 Il
PlI 20f5 Ely Central 1 916t1 Ely
Consolidated 7180 Furnace Creek 4
iujS Greene G S com 3vl
Mitchell 116d71 Montgomery 81w
shone llj Nevada Smelln 1 116
44 SIlver Queen 2228 Silver Leaf
1H King Edward 141 Foster
CQbalt 560jY4O Cobalt Central 2tm I
4 McKInleyDamragh 750JEO fin tIc
Mining i44j22 Gibraltar 20j3 First
National Copper 544 Boston
atonal Yukon Gall 4Hrs
North Buto extension 15 Miami
Copper 2501 B S Gas 1Hi
PennaWomlnl lr EI Rao 2t510
74 flay COlsIldatcl 23i44 Inspir
tion Copper 963 14 flay Central 3 115
ChIno Copper 130J1 44 Braden
Copper t44j 1
George T Badger of Badger Br03
brokerage house leaves today for Now
Yorl on business
According to Manager A N Holll
away the shaft at the Tlntlc Central
propert at a depth ot 520 feet Is now
In a solid formation and It has been
determined that the broken formation
was 12 feet thick
The leading bankers and business
men oC Twin Fals Idaho have or
ganized n stock exchange and ore now
laying plans for the building oC bridges
and making other Improvements for
the new gold camp ot Jarbrldse
The South Dakota It Park City Is
drifting on the ioo Coot level at its prop
erty In tIme eastern part ot the district
lils Is the deepest work In that part
ot the district and the results are be
InS looked forward to with Interest
Dispatches tram NeW iorlc say that
Samuel ewhouse has arrIved there on
the steamship Kron Prln lhelm le
Is accompanIed by his sister Ir Lu
11 B Irwin I 15 expected that Mr
Newhouso wi como to Utah nt once
Angus Buchanan oC MICord declares
that the Moscow mine has opened up
within the pat two weeks on the 400
foot level a body oC carbonate lend
silver are that looks much like the
mammoth body uncovered In the Red
L V 10warth edItor oC the Reese
River Reveille pUblshcd at Austin
Nevada Is In the city on business He
says that the Camou old silver pro
ducers ot that district aro getting
greater results at depth In the proper
ties than In thc rich upper levels
L G Hardy a local mining man oC
considerable experience wIth copper
lrOpertes declares that he feels confi
dent that with depth the camp of Ala
will be a second Butte and yield a
world oC copper He points out man
thlnls that show the slmlarl oC the
two camps
D C floes manager oC the Grand
DomInion Copper property In the South
Star district Beer county has just
returned from the mine A GOfoot
winze In the man tunnel ho declares
Is In chalcopTltc ore averaging with
its gold anti silver values 6850 a ton
In the Lady Alice tunnel on the corn
panys property some good low grade
slhergold milling are has been discov
Tim special plea o Stanford RobIn
son a former director In the United
Copper company was yesterday r
jectcd ha Judle Hough in Ness York
Robinson asserted that the two Indict
ments agaInst him charging him wIth
consphc In the dIsappearance or the
company books during the HeIne In
vestgaton were the some The court
held otherwIse and RobInson was com
polled to enter his plea
Last Sale Jan 20 190
ralamated Copper 83
American let Sugar 1t
American Car FOUl 6544
AmIricn Colon Oil 64
AmerIcan Smelting Hlnlng i
jm Rmeling Hefinln pfd109
AmericAn Sugar Itefining
Sugr Rfnln 11Y
Anaconda nlnl Co 50
Atchison 11814
AtlantIc Coast Lne 130
Bultmore I Ohio 12
CanadIan Pacific ISO
Chesapeake Ohio 8344
Chicago orthwcstem I
Chicgo 31i St Paul HS
Colorado Fuel Iron 44
Colorado Southern 67
Delaware C hudson 151
Denver Rio Grande 43
Del I Rio Grande pfd W
ErIe 31
Great SOorthern prll 13
Great Northern Ore Ctf i4
IInols Central H3
MissourI Pacific 69
Mlcttottr Kansas Texas 15
National Biscuit hll 10
Nut Jl Lead SI
New York Central
Clltrnl 11944
Norfolk Western 9j
Northern Pacific 115
t lg
Pacific Mall 34
Peutnsuivnnlct 131
Peoples Gas
r g m
Pullman Palace Car 194
Beading 162
Rock Island Co 4844
Rock Island Co IICd 5544
Soutiicrt Pacific 85g
Southern Railway g
Union PacIfic 192
United States Steel 31
g n ttt tt Ss f
United States Steel pfd 123
Wabash 22
abash pfd Sl
Western Union i2
Standard Oil 1 643
Now York Jan BTIme stock market
1111 a Cetrlsh opening with strong nd
vnnel In the majority of the list
caused by a rush to buy on tim part
at uncovered shorts Cheru wn a r
nowtd flump In HokinI Cal The frt
sale was of r1 shares nt 25 tile low
pOInt of ytttcrtay and compared wIth
B tho closing Irlco eaterdoy Time
sleek subsequently sold at = and then
recovered to 21 here was 1 heavy un
loading ot Hok tslunth itt a drop at fit
Chcsapenko OhIo also declll 1 Sell
ot Go shares ot United State Steel
wor made at 8344 and 83 i compared
with l1 i las nIght Utah Copper Jump
ed 2 i Pullman 2 St Lull Houlu
wlorn prfernd and Amalgamated Cop
per H Louisville NashvIlle 1
abalh preferred orlhen1 Pacific Her
catle Marine preferred and Denver
Hlo Grnde 1 and may other active
stocks large fractions
lrlcO yielded from tho best after the
Tin feverish tone oC tho Irt hour
endl when supportng measures check
ed tho reaction Severe pressure on
Chetpcako Ohio carried It J under
lost nIght and the Jcner1 level ot price I
fell buck to below last nlht Conl i
dated Gas and AIIMClmlmel proterno i
dropped 2 Pitshur Coal prefcrel a
American Smelting Western Union artl
1 oth
Brio Second preferred and some
erA n point
Except In tho coppers Ilrlco had re
bounded to lice best by 1 oelok
Announcement ot tho failure of the
specialists In RecIting Coal caused only
a Illht tremor In the market PrIce
adonccd again afterward HokinI Coal
vibrated lrratenl betwcen 22 and Z
Rock Island Great Northern preferred
and North American rose 2 over last
nIght New York Central and Valh
preferred 1 Heading Hi Texas Pl
clc und Kansas City Sulhorn pre
terre H New Yorlc Chicago St
LOuIS I NatIonal Railway ot MexIco
2 Pullman I and Union Pacific St
Paul AtchlRon Missouri Pacific Penn
sylvania American Smelting and NI
tonn Und 1 Rock Island preferred
declined 2 The tono wns strong at
Bonds were Irrellar
The list mnde further progress IIHId
under the lelMshlp ot the hlihpr1o
railroad ntockl hut time volume or busi
ness WUI much smaller than In the car
1er tdlns Northern Paelie and Rock
Island were bId Ult n above yesterdays
finnl prices Northwestern 2 f American
Sugar 2 and a number at lesS Impor
tant stocks a point or more A Inter
reaction of 2 points In Rock Island had
a moderate sympathetic effect on the
market I
The market closed strn and active
nt top prices A sharp decline after 2
oelok rttnnhttg fm 1 to 2 poInts In I
several promlnlnt stocks had the appear
anee ot I hear 11111 Prices lcd
subsequently 10 tIn highest or the day i
Gains In Now York Chicago and St I
loulH reohcd 7 Great Northern Ore
Certificates aitch Uethlehem Steel 244 U I
Steel 2 Dela Hudson anti I
S Stel Iullson on < Soulhern
Railway preferred 2 NatIonal Railways
ot Mexico Iccond preferred 115 United
States Realty VlrJlnlaCnrolna Chml
cal and Phiadelphia Co 144 Pltsburg
Coal 1 and Atlantic Coast Line Wa
bah Illinois Central Yeltlnhouso
Electric and American LocomotIve 1
The deanl fell orr at the hlher prices
and there were some recessions followed
by rallieS Colorado Fuel preferred olll
at preferred n tleclino 9 ot 744 and Vucan Delnnln
Chicago JII atteRleelpt8 es
lmntet al 130 market stoady to ito
lower Beeves 4107W Texas sloerl
3S4S western steer 406 stock
ers and feeders 2B5J8IO cows and
hllfer 200tj540 calves 570F9W
logRecelpts estimated nt fl0
market 610 lower Light S255St5 I
mUw S20tiSG heavy S3SiO rough
8EjS45 good to choice heavy S455
8iO pigs 7lCPS13 bulk ot sales 8C
ShcRccelpts estimated at 14
market stead Native 4051600 wet
ore I005GlO yearlings 67813800 lamb
native G ZSi western 6EJ87O
Kansas City Jan CltleReelpt5
600 market steady to lOc lower Na
live steers 4SO5723 cow and helors
2505j60 stockers and COders 3405
f60 34QG
555 bulls stags ete 163S511 calves
4005080 western steers tc west
eric coWS 30G
10gsRlelptf CJ market r to jOe
lower Bulk of sales Sac5s5O heavy
S5051Sfd packers and butchers 82
SW light soasf Tlg 6051750
SheepReceIpt 3 market 6tod
Muttons 47551621 lambs jO86 fed
western wethers and yearlings 52151750
fed western ewes l i6i5
Omaha Jan CattlcHoelpts t
market slow to IO lowe Native steers
46011725 cows and helters 2605523
western leers 35051621 cows and belt
erl 50iH4 canners 232 stock
era nnll feeders 2G5 calve 35051
776 bulls lnl6 etc 2755400
HOReeolpts 10 < market weak to
l lower Ien 5505883 mIxed 82f
83 lht S1SS13 pIgs 70i7w
bulk ot sales S215821
SheepTecelpt 5760 market steady
Jed muttOn 67551735 wether 50051
60 ewes 5051175 lambs 7 fSGj
St Louis Jan 10Vool Inchaed
Territory and western mediums 25525
line mediums 205124 fine lZ
Clllcllo Jai DCLTlsh ntmenl
ruled In tile wheat lIlt In the early trod
antI I fell from
ing hero today Icrlces off
gt dt elf 011
a shatlo to at the Oltelling Liberal
crop movement IltI1 cmmlhm
loUse clhltig Forelga caitles telling of
slIght advances In Liverpool prices snit
improved hurln holfl to check the
inItial dlc1n Tho range In tin first
hour kept letlly within the ollllnl
nlnl5 whlh for May wert 1bsh to
In the corn pit I Ihht decline nt
time outset ranging trm I shade to
lower wa quickly converted hlto al ad
vance ocr ysterdn3r 000 of about
tbo moving factor blnl icppreIctnIon
that lime roil ti 11 time nhl uh
suffer dsmnw from tilctwinK May
opened it ilinit tot 1410 S lowsr itt CI to
t and In tho first hour ran up to E
steadying nt about that poInt Other
future Ixhlblrd I Hlmtr course
Scattered olhin Il < bf on In
teltlrell olnl
creLwd crop mOcmct eatiitl prices
to ue Oil D lmude ut the opening The
range In the nt hour W wIthin
rnl opno from n hndo lower to a
shade hIgher n 4f 10 4
aommemni lmdunc In provIsions wi
downward early telnt ot luanttlea ot
rIb rulIng the market At the opening
pork tel or Ito ribs Ze whto lard
The declIne In the first
val 2o hIgher deine thl frt
hour WI from 10 to U below the open
Ing figures which for May wore Pork
71iO lard 1212 rIbs f
nlcotLor In Increased cash de
mlnd caused a stampede ut shorts
which resulted In I sharp rally May
advancIng tram 1Ot1 to IW The
close was nn a nearly the hIgh poInt
with May 14c higher than yesterdays
closIng figures lt 160451
CorFttem dmlnd gave support to
the market and priceS advanced May
touching 63 The close was lItmn with
Stay h tp 1j higher than yesterdays final
figures ot CU
CloshCtJan 110 May 1O
51 July l Set o
51 CornJan Sept 67 11 May f 4 July 67
Oatsan 17 May 47iI July
4H Sept 41
21 rkon 72 Z May 2C JulY
Lannn 1240 May 1j July
Rlblay 1m July IJ Jan
RyeCash W Mai S
BarleyCasit citri
Tlmothytarh 41051435
CoClnrh Hf
Chicago Jan Buter Easy
Creameries 3 dairIes 350820
EggsEasy at mark cases Incuded
24442O44 receipts 153 fin 31 prime
lirats B
CheccStrdY Daisies i75 Twins
i65117 YOUI America ICWBi
Long Hors lCH1
New York Jan rRugar raw nomi
nal mUoado 5 let 3r centrifugal
90 telt 46 mdlnss sugar 03 test 33
Refined steady crushed SAt IrU
Islet 515 powdered 521
CofreeSPOt steady No 7 Rio 8116
H No 4 Santo 951
Tho Emigration Canon flock com
pan with a capital oC 100000 I
shareS at 5100 each filed articles with
tlto county clerk yesterday The corn
pan takes over quarries In EmIgratIon
canyon for the full payment or the
capital sock Officers are L Grand
Young president Charles W Nibloy
vice presIdent VIlhIam ReId slcrc
tar DavId A Smith trelsurer amid
John Ph Winder and ha Grand Young
Jr a the addItional directors
New York Jan 20Money on call
steady 34ij114 pr cent rulIng rate
3 closIng bId 3 offered nt 1 Time
loans easy but quite dull 60 das and
90 days Creel offered and lendIng at
4 per cent six months 4
Close PrIme mercantile paper 4Y to
5 per cent
SterlIng exchao steady with actual
business In bankers bills at 48Gj5
for GO day bills and a 518310 for de
Commercial bills 4S4iI
I Bar siver 8244 cents
Mexican dollar H cents
Government bonds stead railroad
bonds Ireular
Today Fair Friday Fall ali
S am
9 am
10 am Z
1 1
l non aI
Ihhc 4 i
lwst 19
In time District Court oC the Third
Judicial District at the State oC Uth
County ot Salt Lte John HaWn
Plaintiff vs Anna L Govert Defend
ant SummonsTho State of Utah to lh
salll Dedentnnt YOI amc hereb sum
monod to atear within tent days at
er the service oC this summons upon
you If served within the County In
which this action 1 brpught otherwise
within thirty days after service and de
fend tho above entitled acton and In
case ot 01 faIlure I to to Judgment
will be rendereti agaInst you cmccordhmcg
to the demand t lice complaint I
has hen fed with the ClerIc oC Iall
Court and a copy oC whlll Is herewith
eI1 upon you and which action Is
brought to Quiet title lo certaIn realty
ltuate In Sal Lake City State or
PlaIntiffs Atore
P 0 Address 31631j Judge DII Salt
Lake City 1tah
10 Con Wag nch CoUU
ice UtnhIdlho Sugar Ptll 17
Utslt Light Ity Cu 1iond
lIE Jh t t bd
Band 1oulht l Sold
10 UthIdho HIlar pM
10 Con Wag b Bach ftd
Aml Sullr CQ ptrL
John c Cutler Jr
fElnbtRhd 1135
Both Phone 5l
I 11
Beauty combined wIth utIlity econ
omy and durabIlIty make
The Ideal Mantel
Splenlll variety oC the hlgn t j
grado piano finIsh mantels each
ono combining the above qulteJ j
now on exhibItion In our showrooms
g I
rooms See them You take
catalog chance when you select front 1 I J J
Mantels Complete from 1
SSOup 1
OpposIte South Goo Temple 1
Preferred Stock
at 1 Per Share
In n company that owns
loud and owes nothing
Every dollar o preferred
stock secured b three dol
lar of Itedged assets
Pajeib1e Quartcri
Your money Is ab301Itel
cafe In this company safer
tItan In an InstItution that
Is carrying liabilIties All
risks are elimInated You
are thoroughly protected
Stock for sate I1t e
temporary offices 222 IVest
South Templo or at brokers
ofce John C Cutler Jr
ConstItution BuIlding
Zions GOOpe Home BUiding
Real Estate Go
Jas A Polock Co
Bakers and Brokers
No 6 West Second South Street
Blocks and fiends Bought and SolJ
I any market oC the wold
Fastest service to C Boa
L 0 Trade
Bought and Sold
For quotatIons and Intnrm
Ion cal up elher phone Ss
4 Man St Salt Lake CIIY
A Whirlwind Finish To
Our Janurary Sale
We have just one each or the folowing big specialspriced so teiijitthgly
low that the entire collection is sure to go with a rush tomorrow
Extension TablesDressers Wash Stands I
10 ft Extension Table regular 8 f Extension Table regular
2250 sale price 1275 1500 sale piice 675
8 ft Extension Table regular prce
10 ft Extension able regular
23aO sale price 1175 1400 sale 650
6 ft ExtensIl rrable ientilar prIce
4 JuU saln 1IIce I 1O5O 8 f Extension able rcgular
6 ft Extension rabJe regular 12t0 sale puce P 500
2250 sale price 1000 6 ft J xtensiOl able regular
10 f Extension Table regular 1000 sale prIce 350
1750 sale price 775 3300 DRESSER 1590
8 ft Extension Table regular 2300 DRESSER 150
600 sale prIce 725 200 DRESSER 950
12 ft Extension able regular 1750 DRESSER 800
1400 sale prIce 690
6 f Extension fable regular Come in and see our wash stands
1400 sale price 675 they range in prices from 350 up
Never before were such bargains offered as we are presenting IN THIS SALE
Ve invite your visit here tomorrow or Saturday

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