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k C L fC J tl
I Yii
Movement Against High Prices Is
Spreading All Over the
legend on Campaign Button
That Has Appeared in
Ohio Is Ccntcr of sJllatlon Imt It Has
Dccn Erithuslnstlcnllr Talen
Up in Inn Stlltes
Chicago Jan lThe boycott on
high food prIces started In Cleveland
0 a weel ago Is growing rapidly
11llnols Missouri Wisconsin Iowa NC
braska and 1lIchlgul1 now are Inclulld
111 the ranks ot the crusaders in the
west while In the east PennsylvanIa
Canmctlcnt and Delaware are lifting
their voices In feebler protests
Ohio however still Is the strong
hold or the movement The Cleveland
boycott has extended to Canton hero
the Centntl Jlbor Union has adottd
no meat resolution and pelltiolli
arc being circulated with surprllnr
Toledo and
reut5 In Columbus Akron
otlllr cities or the state
The crusade In Ohio has found en
couragement In the publicly exprcsel
belle oE Gov Harmon that a 100d
trust Is gobbling excessle protUs
somewhere between the producer and
the consumer He has called on the
cgislatUlC to hunt the trust out oe the
woods and exhibit It to the people
Kansas City Mo Jan 2l recluit
ron an unexpected quarter was added
today to the meat boycott hlch
has been started In this city by labor
organizations when C w Bishop
ploprletor of n leading restaurant In
1anstlS City Kan nnnounced that be
ginning Immediately the serving ot
meats In his establishment will b dis
Patrons of the restaurant at break
fast this morning were handed menu
enrds at the head ot which the follow
lug request was printed
Assist In thctnQeruent reduce
the prIce oC n1ea1 A long list ot
vegetable dishes follow
I am ill hearty accord with the
movement to reduce the price of
Jrcilt said 111 Bishop last night
and I think m patrons will favor
the plan I cannot refuse to servo
meat when ordered but by placing
Icfore the patrons a substantial menu
ot vegetable dishes I hope to dis
courage the use of meats and In that
it wa assist In the boycott
One hundred and twentyfive mem
bers or the Itlaywood Methodist Ep15
copal church congregation last night
pledged themselves not to oat meat
oleSJs handled by the packing
hougc In he socalled ment trust 01
the local provisions exchange
Deiver Jan jTSoinethlng ot a
national character is to be given the
recently Inaugurated meat boycott
according to Sam Dutton president
the Western Hotel lenf Protective
association The proposition or cuttinG
down the consumpllon ot meat will be
brought before that body at a meet
lag to be held In Chicago Jan 31st
When the association will be made na
Unless something Is done to curtail
the consumption of meat said Mr
Dutton today the time Is coming when
the POOl of ths country will be no
1lCttEl ort than the peamntl or Europe
When tilt Iwople learn they can live
jllAt as well and feel much better and
cut down their household expenses b
eating more vegetables the condition
of the working class will be greatly
Plans arc being laId by thc Denver
Trades 8embly to join in the meat
boycott now spreading throughout the
eat The assembly will be asked to
endorFe the boycott at its meeting It
II said nxt Sunday
When apprised or thc movement se
erl lending hotel and restaurant men
lest nIght announced their wllnSlss
to aid by servingvegetttrian menus
St Louis Jan 21The high cost oC
0 liVing 1 bc discussed tonight at the
meeting or the Vomens rnules Union
u league and it 1 expected a reslution
w1 b passe1 asking members to ab
tll stain frm eating meat
The Central Trades and Labor union
D wil act on such a resolution Sunda
The membf or ImJvldual labor
unions have nigned eelrents not to
t meat for at least O day The pe
tition advocating Ibollshmrnt or meat
at the table3 are In circulation In
many manufacturing plant and ll
a hmaturs have been obtained
Memphis Tenn Jan 21TheWork
tK t menl Chc Itgue of this city will on
e Sunday tnlo action In regard to plcg
lag its mpmbels from meat eating To
i day more than 200 Memphis union mCI
and citizens voluntarily slgnmd the
1 Pitaburg Jnn1A meat strike ha
been organized In Greater PI tblrg
tUtl Today hundreds oC street cal em
ploc signed pledge to abstain front
105 meat for 30 days bgnnlnl next uel
i day while touUds or armilted mm
berg ot the Iron City Trades council
1 are awaiting VOJC1 tlt thcr leaders
before putting into effect a meat boy
cott resolution adopted by time council
last night
Younltown 0 Wheeling W Va
Sharon Pa and other nearby cities
ii have actet lamed 11 th6 r ad
agalnat moat
aclnet hiGh priced mot
Topeka ican Jan 1Tho Santa Fe
1nn Jln
m compcled to abandon Its tracks 10 I
= t L
I twen Icomplol und orelce today
I This
action wits neCl8ar beause or
flooding ot the tracks at Ikevle
hero thQrp Is an ice gorge In the Ken
IIR rler The Santa Fi trains to Icon
Union msa Clt loa well detoured over the
no YOU ltTO
JII Omahu Date Boycott
Baltimore Md Jan 2lDuttons
bearing the Inscripton I dont buy
meat do you 1 appeared on the
streets here In large numbers today
following the acton ot the local ted
oratioji of labor
oraton which ndolltl a reso
luton calling on all labor unionIsts
and their Slflpathizers to abstain from
eating meat for ono month as a pro
test against high prices
Thousands ot these buttons have
been ordered by the leader In the
movement and the demand It was de
cared was not confined to laboring
men more than half the requests com
Ing trom business men and clerks
The question or joining clerk
meat eating crusade will come before
tonights meeting or the Central L
union composed or representatives
or most or the labor unfn of the city
AIeady several pledgmn aro being cir
culuted and It Is estimated that fully
too workingmen Jnv signed It
Kansas City Jan 21That 50000 1100
pie In Kanas City will join the ant
meat eating crusade during the next
10 das was freely predicted by labor
aders here today The building trades
council with a membership or 5000
representing 18 crafts andO local
lodges wl meet tonight when It Is
practically assured a resolution will bo
passed pledging the members to refrain
from eating meat for 30 das
The Industrial Trades conncl which
has 13000 members amid represents 9
crts wi meet Sunday to take slmlal
The BuildIng Trades council and thc
Industrial Trades council hold tho hal
once ot power In the labor organlza
tonf of the city
The Car Iens unions arc enthusi
astic supporters of tIme crusade local
representing 300 members has
Ing voted today to refrain tram meat
The Allied Printing Trades council
which has 550 member has called a
meeting to take action on the mat
New York Jan 2JNew YOlk today
joined In fghtng the high prices or
meat Scores or laboring men and oth
ers are making pledges to abstain from
using meat for 3 days while many
others are only eatIng meat once a
Mrs Anita ComrorthDlooks promi
nent in cub circles has come forward
with a suggestion that n million house
wives united to force down prices
Clcvelapd 0 Jan low that the
meat boycotting movement which
started hCIo this week aR a remedy for
the Increased cost ot meat has become
general local packers and dealers ex
pec lower prices In the Kasa City
amid Chicago Wliolcle markew
While a nuinbfrof p1erbcdbstdn
ers Is not great comrfted to the total
populaton the movement Is growing
The holelnle price or beef fell off
Hi cents n hundred pounds here to
dn Hog prices are steady There
has been a slight decrease In the prlo
ot eggs following the boycott on egg
started eslella
Cleveland Ohio Jan 2 lPlans
for negotiating with the railroad sys
lem of the easterit part ot the UnIted
States and Canada for I wage In
crease and uniform working condi
tions were formulated at the head
quarters of the Brotherhood of Hal
road Trainmen today President V
G Lee oC the Trainmen said that
substantially 1 or the railroads had
been healll from either formally or
Informal wih respect to the propo
si Ion submitted hy the Trainmen and
Order or Ralhoul Conductors None
granted any ot the terms proposed by
the empioyes hut each has expressed
a wilngness to negotiate a settlement
Prospects of n strike are considered I
I Is expected by Ir Lee that the I
negotiations which will begin at once
will lat several weeks
Berlin Jan 21The rate of discount
of Uie 1mprktl Bant or Germany was
reduced from 5 to I per cent today
Ottawa Jan lPremier Huther
Cord has just nade an Imporant an
nouncement to the farmers Ir Alberta
Rutherord and MInister or rrlcullro
Marshall at Edmonton met 160 dele
gates representing farming interests
frommI all parts or Alberta
omcial assurance
The premier gave ofclol a
ance that the Alberta govcrnment
would establish a stem or pork pack
Ing plants as soon a possible provid
ed farmers would Guarantee to furnish
the neeCsar animals to keep the
plants running At present the plant
In existence cannot get enoljl hogs
Chicago Jan 21Miss Jan Addam3
Chlcaf been at the Ausu lana has
plal reocrnb from nn operation left
that institUtIon
It was said that there was nothing
In MisS Adlams conditon that need
occasion worry
New York Jan 21MIss Rose Web
stenographer who did work for
el a
Frederick A Cook last fall has re
Plrcrck judgment for ISO against him
1 coUtISEl has attached Dr
umil 111 rul
Cooks bank account for the amount
pittsburg 1a Jan 21Harr Col
flesh aged GI Is dead at the home oe
his brother Kerwin Coltlesh In North
Pa a8 the result r a
battle with a hlg turkey last Christ
inns When eve Coltle5h atempted to cut r
I the bird head he mlrlcd the frt
straggle that ensued
and In a
I stroke 8trgle
I t rhle8h ss3 knocked down a flIght of
eeral ilbs were broke end
I s Smerl
steps rbs I
ilop internally jujured
I opothr1o Internnll Wurcd
His Majority Over William L
Green of Ohio His Only Op
ponent Was 23597
nhcrs of Alahnmn Stirred tie Con
TCltlonto n Very high I ich
or Ectcmcnt
Indianapolis lad Jan 1Thomas
L Lewis oC Ohio was reelected prcII
dent oC tho Unied Mine workers 01
America over WillIam L Green oC Ohio
liEs only opponent by 2359 majority
according to figures nounced at the
miners convention here today Frank
J Hayes or Illinois was elected vice
president by a majority oC 3237 over
the Incumbent E S McCulough or
The report or the tellers was roM In
tile convention today but the antiparty
Iwls part succeeded In postponing a
vote on Its adoption until aCer noon
Time conventon was In a tumult be
fore and after the report
The Insurgent supportIng WillIam
Green atempted to delay the report un
ti an inquiry could be made Into pro
tests against counting the votes of cer
tain local unions or central PennsI
vanln After noisy demonstrations on
both side all cries of put him out
dleted against the speakers It was
determined to hear the report frt and
thc protests afterwards
After the report was read Green de
man led the vote by distets In the
anthracite region or Pennsylvania and
district Xo 26 of Nova ScotIa Tho
toier had In had only the totals and
In art uproar the chairman adjourned
the convention until after noon
Ed ln Perry was chosen secretary
treasurer without opposition
A man named Rivers oC Alabama
stirred the convention or the United
Mute Workers of America to a high
pich ot exciement today though ho
wa not present I he had not left
the city PresIdent Lewis said he
ProbablY would go now for ho W3
a secret agent ot the operators oC
Kill him shouted n delegate
There was a laugh at this but no
laugh shen there were general cries
of Throw him out
He has vamoosed said President
w R FahleJ xcuUvcboardmemr
bel for Alfblnm saldfliseis atfnded
last years convention as a delegate
and had with him a deputy sheriff
from Aabama an officer that has no
business In a miners meeting
Rivers wn a njamber or time local
union at Carbondale Ala before the
great strike in that state Fairley said
and since has ben he declared at n
terals In the emplo of the operators
of time state as a confidential agent
A definite plan for the projected
merger or the orgnized metal and
coal miners of the United Stte and
Canada would be laid before the con
venton by n committee representing
the coal miners of the Western Federa
tion of Miners
President Lms o the United Mine
Yorkers today named Is conference
committe as folows
T L Lewis president JoIUH Walk
cr district 12 J R Iwon district
Ii E S McCulough district 2t C P
Gida district i Jab flitter district
13 Patrick Gida district 2
Time conference committee ot the
rosteln Federation of MIners is a
Charles H Moyer president C E
1nhono sice president William D
Idson executive bard member James
Devln Daniel holland I J OCon
nor and J D Cannon
The two committees immediately will
take up the work o frmlng a coali
tion contract that 1 bring about eltl
or an amlgamatlon With one set oC
internatiOnal officers and one tress
l 01 an ofe she and defensive
working agreement that will yet per
mit the independent existence of the
metal and coal miners organizations
The joint conference or the bitumin
ous coal operator and miners or we t
el Pimnsylvanln Ohio and Indlan
wi be held In Indianapols Instead Ir
Toledo on Feb I IC the operators will
agree to a proposition to be 11H
11 the national officers o the union
and the presidents of these three lu
tricts and Illinois I the oplrJtor
decline to meet the 111llS In this city
Toledo the miners representatives will go to
A com mittel to lobby for time bl to
e aovelntental bureau or
mines and mining now proceeding he
for Congress was sent to Tashlnglon
a resolution to this effect being passed
The resolution declared a mining
bureau WOUld all bi aim essential Riel
toward elimInating possibility or dis
asters similar to that at Cherry ill
Clailnda In Jan ZFlve burglar
broke Into the Frmer Savings bank
at Hepburn la early today blew open
the safe securing n sman amount or
chanjc but w r frightened away be
fore they got to the cmpartment con
talnln about 200 Time robbers
breed the operator at the telophonl
office to lave her statIon hut not be
fore she was able to give the alarm
Names ot Thoc implicated In Iclcs
Iurtcr Arc Sent to Coy Ulmn
CIle Ky Jan IH B Tttley
who recently move here from Sharp
burg ttel today that ho had sent
to GuY Ion the names or the night
riders hnplcntell In the murder ut
Hiram Hedge a Nicholas county
farmer In March 1905 Tally sid lmt
could give the governor sufficient esi
Iene to bring the guilty parties to
e was called to thl door oC his
borne and killed by n part ot O
nightrders He pleaded with them for
his life saying he would destroy his
tobacco plat beds but Uy shot him
Property Owners Protest Before
Council Committee Consider
ing the Mater Today
u1nh lmmiingeiiiemit Ask City 10 11
polO H IJ tu IlllCa c hlh of
Hotha for raclc
For the purpose of hearing protests
or residents or tho western side or the
city and particularly those residing
on North Temple Street against the
propose granting to the Salalr Rail
road comapn a rranchlso to operate
Us cars up North Temple street to
Inln and around through the city
back to North Temple and thence west
again to the city limits and on to the
lake a public meeting of the council
committee named lo consider the mat
ter or the franchise was held at the
omce or Councilman W C Lyne chair
man or the commitee at his ofce In
the Brooks Arcade building this morv
lag Associated wih Mr Lne on the
committee are Councilman Hal o the
Fourth ward and COllnclman Holy or
the Third In which the street In ques
ton Is located For the Salt Lake
Lo Angcles railroad otherwise the
Salalr company President Joseph Xel
son and General Manager J E Lng
ford appeared In belmlC or the protest
ing residents there was In attendance
at the committee meotng E E Rich
H r H Lund John B Reid D W
Horsiey ami Walter J Lewis
lho chief grounds for opposItIon to
the granting oC the franclso were
stated by these men to be the congc
tlmi oC traffic which must necessarily
1C1 mrlc necessariy
folow time installation or the Saltair
excursion service up and down North
Temple street and over the Oreoim
Short Line vIaduct I was represented
tmy tho protestants that there Is auf
eient danler In connection with trr
Hc over that narrow viaduct at thc
present tme without Increasnt that
traffic by the addition of the SaIah
taln service One ot the protesting
speakers said conditons In the summer
are dangerous to life and 1mb and
the lives or little chidren are in Ion
stant jeopardy from the stream Ie
street rams automobiles wagon carts
and vehicles oC nil kinds passing over
time viaduct lhe noise the confmlion
the danger woulll all be Incrcaed by
the additional trafc and the rcsldmts
objected to the franchise being granted
on these Flouiit
For the railroad company Mr NEl
son contended that traffic woud not D
increased to an extent that would be
dangerous anll asked what difference
the rnning or the cars oC the SaHulr
line which would be similar 10 the
street cars and thos or the ttth
Light Railway cmpan would make
over the tracks rl the point made
that the viaduct W not wide enough
to admit or the passage or vehicles 311
street cars at thc same time 11 Nd l
son suggested that steps bo taken by
the council to compel the Oregon Shor
Line Riroad com pn to widen the
viaduct s that daner of collision
might be avoided and the traffic be
given PlentY oC room
This brought up an Interesting ques
tiomm and It was stated by Mr Rich
that the viaduct II still the property
ot the Short Line and had not been
accepted by the city consequently no
flanchle should be granted over the
viaduct to anybody I was stated
however that the viaduct would son
be accepted bY the city and Chahman
Lyne was oC the opinion that the coun
ci could compel the railroad company
to widen the viaduct I necessary
Mr Nelson dammed that It woud be
an Injustice to withhold a flnchlse
from the Salalr compan to run Its
cars over the route proposed when the
street car compan was given time same
privilege a11d this view wa concurred
In by Chrll1an Lyne
11 Lewis said IC the Slalr line was
given time privilege ot running over time
viaduct there was nothing to prevent
any otimer line or 10 other lines from
alllng the same privilege and secur
Ing It and contended that It was not
justce to the residents of the streets
affected to pelmlt this additional traffic
which he said was full or danger to the
children and others residing on those
No action In the matter had ben de
clued upon at the tm of the adjourn
meat or the committee meet Ins and
iurthlI sessions wl probably be held
Time Utah Fuel compI dId I big
Ins work ThurdR One ot the larg
emit In Is hlstor the total output being
mmearly SC0 tons or coal fherc happen
cii to bo plenty oC cars within reah so
the big tonnage was handled without
any loss ot time A faIr share or It
was shipped to thll city r there Is no
complaint or coal shortnc at present
of the
Saturday News
Time story or old Sugar house th
latest suburb to knock at Salt
Lakes gates for admission
Christianity Among the ChlncM
Illustrated by Frank G Calmer
Hennepin Pret Explorer and
RmancerSeries ot Romantic Nar
ratives ot America Iustrted
Among tho illustrated contribu
tions Crol time staff oC foreign con
trbutors will b the story oC an
Americn per who 15 making I
big hit with the IrIsh an Interview
with an aristocratic dress reformer
and a remarkable gallery of paint
lags executed by humble working
men In Europe
Literary Men and Women or Eng
land tao a prominent par In time
bitter election struggle etc etc
Very Politely Refuses to Accede
To Proposal for Neutralization
Of Manchurian Railways
Prlcmlly Iii Tone but American Propo
IUon Strongly Criticized on
Its Intrinsic Icrts
Ioldo Jan IThe reply to the
Japanese government to the United
States proponl CO time neutralization
oC the anchurlan ralwa was hand
cd to Ambssador OBrlen this after
noonI is a polto declnaton
No intimation oC the contents oC the
memorandum oC reply Is given but the
best information obtainable Indicates
that the communication Is brier and
that the declination to accept the
neutralization proposition Is based on
several grounds the chief of which
arcTe American plan would be of no
R nntage whatever lo Japan
China It would afford no advantage to
I would not change the commercial
situaton In Manchuria where Japan Is
adhering strictly to Its pledges of an
open door and equal opportunity
I Is understood that time reply is
couch In terms of trend apprecia
tion o the American purpose but It II
not or an argumentative chnracter and
its conclusions are not qualified
SI Petersburg Jan 1Ru5qIIs
reply to Sec Knoxs note proposing
the neutralization of the Manchurian
railways was delivered to Ambasadon
Rockhl today
I has been understood generally
that Japan and Russia would take
identical action on time American
The Russian communication rejects
tIme proposal for the Joutmlzaton of
cxlstnG railroads I states also that
time Russian government considers the
alternative proposition for It partci
gallon In an International syndicate
for the construction ot the ChlnCho
Algun line acceptable in principle hut
because or the political and strategic
Importance of the enterprise and Its
bearing on time cast Chinese railroad
Russia will deter a had answer on
this subject penlllnr the receipt 0 In
formation m to the principles oC the
American project Tusslu reserves the
right to pass upon nil such projects
affecting its political strategic an 0
economic interests
The Joteof roplthroughotls 1a
frIendly tone and the American prop
osition 1M criticized strongly on Its In
trinsic merits
Washiimgton Jmmn21Press tolegams
Irons oklo and St Petersburg received
this morning statIng that the proposal
ot tho United State for the neutralba
ton or the Manchurian railways had
I been rejected by both Japan and Rus
sia were read wIth great Interest at
the state department
Secy Knox and Asst Secy Wilson
were not at the departmcnt as they
had been called to the Capitol hut
there Is good reason to believe from
unofficial sources that the state depat
menl to some das has been In pos
session or the Inlormaton that the ne
ton announcell by Japan and Rusla
today might be looked for
There 19 no doubt that timis result
of SC Knoxs effort to elminate he
Ianchurlan railways from the polcl s
o the tar east thus Ilnllhlnl the
danger ot war Is a keen dlsaltJont
ment to the officials Whether the
mater wi end with the acton if
Japan and Russia Is problematlc1
I Is belIeved to b quIte possible
that with the rejlton or the plosl
tlon to neutralize the railways In
Manchuria owned by Russia and Japan
the United States may turn its alen
ton ti tho question oC financing In
conjunctIon with Great Britain and
I other European nations the cnsuc
ton orthe propOo railroad which w1
run from Chin Chow Fou to Tstlhar
This road will tap the Russian trans
Siberian road at lslskhar
This proposition formed a part or
Secy Knoxs alternative ncutrlza
Uon plan and It seems probable that
all or the power Including Russia ammd
Japan may signify It they arc willing
to cooprate with time United States in
neutmlzlnl this partcular road
London Jan 21Twentyfive returns
made early today out 01 the 35 left
over from yesterdays elections for
parliament give Unionists 13 seats the
Liberals 10 Laborites I and IrIsh Na
tonaltl 1 a Unionist gain oC six
seats without any losses
Returns from the 35 constituencIes
which were poled for members or pa
lament yesterday but the result from
which were not known until today are
now complete and the 27 scats ao pro
portIoned as follows
Unionists 18 LIberals 13 LaborItes
2 NationalIsts 2
lhls 18 a Union gin or nine eats
without a single loss At the dislu
tion ot the last parliament the sao
constituencies were represented by 21
1 Liberals 9 Unionist 3 Laborites and
2 Nationalists
The national standing or the parties
thlK arerl on 18
Government coall tionLiberals 150
Irish NationalIsts 5 Laborites 31
OpposiionUnionists IS1
Thus the Unionists have already se
cured 13 mor seats than the held al
time 11c the last parliament was dis
solved and more than onothlrd o tho
mrmber for the new parliament are
still to bo elected
London university which has been
votIng title week and completed its
pool tonight reelected Sir Philip
Jlgnu UnIonIsts This makes thc
UnIonists total to date IS2 or ont
more than the combined lIberal and
labor memberhlp thus far determin
Judge Let Grnntcd fAO to FIi II
WrItten Memorandum I I
WashingtOn Jan ZLJtmdgo n S 1ov
ot pretdclt of the Union Pnclnc rail
road hl lieda ghcn leave to file with
time attorney enerl a written memtr
andum ot his views on tIme request made
on the government to dismiss the suit
instituted by It to dlsoyo the merger
ot Ue Union IlclOe mind Southern Pn
cimle railroad
rhi decisIon was roachf at the coo
ference yesterday between Atty Gen
Vlckcrlham Frank B Kellogg and C
A Severance
representing the govern
melt on the one hlnl and President
Loot Maxwell Enrt counsel for th
Union Paele and ono or two other of
lell11 ot the rOld on the other
Time SuIt aria brotmgimt uller tli Slier
Oman aIUtru t taw on tho rnunl thA
the merger or time two roads was In re
straint or trade
The tolowlnA statement regrdln the
conferelCO was made today lt the de
lortment of justice
Judge Loetl and his counsel and us
sedates submitted to the attorney gen
oral their
contention that the govern
mcnt hnd failed In time suit IJlnlt the
union Pnclfc Railroad company and the
SOlthm Pacific railroad to cltablsh the
facts that the transaction therein qucs
lon constituted a violation ot the Sher
man laW and therefore the suit should
bo dlsmhsed
Upon tho nljourmenl ot time meeting
leave was given 10 JU1go Lovett to file
1 written memorandum ot his views
hleh the attorney general will take un
11er consideration hefore r porUnl to time
president his recommenllatlons respect
Ing the request to dismiss the suit
Purls Fears lollco11 St Genunln
May Give 13
Pars Jan 21Immenso damage is
being done by the floods In east and
central France II this city the newly
constructed subway has been flooded
and In several places Its foundation
has ben washed out
I Is feared that the Boulevard St
Germain beneath which the flooded
subway extends still give sval In
some sections ot the LatIn quarter
streot today railway traffic was suspended
Reports Crom points along their
banks ten or much destruction wrought
by the rivers Rhone Seine Ardeche
and Gar At many points the people
have sought refuge In the his
Hone Nev Jan 21Charglns that In
the conduct oC the business ot his office
Stato EnAlncer F R Nicholas has been
guilty or pernicious malfeasance In con
netlon with the DlckwMer creel lilt
aton In Nc county a protest has been
miled with Coy DIckerson by several
or the protestants In tie case who say
lint the engineer has used the power
ot his olce to their detriment
The complaint covers several type
written page and recalls the biter IL
Jaton In the early eighties when the
residents ot Ducltwlter spent thousands
or dollars In determining 1 timey thought
time water sOurce 01 their district
I Is alleged by the protestants that
the state engineer reversed a previous
ruling ot the Nevada court and allowed
a certain water user to take water frm
big vQrm springs thus shutting off the
watcr supply or other rancher the
protestants 11 the cast
Altimomigli They Voted to Strike They
Are Still nt Their Posts
Philadelphia Jan 21Alhough more
thnn 50 motormen and conductors ot
the Philadelphia Rapid Trnsit compan
voted last lcslay lii favor or a strike
the men ure stilt at their pots today
and nil ot the lines ot the compmmnytre
running on their uSual ehedulns j O
Pratt who ha been authorize by we
executIve committees ot both the local
and the natonal bodies to give the
word which will put the proposed strike
into effect ts stilt holding back hoping
that the timreatoned trouble may yet bo
i lie last communication received by
1helat men front time commmpany holds
out little hope for 1 peacetul ending
or the trouble The men assert that
I time company I nol carrying out lImo
agreement reached al the enl ot the
strike tast June and charJe tlnt the
are being crhnlnated against In favor
at men ot 1 new rival organization
Colvie Wash Jan OJQmes F
Logan alas Frederick Johns was con
Ictell tonight of time murder or Mrs
Agnes Janson his house Ileeper whose
body he Is alleged to have taken Into
the woods and cremated Logan ac
cording to three physicians who ex
amined hium yesterday as to his sanity
confessed to them that he also killed
two other persons
Peldn Nov 21n Imperial edict
this morning contains the throlos
torma ratification ot the agreement
for the AmerIcan loan for the eon
8tlIcton of the ChlnCbowF
tshar Alse railway entered Into by
the viceroy oC Manchuria and Mm
Straight on Oct 2
Time agreement provides for a loan
estimated It OOOOOo The eontlact
for the construction Is to be let to the
Pauldlngs America Is to havo full
representation or Inglneers and half
time mlterials purchased abroad
XcI York Jan 20Is OCy W l
Snead victm of the East Orange bath
tub mystery was a morphlnc user n
disclosed by the analsl or the con
tents ot her stomach which Dr WIi I
Uam H Hicks oC Newark N J has
just completed Counsel for Mrs
Carolina B Martin mother oC Oce
for Miss Virginia Vnrdaw her aunt
anll for Mrs Mary Snead her moUler
Inlaw the three women under In
dictment charged with the girls
murder have repeatedly stated that
the girl was a victim ot the morphine
adelal Belgian Congo Thirty
Miles North or Lake Albert Jan 21
A natve runner has arrived hero from
Rhono Camp the huntng hedquar
ters of the Smlhsonlal African scion
title expedItion
lIe brimmgs the ncw that Col H008e
volt had killed three good bull and
two COWI of the white rhnocers tam
1 and conlderble lesser gum The
11turllrs have collected many spe
cie or birds Quentin Groga who
was repolted ill earlier has recovered
and the others or the party arc In
excellent health
x V lUIS Flld His Stolcn Jort
ThrOuh rnlCC Cohl1n
I After reading a cllpton ot the
unclaimed property In Time News which
Sheri Joseph C Sharp ha rccor ll
from the house or Henry Von Mul
I hausen who Is now snlng 20 years In
the state prison K Y Tones or 119
Ninth Eat street Identifcll the horse
Miii M E Hawldns oC 1330 Ninth
East the Columbus buggy and a mau
named Cnmpbl the 10 feet ot chain
I 3S theIr property Through tho call
lure of Von Iulhaulen Sheriff Sharp
cleared up a don burglaries anll re
covered all the stolen property except
In the case or M Nathan whose 11
reI store mvfls robbed Von lulhlu cn
hal disposed if and used abut t third
or tho groceries stolen but the lC
malnde were recovered
i A
Committee to Investigate the
High Price of Living Files
Initial Report
Cun Get Bettor Prices IC They Sell
Their Prhluc DIrect to
iiic louwlc
The farmer who thinks he has lo
sell to the middleman under pain mif
being arrehl and thrown In Jallt
he attempts to hawk his
atempt goods to the
housewie direct can get some com
fort from the findings of me special
committee appointed In thc Interests
or reducing the high COlt or lvIng
ThlR commitee assert that the t arn3
er requires no lcene to peddle hl
Here Is the revort ot the commitee
Tho committee appolnteel by time
mass meellng of the citizen of Salt
Lake on Jail 15 190 has l
cd the Olinnnce of the city lelafl e
to the sale or farm produce wlthput a
license and lmasascertained that saId
ordinance contains a proviso permit
lag the sale by farmers In Salt Vike
City oC their own produce It is more
Over the opinion of time city attom6
and other lawyers that any onJnlce
prohibitng such sale would he un
We tholofor ask tie ueWSfUlpr of
Sal Lke City and ot the adolni
tons to make this tact known to theIr
realer so tha the farmers o tht sm
clnlty may tOitc advantage or I ala
sell thoh good and prod cc dirClt to
time consumer In Salt Lake City with
out the Intervention of mlddlcmen
Signed E J Daughters S B Wood
P D Scott nudolph Iart John Beebt
Grace IckaySmlh Edward Jano
click E S Lund p r Donohuc V J
Kohlberg tv K Hubbard F J liar
re Committee
At the ciiens metng held in Lair
hal Jan 15 a Gen ral committee trims
appointed empowered to appoint sub
cOlmltts on 11015 materS perlalr
Ing to a thorough investigation and
possible rectifmcaion Gt Italt In pa
or the present high cost oflhlng flue
committe5 consisted o a Icglsltin
a commercial an executive sail 1 Iamc
commitee Thcnre made up uf p
pie whose Imemirta are In the work SR
lr Daughters tcd these bJ
cOlnmltees are meeting nUll sctUn
theh work well undel wn lhc rOIX
going letter II the first publc step Lken
by U1CC workers This cmllt C
meeting insteami or as usual havlns but
a small number on hand fom CIte worK
was so augented b Interested dl
zens that the rooms were tul not less
thaim GO people having been present
while the committee proper numbcl
but 12
Next Yeltnesda evening In the
Hoopur block the enell committee
anl the loom lbcommltees will meel
when the subcommittees wi report
Some decidedly interesting Intormaton
Is looked for and I Is thoujht thu
work wi ho very materially admced
before Its dismissal
II regard to foregoing eOI1ai
caton sic Daughter 88 1 mot a
tarnel on the street thIs week whl
has 80 bushels or potatoes for sale
All the C0lml1810n merhants sv Cuhl
otTer him 35
oror was cents a bushel whl
the retaiL price In Slt Lake for pota
toes Is iO cents This farmer had tl
genera Implcslon that he would be lr
rested and tned If he attempted to sell
to the citizens his own products tIl
he trst paid for a license Another
farmer told me he wis offered but 1
cents tor his c111ckens whie the Salt
Lake consumor Is taxed 25 cents COl the
cry same article
Part of our work and we thin
the newspapers shoull use their great
InJuencu In assisting us along this
line Is to enlshten the farmers and
others oil such maters anl to dig UJI
Intol1ton that wi redound to the
general good Now dont yon think
when the farmers fruit growers pol
tn men amid other find out that the
have the rlght and privilege or RaHnl
In Salt Lake anything hiW raise that
they wIll be glad to accept n reason
able profit and sell to the houseWIfe
all ths hecessarles at much reduced
prices Ot course that will be time re
suIt ThIs will cut out tIme middle men
whom It will b seen from the fore
going two Instances must receive I CO
per cent profit that should be saved
to the consumer or at least a goodly
portion oC I
Vc want the people to lend Us all
the help time can and the success
or the work is assured
Already we hao 111d offers ton
prominent poplo to erect a au1ul l
buldlnb for the proposed COOPOltl
stOl and that such an institution wIll
be In operation In Sal Lake City before
long Is almost certain With such 1
plaeo open here It Is hope that a trir
numbor of the common necessaries 4 f
life wi be offered to the peopl t
prices fO beiotv time exeeIo prll
oC today
J W PhIllips n soldier 11 compan A
lrltonth infantry was ordered held tn
awaIt time action or the federal gimd
jury on a charge ot forging I mOle s
deI In IIIiy 1m after a hearing laf
United state Commissioner Bt m
lhb afternoon Phillips IK mtilgi
have forged thc name ot another 4
son ot time same name lime paO I
offense hi nleld to have been corul
In Goshcn Ind The amount of
orrerWs S1 The offense was com
ted bofore Philps enlisted In the ur
Phillips enlisted In th Tentytrlt u
fantrv at Fort Logan neat Dence
Cob ryn J scaR transferred rx monthi
ago to the Fifteenth Ho wu Mil In
S 20CO bonds In default ot which he wn
commltel to time custody ot the United
Stat marshal Chief bopty Marshal
L I Smth took Phillips In chnrKl lt
the hospital at Fort Douglas thIs men
Acting Goernor Charles S Tiimgey
today honored time requisition ot time
governor ot Nebraska for the return to
that clii or Ill C Howard wanted for
trial on the charge oC forging the nre
or H D WIlliams to a check which be
is alleged to have cashed Sheriff
11 alced
JIme Donohuo of Omaha Is hero to
return wIth the prisoner

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