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Organized Labor in Chicago
Takes Up Arms in Behalf
Of Good Cause
At Louisville Resolve to Refrain
From Eating Meat More
Than Once a Day
Ncr lIUcn Union Icmbcrs Afrnld
I Mfl Inlo Thcmschcs mcnulJlo
I 10 the Boycott Law
Chicago Jan 22Organlzed labor oC
I Chicago joined actively yesterday In
the war on high pllces of meat and
I ether commodities The Chicago Fed
eration of tabor several weeks ago do
Cided to tae up cudgeI against high
priecs oc meats and the appointment or
I a committee was authorized for th
purpose of investigating Plesidelll
Jhn Fit patrlck yesterIay announced
I Ihe personnel or the high cost or liv
lag committee
The first federation committee meet
ing will be held next Vednesda even
h c to outline the scope of thc Investi
gation and to IlVido the worl among
varIous members At the suggestion
or Prof Hoxie seclctarc of all amll
ttcd unions will make investigations
among Ue membership touching the
cost or living two fivo and 10 years
I fiSO as compared wIth thc present
cost or cOllmodltl
L rhc purchasing iover or 1 today as
compared with Its purchasing power
I two 10 and 10 rears ago will be used
a9 a basiS Not only 1110at but all
articles of food will bc Included In the
t Inlulr U Is likely that the com
mittee will dclvo Into comllarison oC
rent Iljure and the cost or clothing
GOelnll1ent reports also will be
stullled with n view to arriving at u
clentrc conclusion It Is lllcly that
the committee w1l1 ask experts In vail
Otis lines i f trade to I > iv information I
on the subjcet
1 WOttN 010 rIm WOltLD
t Wfljl 1tEF1tUNFitoM rFz
z Lormni1ie KyJnn22Mca t Is get
ting oo mlgh 1O nlemnbers of the l
I Iodges1oC the Woodmen of the World
= II In Louisville and last night a resolu
I tlon agreeing to reraln rein etUng
J cat more than once a day for one
month beginning Feb 1 was adopted
4 rhls III the llrst concerted step In
t Loulsvlll tlltcn townlll lighting tbo
high price of meat
Plttsb1rg Jan 22A new phase ot
C tho meat boycott enters Into the sltua
I tlun In this city through the hotel men
7 catering to the meat abstalncrs In
i4 oce ot the big down town hotels last
l night the manager caused signs to be
displayed announcIng that beginning
i today dinners void oJ meat would be
served to those who so desired
11 t We have not noticed any apprecla
JoI 1 ble nImtckennt in the demand of meat
among our patrons said this boniface
but 1 think this is largeiy because a
I person Is handicapped In ordering a
JJ1l1l1 that does not Include meat In
p nil IoteIs and restaurants In Pitblburg
II 1 a big business Is done In regUlar order
I meals tOl which thore Is a IIxed price
C and all these Include meat or gam or
I I lieu In somnm form Beginning today we
J Intend to serve one special allcgetabo
I meal In addition to the regular meal
i mllrs It Is an CXcllment and if the
I trtie SilO8 interest the pan would be
I enlurged lJlun
Other rlOtol and restaurant men when
they leatned or the plan enthusillstical
i h endurse It and it III promised that
the next few days will see an allvcge
t tllhle moM service Inaucuratcd In many
eating houss Ifl this city
010 TIlE 1l0YCOTl iMV
New Havel Conn Jan 22While
IHreturlps oC various labor unions have
I received letters JtlnS oopcratlon 111
a boycott on meat members or local
unlfllM Ieftwo to state what action Is
contcmrlntld on the ground that an
timing limey aught say would make them
amenable to the provisions oC the boy
coLt law 12cf41lito their unwllllnnesM
to talk It ill ulldlJl tOO faorablo action
lIlw takemi on the letters received
East S1 Louis ilL Jim 22Alliell
tk amid abetted by soaring meat price
the hunty goat hut bnol1 Inte time
realm of table delicacies and Is now
making hl appearance on many tables
In the disguise or lamb chops
Ihl11l1rOdi of gouts are being saugh
fered mail 11 tile stnc23ards here Th
majority of thn are called Angoras
ntt hail from Texmi but ninny aim en
lcrprilng farmer III talns advttntago
or the situation by disposing ot the
chlidren1 pet commonly Imown as a
rail splIttei goat
Thlse goats arc sold to retailers nnd
come out ns ChOPII
The but < ICrJ say objections to goat
chop are purely 5chololcll
Reading Pn Jun 22Farmers and
dealers today reported m Increased
Feb or vegetables In consequ nee ot
the meat boycott InclIgulatod by work
lngmln The determination to rot l5 1
meat Is spreading throughout this sec
tion or Ponnsyivana
Chicago Jan 22Time revolt nJlllnst
the high llrlcell of tool took tangible
turin hero today hcl Y T Apmmtdoc
a slate sonattr annbmmcetl that he
Would moo for a Icglllatlc inquiry
into the subJectS
At time rcopenl11 oC tile session
S i Tuesday said air Apl11adqc ho will
Introduce u resolution providing that
a committee he al11wlnted to InvestJ
ate the caus of 111i11 food prices
li >
The Oldest Inhabitant in This
Particular Line to Retire
April 1
Neweommiem Is Xo Youngster IIalnl
FIourIsiird for Mummy Years on
Eastelu JJlnes
By the latest move on the checker
board ot big business what Is regard
ed n the waning hand or Gould and
the waxing one or other great rallroaij
Inlerests In the west Is shown On
4tiril the
Pacllle Expre8S company
heretorore controlled largely by Gould
but III which the Pacific railroads lc
tamed a powerful Interest wl1l vacate
the territory heretofore occupied by
them on the Union PacIfic Oregon
Short Line and Oregon Railroad 5
Navigation company to bo succeeded
13 the Amrimjcan Express company
one of the largest and most powerful
olsunizatlons III the country
considerations by nich the old
Pucillo compan Is Induced to this
wholesale lIblndonment ot the vast and
lucrative Ileld comprised In the tern
tOI coveledb lnese tlnce mil road
lines has not yet appeared on the sur
fuee but the fact that It is to be IO
was confirmed thIs morning by Jose
W Rogers superintendent oC the Pd
tIfic Express company In this city
The Pacific Express company will
retire from the l1eldcoere < j by that
portion of the Hltrliman system coy
cred by the Union Pacific Oregon Short
Line und Oregon HaUroad Naviga
tion company on April 1 said lr
Rogers I have received officIal notl
Ilcallon to that effect with instruc
tions to have the buslnesso this terri
tory ready to turn over to the Amor
lcan Express company on that date I
have also Ieceieda letter from G C
Taylom assistant general manager or
the wcsterA departmcnt at the Amen
can company saying that he expected
to alllo In Salt Lake City within the
next 10 lays whm the details or the
transfer will be goheovcr and arrange
meats made for Installing the nosy com
pan 111 Taylor also said In his Jot
ten that Salt Lake City would be time
headquarters of the far western de
partment temporarily at least and
that the matter oC permanent head
ulrters would be selected later
J cannot say what changes wlUbe
mnadelocaiiy astIle result ot the trnn l
fer as 1 have receIved no Information
on th V heaJlrh bUsIness wLll b
ready to turn 0c11mthedatc named
The passIng of th Pacific ExPress
company from this territory niarksium
epoch In the history or express trtns
portatlon In tIIo west The advent or
the COinp3fl was pr cUcaYeontem
porJncouB with the completion of thc
Union Paclll and Centml PacilIc
transcontinental line hlch occurred
at Promontory point In this state May
10 1869 To handle the epress bust
ness on tIme through road the Pacific
company wns formed and through
various changes the last of which was
the possession the Goullls of tiQ per
cent at the slack the old Pacific now
retires from time land or Its natIvity
to give place to another powerful con
cern Jtlitho transfel of the l11alnlIno
hUlllness will also goo the business ac
Quired from time smaller toads built out
from the principal rOads In the 8tatC
through which It passes so that the
Pacific will be mOWJ1 no more at all
from Omaha to Salt Lake trom Salt
Lake to Portland An ottlel lines over
which the PIcll1c company operatel I
however will remain unaffected by
the change 1n this section I
Whilo the American Express cm
pany isnew to this section It Is one ot
the oldest express companIes In the
United States and has been organized
for more than 50 ears The American
comnpany hall perhaps the larrrcst mile
age or any express company In the
country operating on the Vanderbilt
lines In New York Including the New
York Central the Northwestern and
on most or tho lines Itl New Enilllnd
James C Fargo a descendant oC the
QId famIly ot the sAme name which ell
tabllshed the VellsFargo Express
mpany III president or the American
Express company which has flourish
InS departments In the eastern vest
era and southern sections or thc coun
try The company also has agencies In
the leadlimg centers of Europe here It
maintain representatives tom hand
hug the 1llge business passing between
the conthlentM II S Juller Is time
generol mamiimget or the eastern de
partmenlor the conmjany with head
quarters In New YOlk and L W
Farso Iii general manager of the west
era department at Chicago under
which jurisdiction the Suit Lake dlvl
slon wi fall and tram which MI
Taylor assistamit general manager has
been detailed to como to Salt Lke tf
organize the hew deparment created
by the vacation or this territory by the
IndIanapolis Jan 2Tiio tellers or
the balloting for otcel or the United
Mine Worier uf America were ordered
Lewis In the
by ProhJent Thomas Ti
organizations convention today to
read the voto by loal unions because
at the protests or hlK opponents that
man unions laid cast more votes than
their membership authorize
Walker prcsldentoect or
John H Vnltcr
the Illinois district declared that the I
convention had had no opportunity to
act On the report ot the tellers amid
that the lmlnlltration despite nil pre
cedcnt hail Interpreted the constitu
ttomm to confer supreme authority on the
ton Greens suppr rl supported
VaJkrs mltnnd
aK retorted that the
prsldent Iwll
constltutloml plainly nmmtlmorized his nl1
lag and 21rnrged GroC with malicIous
proceedinKs and ordered
ly impeding proceetllnl
him to ils scat
Jls fnctioym shouted
The tactoA
untltnlern rights
to Green stand OJI your
Lawl 0nilcd on time srgeantatarma
tn tale tINlurhcrs tnmt of the b1 IC
they refused to obe > the gavel
thlY the openln ot todays session on
time tellers were called
Greens demand teler cnled
Grens read the detailed tabulation of
the votes 1of the local unlon of di
tricts 1 T and or ihe anthrci field
p0nimsyha1ia and distrIct 6 o Nova
oC PCll ant
The ieadimig W8 interrupted by a
instead or
the report
maotiOil to prInt reprt ImltM
continuing Its reading which provoked
almost p riot lrsldcnt Lwis ordered
f j
Meat Boycott Devel < in Salt Lake
We wilt not eat meat until it can be bought at reasonable prIce
We wIlt not cat butter until It can b bought at reasonable prlce
With an object In vlosv o llnchlng a league with the two above quoted declaratIons as its bnttesng
a fleeting Is to be held tonight In Llbor hal and It Is expected by th promoters that a lenge will bo organ
Ized here representing almost every craft and occupation Its members pledged to abstaIn from meat and
butter particularly and other high priced foodstuffs In general nU prices are reduced That tie boycott
will bo continued until the object sought Is attained Is the confident expectation of those who have called
the meeting basing their hopes tn the law or supply and demand
If those responsible for hli1 prices cannot be persuaded to place their products on thc market at treasonable
reasonable figure then e arc going to quit buying their stuff We wi not be robbed and Ir theY want to
keep on killing their steers and making their butter whether thdy sell It or not we dont care We arc goIng
to show them that we know robbery when wo see I and that wedo not propose to stand for It any longer
Their arguments as to why price are hlsh hac not appealed to us as truthful nt all times and to speak to
the pint we dont lee what they say This fact remains and argmmnents will not offset I prices are
hllher than we wi pay and we are going to have them lowered ro without This from one oC the prime
movers In the war on high prices this morning
Another said I you will Iead Ile days papers you 10ndn dealer who advertises fresh creamer
butter at two pounds for 71 cents I tried some or this butter hits morning and I know It was fresh and
good That looks as IC we were win nlng a point or two arend
That the movement against high prIces Is widespread and t 10c1 onl Is attested by time Associated
Press dispatches appearing In The News last night The macemit expression of Cardinal GIbbons on the subject
seems to he stirred the people or the cast lo acton and that the battle will be waged from many quar
ters Is readily apparent
The eguo feels jllblant Oel the fIle that It has been t ds d by eminent legal authority Unit farmers
are not required to obtain licenses to sell their own Produce In tile city an impression that Is said to have
been fostered In certain quarters nnd generally accepted by the majority or farmer
Member or the league will be supplied tonight with but ns bcwlng the leg ml We wont eat meat
This was done In eastern cites yesterday and the array oC people wearing the lapel emblem was really start
ln lo behold from some quarters In somo oC the eastern lenSucs as many a 80000 people arc assocIated In
single Icagues pledged to abstain rein the high priced articles
We have buckled on our armor and wo are going to fight to a finish said one ot the promot
this morning From his manner there was lIttle doubt of his earnestness
The cal for tonights meeting Issued by the commitee In charge this morning reads
Following In line with the citzens oC other cities 3 meettngwill be held In Federation hal corner Fourth
South and State street Saturday evening at S p m to protest against timehlgh prices ot butter and other nO05
sltes or life and to invite the people or Salt Lake to join tho Ve Dont Eat Meat League for a period
of at least 30 days It is proposed to gel the housewives to also wear oil on butter for the same pelloti
I time people will quit eating bottom for 30 das at the end or that time the but l trust wi be glad to get
25 cents a pound for butter
Prominent and well known speakers will address th meetng amolg them being several adles who
some time ago inaugurated a campaign along this line
President Feehan of the Pltsbulg dig
trIet out of the hall Many delegttes
r e t oppose this acton but Lwis
at inst restored order
15t t
There Is eer IndIcation he said
that there Is a movement to break up
this CQIenton
Washlngto Jan 2R mmerda
tlons I to n gener federal policy to
ward time hnproement of rivers hat
hors and cals based upon Inestga
nnd In this
tlons that have ben conducted
and foroign countries for a couple or
years will be made to Coge I by the
United States national waterways corn
mission In a report to be Ubmltel
The one Important question upon
which the cornmite split ils under
stood semis as to whether or not there
should wrs federal comitmOt over rates
on railroads cornpbtlng wIth tM testis
podatoll Inc of inland watrwaS
Some membems ot time conmmisslomi
contendedthat th ITtrnUt commelc
comniss1Qfl should be given power to
11 fiL miptmum rate to be charged by
the paraIAI railroads in cases whmr It
wastvldent the rail rte wcr reduded
to draw business away from the water
routes Others opposed such egI811
ton pon the final vote it Is understood
time large majorIty of the commission
members favored laws to give addol
power to the interstate commerce com
mission and the r pritwa learned
tOday will voice tho opinions or thl
majorty on this question Such a s
In the view ot the majority arc es
sential to Insure rapid development and
broad use o the Inad waterways
Southbridge Mass Jan 22Tho
body of John A Hal treasurer of the
closed Southbrilige SavIngs bank and
treasurer o this town as found to I
day In his barn hero he had com
omitted suicide
St Luis Jan 22 With all trails
leadIng to St Louis 200 men divide
Into six posses are pursuing the four
train robbers believed to bo practical
railroad and mali service men who
last nIght held up and robbed the mail
cars or Missouri Pacific train No 8
near Eureka 10
Postofee Inspector Dickson stated
that the loot might amount to 1000
The bloodhounds which were put on
the trail at dawn stared towards st
of the robber
Luis from the scene
30 miles from here
Rewards aggregating 5200 have been
offered by the state of Missouri and
United States postal Inspection sore
Ice tleJartmcnt for the arrest and con
Ictlon or the lobbers
The safe In the express car which
I I the rob1 rs failed to open contained
90 In cash and valuables
Senator Nelson Chlirman Rep Mc
Cal ViceChalran or Commitee I
Washington Jan 2Senator esl I
of MInnesota and Representative Mc
Cal of Massachusetts today were elect
ed cmlrman anti vice chairman re
pectvely or the joint congressional
committee charged with the Incstg
lon of all of time facts underlying thc
BtlngerPlnchot controversy I
AuthorlL was given Mr Nelson to I
confer 1th an time prlnclpas times far
Involved In the charge as to the scope
they desired the Inquiry to take and
l to nrrlgoment to be made for their
representation by counsel The chair
man announced also that nil charges
from a responsIble source should be
given careful consitlorlon
Charlerol eGlum Jan 2A large
buIlding In the course of cnstnlctlon
near the viaduct the foundations ot
which hind been weakened by the rains
tel today burying the workmen In the
Twel6 men were killed and a score
of others Injured
Helena Mont Jan 2O C Dallas
and J D McLeod were today acquIt
ted by a jU In the federal court on
the chare or consplracJ with Intent
to defraud the government The ac
cused mere employed In the office of
the surveyor general and were alleged
to have Iad false returns concern
lag mining claims
Three Cars Leave Track Plunge
Down Steep Embankment Into
Spanish River Near Sudbury
Cars Wet Thrugh Foto Ice Pam
scngers CaughImm Trap
ftntl flrwpfI
North Bay Ont Jan 22EU
mate of the number of persons
killed on a Canadian Pacific pas
kie ps
aeiigor train plunged down an em
bankment into the Icecovered
Spanish river yesterday vary from
2 to 6
The official list of known dead
Issued by the railroad company
number eight andthe Injured 2
Norh Bay Ont Jan 22The horrol
or the wreck of the Canadian Pacific
passenger train at Spanish river yes
terday afternoon Grows a hours pass
At eat two scores of lives were
snuffed out In a twinkling and others
hllve since died from frightful injuries
Not ono car a at first reported but
three tool the terlbe plunge down time
steep embankment into the Icy waters
of the rIver
When the train heft Sudbury at noon
It carried abut 10 souls The train
wa mde up a folows
Engine mall and baggage car ex
press s conllcls coach coonlsttllst
class coach dining car and Pullman
Spanish river 183 miles tram Sud
bury The railroad nt that point cuts
into the side of a hill and crosses the
river over 1 Iron bridge The bridge
WI approached at a fair rate of sped
and the engine mali baggage and ex
press cars were on the structure Front
reasons not yet ascertained the trucks
of the secondclass coach jumped the
track I struck the bridge abutments
and was silt In two ns clean as
though the job hud been done wIth a
huge cleaver
The mlmcntum or the train carried
the hair oC the scondclass coach wIth
passengers the colonist car frstclass
car and dining car on their trucks
dOW the bank and Into the river Time
Pullman fell over omm Its side near the
Caught In a trap every passenger
on the econdclass coach colonist car
and Irtclul coach was drowned and
only most heroic efforts saved eight
persons Crol the diner Estimates by
raIlroad men and survivors place the
loss of lte nt 4 although It must be
admitted that It Is hardly possible to
arrive at ammything like an ccurte
hours i
conclusion een after nmammy long
at the most heroic work
Will Laver fireman
John Keasbeck fireman North Bay
Geol Idhen freman North Bay
Unldentlftd priest
Twentto Injured are In the Sod
bury general hosplu sverl of whom
cnnot survive More are being
cared for at hots The following Is
care of those at time hospital their In
jdniea being ot every conceivable na
I D Wimot commercial traveler
Mrs Lndel Wtmmnlpeg
Hurry Lindel Winnipeg
homus Parish colored waiter on
diner St Paul
A Irwin Manistee Mlch
Alfonso fouse I years old Soo Onto
Mike Nlckola Max N D
Al McDonald Minneapolis
sw Mansfield Montreal
Sam Bollard St Paul
H Odeman NorWay
Joseph Doboluck Erin River lch
R S Smih hamilton Ont
Mrs Geo B Diet BOZ3Ian Mont
P J OBren Randall lan
Mrs C Hou Boo Ont since died
N TohnRon traveler levue
J I Jade Sudbury
D H rth police magistrate Sud
bury W J Bell lumberman SUdbury
very serious o
B J Pearce commercial traveler
Mm and Mrs Brown London Onto
G A Martin commercial travcler
Waterloo Ont
or the dead who perIshed In the rl
el It Is lmmmposaibie to compile any list
and It may be week before they are
all Imown
Three cars are where emily their von
tlators stick out of the water The
impact amid momentum with which they
were hurled down thebmk cut a wide
swath In the ice which covered the
rlvcr to a thickness of 12 inches Even
It any person succeeded In breaking
through time wind ws they were trap ed
under the Ice ant novel imad a chance
for their lves This is true or half
oC the second class car the colonist car
and the first class car rem which only
two are mown to hae escaped while
It perished Is said that 40 at least must have
In le dining car occurred great
struggles tp save lives rime hlrs eal
Irs cll
fordlnnor had just been made and
Conductor Thoma Reynolds Qf North
Bay was oneortha diuer With him
jW9 e 1
bury David Brodie police mastrate
Of the district of Sudbury and several
other In a Instant nil were sub
merged above theIr heads
ynodl exhortng his pasners
to hang on the hat racks chandeliers
and other projects and diving down iii
the Ice chilled waters broke through
the windows and emerged on the out
side of the car By the merest chance
the car had listed sufficiently to allow
111m to get up between the ice and the
car Mounting the roof he reached in
and pUlled out lte Alfons Ibid six
years old or the Canadian Soo and Po
lice Magistrate Brodie or Sudbury a
small man through the ventator The
others were too big No ae wa3vall
able and with superhuman strength
Reynolds aided by those Inside tore
n hole In the roof through which eight
prisoners made their escapeal that
came alive out of the water wih the
exception of Brakeman Monison who
was on the rear of the first class conch
and nn unknown man cass
The first to come out of the roof of
the dIning cal was W J Bell oC Sod
bum He Is resting In his home but
10 stItches were required to close up
his gaping wounds
Police Magistrte Broie has three
rIbs broken and his face and scalp
are terribly cut He Is confined to
time general hosplw1
Conductor Reynolds was bruised and
cut but aCer beIng fixed up he was
able to return to his family In North
Bay last night
The chef and waltels of the diner
were trapped In a smal cmprtment
ot the car but all wore rescued They
were badly scalded and cut They are
In Sudbury hospital
Seattle Wash Jan 22Cntmcts
wIth the Brotherhoo or Railway
Trainmen to handle all switching at
Seattle terminals wIll be signed with
In two weeks according to officials of
the Great Northern Northern Pacific
Chicago Milwaukee Puget Sound and
Oregon sI Vashlngton Railway com
panies The strikers I Is said will
a tar ns possible be given their old
Toklo Jan 22Allost slmul
tnnaousl with the dOlvtry ot Japan
negate reply to the UnIted States
proposal for the neqtrlhnton or the
ManchurIan railways the tmperor Is
sued a significant rescript authoriz
Ing the South Manchuria railway
company to borrow a Hum of money
equal to double Its paid In capital
but not exceeding the total capital
This means that the South Ian
churlnn road whose total capital Is
100000000 ot whIch 62000000 has
been paid In can borrow 00000001
I Is understood that 20000000 wilt
be borrowed immediately arid devoted
to the rapid eeopment of the
Antungtukden line and time improve
ment ot Port Arthur 3S a great com
mercial port
pecal to The News
Rexbur Ida Jan 2Urscl Blger
nccldenU shot hinmseif through the
breast last night at midnight He was
fooiimmg with a loaded pistol anti dis
charged It Into 1111 chet just below
his heart The bullet came out under
his heft arm The accident occurred
at Teton Cit drug store nine miles
front here where Mr Bigler 18 man
ager was Tomptly brought to Rexblrg
to the hospital The bullet apparently
pnssed through the edge of his nnl
He Is resting easilY and if no com 11
cations arise he wi recover The
victim arle Rexburg boy and 18 the
son of B J Blber of this city le II
4 clrl ot ago
I < z
J iL t
Utah in the Line of Disturbance
At an Early Hour This
Ole at Wnshlmmgtomm 111 Another In
J eluulAl Three Occurred ut
About the Sammie TIme
A well defined tremor was recorded
by the Ielsmosrph nt the University
of Utah at 205 this immornlng Time nec
end Indicates that the disturbance orlg
hunted In the basln the movement be
Ing from the west DI Fred T Pack
of the university this morning stated
that the difference In time between hit
dlsturbnnces reported by the ASM
elated Press and the local disturbance
would Indicate plainly that there were
two or three distinct tremor and thai
time local shock was not thc tail end
of the others
The dlstUbance hele wal greatly dis
sipated says Dr Pack and 11robab
would not have ben Celt even Ir
watched for He did say however that
there wns a possibility ot the shocks
elsewhere having been an Indirect
CRlse oC the disturbance here
In lila Issue or The News an artcll
on earthquakes illustrated with a map
or Utah appears on page 5 and wi
be read with Interest In conncctlnn
with todays record at the university
Washllgton Inn 22An earthquake
or considerable Intensity was recOded
at the weathcm bureau early this morn
lug The first preliminary tremors
began at 35tS and tho duration or
the disturbance was something oel
an hour
The origin of the earthquake Is es
timnted by the bureau to havo been
at n dlstunco of 310 mIles frm WnsI1
Ingtdn probably In the vicinity or
Se disCord Iceland Jun 22Thre
severe earthquake shocks were fel
here at 74 oclock this mornIng The
tremor were felt elscwhere In Iceland
but so far as reported no damage was
Sant Mann France Jan 2211e
elsmogrh at the observatory here
today Indlcatcd an earthquake or grnt
intensity 390 miles to the eltward
probably In the Caucasus
PIollbl thcCauclUUf or 4rrnenit
The o1clations lasted for one 11n1tu
and a half amid were anmomig the hewl
cst ovcr regstere at tho observator
Accident on Third South Uesponslbc
FO Some Spcctnculnr Elccts nnd
Injured lotorn1
here was an accithimit at rhlrd
South and Second Vest streets at 5SS
this mornlimgtimat was picturesque amid
not wihout sugstions oC danger As
car 36 Motorman E J Herridge a
bowling aong westward a wild horse
suddenly darted out or the darknc
In front of the cm Hcrille threw
on the all with n rapidity that fetched
him up against the vestibule ns though
glued there and sent throe pen
gers In a header moement over te
tops or the S t
The carolid not be stopped In time
to avoid striking time horse a he had
started In to run a race wIth the cat
on the same track The fender strck
the nnmal In the west end going
cat and rolled him over as the force
or thc collisIon knocked In the cst
hub and drove the contrleI box
against the motormans leg While the
motorman was In this predicament the
car snlo across the railroad trucks
1he horse was very much astonished
by this Cumlulity on the part or thc
car but recoverIng his baring start
ed up anew In his wild Ight up the
truck Immediate disappearIng In the
Ilernidge was found to have suffered
a contusion of the leg though nothing
serious while the damage to the car
was nothing very heavy The car con
tlnued Its trIp bmmt Is now hi the hos
pit having its vestbule put In shape
done to the
The damage passengers
was of a purely Intellectual natur
Answers or France and Engand I
Couform to Those or Russia
Paris Jan 2ACter exchanges be
tween the two cabinets both France
and Great Britain have decided to
conCorm their answers to Secretary
Inoxs Manchurian proposition to
those of Russia and Japan
The two later countries have de
dined the proposal for the noutrll
zatlon of the Manchurian railways
Lon on Jan 2The Unionists place
3 scats to their credIt out of the ll
contests of yesterday for member or
parlament the returns front which
were received today The Liberals tale
20 scats the Nationalists three and the
Laborites one Time Unionist gains are
19 and the Lbera two Time latter
are the only gains the overment ha
made during the past four days
WIth yesterdays returns complete
the state of time parties Is
Goemm GoaltonLlberals 179j
Irish Nationalists tt Laborites 3
OppoltlolUnlonlstl 217
Total GalnsUnlonllts 100 Liberaul
12 Laborites ono
Out of time 5t scat the re ml ot
which arc announced today the Lib
erals In tho last parliament held 37
and the Unionists only 15 Accord
ingiy the change of opinion In thol
English counties In favor ot the TorIes
Is shown by the turn over ot seats np
pears pronounced enough Turn ovens
of tom 300 to 00 votes from the
Liberals to the Unionists arc common
= =
2 f
Part of Boulevard St Germain
Has Caved in and Eifel
Tower in anger
nub Leaving time Soirees Shmowimmg En
tire lbyrlnth BenclU1 City
Iluled by Flo
Paris Jan 22Time food or tho
Seine threatens to assume the proper
tons or a catastrophe The water at
2 oclock this afternoon bad risen a
foot sInce morlnl The foundatiOns or
many building and notably the Elffel
tower h1e b n infiltrated and the
tractnres are In danger oC colapse
Railroad telegraph and toephon
communlclton Is interrupted through
out eastern France today Mamm blldje3
have been swept away and canal trar
ftc hiss been abandoned
The street im scores or cities aul
villages are und r water Lle Cha
ions anti rroyes Gutered most
TIme waters of the nhone and Manic
with their tributaries Were repoited at
a standstill today
The tuntlon In Paris 10weel
promises to be worse us time Srrne con
tnues to rise rapidly I Is expected
that the rIver will reach its maxlmunl
tomorrow Thru 1861 feet or water him
time new subwuy betiveemi Place do la
Concorde and Passage de ha T1lnlc A
porton of the boulevard or St Gel
main above the sUbway has caved In
Hundreds or factories have been inun
Iars Jan 2Hulfor time surface
and subway transtlaloll Jno hae
ben nmllcred Inopolatlc 11mm Sclnu
Is tebrfslatcn ana Its yellow tOITCi
mmmc almost luSh vlith Is bilks et
lar thong thc liua1 arc full or water
and there wi 00 neavy loss In wimmcs
arai othel wares
Railroad and teegmphlc cmiunlc
tion Is Interruptedin the
lon eastern irv
incus whero tao streets of many etie
and villages are hooded The 1holu
und the Inrne aro reported us imp
parentl hanb reached their 111
mum hood
Immense damage Is reomted
amago rOPlted fame
the suburban towns along thc em
1lk ChaloOon IluncOult Avgemmtcut
1lk Seemes anti lhmdon
limo watcl at Port loal II 1 fpt
I above mmummmmal and time IndlcatlO11 uv
streunmpressge fUthor lisb oc tm
I feet by tomnorrownghmb
Troops itnd firenwn overywimire irene
called out today to aid In the wol1
I of rescue The cabinet lies uicciid I
ask paUunent on 1IondHY to appru
pllltc tOOOO for the relief or he JN
pie In Ump aUlcted districts
allul ultc out ot lalis esme I
ally to the south and tvest 1 ar
cllpcd Thousands ot rat are cscap
Ing from the sewers her Iudlutl
that the wnters arc invmdlng th ont m
labyrinth beneath Pant
Chicago Tan ClarCnce I Vln
non of New York broughmt suit In time
circuit court today to cnjoll the pro
posed mcrser oC several Smith Side
street railways under the tlo of The
Chicago City Connecting railways
J P Morgan and other New York and
Chicago capitalists arc made defend
Vennor brought time suit a a stock
holder M the Chicago City nallwo
Blaze This Morning Emphaslzc time
Need of IJnnln the West
Sido FIre Staton
rue need of better Ire protection on
the west side was made apparent 11
a starUng manner at 728 thIs mprlng
when a house valued at 100 with
contents worth 10 went up in smoke
on Fifth Sooth and Eleventh Vest
streets The house was occupied hi
a man who lved alone and none oC
time neighbors could inform the fire
doimrtment ofcials what his name Is
They saId he Is n laborer and leaves
the place early ever morning
The fire was caused by a ovcrhcat
O stove The owner ha loftn big
fire In the kitchen and live coals had
dropped onto the floor and perhaps
there was a defective flue Jn alnrm
was turned in and the apparatus trout
No 2 with AssIstant Chief Ftzgerald
In command responded The run was
such a long one and the roads In such
bad shape It was Impossible to get
tlere In time to check tie flames Time
loss was total
The new station house on Post stct
and Eighth West has bcncomplQtet
and Is ready fOl the apparatus hlcl1
iii to be installed a soon as possild
and then time west umidera will n7m
better protection against lire
Section 1111 aemlilo rlmtl I is
I Under hcels or 111
Mike Roka a section hand eat
nenr Mounds by the Donvol
I Grol e Rirad eompau died L
Marks hospital at 5 ocock this mfl
lag from Injures received Friday llr
Rokas was run over by a freight tr n
near Mounds Tls right leg wns imit
off just above the Imc and he HU
tamed internal InJuries The unfortu
nato man was hurried to timEs cltiP
Friday evening aumd taken to St Marks
I lrlday
Imospitni where everything possible
was dOle for him but time lnjurJe
proved fatal r
tokms tried to step In front ot trclglH
tlmlmm Nol but slipped and f 1 under
the wheel Th bed WI sent to time
undertaking establishment ot S D
Von 5
r J
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