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I Corner ot 9luth Temple nnd East Tem
pIe Street Halt JIO city Utah
I Herncl G WhItneyBuHifle Mnnellter
In Adanco
D Mall OO
I per year
r Ey Curlers per year
Sflmlccki por year 2I
Saturday Ncw8 per Cat =
i Correspondence Ilnd other fCoaln melt
tar or pubilcotion should bI addtCaed
to the EDITOR
i JdiPII8 nil bueIna communications
r1l all rlmltlnnres
uit Lake City Utah
t Ellstrn flepontativeeW York
Franklin P Aicorn Flllt iron Building
ChlcoA W Wof Security Building
Enlered lit the ollt01llco oe Salt Lake
City III eeond clnsfI matter according
I tn At of Cnnere March 3 iSv 1I
i i Lord BmuRhamI flmous enylny 1
I trust more to the school teacher armell
with hIs primer than I do to tim soldier
Sn Cull military nrrBy III Ibtcd In an
entirely now form by the committee
f that han been Investlatlng the roureee
1 I oC public graft and civic corruption In
i Sail Franclttco
t i Long study oC the methods and the
phit o grCt and sefishnCl5s In public
life that have prevailed In that city has
I iI led the special committee oC Investlga
ii tlon to make several remarkable rec
1 t ommendatlons
I J I Tine most noteworthy Is tho proposi
I J tlon to safeguard the future oC the cIty
11 by the reform oC the public school S3
I 1 telll The enactment or now laws de
I blgned to dum up the SOUrCeS oC cor
ruption Is also emphasized
i Nonpartisan munlclpa elections arc
1 ro1ded for under the proposed laws
li i whIch would rc < ulrc a special court to
I determine tho rates and charges for the
44 public utilities Corporations of a
I I 1 quhsl public nature would be required
I j i DOt only to give evidence against theln
f jt selves but to keep theIr books In col
il i aboratlon with the municipalIty
This Is only a mart or Wlllt 11 to be
ii provIded by law for the regulation ot
I corporations other proposals are still
rt mOle unique
I 1 The committee poInts out thtt the
i trial oC PatrIck Calhoun disclosed a
kt h considerable number ot citizens who
I r when examined under oath M to their
ci IU3lIl1cations for Jury service compa
I I cently declared that they would not
convict n man for bribery however
Ji convIncing the evIdence IC since his
4 crime he has successfully broken n car
I strike which was threatening his Investments
As a remedy for such a state ot aC
fairs It Is proposed that no child be
permltted to leave the grammar school
I until he has learned that the obligation
i to the State makes It Incumbent upon
It all clthena to set aside prejudIce and
I rvnte Interest and act ann n jUffion
r r In any case In which he may bo sum
S I moned It Is further proposed that the
1 child In school be taught the law gov
ii ennlng corporations and that they bo
tiipmssed with the responsibility or the
I stockholders for the wrongs done by
I directors
1 Above all says the committee ho
should bo taught that tine corporation
I III II mcro creature 01 tho State and
i that It Is as much tine duty or the citi
i zen to cry Stop thief to Its attempt
l to steal a franchise IU It Is to raise a
1 cry when It discovers tho treasurer or
any other Official robbIng the public oC
it its coin
I Now all or this Is excellent but It
simply means that every pupil must
I recelo at tho hands oC the State a
I hIgh school education Children In the
i grades cannot understand such mat
J ters In a way and to the degree 10
I qulred for such results as the recom
T mendattons or tho committee aim to
accomplish In the high school thwe
i i Ideas can readily and effectively be In
1 culcntoo but In the grades the attempt
1 should not be made
1I i Such a plan would speedily defeat
eI itself It aImed at the elementary
I eehooI which already halo more to
do than they can possibly accomplisln
I Moreover the schools lack tho main
i e ntlal ot success In any undertak I
i 1 Ing ro ambitious as the reCormatln
1 oC pUblic opinIon They have neither
1 the financial support nor the PIOCCS
i I Hlonal personnel for any much dazzling
and gigantic IlelCormance
ii Fancy a young lady In hor teens
I pr thereaoouts who hi earning let
I UIS 1Ia y HO pel month and who Is
n remaIning In the schoolroom only lie
l I cause 8ho has not decided to set mar
ried this yearCancy such n teacher
1 r gravely Instructing little bo8 and eirl
In tine law governing corporations
and striving In her sweet way to inns
1 press upon their youthful minds the
responsibility 01 the stockholders for
1 the wrongs done by dllectorsl
Not one lawyer In ten even IC re
quired to do 30 he should make the
l attempt would be able to explain thoso
I matters so that children would CI1S0
them Lawyers and JUdges Cal to con
I vince the adults How then shall the
i average teacher do such work 1l I
clearly Impossible
Yet the report oC the committee iOn
strike at the root oC the evil Mill
1 feasance Is rampant just because thr
i Jleople have noel yet In their feel
ings fully accepted the prinCiple tPILl
pUblic office Is a Ilublic trust nor can
i they accept such a prInciple until line
II whole mass oC the people have been
traIned to look upon public duty In this
way Probably no other agency than
the public IIchools can perform so vast
a service but before the sehoolll an
do o they must be deIJlupctl
i strengthened more and abler tlachprs
employed bettor faclllliell added ani
vastly higher compensation Offered to
Ii tolcher3
Great reforms can sCllleel b ne
compllshed without men unll money
Surely the present teaching force In
elemontary schools can not l1e nideed
to carry still more ot the white nnann
burden and to patch up the civic
morals oC the Republic while that
teaching force III composed In too
maIn ot Immature unproCcslonal
i I amI underpaid persons most oC whom
remain In this vocation just lang
enough to get some other cmplomont
ThIs Is the real issue mind It cain
not be met by loading upon the 010
I mentary schools already overburdened
with work the teaching ot cor
oration lea Ie the people are
willing to pay for first class teach
Ing on these important subjects they
can get It But It will Ix maInly In
the hhh Ichool and It will be given
only by stronG and veil traIned minds
devoted without reservatIon to toeh
Ing as a profession Otherwise just
how ninny lawyers doctors bankers I
railroad directors and others oC similar
proCessional rating aro willing to be
come school teachers for tho public
Tine ocnllc cold storage question
Is receiving considerable attention
at present becauso oC Its connection
with the JIlgh cost oC living Cold
storage would be a blesslng IC It wore
used for the purpose oC preserving
tho food stuffs that arc not needed for
Immediate consumption cor future UIIO
nut It has suddenly dawned upon the
pUblic that tho cold storage men are
not provIding against a time oC scarcIty
but arc creating n perpetual famine
Cot the purposo 01 getting famine
prices People arc learning mat
through cold storage apples for instance
stance arc as expensiVe In
when the orehnrds have just yIelded
their hancHt tut In April whon the
wInter III past Only such quantities
as can be sold at top prices arc put
on the market In the course oC the
year they are all soldat April prIces
It IE time to look Into such matte8
even It nothing moro come out ot the
investigation than the information It
It may not be true that prIces are
higher than they ever wero boCoro
They toll us oC a time when owners
oC gardens along the Overland trail
could scll cabbage for 100 a Jlead and
potatoes for 60 cents a pound They
tell us or 0 time when flour In Alder
Gulch Montana vas 100 per sack and
when hay III somo mining eampl was
worth 3100 a ton But that was before
the country was settled
DurIng tho CiVil War flour was 15
a barrel common cotton cloth fl a
yard and coffee I n pound But no
comparIson can bo made reasonably
between the Ilreont time and the
abnormal conditions that exist wJlcn n
country Is being first settled or when
war prevents production
There Is an abundance Assuming tine
population to be ninety millIons
enough grain IncludIng corn wJleat
barley ro etc Is produced to al
low every mall woman and child
about 60 hushels a year the totlll for
ISIS beIng 4B48900D0 bushels There are
eighteen millIon milch cows In tho
country or a cow to each family There
Is about halt a hog raised for each per
son In the country and 20 pounds 01
butter Then there are enormous quan
tities oC meat fruit cheese eggs
poultry fish and cgetables With
such nn abundance why should prices
approaching the War perIod prevail
That Is the question tho consumers are
trying to find out Can they
Though archbishops bishops mayo
seats In the upper houso oC the Brit
ish parliament common clergymen are
not elected to the House oC Commons
Attention has been called to this tact
by the campaign nov on
ThIs Is not because the English peo
ple have any scruples agaInst a mix
turn oC pollllcs and religion It that
were the reason the high cccleslllStll
would not sIt In tine uppor house all
spiritual lords The fact III that
when King Edward I summoned the
parliament or I9i ho included tIne
clergy among the classes to bo repre
seated But the clergmen refused
to sit In the national council wIth the
Commons They Insisted upon voting
In theIr own assemblies and thus they
sacrificed theIr privilege oC taking part
In the deliberations ot the national
But the other day Rev C SlIvoIter
Homo was elected delegate for Ips
wleh and whoa PllIlIamont meets ho
111 undoubted take hili seat though
ho Is a clergyman And there will
be no objection for the simple reason
that ho Is a dissenter Ie ho woro 0
clergyman oC the established church ho
would In nil probablllt be bnrrN1 but
being a nonconformIst ho Iff not a
clergyman In the legally recognized
mellnlngoC that word The preachers
oC Baptists Methodists Presbyterians
Unitarians etc are not clergymen
In England Wo presume the Catholic
prelates and clergymen are also ex
ThIs may appear peculiar but tho
underlying principle Is not very far
from correeL Wherever there 15 an
established church there Is a priest
class In the service ot the state under
a sacred garb The preachers oC the
dissenters do not belong to that class
They form IC true to the principles 01
nonconformity no clasH at all but are
common cItizens though deotlng their
time to the Instruction 01 their Cello
men There Is no reasons triny they
should not go to Parliament ns other
citizens representing not a church but
an election district
Those who In this country profess to
object to clelIymen performing their
duties aH citizens arc probably not
aware 01 tino fact that by so doing they
arc tryIng to create a class distinction
not eeognlzcd In II country without a
state church
The city oC Tacoma had the good for
tune to secure a Very large and ex
pensive building that had first been
erected as a hotel Later the InterIor
was entirely burned out and though
the walls remaIned Intact the board
purchased the entire property for the
emaiL um oC 34000 It Is a com
mOdloUt hlndEOllle complex structure
Itsel worth at least five times the
amount laIl for It by the Board lhe
comploto Interior remodeling brought
the total COt oC thlll great building and
grounds up to the sum oC iOOOL
very moderate expenditure considering
what u obtaIned for It
It will he recalled that Salt lAke
City was similarly fortunate In pur
chasing the present or west side high
Iehool site and buildings from the
State Here a property waR IIceured
worth at least three times the amount
for which It was purchased though
tho buildings do not compare In size
with the one at TacolIl
This tact leads certain citizens to n
tentative suggestion aK followl Winy
not purchase the present buildings and
grounds oC the State University That
Institution It III argued could with
the million or moro dollars reserved
from tho sale or Its present slto pur
chase a site ItllI more sultablo farther
to the lIoutli In this county with more
lands trees and groves wIth strculIs
meadows and IIttlo caBCadcs with a
more abundant water rIght and facll
Itles more fully adequate for the future
growth and work or the leading unl
veraity In tine intermountain region
Something lIke the great fair buildIngs
at Seattle could be first erected for an
Inland exposition and thon devoted to
the uses Co the University
Some halo suggested that possibly
Fort Douglas might bo obtaIned for
such a use Of this wo know nothing I
but all such suggestions are well worth
consideration by the citizens oC our ex
pandlng commonwealth and partIcu
lar by the resIdents oC thIs county
Make the high prIces como ocr the
Many a reform Is naught but a dIs
Boycotters ot beef cnn eompromlso
on hash
It Is just as well to trust to luck
as to most people
A man canlnot be read out or a party
until he Is ready
And IC tho trusts say nay what will
the retailers do
The Board or Education 10 tim rot
ers I want may bond
Just now vegclllrlnnlsm should flour
lain like a green bay tree
Whose fault Is It when the earth
sUps and makes a quake
Ben the time honored pound cake
no longer weighs a pound
Any ono who has been brought Into
Intimate association with men or great
wealth must have had opportunity to
observe that tiney have some strange
httio weaknesses or peculiarities and
thIs Is especially true It mon oC wealth
are 0C high personal character In
i thIs manner 0 frIend who was for
many yearn a close business associate
oC the late Cornollus Vanderbllts pre
faced for me an anecdote whIch re
veals two ot Mr Vandorbllts peculiar
flies one oC thorn showing how be
man ot many millions though he wall
was oneo led to doubt his own credIt
Mr Vanderbilt continued my con
fidant had n perfect understanding
ot the rcsponslbllltlea wWch were 011
hIm 1UI head ot tho Vanderbilt rail
roads and ho had a very high toJCIIt
for finance but personally he was not
only a very modest man but ho also
was In many thIngs lIelrdlstrustul
and he was very shy
One day be wont to an Inthnate
friend who was an offieor under him
and said Do you supposo you could
get your note discounted at the Chem I
hail National Bank for one hundred
thousand dollars
why I dont think I could Mr
VanderbIlt was tho reply I have no
such credit tis that and I should not
dare ask for 0 discount ot that
Well continued Mr Vanderbilt
do you think the Chomlenl Bank
would dIscount your note 11 I wore to
endorse It
The friend looked at Mr Vanderbilt
for a nwment In astonishment wonder
Ing whether he wore fa earnest At
wt he saId Why Mr Vanderbilt
your endorsement would be good for
the discount oC a note for millions
Do you really thInk 801 asked
Mr Vanderbilt halt doubtfully Well
then lets jump Into my carriage and
drive down to the bank and when
WO get there you SO In and ask Presi
dent WIlliams IC he will discount your
note wIth my endorsement for a hun
dred thousand dollars
still wonderIng what thin extra
ordinary request meant tho friend
went with Mr Vanderbilt to the Chem
Ical Bank Wllon they wore Ill tine
outer office Mr Vanderbilt said Now
Albany Journal
It Is now damned by nrehltects and
contractors that It Is possible to build
a modern house In one ilay TIne plot
oC land selected for the bonnie need not
have n single stick oC timber or other
material on It at 7 oclock In tIne morn
Ing In the erection 01 the dwelling
7G000 nails are used 11000 feet of lum
ber cut andl1tted 18000 shingles placed
on tIne roof 6000 laths used In making
the walls 3iG yards oC plaster spread
alll many gallons or paint used It Is
daunted that with twentyfive carpcn
tent the work can be dono with elgin
teen working ton hOlll and the remain
dcc cloven hours Twelve lathcrs and
twelve plasterers do the plastering In
three hours Two men build the chins
ney In four hours and fortfive min
utes Foul men put the root on In
three IlOur5 while two men do the
plumbing and gas fitting In five hours
Ono man can do tine electric wiring
In one and onehalC hours while four
intent can do the necessary painting In
the hours In this way architects and
contractors clllllll the moving van can
stop at the door of the modem new
house twelve hours nCetr the work was
first fitarted when not a brick 01 a
picco of wood was on hand to do the
Baltimore Sun
A pugilIst would rather be hIt In the
solar plexus than In his pocket
Mayor Gaynor III distributing his
plums on the theory ot honor to
wholll honor 11 due
By J Eo Edwards
This daily series ot anecdotes and IncIdents that throw now interestIng
and frequently dramaUc light on famous ovent and personalities of tho past
hase been collected by Edwards during nearly forty years of more or lesS intl
g rfe i Iag
l ft Cach
teats acquaIntance witln many of the contrys leaders sinco the Civil War
anecdote or IncIdent is fresh from Mr Edwards notebook ud either In whole
or In part It con tltutes New News ot Yesterday garnorcd from the mon who
made the nllwstho historyor from equally authoritative sources As Im
portent contrIbutions ot the Human Interest sort to AmerIcan history these
artIcles have B dlstlnctivo value all their own
Onco more the warning goes out that
kissIng Is dangerous This tlmo It Is
voiced by Miss Ellen zr L1 Motto the
rankIng officer In Dr DosleYs corps oC
fair and accomplished nurses lho con
tact oC Up and lip IIIlYS Miss L3 Motto
affords an Illeal opportunity for the
voyaging ot pnthogenlc organisms
Most oC thoRO germs triton they entor
the bOdy nt all do so by way ot the
mouth Ot such sort are the germs
01 dIphtherIa tuberculosis meningitis
Inlluenza the simple cold and all the
i tamlllar juvenile plllGucs Tisorofore
The Unionists mayo made such great
gains that they must he surprised at
their owen moderation
When P3lIndlno makcs the wInd
blow It Is no wOIIler that people have
dust thrown In their eyes
The heavenll will never fall whether
one does Justice or Injustice Tine heav
ens are above such 0 thing
President Taft wants the Senate to
get busy but he docs not want the
senators to become busybodIes
The devil was the original father oC
lies but the gift for tellln them haft
boon Inherited by a numerous progeny
It Is alas the victim ot the auto
mobile and never the chnuCteur who Is I
to blame It WLI the same when E30p
wrote oC the wolf up the stroani and
the lamb down
When a train inn held up and robbed
the officials ot tine road always say
that the robbers got very little This
must be on the theory that the truth
shouldnt always be told
Undoubtedly IC the farms were rats
Ing moro meat the price would he ro
duced says Secretary Wilson ot the
depaltmen oC agriculture In com
menting upon the 1d08prca boycott
agaInst meat products This Is not
quito Be certain as that tho sun will
rise tomorrow hut It will bo 0 very
large crum or comfort to the beet trust
Doubtless the real reason for the
rojeftlon oC Secretary Knoxs luggel
tlon that the Manchurian railways bo
neutralIzed Is that tine powers to whom
It was addressed regarded It as an
American Interference In diplomacy
the real cameo for adopting any course
must be sought beneath that whIch Is
avowed and on tho surface
you go In and see President WIlliams
and Ill stay out here
Meanwhile Mr Vanderbilt paced
nervously back and forth At last
when his frIend appeared Mr Vander
bIlt rushed up to hIm Was ho tI
ling to do Il 7 he naked eagerly
Oh course ho was answered the
friend Hed have been glad to dis
count a note oC that kind for ten times
the amount
Mr Vanderbilt gave a satisfied lit
tie sigh and the cloud on his face
lifted oel1 thell Ill tell you what
you do ho said You divIde the
amount Into four twentyl1vo thou
sand dollars parts Make ono or OQ
notes nt thIrty days another for two
months another for threo months
and the fourth for four months Then
well have Ill four or them discount
od and place the amount to your
credIt Then I want yonn to Jlvo me
a check for the Cull amount ot a
hundred thousand dollar payable to
tIm order ot Mr SoandSo nam
Ing the man a boyhood friend 01
Mr Vanderbilt
This business donor tine two men
started back to tIne Grand Central
station and on tho way Mr Vnnder
bill said to his eom1anlon I have
lent a good deal ot money to thlll
manS and he has never been abe to
pay me He hM been unfortunate In
busIness and I am sorry for him no
asked me for a loan ot a hundred
thousand dollars he tolls me that It
ho cnn have that sum he can mako
a fortune But I dIdnt feel as though
I wanted to loan him that money out
right I told him I would ace Ir I
could got some one else to lend It lo
him You see Ir ho dosnt owe that
money to mo but to a stranger then
ho will be sure to pay It I have told
him that ho must pay twentfivo
thousand dollars for four monthH on
his own note to mo for a hundred
thousand dollars Dont you think that
was a good way to fix tine matter up
The friend could not answer He
perceived the generosity that had In
spired Mr yanderbllt but he was
amazed nt tine almost chlldll1co In
nocence with Which his chIef had
worked out his plan tininking that
the friend would not fathom It Aind
that plan turned out exactly as all ot
us who knew ot It anticipated IS
the notes became duo Mr Vanderbilt
was obliged to take them up Ho
never got back n POilU or that hun
dred thousand dollars
It 11 thoughUcS and often cruel to
kiss and sometimes suicidal to be
kissed Thus speaks science and its
mandate should be observed 8B to ba
bies and by Invalids But the great
majority or folks no doubt Will keep
on kissing
Detroit Journal
Among the illustrIous men who passed
through liCe In slnslo blessedness lIIay
bo mentioned SIr Isaac NewtonThomas
Hobbs author oC The Lovlathan
Adam SmIth the father oC political
ecenonny ChamCort thfJ greatest oC
Flonch talkers Catrondl Galllco Des
cartes Splnoza Locke Kant Bishop
Butlortho author ot Analog Dalo
Loibnit Humo Glbhon Incaulay
Buckler Pitt Charles JumeR PoxLeon
ardo dll VInci nIphaoJ Michael An
golo Sir Joshua Heynoldll tIne artist
Turner Handel lleethoen Sehopen
hauer Rossini ndelssohn allll
AllOllt n Ulah Prospcclor
A part ssnns oIIII11Od Oil tine Boar
river In Eastctn Utah
when a pro
peetor canine along
morning 011 a
insole lIe had lni
hlB jaw tied
first up and at
seemed Inclined to pas on wIth
out 11 word On second thought how
user he halted mind rurfh queried
How far to Salt Lake Three
hundred miles Humph Traveled
far About 200 miles Get
yotnr jaw
hurt 7 No Its jUt fin Internal
toothache and Im arIding 500 ashes
to get It pulled Wo Invltod hIm
down and one ot the crowd got II
piece of string around the tooth anti
jerked It out as slick all you please
After tho overjoyed man had ceased
dancing about I queried Why
dldnt YOI try the strIng before
Z a i i j2 L if < tjti I
startling Out on such mm long ride
l n1t1 hlfJ
Best kind orn sir nf hadnt
nary Cl strlngNew York Telegram
True Fortitude
Ive given up tflng to prevent the
country from goIng to the doSs
So hovo I 1 figure that I can henr
the calamity Ie the rest can
Kansas City Times
HeIr pparont to hairy Parent
A Llndl1borl boy mont been clothed
with hiM fnthers cnoltoCC wardrobe and
was one dAy fount crying behind the
barn Pas gonna and shaved his face
clean he explained and I suppose
Ill hove to Wlr thom red whiskers
nowVlchltu Kansas EtJgle
NoverUleCSII lalll the young Ho
man ho Is an nmbltiouH poet Ho
woulll serve thc nsuses all Ws life
But replied mis older 110 make
tine mlstako ot supposing that Bacchus
Is ono ot the muaesaLholic Stan
dard and Times
Why do people have sliver weddings
Just to shosi to the world wOOt
theIr passers oC endurance have been
r want a man who know all about
aeroplanes and 15 sober
Im just the man you are lookIng 101
air Havent taken a drop In three
lIrs RUbbertonAftr nU onohIlC
the world doosnt know bow the other
malt lives
RubibertonNevor mind my dear
lha1s nQ fault ot oursChlcago Dally
Nows I
I had n now mat sent home tOday
exclaImed the editors wife and It Is
II poem
Thats what It Itr 01 right replied
the editor and It goes backPhUa
delphla Record
Hank StuibbsThey say Jcd 1 UtllB
closed up hIs well cuz hell afeard 0
Dlgc flllerYoD8 Jed says hes Joln
to let well enough alone oz long ez
hIs elder hos outBooton Herald
That speaker tries to be accurate
Yes answered Senator Sorghum
He really overexerts hImself After
saying there La little moro to bo saId
on this stnbject ho VIII llllt for an hour
to provo ItWashlngton Star
Salt lake Theatre
Tonight and All Week
Matinees Wednesday and Saturday
William A Brady Offers
And orer ltd people In the Marvel
ously successful Romantic Drama
Another Ben Hur N Y Sun I
PricesEc to SUI Mat lIe to 1
Seats now on nab
Every EvenIng nt 816 oclook
MatInee DnJl 115
Benjamin Chapin Co
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011 Brown
Orpheum Motion Pictures
Orpheum Orchestra
Matinee Prlcc8l5c Es CC
Night PrIcesBc SOc Tic
Matinees Wednesday and Saturday
John Cert presents a mmmoth now
production ot WO greatest ot com
ody opera successes
By PixIe and Letters
WIth Eleanor Kent William Friend
and an Exceptional Cast and At
tractive Chorus ot tO
Nest Week The Land or Nod
MntlnceB Wednesday and Satur
day 215
Willard Mack and Iraudo Leone
and associate players prtaent WU
11mm cad Cocilo DeMi1io greatest
Evening Pnces760 tOe Go Bc
Next week When nlhthood Was
In Flower
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cck CommcnclI fhurs Ian 20
Mile Martha worlds greatest gm
nat Brattice Marlin co present
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Jon Sortie uverott n dainty las
she from foreign IIhorcs FIo 1Iu
Ical Loolnnds In9trumelltllllHhl
Billy Clark tine minstrel from Onlon
viii Va In his inimitable Spcclal
tics Tom Linden and Ills Jungle
Girls a bit of the ACricnn lands
Mission Plcture91laph Ictulft dif
feront Mission Symphon Orches
Thee iano I
With it sngizsg aout
New York and Western
Piano Co
130 South State
January Shoe Sale
ALL TIllS WEEKW c must make room
for spring goods All broken lines go in this
sale regardless of cost Every shoe in the dc
partment at special prices for cash
Each rcduetion is absolutely gcnuineno
marking upno fictitious values
No Shop Worn Goods Every
thing New and Reliable
The greatest moneysaving event of thc season
don t miss itCome early
1Iens Fine Shoes Johnston
Murphy and many other
celebrated makes regular
600 to S700 values
e Sale price 295 to
Ladics Extra Quality Shoes
Slippers etc regular 250
to 6oovatucs
4 Sale price 165 to
365 I
I Misses and Childrens Shoes
regular 125 to 275 vat
t ues
Sale price 85c to
= J
r p
Weather Forecast Rain or Snow Tonight and Tuesday Cooler
A Substantial Saving
on Raincoats
No mans wardrobe is complete without one of these
dressy garmentspractical for all year round wear
Now is the time for you to secure one of these coats
while our special reductions are in cffect
11 S10OO Hnlncnut now 8 700
1 81200 RalncoatH now S Doe
81500 RnlnconL now 8100
Ji1I11 81800 RaIncoats now SIUO
82000 Raincoats now 8150 I
I 82500 RaIncoats now SIOIIO
14 53000 Raincoats now 22511 r C
3500 Raincoats nosy 8261
1J4WAcV i
Remember our extremely
jfJjs low prices on BIens Youug
Mens Boys and Children
Suits and Overcoats during
the continuation of our Mid
winter Clearance Sale
t1 F L
I 0
ts the housoholti flour
Excota by every test
lUlled under condItions of nbllo
lute cleanliness By Queen of the
Valley Flour Mill 3rd West SUI
South SL
Bell Phone 360 Ind 891
Queen Quality
Special Sale
500 pail Tan Russian
Calf and black Gun metal
4 Values Going
len8 500 shoes 385
BIens 350 shoes 245
Mens 250 shoes 195
Boys high stop shoes 5
grade going for 385
110 Main St
i <
Do not let your supply
run too low
Rock Springs
Central Coal Coke Co 1
40 Vest 2nd Soulh St t
Phones Dell Ex 35 lad 600 I
Great Sale
and Percales I
at the
See our Window for Values
1 ci
Our Address
42 44 46 48 West
First South
t i < 11
tlli1 4

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