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1 ThomaSHobday Heads the List
Of Applications for More
4 I r Money
t > CJlClUI Scraiiiljl AI 1ong the Ilno
I ncrorqtlicllunnl of thlutcs
Thomas Hobda furulntendcnt or
J waterworks whowelt around among
I bls friends bcCor election and declared
ci that he dldft wall the jobnsan has
ellhmt chnnell hlr mind Whenhb
i aJcrd bCor lie board of cstmateN
amI llilortonment today ho asked for
J 4 a rabsc i tlOO n ear1 his slar
making tho positon pay OO n year
Up to date Hobda IwN shown noro
nerve than any other department of
1 fcll In his recommendation Hobda
LNked tho board to Increa the rlar
at E B Kneass chief deputy from
I nw to 1600 a year Kneass know
I more about the waterworksdepartmnl
than Hobdy and all the rest of thai
i administration NO Hobda evident
Th fgurd that If ho was worth 20 moro
h to the city Kne ss wa4 worth abut
i 30 with all hit knowledgo of the
aterorks 1ltem lobday also re
I quested the bard to rise tho Ialary ot
i Joe Cohen tho Ktorkeepr for the de
pltment to m a year lcl wotfid
Ji glo him an Inerce of 10 He alo
i1 declares that the aasessors of water
rte ought to receive a raise making
1j their 8alary 90 a month
it Since Hobdl decided that ho wnntell
U the taIn he has ben playing poll
1 tics Dy rsoluton HoWa has asked
that the ptroln oC the canyons ho
transferred Into his jurisdiction and
ii taken from Frank Matthews land and
ftl water comml8oner This would vve
IIJ Hobdl more men and mako It appear
i that he could caM 3OOaear sal
lJ ary
1ri Frank atUles the land and water
t cmml81lonel was not backward In his
I I recommendaton despite the fact that
ft the work of his ofce has ben reduced
j considerably Matthews bbs up before
the board of estimates and apportion
increase In is ta1
meat asking for nn Inereao 111
Lry from IO to 160 The rest of his
1 employe ito not appeal to need an In
jti crease In their salary
I i City Treasurer Gideon Snyder has
iujkel that some of his emploes be
i given un increase of from 260 to 5 a
month The entire increase In his sal
I cry list which he recommends Is i32 a
ht year Last year his salary list was
t SI0HS6S and now ho wants it increased
i I fQ
ke The board of estimates and appor
lt tlonment Is riousW consIdering the
rtI abolishment of the park commission
t In this department 2O was spent
i Isst year and nothIng much was ae
9 i complNhed Park Commissioner Heath
is feeling a Ito Inxous about the ilt
i I uatlon and there arc several other of
q It fcials who are sitting on the same
tr pence I
U S Irmeclol n tullis Frm JrIp to
yamIn 11 Talks 01 Weather
Jesse C Else Inspector In ehargo or
It4 the 10cl1lmmlgnton bureau returned
this morning Crom Rock Springs r0
where ho has ben investigating the
case oC JJoYlnS Duk a Chinese mar
U chant who desires to return to China
for a visit Friday Mr use goes tu
Park Cly where he il look at the
papers of ono Ding Lu fling I mel
papr who asks tho government to
alow his son to como to him from San
a Francisco wher ho 11 being held
I pending investigation
j I Vomlng has had one of the soel
a et winters In its history said Mr
flee this morning The sheep alo
I In very bad Ihapo and the tosses have
I been very heuvy The snow Is and has
been deep and the cold has been In
tense The rngo food has not been
I obtainable and many of the largo out
fits have not had winter Cod Should
the present conditions continue the
I loss Is going to be som thing tremendous
r1 t Miton ennlolSuc cds George E
Woolc as Prctltcnt oC 101r l
There wal un Instlaton of town
t oleels Wednesday night at Forest
I I Dale when Milton Bennion succeeded
Georgo EWoolley as president pf the
town board and Dr Joseph F p r
I ri of the Universitk at Utah and
i I Archibald F eebalr were sworn In as
now members oC the beard The re
F tiring membr8 ttr 11 Wooley ant
Theodore obLson Both oC these
have held offiCe for six years Tho
Fth holdover memb o Uit board are I
F V Cope and George I J SIef
4 ldesrcnl Intercst fnnlfetell In
1 l rposcll Revival or Old Industry
A home industry mctnl has boon
called to eonv ne at the Murray city
hal at 8 oclock Feb 2 at which tho
4 subject or the flax Industry of south
1 era Utah wi be Ilscugsed the object
being to Induce
I the people to form a
F4 company or companies to huld mills
for the manufacture of Insoed oil oil
01 al
itI ekes oilcloth linoleum linens and
other products from the Utah flax
F It has been proven that a fax
itt of flax may be grown In the south
era part of the state
A letel from W J Jarvis of Santa
quln dated Jan 24 1910 gives further
informatIon nlonl this line He says
Everybody with
wih whom I talk seem
I eager to see the Industry started and
thb want the Jute mil built here They
F all want some seed to try this summer
all seemln stisflect that flax will
I here One of our school teachers grow says
L he con remember thl time when fax
I i Wfls successfully groa In Salt Lake
l valley but at that tIme there were
IF no mi to convert It Into oil and other
F product 1 It till nol pay All we
I flw1 hi thc factory
Tho p 0J10 Icm Willing to donat
n rhe of five acres o ground In order
to Induce
tl building ot the mill at
S ntnUln It now look
I 1 Jook aN If thol
w1 be qui u number of bushels of
thu seed planted
Ieel her this season
I Slmrehnhilcis Catberin Provo Today
And Dcll to Sell ProperlY
CSpfelnl to The News
Provo JanDAt n meeting of the
i shnreholdeni of tIIC Prlo wolen mils
held hero today n reClution
t lluton was adapt
cd cnlnl 101 the Inle of the proporty
to tboIIiglWJ5tbIddi
tll Illlw1l thl to be
1 adcrtsed Zorfora00rlod bllJ daI
Sick room
of every descriptiOn
Thermometer Bandages
Medicated Colon Thermos
Bottles etc I you have for
gotten anything cal us up
Specal attention given to
quick delivery
Both Phone 148
Te PurcDrt
D ipenll
South Mai
10 bid will be accepted ut I lower fig
ore than 15 necessary to pay the outstanding
standing indebtedness At the meeting
lollly thero were represented H O
lhllrcs oC the 0 shar 1 on the books
of the company S p Ecrtscn pre
sided at Ihe meeting and J p Grant
was Qcln 8Ccretary
Heber J Grant stated to the meeting
that he a8 president of the Homo Flro
Insurance company represented oneftth
oC the stock and that President JOCph
F Smith trultec represented another
onlHlfth nail that Ie the mills were not
sold they would devise n way to be
gin operation oC the property
Passed a Comfortnblc Night nod Is
rotlay nCII0lcl Belcl
The condition of John R Winder oC
the frt presidency who was stricken
Wednesday with an attack of pneu
monll following a chi of the previous
day Is reported this afternoon as being
he having passed a
very satisfactory 11llug a
comfortable 1llht Dr seymour D
Young ws In Atendance this morning
Mrs Swart Hccrlngr n E
Swart daughter of 11 and Ir VI
lam Roach Of Parloys canyon is re
ported to bo recoverIng rapidly Cram
the operation she underwent at the
Dr Groves L D 5 110spltal Monday
Ir Jolnc lcts AcIdentMr
Ues A Romney ot the Twentieth
ward fell yesterday on the Ice near
her homo on D street and broke her
arm Mrs Homne Is just recovering
from a selge ot severe sickness and
Is In a weakened condition
Bishop SmIth CQmule iltD3ld
Smith of the presiding bishopric
who recently underwent an operation
at the Grot L D S hospital for
appendicitis 11 so convalescent
that he expoctto boat his pst at
the goncistJbf hops office this after
noon oi tbnhorrOtv0 I i
Fnnell of Mrs t cfhe funeral I
oC Mrs Ruth Hdg s Moses who died I
Wednesday afternoon at the home ot
her daughter Mrs Albert Swain will
be held at Mst Mill Creek on Friday
at 1 p m Tho Interment will be at
Dig Cottonwood cemetery
Tcuc1ct Pay JolL P Judd
clerIc of the beard of education came
to a hard problem this week when the
first semester of the school year cbs
et and he began to figure up the
salary lists for the frt three weeks In
January Under the salary sehedulo
the teachers receho so much and
then 10 much more for a many
nlnteenths oC onefourth of something
eSe n they taught Anyway the pay
roil was completed this morninG and
It amounts to HO20723 The teachers
on an average will receive ti for at
tending the state teachers institute
Iantl In DlsuteLnd to the ex
tent of 2O acre In Emery county Is
the bono oC contention which Is being
fought for before the receiver ot the
land ofcc today In the case of the
state oC Utah and Charles H Gibbs
against the United Slates The land In
question is embraced In the Insano
asyipns list No 37 and Is valued at
about 30 an aero The land was sold
to Charles II Gibbs by the state a
asrlellturl land and the government
now claims that It Is mineral land
Heart cot out 1 Slct CarA
street car ran over a dog apparently
of some value at I street and Ninth
avenue Wednesday Celnoon In
such a peculiar way a to cut the
animals heart out a cleanly as If
one with a knife and yet mulUato
no other part The organ lay pahllal
log on the snow for Homo seconds be
fore ceasIng to beat while the doS
lay some distance asvay The dogs
killed by street cars will aerage two
or three a week The doS thlnlc It
sport to chase after the carR and
bark at them and al times run anl
front of them
J A HYde prominent In politIcs In
central Utah 19 up front Nopht on
Fred C Salter European trfc
manager of the Grand Trunk Riway
company and the Canadian Express
company is in Sait Lake after an
absence of 23 years He kl naturaily I
astonished at the many changes that
meet his gaze Mr Salter Is being
shown about town by Mr W C
Irank V Cool formerly a business
man of Salt Lake but now represent
Inga St LouIs electrical house Is
registered at the Knutsford Mr Cook
lifts many frIends In Salt Lake who are
glad to see him In town once more
J C Plo a leading attorney oC
Butte Mont representing some oC
Senator W A Clarki Interests In
Montana Is 1 guest at the KnutsCord
Mr and Mrs 1 C Tones have mov
ed to the Konyon hotel where they wiil
make their home for tho rest oC the
te the
Samuel J Whiton oC tho Standard
Printing Ink company CIncinnati Is
In tho city today
All Next week36 Main Street
hr ennrortedtotho
I tho Idea ot
storing your valuablol In
safe deposit Vaults
rfe nult yo na
tural want to select n vaull
that will be
wi securpnot ono
that fro may tally destroy
or that burglars may peno
trte with their nofarlou3
ThE Utah SavIng Trust
Company vault are tro and
burglar proof and they are
located In a fro proof buIlc
ing at No 235 Main Street
Salt Lake City In tho busi
ness heart Their lock boxes
are the latest model They
havo private booths for use
oC customers and courteous
i z
Contnued from page one
cases to import a desirable stone I Is
for this grade that there should bo a
wide range In the limitations and yet
the minimum reulroments should bo
severe enough to shut out 1 decidedly
Inferior stone e should not want to
accept a stone that would not give re
sults of It lent 10 for coefficient ot
wear H for harness 10 for toughness
and 20 for cementing value
A road or the suggested third cad
could be built oC any local stone that
might b obtainable a8 long I It had
any of the needed qualities oC the read
metal The few limitations could be
JUt severe enough to shut out any
Btono that had weathered badly or had
not shown any merits for use as a
rood stono
These limitations set forth hy
Mr Greenman amount to fair
by severe requirements for tho frt
grade of ran and only Jhe belt
grades add most dumble rock can ul
fill them but the rough usage that
such 1 road will b subjected to In
carrying its heavy burden wi only
permit oC the best metals The rapid
motion oC vehicles and especially the
rapid locomotion oC the vehicles of to
day require us to build more substan
tial roads than ever before Tho con
ditions imposed on the stone for second
and third grade roads can be fulfilled
by many ledges oC rock In the state
that are easily accessible
We can only make intelligent selec
tions oC rock for our use In the State
have experimented
oC Utah after wo l1e
with a great del of the avalablo
stone I 1 committee oC men should
be appointed to gather samples oC all
the stone that may be used fur
road building and make tests on It
and then tabulate their results long
before the cholco oC a atone for aIY
partcular road should be made then
In writIng sp elfcatons makIng esti
mates arid calling for bids engineers
and road commissioners would know
approximately at least whore the do
slrble grades of rock could be found
I seems absurd 10 make an estimate or
tho cost of a road vote the money to
build It draw up specifications and
then go out and hunt for a rock that
wi fulfill the conditIons In the de
livery of steel or brick or any manu
factured product that might b done
the tests mIght be made after al Is
manufactured and acceptance or re
jecton might bo had as a result of the
tet With stone however we would
not 10 out Into the open market and
purchase a stone ot a specified coer
cent of wear hardness toughness etc
The engineer Is apt to elect the kind
oC stone and quarry and ask the con
tractors to bid en the delivery of that
particular rock
Havlnr STi mind the usefulness of ad
Vance study oC the properties contained
by different rock for roadbuldlng the
University of Utah and In particular
the testing department of the State
School oC Mines un institutIon oC the
stale began the Installation oC a road
testing laboratory During tho past two
ear there have been installed stand
ard abrasion cylinders 01 testing pay
Ing brick and macadam rock standard
Impact testing machines etc A rather
preliminary investigation ot many oC
the roelcs In the valley was made and
n report of the same was published by
the State School oC Mines In its bob
Icthl No 2 These tests show n wide
variety fr results OC the Imestonei
trttcUssopce mc1pss while others
could easIly be accepted There Is a
great del of difference In the wer
of She same kind oC stone corning from
different quarries only short distance
apart The results convinced us that
tho wise plan would be to spend a l
the effort now In the st what
te erort studying we
have In the nature of valuable road
metals In the different parts of the
state HO that when we begin to build
long roads Into the country districts wo
wIll male no mistakes In the selection
of our materIal There ore ImCtones
sandstones grnies shalls and Igne
ous rock In great abundance scattered
I over the statewe can set to ard
use them when we will Nature his
been lberal In her supply of rock Wo
only must be careful In our selectIon
Good road materials will stimulate
their use while the discouragements
which will follow the unwise use of
poor materials although good ma
tends may be at hand wi result In
retarding our s
In conclusion 1 want to say that tho
testing of stone for roads can be made
a safeguard against the use of poor
material just the same al the use of
the other engineering materials and
the engineer who will accept nothing
short of materials that will pas the
prescribed tests wi secure a quality
oC material that Is bound to bo moro
durable and useful No one would
think of accepting large consignments
oC steel rail for the railroad bee wih
out knowing what its composition Is
and phslcal properties
At the concusion of Prof Shock
strands address n general discussion
folowel being participated In by Prof
J V Jensen ot the Utah Agriculturai
cologe a Logan Mr Greenwood ot
Utah county former County Commis
sioner lton or Sandy and others
Prof Jensen said that he had recently
had occasion to take up the mater
of good roads with the farmers oC the
northern portion of the state and upon
making Home comparisons between the
I use ot broken rock 01 aeadam ma
tend for road making and the UO or
tIm earth road he lied found that the
macadam effected a saving of 10 cents
pel ton mile over the earth road U
half the families oC lie state said
Prof Jensen or 3000 In approxImate
numbers haul 100 tons of produce live
miles each year which Is taken to bo
a very conservative estimate then the
Raving to the state In one year would
amount to nearly 2000000 And this
amount expended upon tho roads ot the I
state would give UI many miles oC Im
proved roadways The comparative
cost oC maintaining earth reads Is 18
cents per ton mile and for macadam
roads Scents rer ton mile
Next on tile program wa a paper by
Cleb Tanner state clglncor treating
on the good road his lassed by tile last
legislature and the hClelts the state
woull receive by ho enforcement oC
the same MI Tunnel gave an ex
haulve review of the live good roadM
bis which became laws at tho lat
legislative session comprising chap
ters 9 97 118 19 and 120 of the
session laws Chapter 9
Inws empowers tho
count commissIoners to use tho label
oC cllcl In the construction oC rads
In the respective counties chapter 97
Ilxes the standard of construction for
toads chapter 18 defineS the powers of
county commissioners with rloton to
roads chapter 19 creates a state road
commIssion consisting oC tho governor
state engineer treasurer a member ot
the faculty of the state agricultural
college and 1 member or the faculty
of the state university and gives this
commssien authority t designate and
Iclect n system of state roads chapter
120 provIdes for the levying of 1 special
elltrict ron tax and apportions lr
lain amount oC the tax to the abutting
property owners and those benefited by
the construction of roads under its
Mr Tanner sale the operation Of the
lous had thus far been satIsfactory In
man parts oC the tate although I Is
too early yet to expect the best results
HIH lecture wua replete with sugges
tions for the improvement oC road
and showed that great benefits would
como to the state as tho result oC the
enforcement oC the god roads laws
DeCor reaching tho lon recess n
motion was carried to the effect that
all countIes should select vicpresi
dents for the coming yea this after
loon itO that tho election of officers
which tokes place tomorrow afternoon
aught proceed without delay
The convention took a recess until
2 oclock this afternoon
S E Stannard Salt Lke E D
COIncl on Si Lake A R Capnel
Garland H E RedHng Dear River
O J Peterson Salt Lake Y E Hub
bard Sail Lake J E Schwartz Salt
Lake F R Dlllnc Cheyenne Vyo
John L horas Cheycnnoi Ceo Mc
Kuhn Eureka D E Adams rremon
ton r V Sartal Tremonton A W
Valentine Brl ham City 3 P Chris
tensen Tremonton Coo Gdfre
Clarkston John Quale Logan Alma
Merrill Richmond cn Evans and
J R Jones ralad Ma W D Kuhre
Sandy A Robert Carson Sandy W
S Wilson Sand Alma Greenwood
American Fork A K Hansen Rich
field I C Christensen Richfield
Fred C Keller fant J W Morl
Logan J C Allen Logan James 1
lhomn SamarIn Ida David S
Stoker Bonnele James Hess Field
Ing G < V Nixon Holden George
Y Meyers American Fork Oner n
HUltnston Sprlnglo James S
Gills Her City D C Strong Alpine
J W Cahoon Murray J W Thor
Icy Kaysvle Robert Skelon Sal
Lake E G Burgess and U F Jorsen
son Sauna Orson Nolon Brigham
Samuel Kent LewistOn C A Hlekon
looper Ogden William 11 Cowlo
RIchfield F A Cooper Jr West
Jordan A R Scot Sand John J
Drown Kanab J W Gay Kaysle
E n Sherman Duhl Ida J D Hall
Twin Falls Ida H D Parkin Woods
Cross R G lfcQunrrle 51 George
S L Richards Salt Lake John I
Woolen AmerIcan Fork H Y Brown
Murray fl H Beckstrand Salt Lake
D W McAlster Salt Lake G A
Pursal Sal Lake E R Earls Salt
Lake D A M Froilth Sal Lake D
P Bunton prlngvlo L W Jones
Ceaar City E T Woole Grants
vle J E Wiar Grntsvle R T
Drown Gmntvlo M M Bush
Tooelo C K Southworth Castela
V R Van Fleet Garland lard
Snow SnIt Lake Thomas C Stan
ford Carey Ida J C Macke
Granger D E Jones Gwenford Ida
J H Dredge Ialad Idaho R T
Owens Malad Idaho John N
Davis Vernon I M Bates Snit Lake
Eugene Santehl Salt Lake John
Crawford Salt Lake Addison I
Cine Salt Lake John I Roweley
Springvillo Henry Knudson Provo
S J Stokey Salt Lake T 1 GrIsson
Salt Lake W F Jensen Salt Lake
Joseph Hodges Garden City E C
Ashton Sal Lake S McIntyre Mam
moth R M Vlkern Salt Lake
Ray Brim Salt Lake R R Dushnel
Salt Lake L A Copeland L It An
deron Mant C W Powell Provo
H C Parker Logan George Smah
Park City E T Ierrlt Green River
E Gar Elcln J G Brown Stockton
A Maxsvcii Peo J wr Jensen Lo
gan J H Dodge Washington D C
A D Fnla Knab James Holdwey
Dewey Harden Bennion Vernal H L
Steed Corinne A D Den Pocatello
1113 n A Allen Kingston A Y
Taylor East Mill Crook R D Gibson
Warren G F McGonagle Salt Lake
H IT Nelson Axtel L G Holoway
Provo Archlo Stewart Sandy H C
Hoffman Palt Lake J D Lloyne
Sal LkeC H Ward Provo D T
Lewis Spanish Fork Clayton Beck
Spanish Font
U C 51cHons Paper Shcd Light on
Western Hoads In COlparlon
An interesting event of WednesdaY
afternoon tas the paper of Robert C
Shelton oC Sit Lake on Tho ad I
vantage ot good roads In the eastern I
states as compared with poor roads i
I In tho west Mr Slwlon Is a en
thullaste advocate ot the good roads
mQVmnent and Is perhaps well In
formed on the subject as any man
In the country His paper follows
The numerous evolutions or the
human race since primeval tImes has
marled indelibly lie epochs also the
avenue and transItion from one stage
of civilization to another until tad a
we have real Cll wel as metaphorIcal
hlghwas down through the ages
chronicled In most Instance by na
tunes unerrIng hand either In gradual
ly developed race of the human
family or the silent lombI of beings
or things gone astray from the paths
of progression and advancement oC
condItions and circumstances with
which they were environed
Savagery left its footprint to ho
succeeded by culture and refinements
each had its pathway thIther through
the minds ot the philosopher or the
jungles of unexplored contnont
where footpaths were al sufficient
there being no ychlelesno roads
woro needed Succeeding thee conl
tons crude wheels required power to
draw thema stage onward through
thIckets mountalns deserts and
plains gave way for passage and
more convenient transit front place to
place l nnl animals tamed and
mado to bear the burden of draft
marked nother step toward the
various civilizations of the world
Roads are built because they arc
needed Why arc they needed 7
First beeauso existing conditions of
civilization Jlavo ever demanded the
avenues through which lfes neees
slt can bo transported
Second wealth demands the high
way upon whIch pleasure sightseeing
and mirth may bo gratified
Under such conditIons tho task Is
comparatively easy but back oC all this
Is the pressing necessity for good roads
hence their constructIon Necessity In
cal times Impeled the construction
oC reads as In tho case of the Great
Cumberland highway undertaken by
the government In 1793 or thereabouts
running from the Atlantic through
Pennsylvania Ohio Indiana and haY
log for Its objective point the Missis
sippi river at St Luis The motive
behind the project to build the UnIon
Pacific railroad was quite different In
the former case the cotton of the
southern states sought delivery at
northern mIls and the Infcaslbll ot
transporting product from Atlanta
Mobile and New Orleans made I Im
pelatvo that a road or avenue oC some
kind bo built to haul the commodities
to and from the distant extremes In
the case of the Union Pacific rail
road there was no congoton of com
merce demanding its construction but
beyond the then populous portion ot
the United States lay the golden west
ald awakened by the spirit or prog
ress already wel under way In thu
east enterprise adventure and fortune
Ilvlted the promoter to forge ahead
and possess the grct western empire
then unclaimed and unsurvcyed Ever
since the uniting of the rails on Prom
ontory mountain Utah the subject of
roadbuiding In the United States lies
had a dIfferent phase The Pacific
ocean has been landing on our west
ern shores her rich oriental cargoes
which with dispatch have gene over
land to the eastern centers augment
Ing population to an abnormal extent
In some cities and localities where
as a necessity good roads had to bo
built to make possible travel to and
from farm and factory with lCes
necessities We observe then that an
era ot reclaIming the latent wealth or
this contInent hal dawned and fasten
ed itself upon the present elvl17ton
of the world including mOlt con
spicuously the Iroat western empire of
North AmerIca
On the poorest of earth roads nol
muddy but sandy a horse can draw
twIce as much as ho cal carryon his
back on a Call road three and ono
halt times a much on 0 good macd
amized road nine times as much on 0
smooth plank road 25 times as much
on n Dtono traekwny 36 times 88 much
and on metal rails G 4 times as much
Comparing then eastern roads wit
western roads W6 must tale sides with
ourselves und claim that for each mile
of road In Ithodo Island tlero arc 18
people to build fnll pay for such mile ot
road the District or Columbia 149
people to each mile Massachusetts has
16 to each mile New Jersey 12 Ohio
69 Vth has 8 Poollo to each mie
Idaho 5 WyomIng 8 Colorado I
Nevada 3
Yo are entitled to conclude then
that if a horse can draw on a 11cl
amlzed road nine times I much as on
sand or In mud that while Idaho Wy
omlng Colorado Nevada and Utah are
hauling with dlfeulty ono ton eastern
people can haul nine tons The arg
ment docs not stop here for to haul
nine toils we require nine men nine
wagons nine teams nno hares
ellulpmentl nine times the expense ot
feeing horses wales for nine men
and the expense oC upkeep to same
Added to this Is the nceelemtc dl8al
vantage of market and tIme oC transit
all being vital considerations
God roads of the eastern states at
Cord the farmer ready necess to tim
early season and early morning mar
kets add annually to his net prosperi
ty while hIs neighbor remote from
such rnd raises nothing marketable
hence nothing represents his annual
net earning
Last year Utah and Idaho produced
660000 tons of sugar bet which when
roilned made approxImatelY 1900
the price
pounds of sugar Deducting
paid the farmers for each ton oC beets
raised Il cost Utah and Idaho nine
transport this crop
UmeN as much to trnsprt
as It would have cost Massachusetts
Rhode Island or any other state having
good roads over which to trs
which can do SO
port farm products s
nine tmes an cheaply ant easily n
western states Dectrlglng Is but ono
nC the varied industries of our western
stnte and applying the same logic to
the mlnln lnlustry the tonnage haul
Increases to over twelve tImes this dis
advantage The actual loss annually from cropS
produced vlll do for th western stateS
nil and more than for eastern
While standing on the 300000 steel
bridge spanning tho Ohio river al Cut
cinnati iecentl I sas an Industrial
procession loaded with all kinds or
commodities going from CovIngton
commodites side to CincinnatI on the
Ky on one Ilde Cincinnt
other There was nothing unusual
abut the variety of vehIcles or loads
they carried but there was an unusual
fact that ahi the products of the neigh
borhood coupled with the Industry
thereabouts had fully warranted tho
thereaboutl Culy
expenditure oC 3000000 on one bridge
and near by scores of others
as expensive The butter and eggs tho
garden truck and farm products large
l3 buIlt that as also the notable struc
tures spanning the great rivers ot eve
ry thel city ndvnneccl In Industry and
commerce as they arc
Ev i city west of the Missouri river
has the same opportunity as those oC
the far cast and with the wealth of
our mines our supar beets and varied
farm products we can build roads as
they do In the cast
Chicago can have fresh eggs for
breakfast delivered 32 miles In less time
than the Davis count farmer can drive
In from the Hot Springs The same
apples to I products
Rural townships In the east have
school routes whereby the cItizens take
turns In gatherIng the children In coot
fOltable carriages and with ease and
dispatch carry them to and from
schoolhouses at whatever distance
The millions annually being spent for
pleasure over the highways at Europe
Invite us to build roads and sharo the
Three hundred thousand automobiles
are being buIlt this year by eastern
mantifacturers but lion many of them
N Co
ve will own tax mind enjoy in the west
depends largelY upon the building of
roads upon which the owner will risk
lila expensive machIne
On ot the bstknown road sub
stances il Imported from South Amer
lean and other foreign countries on
tho water thousands ot miles distant
whIle In Uintah count Utah there Is
almost a limitless supply California
built a road to her deposits and Is to
cay supplying Salt Lake City street
Ve ned It and the world wants to buy
I Cant we buIld a road to It Every
state In thc Intermountain country has
mutual Interests and the bond that has
made firm the union of states must bo
strengthened by the mutualy o our
common Interests The civilization of
our times demands action and the
golden empire at the west Invites us to
Join hands with the east whoso roads
have led to the present monuments of
her industrial greatness
1atd In the afternoon Gov Spry re
ceived word from Gov Brady oC Idaho
that ho could not be present Gov
Brady delegated to p G Johnston of
Blackfoot the task of reading his pa
pel on Friday
J H Dodge oftliopublic roads sec
ton of the deparlmont of agriculture
at Washington arrIved In Salt Lake
this morning to be In attendance at
tile good roads convention He wi
delvera lecture Friday morning The
government Is In hearty mplhy
with the gool roads movement said
Mr Dodge this morning and wi fur
nish all the assistance possible Your
state organization Is a stop In the
right dll eton and will result In bring
Ing your roads up to the standard de
sired by the government and by those
who use the road
John N Davis representative In time
legislature from Ulntah county s a
delegate at the good road convention
111 Davis says the winter hal been
qulto severe In eastern Utal and a
great deal ot snow has hilled up In the
Representative H Porter of Morgan
county Is In atendanco at the conven
tOI Mr Porter was ono ot the val
ant champions of the good roads bill
and expressed his satIsfaction with the
practical working out of the IdeM cn
tamed Iii them for the betterment oC
the hhhways ot the state
All next week 36 Main Street
E A Ulrey and Fred L SeJloot
brought a acton In the 1hlrd district
court this afternoon seeking an ac
counting by n Strickand and Job
P Lyon In the deal made between the
four In the dovolopmcnt of the Utah
Mines Coalition propertIes In Big Cot
tonwood mining district comprising 10
claims which the four were to work on
pooled capital 1he companys Incor
poraton was for 50000 hares ot tim
par value oC 2GO each and between
Ian 1 1905 and Joan I 1909 lie plain
tiffs say that they contributed 900 to
the development of the property An
accountng II sought for 1600 shares
of the capital stock or the company
No aleatons oC fraud are made the
action being 1 slmplo request for the
Mls Fannie Chase brought suit In
the cvi division of the cit court this
arernoon aslnst Mrs r A Hawood
seeking the return of a dress or of its
value 50 ls Chase Bays that In
San Francisco In hOOd she gave Mrs
Haywood who was then Mn Camer
on I dress to be made imp Then the
earthquake camo and soon after Mrs
Cameron and Mrs Chase wore lost to
each other Much correspondence has
sought the location oC tim dressmaker
and lnall Mrs Chase found that she
was In this city She says that aLe
made a demand for the dross and was
refused then she says tha she asked
Dayton Drug CO D
Cor 2ri So and State Phone 552
An unusually interesting list of tO J
cut rate drugs to be had at either of T
our two stores this week 51
SOc La Blanche Faeo Powder 35c
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Phone Cohgates RIbbon Tooth Pasta 39e 20c J
Regular 100 Ideai Hair Brushes The
Your 25c Sanitol Goods lIe
SOc Dci Fosso Cold Cream
Order 40c j
CoilliePilts DruCt
Cor Malanorl 1st So Phones ii4
for its value md was with a similar
rebuff Now she brIngs suit to recover
tho amount
The supreme court reversed Judgo J
Howel of the Second district
court this morning In a decision
handed down In the case oC Joseph
T Young appellant against Mrs
Elma Hlatul In which the lower
court decided In favor oC the defen
danL The acton was brought over a
disputed boundary line or Home prop
erty on Grant avenue In Ogden The
supreme court held that the primary
survey which was made of the city
before It waR Incorporated decided tho
legal boundary or property The
Ogden city survey gave Mrs Hy
land 5 feet of Youngs property and
she attempted to claim It and the
lower court gave her title to It The
case sos remanded for a new trIal
and tIm cause was laid out by the
opinion which the lower court Is to
Judge George G Armstrong grant
ed a non stilt yessterday afternoon In
the case oC Mr Anna Anderson
against Mrs Wallace M Brasford
for 2500 for personal Injuries re
ceived when sine fell down a stall
tray at the Dransfore apartments I
was held by the court that Mrs
Anderson had no cUM or acton and
the cato was dismissed
Soldiers Implcatcd In Thcfs ot Got
crnmcnt Property Under Arrest
Patrolman Conyers ot the police force
and an offIcer of the Fifeenth Infantry
slntlond at Fort Douglas unearthed n
plot today which has been In operation
for some time and upon which they have
been working for several das whereby
soldiers at the post have been carrying
on thievery In wholCfale proportion The
patrolman and oCccr visited the homo
of C n Hicks who has ben employed
In hauling garbage from the post and
there round several articles of mitry
clothing and various other articles ot
Rovernmont property The arrest ot a
guard and two prisoners nl the post fol
lowed Ills said that the guard and
the prisoner operated together and that
they put clothing and other articles In
tho garhiie cans and hal them hauled
away by Hicks SUcks was not arrested
for the officers say that they have not
established his connecton with the case
A private sato may bo rented In the
lro and burglarproot vaults ot the
SIt Lake Security Trust Co 323
Main street 5200 per year
London Jan 27lth the exception
of two Scottish counties whcre the 1
turns are slowed In reports of yeater
dY1 elections are now complete The
Liberals add 16 seats to their previous
total lie Unionists three and tho La
borites and Natonalst two each
This makes the position or the parties
today as follows
Government cotalition
Gaermenl c llon
Liberals 249 Irish NationalIsts 76
Laborites 40
Opposition I
Unionists 258
The Unionist from todays return
place three seals gained and the Lib
orals ono makll lie net Unionist
gain to date an even 10
Elyria 0 Jan iUnclo John
Ramsey 19 years old thought to have
been the oldest person In Ohio die
at the county far near hero last
night Ramsey W It a slave and es
capd 40 ear before the Civi war go
Ing to Obrln which later became his
tone as a station for the underground
railivay for escaping slaves
Special to The News
Washington D C Jan 27Hubert
S Ladd has bon appointed postmas
ter nt 1ud601 Fremont county wyo
vice W 1 Insort removed
Patents Issued Ulohn H
Browning Ogden safety device for
fire arms John H Callow Salt Lake
Ire Calow Sat Lko
City scron sizing and separating mna
chine City valve Theodore n Sundber Sat Lake
JdahoHonr Catmul Rupert beet
topper Clarenc T Nowllnd Kooskla
wire stretcher Vm E Seelye Coeur
dAlene steam turbIne
VyonunHoward Drown Buffalo
attachment for seeders
Chicago Jan 27More testImony re
sanding the workings of tho socUed
beef trust was her toY by tho fed
eral grand jury I became evident
that the government Intended to hear
from represntatves or all the leading
Six moro subpoenas wero served on
emploes oC Swift Company and Ar
moU Company today Tho chIef
eatto buyer amid another buyer of
Swift Company were summoned
Armour t Comns list was com
posed oC three buyer and I department
Sydney N S v Jan Presllent
Bowling or the Northern Miners 15S0
elation was convicted today of obstruct
lag work at the mines during the strike
and lontcnced to oneear nt hard labor
In prison hrco other strIke leaders wo
given sentences ench ot eight months
nt herd labor while n number ot miners
were condemned to brief terms ot Im
At cut rates to nfl paidup 3ubserb
era or the Saturday or SemIWeekly
News Only 260 at our office
Postage 75 cents extra
Of every character and description
arranged from the best legal Corms
and brought strictly up to date
A full supply always on hand at the
Deserot News Book Store
Chicago Jan 27ohn Dlckln
the Chicago and Now York bro3
brk 1
who felled for 21600 a yea ago a
who has boon wanted for months
testIfy before Referee In Bakrpl
ntman appeared yesterday and w
questioned by attorneys for the cre
I tr erQ
According to 11 Dickinson he tva
robbed by employes and ha turn
ovor everything to his eredito
George w Plummcr eredlton
attorney th
broker Bald the reason torMr Dlckln tr
sos nonappearance was duo
misunderstanding wa toi
Where havo been
bon passing yoj rbs
time asked Atty Itingar
credior Aty Rngar for th
I have been l
working on a farm in
ho California answered which belongs to my wife
What were you doing it C
Why helping plow and pitch
and doing other pich hay
yoln things about
farm the
Ringer questioned Dickinson elostly
concerning his trIp to Europe imsmj
diately aCer his faIlure the Ime
ot money ho took with him amount
wih and what
t cg
spent there The broker
ho took only IZOO and that decare1 P
only an average of 3 a day Wiiilj
staying In Paris whli
The broker vhll bo questlone
thor today queslond fur be
Baker City Or Jan 27Foucht
by volunteer with garden hose Only
hos nnd
dampened blankets a fire
shortly after midnight here did damni
age estimated at 254000
84OO cot
prly eO1
cred by Insurance
ere before It was plac
under control at 3 pLce
a m For a while
the greater par of the city weB whil
eneanl only roofsnow saved
ot It roCsnow slved nlcQ b
The chief irferer was the Bar list
cltlo company loss 90000 laser tt
ance 000
New York Jan 2iFor the first limo I
In the hstol oC Columbia university
womcn are to bo
admited to co rresl
In law and medicine They wil bOI
received at the summer session which I He
opens In July
Fincr I 1 flces ever the remains o
Edward hoffman will be held
Hotman wi hlld from the
Elks cub on Sunday Jan 13 UI0 at
210 p t rllnll wishing to view the
remains may do 50 at ODonnell Cos
parlors O1onnel Co
The tunerl of Al Dunlap will be held
al 1 P m Friday Cram ODonnells
chapel with burialat3it ODonnell
Tho funeral of Moterman Davis will
bo helll at I a at Friday from Itytinis
chapel with interment iii City come
BltltONAt lEO Johnuii siret Poplar
Grove Jait N 5910 of pneumonia S
George son of Joseph and Margaret
H Williams Barren born Jami 19 1931
in Eagland I
Funeral services Friday at 1 p rn from
the Pelar Grove meetlngiiouse Friends
are invited to attend Interment in City
cemetery Ogden papers please cop >
DAILEYAt the fanaily residence liii
First avenue Katherine beloved
daughter of Mr and Mrs H J Daiio I
in her fourth year
Notice of Luneraiwlil be given later
POTTEILIn this city Jan 25 1910 WIl
11am Stanton Potter in his 67th year
Funeral services will be held from the
late residence 744 south Fifth East
street Friday Jan 23 at 2 p rn Inter
macat In City cemetery
STIIWAItTIn this city Jan 26 1110 J
S Stewart in his SIth year
Funetai scrvicej were held from thi
5 D Evans mortuary chapel 45 south
State street today at 1 p m Interment t
In Mt Olivet
DAVISIn thIs city Jan Sh 1910 OraHa
II Davis In his 43rd year
Funeral services will be held from the
S D Evans mortuary chapel 45 sos
State street Friday Jan 25 at U a m
Intorritent In City cemetery
I1ILi7ERIn thiscity inn Di lIiS
Themes W Mimer in his 55th year
Remains are at th private reept0fl
rooms of Eber W lIeu 154 south West
Temple Notice offuneral later
NIELSENin this city Jan 17 i1O
Lens Nielsen brother of Frederick Mel
sea of e Grope street this cuT a
his 67th year Nativo of Denmark
services Sunday at 1213 P 15
from the funeral chapel of Josoph WI
11am Taylor 21 south West Iccije
street Friends are Invited to atten 0
torment in CIty cemetery
his 73rd year bern in London EDI
Funeral servIces Sunday at 3B P m1
from the funeral chapel of Joeph WI
Siam Taier 21 eo th West Tome
marceL Friends are invitcd to atten S
termncnt In City cemetery
R E Evans FlonI5
Floral designs a specialty Phon
quiro No 10 Wayne Ava BOIi727Z
mare colt white star in forelird Ji5
mane blacic tail Hadhaitar and rOP1
whoa lost Reward Call Murrai
Union DenlalCo
213 MAIN STItEE2 f
Painless extraction of tooth or nO 9
hay All worSt guaranteed
We Treat You Bfgb

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