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I n l
Cornpr ot S1uth Temple anO E lIt hTem
plo Street Snit Lake Clty titl1
i Horaeo G WhItney DuslneslI
In Advance
I I I D Mall por ta r t
1 D Carrlerll por yenr c
I semlwoekl pcr ear c
1 i Salurday Nows per year
olher reading n4t
COITCllpondence Dnd
ter tor publletlon Sh ould be nddresSel
11 to tM EDITOR
lddcS nil bUlllncslI communlclltlon
< < I ano aU re mar SEnET NEWS
Snit Lake City utoh
i3 1
I Eastem RepresentatlvuNew
1 Franklin P Alcorn Flnt Tron Dulldlng
Chien goA W Wolt sccurly Building
Entered At the postotnco ot Salt Loki
City III lIocono clnp matter nccordln
I to Act ot COn fBII March 3 1879
The San Francl co Chronlclo 0
j recent date contnlns an nbsurd II tor
pOSlllbl originated In the antlIOIOI
I mon center ot mIsinformation In thl
Cll to the effecl that the Church If
inolvod in the agreement botwee
Rlckardnnd the Saltalr peoplo for th
leasing of Ule pavHlon tor the much
c1ebnted prIze fight In further con
firmatlon ot this little piece or allogel1
neWlI iutld to huve been obtained b
the underSroulIl rOllte It Is Ils5erted
that tho Gocrnor hconrs to the Re
publican or IOrl10n party But the
main sround upon which the writer In
the Chronicle bases his opinion Is that
the Church Is Involved in Snltalr lIe
It Is nn Ollen gecret thal the Mor
mon Church Is Inlerested In the Saltalr
resort anll It Is hinted that the Church
is therotole Inyohed In the ngreement
that hUll been signed fOr the use of
tJlO pavilion as a fIght arena That
doubtless means Rickard has secured
the baeklnl of the most Infiuentlal ele
menl In Utah
This Is mislnformntlon puro anll
simple 0 hasten to resister a pro
test agaInst the efCort to represent the
Chureh as In an posslblc way dlreet
I or IndirecU involved In the pro
jected prize fight It Is not true that
the Church hllnteresled in Saltalr TJle
lesort was Mid long ago and Is under
prhate management So the conclu
sIons drawn from the suppo Church
Inlerest In Saltulr have absolutel no
support Th aro It poslllble less
substantial than the stull that drcams
ure made of
On Dee 27 last the News took oc
casion to sa
The Deseret News bos to register a
protest aS1llnst tho proposed violation
at law e want all the world to
know that the Latterda Saints do
not approve or such aJTalrs and can
hrle nothing to do wIth them Wo
want nil th world to know that
loon5 gambllnl hells dcns or Infamy
horsc raClnl and prlzo fgJlts are some
ot the civilizing ngcneles that aro fore
et upon our community b those who
claim to be AmerIcans par excellence
and who by theIr otUtude and actions
bland 140brlet temJermce and virtue
as unAmerican In Ihe Intercsl ot
decency wo protest agalnllt the tur
thoI degradation or Silit Lake City
e arc told about the vast sums ot
mon that particular form of law
brcaldng III going to bring here But
what abo t the crooks tho thieves the
gamblers nnd lhe othorll thal congre
gntc on such occnilons Are tho tit
companIons for the S IIS and daughters
of Salt Lake Can we not get onough
leglthnRte business under American I
rule for the growth of lhe Clt wIth
out having to adopt a business that
has been driven out of ever decent
IItata in the Union
In behalf ot the LaUerday Saints
We register this protest against tho
tlropooed lawbrenklng It mo not bo
heeded but Ir tho fighl takos placo
hore the responlllblllt for it musl rest
entirely upon those to whom it be
long and nol upon tho Mormon part
of the communlt
Ve know of no reason hy the
opinions hero voiced should be modi
fied In the least I
As to the reforence ot the article
ot tho ChronIcle to the Republican
or 1ormon part we beg to sa that
thero Is no such par Thnt Is an
i other of tho vain Im glnlngs that must
be relegated to the class of shitterod
legends along with the story otI1
t linin Tell anll the apple the Cardlll
1 giant Paul Bontons sea serpent and
Dr Coole and tho Pole
1 Thero is a Re > ubllcan pari In Utah
I hut no Mormon political part or
Mormon Republican part Church
ol11clals and Church mombors are ad
herents at various political parties
Some nro Ropubllcnns somo nro Demo
C 1 ts nnd somo uro Socialists oven
Tho Church as Much has no political
pollc lis members ule divided on
politics liS arc the members oC olhel
churches lhe vote according 10 Ihelr
comletion l1thout lel or hindrance from
Church officials There Is In Suit Lake
Clt an antlHormon pari fiS un
Amellcan as Ihe so called mcrlcan
pari thnt wn formed In 185t on tho
prInciples of dlsllko ut Ihe Catholics
and opposition to foreignersa verlt
uble Knownothlng 6ocletrbut
there Is no Iormon palt Thal
i I then is one Is merel one oC the falso
JlOods b which tho mtl101 IormonlO
consplrlto1J hold their folloclg 10
gether That hI a trumpet blast ealllllg
them to action for purpocs ol spoil
The Chronicle we sUPllose desires
the fighl for Its own city 0 ean as
suro our contemporary that It has no
rival In the Chur h Ltterda Saini
do not wnnt the brutal oxhlbltlon heIC
or anwhero ollo
The Good n allil convention now In
BC15slun In this City should outline some
pracelcJ1 mulhll ot hnm dllltc set
ting a ew guod itnto roads
It un n w lItato Inw IR to be
tmmed It IIhlulll not Kpeclf too clOtIc
how matIs thouh1 be constructed
blnco tho conltlUctlon will 111 Ith
tho loealll an < 1 the aVlllluhhj muter
Mrotchklss chlcr of the high
was dlvlllion In VlscolIsln btlIeveR In
havinG 0 state lOail slnle commission
nnd a lew assilltant cnglnecls work
Ing unller thlll commlIlon whose 2ul
ary anll exponRes wouhl 110 plld b
the slato then each
count 10 bo Ie
qulred to hilo a count htchn com
mll > tdoncr or count hlghwi onlneel
1 hlIIO tlalal would be paid b the
I Th havc Ulere a hiGhway dlllIlun
I i Ot UIO stnte geOlorical sule which
I 1 i he a8 coulll 110 the Htnto roall mak
i Inl to the bellt n < 1untace He fj1S
0 i that It 1ho hlgha work were left In I
the handa olho highway dLv1Blon ot I
I 1
U >
the stato OOloglcnl IIwyoy hIs recom
mendation would be OlUl a new ohlot
ot this dlvllllon ho appointed nnd that
thlH man be the best road bulldlnc en
glncer that could be emploed In tho
Unltld stutof
AR lho < < oologlcal IIUIO Is entirely
non political In Its milkeup this man
woull1 be lIeleeted on the qUIJItlon ot
hlH onlcleney alone nnd he woulll be
assured or hilt position as long us h
gavc clllclent lIervlce
hat olhcl states ure doln III olen
a good guide for our own
Ir Branstord in hIs paper on mu
nicIpal goernmcnt referred to the re
cent exposures ot col1uptlon In mall
of our htrgor cities Salt Lako Is not
Included In this iteronce fhcro nlve
been no cxposuro here
SlIn Frnnclsco wus lel < s tortunate In
1905 Mayor Tnlor ot that eilY
rlilpointed a committee ot cltlzenH 10
Investigate the causes ot municIpal
corruption there under tho WeC
Schmlh regIme ThO did Ieport and
what Is of specIal Interest Is the tact
that It 0111 made clear thllt many
of Ihe ocalled best cltlzon8 sccm
I cd to bo entlrel Indltrerent to Ih pre
vnlllnc conditions It Is pointed uut
that at the time of tho third eleclln
ot SchmItz In 1905 the characler > f his
rule had been BO unmlstaknbl Indl
cated that ho lost yotes In the mnkt
ot the labor men but received a con
slderablo plurallt among the prosper
ous merchants and cnpltallsts It
was for n time suspected by many
BaS the report thnt tho slnl r
strength ot Schmitz In Ihe weallhy
QUlutel ot Ihe town was due to tam
perin with the yotlng machines It
could nOl bo believed thal the finnncial
leallers the bank manngers lhe grotl
melclmnts and the more pecunlar1lo
successful ol the proCessional cln8 ei
wero in sYIl1athy with an administra
tIon pledged to an oxtreme labor plt
torm and about which the odol ot cor
ruption was alrend dlsccrnlble But
It was proved that many or the best
cltlens wero perronnll interested In
the maintenance ot a rulo ot corrup
During this regime the police depart
ment was pronounced rotten to the
co Ie The report sns
The totn number ot crimes or
which IndIctments woro tound by the
Ollor grand jur was ono hundred and
seontfive parUclpated In b nelrly
tort poroons representing practically
ocr walk In lie Not one ot them
WI1 unenrthell b the police depart
ment of San Francisco and the hlet
ot pollee hlmselt waf Indicted for l1er
jul beforo tho grand jur and for
conspirIng to prevent the detection ot
crlmo It Is apparent that such 0
department must have been rotten to
the core
Forlunato San Fmnclsco had pub
licspirited men who undertook tl
cleanse lhe Augean slnble and though
the home ot one ot tho chief wltnescs
was dnamlted and an nttempt was
made to ns3 lnato Hone the mat
tor was probed to tho bottom
Other ltlcs hae not hud a n jl
and so theIr stOI remains to be lold
There Is a play at the Salt Luko
rheatel thlll week which eo bod
shoult Hee The themo Is the over
wondcrful stor of the shepherd who
becamo Ihe greatest ot al the klns
or Judah and It Is told by an ablo
compan ot nrtlsls
It cunnot be asserted that It Is a
true representation ot social IIfo In the
ago ot Saul and David Tho ovemak
ing 1ccnes ale entire I too modorn to
fit Into the slor At that limo par
ents chose wIves tor thell sons The
son it ho happened to have a prefor
ence Propoged tluOugh his tather or
mother and was accepted or rejected
through the parents or the object ot
his deotlon The ounS womon ot
that country did not go about unclleJ
TIlelr Ideas ot modesty were umlouht
ollly the same as thoso stili found
among the Omon or SyrIa
he 1quent mention ot the name
ot the Ielt by the prominent char
nctel8 ot the story Is nnother teJturo
which atrlkes us as strange Even th
truo pronunciation ot the namo Jeho
Ilh has been lost becuse tho Hebll3ws
themeles scrupulously avoid evory
mention ot It Their ancient writers
reter to It as the name ur the I
name oC tour letters or tho nalno
whIch has been reealed They under
stood It to be
blasphomy to speak or
even to Tlte tho sacred name and
wo cannot conceive ot David using It
liS but too trequelltl is tho case In the
modern dlnma
But notwIthstanding such anaehron
ISIIHI Ihe II lor In Its main tcatur
If IInprcssle Rnd edifying 1l 8hows
the deep tall or Saul from the pin
nacle or glor throuih his tallure to
comprehend his position under tho
theocratle constitution and hl8 dls
obldlenee It I4hows the rlle or the
shephefd to popularlt andlnn enc
throuh his Implicit trust In GOd and
fallhfulness In Ihe pcrformanc at
dut Theso arc lessons that are pe
cullall timely In our day and gem
Ia tlon
io 11AlIOX
The empllllslf placed upon matteI3
J lIanltntion at Ihe esslons ot tho
1lunlclpt1 League at Logan shows that
lhls subject hus become one ot tho
most tlrgont nmong tho pUblic needs
of modem and Ilrolrosslve towns
It was abundanti Indicated thnt
amon tho local
relorms which are
nlosl preslng the Rlnltutlon ot tho
clt o the hOllie and of puJllc places
Is 01 p rhapil should be paramount
with Ul at thlH moment
Not that othel problemll prescmtel1
uch as IIshtln ellucatlon reform III
taxation and the like arc not allo ot
supr1me moment In themselvCII but It
eems likely that tJer mo be ound
a curo for more or the evils thol IIt
Jlict 1I0ciety by an IntllIIgenl hnndllne
of the eondltlonl < of ood llanltatlon
limn by the discussion just at prcsent
ot Ilmost an other IIvo qucsUon
lhls topic In particular has been
brou hl Inomlnently betore tho attcn
tlon of tho people Phslclanll and
health boards havo
Iabored and 010
laboring to awaken the people to a
lCnso ot Its pr tleal Importance Some
thlce ears ago tho firlllconsccuthe
I cfforll were made to nterest the pcople
111 1ho lIy llrobleman to warn them
against these Inteetlon SPIO Onl Now
tho pUblic Is boginnlng to roallze tho
situation as to tho fly nul < Rnco and Its
danKeMl but more radlc 1 HtOPS may
hl1vo to he taken before much practical
110nellt results from the ngltation
Tho life history Ilnd Jabl of III CliO
Insecl C1Ils Ihould he IItudcd In tho
IChools lhen the noxt cneratlon un
Jlccustomed to look upon fIIeH with In
dlflerence w1ll be rendy to ollow the
mothodll 8uS cstcd for tho proventlon
cor typhoid foer
Ono spc1ker at Logan aSlCrted that
the worlh ot an oftlclals p bllc nctlI
t mIght IIIfely bo measured at this
time b the nmount ot Interest he takes
in this problem
Dr Beattys sug cstlonll were vcry
much to the point and dCIICIvO wider
pUbllclt Advico and 8ugGCStlon no
matter how good do not howoer
nmount to smltary reformation
All gooll reads lead to Salt Lako
Deef trustI mottoPicco at uny
The under dog gOls thesmpathy and
Ihe lIekln
Sheared IIheep are legally lIahle to
DIamond cnn cut diamond but It can j
not cut prIces
Economy has bccomoono ot tbe nec
essities or life
Ienl comes high but peoplo dont
he to hnvo It
Looking on tho bright sldo ot Jle
gazing at the comet
It Is said that Mr Glavls lisps Lisps
in numbers no doubt
Th EnlIsh elections havc not boon
productive of any landslldcs
Vhen Colonel Roosoell returns will
ho bring Trnnqullit with him
lJle new chlet forellter Is Hald to be
as pleasant as a basket ot chip
ConservaHun Is rood bul really It
should not be placed abovo tho Con
Plnchol nnd GlavlR both hao sec
onds while Ballinger enters the rln
without all
In tllO malleI ot
high prices the peo
ple are confronted b IL fact and not
by a theory
Tho members ot the Chocolate Dip
pers union aro 1111 stars Tho belollg
to Iho bl dipper
A Ramall unhlrllI to professor o
soc1olo beI yes I 1lvorce Does he
nll bell iein soul mates
Edison 8a8 that tho time Is coming
when the common laborer will live lI
By J E
This dally Cries or nnecdotes and 11
g ot ten fi n e iJ 08nd
mato ncqualntanco with maDY ot tho co r
aneidote or Incident Is tresh tram Mr E
or In put It constltules Now News at
tntJ f s t u I
articles have Do c1JltlncUve valuo all tholl
Shortly alter tho Civil wur had sut
well under way Gen Benjomin F
Bullcr in command of the Department
or Eastorn Virginia with hood quarters
at Fortross Ionroe made hhnselt tam
ous natJonally by IssuIng an order
designating slaves lI contraband of
wal Eel history oC that grcat
strufgle tells of this order but here is
Den ButlerlI own story ot the wa
In which he camo to coin tho phraso
and got the hint thal later resulted In
hili famous ordor which undoubtedly
has a secure placo n tho archlvcs or
history This story the old fighter told
to me shortl after his last electloll to
Congress and every other sentence or
O ho would chuckle and there would
Jollo that J1 Cullar contortloll or hIs
little mustache and lwltchlng of his
eyeblOWs for which ho was distin
101 wall III commnnd or Fortress 1IIon
roo Ilsht In tho hc1rt of the Conled
crate countl he bcsan and a good
mnn IIlaves running aWay from theIr
mnstel lIouht sheller nml protection
within the fortifications And sIr do
YOII know that somo of the owners who
had plantotlons nearb achUllly had
the presumption to come to me and
domand that I return tholle slavoo to
them on tho sround thllt they were
personal property In fnct these de
mands Iot to be so numelous Uml I
gl1O the malleI 11 good deal ot thought
Flnall I ald to myself I think I
havo II wa to sollie tho matter Ill
try Il on tho nexl fellow whu comes
around makln domand on mo thal I
rctUIII his runawuy personal propert
to him
Veil shortl after that there camo
Into tho tort a very pompous very dlg
nlned man who announced hlmBelt nJJ
a 1I0ncombatanl nnd Inlhted upon
lIeelng mo Al IIrst IIlght or him 1
unllerstood his errand Three dr four
slave had como within tho tortIIC L
Philadelphia Public Lcdger
hllo Il Is unnece ar to raise un I
alarm about Ihe crack In Ihu lI ell
l1ell tho poslllble danger Involvcd In
Hendlng thlA venerablo 1010 about Iho
cOllntr Is so obvious us to furnish
lufCIclent reMon In Itselr Vh Its
journeyln IIhoul1 ceDIe Thero Is the
uddltlonal reall n thnt tho placo ot
tho bell Is In the old slato house where
Il gillned lt5 celebrity To Heparate It
from 1tI historic assocliltlons 111m In
IKheR both Its own Interest anll tho
Interest ot the patriotic Ihrlno to
which It bolongs If ILl olllel nru
ment bO needed tu keoJl tho hell at
homo tho consideration of Itl phlIl
eal s1fety Is ullogcth r portlnent
Portland Argus I
MMsllehuseltR hIlS demonJtratcd that
tho pure tood and drug law has teeth
in It and means huslness The IItate
board ot health haa mado a record
of 267 convIctions trom HJ6 1IOHecU
tlons under thlll law a resllit that
spoaks olumel tor the eJclency anll
l eneritY o tho board
I 1
0 > < A
w11 IlRthe multimillionaire ot todn
docs Speed thllt day
hen the new High 8chool 1 built
nnd Iho old ono torn down all th
alumni of tho lattel will bo gentlemoll
or tho old lehool
Thcro arc a good muny moro eru
peoJllo than admll It SIl nn ox
clmngCJ A porson surel would he
crnz to admit Il
The Sail Lalte TrIbune 11 vcry much
opposed to graft olltslde UII olvn
Ilart That Is demonstratrc b Its at
tltudo on the bond Illestlon
Our hlBtOl has no pleluresquo
ness lcclarcH olrs Charles Henroltlne
This Is vcr Imporlllt IC true tor It
mcanoi thll America has existed to no
purpose has no raison detrc
An Amencnn elrl who mllrrled nr
ltnlliln counl has len him nnd wll
ttecuro a divorce Ilnd all because the
count family Is too serious tor th
lady who Is said to bo vivacloull nm
fond of tho admiration ot men lIol
ntme Is Frivolity
Is nol the Sclttlo eo < 1 baron who I
anxious to securo Alaskan coal Iond
by offcrln to pay II royalty of 11Cty
cent 0 ton counting chickens ooforc
the are hatched when ho Bays that
tho governments ulthnatc net profit
through such nn armnbOment would 00
el ht billion dollars
At one ot tho local play houses the
funny man Bueeest8 thRt I drink of
watcr tlom the tountaln of outh
would make Governor Spry change his
mind and permit the prize filht to be
held here And then there is applause
But the law ot Utah bar that kind ot
exhibitions here And thnt is the real
Tho Articles or Faith by Dr James
E Talmute hns now been published
by the DC5ercl Sunday School Union
In a west pockot edition bound In fiex
ible coers In thlr 51ze It forms I
companion to the Bible nnd Book or
Iormon previous issued In the same
size nnd can bo convenlentl carried
by tho missionary In his travels to
whom as n book uf referenco and a
Countaln ot InCormatlon It Is Invaluable
The TrIbune execuled a most beau
tIful saito mortaJo and Jan lld on the
affllmatlvo side ot tho bond question
as 800n as the business mon Ieprc
scntcd by tho board ot goernors ot
the Commercial club hnd voted in
1avol of the ISlIue It was a bol1
somersault It might havo broken lis
ncck But tho perf rmnnce PIOWS
what the New6 has lIwn8 contend
ed that the InrJuentlal bU nells men
at Salt Lake Ir they were so dlsposell
could without great ellorl on theh
part makethat papor ceaso Its Insane
ravings agallUlt a Church that hIlS
oery rlghl U1der tho American flag
that olhor chu ches have and rcstoro
to tho City tho normal poiltlc I condi
tions thal ourht to prevail TheYhovo
the power to do so
ocldents thal throw now Intercstln
u t g t r
ItrU lenders slnco tho Civil War Cach
Iwards notebook and elthor In whole
resterda ItIllDered trom the mOIl who
Jail authorltatho sourcC8 As Im
rest 60rt to American history thcso
r own
lions the prelous da and howa
thero to got them back
General Butler ho said I under
stand that three ot m nlggers aro
here und I havo come to get thorn
Vho arc ou I aked He gavo
me his name and told me where ho
II ved
Aro ou supportin tho Union or
the ConederateIl7 I demanded though
I believe I used the term rebels In
stead of Confederates
I am loal to my stnte of Vir
ginia sir he replied with all hIs dlC
But your stato of VIrginia Is In
rebellion I Imld And It OU support
our state OU arc a rebel
him Ho Rtartod to IlrSUe but 1 stopped
Now see here I saId Im not go
InS to give up these colored men and
Ill tell yOU tho reason once tor all
and then Ill have ou escorted back
You sa these
slaves aro OUI personal
property You practlcall admit to
me that youre a rebel Slaes or
all tho rebels aro being used to groW
the cotton corn bacon anll other
things that our armies use YOUIU
therefore usIng them to assist armed
fOlces which are In robolllon agalnt m
government 1hat muke these slaves
as much contraband
ot wnr as any
other thing ou possess which Is made
to sorve our armies I shall treat
contraband of wnr
and 011 ma tell nil YOIli frlonds what
Geneml Butler Intends UJ do
I hud no thought at that time that
the term
would pass Inlo renelal use
but within a month It had completel
mpplllnted tho use or the word IIlave
President Llneolns
cepted my conShuctlon Thereaftel
all Iluyell which came wIthIn the Union
lines welO known
as contraband anel
ono vexatlous problem ot tho rebellion
waf settled
That onded the general chUckling
Is tho real history at tho way In Ihlch
the escaped Rlaves carne to be known
us contraband
Ne Yorl < EvenIng Post
fho appealanco of a Cnrdlnal ot tho
Homan Cnlhollc
church lII a deen
dant In cOllrt Is
11 ralo enough ovent
to aUractattention oUlslde at France
where Ihe Incident 1M part of tho
sehool war 1I0W going on botweon
tho Church nnd the radlcal elemen
His Emlnenco the CurdlnnlAreh
blshol ot Rhelms against whom the
Public School ienchers AssocIation
is now repolled to hnvo brouht suit
hn buen tho most promillellt IIgllro In
tho lllacle on the neulral Hehools
ThCJ pree e nature of tho Bult Is not
litated but It Is said to bo basel on
tho open leller Issucd somo time Ilgu
py tho French bishops In whloh
Cnthollc parcnt1l were called uITon to
unlto In delenlle n alnllt Ihe corrupl
Ing IlInuences Ihreatenlng their chll
I drcn III the Godless 5chools At the
1mo time II numbor ot toxtbooks In
Ieneral Ulle In tho 8chools woro placed
on lIlo Index Fighting tho Govern
rnentllchoolB through parents Q8oela
tlons III tll plan which tho Clerlcnls
main dopend upon The argument Is
Ihat Catholic parents arc entitled to
havo theh chlllllell immuno from
atheistic Influeneel In practice how
ever it 13 thQ bLehol25 behind 1ho
S u
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Attractive Price ReductionsI
in Staple Dept
Sale of Bed Sheets Towels Fifth Off Sale of Pillow Cases
Nurwood Hemmed Sheets Alwas necessary Ip ovcn K E O Hemmed Pillow Cases
SlxOO regular 100 S e household Thrifty nousoivel t2x36 regular 15c 12 c
Notlwood Hemmed Sheets and shrowd rooming house keep RlaHo Hemmed Pillow C ies
lOxOO Ieular 125 100 erR will surely take udvanlago t6x36 regular IDe 12 e
Norwood Hcmstltched Sheets or these reduetluns Huck dam sn flo3n6 CaseR
81xlO egulnr 1M5 1 00 as k an d b a tl I wo I S your e h 0 I e tMX regu Ilr M c 16e
al 20 per cenl oil N d H rne d Pili C a
Norwood Hemstitched Sheets 3 rC rn25c g
90x90 rcsular Norwood IIlJmmecJ Pillow Cnses
B d S d
e s
Palma Hemmed Sheets OOx prea 45x36 regular 2ihe 22c
9 regular 135 110 N d I
Fifth Off 42xile e3 C g
Palmn Hommed Sheets lOx
lOS regular 150 120 Here III NOlood Hemlltltehed Plllol
an opportunity to set a
Cusell 45x3G re < > ular 32 c 2Gc
Palma Hemstlt ch cd Sh ee Is food Dcd Spread cheap Each
Pnlma Hemmed Pillow ClUle
one rcSUlation size and IL spl n
81xOO regular 1 did value YOUI choice nw ai 42x36 regular 30e tc
Pnlm Hemstlteherl Sheots 20 per cenl ort Palma Hommod Plllow CIlICS
l0x90 rcsulal 45x36 regular 2Gc
FIfth Off Palma Hemmed
Palma Homstltc ed Slloet8 QUIOlts Pillow Caleo
60t38 35e 28e
00 > 108 ICfUlar 170 140 rccular
Beautiful Sateen Covered Palma Hem8t1tched Pillow
Atlantlo Hemstitched Shce Down and SlIkollne Covered Cot Cases 42x3G regular 321c Sc
8iXO regular 116 90c ton Quilts You will indeed np Pnlma Homstltchel Pillow
Zicomon Hommed Sheets preclnte one these cold nights Casell tOx38
7 regular 10c 32c
81x90 regular 100 i5c think ot getting them at 20 per
No 15 Hefmcd Sheets 81x cent ol
00 relUlar c Outin g Flannel
Yale Hemmed Sheets nx90 BI an k e t S FOfth Off
regulnl 85c 67 c S pas
Warm eornfortllble Cotton and
Tlgon Hemmed Sheets 72x Vool Blankets
Thero Is a good
00 soom In centor regular CcJe variety to select tram Your 1921 Fane Colored I
10111nnel regular lOe 8 13c
choice at 20 per cenl ocr
Specloal Sale of 8010 LII lancy Colored outlng
Flannel regula1 lOc 8 13c
P11 S a I e 0 f FI ann e I e tt e Zleamein Colored Outing Flannol
FlanneleUe the er thing or regular lOc 8
N 3 sego Lily Pi 110 IIS 18xi Ilmonos Dressing Saeques and WhIUenton English Col red Out
regulnr G5c 45c Wrnppers Inglo1annel lgulnr IM e IOc
No 311 Sego Lily Pillows 18x26 Regular 12 c a ynrd torl00 Tazle Down Col l d Outing
rO UiarS5c 60 nelUlar 16c 0 rllrd fOI12Yze Iilannel regular 1 c lOc
Hogular liYc a a1d rorllic D I I
NotO Scgo Lily PHlows 18x g
r u
rogl 00
eahmre Twill whit and
No 60 Sego LI PHlows lxMg
sorled colors regular 12Yc 10e
regular 1 110
MI Empire regular 31h ound Pillows 2lx GeD Plaids and Ginghams
A A A 2 pound Pll ows 21xi
A blautltul line ot Mercerized
200 160
Plolds and Glnlhams rnnglng
A A A apound pillows 22x28 in price trom 35e to 60c 20c
rcsular 226 175 a ard In this sale only
pnrenio ns < oclntlons that carry on tho
campaIgn Modemte Cathollcs 110
pointed out that to place 0 book on
the Index means to torbld any
Cathollctllthor or molher to rend tho
book At tho snmo time such parent
aro supposed to protest against tho
corrupting InrJu nco In lIehool ot text
hooles which they know nothing about
Every Eenlng nt 816 oclock
1llIlInce Dall 216
BenjamIn Chapin Co
Florencu Dlndlcy Eva Taylor
Carl Noble 8telln H Morrlslnl
Veronica and HurlFalls
GI1 Brown
Orphellm Mollon Pleturell
Orpheum Orchcstrl1
ltaUnoe Prlcell16c 25c roo
NIRht Prlcesc We 7 c
tnUorcs wednllIdn and B1turday
John Cort preBcnts 1 mammoth new
production ot tho greatest ot com
edy opora succe8Ses I
D Plxloy nnd Luderll
With Elennor ICent William Friend
nnd In l = xceptlonnl Cnst Bnd t
trocUvo Chorus ot 60
Next eek Tho Land or Noo
lIIard Mack and Maudo Leona
n a dchclvlaff Ulf 8e e i
By tho 1uthotl ot Stronjhonrt
C1R11smales otc
Evenlnc Prlces71ic roc c ic
Matinees ro Bnd 2Z c
V01 A Brady Oilers I
And over 100 People In tho Manelously Successful Romantic Drama
Another DenHur N y Sun
Prlces26c to 160 Matinee 2iic to 1 Scats now sell IIII
Mantollis a greal actor Ho Is now the leader or our sl1goWJIIlam
Vintor dcan ot AmerIcan CrltlclI In N Y TrIbune
M Ii T f rnNTE LL
gtrb i tJ fJ1 f r 11 r 2
dn Int uROlIEO AND JULIET Vlc1aest1ay nlght JAJ1LET
ThursdajIa G Ie l FrldnyuOTIIELLO Sat 1IntS YOU
Scats RClJdy Frldn50c to 200
Enst Third South
Matinee Evory Da at 230
Two Shows EveningS 730 and 915
V C Heofier Co Rustlcano Trio
Von Mitzel Mnnord Bern
Noltwn Kathleen De Vole
Matlnco prices 10e and o centl
Night prlcell 10c 6 and 30 cents
The Anderson Piano
With its eiDging soul
New York and Western
Piano Co
180 South State
< c
Do not let your supply
run too low
Rock Springs
Central Coal Coke Co
40 West nd Sonth St
I > hones DoJl Ex 35 Iud 51100

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