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I Corner ot South Tdnpl nnl1 El1l1t r m
LI1t pIe Streets gaIt J lakO City Utl1h
r JIorReo G Whitney BUlllness
Itt Advancc
t S
By Mall per year
By Carrlerii per year t
I SemiWeekly per year
Saturlay News per year
Correspondence arid other rending mat
ter for pubflcatlOfl Ihould bo
rtlgrE W
I to thct
t Address nil bus1nes communlcl ton5
I ltd nil remlttanlfs
Salt Lake City Utah
E3lttern fleprceentatIvelNOW York
J FInnklln P Alcorn Flnt Iron Bull lng
II ChlcaFoA W Wolt Seur1tyBUtJd1fl
Entered at the postottlco ot Salt Lake
City n8 pecond clasJ matter aceordn
to Act or ConlTlI MArch t 1si9
Ireland Ycsterdaynnd Today Is the
I ttle oC 11 book just published by the
I Philadelphia North American The au
I j i thor Is Hugh Sutherland who vl8lte
Ic Ireland In 1902 and 1909 and studlod
question thoroughly Ho
I the Irish
I wrote a number oC letters on tlUlt
I question to the North merlClU1
these are now Issued In book
It Two periods In IrIBhhlstor are rec
ognized Ono is the period oC the land
1 problem with all itB struggles and
sutrellngs the other Is the period of
I the land problem
letters delllng with this part
1 I Bel fort the wonderful lIwsress
J I mado hl seven years through
ill I lIubstitution oC tenant proprictoraliti
for landlordism The Irish demand Lor
homo rulo Is also dISCUSSed
1 i There Is stIll a great deal oC Inor
MCO In the world concerning tho Irish
I questIon For centuries 11 nation has
I been struggling tor life and existence
1 against overwlwlmlng odds in broad
f d1lIght and yet very few have
any Idea of the real nature oC tho
trouble To mnny the Irish question
II J 1 lies been n jolce A London clergyman
for Irishmen
onco said IlS It speaking
I F minutes earlier
rltCS twenty
Ii The sun
il In London than Dublin Is that Justice
I i would
that ho
je ri to oulli Ireland 7 and
hearers understand was
I have his
I I about all thoro was to tho Irish pro1
I Icm He added that the only solution
11 WIUI baptism by Immenl It ho
I I said Ireland could be Immersed for
I only half an hour all US troublell
I would bo ended ThIs proved how
I deep seated Is the Ignorance about the
j i Emerald Isle even In London rue oC
the North American to state
I tort ol
II the Irish question from an impartial
Joint oC view Is very laudable It
I should awaken American interest In
i the coating struggle for home rule and
I create sympathy for a people that
bas given to this country so large a
contingent oC Its bet blood
Of special Interest 18 the religious
I lersecutlon8 that wore brought 10
bear upon the people or Ireland not
I more the two brief centuries ago And
I this persecution did not consist n
J torture or burning at the stake but In
l the enactment oC legislatiOn by WlllCh
tho people wore robbed of theIr prop
crlY tnd their rights VIolonee was
l united to hYPOCrisy perndy to corrup
tion and the highest honors and ra
wards were reserved for the apostate
find InCormer In this respect his
tory has sadly repeated itself In the
anllIormon persecutions oC our
I on day
Tho laws passed against Ireland In
the beginning ot the eighteenth cen
tury tolerated Catholic worship only
on sufferance Public ceremonies and
pilgrimages were prohibited bells and
crosses were interdicted The on1l
nation oC any now clOrgynsan as for
I bidden bishops and members oC relig
Ious orders were banished and secu
lar priesttt could ofilclalo only If thty
would take nn ooth which the church
forbade them to take Ever Papist
was ordered to be an informer against
1 his priest The Catholics were de
PriVed oC all political rights they were
I barred from obtaining any pUblic em
I ployment and they could not hold
J property And this persecution was
not the outburst oC religious fanati
cism merely but It was Inspired by
greed The object oC the penal laws
even In the worst porlod was much
less to produce II change oC religion
than to secure ptoperty and power by
reducing to complete Impotence those
who had formerly pollllessed them
And the result was 0 stream oC em
Igration oC the best eloments among
1 the peopl a drain which was never
to eea
It Is difficult to realize that a brave
nation has been subjected to such
indignities after the RC01Tl1Otlon un
der u 1114 that stands for humanity
and freedom but the faets flpak for
themselves It Is still more difficult
to realize the situation created b
bl otr and greed In our own country
at a much later day even here In
Utah Rut again tho facts speak for
th m < lves
The January number oC the Ameri
cana Mf4razlne contAins chapters XUI
and XIV of History oC the Mormon
Church by President B H RooorlI
These choptet deal with the rectors
tibn oC the Priesthood and the organi
i atlon of the Church Undol the latter
head Is aconciso statement of the fun
damental dOctrines of the Church ns
given In the series of breC revelations
that preceded tho organization
We call attention to Ihls authorlt
Uvo statement of faith particularly
respecting the Godhead the fall the
atonement and tho Trinity for It Is a
common practice among non Mor
mons and especially these who know
very little about Mormon theOlogy
to mlreprcOnt the doctrines oC the
Church and ridicule them In the early
days of ehrlBUnnlty they that are un
learned and unstable used to wrest
the writings eC Paul tlllli other Scrip
tures unto their own dQttauctlon
and this Is literally truo of many critics
of Mormonism They pull and twist
I Its teachings out of all shape they
J apply to them the rack and thumb
IICTCW oC their own crude and faulty
logic and then condemn the ugly shape
they themselves hive produted und
I they am not oven aware or thg des truc
I tlon they arc preparing 01 themselves
by that ci mae Let the Church be
judged not by the distorted pictures ot
enemies but by the statement oC faith
made by those authorized to speak tor
the Church and capable oC doing BO
This Installment of President Roberts
Church History Is Illustrated by 11 por
trait oC Patriarch Hrum Smith and 11
beautiful view oC the Susqulhrnno
river on the shores of which the Altos
tleshlp was conCeited on the Prophet
Joseph and Oliver Cowdery
The present Issue of the Magazine has I
a number oC other lIlustratlJI articles I
oC historical Interest The following 13
a list of contents The University ot
Maine by George Vnlter Chamber
lain La Hontan as Detractor oC Hud
son Washington Bcforo the Revolu
tion by Wllllom S BTgO The Story
of Black hawk and His Warn by J
V Roach The American Tramp by
Morton Ellis A CItizen of Ye Ton
of Ikstou by Mary J JacrUes Edith
hl1rtons Heroines by Elizabeth L
Stocking The German Pilgrims by
Edgar White Declaration and Ad
dress oC Thomas Campbell by Wil
liam T L1prde and Aerial Navlg
tlnn w JIIIn P Lanham This mac
azlnc published bythe Americana So
clot New York
Titers would be no just complaint
against high prices If nil commorlltles
and all cervIces had risen and In n
somewhat uniform ratio The real
trouble Is that mnn values M1Celol
b those oC service have not ad
vanced at nil
Wealth consists neither In high
prIces nor In low prices but In plenty
Ie all prIces lira high or IC all prices
arc low the result Is uniformity anti
may signify either plenty or scarcity
either good times or bad The general
level oC prices has no relation In
particular to the prosperity oC any
people or to the rate oC financial pro
gress In any country
Today the high prices arc not as
some loosely assort universal and it
Is just because they are not universal
that their burden Is felt
The real sufferers under present
conditions nro thoso who have been
unable to advance the prIces oC their
goods or tholr orsonal services to
correspond with tho general level
They constitute the classes whose
stipends arc fixed bY others and re
gUlated largely by past standards and
outgrown conditions
This class the Cincinnati Inquirer
points out compresses clergymen
teachers clerks Iilliesmen and every
bOdy the country over who work for
a salary which Is fixed by their em
plo ers As a rule they have had no
increase The Government clerks at
rahlngton all but a comltRratlvoly
few of whoso average pay Is from
1000 to 1200 a year are all il
lustration oC prevailing conditions
Their pay was fixed In ISi4 and has
never been changed though the cost
oC lIving has at Icnst doubled Con
gross In that time has more than
doubled Its own compensation and all
the higher officers IIn has been put
up Such a condition or things can
not continue says the Inquirer
Wo do not know about thaL It has
continued up to the IIrtsenl time
modi lied only by a mora or less con
stant stream or deserters from the vo
cations just mentioned
Younger less able less experienced
persons take the places oC the dis
gusted professionals or journeymen In
these occupations and the mechanism
oC Industry goes on much as usual
the difference being merely a lower
Ing oC the general scale oC efficiency
In the branches enumerated above
On the other hand people who can
fix the IIrlce of the commollltles they
soil or the services they render like
all carriers and professional mon as
the cost oC living goes up arc able to
advance their charge correspondinglY
and do nol hesitate to 110 so This Is
true also lo II largo degree of wage
earners who by combining have been
able from time to time to add to their
Incomes It Is paiticUlanlY true oC
builders plumbers team gas and
electric fitters and others engaged In
any branch of building construction
wherever the country Is growIng most
rapIdly and still the question Is what
are the chief sufferers In this unequal
contest going to do about It
The WashIngton Herald tolls oC a
fellow who whistled himself out ot
every cnance to obtain a posltloh
which he sought and for which hI
was recommended While waiting ho
whlstlod Auld Lang Sync and the
employer naturally concluded that ho
was not the man for the job And
this was a correct decision A young
man who has so little regard for his
fellowmen that he will fill their eal1
with u nervoracklng noise Is net to
entrusted with any position In which
tact and refinement are necessary for
It has been said that whistling is
an evidence or cheerfulness Vhen In
dUlged In to the annoyance oC others
It Is very often an evidence of lack ot
pipr home trainIng sometimes It Is
an Cldcnce of Impudence and gen
erally It betrays thoughtlcssnesl The
whistler who makes a nuisance oC him
self may be sot down all an undo
slmble citizen He Is In the sanlll
class us the fellow who pollutes the
all you have to breathe with the to
bacco smoke he exhales He Is aI
unmannerly 115 he would bo IC ho were
to throw rays oC light Into your eyes
by means of a kngglRs or Irri
tate your organs oC taste by tabasco
Muce Jlo might ns well do either oC
these tricks as to nil your ears with
torturing sounds
The artistic whistler may be listened
to with some pleasure In a vaudeville
act when the noise he makes Is blend
ed In the harmony oC the orchestra
just 38 the drum or tho piccolo tills a
place In the ensemble at Instruments
but the common whistler In public
places or private home Is 11 nuisance
Only the other day a book agent
came Into an office In thlll City whitt
ling He was promptly shown the
door though ho represente1 n high
class publication Served him right
In the little article on Hallos comet
I which appeared In the News on
Monday the word million > appeared
where It did not belong making the
speed of that wanderer In space 3t mil
lion miles a second Although It waD so
stated In the magazIne article from
which the main facts concerning the
comet were taken It Is needless to say
that It Is on error Heavenly bodies
do not travel at anythIng like that rate
of speed The earth trudges along at
the rate oC 18 miles 0 sccond anti the
surface Ilt the equator revolveS at the
rate ot between 16 and 17 miles 11 min
ute or 1000 miles an hour Mercury
travel 30 miles a second When M
Plulhan shall succced In flying at that
rate or speed ho will bo able to eroas
the Atlantic In two minutes Venus trr
vels 22 miles SI second Jupiter Is Blow
Its speed Is eight miles and a fraction
every second Saturn and Neptune are
still slower The famous comet of 1650
of which Newton calculated the orbit
llovcd In porihellon ot the rate oC
over 27 miles n 8eCOl1ll Light only
travels at the rata oC 186300 miles a
A comet II supposed to be 0 cloud of
world matter When acted upon by the
powerful electric currents of the sun
It sets ore toward that bodt but on
nearing the sun It 19 charged with tho
Runs electricity and therefore repel
led according to the law that like re
pels like and attracts tile opposite
And so It 15 started out again Into
splLCe where It gradually parts with its
acquired form at clectrlelt and Is at
tracted by the sun surcharged and ex
pelled itS before Each time It np
preaches the sun however It Is per
ceptlbl condensed The smaller globes
oC matter unite and form larger ones
and finally SI nucleus Is formed which
increases In size and density Gradual
ly heat will be developed through the
pressure toward the center and the
comet settles down to II period of
planetary gestation Halles comet
hiss undergone great changes since first
Sausage dn
A tall talker Is rarely a good talker
At present prices any cut oC beef Is a
choice cuL
There Is many a graft 9n many a
family tree
It Is good to have Ideals with nn
occasional realization
Honor among thieves Is very much
rarer tItan hens teeth
Compositors have more dash about
em than other people have
WhIle a policemans lot Is not a
happy one ethow many seek It
When thlns can be bought for a
Bong the trouble then Is to get the
11I not make the row among the
ludevlllc theaters a feature at some
oC them
Men will acknowledge that others are
superior to them but they really donl
think so
Some pcopl mlstaleo cunning for 111s
cretlon 11 150 doIng they but diceivo
Sam men who hunt work become
exceeding nervous ns they get near
the object oC their search
Pessimists have their uses Along the
highway oC life they serve as signs to
note dangers to be avoided
What docs Cannon represent asks
an exchange The Eighteenth Illinois
district composed of Clark Cumber
land Edgar Iroquois Kanakoo and
Vermilion counties It Is the last that
makes 10 many people redeyed
The final English election returns
show that the Liberals have elected
just one more member of parlIament
than the ConsoraUes have It Is nn
old saying that God and one good man
are a big majority Is the member for
Wleksburghs a good man
The insurgents of the House hoe
roused It to be announced to President
Taft that they are for the ndmlnlstra
lon program regarding conservation
railroad legislation IIOBtal savings
banks and nntlInjunetion Those m
Ule main things so that the Insur
gents go far as they are concerned
are 118 regular M the regUlars This
announcement binds them to tile Presl
dent with hooks of steel
Senator Dorah voices the sentiment ot
the Vest on the question of oonselVt
tiers when he 83ys The west Is just
as thoroughly devoted to conservation
liS the east but 31 wo understand It
conservation means the IO and dOel
opmont oC our natural reSQurees It Is
waste pure and simple to tie up those
rcrourcc1 indefinitely A polic3wislch
would prohibit their wise use by the
present generation would be nothing
but 11 policy oC the dog In the manger
An eastern exchange says that JeC
frlts and Johnson arc In cahoots on
the motlonplcturo prIvIlege each gen
tleman being booked to receive one
third oC the profits This loads the
paper referred to to predict that the
light will continuo at least unlll the
man In charge oC the movlngplctura
machine Is satiated with records and
ready to turn down his thumb But the
fact that an understanding exists be
twoen the two for an equal division of
the Income from the licture business
suggests tIme question whether nn un
denstandlng may not also have been en
tered Into as to the vay oC fooling the
sporting fraternity Into believing that
they are witnessing 11 real battle You
can never toll
St Lows TImes
The question of oncores Is one that
UIO conductor ol every orohestra IIILN
to wrestlo with and ana that he Is
never able to entirely sole latlsfae
torlly to himself ns well IlS to his audi
ence The real difficulty lies In the fact
that audiences have bron accustomed
to encores from the hearing ot such
succcssfw leaders ns Gilmore Sous
and others and do not always take
Into consideration the tact that mis
cellaneous encores and sometimes a
good many ot them are proper only
for brass band and equally unsuited
By J E Edwards
ThIs daily series ot anecdotes and Incldenl that throw new tntere3UnR
nod frequently dramatic light on famous eveDt and personalIties ot the past
have been collected by Edwards dunn nearly forty years of more or less Intl
mate acquaintance with maay ot the contryi leadoOi since the Civil War Cnch
anecdote or Incident Is fresh from Mr Edwards notebook and either In whole
lir In part It constitutes Now Now at Yesterday garnered from this men who
made tUo new8the hlstoryor from eq unily authoritative sources All ire
portent contributions ot the Uumon lot crest ort to American history theo
articles have a dlstlnctlvo value all their own
Yesterday In time anecdote oC the
United States senator who offered to
sell himself I had oCcasion to refer to
Charles FrancIs Adams soldier nnnn
cler and writer Totl3YR anecdote s oC
his father that Charles Francis Adams
who was 11 son oC one president and II
grandson or another and who as our
minister to England during the trying
das of the Civil war earned for him
self a Ilace second onlY to that oC
Franklin In the history of American
It was In the early Hummer oC ISH
that I was sent on 0 confidential er
rand to olr Adams by the late Charles
A Dana Arrived at his home in Quin
cy Mass I was shown into the parlor
and while awaiting the appearance ot
Its owner 1 had opportunity to observe
Its colonial simplicity and lllmlt The
furniture might have servedand some
oC It certainly did Iervcthe two presi
dents who were his father and his
grandfather Upon the walls hung
their portraits find they must have
been almost speaking likenesses or
those pictured lips seemed almost ready
to break forth Into utterance
I was studying the portraits when I
heard n step behInd me and turned to
receive a cordial but dlglllfied greeting
from 111 Adams For an hour there
after we dIscussed the mutter whch
had occasioned m visit Then my host I
looked U1 nt the portraits oC his fore
I observed when I came Into the
room that you were looking al the por
traits which hang upon the wall he
said I presume you recognize them
us the likenesses 0C amy father and
1 have seen many copies oC them
I replied
I have sometimes been told that
there Is n personal resemblance be
tween myself and my grandfather ho
continued Strangers who have como
to call upon me here have made that
to an orchestra There Is absolutely no
reason for an encore In a ditinctiy I
smphony concert and It Is tllfeiore I
prohibited by all leaders of Iirstciass I
orchestras on such occasions The pro I
glam for a symphony concert Is con
structed by tIme conductor 1th thouht
and care It Is usually Intended to ex
press 11 certaIn Idea and to illustrate
certain principles In music He always
alms to balance Its parts proportionate
ly with sufficient contrasts to interest
the different musical tastes In the audi
ence Being therefore a completo en
tity It Is distinctly unmuslcJ1 and
equally In bad taste to obtrude an
encore Into an otholwlso finished and
perfected program Musically It Is In
deCenslble since It has no bearing upon
the subject and no part In the scheml
oC presentation
Boston Post
Local solfgovernment for Ireland
never had such opportunity for real
ization as In the forthcoming parlia
ment It 18 1Lt present advices a
drawn battle between the Tories IInd
time Liberals In this situation the l1IS1
Nationalists hold nearly the balance of
power and they have moreover the
open pledge ot the leader of the Liberal
party for full oolfgovenlmont The
separation of Ireland from England Is
oC course not conceivable All that is
Imagined or sought Is separation from
English control In th080 matters which I
are peculiarly Irish It la such meas
uros of autonomy ns Is enjoyed by dIs
tant possessions oC Great Britain nom
Inally loyal to the home governmp1t
but supreme In themselves In all that
relates to their local affairs In the
now parliament the Liberals will not
be ablo ol their own strength to carry
forward their plans by their own votes
solely tlmey must seek alliances And
what alliance mora natural and moro
congenial than that oC which they hase
availed themsohcs In the election now
ending The Irish Nationalists are the
real victors In this parliamentary stng
gle They slhl hold the scales they
can determine the action oC the law
making body of Great Britain they
arc masters oC the situation With
efflclont leadership which seems tO bo
assured this greatest oC all opportunl
tics will bo availed of
Brooklyn Eagle
An Innovation fn electric raIlway
transportation that Is saId to bo unique
In America 18 about to 00 tried on an
interurban road running out oC Por
land Oregon to Salem the State capi
tal and other llInmotle alley points
This Is the serving oC free lunch on the
interurban traIns at meal time The
inauguration oC n regular dining car
service would he cumbersome and mean
handling nn additional heavy car but
by putting on a buffet observatiets car
lunch can be served with little Incon
venlonce Porters on the cars will
serve the lunch without charge and It
Is believed the new service will prove
very populo Rcltular charges will blJ
mado for observation car scats but
this foil will Include the luncheon so
the passengers will hl1o the unique
experience oC getting something for
nothing trout a lalltoad company The
trolley road has recently been com
pleted by New York and PhiladelphIa
capital and III already one or the best
equipped Interurban lines In the west
Cars uniform with the best Pullman
equlpnlent will be used with smoking
compartments buffet and observation
platforms affording all the comforts
of modem travel even for the compara
tively short dietetics covered
The Girt of Sarcasm
Vllllam Mitchell Lewis of the NII
tlonal AssocIation oC Automobllo Man
ufacturers W8 mlltlng In Ranclno
about the Improvements In motor cars
that the last decade has witnessed
I Iemember the time said Lewis
when It was a common sight as you
drove along a country road to see 0
motorist kneollng In the dust beside
his cur puzzling over a great heap or
cogwheels screws tiny springs and
other delicate pieces of machinery
I knew a man who knelt beside n
scrap heap composed at his cars In
norris whcn n pretty farm gIrl stepped
beside him put her hand to her head
nod said kindly
Would a hairpin be ot any use to
you sir ashlngton Star
Why He Was Excluded
A friend of James rhltcomb Riley
tells or an occasion when the humorist
who usually dIslikes social functions
was Inlhlced to attend a literary
dinner In Indianapolis given In honor
of ono of the novelists who lived there
Mr Riley had been told to take Into
dinner a sister oC the host nn excel
lent oman but not literary I
The conversation touching upon the
beauties ot Chaucer about whom a
certain set of the city was then cul
tivating 11 fad a spirited discussion
comparison I should blJ glad to hao
your opinion
Quae trllthCul1 I answered It you
wore dressed CUI your grandfather Is In
the portrait and you weru a few years
I older I should say that YOU had just
etorped from the frame of the picture
With mlnslcd Iuritanlc simplicity
anti dignity time quaint little man
turned to the Irortralt ol his father
John Quincy Adams
Some have thought that there was
oven stronger personal resemblance to
my fother than to my grandfather
he said I should be slad to have your
There Is certainly a strong family
lIkeness I answered though It
seems to me that the features and ex
Ire88lon depleted In the portrait oC
your grandfather arc more nearly re
Iroduced In yoU than are the
features and exrlIe8Slon of your
The venorablo man slight oC figure
and short ot stature the SOn ot Otto
president and the grandson of another
looked fondly at the likeness oC the
two men upon the parlor wall
lOll 16 of course gratifying to know
thot you recognize a physical resem
blance between those whose portraits
301 tree and myself he said But
there Is another thought that gives
me greater gratification It Is this
Whatever real or fancied resemblance
there may be physically I nm proud
to realize that In character In tem
peramcnt and In some of my mental
characterIstics I have inherited Quali
ties which are asoelnterl with the
oehlevoment or my father and my I
grandfather I
Naively he spoke and doubtless Il
waG Mr Adamss realization of his
great Inheritance and his proper all
predation thereof that helped largelY
to make him the national power ho
was throughout the Civil war and for
many years thereafter Unquestionably
It was mot rortunnto for the Union
that Mr Arum was given thIs In
heltanee and was able to use It In
great measure In behalf oC the Union
at the court of St James for full
soven years
ensued during which the bewildered
sister caught from time to tIme only
the name Chaucer At lust she
whIspered to Riley
Who Is this Mr Chaucer thore
talking 110 much about Is he very
popular In society
Madam solemnly responded Riley
that man did something that forever
shitis him out oC socIety
Mercy oxclalmed the worthy
woman What was ItT
He died several hundred years
ago said RlleKansas CIty Times
Sort ol Vanishing Iolnt
Paw I want to know what you
think time fourth dimension Is
Its a figure of speech Tommy em
ployed to express the Idea or time size
to whIch a man feels himself shrinking
when the pastor of his church happel1l1
to catch him In the act of making a
quick sidestep Into a 3lloonChlc
Righteously Resentful
Geoffrey Its presumptuous for yen
to dream about me I want you to
quit It
Why Esmerulda how do you know
I dream about ou1
Ierdreamed the other night that
you dldChlcago Tribune
Lance Assistance
Postoffice ClerkYouve put two
Penny stl1mps on your letter TIme
postage Is only one penn
Old IrllJ1womanSure nlr mind
My sons In the poslomc so Itll all
blIp toward his wngesTltBltll
Salt lake Theatre
Mr William A Brady Rnnounces
In Sumptuous Productions ot Shakes
prnrean Plas
Uatlneo Today nt 2
Tonight at S JIAlJJET
Thursday nlgimt ICing Lear Fri
day night Othello Saturday
matinee As You Like It Saturday
night King Richard III
PricesEvening Ide to 150 Boxes
and two rows dress cIrcle 200 Mati
noes ZC to SiP
thPhu > Sb9
Matinee Daily 215
Every Evening at 815 oclock
The Devil tIme Servant and the Man
The Klein Family
Fay 2 Ceteys and Fay
harry Fox and Mlilersimip Sisters
SRndbers end Lc
Kramer and Sheck
Elmer Booth Dainty Co
Matinee Priceslie lIe me
Night PriceslIe Me Tic
The Musical Extravaganza
The Land 01 Nod
Matinees Wednesday and Saturdny
Next ftttractlonBEVEIILY
And Associate Players Present
Julia Marlowos Greatest Success
When Knighthood
Was in Flower
fly Chas Major and Paul Hester
Evening Prices 76e lOc lIe 26c
Matinee lOc lIe
Wash Dresses for
Babies and Children
A splendid variety to select from in ducks
percales chambraysages 1 to 5 and 6 to
Babies 35c to 100
Childrens 75c to 750
300 Waists 150 j
Another shipment of those fine Tailored
Waists juSt arrivedwhite and colored
stripes Regular 300 Waists for
150 8
Thee going rapidy
Our stock was tremendousWe have
a splendid assortment left The sea
sons nobbiest suits and overc6ats
Prices regularly 2500 and 2750
The kinds you will find priced as high
as 3000 at other stores and you take
your pick at 1350
Fancys blues and blacks
228230 MAIN STREET f
FIrst Showing Real Talking
In Salt Luke
LukePictures Without a
Novel KI Machine
LU V Matinee EelY Day at 300 EvenIngs 730 to
11 AdmliSlon 10 Cents
I z
k iI ii Salt Lakes
Th e ran d Most Playhouse Popular
Present the thrilling melodrama or
railroad life
PrlcClrl0 20 and 30 cents Mat
10 and 20 cents
Next week the great emotional
East Third SIiUth
Week Commenln Thursday Mat
Inee Jan 27
Matinee Every Day 1t 25
Two Shows Evenings 73 and 315
Sydney Deane Co
W C Hooner Co RU5t1canlI Trio
Yon lItzcl Maynard
Berry Nelson Kathleen De Vole
Matinee PrlceslOe and Be Nigh
PrleeslOc zc and Re
Do not let your supply
run too low
Rock Springs
Central Coal Coke Co
so West 2nd South S1
Phones Bell Ex 35 lad 2800
George Rust General Manager Idaho
GeorWev tin
Nevada Utah and Wyoming
t1ico 111 Progress Building Salt Lake
City Utah
< o b cjif i
This week we
A offer our en
tire line of
pbn Ladies abU
I p
Bags at
bU 1 3 off
This Includes every bag In our
stock IncludinG MARK CROSS
London made of which we have
the exclusive sale In Utah
It la needless for us to say that
those ore the smartest and mot
deslrablo bagEl eVer shown here
Onethird off regular price for
this week
Drugs II
file Never 8ubstitutors
Successors to
F C Sehrnnun and F J Hill Drag
Excllongo 10 on either phone
calls nil stores
With Its
28 Days
Ha often proven a
better month for coal rJ
than December with i1
its 31
Blue wagons Bring
it Better
Western Fuel Co
Critchlow rischer Kittler
Cable eddres Wesfuco
Phones 7IC 73

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