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I I Corner M South Temple nnd Ent Tem
L e Streot S 1t Like City Utn
i l I HOraCeGWhltney Duslnep xanager
I Un Advance
f Ij Mull per year SS
By Carriere per year to
SernIWeekI per year < 0
U StturJIlY New per year
i4 co rcadlnlmat
1 I Corrrepondenee and other
tpr tJr publication should bO nddressed
r to tho EDITOR
dr1 ets all busIness communIcation
III nil rernittanree
I Snit Lake City UtAh
c 1
t rtcrn RepreCntatiVe5NeW York
fRllkln p Alcorn 118t rron Building I
Chicguco A W Wolf securly Building
rtcied at the pOlltotflce ot Salt Lake
Cily le lItCon1 clR matter ncor1tng
j 2 or ronIrTP March 3 L rII
sAIir LAKE CITY FED 4 1910
i nnITIsIrror4rncs
I Lat nturdw In thc local columna
f ot the News the opinIon ot the Den
cr Post about the recent Englhll
l Ilolltlcnl campaign were quoted under
r the heading acts About British
f 1 The article began liS folloWlH
As thc people ot thc Unlted King
dOIll ot Great BritaIn and Ireland have
rejected the LloydGeorle budget and
llll the house or lord by refusing to
adopt that budget when It came be
fore them favc the people ot the king
fl dorn aforesaid the opportunity ot cxer
clslhl hot floWs ot reJection and as
1 the beuse ot lords have been supposed
i to bo but actual were not an 18110
t I j I In the general election now closing In
the United Kingdom this statement or
f the facts Is submitted with 0 view to
I j Jrcentlng the truth
f i I An the foregoing and tollowlng I
i i I sttternont ot facts appeared In Ule
I I columns or this paper wIthout COIII
j I ment It might appear that tho News
0 I endorsed thc opInions or vouched for
thc facts This was not the case und
d I simple justice requires some comment
upon the subject matter or the Pots
r arUcie It 15 ot course impossible
it to forecast prlClsely what thc British
I i I 01 nn y other parliament will do but
r enough 10 already certain to show how
tar tJle Post has erred In Its most
r positive statements
In the article a laudation ot the
House ot Lords follows and this House
L 13 desllnated the progressive element
t I I In British politics Yet English his
j tory docs not dlsclo especial progres
I siveness on tho part ot that body but
r j rather It has seemed to play the part
ot tn obstructionist to tfiost ot tho
measures that are praised by tho his
I torians of Englan
The Post says
It Is true that the lords stand for
IIrhHogc They are vel candid
llIItocruts They believe In the rulo
or the best But their chamber Is not
txcluslve It Is br no means as ex I
ciuive U8 thc senate or the UnIted I
r States
The lords are a house oC family and
Intellectual privilege but they are
not a house of wealth In thc modern
commercial sense Under the unwrit
ten constitution ot Great Britain the
people can ma1te the lords an elective
body whenever they reach such a
decision and until they do reach that
declllon It Is proper to assumo that
the people ot Great BrItaIn prefer the
lords to remain 0 house or InherIted
On the day wJlen the above was writ
ten thc London Times the great Tory
paper declared tho election returns to
be such that to pass tariff reform In
the taco ot the Jolld hostlllt ot the
gr at industrial centers In the north ot
England and In Scotland Is Impos
rhc Times also sUggested a confer
once between the leadIng men ot both
sides to agree upon a scheme for House
ot Lords reform or possibly the forma
tion ora neutral ministry undersomo
influential moderate politician to tide
over the crisis until the next general
But the Liberals emerging victorious
from a struggle In which the declared
part represented by the Times had
used every engIne ot Intimidation and
corruption against thcm derided the
I idea of conferring with the vanquished
The ImmedIate reformation ot the
H9use ot Lords Is therefore not at all
Asto the alleged superIor Intellectu
ality or the members at the Lords their
campaign contributions to the recent
election do not justify the extravagant
111t1l1ie ot our eontempomtJ
i Compared with those of thc Com
mons their IlXCebes seem ve dull
Lloyd George the man ot the working
people WS easily the foremost flgure
aK a campaigner The main reliance
or the wrus was to talk about another
Issue especially the tariff As the
The teal issue was tree trade or
protection a reciprocal tariff with the
lllithih dominions or n gradual break
Ing up ot the empire a living wage
for farm workers and nrtlsallJ or Eng
land the manufacturing dumping
ground or the industrial wOIld
If this were the real Issue and
tIi9 Lords trIed to make It such then
the have apparently lost Upon thit
also for the dispatches show that the
Liberals find their nllles have a large
mnjorltoer ono hundredand that
they can carry out their entire program
It they will
Tho attractive statement
about the living wages loses much
oC Its fore when It Is known that Brit
Ish wages arc by tar the highest In
I n1 Europe
h balanee of power In the coming
British Parliament ill he held by the
IIl8h Nationalists Before tho Lords
thre out the LloydGeorge budget and
brought about the general ellCtlon the
oII111h Nationalist numbering
three were without poWer to impede
or direct tho course ot leslslatlon In
the Hou5C ot Commons The Liberals
wpre stronr enough to carry through
any blll with 01 without Irish vote
B1bo 1l0rma1ly the Nationalists acted
on the Ide ot the Government they
retraIned as a body front voting on
the lImit passage ot the bUdget The
various Issues raised by thc ConselQ
Uves about land taxes socialism free
tltdo and German armaments have not
butt the Nationalists
but hoo so
d awn from the strength or thc Lib
erals at to render thelll dependent upon
the irish members for a majority In the
nGw House ot Commons
This entirely unexpected result makeR
probable not alone the abridgment or
tho power ot the lArds but also tho
enactment of n homerule measure for
I Ircland The Conservatives scorned
to have overlooked thIs great Issue
whIch hItherto has been to them a most
usetU weapon against their opponents
They IIttlo thugiit ot placIng the IrIsh
Nationalists In a position ot vIrtual
control ot the comIng session or Pnrlla
It turns out moreover that eight
Nationalists havo been elected In Ire
hind who defeated the candidates put
forward by the Irish party and two
more or those dissentients arc likely
to gain scats Threo have already
appealed to John Redmonll the Irish
Nationalist loader to receive them
promisIng to bo loyal to tho part
Some or tho others probably will fol
low this example and thus the Con
servatlc calculations on receiving the
solid Irish dissentient Vote will be dIs
The Commercial Club Traffic bureau
In BookIng tD obtain for the pUblic lower
rates on conJ Is engaging In an enter
Wise that should have general encour
agoment If a mass meeting Is railed It
should 110 wen attonlled In order that
public sentiment may be represented
and expressed wIth proper force
Cheaper fuel 10 ono ot tho Immedlato
needs ot this City Thclong cold win
tom makes the question ot heat quito
0 problem to the working man wIth low
ages who Is struggling with hIgh
prIces on food and clothing and pay
Ing for thc extravagance ot the city
governcnt Thc coal bills during long
months or winter are quite an Hem and
prospective settlers arc considering It
Besides thIs cnn never bc e nianufac
turing center asiong as fuel III too ex
pensive for manu1acturJn purposes
These are two good and sufficient rea
sons why the agitation for a substan
tial reduction In coal prices should be
The tlUC reasons why coal Is so ex
Ilnlllvo here may not bc generally un
derstooll But thl is perfectly clear
that coal should not be dearer In Sail
Lak than In Denver Ve should not
pay from 600 to 600 a ton for coal
that can be sold to the consumer In
Denver for 376 It this Is the net
somethIng Is wrong somowheoe And
the sooner the people find out tho
SOUTlo at the trouble the better
Tim San Francisco press Is quite
agitated about the influx ot East
Indian laborers Into this country The
tide ot ImmIgration which was check
cd by the panIc or 1907 Is agaIn rising
An official statement from Washing
ton shows that It the t1gurc reached
durIng the first six months or the
fiscal year 1910 15 duplicated between
now and June last years record will
bo surpassed probably the arrha1
will bo more numerous than during
any year since the record or 1907 was
established And among the new
corners especially to California arc
East Indians Thc San Francisco
Chronicle says the Manchuria recently
brought 191 and they constantly drift
In from Canada They are said to be
coming now at the rate ot 200 a
month and It they continuo to be ad
mitted the steamship companies will
soon raise It to 2000 a month
rr any AsIatic laborers are to be ex
cluded from these shores thc Hlndoo
coollc1 are They arc not physically
strong Thoy have not been reared
under conditions calculated to give
them muscle Their ideas ot caste arc
entirely foreign to our 0 cIvilization
and Itlo n question whether they can
withstand the rigor or the AmerIcan
climate The IIlndoos who leave their
native land should sock n refuge In
some part or thc British empire where
It would bo their rIght to try to bet
tot their conditionS and not here Wo
strongly suspect that the transporta
tion companies are responsible tpr
this immigration which can do no
good to thIs country and be or ques
tionable benefit to the Hlnllool them
In every part ot the country and
not only here as some would have us
believe there 19 an almost unparalleled
buoiness activity Dulldlng Is going on
as never before According to the fig
urea nol published In I1ttynlno or the
principal cities ot tho country permits
wero taken out last year for the con
struction ot 190661 bullllings to cost
7l6453H2 as against lG61S1 buildings
to cost QS45I4Q6 for the year His
This shows an Increase or 41 per cent
for the year In COt and an increase
or 24613 buildIngs Land values arc
rIsing The railroads arc busy I
Everywhere hotels ate full and new
ones are being constructed Everyone
expects everlasting prosperity
Not everyone for a writer In the
Worlds Work sounds a note ot warn
tag as follows
A note at warning at such a time
sounds like croakIng Yet men whose
memories go backward any reasonable
distance and who prefer to look pres
ent condItions sciuareiy In the face
cannot be wholly content For the cost
ot living goes up and up The pres
sure ot prices from below Is ever hard
er At thc same time we are travel
ing at a pace fixed by expectation
of indefinite prosperity ahead of us
Our mood takes color from our
hopes Our country Is Indcllnltely rich
we say and wo shall be Indellnltely
IlrOpcloU Vo must keep going for
This experience and thIs mood are
justified Jhero are good reasons for
thom It wo leeep It good sense ot pro
portion But our thought and our
habIts can easily outrun our ploduc
tIlt Take the productive worlters
one by one and consIder how very lit
tie more any glen man can produce
this year over his production or last
year and the year before Do wo go
forward by leaps and bounds In the
real work that counts toward making
wealth We 10 forward by leaps and
bOluHls cliieiiy In those largo collectlo
WlS that may deceive usby the In
crease or land valllcs by the free use
and extensIon ot credit by those In
tangible collective methods or progress
which rOot quite as much on the mood
or people as on theIr Concrete Produc
tlv Ity
Meantime wo have the WOlDt and
Joust dangerous system or currency
and banking that can bo round any
where In civilization Meantime too
wo have a system ot Indirect taxt
tlon whose burdens
Wo cannot mOI11
ure Meantime too for mllltalY non
IOIlH alan evory AmorJcf ramllY
pays on the average lO per year
and this with our army and navy
expense makes uo heavily burdened
while wo pity the encamped and navy
ridden nations or the Old World And
these things wo forget
Disquieting too 18 the everIncreas
log push ot thc people for the Teuln
tlon or corporation There Is fL funda
mental righteousness In this push but
It the predatory monopolies are not
steadily brought to alrdeaIlAA ever
In the background will lie organized
and angry discontent and possIbly the
fury at 0 mob On thc other hand
however gradual the regaining ot the
oploli rights In Industl the very
assertion ot them Is disquieting to
buslncs9ll lit tic fUrther 10 the future
It not ImmedIately Conlleqently noth
log Is certaIn for any long period In
political actIon a1 It may touch the
prosperity of industry
While the tide is coming In then
and most winds are taorablethls is
a time to he I1B prudent ut you are
bold In business as honest In corpor
ate activity ns you arc In your prI
vate life and as sincere III politics
aJ you ore In your personal aITalrs
lho luau lost III the test ot character
and our public character III nothing
but the aggregate ot personal chorne
Justlco la slow but not sure
vili the antimeat agitation end In
a beef
Hc who does ns he ple3Bes too often
Absence makes the heart grow fond
IInrl forgetftil
Open air schools ate tho placo for
nature study
When the hookworm works the other
fellow doesnt
The coume ot true love dId never yet
run smooth not even on smooth Ice
The mon who keeps n diary doesnt
know enough to keep his own counsel
Eternal vigilance Is the price ot
liberty but privileges come much
After a months trial a great many
Now Year resolutions have been found
wan tI nl
About the worst Ills In life are tho
imaginary ones and they aN the most
Some people would rather see their
names In the newspapers titan on the
roll oC thc just
Secretary Dnlllnger has decided to
employ counsel Thc decision Is judI
cious It not judIcial
Only a water color can give an ado
quate tdea ot tho distress and destruc
tion that the flOod cettacd In Paris
The corporation tax law would
By J E Edwards
This dlllly series or anecdotes and I ncldents that throw new interesting
and trequentlY dramatic light on famous events and personalIties ot the past
hass been collected by Edwards during neariy forty years of more or Ices Intl
math acquaintance with many of the contrys ieedersslnce the YIo War Cach
anecdOte or IncIdent Is fresh from Mr Edwards notebook and either In whole
or In put It constitutes Now News or Yesterday garnered from the men who
made the newsthe historyor from equally authoritative sources A1J Im
portent contributions ot tho Human Interest 50rt to AmerIcan hIstory these
articles bavo Q distinctive value all tholr own
During thc next to the last summer
or hIs liCe which ended In 1894 I
chanced to meet ono morning as he
was on Ws way to his law office In
Brooklyn N Yo from his country
home General Henry Werner Slocum
who was severely wounded at the first
battle ot Bull Run who took part In
many other famous Civil war battles
and who commanded Shetmu1 left
wIng on the march from Atlanta to
the sea r0 were seated beside each
other In that early train and pretty
Boon the general called 111 attention to
a paragraph In his newspaper which
alleged that Grover Cleveland bad been
nominated for governor or New York In
182 In a purely accidental manner
It was not accidental declared tho
general with great positiveness al
though his nomination resulted from
one ot the most extraordInary oppor
tunIties In polities ot which I un aware
I shoulfi have been named and would
fl 3 db
bavo been named for governor but for
one man Hall ho acted the combine
tlon ot western delegates that brought
about the nomInation or Cleveland
would not have taken place I would
have been elected governor that elec
lion would probably have made mo
tho Democratic candidate for presi
dent two years laterI firmly believe
Il would have done soand also that I
would havo carried Now York 6toto
by such a much larger plurality than
the eleven hundrCod votes that Grover
Cleveland got
As abruptly as ho had left It the
general turned again to his perusal or
the neWl and not until a year Inter at
the time Of his sudden death from
pneumonia dId I learn from one or the
generals most Intimate frIends the
namo ot the man who prevented
Slocums nomination for governor and
tho manner In which JJo did It
The chairman ot the convention
that nominated Cleveland for gover
nor was Senator John C Jacobs ot
Brooklyn a close friend ot mine said
my informant One day bo and I got
to talking about General Slocum for
whom both oC us had great admIration
Finally the senator saId
ThQ greatest regret which I feel for
anything that occurred In all my lea
Cleveland Plain Dealer I
There no rest for the wicked Poor
olll Zeluu the man who mado Nicer
oIlSua famous must hit the trail again
Zelaya In MexIco Is too much ot a
menace and so Secretary Knox has
asked President Dies to order hIm out
The Itinerant dictator has ton days to
pack UI and Ilovo It remInds one ot
the favorite sentence Imposed by Clove
land police court judges In tile IIII
105 before Chief Kohler began golden
ruling undesirables to the suburbs In
II patrol wagon Twentytour bouts
to leave tow tho judge would mur
tour and call the next case Zolaya
must go Into IndIgnant and opulent
exile In Belgium Ho may run away
to Paris surreptitiously once In a while
to Itcop on the bosom ot Senor Castro
his brothel In mitEery But he will
hardly SO right away It III more likely
that Castro will sneak aWa from Paris
to Join Zel1Lll for It Is not pleasant In
Paris just now particularly for two
fiery exiles whosO ambitious ardor is
sufficiently quenched without the vast
drenching ot the French floods
Sacramento Boo
Inventor Thomas A Edison believes
hI hal lIone a great thing for working
men In perfectIng his system oC mouldR
for cement houses HQ says b means
or these moulds houses may be buUt
ot standard patterns nt 11 cost tar less
than Ir made ot any other sort or ma
tonal These cement houses he 10
dares would bQ P UY JMIUuctJ
bother a Philadelphia lawyer bnt It
doesnt bother n PlttsbWg lawyer
And that British squadron only went
to Greece on 11 prnctlso cruIse How
those cruises do gIve ono a scare at
It was too mean tot anything for
list CharlestOrn courtmartlal to re
fuse to lot the lady tell It aU and In
her own way
rho PrCtlIc1cnt says that hIs hardest I
work 18 preparIng messages to bo sent
to Congress Thy not J1c Congress I
and hImself n rest
The General Federation or IAdlcs
Clubs Insists that tim ahtlspittink or
dJllnnco shall ibo rigidly cnforced Con
Sfluez the violators or It
Many remedies for tho prQveltlnc
or high prices have been suggested
but they arc worth little more than
the ordinary patent medicine
If President Tart has a bg tick he
never shows It yet hc manages the wild
heroes ot his part with the greatest
ease Ills secret Is not to bear too hard
on the bits
itt PaulhanI flight at Denver was
much greater than hIs flight at Snit
Lake But then thc peoIflo or Denver
arc naturall more flighty than those
ot Salt Lake
The United States and Germany are
settling their tarIff differences as
great and elvlllzcd nations should set
tle them A tariff war between them
would be ns disgraceful as a trIbal war
between Congo savages
mien the oto on thc ship sUbsllly
bill tvas taken Reprcsentatlvo Rich
mond Pearson Hobson was absent
This Is worse than Sampsons absence
from the battlo ot Santiago de Cuba
and Hobllons fame must suffer COLO
Once In a while there Is an outcry
against thc railroads and In all prob
abiity they desrvo criticism but we
notIce that thc sections ot the country
that have no railroad service generally
are willing to make any sacrifice to get
It Just now the citizens of Washing
ton county arc offering thc San Pedro
Los Angeles and Salt Lake railroad
company right oC wa depot grounds
and terminals absolutely free If the
company wilt build through that coun
try And that Is generally the attitude
ot citIzens Oerynhcre They want
railroads They know that the rail
roads are building up the country
through which they pass enhancIng
values attracting population and cre
aUnS wealth
UUcal career for which I was rCdpon
slblc was that I dill not seize tho op
portunc moment and bring about the
nomInation ot Gen Slocum far gov
ernor I hall tho conventIon In my
hand But I hesitated and In that
moment the fate ot at least two men
was decIded
You may remember that until the
combInation or Western delegates was
made which resulted In Clcvolands
nomination tho convention was wholly
In suspense as to tile gubernatorial can
dictate At the height ot this suspense
when the delegates wore read to be
Iud In almost any dIrection a delegate
rose and proposed that General Slocllm
bo nominated by acclamation Instant
ly I read In the faces oC the men before
me ready acceptance of the motion
Clearly they wero glad that at last
the suspense was to be over and then
too Slocum WIlS very IJOpulor
But I dId not dare put the question
unless I had the approval or Hugh Mc
Laughlin the loader ot the Brooklyn
Democracy or whIch I was a mcmber
1oL1ughlin sat directly under U10 plat
form In tho front row hIs hoId was
bent as though ho were Ipoklng at his
knees I tried to catch his eye but
could not It ho had merely glanced
at me or made In affirmative motion
oC his head whIch to othbrs would have
been Imperceptible I would Instilntl
have put the question and within fie
mInutes Genera Slocum would have
been nomInated wIth au uproar But
LfcLaughlln sat with head bent me a
graven image I did not put the question
Uon the critical moment Passed and
the bout struck for Grover Clevelnll1
I am certain that had Genera Slocum
been nominated he would have becn
president at the UnIted States Instead
ot Grover Cleveland
Sometime later continued my In
formant 1 told the General what
Sonator Jacobs had told mo
yes said the General and I coul
see that he was deeply affected all
you have said Is truo A single nol
from Hugh MoLaughlln would un
doubtedl have resulted In my being
numbered among the presidents ot the
United States
ble being fireproof and earthquake
proof needing no repairs sato md
comfortable In all seasons and also
antiseptic and sanitary Ho has pent
llogether about 00000 In experiment
tog with and completinG hIs tteei
moulds A complete set for an orlllnnry
house ot small dimensions costs about
25000 but they may be used a great
snany times without Injury In Ue
the moulds arc bolted together so oS
to form n house with hollow walls front
cellar to root In opening In the top
the cement Is poured and It runs down
and fills every space The pourinG Is
continued until the material overflows
from the apertures In the root
Correspondence of atcadlo Hearn In
the Atlantic
Either Stanley or LIvingston per
hap told the world that after long liv
Ing In Africa the sight ot wJllto fares
produced something like tear And the
evil spirits ot Africa are white Veil
even after a row months alone with
black faces I have Colt that tooling ot
uncomtortoblol1eBs at the sight ot
white faces Something ghostly ter
rlblo seemed to have como Into those
races that I had never imagined pos
sible before I felt for a moment the
blackmanB terror ot tho white At
16aJt I thInk I partly realized what
Il was You member the Roman lost
their first battles with tho north
through sheer fear The talreTth6
olrdorthe moro spectmlthe more
terrible Beauty there is In the north
or its kind Butlt la surely not com
I parable with thowonfpLbeauty at
aOr tajg raccJ
c I
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Looldnr Far Ahead
or course you will learn
about that incas financial cIrcum
stances before you consent to marry
him saldthc solicitous friend
Oh yes replied the NoW York
woman Ishtdl go further than that
and asccrll1ln just what his ideas arc
about a reasonable alimony allow
nncoWshll1gton Star
To be Perfectly Frank
His Lnerrhey charge you with
burglary Now you wIll have to toll
our counsel whether they
me ns your
direct evIdence connecting
have any
you with tIle crime
CllentVell I believe thor
caught me In the actChlcngo TrlI
A Gentle Hint
VIsitor at the tableSo you are a
and always
good little girl Mamlo
mind mamma your papa says
aramie In the proud consciousness
or vlrluoYeth thlr she tolll mc not
to tk for another pieUI 0 pie and I
alnt never done ItDaltlmoro Amer
An Impressive AppraIsement
Time III money said the ready
made philosopher Every minute Is I
Yes answered Mr Dustin StX I
went out after luncheon to tho links
and played nearly a million dollars
worth or golf And yet the people say
T am not IIberalWashlngton Star
So your wife is a suffragette
Yes answered Mr Meelcton
Why docs she want to vote
I dont think nenrletto really de
sires to vote Shes merely tired or
talking to mc Site wants a larger
and moro Intolllgent audlenco
Wuhlngton Star
Thc ermlrorm appendix sale the
student or anatomapflCnrs to 110 of
no use to anybody
You arc a superficial observer ro
pllcll the professor The appendix Is
otten oC great pecunIary benefit to the
surgeon who takes I outVllShlng
ton Star
What is thc most cxpenlvo per
fume you IUlow ot
And after a moments thought Mr
Cllurglns replied GIIwllne Ex
Tho MusIcal Extravaganza
The Land of Nod
Matinees Wednesday and Saturday
Next AttrnUonDEVERLY
4U 1 =
FIrst ShOlnl Real Talking
In SnIt Lake
LakePIOctures Without a
Novel Machine
Matinee Every Day nt 300 EvCnIJlg8 130 to
11 AdmissIon 10 Cenls
SaL Lake Theatre 11Dillml
Mr William A Brady Announces TONIilIT ALIJ wHEig MATINEE
In 8umptuoull Productions or
SHAKESPEREAN PLAYS And Associate Players Present
TONIGHT AT 8 Julia Marlowcs Greatest Success
uOTHELLO When Knighthood
Saturday Matlneo All You Like Was in Flower
It Saturday NIght King nlch By Chat Major and Paul Nester
artS In EvenIng Prices 75e SOc 35c 25c
PrIcesEven roc to nw Boxes Matinee SOc 25c
and two rows Dress Cltclo 200 MotI
nooIo to 100 NlJJt C < kJLZEIJ hulK
r i I
The Press Club EM
S East Third South
Week Commencing Thursday Mati
ANTIQUE latJnoo at Z 1
Two shows evenIngs 7D and 915
Delmoro and Lee
Suzies Royal Band BohemIan Sextette George IJ Wood
The Brothers Damon
Louder Louder The High Mr and Mrs W W OBrien
lander Mission Orchestra ltbovltg Pictures
Mir fCorc
an er
Matines pricesli and Ito
A Lightning Sketch NIght prfcesIO E and rtc
The Rocky Mountain Quar
rite Hercules Brothel 3 RED THE
The Terrible Frost TT > V I1 AGAZINE
The Great JeffricsJohnson lJIJ 11Ui lim liLIi1
Battle in Utah FOR TImATR70AL NEWS 1
See Em at the
Salt Lake Theatre
Wednesday and Night Afternoon COAL TIME
Do not let YOllr supply
130th Phones
f v run too low
Matinee Dally 1l
Every Evening at 816 oeock
The Devil the Servant and the Man
FIthg tloin Family I t
Faa 2 Coisys and Fay 4
Harry Fox end Mlllershlp Sisters
rnd t Central Coal Coke Co
Elmer Booth DaInty Co
40 Vest 2nll South St
ii r Phone8 Bell Ex 31 Ind G D
ilittd t sLs euJ t u cf t i
t 1 f I i 1

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