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L i
City Engineer Makes Discovery
Which Rivals Those of the
I Nature Faker
Coundl Takes No Acton on the Three
Electric Propositions Now Beroro
I ItCouncIl Routine
i 3hd leviathan aqueduct 011 North
Templo stroot has contracted tho
habits ot a whaloIt pouts water
h Whon the bulkhead at tho Jordan
river Is taken out It attompt to drink
the river dry filling up to Sixth West
street blowing ort the manholes and
forming natural gosers
I Its procllviUcs In this direction woro
not discovered by D naturalist but the
city engineer and the council last night
appropriated 30OQ for an emergency I
outlet through the Eleventh Vest
treot canal by Inst1111ng two gates and
enlarging the canal to carry on the
By this action tho council practical
ly deckled to abandon the aqueduct
below Eleventh West street to tho rIver
and shows how about 10000 ot tho
bond money data thrown away The
fatal mistako was made by tho en
gineer In his plans The mouth ot the
aqueduct Is three feet below Uw
mouth or the rive renderIng the out
let useless
Mayor DranBtold and the council
were fully aware ol We facts In the
case because tho board ot public works
called theIr attention to ll But at
that time Maya Bransford was back
ing Louis C Kelsey In his fight against
I the board and no action was taken I
to remedy the mlstak The con I
tractors Informed the board and the
council about the situation but no ac
tion was taken until It leas too Into
If It and the present outlet found to be Im
The tall In the Eleventh West cnnni
Is slight and the canal small It III
probable that considerable more money
will hnvo to be spent before the
aqueduct will be placed In commls
810n It Is estimated that the gates
will cost 1900 and that about 2100
for enlarging the canal will have to be
expended Davis Heuser the con
tractors on the aqueduct will be gIven
the work as extras and an effort will
be made to have It completed before
the high water comes so that the i
l aqueduct will not blow up again
When the recommendation for this
l expenditure of money for an additional
I outlet came up for consIderation sev
eral ot the councilmen made profuse
f explanations ot the benefits that would
be derived from this additional outlet
i nono of them appearing to have the
same view Councilman Mulvey closed
the arguments by declaring that ho
knew nothing about It
But It you gentlemen know what
you are talking about he saId 1 be
11eve It better bo done and the sooner
the better
The three electric franchises pending
1 before the council wero laid over until
Thursday night wltnn they will be
taken up IUI a special order ot bull
ness In connection wIth the SaHair
road franchise Frank Knox and 40
I other business men petitioned that tho
franchise be granted allowing the com
pany to hrwo Its terminal In the rear
ot the Cullen hotel where options have
been secured on the property and the
Intention of the company Is to erect
0 station
Jesse Knights franchise for an Inter
urban electric franchlso connecting
Salt Lake with Provo and Intermediate
points was presented and laid over The
game disposition was made of the ap
plication ot E O Howard for an
Interurban electrIc franchise to con
nect Salt Lake with the various settle
ments In the southern part ot the
Tho petition of Strange McGuire
contractors to erect an asphalt mixer
In City Creek canyon adjoining P J
Morons was laid over n week
r Councilman Fernstroms resolution
requiring the committees to report on
Mayor Bransfords recommendations In
his annual message came up but was
sent over another week with a slap
at the mayor
The ordinance drawn and recom
mended by tltQ board ot estimates and
apportionment for a purchasing agent
Before I began using Cascarets I ba
a bad complexion pimples on my face
and my food was not digested Qsit should
have been Now I am entirely well and
the pimples have all disappeared from and
face 1 can truthfully uy that Casctrett
are just ns advertised I have taken only
two boxes of them
Clarence R Griffin Sheridan lad
PleuaDt Palatable PoleDt Taste Good
Do Good NeveSickoawoakcuorGripe
SOC 2k iGa Neverold is bulk The gems
too tablet stamped C C C Guaranteed to
ones or your mousy back 927
1k i
I l
Safest and auiekcst
Phones 555
i llaQ
Add Distinction
to any costume
RyaI ry
npa lirSthefw
Jf 11t9Jdli9liPSlOliclB
of lido fdzr0
Absolutes Purb
went over n week rt the request or
Councilman Mulvey who still appears
to be the chief obstacle In blocking
Mayor Bransfords recommendation
Councilman Woods Investigation oC
Harry Margelts who has a lease on a
gravel pIt near the Warm Springs
turned out to be a farce IIargettg was
questioned by several or the councilmen
and found out that he had not received
any instructions from Frank Iathewt
land and water commissioner that ho
vas taking gravel outsldo of his al
lot2d ground
Russel L Tmcy real estate man svLg
taken up on his proposition to pay alI
the clts expenses above ZO which it
will cost to wade Second avenue from
Alta street to West street and Alta
street from Second to Third avenue
fho city engineer estimates that It will
coat 1ZOO nut Mr Tracy WM sure
that It could be lone for SE0 and
agreed to pay all expenses ahovo that
The council decided to do the grading IC i
ho would sign the agreement
The city recorder was ordered to ad
vertise notice of Intention to p10
Fourth East street from South Temple
to Fourth South street pavement to tbo
72 feet wide to Third South find GO fed
wide from Third South to Fourth South
and Second East to be i2 feet wIde from I
South Temple 10 Fourth South streets
Tho ordinance giving farmers the
right to peddlo farm products In the
city without a license plSscd but will
come up for reconsideration next Mon
day nIght on motion of Councilman
John Holley who wants the license on
alI handlers of foodstuffs to be taken
A sixInch conduit will be run from
THEATERlhat old favorite The
Alaskan was growing rayed at the
edges and the management last year
called It Into the repair shop for a
general overhauling It WM present
ed In Its new and revised shape last
night before a fair sized nudionco
whIch voted that the only noticeable
evidence of improvement was In the
snowball episode In which the audi
ence and the players enjoyed them
selves hilariously for ten minutes
pelllng bacle and forth with fluffy cot
ton balls AIlde from that tho
changes are not particularly evident
except that the standard oC the sing
ers has been noticeably lowered the
company sadly needs some good vo
calists among both principals and aC
tors The one Instance or a good volco I
Wag the basso work or Mr Poppen
who has the song of The Totem
Polo which first brought The Alas
kan Into tame It won the usual en
cores last night Many of the jokes
were of a depressing character and
the abilities of Mr Carroll as the ac
tor and Mr Welnburg as the pro
fessor which might be strong under
other circumstances were smothered
by the age of the jokes and the gags
with which their parts abounded Mie 11
stoner as the leadIng lady acted well
and looked pretty but her voice has I
a tendency to devIate from the key
especially when she sings some dlg I
tan co away from the orchestra
The Alaskan will run up till
Thursday night with a matinee to
day FollowIng The Alaskan Man
ager Pypers next attraction Is a visit
from the old SnIt Lake favorite Rob
ert Edeson In a new play ot modern
American lifo entitled A Mans n
ORPHEUlfhlle ninny or the acts
on the Orpheum program this week
are homers more or less of thom
playing their third return engagement
yet some are good others are excel
lent while none of them Is bad For
Instance the presentation of Dobbs
Dilemma by Franklyn Underwood
Miss Frances 810sson and Mr Davies
has undergone a number of changes
since Its early presentations many oC
Its tlmet1klng and unnecessary feat
ures havIng been eliminated but the
skit Is really enjoyable and Is clever
ly done In the same category Is the
singing and comedy dancing dIvertisse
ment provided by Belle Davis and her
southern plckanlnnle8 The picks
do not grow less entertaIning nR they
grow older and Miss Davis face and
l111re have not become less charming
so the act goes through with vim
Abel and IrwIn black face entertain
ers hand out a few oldtimers as
a fringe to some really good vocal
work although the act bore 110 Inward
evidence of being 11 farewell tour
The four Roddings In their handto
hand acrobatic feats showed soma
marvellous muscular motion In start
ling somersaults and flying leaps Fox
and Foxles cIrcus III pOt5esreds or IIlm
IInr recuperative powers and the real
acts of the little dogs and cats and the
takings ot the man were just ns
pleasing as over It were unjust not
to Include In the review of remnants
of former glory the two antiquated
klnodrome productions One of these I
Is the pictured progress of tube Incuba
tion ot n chicken and In Itsolr Is In
teresting and educational But ac
cording to the best information obtaln I
ablo this Is theloventh time the pic
ture has been presented on the screens
of local picture houses To complete
the chapter of ancient or untoward
events several mlxups occurred In
the seating or the audience and at one
time just beforo the performance com
menced It looked as It half the house
were engaged In jumping up and down
to correct mistakes of ushers In seat
Ing them In the wrong placeR Ono
gentleman who moved for tho third
time Irately declared that ho would
see them before ho would move any
more It seems to have become n
confirmed habit In the Orpheum now
adays to scat late comers regardless
of the discomfort to which the early
comers are put and all through the
first part of the program the vie of
those behind was orttlmc l
as the late arrivals were conducted
PMt the rows standing people
Turning from the lellll agreeable por
tions or last nights performance the
mind dwcllll with pleasing recollections
on the vocal worle of the Basque grand
opera quartet The repertoire at rings
from popular opera produced by these
tour singers comprises sole os In
i Preach Italian and English Tho Cluar
the Parleys conduit to the homes neal
the All Hallows college wounds In the
southeastern part of the city It an cs
thnlltcd cost of 55ii33
Councilman Mulvey Introduced a res
olution In which ho demanded a com
munication from Mayor Dransford stat
ing whether he intended to make any
more appointments under tht present
administration If not Mt Muley
asked that the official roster bo piloted
with the rules governing the proceed
ings of the council
Councilmen Fernstrom and Hall de
dared that the manner In which the
resolution was worded was offensive
and that the council ivas infringing
upon the prerogatives of the mayor
During the discussion which followed
Councilman Fernstrom decLared that
the minority of the council was com
pelled to defend the mayor constantly
Mulc Mill God help the mayor It
ho minority Is all he has sot to help
him and then he lost his temper and
declared that ho did not Intend to stand
for any insinuations that he was fight
ing the mayor
Well what are you going to do
about It 7 Mr Hall inquired
Fight back shouted Mule and
then the question was called for and
finally passed City Recorder Bon
Rives was Instructed to have as many
of the booklets printed as necessary
An ordinance was also passed In
creasing the members of the fire de
partment from 64 to 74 The extra 10
men will be placed In station house No
G and to fire up the apparatus In other
tet Is composed ot three men and ono
woman namely Mme Mabello Flscb
er soprano who takes high D 11 tho
Italian Tnwlnta with case Humhelt
Buchorie tenor whoso Garden ot
Roses In English met with much fa
vor M DArtas baritone and M
Fermrd basso artists all The rendi
tion oC the English Glow worm was
enthusiastically encored and the sins
Ing oC the Last Roso ot SUll1mmer
In French was a leature
Another enjoyable number cO1lpet
Inlr the program was the tppear11CO
for the first time on the Orpheum
stage of Miss Julia Frary late prima
donna ot the Frank Daniels company
Miss Frary has a charming voice well
controlled sweet emotional and power
fuI and was nt her best In serious
numbers A bit of comedy was In
terspersed however with now and
then a reference to her own mfcrt1
bly disposed excess or avoirdupois
Miss Frary was encored seerlll times
and responded gracefully each tlmo
BUNGALOVTho opening lines 111
tho dialogue between Willard Mack
and Maud Leone In the play given nl
time Bungalow last night were too per
tlnent to pass by unnoticed What
have I boon doing now asks Mr
Mack as Mt Vest And You
know what you have been do
Ins Is the reply AgnlnYou
havo marrIed a man ot a tow bad hab
its and so onat which the audience
struggled vainly for a moment against
the Infectious humor ot the sIt
uation and then burst Into
good natured laughter Which with
the hearty recalls following the
first curtain gave witness ot
the good fellowship which has many
times bofore greeted Mr MacklI ot
torts to get back to his old position
Because She Loved Him So was
played with 111 the nerve confidenco
and good readIng that usually enters
Into Macks roles Maud Leone us Mrs
West was an able second as tho jealous
wife and Elmer Booth Pearl Ethier
and James Rennie as the Veatherby
family dId the excellent work which
mako them always prime lIeutenants
In the plays put on by the company
Frederick Moore Reed Clarke Joseph
KOllend Irene Outtrlm and Grace
lIamlton filled the minor parts well
and the clever little comedy event with
a dash which kept the l1udlonce In a
roar ot laughter throughout The
piece goes for the remainder ot the I
The pUblic In general likes Mr
1IIackII acting It Is forceful clever and
finished and backed by a personality
which at its belt breathes nothing ot
tho weakness that temporarily robs
him or sanity usually MUll 11 warm
recognition 1Ir tracks entrenct
role however Wo venture are neither
80 tactful not
popular People as a
whole do not like heroics ot a personal
sort any better than the melodrama
ot the stage The public takes DIr
Mack as a whole leniently and does
not care either for allY other than the
practical apology which may show In
the mans effort to regain his feet It
does not relish a verbal aroma which
recalls memories It Is trying to ob
literate It Is untacltul to dwell upon
these memories publicly and person
ally and especially tactless to fling
down gauntlets of defiance at adverse
criticism called forth by his own un
fortunate lapses
Mr Iacks managers would please
their patrons better by having him
conllno his efforts mora to acting und
less to speech making
GRANDJudllnF from the crowds
that throng the Grand this week to
witness The Lieutenant and the Cow
boy one would say that amusement
hall III being rapidly restored to Its
oldlime popularity A hood play n
good company the restoration oC the
reserved seals custom and the return
to the city of a popular actor after a
two years absence all combine to ac
count for the Grand once more talc
Ing Ill place among the favorite places
of amusement The Lieutenant and
the Cowboy Is a stirring drama laid
around n military post In Colorado
some years ago It bristles with action
and snap with not a tame stretch In
A tnJlalLonof up4rfor merit forrdiee Cough
Homincu and 1lUllon 01 throat at great bendlt
In Lung Trwblu Bronchillc and Allbau PIC
from oplatu or an harmful IngrcdInt
Plu25 cenla 60 coot and 100 pu box
Sam > muted en requut
the whole pIn or course everything
li centered about the cowbo Dud
LarrnJee and oC course Theodore
Iorch Jg that cowboy And a very
realistic cowboy ho Is with just
enough frllls milled to capture the
heart of time matinee Idol worshiper
Recalls were numerous Wo have be
hold a good many cowboys on the
stage and In real life hut 1Ir Lorch
beats them all FrItz Boone as Gen
eral Faulkner Wllg quite good bliss
Lillian Brockwell Impersonated Edith
Faulkner In 0 manner very satisfac
tory Mrs Hlgb was In the hans or
Miss Camlllf Lewis and n very pleas
ant character she made or her George
Gravel llPl1eOre1 as the lieutenant
and a dignified austere scoundrel he
was Miss Cecil Fay as Oma furnished
a deal of amusement William Dale
all the old stage driver proved a fa
vorite Miss Gladys Droc < wells little
Indian squaw was good and the other
support helped ntalcoiii n lively en
tertainment Between nell wore pic
ture songs and moving plcturcs
STOTho audiences this nllo
noon mal evening bid fair to be packed
Tomorrow night sees the Inst presneu
tlon or this weeks bill to be succeeded
by n complete change Thursday
IIr E1 Kelley Belvidere III
writes UA I am an exenglneor with
Z2 year < ltlve service to my credit
About throo years ago my kidneys
wen affected so that I had to IIvo
up my engine First I was troubled
with severe aching pain over the hips
Then followed inflammation ot the
bladder and specs appeared before
my eyes A sample of Foleys Kidney
Pills that I trIed 80 benefited me that
I bought more I Continued to tko
them until now I can safely testify
they have made me n sound and well
man SchrammJohnon Drug Co
Patriotism Is time keynote In social
circles today the red white and blue
of the counlrYM tang figuring In details
of function tOm stately banquet and
hall to the most Informal gatherings
There are Imtny ot nil kinds ranging
from large to small continuIng through
the afternoon and others being listed
for this evening No moro general
celebration of the day In a socIal way
hag ever taken place locally and all
events promise In their distinctive way
to ho red letter ones
The largest affair of the afternoon
was the annual luncheon given by the
Daughters of the American Revolu
tion at the Bransrord the cafe being
draped with flags and the tables bright
with the colonial and national colors
After the feast a program of toasts
was given by the 01l01ng club wom
en toastmistress Mrs F W lInt
of Park City and responding Mrs J
E Carver of Ogden Mrs C rn Allen
Mrs G P Sta1man Miss Mary Olive
Gray and Miss Pearsall The affair
was In charge of Mrs J E Oglesb
and Mrs C W BO d
One oC the largest gatherings or the
day w1l1 be the reunion or the Young
family given under the auspices of tho
Young family association and compris
Ing the descendants of five brothers
The event takes place at Whitney hllll
which Is handsomely decorated In the
patriotic colors and It Is expected sev
eral hundred people will be present
Miss Bancroft entertains the Tues
day bridge clUb ths afternoon
Mr and Mrs John E Tedford enter
tain at dinner this evening at their
Mrs O T Salisbury entertained In
formlllly at bridge yesterday the dcc
orations being In the patrIotic color
and 11 number oC friends assisting
An elaborate affair of lost night Will
the ball given by the three local chap
ters of the Eastern Star the affair ink
Ing place at Masonic etmple which was
beautifully decorated and a large num
ber present
Dims F W Howell entertains the
Ladles Bridge club nt the post this
DI and Mrs Fred Stnuffer and two
sons left yesterday for New York
whonco they sail shortly for un ex
tended tOlll whIch will Include Europe
Africa and Palestine
The ball given at Odeon hall last
night for the benefit or the widow or
the Into A E Davis was well attend
ed and a neat sum taken for the aid
of the destitute family
Tnltatlons are Olt for an elaborate
dancing party to be given by the AnlcI
FItItIlIl1lml traternlt or University
of Utah on the evening of Friday
March 1 at time Odeon The patrons
for the evening will bo Gov and Mrs
Spry Mayor and Mrs J S Brunsford
Hon and Mrs W W Rater President
and Mrs J T 1lnJtsbu Dr and
Mrs W C Ebaugh Prof and Mrs
G hi Marshall Dr anti Mrs C G
Plul11mCI Rev and Irs E I Goshen
Prof and Mrs H 1 Brown and Prot
George A Eeatnn
Mss Nell Robinson and ills AI1o
Fletcher were hostesses lat night at
a delightful part the rooms being
decorated In the national lags and In
red and white carnations and the re
freshments following out the idea A
Washington guessing game ws played
and prizes awarded tho winners About
2G guests were present
Mrs W S BinI Is hostess at a card
patty this afternoon the decorations
being In red and white carnations and
the national flags and the amusement
5CO About Z5 goats were present
bliss Helen Grcenwoncl and Harold
Greenwood gave a celebration part
last night flags being used throughout
In decorations tallies and refreshments
and about five tables being played
The amusement was 500 Mrs E M
Best assisted
Tonight n large hop will be given at
the post the details to be carried out
In the patriotic Idea and with a pro
fusion oC detail
Another largo affair of this evening
Is the costume hall to be given Ilt the
Twentieth ward amusement hall by
the M I A or the ward
The mnrrlage oC Miss Lena H Poeh
eleau and Melvin L Grow will take
pInee this evening Miss Jennie
Rocheleau to bo bridesmaid and Law
rence Grow best man
The birthday of Miss Geneva Wells
was celebrated on Wednesday last In
a pretty valentine part given at her
home with bliss Frances Grant the
rooms being effectively decorated and
about 25 present A delightful time
was enjoyed
Miss Ivy Knight entertaIned the T
A B club the time being spent with
coning and reading and two neW
members being voted In Present were
the Misses Cloe Winchester Elinor
White Louise Haycock Gladys Carter
Mary Guest Bertha Spencer llnmle
Hili Nellie Hamilton Leonora Brad
Wilson 13 Rhodes entertains this
evening at a dinner to be followed by
Does not Color the Hair
Ayers Hair Vigor is composed of salphar Glyurin Qulnin sodlumChlodd
c nP
Cavslwm Sace Alcohol Water P rfumc
Show this to your doctor Ask him If there 15 a single Injurious IngredIent Ask
hIm If he thinks Aycrs Hair Vigor as made from this formula is the best prepa
ration you could use for falling hair or for dandruff Let him decide He knOWs
1 C Anon 1nupnT rannll Ciao
Bakal br Royal Backing Co Salt Jkc
Baked in The Mueller Patent Bread Pan
i R ° Y1 L
Shipped Everywhere in These Mountain States
Honest Dealing
When we leave 25 loaves of bread
with a dealer and he sells only 1 7 we
take back the 8 he does not sell and
give him full credit for them In this
way we protect his profit and we insure
every customer a perfectly fresh loaf
We know this is appreciated
The Grocer
is glad to sell Table Queen Bread
because he knowS its the biggest loaf
its pureits always fresh
5c 1R9Y
i J c 1
r 1ft
t pX fpl t
B Everywhere BRW
0 = =
n theater party In honor ot A E
A merry crowd
of school friends env
joyed n Washington birthday party
Friday evening Ute guests or Uardn
Snow 1113
nyonue The rooms
were decoratl wIth national flags and
Imitation cherry blossoms Numerous
jolly games were enjoyed and a feat
ills oC the
evening swore the hatchet
cards each bearln
the name of u
guest the flags with questions about
the Father ot hIs Country the girls
with the answers I
and In this
way a
lIoly hunt was Inllugurated for part I
ners for the
The story
about Washington the adjectives
bo filled In by the guest created
much amusement Mrs Snow
assisted by Mts Valentine and was
an Mrs
Howl1d In the entertainment Present
Norma Snow Ella Pelree Ramona
PeIrce Sena
Dorlus Elsie Tnltnase
Maud llrnrtet
Cr 1the Helen
Corthey Leona Christiansen
Vandorert Abby Hunt Myrtle
Childs Beatrice nUSSIl1IlI1 Vera Du
wall Grace Valentine Myrtle Palmer
Portia HardIng Carol Walker nay
monll Zlnk Quinton Wallace Leslie
Pyke Ray Peters Donald Ashton
John Lynch Percy Weston Charles
Maxwell Franklin Thompson WII
lIam Windsor P J Moran Ptlll
Hirth Archlo Walker Claude SmIth
Joe Corthe Wallaco Kelly
pain In chest and 8010 lungs arc
symptoms that quickly develop Into a
dangerous illness It the cold Is nol
cured Foleys Hone and Tar stops
the cough heals and cases the con
e9ted parts and brings quIck relict
SchronmJohnsol1 Drug Co
Pure Drugs and Prescriptions our
specialty Hallltla Drug Company
Burton Coal t Iumber Company wIll
move their tiptown ufilco to their yards
tit South Third Vest Street on Jlarch
111t 131x Phones YJ3
Washingtonforemost Char
e in American History
q Energized by a
iifr big brain with
TlI capacity for ac
t L tiol1 a whole
some regard
1 UII for truth and
the rights of
I P men ton possessed Yashing I
yrl 3 the requisites
I demanded of I
the times those
i stIrring Colon
sal times when I
a strong per
sonality was
needed to lead
I an oppressed people in its strnggle for In
c dependence
I q The achievement seems
1 predestincd z t
mighty Nation rising from the accomp1i h I
i I Viewed through the vista of years the dawn I
j JAm of Liberty seems a long while ago Yet only
twice 67 years the span of two lives I
1d c Notable I
men have come and gone since then
Just one of them measured up to YashingI
I L ton
I < 11 9f the two men one was rich the other born I
in abJect poverty Both men became PleSl I
I dent Both Med the office with magnificent IIi
I credit because
their endeavors were wholly
Ii for the people because they arose to su lilD
prenie heights in times of large affairs Both
were gentle and yet brave to the point of do I
ing when convinced that action was right
Both were strong in their regard for truth I
9 Since Washington time great revolution
has been wrought
CJ Then a wilderness west of the Alleganies
today a magic picture I Cities noisy in the 1
din of business A network of railways
farms flush in bounteous yield
tAtn q Progress includes the steamboat the rail
1tW road the street cars the automobile the
flying machine the cotton gin the harves
ter electricity the telegraph the telephone
lW the wireless the se ring machine the talk 1
ing machine the modern man of war the
i sky scraper in manufacture the steel
roJD works the mill the factory in commercial
lines the great department stores
Q Truly an age of rapid strides
Of the undeveloped progress of the next
Jl1tn 134 years no man dares to speculate It is
too full of possibilities
Have You Thought Ab0t
Your Spring Sewmg nyp
T Madam
1u o It wont be long now
t until veil ll need sonic
i r TRIUMPH lighter weight dresses
and things Of course
in Vcn have more cold
IIJfu f ail III I weather but thats just I
IIID why you should get at
fh hthlt r your spring sewing 14t
rI NOV for this is the c
roJD a best time of year to do
indoor work
JttID Join our Sewing
Machine Club2 10m
Irib MrthOBJj C P L down and dollar a JWl
f1m DALrAKL Week until paid for I
v tn apul in the meantime you use the machine vJfu
InJJD Vc handle the Triumpha high grade naclllnc Ur WI
der another name it is known the world over and sells
Jr1fu at 50
au Price is 2500
t i
i l

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