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I7 I
aASTEDITION DES u RET EVENING NEWS Your Jtrouclit Who Announcement Appreciate to Ilio Attentionof Valuer In lie Xew Teople Ii
Tiitmi xn i inriiTY
His Man Cobb Elected to Succeed
AiMs as President
Pro Tern
Senators Resented Sena
tors Attempt to Dictate
I 2ir Course
PriloVnt MifHiMM II nil Clmlr
tuRn Mnli of llrpiililliiiu Out
I iial unllnllltt Disturb
Y Match llOtorg II
11 vv Ilitown will succeed 8n
t j r AIMs a president pro
i ili N York senate
hlch U 8 Senator
Tli t
111 i o T M nt from
r cine ii l < tlon of Senator Harvey
jf i 1 nrKhamton the appeal
L HUMi lihilf b > Oov IlugheH
t H < ttti hour and the Influence
H t Iorul ulinlnixtratlon at Wash
Enit < unavailing agalnat the
J t n lr
lrK fl f rv M tended l y Chair
tn U Iin j Hi 1 Woodruff rlhe Jtc
bl I mmlthe Ct b was
1 I 1 h hole of the majority
nf n < of the Republican sen
shortly after H
tr i 10 egan
h k i night and did not end
r in h hour today On the
irt > iin tU bjiiuH two of the supporters
Uavl of Iluffalo
Jf i i > i urge
nd hu throulout the balloting
1 II v > in Meventern weie tiousa
i lime ViIh victory In hla
I i ih i ppid Into the IP with
i i f i 111dt and won the cov
i i t t
II ii ii i ns th choke of 15 while
h i u In beginning mastered
r i > ina unl > tnree to his credit
i I t i h
v ii li tiiislt Cobbs victory
I i inuinfli for chairman Uoodrurt
i i > ii tjt < > iKinlxutlon the beaten
I I Urrv ootlruffs liifiunce wan
r i ihk ir what happened
Inn ih > will nf tue Individual sena
iMing the haul ground tomo
I thfm 111 411 today thflt Ssnuier
Iwl ha 01 maUo a mht ka lemr4lflo
flg hi r ter to elect Hlnmnn In so
t 4 4 Ila l r
H i uin ity given Hoots telegram
in night wn Intentional Its ob
t huw the people of the
t no thir flairs at Albany were
n i in ii fBctory to the party lead
r an I i U Hugh and that there
fll I In t nw deal The state Mina
o h < v r bitterly resented dicta
II thui might ilincrellt their own
n I riin r and authority with their
rMllu nt
EI i lii Guy Hughe took office
B t iffiir ha been made to break up
Ih hihii Of the old local bosses
> 1w U in If effort succeeded was
en f tli thing shown by Cobb
i In non Hiving destroveil the puwer
of i th < ountv and lltrct
1 i 1 < ih Hilmlnlttratlon at Waah
ingt ri f mi ml itself without means to
iea h Mi dtHte xenator The local
l nl i > h lm retained their power
T HII i ir < iin vooilrurf anti Cngb
a i lio n e > t fo much hecauc the
riaiiiiitum nlrtered him a n leI es I
inhlit ts because he wa the
> I r us t w n pot with which to ila
t llooi Hiiil the governor
1i11 niiil Cobb victory has gain
eil fr tin old regime Is iJIITIclllt to
lee luther it has
strengthened the
grip of cluiiimsn Woodruff to the ex
Iptit f i ring hi reelection Is a
KM nn If senator today felt
rph to nrrirm Cobb before his elec
tMii iiLlLtvoied to declare his free
doll rtli Modruff and ilia absolute
Lo K or lhgatlon to Senator Alld In
1ft tit nxnt yesterday he affirmed his
r 01 ill Senator Root and the
re r Hlthough he deprecated the
1riier niterferenc In the leader
511 Ip tight
IlL frind say he will lose no time
Jti d aring hla loyalty to the gover
SloT Tor even In their hour of victory
orgrtniiition men admit that
HUI k Ihe party 1 greatest at
In 1 < al
Mi riirsiiiiivr SlI1mIX
lXtDIiXrj4y IHSTUUmm
March 11lce rrI
11 eiman and lUpreaentatlve Mi
l h irnian of the Republican
IrMl tlsi unmIUN are evidently
tte 1 bv tte oleveI01meta In the
HIJlbUn CBUCI at Albjuiy lust
Vzlt They lIed to aes PrIdent
fl t > dny and whit waiting In the
ntt M m Mr Sherman
> in d 10 have heii ndoraed by
1 pi tttatly McKlnley In comment
Ing n ii the
rate aid
1 tvau nol pleased with liii aelectlm
T frrting
to rcbb a jrealdHt protein
ed Alld The other election
in 11 Hinman would hAve mnt
ttlti ailing for the campaign with nn
eiu or unii In the way I would
r t IIY that the
course of event com
lil iit ttItrI but It certainly 4I
I lurbR them
Jl 4 s Yoik Mh 1IA lerge part of
hhto NTW Vorlc will petid this
r fur uip edsool
InNi building In to go
h Ji tollVru < > Uo of portable hool
WO a scheme of Mayor
th ilyvnur for
itttflitikzit rellt oV the con tuthon In
rtrtpd part 1 ot the efty There are
5iOiit 5IIQ chlhldrss oh
ndrlLon prl tlm II
tk fhI Iwo 10 three yeais 10 build a
Derminin1 schoolhouse but the portalIt
ulltllnl tt be set up iii lime for this
a h
hol openi1 after next slimmer va
rlllon The mayor pun to IOrovl
n B a
t rnr er pupil Whn the eutuMu
ml Irn
< v Vork Slarth Kulrurtltlon
ifi ha IMIU ilre Alert In prone
t iCI < llp ifl III I H ev City to
hflir < > huh 1
untx the orn u or
110 hig mi iflieI Is Indlited by the
irrl Jury Tit grand jury nu ailed
t gtp11 agtin toflav to r nnv its In
tlpllon of IH trllt mait < m
Cltlcngo Cotton mid dniln i icculiilor
I bait il lit mill rollmtril III Strrcli
lly Crmuli Police IteMiiIng Him
London March 11A pcial < li
patch Irom Mam hotter nay Jam A
Patten th < Chicago cotton and gram
peculator nan hooted off the Man
thestei exchange thl afternoon and
uhlunll followed through the
street b > n large rrond He wn
obliged to find lefuge In a buln of
The report from Manchester that
James A Patten wa chased nut of the
Manchester exchange I a confirmed Pat
ten wan roughly Jostled In the exchange
before he wan hurtled out Into the
street Kveolually the police came to
his rescue and prevented the hnntllo
crowd from following the speculator
Into the office where he found tem
porary safety lAter R W9C imugglcil
out of this office and driven awy In a
Chicago March 1IWIn W J Cal
houn minister to China left Chicago
last night en route to the orient he wee
aitnded by an eacort of four Chinese as
signed by the Imperial government at
Pekln to look after his safelt n1 corn
tort until he ftr foot on Chinese soil
I don know when I urn coming neck
I am going to silk t lie post until I
have either < le l < iodt > u u < re ded or utter
ly failed saId Mr Cmhoun t hall
lay until m > work b rlnl hed
I C Nellie Tiilci liirgp of 1111
Viillrj Coal 1111WIII llcxln
Sliimilnir IM Jnb
Affair of the Castle Valley Coal com
pany at Cedar Creek Broer count
hAve been progressing rapidly In the
last few week and within a few
month more the company will reach
Ita productive period At that time It
will be In a position to put better than
M6 ton of coal a day on the markot
P C Kittle of Salt lake ban been
made superintendent of the mine and
assumed his duties on March 1 He
will endeavor to Inaugurate a program
of more rapid progress In the develop
ment of the property lie is well vers
ed In coal mining and ban been con
nected with vartou coal nrtalflK Itwtl
tutlon of the tat for loamy yours
Tlie railroad tgaek IMM lf P oomrttt
U to tLe MW IMm of igrL when
UH coet lU met dIp I the
itter IJuwt lI1I d ar shop
for th IditI1I 1Yb
first train went over the road on
Potb 27
The tore building Is one of the fin
eat of Its kind In Cantle valley It In
made of native stone taken from the
mountain not more than a few hun
dred yard away It hi a white and
tone that resembles marble It is
80x100 feet The power hOUR and
tipple are nesting completion and the
railroad will soon be hauling In the
machinery for them
The company now expect to have
its product on the market early In July
In the meantime there is a large
amount of work to he done The mine
will have to be developed a great deal
more and then there is the resurfacing
or the railroad track pulling In of
varlou switches the completing of the
two mile surface tram and other
Albany X Y March lIfh Callan
bill hit been approved liy the state
IfgUUtture committee here and will be
reported favorably for passage The
motor Interest express general satia
factlon with the measure providing for
the annual reguUratlon of machine
with a graded fee licensing of chauf
feurs and new speed provisions The
license fee is tf for machines under X
horsepower Jl from 2i to X 116 from
U to 46 and m for those of higher
horsepower Fee and fine are to be
applied to the stale highway fund
Cities may fix their own elided lim
it but smaller cltle and Incorporated
villa we mut not make the limit blow
U miles an hour In the country dis
trict speed above M mile an hour Is
heM presumptive evidence of unsafe
Cincinnati March tTh demand of
the miner uf thus cenlril competitive
Held arc In the handS uf the vl com
mittee appointed by the conference of
miner and operator In seeslon here The
committee began It work today
Kharkov Ituiila March I 1IlnllJ
tor Laguvky of the Lubes police de
partment was sentenced today to four
vetir n the penitentiary for manufac
turing evidence on which three Inno
cent students narrowly escaped court
martial anti death for terrorist attempt
I a x > vky hoping to lecure promo
tion concocted terrorist proclamation
and cipher correspondence which he
coiuealed III the house of the student
allowing their connection with the
crime burled n ninnbei of homo and
revolver In thel garden and aa a
climax hot himself In the arm to
rlmuUttx an attempt on his life wear
Ing that he had Identified one cf the
students as a perpetrator
Washington March liThe Arlsona
and New Mexico statehood bill was
oidered favorubl reported by the sen
ate committee on territories toda
Amenitniitit were ndopletl which will
I l > oimt nil iltlccn who hnv ii < f > ll < il In
the urrllorieH for one year or nmie to
vote foi I tie rutin < utlon of the onotllu
loU of tin piopomud til ti
The effect of this III IM to nt
election uallflcatloiis ri the form they
existed prior to the recent acts of ti
tel lltrlal legldature vhub ItUl hhic
err 11 of ti frani hllu i itnln < lm
r iiiliii nitihlv Mixlinti 11111
IlId IVII a signed aiioriling I
ihiirgen maile liv the Hepulilli an to
11k Ih Ii tim t < i llemoiiatli bond
any oueMlon for many years
Deputy Eugenio Chiesa of Milan
Received Five and Fought
Two Duels
hit AililrcfeMtl II < iiwllon to Joivrn
intiit CoiHcriiliic Inlliimice of
Atislrlini OlIlIlea Oil Ami
Home March IITh honor of eveiy
one concerned ha been vindicated In
the two duel fought by KuKenlo Chl
ea the Republican deputy of Milan
and the other three encagiincut of th
offending party were called off tduy I I
In the chamber of deputle ias Ill I
day China who ha a reputation ti
a duellvt addressed an Inlerrugat
to the government concerning whnt h >
described is the Influeno of the Aux
Irlan llaronua Hleman on the Italian
army by raaoon of her acquaintance
with tM late Lieut Oen ljiluwre Balle
and subsequently with ten fVcta It
focMttto the commander of the grand
maneuver and who In said to h en
gaged to marry the baroness fleA
Irudente under scuetry uf war re
fitted to reply whereupon b wa
roundly abueed b > Chits who toox
occasion to remark that Duchess dl
Utta had been a great favorite with the
late King Ilumhrl Count Inacoiao
Morando a nephew of the ducn a
boxed rhleaa ear and then chaiisital
the latter to comliat
Gen Irudente also sdnt his ecotMl
to Chleaa I lid Cen Fecla dl eM
Mtto A fourth challenge wee receiv
ed from a eon of the Duchess dl Unite
at Milan and < fifth from a nephew
or the duchess In llerlln
fhle announced hi wllllngn to
meet all corner sod on AVednoMiA
received I prick on the chin from the
word of Gen IrudetUe Yetenlay
after 14 aaaaulta rhleaa put hl Irk
on the cheek of Gen Iecta dl C
alto ami today it wa decIded that
everyone WH Mtbifletl
Itarnne tfleman arrived from ller
lln today and will nurse the general
back to his normal health
1 II reported that the two will be
married won The general Is 64 years
of age and the barn 4Z I
Washttigtitl March nne Mil to
Incorporate the Jl ckefll r foundation
wag HilwMravjerBbJJ reported at a
tacuUYftt naf the iterate dltrl
at OBluSTlSv eotnmlttee following a
tBtsmjnt Biadtt Senator J Murpby
tultltomJtJM Drl turp
Frank Winter who conduct a pool
room nt 1 eM r1rt Houth ntnet and
ieorge W Wel who hu a poolroom tNt
W eat First Mouth Mre t were rrted
thl mornlnK 0 warrants charging them
with contributing to the delinquency of
11 WIgl
minor Winter I a accuted by Probation
Oflteer heric 8perr with allowing
Herman McCotouph 1 yrers old to play
pool In the place Wei lit charged
with allowing Floyd Hradihaw U Pr
old to frequent his place
It C Itinlionlil A < ka Kcllcf Irnnt
niiii ijiiion viicr
II O Kaybouki complain In a coin
imiiiicallon addrwwml to the city loun
I today that the flume on Wt
Temple street wt Kourth Fifth Sixth
aiMl Seventh South streets are stopped
up and that the water nood the street
When the tiptown streets r Hualied
Mr IUylx > uld say that the water
eventually come down West Temple
tract carrying with It all the dirt and
riiltblati washed fnun the street above
and that It is unhJallliful The council
la requested to take mme action In
having the flume which have been
choked lip all winter cleaned out At
some of the Intersections th letter
stated the Humes are not large enough
and It ii suggested that they I eoug
large enough to handle Ib water or
divert It In some other direction
8pecll to The News
Washington D c March 11flay
lord C McComb has bent appointed
rural carrier Walter F Fillmore sub
rut t at Sherman Wyoming
vMiotm ix 1iiio
Hour litter on ltniiiincr DUIIIIICCN O
S U Irk NVur Monliicllcr
The Boar river continues to Rive
trouble with high water washing out
the Short Line track
iht I near Montpeller
Id m that train are for the time
being toured via Ogilan The only
Inconvenience this causes is to reel
dent living between locatelki and
Granger The Southern Pacific rol
ploted rePair in Palisade
plle rltlrl Jlhod canyon
Thursday night n train are now
running regularly again between ORSen
and Han IruncUco The freights that
have bran tied up along the line are
now being releaaed and hurried to
their deatlnhtlon The Wmtern Pail
flu will run its train over the Southern
PaclHc between wHahout its
1 hol on I own
lln until repair are made
IAN Itati Aarch I Art H
trial lasting three day In the dltrlt
court the Jury In the John W Neltu
cue Iwoucht In I verdict lat midnight
of guilty of the charge of grand lar
ceny He wax aorusml of iteallnz n
load of grain from John Oodfrey While
on the witness stand the iefendant ad
inltteil that he had Iweti convicted b
of horse Healing and
fore hora Mage rob
bery He will b sentenced o Monday
John Wangegurd a youth of IT year
wbo claim hil horn la In lluntvlllc
who broke Into a tor at the Logan
depot about H month ago and who wa
caught laat week wa up before Judge
Maughau this morning and ant to the
Utat Industrial school
IOAN Manh 11For the first time
tll > Ct r the city lountll mot and
tuinirtxt huntniMv nlthnut a wi ingle
The rgulni appropriation titt wi
passed In the abencc of the holdvrr
preddent John T I nine rounclltn
Stevens ItopuMlian wa hon chair
sentet man There tere two IlcpubKan ah
tigden U a Mirrh 11 Itteii
ger train paagtMtakrough r lliadc
canyon lu IjlJWMId from no on
the Konthoni Mfljgb line went from
Ogden wHI oSlme the train
vihedule In kefore the ne up
caused by 4k tlumbollt vali >
The first throi train fmni Cali
fornia It due I Qtden at I lock
thin afternoM Mi will be followed
by six paaaeaMM mall trains
WI of here flbr ate JOO loud
cd freight cra 9U 1 1 racked which
nil Mart M tiff tonight By
early next nngfitta cooceatlon on
dlJr the Houtheni Iwflk will Ivftn to
Train Tow lfe Oregon Bhort
Line conllnoWUDl b routed from
nranger Wy B over the fnlon
Pacific and aea Hbrth froin Ogilrn
The damage IK washout near
Montpellfi IdaMk hap not hern re
paired The Hear rtvei IK in flood
and great difficult he h > Ing xp < rl
i nc < vl In placing r n M trn pots y
bridge aerose the Ftr uni
That 30000000 Bond Issue
Will Have a Hard Road
To Travel
ClMlriiKin I ISO 1tli Oilier llepiili
IUuM lcinlMr < mid 1 Demo
cm Is OiIMell to I
Washington Jlarch 36The rwky
road that stretches ahead of the pro
posed 4ttoaoWO b nd bjiw to enable
tifl completion ef raofcutatlon project
In the west bminitteyigtbk at today
hearing on the Mil before the houee
committee on waba wd mean
Ilepreaentativ llanU of Wyoming
atgued for his hiP vvfrtcti is o of a
number before lh cemmfttie The mar
ter hill which authorizes tb lamuinoe
of JIOOWCOO forth of certificate of In
debtednaaa liwteail efr v bond lu I
also peoaliw The Cftfter bill ham al
ready i < n Alfb tt but h Irk
a snag id ttfb house committee
e1 Jllf emnIUH
Chalrtwn Iayne M opposed to the
nropoMtlon along with other Hmibll
case hixUatl the penecnutc roemUer
1 Catlfornla
M s
that are large rkcmiiaUoe t
ar the iwrtlcular committee aflvo
rate of the proposed legislation
Member of the commHtee say th
matter Is of too grave importance
In con l < ler hastily and that the Indi
cation are again any favorable action
tion on the bond issue or on the propo
sition endorsed by the senate
Praetl < ally eveiv Hate In which
reclamation work Is In progress will be
glen a hearing
8omn o the nesurn senator n
representative exprea unaaiNaa over
a suggestion that certain adO of
conservation In the house are inclined
to strike back at the west liy opK
IiI the reclHirmtion completion bills
Sow Tvveimllvc Men llchlnil the
ltnr Ilclil on 300 Hull on
neranc Clmrcc
Six more male parasites were arrest
ed Thursday night n lodged In the
city Jail on the charge of vagrancy
Their ball wa fixed In the um of SI
each and nom > of hem was able to
furnish th money Three of the
prisoner are negro 1 flashily dreu
eu l and each supplied with a comfortable
able working capital
In police court thl afternoon I of
these undesirable cltlwn were ar i
ralKiMil and the r to he tried set
arately on the charge o vagrancy
There r 4V case on th docket for
today and this mean it will take nev
er > ly to dear the docket of th
vag casa
Th name of the prisoners ass they
appes on the register of arrest are
as r low T I Clark U Robinson
J J Smith INn Brown James Crouth
> l Ionnel 1 Waldo T W JlHrtln
One Pern I M Bcott C 1 Fret
Mike Anderson FA Oallagher Je Tol
man IT Paulson J K Henry U arlp
W Prayer W D McCulloch A lies
Ale Thomas c H Hagenbach J p
June John Kelly R Watkln Jo
seph Miller and Alt Jx > un
Frank G Carpenter
In Burma
HlH hit Vitll till JIIi llfll
t nant I iv ettr I
slii i fI in
Saturday News
I ii ut rated
othel reaturea of till iars 1
be at follow mm
Paul Revere messenger of the
Revolution who became Americas
copper king Illustrated
Fainnun awediah painter afraid
money would spoil him
Amailng Clrafl In the Itumlan
army discovered O un poted
visit of 111 ititr Illuslrated
London society goslp of interest
to American
V lUle s unwritten stay along th
linen f t h Ihantl leer
PAPKK Thn lremme room it nit mullIng
Ing depurtn ent
Chief Engineer Davis of Reclama
tion Service Tolls of Intorview
With Secy Ballinger
Sdcreisms Ilslaiiitmli lOts Vetknl Or
tier 11ml Such lmpsilii IM ln >
iwireil t tic nil Iknlkl
Wahlngton March U Arthur r
IMVI chief engineer of th raplairm
tlon service teatlfted before t Bal
IlngerPlnrhot Invnttaatlng commltlou
today that In preparing list of laud
to b reatorvd to the public domain by
Secy Ballinger he felt that he waa act
Ing under mandatory order from lh
These land had been withdrawn the
wltnaa Md by former Becy Uartl ld
for conservation of water power sites
Mr Hulllngrr according to Mr Davis
repeatedly gave verbal order that tV
lund a withdrawn should b prfp rel
fM restoration and that their with
drawal had been In direct violation C
Uw and could not b sustained No
written ordet however were ever h
Mr Duvis is before the committee mi
a summons Issued by counsel fo lit
ford Plnchot
h pronecutlon claim that Prc l
dent Taft totter of dept 1 last ex
oneratlng Mr Ballinger from th tRaviS
charge showed that Mr Taft got the
Impression from Mr Ballinger that he
had made these restoration only upon
recommendation of the reclamation
Th chief engineer of the reclamatloi
service alo declared today that Mr
BUr had dIrected that lh hit of I
land to be restored should be prepared
lowly 8 aa n to attract public attention
er Job onaccount of his health being
Wit the leatlmony of Loul K
tRavis Gifford Plnchot and former
Secy Jame K Garfield all In the
pronecittlon at the lialllngerItnchot
hearing today began the Introduction
of evidence which Is Intended to h In
corporation of what the three princi
pal witnesses already have said The
Strut of the witnesses called for this
purpose is A I nay chief engineer
of rp reclamation service who took
the utand late eterdav afternoon
but had only fairly Ire his story
when adjournment wa taken
Just before the adjournment of the
committee yesterday afternoon the
member engaged In quite a illncu
sipn as to whether or no t statutes
r Wrdlftft wgluy W Wi lbs
expnrt affavHavIt nf c hr j
nlngham which Include the tate
ment by him on May B I reltemt
eil on Kept 4 ISO I that the Ouggen
helm mndlcale had no Inter direct
or Indirect In the Cunningham group
o < oal land claim In Alaska
A hearing before the aenate com
mittee on territories recently develop
ed the fact that an option by the Gug
genheim on one half the Cunningham
claim wa accepted by the claimant
Dec 7 1HT
When toy discussion began Atty
Hrandelv aald he desired to call the
committee attention to the revised
statutes regarding perjury and moor
nation of perjury which he thought
covered theh cae
U l > nvl mid he thought the Oar
flpld plan of making wholesale with
drawal whlih could be pared down
b subsequent eliminating wa pre
ferrable to the Balllngw plan of to
Ing all the land and later withdraw
ing the smaller area actually faces
sary for ponrr site purposes He
thought the first method a better ro
tectton of the government interests
When the technical feature of his
testimony had been exhausted Mr
Davis was asked to tell of a Inter
view he had with Becy Ballllnger
Mann 17 IMt
The secretary telephoned to me to
come to hI hotel acid the wllns
We talked for two hour discussing
principally the power ile withdrawal
lie criticised th conduct of th recla
mation servIce a acid that the with
drawal of the large areas was Illegal
He also said there were many seitlir
on land In the WIt who h been
promised water and had nothing but
promise to live on He critlclied our
system of fore account or the direct
employment of labor and sid we
ought to have everything done by con
I irltlilied our publicity bureau
I told him It wa for the purpose of
dlemlnatlng Information aa to rant
ou protect that It laved time of of
ficer and prevented Inaccuracy In
newspaper account He criticised
what he termed our opprraalon o contractors
tractor and aald be had heard much
complaint on that store I told him I
was entirely re ponlble for any op
preanlon but that I had alway tried
to do Justice to them
I defended all the thing he erltl
cli d to the bet of my ability Mr
Halllnger did not how any great fa
mlllnrlt with thn work of the service
He seemed interested In all I aald and
when I was through he declared that
matter looked better tq him JI said
he wunted me to help him gt acj ah
led with the work and I promised to d
Did you know h had previously
gone over these matter with your
upcrlor Director Newell T asked Atty
I did not
Old Mr Ualllnger make any refer
ence to Mr Ntinell
He pread a lack o conttdenc In
him I had aim seen newspaper clip
ping which atd ecy BaUlngvr lu
tentlel to rorg nlae the reclamation
retrico and to eliminate Mr Newell
What Impreitalon did Mr Balllnger1
comment on the power site withdraw
ala leave with you
tie pokc aa though a greet crime
h been oorntnltted by the with
drawal I nald I did not think It ass
8 serious that the land could b
readily restored and that no great harm
could h done He asked me paci
fic ally If I could segregate the with
tint A nil made fo conatrvMton of power
trim the other I amid I could He
told me to go ahead but that he did not
care to have It done suddenly I got
th ImpreiRtin that he named It done
Sloe I y but I illil not It tot 111 y algol
fit HT1I f to It
l > i < liit M Hilhiifc WM > Ii ii it Ii t
It done Nina H > IN not In attiut putt
1 Hltentlon
S < v iliit IM IS i > < > lle lion
Th unnlnghtim ifi Jflvit M I SIt
Ihul iililnil lit tlic Oinlcn l > on Its imd
IMHiil tmorks North of
Itriglmm nu
IHJIIM III to The ma I
Kngham Ol > ltah M nh tiAt
130 p in Thursday a Rhocklnc acci
dent occurred at th Ogdna Portland
cement work just norta o ala city
when Irvin D Hoyt a worfcwa was
ground to piece betweM two large cog
Mr Hoyt h a wife and family in
Syracuse N Y and CIUIM hits auiaa
tim 0 for hla health Aa He was a
distant relative of the manager of the
work Mr W J Bell h ass gives
employment at the plant Brat as en I
gineer but recently was given an eail
er Job on account of his health being
the general roustabout r aome unaccountable
accountable lesson he climbed to the
top of th bucket tower probably to
to bkel pl
fix something In the machinery lie
either became dlray and Ml
eiher lipped or Im dil hI
from the towel Into the whirling machinery
chinery below He I between two
large cog wheel and hi body w a
ground to piece bofon the machinery
could tw topped III head and limbs
were uninjured but his body win h
ribly mangled The remain were
eared for by a local undertaker n
sealed In a nitmulih imttkt They were
sent to hN lioim In Mvijiuee thl
morning In ire of i friend
MtH > r Hl I Inill lI tl tin Helling
Sliinil nt Ilvcil KHCI HIM lie
iitil upiM of I licit lssmiey
Cnuncll Bluffs Inca May II The
testimony of Zvharlah Pleipout of
Morreyvllle Mo featured the aeconl
day of the trial In the federal court of
John c Maybray and IS O hla allege
associates charged with wldpte
llerpont pointed out a group of m
porter at the prea table as membem
prpu Millionaire club who h1
bet 145030 on a tied hone race In
Council Bluff two gnarl ago He told
of the event leading up to hie coming
o council Kluff n was k It
isat nil Attv mewurt whom he
met on reaching the city
II I met I number of those good
looking gentlemen over there he replied
lonlin pnlfe
plied pointing to a U urroundtng
the preen table
Mr Steinrl dropped his line of quems
tlontng with Ih remark
h Ciunael for the other side will cross
examine you on that point
llerpont wee preceded by William
Prnl FMidvr Web who told of
oMt Of M
I J MTenT Ylcthw t tVnver
and Omaha where they lost aume I
an Omh flied spotting
gngatlng U 9 on fnd Ilnll
Jtln admitted hte connection
events Scott dmlte hh mnnf
< ft of
the defendant and told
tion with th dtndnl n toll
taking customer to Denver and
Council Hluff who lot 310113 He
laid partleular since on his transaction
lion through tb mall In doctored
he had corrponded with 1M defend
ant repeatedly regarding the fwlnil
ling operation alleged In the Indict
1nIpr Delaine told how he had
aved UM by marl work on the farm
and on a railroad section and how he
1 come to Council Bluff at tb M
llcltatlon of Ernet Ftihy and Jam
Coon He aald they handed him St
to make bet and this turned hi heed
to such an extent that he wa induced
to bet hi own money Imm4tatav
his own money wits in tb pool ho
hut u hop
Mated the bookmake up lop
and the wrectllng math was held In
a barn loft He nvr siw hi money
Denver Marit It The reservoir of the
Julberg Irrigation iilitrli gacC way
this morning loot a Ira ton
and causing much damage No lee o
life I yet repoiled
A sectIon of the brni line of the
Inloa PaclHc road track was whd out
and wire are down
4 IIM wa left with Becy Oatfield by
Mr Ballinger
Chief Engineer Davis this morning
continued hi detailed statement a to
operation of the reclamation service
under the direction o Mr Garfield
He went over mol of the whoiceala
withdrawal of pownralte land b Mr
Garfield He declared there wa no
subterfuge at any time
The policy of withdrawal Mr Da
vl tilt was n Initiated by the
reclamation civlce but wa ordered
by Aery Garfield
Atty Pepper tool up with Mr Davl
the detail of every water power with
drawn made by fiery Oarfleld order
and asked for a comment o each
IK you want me to draw Infer
ence asked Mr Davis
That baa been th style here to
date remarked Senator Nelnon t
Homer Ida March II Kmphatlc de
nial of the declaration made of e
Hecy of the Interior Garfield befor
the BtvlllngerPlnchot Investigation
committee to the effect that len
had been wamd not to establish resi
dence on government reclamation proj
set until the war warn ready for de
livery wag wired to the houe way
ami mean committee today b th
Water users a oclatton o Payette
D H Hubhard
Boise project Hurd
prealdent of the aaaovlatlon declared
that a country v Ide systematic sys
ten of advertkiln had been conduUed
by the department to Induce a ttn to
take up land yean before water could
be furnished There are 1110 famlll
on Ihl project waiting for water acid
Mr Hibbnrd ° n moet of them came
as the rHUlt of advertising done by the
Interior department under Oarfleld
to the and mean
The telegram lh wayc ma
committee from the PayetteBola
Water ler omoclatlon is as fol
low The Interior department under
Hltchiock and Onrfteld gnve the withal
publicity to reclamation project by
touture and literature at every national
tional exp ° itiflfl SOd mot state tan
ton1 PaytteBole project atone hal
ncHved ovr 11000 Iniiulrlen anti thu
unilM of ettler rmiiltlng from aiiih
puhll itv 4 ttleri w ro nevei wtirn J
LUiinit < oiniiig The iin hr waiting
To itin M ttt tin HIM tnlnttiii7inK thte 1
tOt in i u > llv nnl iihHiinl r1 K
ld1 Infln liiIitiW5I thn tlm t I
II IM lilt i ltd s ui oil I lliiiiiH4li to
mitt UJli Hlll > t I
Secy Wilson Issues Order Rais
ing Quarantine in Seven
Counties in Utah
l1lrteti Irntii Knllre Stnto of Wh >
ItiKlim ansi lis rye Portion of N
gull Neviulii mill Cnlornilu
sAprciai to The New I
Waahington D c Marc Itta the
result o th e0 o jwtaml and
tat authoHtle to eradlcaM UM Its
4ae known as h wmb an ordef hM
b n issued b the Mcretary o Bri
culture effective Hrh 11 rfe e
from quarantine th entire aMa of
Washington a large portion f o
ton Nevada Utah Colorado and Art
anna as follow That portion at 0
gai lying east o Cascade moun
tain the countte of Lincoln Ctafke
and Nyc In
n NvA th counties of
Beaver Ilute Iron Garfield Pan JA
Washington and Kane in Utah an
Arizona except Navajo and A path
CountieS and all of the avutheng f
lon 0 Colorado PI
The release of no large en area at thin
time Indicate the good progress nmad
during the pat year In the woik of
tamping out thl dl eae
When the bureau of animal Industry
began systematic work more than 18
veers ago fo the eradication of sheem
scab this disease
I l1 Palled over large
area in th wet and wa rapidly
spreading Gradually the Infection ha
been tamptsi out anti
ot Ind UN reduced
until t territory now remaining under
quarantine consists only ot the unr
LrfJLu rxTxV IIn p alitornia the
territory o New Mexico the MutlHwn
portion of Colorado two counties In
Anions northern part of rtah mud
Hvat and th western portion of Ore
gon Theae good result have been
Hocompll ed with the eonn > iittinn f
state n loral mII and fie tp
o nrogmalve tockmcn I m I >
that with the
tht ointlnunt nn r f
work by all comernnl tli I
N completely eradicated fi i tis
within u verv fdw n
SM K Mum mm SUM l tinson I nnilicr
C I TlinlHr Ijiml huts Were IVrfpct
Mr W w lItter who t one of the di
rector of tb Oregon Umber o4Mny
on being eaSed to a ilatemtiit relalln
to the allewed land frauds li Humpter
VaJtoy Or l The report Htpr
railroad company being al 1 Involved
were Incorrect the company hd nelhinfc
whatever to d with he matter a It
owned no land In that ooantry further
than the right o ay for I line The
Oregon Lumber company mae interests
there In the liMberistuidainyelyp4 but I
always rappoMd our title f ni > rfeet
and o my vlilt there I have Alway In
quired of the
company employee who
had the mauler In hand whether cs held
5fl > title subject to ittaek and wa al
way told there were none
J4r Hlter my Iht he hats no further
interest In the rallrmd company than that
of any other lockholder
The inngc of the thermometer ha
rained within the nt day to llx degrees
with propeil for its being wrm r Hat
urday The northern low ha paated to
th upper lake having produced gener
UI eloudlne and urcttered prtalpHattoa
on the way while another OepraMlen has
appeared on the Oinadlan benfar In the
Rocky mountain region which b causing
chinook temperature on the eMtern
lope though the ky is generally clear
In that MHtlim The low that appealed
to have paued off the mp to the south
y terdy morning to Mexico aad the
Gulf is now moving across the outieit
ern atale where precipitation wa betty
yesterday and last night New trteatte
reporting Ut lmimhee yetxniay OrM
Court n in I Allonie Poncrlfs Until
hit Hollar liti Ia ImiHivil
Ham D L was onls quieted IN the
civil vlilon of th cltv court I k
afternoon when Judge Vhltt kit flood
him in for contempt Lee then cuts
sided and gave the court n further
trouble Lee I suing J X Jarvis late
deputy treat supervisor for malicious
prosecution Jarvl once upon a ills
had L arrested fo calling U JurvU
family a waddy faced Bunch Leu
Was subsequently discharged In Uo
court and then the cult xlnt Jarvl
In civil action for damage followed
cvi dmgu tolf
r Jarvl waa testifying O th tf
this morning when she referred to the
Incident of 1ee calling tl Jar
family names Le wa on hi rl In
a minute declaring that th tentlukMy
ID given wa false Ills attorneys
attempted to make him alt down then
the court and the court oftloar took a
hand but without effect The court
wag finally compelled to thunder from
the bench You are fined W for contempt
tempt of court Thl was sufficient
to Lee and the ae proceeded after
h and paid the amount of the ale
tin clerk of the lourt
ClHWlc T llHrnt isesriitce UK Vnr >
I ler IVioltr HI HIP tnlierlt
ciauje T Barnea lectured before U
graduating normal atudenta of the nil
veralty thia morning on The Hartilvr
or Itah
Th pUter deecnbed the arblr >
moat common In the Mat and gave
point of IdentIfication by which thy
my be recognlMd In the Held Among
the specie prominently dlaouaaad wore
Anduboii the Virginia Macgiiiiviys
and the k n < rtalled chat The tory 0
bird tf aa exhibited by this interest
Ing bird group was vividly 1 xini
pathetlcall portrayed by th pe kti
pthtal pray8
end epclally the trai dli soil tian
I ng of their fall n jli mlifiJtion
A moat InlriMitliiK feature for HUM
who had nerd heard thee bird vine in
11 na the ilew ilptlon f the ni of
emli and Its 0 vi Imitation In a hint
ing h the 1lk
Mr iirn i < t < < Homng miiMr
cit i x 11 if < < > 0 in > ti the name
mhje t U > o 10 lr e I the fiinner
ni it i er I iiiti wtruitlve anj to
the p
I Jl
i I
t I fli
II t I
I 5
I f J

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