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r H I t
let I Corner of Month Temple and Kaat Tea
i t f 1 pie atrftta Kilt ljke City Utah
I l r i Jlornc co Whltnev Businea Mnasasr
dn Advenes
I d j fay hI per year 188
e Hv i nrrlrrn per yeer 1g
r seer Y > kly
> y > per yesr
JI j i i fcitiirilHy New per year W
1 t 4f
I I r inndence and ether reading maj
I C a I t r fan ihltestlon should be UNnrsSd
II l it tr KIMTOR
t t
I Arths all hnlnaa commsmleetHMei
y 1 ° J n d nil remlttsnees
n I 1 I lalt Lab City Utah
r jj mtrn Kpresentstlrs Mew York
t j J I mklln P iVsern plat Iron Building
I r I < icnpA W Wolf Security Bulldlsg
< if
I J 1 Rnlered SI the pnitofllr of salt I < she
iT 1i II I < 1ly a amend rlss matter according
to An of Contra Mitch t mi
r y iIi I
r t =
i VUKK iv intiicvriov
j I fti l
11 11 I
I iit Pr e Klngnbury of the rnlvoi lly
I ii of Itub In on address before the facul
iI I ti I I i t8 if the Training echonl thin week ut
l i1 voiHttd a unique educational e > fx > rt
blob rt Ii k mi nt He Hugegcted the educstkm of a
E I + certain number of boy and girls with
i If out hook mid mitlnly outside of the
l I r
1 rental room
t il
j I 1 The propcwitlon was tu take a ea s
to r of pupil In bund by mean of walk or
J urnlons to paces tint would appeal
If 11 moot Ntrongly In the child Interest i
iind that would serve to slow him
t I varlou phase of the world work
tt Mirh sa the organisation and coopera
I 1
r + bm of human being In Industrial nor
inm the material ned the product
r11 4 C1 turned out and the use to which they
r >
l 1j car mil also to visit the field the farm
I t mod this canton In order In take some
I I nrt In the work of these phnsss of < n
1 r I wi l Pas trv and to become acquainted with
Hi nvlronment IB general dpi tree
t i i nl flowers the racks and soils the
n tt r I bird and Insect the weather and Ile
l > t cnv t v upon the aitlvltlc e of men n rid
4 miimiilH
J Jr f 4 The MwakereBpresaed the belief that
> i I ir eviiil groups of children could tin n
I4 veil i for wtrral yean lie handled by teach
> i i f j i M w ho would enter smtfully Into each
r t 1 tl wik without any reference to book
I > and xtthout any attempt lo teach dl
Ii r l F I1 iiu tin formal mibjerta then these
i t 4 6 I riiipiir would probably learn more think
fit r sl 1 htir IM mor able to draw aonnd
tl o uurlusie aa will aa becoming better
i j I l liltI to ohnerve Intelligently and to
h J n urn i Rrtlvrly than these who bad pent
ll It tin imr length of time In the anal
t j
q r kind nf M liool work
t 1 I I I I It Dr Kinavbury view la correct
i or even If It contain > a fond deal of
truth this the waste of labor that daily
1 1 f tf a nn In the work of education mud
I r a hi rn rm < iuH In amount and Important
f t 1 t In diiiMquMicra It la Just possible that
i ± Y the fax early and too contlnitoa tise
i of the symleda of thought may have a
1 tnh y to unflt the child for the beat
4 iniKlliiluHl work and the
Ir f for practical
1 I i affali that nearly always predemtnaie
nf < i J In the HVM CMulU
I i It may ho reaaUed how PMaWent
rI s i Roomvrlt pointed o < In his apeeeh nt
1 Ir ffi i mlnw In 1M7 that education ahonld
I I j not conniir Itaetf to book It moat
I train enr utlve power and try to create
d f I that right public opinion which Ir the
I i mot patent factor In the proper Btlu
A lion of all political and octal queMtont
I Jl 1Ux > kleiirnln U very Important but It
I 1 h in by no mean everything and no
iI I hull never net the right Idea of educa
x tion until we definitely understand that
i hl1 n mtin may be well trained In book
hIIrllln and a In the
I t i yea proper aenM
t ii r of the word and for all practical pur
I h j < oea be utterly uneducated while a
i 1 Ii I man of comparatively little bookleam
I > I fag may nevertheleaa In eManthil
y i j iF 1 ban a good education
j I 4 t I Bduratlon according to Mr Room
< yell ahould create as Intimate relation
t I c i J hip as la porsible bvtweeri the theory
i u of learning and the fact of actual life
rt i tj Kducatlonal rRtabllahinentu ahould pri
I I duce highly trained scholars of courts
1 I I
I r s but In a ountry like oura where the
l educational e tabllahin are no nn
1 ntentuii It la folly ta think that their
a i main purpose la to produce this high
ii t ly trained ncholara Without In the start
l 1 dlapuraglng wholarahlp and learning
it f on the contrary while giving hearty
1 1 ° and ungrudging admiration and rapport
ri °
3 port to the comparatively few whoM
i s + Ll primary work ahould be creative achl
i Ii arahlfv It moat be remembered that the
n i ordinary graduate of our college should
kr i be and muat be primarily a man ands
not a acholar
t i °
11 s 11 The nuggentlnii of Pro Klag bury
goe Dtlll further It alma to educate
s by racing thinking and doing at tint
i hand It would outtltute direct per
i I II ception of truth and reality to fleM rr
I I hop or more for the Indirect acquisi
j tion of it III the school from the print
Ij ed page It would mean the Interpre
r hi tation of personal rxperlencn on the
i i I port of the loarner c he meet IMv
4 day by day In place of tiee piuaatU
rri tJ j I method of trying to imprint upon illt
the Mperiunc of aonte one elM ga H
h 4 la found recorded In the brio
fi r W on thl new plan education would
rift ast t not br merely a preparation for life
i fie j iI H would be lit ItaeW InMrpreted sad
p < ld hided Mr certain dellnlte Nora If
l ug f H th expert ahoukl prow ancve
L W x fijl It would probably revolutionist
j j i C Mhool method H weald hallo both
ii tf Ii Ut teachei and pupil Into the Held the
i t forge the garden the factory the
I 11J counting house and relieve alike tho
drudgery the monotony and the nerve
i t + wrecking phyMwal traIn that under
l f prtiwnt method breaka dawn 11ft ninny
f I of the tuttohdi and their pupil and
renders them more or less unfitted Cur
Q t ij tile dutle of active and healthful liv
yi ing We do not ear why such an rx
r o a perlnwnt should not be made The
t State should beaten to provide for thi
a staking of H number of such exp rl
I i tnentx Those hitherto made upon Iron
wOO < t chimUal realm and the elec
trlcnl piupvrtle of matter have paH
for thcmw > lv thouiand tints otor
i In the pliytlial comfort and r in
venleiu enjoyed today as a remit of
S e in h p xixitnirritH In aclentiflc abort
I t torl Wliy then xhouM not extani
iiHiitit itmlr upon the ilillil by ikllloj
W Ovid tulitlitiK exper Ilih lit ttho unl r
l 1 eandhdd flat urelk utili l n > Ieldehni
t1 11 r 1 era in HhortPiniiR and making
mr i ndu live or r iulta the many
I h a r a
years of the student life now devote
to acquiring a very faulty education
Vii trut that MIIIU > mean will lie
dlMtivered whereby MII fxperlntf P 0
Ixrniflcant and Important atoll be glc
thorough and Impartial tnt
Th average cltlaen may well be
pardoned It he conferee to a Mme of
m tlncatk n In viewing the latest
move of the City admlnltratlon Th
lIt Impulse of all decent minded peo
ple la to jtTMIate over the moral awak
ening which apparently nil the air
and to range Mnuett equarely behind
the authorities In their endeavor to re
duce the number of aakmn tn tile
City to uproot the gambling dear and
lo make life In Call Lake unendurable
for the unspeakable panache who
flourish on women hams
But Immediately there arise In hie
mind pleats which ant Ik average
cltlaen to cogitating and the more tie
cogitate the more uncertain appear
the proper curve to purau He can
not full to remember that the element
agalnt which the onilaagM of the
City 011I lard an now directed an the
very element which thus ofllclal
carefully garnand rcgtaterad and vot
ed on election day The police oflk tola
themselves were openly aceuMd of do
ing this special work and we have
never beard the accusation denied
Then too the thoughtful cltlaen must
recall that Mr Mulvy on of the
leading naluon men of the city wn
elected to the City council and that la
the council he was given a membership
on the dente committee Why Pimp
ly that he might look after the Inter
uta be representedtbe Interest on I
hlch the City authorltle are now
aaMMlbly warrrag la not title a cars
of eomewhat tardy repentance
Neither too van one overlook the
fact that there M a county election
coming on and that the spasm of
virtue have auaplcioual regular per
iod of recurrence always just before
and never bat after the Americana
mean their apneaU to voters TIle City
treaanry M denuded plucked milked
almost dry but there ta rat picking tu
b had In the county treasury and the
political cormorant an already gath
ering In preparation for the toast that
stall follow aa American party
Think too of the spectacle of the
Father of lie entering the pulpit In
other words of the Tribune calling a
halt on gambling and Sunday liquor
selling Well may the average cltlaen
go about groping his way amid such
ityglan darknsa and wondering when
be may and an explanatory ray of
But arid from ell these considera
tion forgetting for the moment the
motives that lei back of then moves
ought not all good cltiasns to unite
and support the measure now being
taken against vim and crime
Surely here Is a chance for
civic leagues Httttarmant awociatlona
Young Men Christian aaanclations
Young Women ChrtitUn aaaoclatlonaj
mlnlHter of all sect Gentile Jew ana
Mormon to Beard lip and fee eotmted
on the aid of deoe o and rbjht Kven I
If the sruoade Is only temporary com
Rood may be oooorajtllahed and If the
City admlolatraUon ahall he found
really In earned everyone ought to
lend a helping hand Th decent ele
ments In the ocalld American
party at toast headed by the mayor
haft ouniid tIM alarm over the trem
endous Inroads being mad by the
vIcJou clsssss which are overrunning
the City
Every lover of tIM Cure fair fain
and of the moral welfare of the
young should extend a helping hand
In the conflict that to now waging
A for the police force lei trouble
with that body to organic Strive MS
lard as the mayor and chief of police
may everyone will doubt whether they
can acoompltob any real good as long
a they elect their material from the
well known brdliig ground of
American party voters and no oth
er The real trouble la that the aver
age policeman Is a hall fellow well
met with the average port the aver
age Sunday thinker the average free I
and ay Individual who think the
town ought to be wide open and
that all law and ordinances wbleh In i
terfere therewith ar irksome and out
ofdate The clan from which the
police are themselves recruited have I
title or no sympathy with the views of
that part of the community which ob I
levts to allnight saloons Munday
theater Sunday baseball slot ma
chine gambling street parading and
kindred wvlta The American party
came In on the free and easy wide
open wave and the moral seas of
the police force la not apt to rice high
er than the level of the element which
created It
II 1 1311 J Altlt Tlilt IACTS
Our antlM rmon morning contem
porary denies that plural marriage
wa at on time practiced under the
silent roninnt of the government as
stated hy the News
Who knovm not that the great foun
der of the plate of Utah PreaMcnl
Brigham Young wa the Governor by
government appointment On the Nth
day of Beplembor 1MB he was nom
inated for Governor of the Territory by
President Flllmore and hlq appoint
ment war confirmed by the Senate
Heal it Itw Hla term expired In IIM
and he wa then reappolnud by Presi
dent Pierce though Ms view on plural
marriage were known to all the world
He owed out his full term of four
year lad nu objection was mad lo
him nn count of ha family relation
In INS the Send antipolygamy act was
pae4 by Congress but very llttto ef
fort was mad to enforce that law for
many yeur This Is a matter of gen
eral knowledge and the Ignorsno of
the Tribune on this subject la cur
In UM a suiting was held In this
City at the Mawmlc halt to memoHaltM
Inngrf for modification of the Cul
low bill which has keen passed by
the Howe Among thus irwiit were i
Ovmral Maxwell Colonel Overton J
It Wulkvr Kll B Kfley Henry law
ii me W II MheHrniMn K W Tul
llilKe T n II nhouc and others
M Stud Tin Ilic Mr KUo > n lerreit
to the bUt atnoiig the ptople that no
vtip would 1k taken to enforce the
law of 1MB He therefore tunnldnrttl
rrngrca nTH > n lWe to an extent for
I tit p rei ent f ling of the peOple oi
that rubjeat Mr Kelsey certainly
knew what he wax 1aJUlUt bout
Mr Htcnhou < took the OBIIIO view lie
mid thnt if them hat tarn R wrong In
the past conduct uf the Mormonii
with reaped to the violation of the
act of 1MJ be conaidennl the gov
ernment equally responsible He re
toted that he had heard Pnwldent
Lincoln pay that It the MonMna let
him alone he would let them alone
The effect of this meeting and die gen
eral agitation agaln toe meaaure was
that It never became law History as
paint bwr IM out In the stMement
tIIIe Tribune dente
Her C P Ruseell of Hroofclyn bI
S otesl ta a tch to tho Chicago
lUcottf Herald as having saM recently
that there to no bell also that minis
ter an doubting the Bible especially
the educated minister The gentleman
This talk of hell has long ago mad I
> f the Chrrtan teaching a disordered
halluctrmtlon and driven away from
fled and the Bible many Intelligent
mind No one for Inatano wmaM
question the mcerlt of Hnmwt Abe
Lincoln yet lie never could preface
any claim to any art which taught
thl nonnenae I feel that the original
path to Chrlut and Hir teaching have
been last and cluttered up with de
nnmlnutlfMial difference until we of
thIN day lire groping blindly round
and therefore we have lout interest In
religion und fall to feel Its vitality
Minister are doubting Ute Bible
nearly all educated mlnlatcr now doubt
the authenticity of the Kcrlpture an i
being the inspired word of Old Who
nowaday believe In a pemoaal An I
ima devil poking fires to roast un
happy and disembodied mortal while
he Hit gleefully by with his long tall
and cloven bout There to not nor
never has been such a being
We msy say that the Old Testament
hell to Yheol which means un
doubtedly the grove and the unseen
state Into which the dead Otoappnar
from mortal view Hade In the New
Testament means the same to mere
human view dark and dismal region It
1 nana literally that which Is daft
In anctont tlmaa heol or hade was
supposed t t be a vast receptacle waste
the dead existed In a separate state an
m the re urretlon of their bodies The
upper part of till region wa paradtoe
and there the departed good soul were
kept The tower part was Gehenna the
abyan which tho wicked wen sub
jected W puntoMMt In the Apocalypse
he Idea of a lake of tire is found and
the st oke of their torment aarendlng
death and
forever and ever But both
bade disappear from view being cart
Into the lake of tire at tbo end of the
day of general Judgment
Prom theee HcrtpturaJ npr eeutatbn
and ancient conceptions Imperfectly
understood by many tile modem Inter
mediate purgatory and the Anal bell
with fire and brimstone nave Sees
evolved or constructed The meat aw
haw been
Sal ee ptaeg1 a r t
painted toeflx the frightened eyes of
the cbtMren ef mn And tbto Rev
HuasU M r MM driven educated mnv
bltr to doubt the 811
slgnlflcant fact that the
It to a
Prophet Joespfc aa earty d March
IM was Wd to announce to the world
hat eternal punishment does not mean
neverending torment but that It a
called eternal becauss it to the pun
ishment meted out by the internal on
In the hereafter In eternity
behold I am endless and the punish
ment which Is given from my hand
I s endless punishment for Kndtos
my name wherefore eternal punish
ment Is Gods punishment Endless
punishment Is Gods punlhsment
Lau It was revealed that the sons
of perdltuni are doomed to suffer the
wrath of Hod with the devil and his
angels In eternity Theee an they
who shall go away Into the lake of ire
and brimstone with the devil and his
angels and the only ones on whom the
eeond death stall have any power
All the rest hall be brought forth by
the resurrection of the dead through
the triumph and the glory of the
This Is the Mormon doctrine It
to In harmony with the Bcripturan and
also with reason It shows ualhat
the mercy of Und endureth forever and
reaches beyond the grave that the vast
majority of the human family shall
reach a state of happlnea through
the triumph nod the glory of the
IAmb and that only a very small
portion hall sink lower and lower In
enmity toward Ood until they are be
yond redemption and mud share the
Anal fat of the fatten angel and bpi
follower In the lab of lire through
which they are overtaken by the sec
ond death from which there ta au
If Ministers would study the doctrine
of Mormontom they would not be
come doubters of the Bible for Mor
monlsm testifies to the truth of the
Hcrlptuns and harmonise a great
many of UM difficulties then found
Mormontom does not ask anybody to
believe In a devil with tall hoofs and
home But It recognlsee an evil prin
ciple for which a personal agent with
a numerous following both Invisible
and visible stands In opposition lo
God and that there to war between
the two force it recognise eternal
punishment as a natural consequence
of transgression unless the sinner set
himself right by repentance and the
yielding of obedience to the laws of
ill Maker It Is In full harmony with
both the Scriptures and reason
An entertainment of more than T
diary Interest will be given la the
lull Lake Theater on Tuesday evening
March 11 by Professor Lcataa of
the royal dramatic college Athens
Green Mr N P fttathakns of this
Ity whose good the Professor Is mays
he Is regarded us the Booth of drseee
and thl IH borne out by the preps
n The New York Herald uf
March 1 IM said In part Mr Us
Htia peaky Ungllnh perfectly has
played In London frequently
appeared last night for the first lime
In thl country He reel llrt in
nulmh HimletH nulllxiuy To be or
n1 to b nn nit flan Kkhelleu alru
III Knglliih and a acne from the Mer
hant of nIO There wa feeling
an1 pKlhna In Mr Xjecatses 8hylork
mil masher dignity In hie Hamlet
and the autlluni wise greatly
hnlT program nn Tuv < iay evening w 1
conetot o recitations and rendition of
character from Hamlet lUthelleu
and Ta Merchant of yentas < < lie
will b aaoteted b Mica Lilly Tolhurxt
and other loom talent I it Ib Ala
appearance of the Gre k tragedian In
this part o the country
with the departure of BMer John B
Malbea of Marti ens o God noMe
men ha Mfr this spben of action fO
a hlgher one
For a number of yean Brother Mai
ben was U President Canute
Peterson of tl ftmpete slake and aa
such he always took a great Intermit in
the spiritual and material welfare o
the people In the pulpit he wu eloquent
quent and alneere and alway had
omethlng to say worth white listening
to lie wn a staunch Latterday Saint
always ready to defend the principles of
the Gospel but he was a the earn
lime broadminded and liberal I + e
gladly opened the meetinghouses t
speoJura of other denomination Us
wa a cua slant e faithful friend In
his homo ta was a exemplar Peace
and love reigned then and the visitor
w entered b threahhold felt their
Influence They filed his borne with
In f SUe h
a sacred atmosphere No one who ever
knew Brother Malben can Comet him
He was a nanttomsn In everything u
wa Im
For mime time Brother tallow suf
fered from weak aye night T sha
dows of tta vitoy r gradually
lenetfaeafrx and deepening upon bpi
path Now tta etragjrte to over The body
sleeps tt Mta tat U Immortal part
has grin whet fda gone before
await HIM lie baa left the scene of
earthly ltf t ta with Abraham
Isaac Joeafc tb prophet and apaetto
of old and tta Prophet Joseph Brigham
ham Young pad th other mm of G
In tale dtopsnseHoti whom ta loved
w wet If ta could come back and
tell o his ImpnMtons It would per
hap ta In tile word of the poet
0 whet me now ta this splendor that beam on
Tats my ulf sunrise that dawns o
While faint and faroff land and sea lie
And under my feet the huge golden
cloud roll
There are million of saint In their
ranks and degree
And each with a beauty and crown fAn
bpi own
And there far outnumbering tile sands
of tile saa
The e rites rr of angels endrcto
the throne
uv God and I was but an hour ago
0 a 0 a bed of untaatuMo
All was ctaertess around me a weep
Ing and woe
Now tl walMmr to changed t angeli
ca strain
c a
The movement for the early closing
T SaturdX eveAlmpt
of the stotpan ktar f
all te haethe support of th general
public fttt stalaoysa after haying
eral pb f
Ing worked nerd al week are entitled
b rest on the evening preceding th
Sabbath They should be given ae
opportunity to go home and prepare
themselves for Sunday
T writer many years ago spent
some tlm Hi th home of a
family In Palestine Their Sabbath
began with the setting of the sun Fri
day evening At that time the house
was set In order The table was laId
and the candles In lh candlestick lit
every member of the family was alai
In holiday attire O the Saturday
they 1 tad time fo worship ha
t tad remembered the Sabbath
day to keep It holy and prepared
themselves for It
Ime such custom would not he with
out good result among our own peo
ple They ought to remember the
Sabbath They ought to retire no early
In time for private
ly that they can rise Int r I
vate and public worship They light
to have as much a 1 poanlhle of the
necessfty housework done hofor hind
and not make of the Sabbath chiefly
a day of cooking and cleaning The
early closing of the stores would help
But It seems to n that If public en
tlment succeeds In closing the I ultim
ate places of tMMlne the HalH > rn
a J
ought to ta lord too Puhiii senti
ment ought t force the distributors of
damnation to close their etithlli < hmcnti <
before the decent place clone I IH
to ta reared that with all the MH
chard and the saloon often on Mtm
day evening money that ought to be
spent for food clothing hi a hHlk
e would find Its way to the xiion
keeper fat pocketbook Ho In ail
vacating early cloning let ua not ror
get the dens where death und dcxtiui
ton an sold
Is a comet a star perform
Stet coiffures look like the very old
Bridge often tarnishes a pathway Into
Light fingered folk usually work Ir
the dark
In Virginia It to always bany to
te farm
Competition tent th life of anything
any monA
ooaU more
A dog license cost more than a
poetic license
No danger of a baby swallowing IH
mother ha pin
Securing playground for children In
no childs play
Sometimes the road to surer Ii
a very devious way
There Is no silence so painful es that
which tome from being gagged
HkwRliiKS on th > e hHrrfoit boy
was never written of a barefoot dinner
There I one thing that Uncle Joe
hue gt clinched all right and that I
lila flat
Why stretch the truth when I I a
ey to make a tie out of whole cloth
An KnsllKh naval program would
xtfMfgvr ln > le Plain itlnvmt to bInd
I to much better to take oneelf tn
ertBtwry than to have a policeman
do It
Op at Albany I Y Woodruff Is
shins making Timothy hay white t sun
Patrons o Maybrays mllllooalr
club and their money were soot
P out where the foot ta tendereat
and It to easy to tell where the eta
11lew rave
New Tork ta to have portable Ibo I
house This mare the advance o
Do fa tta Philadelphia sympathetic
strike dues n appear t have mad
much of a hit
The return from Rib w a sorry
One day In the tote fall of 1ST
when I was returning from the stele
capitol In Hartford Conn to my of
fice I saw ahead of me a tell sinewy
yet slender man carrying a pInt pot
and brush In one hand and dreesed
In paint bespattered overall and i
Jumper and worklugmans hat Pretty i I
soon he stopped and looked doubt
fully up and down a street and as
he was e occupied I came up and
recognised him as none other than
who for several
Arthur Cummings evrl
years had been pitcher of the then
famous Hartford baaeball nine and
bd a countrywide reputation as the
discoverer of the curved latched ball
We knew each other slightly and
I 1 topped and asked him If he was
looking for any stteet or house
Ye he said with characteristic
modesty and yet with that innate
dignity which Ie always distinguish
ed him on the tall field I am look
ing for the house of a Mr Welch
Then doubtless having seen my look
of surprise at finding hlrn the
famous baseball pitcher In a painters
outfit ho added smilingly You
know I am a house painter by trade
I shant lie able to pitch very much
longer at least with any big baseball
nine no I am getting my hand In at
mv trade and I am on my way to
paint a Mr Welch house
pnt were walking along by this time
In the direction of Cummlngs Job
Boon we spied ome boys playing tall
upon a vacant lot across the street
rumratnR stopped and looked at them
for a moment Why he exclaimed
that youngster Is trying to pitch a I
curved halt Ill go over and show I
him how And suiting action to his II
words he went over a id gave the I
youthful pitcher a lemon In curvet
bal pitching much to the delight and
amassment of 1 concerned when
they had recognised their Idol In his
strange uniform
At lout we resumed our walk
Mr Cummings I said I have
heard that you were the first mnn
ever to pitch a ball with a curve 1
that MO
No I dont think I woe the first
man In pitch I curved bal WIM the
reply T think hal Martin of tlm
old K kforiln had the curve nut mine
bad a kind of inre find I urn sure
rnwvk compared with what the return
from Africa will b
Apple from the Heejwrldes could
hardly M more expensive than the
apples offered for sale In thl city
After being chased nut Of the Man
chester exchange Mr James A fatten
Mould feel more chastened
t th Philadelphia Rapid Trnnlt
company wont Rive In I may give
out In Its straggle with Its employes
What more proof can Congress want
that Commander Parry reached the
pole than Matt Mentions unlllmlrftted
Before then can b any treat re
form In Malt Lake antl Mormon
politic mutt b got rid of That
to the moral leproey spot
Chewing the rag very well describe
scribe the testimony produced b the
prosecution In lei BalllagerPirnhot
controversy It shows a state o feeling
rather than a state o things
Mrs Jack Pudahy whoa husband
cut and stashed Banker Jet Li 111
ays she has received a score of offers
to 1 on the stage Her presence there I
would be another uplift for the stage I
riT J R IMuartl
Thl dally series of anecdote and Incldeut that throw new interesting
and XreauenUy dramatic light en famous events and personalities of the scat
havevlieeV OPflested by Edwards unDI nearly forty yean of mon or less Intimate
mate asgaamunm with many of the coq alrye leaden ene the Clfll W Each
ewe N gt Incident to fresh from Mr Bdwrdss notebook sad either In whole
or In part I constitutes New Hew o Yeeterdsy gsrnerei from the men who
mode the news the historyor n equally authoritative aoureo AS Im
portant contribution of th Human Interact art of American history then
prlallt awriaudallnMlvekvalue all er bt
article hav a distinctive value all their own
that Zettleln who wagr the great
pitcher of the Atlsntlc when they
were champion pitched a curved
ball and that Tabor who I now a
policeman In New Haven pitched a
curve when he was pUtyttur with the
old Unions of Mauretanla with which
George Wright once played
Hut none of these pitchers knew
that he had a curve and I suppose It
Is fair to say that I was the first
to flnd out what a curve Is and how
I la done
Hicks was catcher and I was pitcher
of the semiprofessional Stare of Brook
lyn I nottted that very few batsmen
old hit n and finally I awn that
when I pitched the hall I swerved out
ward before I reached the batsman
Then when I had thought about this a
little I old to myself That ball does
n go In a straight line until I begins
to fall It curves outside nt the horizon
tal lin a that In the reason why
batwmen cannot hit It
Well I studied and experimented
until at last I found that I I held
the ball between my tinner and thumb
In a certain wKy n gave It a certain
twist of wrist jot as I delivered It
then the resultant motion that the ball
took produced a curve I wondered how
that could be n I made up my mind
that the rotary motion of the ball or
ated a mcnura o one side the outside
and the pressure of the air on the other
aide paused I lo swerve I had found
out the secret of the curved ball I
afterwards taught It to Tommy bond
and way h could make a ball curve cither
In this mndet way the discoverer of
the curved buM which has made mod
C bl m
ern tiasnoall possible narrated to mo
the story of his great And
Cor flprlngfleld HIublicn
livery few years the American public
Is Informed that It ha no national
hymn or song that Is quite worthy of
our national greatneea and an ap
peal to made for a brand new eubatl
tote Sundry attempt have teen
made to respond to the appeal but
R s might have been expected these
coldblooded effort have fallen flat
and Dr Smiths My Country TII of
Thee continue to hold the plsi o
which its Intrinsic merit deserve I
la hard i
t s x
1lll1 wl I II a sii
plain of n b
I u i
New Knglind i 1
refor to he 51s car fc owl tIW t
rtxh nnl rill
k nt1
ed hills I
hi and m
m nets
will I n xl
wi a miiprlH
III i 1011
unit thru fniturr Sr I I t I
New Kn Uind fetnui I r inMr
If hi had been i IR6 pmq
0 thHt H nutlinsi
in mn r
nmki mention or net
tlonnl domain e U 1 I i t nu
added numerous erunzue IIIPI Ih
M rlblna the aerrral 1 rlhl dw
teret of our wide f in
rouer 1
elf fl
I feel no
n d I an
lltlon but for there Ih M
patriotism rlbiVd I K C
confined by Hr Hmiii lhff Ir
mil the lnl has na 1 5
ml dd7li
The I love thp oasis ep and uslll < al eyea4
Inj I hr
Which her mall
arr mlyl 1
nn Jw and Irlhmn
Jnll and ialan
Oreek and Ilnngxrn
My love la Hxd
I tove thy cotton n
rolnn Odd <
Thv fertll toll tln Ilpl
Harvest Of heit
J love thy miner whl i
e eel silver Inn hl1 hdA
nn1 told
upper and Kin unt1d
store Of wealth
I Jove thy alkali pintos
Tranaeontlhentii tniln
And geyser prinr
T glacier Ira mesas
Thv houndlem ticld
fl id
bundJ Ipl nf
Thy stores of ntirj J
nII s
And other thing
The concluding Wools
ollcoludlnJ < baste
subject Is not VV Us
exhausted I
time one ha unn I h Ile
tm sung thrlllfh ti
auna Ihrlh the
original stansa Ilp fe
orn1 na and th thrnpeho
mentary one he u
mllr will t r KII
wil rrohiplr
sstlxfled to
tle medliat j
mdll ts1
other things lt nn
olhe w hk ii n i
agination rail to miss Ii o la
Uiooklvn Mtandii1 I nH
Thorns A Hdlson x i
Fln Ill In Iho In
dependent agree with r lJ
that humanity Im st k t thl
travel i x J h
before It nt
I he
of the jungle Aftir II > ba
flue Jul fr s iring that
n M t
party t dl d
hl nlrl
and that we pen Ue mh little
comes within their 1111
1 wihin rmx dpi
We dent know 1 JUM <
I t obi
things No one who think n
about the wnnde toll i hu into m mrl
during the last la y e8
MUestlon this The slat r Inn anun
meat of the human ruin I map hr
pared to the h
f Immaturltv r n hn
W Every step will q bJ of
which am not even vn treanej I
Its surprising
How much mnf pr vr + av
the people look e m m nM
to French dr i 1 u nl pna
their clothe al1 r r n1 fir
llvered No li i
Sail Lake Cleanlnn Onlll
31 fiulh M i I
Hell tZ I INDo
Do not let your supply
run too low
Rock Springs f
Central Coal Coke Co
40 West 2nd South St
Iliolicni Hell Lx 35 Ind SIM
The Shop Chariton f
Outfitters to Women
Advance Show
ing New Spring
Womens and Misses t t
t Tailored Suits Gowns
Dresses and Waists t
Women Gowns r r
hint received of Foulard Changeable
Taffeta Silk Pongee and Crepe Meteor in
all the prevailing colors ki L t I
f yt i
2500 3750 JJ
5000 7500 4
The Char1Ion4
Shop iv i i ¼

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