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LAST EDITI ON DESERET EVENING NEWS Your Ilrmitlit Who Announcement mHirlnl In IM > < Attention Viiir In lie nf New Pro nl I 1
Tllimi M > UIIKIITY = illJi
ExPresident and His Party Re
ceived a Most Flattering
Mighty Hunter Was Dressed in a
Khaki Suit and Wore a
White Helmet
Inlnle Jlo 11I1Irhtl II
flr 1 Itl
IIrlI Itl I 11111
March 14 Col Theoilure
K i ii
J 11 and hl party arlv l nern
Th f r mi
K thin afternoon
ivfil a most llultmng r
delayed noin
ui qui
ii unusually turbul rt
I e 0r i no Vniie Nil but the iattv I
i i v within one hur f
I Ini fui the arrival her i
wood A Tnderwood
i III IK IITI 11 1 s I II II
i l day the Utn Of h
M i n Su Pianola Wuiyate
l ui tin river In a launch
t i IM 1 and extend tlttt lint
i i nf tn thr ditin < ul h d
I ai fficlaln A ere taken on
l I i ttamet and cortd thel
k H the town
II IMI wa sighted tin Anrr
I i ami tOgypiin lagn cnul 1
I i n Iving above thi ene
i i i tin ne 1 her no Into In
I i juifti on hp hor wcra >
ix nlie the figure of Cnl
l l ndmg on thi nrldg
M i iteined m a khaki hunting
I > a whltr he I net Sir
MI were the member of the
iHiT Kecognltlon of Ihei
< Ii n th signal for a burt I
1 ig that continued a th ves
f ii fiiunij Itc pier Col llooi i
Kn > Aledgd the greeting ralahw
1 h i iiHaledlv and millng
dn iiirch fllled with newspaper
n l nt who had heen nent hr
art i of the world accompa
I 0 IM tin lust part of th trip
M the Col llooamrlt was
i l 10 m enormuua crowd all atuc
Mi niarcnt poanlbU lw but
1 i iivid him from any poa
iiinrt lit ta at one ea
1 Hi palace of the nlrdar ali
i l i hhh he wan reinlvrd by
I s nl in offlclMl Th nasfMiR
r i i > to Ihll paldi door wa
ni iiiiiHin of th v rdara body
i m Col Hooaevelt panned IM
n he aatln raised ttto hat
i in th salutatlnn of th
II <
I pi ncc Col Itoneevrlt r
0 H of the lilKh officiaUi of the
K o > m 1IIr which tea wa try
H iI iv uf the palace waR brief
< vflt hurrying away lo the i
n to meet Mr Iluose I
n < 01 MIMB Kthel Hoosevelt who
M nil on the train due at
i n < fvi1t arrived at tho station
I I meet hla wife atitl OauKhteri
IIr arrival Th official of the
h1I 1 HirHtiged affair that till
r union aftr H vear Hpara
I t m nrlct privacy After R few
nf itecluclon a hapj > y HP
nl fiiniu emergail from lhA
1111 proceeded to the palace
i nlng no one vv an permitted
iri < the privacy of the HooK
w the roam uf IIHieID
11 l th llIhteitlllll will beirtn
i u lI1urr Iowa March 14 v
Jf rAY of wltnemwi precentnl thmn
p 10 trtify in Ihll rUt of John C
I in md aRno < latM ehargeil with
in inlndllnn hy fraudulent UM
r > Ie I nited fiiifn malli when HHJ
it > ek of that trial began be
TuOgf Smith Mul > heron In tlu
I Htatea dlntrtct court to nt
in > lurtol handwrltlnR expert
nUlIe l xlitlmn of the defendants
im di fi mluiU themtelvea nlrt
turnel g > prnnunt wttne e
o K cinnirnt nil na nb ut 73
sea ly rximtne Attv Kmmi t
tlle principal counsel for the Ui > I
fn p Matii loda that It wmld 1M un
ptwelM for him to outllm thr extent
of tho tMtlmony he wuuld offer until
the Kuvvrnment rented II adtnlllml
there ha < l bn anm aurprlr ind
that the ttoventment had praont > <
much testimony he had not nntlrlpdnd
The uMial crowd aurmd Into h
courtroom long b < for court ronvnil
tmtay and many vUHorn wore turneil
Wlllard Powell on of the defenl
ant learned today of a nn of IIM0
nmmesecl again him by the jndtre for
th action of a horn h rod In a race
10 day afro at Jarkaon Pla Iow
ell In the pieaent race In charcad with
having t rd Jocpph Walker to
Itonft race which cot the Inner UOt
On motion of Cnlted State DKt
Ally Tempi th complaint aaalnf
Jamaa 8 Mai and Jamen R Morrln
of Superior V1 two of the dcftnd
ante were dlamlrad and by direction
of 1M court the Jury returned a ver
dict of not RUlltv Col Tematt atatad
that the ltnn ii aoalnot tbeee men
re In fanaila and will not come h r
voluntarily to tertlfy and th wreni
ment luu no meann of compelling them
to come
Watalnirtaa March HA new meth
od of preventing x4oeon of coal duet
In mine haa been triad with good re
aulta In aonw Oerman mine according
to Richard Quentber Amerlcau conaul
at Kronkfort Oernran Water la In
troduced under high preaaur Into a
deep bored hole of a coal body the hole I
I cloned and th prraaurr III allotted to
t uin tin1 coal until watvi I forced
out through the nmiiw The coal body
la tbu thon > ughl nrt and ao looavned
that the nul an tx > brokn out with
out the mimr i > li k nnd lilantlng la
n Ihll Tlionl Ills Wit nnil Tun
lIUJlhr crlhcil In IIre Ilini
Cill illll Their lloini
Ikil Ida March HAa tmtlre tam
ll > compueed of Theophlle Thonl hi
vi If and two Brown daughter were
turned to death early thi morning In
a fir which ionumed their home on a
farm nix mlt e t of Twin rail It
i BUpected that th houee a robbed
i nil then aet Are to for th purpoae of
nncenllng M rime Th hfrin and
l Me have gone from Twin Fall to
uneotlgate Two hnemn re ae i
uling In the neighborhood nhortly be
furA the fire WAIl discovered Thonl re
< rntl > cam to Idaho from Nebraaba
purchasing a alitahlc farm In the Twin
Pall oni n try Uf we a man of con
siderable mean and hla daUKhtan rr
i > ntly returned from Huropy AvherV
they were educated
LfM Angelex Cal March 1CThJrd
ton Grace an etetator operator l
ea old ho bnn ufferlnir for year
from a conetant fever and hi phy l
clan ha jut illacovered the cauae I
two extra and entirely unneeeai
rib cording to member of the
Loll An ele Medical aaaoclatloii
Creen caee I aomethlnir new In
medical annal ami It la aaaerteil that
th young man will have to undergo
an operation for the removal of th ribu
If he want to avoid vweatlng to
Since hi > mall boyhood Orvn
tempersture ban ranged from two >
four dtare above normal and hit
prraplratlon I an coplou anil enrrvnt
Ing that he cannot aleep under any ot
rlng nor endure phyalcal effort
I The upemumrar rib are fully < le
eloped They begin at the cerebiil
vertebra and curve downward croti
Ing th naturad rlba down to the
fourth lie nuffer conatant pain and
ilia lack of ahouhier development Ije
iloclor aatert I due to the preaenee
of the extra rlba
Horn March IITh pop upon the
recommendation of th tonatitorial
cont r atk n today appointed Monaht
nuer Thoim f 1111I blahop of
avenworth Kan All coadjutor btohop
of ICanaaa City with the right of ne
cee km
london March HTha flat racing
aana opened today with a meeting
nt Uncoln and Ihe first race of any
Importance wn won by II r Whit
ney IlobWn II Till waa th Bat
thlyany 1411 w handicap of Me sov
ereign for ayear > oU and upward
dlitanoa nve furlong A > M of 14
flnhrhed Syr waa eecoml awl Maeter
HoiMon third August Helmonfa Hou
dolr was unplaced
lYeJhlntfton lie re h 14 William H
Kenyon at Fort Dodge la WB today
nominated by the president as aashHant
to the attorney general vice WAd II
Bill who reunited that 1Won to ac
cept the ehalnnanahlp of tltfl Ohio Re
publican commit
u S Siiproino tiuri ltrftiiil In Vn
onto Writ fIr Krror I uc < l
Wnshlnuton March HThe supreme
court of the United State deellnml to
day to vaoate the writ of error lud
by Jiwtlc Lurton In the ease of Cha
H Heine of New York wh > w di
nted immunity by tho lower federal
oMirts from pfo eutlim on an Indict
ment of conspiracy to defraud the gov
Trenton N J JIarch UJudlfll
Swartc of tle New Jeney uprme
f II
court announced in lay that h would
dlirn the order applied for bv 1riwei u
tor uarn compellina th NRUnlll l i k
Ing ompanv and the other hlr weitim
mat i nnrerrm tn prodm their book be
for the Iludion county rend JUI
Senator Root Informed Him Op
position to Gov Hughes and
Measures Must Cease
IVilenil Pimcr Will lie l l In
TlllVHtt Slicll OjHHllllHI If
x II Cmitlmiee
New York March HWlth th de
parture of Senator Root to Waahlnaton
to Inform rreeWent Tart of < the all
ot hla conference with State Chairman
Woodruff and the local HepubUcan
leaden on the queatlon of AVoodrufT
retirement from the chairmanship
loom a political situation which In
Ih larger meaning bear directly not
only on the coming atate campaign
next fall but on the national cam
paign of IMt
The admlnltr tlon tniough rn tor
Hoot ha made It clear to the party
leader In thla Mate that New Torh
muat not boo lott to the Democrata In
th gubernatolal elctlon for even de
feat would endanger th party au
ie to year later
T thin end fMnator Root Informed
rhalrmim Woodruff that the oppoaltlon
to Onv Hughe and hla meanure muat
caa and th < auggeatlon la aald lo
hate been directly mad that tboo fed
eral power would be uaed to thwart
inch oppoaltlon If It continued
Whether Senator Root nought to fore
Mr Woodruff from the atat chalr
manahlp la an Initial tp to remote
from th control nf the nocalled ma
chine leaden an the mibject of much
conjecture at Republican tate bead
iiuartem today
I am Mill her mid Chairman
Woodruff toda and then made It evi
dent that he would at leat continue
a chairman until the end of hili term
There much more than the
climax or the Mate campaign Involved
In thla mattr aald an npetale lead
er today President Tatt and hla
friend are fuelling th ataga for the
national campaign of Iti and the ad
mlnlatratlon fl that unleaa the prea
nt ntatf organlaatlon join with Oov
Hughe a party npllt will follow that
Witt Rive th atate to the Democrat
next November and rioual > Jeopar
dise the partvi cJutac of anattaMiur
New York at electoral vote tot the
JtoMjWtan trreaidaMaai aow4natl m
< VMXru will ritmfn chairman and
the oafKMltlon to dor Hnghaa will In
a large meaaurr ceaae ao that no
ipllt may occur If the Root plan l
carried out but the election of Vena
tor fobb a praaldent pro tern of the
late aenat hM ao trngthnd th
hand of Woodruff and hi friend In
th organisation that Ihr may lct
to advance auch leglnlatlon IIA th >
plne at Albanv and ao doing ma >
npllt thi partv wide open
Then our hop t lie In that event
In Theodore nnwevelt who will 1M
anked to anaume the leaderahlp of th
partv and hi return la only three
month away
The Woodruff adherent anaert tha
the effort of the administration In
Ihe preaent attuatlon conctltut an In
vaalon of th right of the atal poli
tical control
Chairman Woodruff Indicated todav
that tbe OlMa can would b < Judged
olly on Ita merlta and Informed hi
caller h had not even been able to
team how the Brooklyn nenator atonil
In the matter A cloae advkwr of Mr
Woodruff aaltl at the headquarter thla
Th dtuatlon I thnroughlv under
tood hv Senator Root and th chair
man Th telephone and telegraph will
he placed under the public aervlce com
Th HlnmanOreen bill for direct I
nomination wont go through but the
bill drawn by th apeclal committee I
which la a modification of th Hlnman
Oreen meur will boo acvffoted
Chairman Woodruff tell m that tllII I
torlM told bv certain conrrnn In I
Wa hlnaton that Senator Allde I tn he
whltewaahed hav no heal In fact I
and that the caae will boo fairly poaeed
on I
Iniltc nntntinn CNtiifnnileil Wllli ihh
lIh OIMM TliN AfleriiiHin
Judtre J M Howman of th criminal
dlvlalon of the city court baa another
long docket bfor him today In addi
tion to to tale caaee which wore
called tbl mornlnx h haa M city
caaea on the call thla afternoon Thlrty
aeven of th 61 are vanrnncy tIIJtII
There are 11 drunk two far viola tlmr
the Keen ordinance three for Ire
pan two for battery and oo for keep
Ing a houa of III fame Th other arc
continued caaee
r w AHr formerly porter In Un
round bar who waa caught robbing
the till nn the night of Jan U ea
caped praarcutlon on the charge of
burglary In thr aecond degree aa th
thnrg waa reduced to one nf path lar
ceny and Alter wat given atll month
In flip county Jail
A R Peterann charged with failure
to provide for hi minor chlkt entered
a plea rot nnt vullty and the caae wa
Mot for hearln Anril T Pcteraon wan
placed under MM bnnda
rl ix Kncnln n IilnlVr nl Work
Gllhrltl lit liv III Sheriff
charlen Kneale a painter waa taken
down off a ladder thla morning where
he wa At work hy Hheriff Joeeph <
Mharp and IlImfd over to Sheriff J J
Dunn of Dubtxtu la when lie U
wnnled for dmning hl wife n4
threw minor children Mr tfltmbetn
Knenle hla wife won to th nm
plaint Kneal left hi wife and rmli >
nn June SI 11H111 H han lien In Salt
Ijik neveral month anil wa trace
bv letter he wrote to frlend In the
nit Tli n ulitlon paper pivHentcd
thi i moinlnit bv Bhriff Ininn wm
hnnred and ihe mvcr naves with hH
prllqol 19i1t
Phlladelphja Labor Loaders Call
Upon Worjiien to Withdraw
Their SaWigs From Banks
Clnlin It Will Drprttf < urilHlM trf
One tii j91 1lh Whkoll in
14 Inttrent In
toda centered In
the ability i labor union to hold
the nen together and
prevent a predicted by em
plo era clty authorltlc Re
port boar while otne men did
return to t attar a week kllne
theie i tlon of a general
break other hand nome
healtatcd ttlmut Join
r atrlke In aid of
cant thcli lot today
t hy th central abor
men employed In tlu
> upp till bread and other
in had no neilou f
declare thai thv ao
raI iJibor union ye >
Weome gnirallv known
that all unlm men
i handling of food pod
ntually ohiv thr ntrlkt
milk dualer und other
the nlrlk will not
Ihe food aupply of the
amployeii In thia lines
k avot strongly organlaed
4fcterad agaJnut the
wrinkle In tabor war
gov at Uw labor lead
upan all worklngmen and
I1IJ In tho city but
eovntry to withdraw
l from all banking null
inns deprive capitalist
weapon with which to
ltabor la being watched
watit Thin action waa
ral IM bor union
th general strike
lunklng Interests
arc Vf ktterfcre In be fight
1 men and the Phila
t IICImPlllY
lO rth inanral
ao hudden withdrawal
tal from the nnaaetal In
etltutlonl Th depoelta it waa further
tated wWbH b gradually withdrawn
Commenting tn tb atrtkera move to
withdraw fund from the bntak
a high olUclai of the clearin houae
It la all buncombe and wont aute
a ripple
The dcclaraUon of Central Labor
union leader to ua every weapon to
win the prnt fight may Involve many
union with their employer When the
general atrikr waa oNO tile unIon
a a rule were at peace with their
employer Hit the action of the central
body In calling upon all workmen
whether organlaed or not to aelae tb
preaent opportunity to demand higher
wage or better working condition
may bring about an extended labor
I niggle In other Iniluatrle Several
large Industrial entabllahmeata aoent
Ipg trouble have made on
to their emplive and hav tbld pre
vented itrlk on apeclfle grievance II
Whether the unIon will follow up the
action of the central body cannot at
thi time be predicted
Th printer mualclan and aeveral
other union that decided not < o Join
th atrlke Iul w k It ta bellvd
will Btlck to that declalon and refune
to oby the order of the Central La
bor union
The Philadelphia Hapld Tranalt com
pany operated almoat Ita regular num
ber of can lodav Official of tbe com
pany aald todav that they had employ
ed M new mn recruited In BuOCalo
The company declaree It now hu BOM
conductor and motormen at work and
neada 1M mart to bring Ita ervtc
up to th atandard
About W men out of Ute MM on
ntrik at th Baldwin I Mmttlve
wiwkn returned to work today Th >
Baldwin striker held a meatfae thle
morning at l abor Lyceum tall and
formed a union with temporary of
flcer A prman nl ontanmatton will
bfo ffctd latr
Thr union leancrn aay a delegation
of the men called upon Bupt Vauctaltn
of the Haldwln plant today and aaked
permlutim to unlonlx the work The
union I i1rii ntated that If thla nr
mllori vvn granted all the atrlfeeri
would rctuin tn work The Miperlnten
dent has not KI n hl anllr
Cl > tiimii Anight lo MniHlHiiiim Iirfnt
ITInlliiK t iiniiiilllec of CIMMII W
Tu lltHimxIiler lllil for
Wanhlnglon March 14 Judge
Wright today dlamlaaed the action
brought by the Valley Paper company
of Holyoke Maaa agalnat the Jatht
printing committee of Congreaa on
th ground that Ui paper cam
panya bid wan Illegal In form anil
did not compl > with the refutation
at t forth b > th committee
Attorney for th paper company
asked perml > ippr
The paper company sought to
mandamu the committee to conMder
It rJectd bid to furnlah paper for
the public printing Juntico Wright i
HIII il i ht < iii < ed order ind > nh
tin IM in n T the Inwnr hnuii mi
he iiiinmllt oMviil It uril ilpurrl
In uri S natir Hniiiti t Kiel h < r
nnil < m1 n th in n n tiin nf th1
aenau Igi r i ti JMC c iai uu
the ground thai the were clothed
vlt1i < tntllutl nHl ImmunllleN
The all < om thne thieatenil o
del r Inl onte f fif ttir mithnr
t f he j I Ul I un n i the 51
tr l1nell 9 Ulf Iril llIiY
Captain of Police Killed and Num
ber of others Wore More or
Less Injured by Falling Wall
Va Xi rinnnr tn Makt HH Ai al fwr
lltlp Iw IliiffMlit UHmeil Dletrtct
In Center MOl
Jamestown N T March H Begin
ning Haturday nlfht and ending data
morning Jam4own waa vlatted by a
aertee of the moat coatly Area it haa
rvr had reaultlng in a total wa of
SmtM the death of OIIe man and tbe
erknw Injury of three othara
The building deatroyed Inchide the
1okey actor butldlnc the OakaV bual
neea hiock th new Bbermaa houa
the Rrie hall bteok aad the J r
Hrknra hloek T I Ant broke out
aturday nhrht in th Ooky ItO
and waa thought to have been xtln
At 1 ocloek tht morning th flame
broke out afreah and communicated
with the Ooftey buelneaa block the
mnvat buainea block In th cltv Thi
Itatneg aprrad e rapidly that they n <
coon beyond the control of the local fin
department Buffalo wa appraleil 10
for aid
While ticre lia ample time for thi
It nf th Hherman hOIe to I ea > e
the bulldlnr them waa no tlmr lor a
Ing any property
John nan captain uf the fire p
o pn
lice waa Inatantly killed b a falllua
wall Alfred fihoadamlth Buffered a
fractured ahull The falling of tele
graph pole caught a number of p
aona In a net work of wll Both leg
of deorge King a fireman were broken
Joel Obert wa rlouly Inland
Th Ookey oHIce building w occu
pied by atom a buatneaa en and
office The etlmatd i a thla
building and content I tMMW
T ton on the Sherman houee n
furnlhtng aA IW M0
In the hotel building wen the foetal
Telegraph company otflc th ofllc oft
mpn t o
the Jameatown 8tret Hallway com
pany and the Chautauqua Traction
company T Poatal lout all It I In
The Weatern Inlon Telegraph company
pan eervlce van ply and the
telephone rvlce all waa cut a
The k on the Uokry factory build
Ing and content wa I1MW
At I oclock i hi morning after It
was believed th fire waa under eoajtral
and tha IMMnio fir epartmeat had
ataaam kaBarMa aV Mka W7 aMV akafe 4 akMaaaaa
VH nmiTIW flan ni Tflnj lliW VMVI a
communicated to Krle hall occupied
br th BUmi theater which wa des
troyed aa waa the J J HrUrg block
occupied b natoett and restaurant
The taaa o the to building w
tMtW ad on content MaM
Th bumeil dltriat Include a large
ctK > n o two quar In the center
of the city
Vnxhlngton Marob HThll miprem
court of the fnlted Htatfa toy n
nounied a derlnloA In Ihe long controv
< ry > rer Itt to rrtaln landa n Mln
nenola In favor of Per Proyneth and
agalnit the truiteea of tbe Haatlnn
Dakotn Railway company
Dkol Ri
8canliy of uDI pay la lie late
of Mlnneaota waa lh foundation of thi
uli brought by Ruaaell aage algne
Ihe Hln Dakota Rail
In truit o Hantlnga ko CI
rnii l iompan > aaalnat Froynelli who
llkewie claimed th ownership of a
ujaitiT nectlon of kind In chlppewa
counly Minn Heg wa uec dVd a
tiuite by Rdward C Oaborn and J J
niocum c
In IMf grant of lan wa given to
thr railroad to aid In th construction o
a railroad acrona the tla of Mlnneaota
Hy raaon of overlapping n prO
grant the cumpanv had difficulty In
le ting land that had not been rrvl
The land wblch Kro > lli orcupli wa
claimed by the road hv reaaon of rlc
lon In 1MI and by reelectlon In 111
Proaith clnlmed that no right wet ac
quire hy th railroad o U anilgne
under th MlectMn of 1IM od th land
liavlng heen reatored to the public
domain b > th crtry of the Interior
In Ittl a he contended hi right a a
hnmwiteader attached at that tlmr not
withstanding they lmmdlatly lctd
th laada
A itcllon w given 1 the Minnesota
court favorable lo myh Thlf waa
fflrmed today by th uprem court of
th Inltnl Ktatn In an opinion announc
ed by 11 Iron
Portland March lltlm r Daven
port the well known cartoonlat pun
to eetabllah a weekly
tabl1 paper In P
land where he will make hla future
hmne Mr Davenport I not
hl Y8r no yet ready
with a formal announcement bu aaya
he expect to remain Ir permanently
and t friend he baa M4d hi plaia
Ut hop to eatabHah a periodical of
no only nationwide circulation hut of
International Inter It la aald A
O UpHldlng of Pnlnt Loma Cal will
b aanoclated with Cartoon I t Daven
port In th venture n that J I
Chamberlain foi 19 yeara editor of
the Youth Companion will b th
editorial head of th new publication
vvhldi I expected to h launched with
In the coming three week Mr Davenport
port ha recovered li health and plant
to rntabllah a stock farm near Portland
land where hla blooded Arabian 1 r r
will b maintained permanently
New Tork March 14 trover CIV
lands birthday will b obeerved by U
Uemocratlc club her on March It A
dinner will be given In the clubhouse o
Fifth venul n I th aurvlvwra o
the Cleveland cabinet bav been In
vited The speaker Include David R
rranl Dr Woodrow Wileon raaeU
Lytiln Htatnon
Admiral Htv nnn Richard Omey
John it Carllnli Hilary A Herbert a
Hoki mlth will b among those prea
W tiln ton Marih 1Mot food
in ilul In IMaiiin an Industrial i n
f i lr Huxonv i ii 1 i nl nun Ii
a r Ilu 1 i i il si ifi unlinK to I
n i t ri i i in J i f
an consui at that paeo lu sxj tat
In th paat tew > ars price have gnul
Ii itally 1n Inlndlna houae rnln I
trnnnportatlon and luxurii Although
th < consumption of mrat la decldedlv
lem because of higher pricea that of
ber ha mntrlnU > decreased he add
for another reason namely betause 01
a nuccraeful educative ppndl
am1 th poopl all over th country
1 hrfl 110 Akjata Sayn Tl ry
n llmi In ISmr ld
< hlcm ro Manh 14 The AlI
flrabK are due entirely t poor left
UUIon veld th Right R Pet < r
TYImNe How RplMopalten MatM of
AUaka yatfday Tba gmtt natural
reaourcra of th naithem territory ire
the flfhtful praoertr O AnurlCBB cltl
at and I hT that hereafter the
federal government will he wfcie and
prvont their falling Ito tl haMU of
any rorpi ration
Bluhop Rome In ppenolng the week
In Chk aa the u t o the Re
William O Watern rector of Orar f
church Thle IA bin ln vlalt to the
atatm In I yeara
The Ml of land rich In roal and
copper with vn greater pomriMlltl
for agriculture at 110 an aer waa a
barter for a mr aong he ald lr
do not aay the trancfrr waa tutlt
P all I know everv nlcp waa lVil
b the lawn muet be wrong when an
alt a Injustice I pnlbl
Uttl la known of the agricultural
poaalbtHtlea poaalbly becaaa xmci
alona r drawn from ooaat otMHtva
thma There th Japan current maka
tb rllmate equable hut at no time l
It warm enough to enatir great cropa
But Inland where th wtntem are In
tamety cold the ummern tough art
are warm and agriculture ban a future
The Tanana allev nlnni which nonr
haa about 1 A00 inhthitint cild
eanllv nupport Don W
ly UII 00
UIW Hi Hail Ihvii Pntl ltii MIM >
ml IVralnl II Mi4e III llrnr
fHrliK > Tllhi In M 1oN
Chicago March HUatU Claramev
Mil of Cryntal U > ke Wla acted th
good Bamarttan to a tramp laat night
he wa heir t a vaMaM farm near
nla home town Hla ataaolB i an un
heir now la In doubt hecauae ta
tram aWrin hla valia and In It waa the
l f hla deceaaetf father bequeath
ing th landa to him the document na
he afterward told the poUoa being hm
moat oherlahed peaaeaikm
You MI my mother haa married
again he explained and receive tb
Income from tbe hand until her death
Without thin will I don know whafll
become of them then
tiller wa mt by th tramp aa h
entered tM Wella ttreet depot t board
a train for Milwaukee
I havent taated food far more than
HhWmi wae t aaMtation MM tWmp 1
handefl him
He red th tramp boMtkt him lgr
and V him if Then b lavltad him
to take a drink nmethlnr dletrftcted
bl attention In the aakxM aad when
he remembered hla new friend th
Itt had Red with th valt
Waahlngton March HTo ave the
N from Union from aanong
the famlHea of mankind Ute bureau f
Indian affair la proaerutlng Ita health
campaign among th Indiana with all
the vigor poealhle In furtherance of
Ita cruaad Dr Joaeph A Murphy
medical aufiertfeor of the Indian rv
Ice 11 left Waahlmrton to lnvthratr
the condition o a number o reaerva
tlon and In aeveraj Indian achoola In
tb weat a aouthweat with particu
lar reference to tuberculoeta and tra
choma Thaae two dlaaaaea a
noourg among the Indiana
TNrectly from their lie 11 tb open
In th tepeea of their primitive d
the Indian hav advanced to the In
door exlatenre of clvlltgatton ra rd
I 1
I < > In a hirge meaaurn 6 tb neeea
aarv requlallea of ventilation and aanl
The mortality unaug the Indiana U
equivalent to twice that among the
white race and tnharcnloala forma I
t per atatlatlc cent of their death rate according
Trachoma I particularly prevalent
among th Indian In the aouthweat
In the Indlnn achoola which hav ben
examined In New Mexico from I t 1
per cent of th children were afflicted
with thla dtoeaae of th ey In Artaona
the percentage ranged from 5 to M per
cent In California I per cent waa
found and In one arhool Inrtclahoma
74 per rent were affected I waa aatd
t b no uncommon occurrence tn flncl
a gnat number of Indiana nufferlng
from trachoma on the rvaei vatlon
chlcagn March 14 Pnmldcnt Tat
will b phd with I b d
by member o the Irian Frllofahu
club when ht cornea her nt u
day In th shape of a black thorn can
from Ireland T oan waa aent by
Kdward 1a HUT now of Monkatown
County Cork Irekutd and on o thf
nix rounder o the Chlcaajo Irth rl
kiw ibp du I waa cut from a his
toric tre near th city o Cork
One hundred feet of Ihe conduit
being built by P J Moran the ofllclal
contractor In city Creak canyon col
lapaed thla morning beeauae I he
to were taken out too aoon Thla
la the aecond accident of the earn
nature that has befallen Moran on hi
contract In the canyon The concrete
co laid Ktinday and Mnran had ti
forma removed title morning
Duncan Mileod a laborer employ
eri n H Inilling at Fifth Mouth and
F V i Mixeta lipped from a
< IfI < nnil r II dlitanc of U feet
linn iiinriiuifr 11 > man was aertoualy
lului i 1 > I i > t recover He wan
4m ki > i K i u > i4 a phyalcbtn
umnwnpii T
tnken tn thv I r W It lr M J I I
H M h I Ml Ill I
t III1 >
II I 1 1 I thil III > f II IIJ I
InUn > j
No Criminal Prosaoutlon in Sight j I
In Dragon Lumbar
Case Ij
I Thratmil VHIi I h tm i
0 I S I nls i i
t 01
perlal to The New I
Portland Ore Mareh 14Wllh the
arrival o DarM Erclea prealfnt r
tI Oregon Lumber company In th f I
Htv laat Itt to V bond for M ap
pearance befnr the United Slat
court when wanted In tha tlmh r land t
r any apprehrnikm which t fed
eral onVtata may have had M o ihe j
attitude of Mr Bcclea haa dl ip U
N and thry know he will ap r and
an wr In court <
An Impreaelon haa galneti round
that tlte chare In the caae IB i ided a
criminal procecullon hut I fc ncr
tood here that MM atatvte 0 mla
tlona haa Intervened to the non of
< rlmlnal charge and that the TKI o
in government will be aubrvi i 1
n i > ihown that tM title tc 1
iii > d to have been fraudttUa
tiiiifil together lth ih val f 11
nnofr removed from fii
rrm rnvij
10 the ornmeni An
rr of I
fu t the rtatut
of llir i i i p j
ppo i < Mi to a larv > r n
i la inn Involved an i i i un d mtm
the government ro u thi el
dnr obtained In < tie ns t Ih
claim of John RafTim I barhr foi r
merly Ihlng at Snniptoi sin Ulati
Ha til M imltb Ilnlll luUn Ki
llngford a Btftoirriih r n tH > in
tb employ of th 1 i Imo r
company at Baker < i I tanti
ate Ua charge tnl
Since the emnmon flri >
wlln i before the g n th I
Reel caae tw week i In
has ba alive with t ircgoti t
reaidenta n 11 offl
agent RI inio nnn xen
hotel lobby and ve > i i I e hn
been under the aio II pe l >
oWcer and wlun ii i rrhc
In the rlli 1 r 1 a d i hei
f r < c of maretiii < < > w
Camnxnt and t ZI > r <
t Ihf int n r t j E
cla and I he
n i r o Hi > i unept
repf eaeiitatlv r > l t M < v > iin
that their client u1 i hand
when reqatriil
William H K i Ii 1 < Dmil 1
Rcclea aad ln < lud 1 i 1 i n H
IndktmeBt hat bPl n 11 i riernl
data Hi hoIlua I 1 lloni
RJver where hf I i urn n 1
branch of the n > n i C m t
pan A few < Ur h > i r i 1 i 1
ment wa laaued Mil m ii
tervktw In locil M < i i r 1
claimed and fUdI > I 1 > n n j
the part o ti coir i tlnintr
tlmbr land nnd > i to
ready to nn ei for i 1
any tint Mr K l i
to arrive from Hood III > i i
brother David from Malt li
Dial Attv McTouri H n M
how that while all th tlalm re n
tainted with fraud enough of thi in i
be ahown to b Invalid to war
civil null fur their recovery by tne Io
ernment There are about I ilaln I
Invilvrd In M Indictment It la unl r r
la I untr
tood and tho government expert i
i olleit from thea landa through < hii
PIUICOH not IP than thr
Chicago March 14 Mayor ftni l
and a party o city official mlI <
century nji In an autiunoMIe ye i
day through the tre ti of ChI
t purpoae o aeeklna Anthand
formation regarding the omdltton
th tmet with upactal referenn
their vafety and cleanllaea T v I
tr accumulation o filth waa fom I
to h enormou and Bupt of M
FovvUv after the tour ma over
dared the taak of cleaning the t
almoal Inaurmountable 1
H nald I
N r In th hl tory of tTtlri i
hav b tre tii and alfJ bean > ii
dirty an they are now t I
x w York March 14 John Mttthli i
former praldnt iff th United Mln i
Worker of America 1 on of tl I
laadera In a cruaade for th atrlcter ob I
mrvaac nf tb Sabbath which hi I
Juat been nlarted here Mr Mltoh II
and hi fellow cruaad aim to oblal i I
to yN worklngman no matt nhn j
h ln o miaineae one day at r t q 1
In neven I I
Onrpnrallona aald Mr Mllchni I 1 i
ar great beHevera In the MI thni i > 1
th dvtl find at M for Id i 1
hand Thy try to keep the working i 1 i
an at hi bench on the theory th I I I
th more w < tk h doe the nobler i
set Hut ink In excaa I debai il I
and th wot Id over I haa been fo I t
that 00 day f real elevmtne lh mo MI i it
tone ot the men who toll I
ton m to i
I I eetlmated that more than loo < 1 I
worklngmeav In New Tort alone II
compelled to labor on tho Matym J
Mitchell and hIM mworkr f
amendment tn Ihe ft LW wit Ii I
will rem thi condition II
1 i
Knn JINK Cal March 14 > Hrri r
from a mrrow road In the monnti H 1 I
3 miles north nf aallnaa an automoM rl
containing Mr and Mrs C W tjuiitv v
of this city and J H Tbomaavm f h i
tl I
Wationvllle plunged Into a earn
W1ovll I 1
fkUurday afternoon Th car In U c 1 j
turned twice OVM and taivlnic 1
bruah pit pinned 1M t n 1 11 fl j
nengire beneath I Mi IIIII I 1 i t
vre Injuries mn n raw I l
0 the canyon i i i f ii mho i p 111 1 t
two mile dint i i l I 1 iV
patched i i i 1 A 1 I tt
71 d i jur > J 1 I 1 I m
teiuillv ami M i onlli > n I seriou
1t1 I PI Th throe I 11
ufY ir I u I in thpr iiil
1 i IIfI in I nirht Journry
i brought i u Kxal honpltal I

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