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e oIrt
LAST EDUIO N DESERET EVENING NE W S Your Ilrotiilit M Announcement > mreclalc to the Attention Value In tlic of New People If
numi ASU UUElt1
1 = = =
Made Public Men on Long Runs Probably Will be
Not Time to Get Back to Starting Point Mediation
Given Act Has Been Requested and Grunted
Under Erdman
vim Prevent WalkOut
Railroad Officials Believe it
1 VIir I jPrtdent
h g ammlt
lf 0n tbe
rtr dI n that inrllirob
1 wouM ace pt
II I r
Ion itmn unef I I
h f
11 r itilliL psil
S meHa
hut the
ety at the ine
II nl ihll t t II
h 1 The date and
trlho of thi I n
f ii < II uiimada waa ae
5 m n today
t unn officials
i JI I dj timed until this
I th iouncIng tbe tI
ifl m i f the union said he
rr 011 would enter the
11 ft 1 t the medlatto pro
c I
1 < J th ntnversy between
S is and the local
V I n would medlalo
a1 ism as a eur
I or t
I ll < f the employe
f I Mle in session en
11n when
i n the hour
s t
r 1 v 1 h ailed
I I ti uithout
h nit n uniter tIM id
I n 1 i ui a stOP for the pawn
i 11 i oaed walkout
he questions upon
I y i and the men die
I 10 J i ii niiied to CbairmMD
r iii t i commerce com
r i i mi limner Nelll
n n ih lommlttee ot un
I o if iis i I am mble anil if a tele
f m i hrtiinmn Knapp Is reo
attention If no
It ihen
a 1111 f v
I b HiI nr lived It lath expressed
rat i r the union eom
I fl II uii it bualm ilexlija
h r i i ilk Ljubllc the date of
d trikf which thc > haves
e1 n ml In tht word of
p rlr fold thur tents
i r
rii itum of the union commlt
i i n 1 > nt Mt light to i hall man
l N v f Ihi general manager
Ti n HIK as follow
ru lot n f March U wherein
i v i i Hi nwngers commlttiM
> f ii < r i HIM tefussl to arbitrate
i tier in ontroveray has been
e I ard bit bn given serious
n 11 rat o I ho IIuoal Of the man
n < n nnlt to arbitrate HKtlcles
t o ttt ihr ni the plea that another
Tinzii mi Intnreat are Involved
t i 11 trt hv lour committee
v i that w are only r qulr
rt in r turn of a rule and prne
trill lur numbom have shvnyn
r uit r nil when railroad
4rr th M k tH the niilllOcatkin of
r herebv ileprlvlnc certain
nt i n of i Ight hlch art accord
I i erv i her < mpl ive In the nery
or rmlrra1i represented by tlHr
nRg Nitlp
tL mnntiee authorises me to ex
l lie minsvicerii committee le
t iMt i ui conference are thu
I Jii r to a How without havlHK
M LI iiuton of the muttirs In
I ii ihrt t a < hl e you that our
in hin uth > rlied the men af
H t vuh I an fi nn the service
H v rdr ft the immlttee
w t 4 CARTKU
br tnt Tlr therhood of Ixicomo
0 IngiMfr and Firemen
1 v r f t i aiet that the date for
arg oit th mi n would give them
bfre re eliing the notice for
i 100 lUll n ork others may he
r n H hint nt t atari on Ionic run
MH f u tirmen are on auch runs
ind < om f thiii muld not get back
Ihor taM rn 1lnl under nrdlnmy
II jmM i C n i iy > than four days
I how h hue itrhed
vv thc cmirm of
11 tR t in Inf their Inception
Iro f lh j iin i that several lays
II lat II elnp before use atrlke
ijl go 11 ffe i in any event
Wud RI I i nda on Ihe action
ken by th nln official In the
ver that hv rh a direct com
l1uniroll11 fin i halrman Knapp
n I lIh I n naalatant to Ihe
It i rt r ih i htiitgo IlurllnHton
JIfl I 1 i md on behalf of the
inmittti gave out the
ill Ir r
n nt today
In rl V i a U > < > PUbllr and Ul
1 rient1 mmrral Interests of
e1Inr m lIt h
iniZr > e barraaaed
h ir Injurd i n in effects of a con
t whir h
flrd I nn mi n propose the
h 111kllt the
trdnall aid of the
h I halrman Kimii of
inmi ne commission
ni r of Ijjbor Nelll
1 inmiinlcaled with sml
r f C I II
tr as media
uni r th
Hfn rnment law In an
t n Im rillv adjust the dim
ni lIy
sr Knapp and Nelll have
1101 t i I do not
Iremn see how the
aI II rifiise
m r I
I i fuI adjustment
Th r ijr Is r
fenl that after hay
Tig r1
limit n i the wage
j I cut resort enlisted
I I I h difficulties
I third through
a rI the
have ut
e L Thai I every
> r ak ft1 to avert the 6nlll
rInlziii arlpr of the flremuna
h he i1 tnte4 tll atternisi
I trum from Chairman
1 flat i i 4
rTnI mnilraloncr Nelll In
RII I p In f ItI l1 tht the
akrd for mediation
iinir th i
tt > < I JoroJllIltll act h < Ml beeti re
an I
ternoon II old h1 M on till
h the
nlttir hrotherhooi com
T IIsliii ItHCJUllTHIl
nt m March I1Msdtatia
Ihhr U
EriInaft Alt haa best III
u t of the
that hit
< 1
i PI
I I v en the railway lines op r
ttitg I
v ml out of
i 1
h 11 HI1 unglnemen
d f r
the ih dltlon wa mad In
JI i The rvqusit m b
I I k after
if K
i I 1
t ite lommerce
i k
at III
his iifflie
live i r IIIJ
V1 1ilood genera
0 I lltltfiallrU
l n flhI to him the HIII
r Ih rminad offli IeI a f r
III i ilp Ihe
4 appllc
I nappllc
s N x n hair
man of the getters mnnayrr nnllllil
tee The request ws fo the me nation ol
the diffliult that iiul ailwn on the
ubjeita of MaO linur of labor ami
conditions of rmplovmi nt between the
47 nnda Involved ant thr Hiotherhood
of Locomotive Firemen und nglnemen
l < waa reitueateil In the application
that the mecllnt Chairman Knapp
and Comml slonei of Labor Nelll enter
Into communication with W H Carter
president of the Hrothcihood with a
view to in amicable adjustment or the
ChUrman Knapp assured the repre
sentatles of the general manager that
he and Mr Nelll would take up the
mailer and If necessary would go to
Chitago In an effort to adjust the con
Chairman Knapp and Dr Nelll had a
conference during the early pan of the
day to determine upon what they would
oo It appears not unlikely that if the
telegraphic communication with resi
dent Csrter Is satisfactory one or both
of the mediators will leave Washington
late today for Chicago
The application for mediation la < < 1m
prvhenslve In scope It Includes not
merely the question of wages w hlc h Is
Ihe crux ot the dispute but also hours
of labor and conditions of employment
In fact It cover every phase of the
It la known that representatives or
general managers committee have been
lu Washington several days prepared
and fully authorised to make the appli
cation In the form U was presented to
day as soon as failure of the negotia
tion at Chicago should be Indisted
San Francisco March IS Though
frankly conceding that the strike order
Issued from Chicago laat night by the
Brotherhood uf Locomotive Klremen
and Knginetnen may cause temporary
Inconvenience and emhatmesmsnt oM
vial of the railroads operating on the
Iaclrtc coast say they anticipate no
great trouble Apparently the action
of President carter of the brotherhood
has taken sum of the oemiauMe by
surprise and no spwbg measure to
meet the emergency had been formu
lated The tact howem that the en
gineers arc not likely to be Involved I
legardfd bv the companies aa a re
aaaurlng aspect of the situation Man
of the locomotives of the eoaet llae are
equipped with oil baraen which It Is
stat4Ml do not require much skill In
Little wMiMdswa ig manifested at the
Southern PaclOc otlleaa hers and re
port from divisional points of tHe
Harrlnmti line the Heat Northern
Santa Fe and other railroad up and
down the coast are to the tiffect tint
tbe officials exprets small concern over
the outlook K K Calvin vice profi
cient and general manatrer of the
Southern IVtclflc said last night
While the strike will affect oil
roads out here we do not HntlclpHle
any seilous Inconvenience
The public does not understand how
the all Ike waa brought about The rail
road were willing to arbitrate with the
firemen on the wage question and In
fart asked for arbitration The tin
men however have Insisted In bring
ilg In the question of representation
that Is they Insisted upon being em
powered to legislate for their memhr
after they had become engineers Thl
the engineers did not request
The fact that we In the west UN oil
burner will make It a very easy mat
ter to replace the men
About M per cent of the Southern Ia
elSie firwnsn are members of the
Brotherhood It is officially statsd and
all of these are etpected to obey the
orders of their organisation
Santa Fe officials at Los Augcle cay
that Ktakemen on that road doubiloss
will go out with the fireman IM An
Keles Advices state that tbe Salt Lake
road will not be affected as the main
line Is not In operation owing to the
washouts In Nevada
Frank C Avansnn secretary of the
grievance committee of the western
division nf firemen says that he has
not yet been apprised of the strike or
der hut expects to receive offlktal noti
fication today
Whatever the order rail for he
said it Is probable that everv dlvUloii
In the west will stand by them A
referendum vote was taken some time
ago and forwarded to Chtca o in t > me
to be considered prior to take cffirrt
on March n between our grand officer
and the general managers committee
Portland Or March 14 OBIclals of
the harriman lines In Oregon stats
that the strike will have Httle or no
effect on them Their engineers they
say are for the most part members
of the Ilrotherhood of Locomotive Kn
ainers who they say will not aban
don their sit us I Ion Their locomo
tive ore equlplied with oil burner
anti the ofllclala aa need but little
skill In o iterating
The Spokane Portland and lIttle
railroad olflclals step tht they ex
pect to have little difficulty In replac
ing any flremen who strike as they
cmploj but few men
The Great Northern nnl Northern
Pacific railroad have divisions termi
nating here at Heattle and it Tai omH
LOCH oftklnla of these road allied
they are r ot In a position t epak ad
vfaieUly aa to what affect the < trtkc will
have upon the road they n < piexent
There are about tllO llreri n < nil loveil
by roads In this ataln and < m ik ln
of other rode which hav teiminils
her The v ole raat by the local union
men of the Hiotherhood of Lixomntlv
Firemen and Unglnemen was almost
unanlmouii In fnvor nf lalllncr a atrlkc
If the ilrinaiilM of the Ilrotherhood were
not granted
Seattle Or Maroh IIlh rallroniU
opera ting In the Pitclflc northwest
have made no preparations for a Strike
of the locomotive firemen and local
111 lulu i dm II ted lat night thaI th
ialllnft out of the men o oull inu e
Nn n t I rr nutnnt
1 II Uoicnnn ymmrCl nt nt > f tli
iluiit Nirthiin v h hllI11 th fight
aged ihe frlk IK v iti tun n fr ti
r 1 In in Hi t iii l full Xii il
surprise when inronnnj b > the A 4
aoc lati 1 Irnss of the action of the
firemen tommlttee
We did not xpt am h n mo nml
have made no jn > i > arati m > tn nil the
ssrss SJ
place of the men Conaeciuentlv a
walkout will calico temporary nibar
rassment but I believe that there nil
be little difficulty In tnhlf men after
the first few dava Freight erl < may
be tied up for a short time but I think
that we will be able to move pas
senger trains without Interruption
Officers of the feat local Brother
hood of Locomotive Firemen ar tht
the > had received no advices concern
log the action af the general i n mil
tee and decUMHl to dIsu tin ir i I i
of action They aaid it o ever HiHt
there Is no Jaj t but that all lii
union men wIN ey the pink onli r
whet It IC receive
There are IH union flcnen in
Htwcttle ConaeVttlve eatlmp of the
number of firewte In the mate who
will be IIM flv the order place It
In Mtceea of
All Roads Entering Salt Lake Exce t
One Will le Affected ly tile
Firemen Strike
The treat flremen a strike which Is I
expected to he called at any time from
the Brotherhood quarters In Chicago
will affect all of the lines which com
Into Rslt Lake with the exception of
the Denver Rio Grande and It Is pos
sible that the men on this road Mill
go nut hi sympathy There will be bat
4 few over 2tt > men directly latpHcated
In the utrtke In the city bat their ac
tion will deprive many thousands of 1
work and a practical tieupef traaepor
tation will ensue i
The fltemen or explicitly the order I
of IxKomntlve Firemen an4 JSajrtae
men are fighting for whV they onII 1
roprenuitatlnn It Is 41 sort of a I
threefornered affair with e imilroada
and the Brotherhood of Locomotive
engineers at the other pojnts These i
two union heve been loggerheads
far veral years end IgiriMI mutt
vuktleo became so strained that lbs Are
men fufctly began preparation for the
movement which la expected to cul
minate soon
An employe cannot become an ernrt
nmr until he has nerved a novitiate of
three years as a fireman When he se
cure an engine he muM accenting to
the rule of the Brotherhood of Loco
motive Knajlneers drop his former af
filiation with the firemen and become a
member of the senior order The fire
mens order as It Is usually called not
only Includes the men who handle the
shovel but also those who have gradu
ated and are pulling the throttle
Man flremen after they have
ps sod their examination and are lu
command uf an engine decline to
drop their old older They maintain
that they have a right to their or
ganisation snd the tight between the
two orders baa been of a fierce na
ture for several years Tne engineers 1
union which Is the oldr and the
more powerful will not budge an
Inch from the stand that their con
stitution holds them to
The matter of representation which
Is really the fist of the whole af
fair and which Implicates the rail
road to that grievance coitimlttees
from the Locomotive Firemen and
Knglnemen are not given recognition
by the railroad official while the en
gineers are more favored Th officiate
claim that they will recognize but
one order of engineers and that the
firemen members must stale their
grievance through the engineers
body The engineers have an agree
ment with the railroads It Is said
that nobody but those who belong to
their organisation shall represent any
engineers grievances
The matter of wages which also
enters Into the strike la but a side
issue and would readily be adjusted by
arbitration In a nutshell the order
of comotlve Firemen and Engine
men are asking for a recognition of
their organisation as engineers after
the have attained to those positions
with all rights of representation st
present granted to the Brotherhood of
I IM omotlv e Engineer
K M Qualtrougb president of 8tlt
lodge No 17 Locomotive Firemen
Ijttke LmotlV
11 Ilr
men lo Bnglnemen one loath t talk
mel situation thla moraine lit said
that the matter was btritiK handled
from the Chicago end and nothing
could be given out at the present time
However gnn volunteered the Informa
tion that the Denver A Rio Oral
railroad S i not necessarily Implicated
becsus of the fct that they had rep
rentntott alinadv wfl4 the wage a ale
He eta olcl that
was millsfm ° FY I thlt
there were four other weetern linac
which would not neceaaarlly be aff t
ed fftlll while giving this Information
til the strike would be
he intimatd that Ilrlkt WOI
Intmllt It vvaa leclarert and th u
the otlur oad w would go out In M nl
I Tlh
PITnc 01 h traIl will h elil I r i 10
I he In li of th
oei th r ad with vth < II o
ink ta dili 1
HI 1lk
mkeia n
th mill Then will b nan
Mill 11U 11
1 usual far a th
itat and run as uaul as ca I
ni P
na concerned according to
an >
strikers I i WIh vecordlng secretary of th I
He said that thrq
Halt lAke llK I
Iltl th fir
t W inembeia < vf the
vieii S o
men a orallllltlol II KIt I ike a n < if I
tliwi lib ui U ate running engine
I In aM Ih atike hocild h in Int I
I Ih I 11IHI winlil Iw tr < meniloiM
I t woulil tir tin wfl nul
I ihItnTlk men WOIII
I or vine nt not onlv 111 o lrtlIy
I affected but others whose worn aIr
that of the
1 large extent hinges upon th
stilker HushieMS genrH wojld be
affeiteil not onlv bee aiiae or Ji of
I rinspoitilln fAlltw hut iSio be
a K of tb Hi I r I Itures
1 in l he in nfornu
n wh n
of nlll n > i 1
i ll i
h1 tl r h i I v n N 14 I a v 11 I
I i It KH K iv
I n i 1 t e1 i 11
I lu til n i H III I ii t
usiwi I
as 11
expectation which la feltevrywher
I Nobody known whether < > not or when
tin antlilpHt nw la > > come but all
Thctf are th UKhtful
are expeUing It toughUul
eyes and tighten Haa among the flre
men and a gaggMl feeling prevails
that should the tasJaftli develop It will
not be a trlvtM a If sir hut will be
fought thrg t the flnlsji
Those In rnnmClnn with the t
ing department ys feeliug very blue
me the p
It s mUrtu7T2c said one ofnclal
Uie was thnmlM going this year
with jj7 nalhiilitsjan ever the country
n particularly MtllUt Lake The first
thing we have W washout of
tb Bait Lake n Vb4eh ties up that
lne n 4x mrtgitMrtTlirn theres th
trouble on ti VHUfra Paclfli Ava
lanches and aMMBp on the northwestern
western line < MHHg jalck nuccsealon
Now here i yaej > nKHIg strike Why
the tallroads haveiaMliurt more Aur
IB JM laatSu qpE > lip MMHiJik
yvftnl 1MP0CV
We were Juai beirhuilnr to think
that our troubMs n over and that
In a month or sa everything would b
going along In shlpshapw T repair
work was going along nicely and every
thing palmed to a good oprlJiK and
summer trade Hut I this strike I j
called there Is no telling when western
railroad matters will resume tbr nor
mal condf tSons
1 kMHl railroad workmen directly
affected by the Mrpeoted trlk have
little to say Hut when they d ex
press an opinion It t to the effect that
they realla the gravity of the situa
tion and are preparing to meet It There
does not seem to he any III feeling dis
played as yet nothing but a firm de
lermlnaUon to stand by their guns
resident Qualtrough of the Bremens
organization said that he had n heard
anything definite from Obtcsugo but
that he would b the first man In Bait
Lake to be notified
Up to a late hour this afternoon 1
was serene In the situation In this
city all trains running according to
schedule on nil the roads centering
here and no movement Indicating a
strike of the local firemen had been
made The railroad official so far
are taking an optimistic attitude with
regard to the situation and think that
the firemen will hardly go so far as
lo declare a genera strike That such
a movement would however be dis
astrous Is admitted by the of
ficials and one to be deplored not
only In the railroad world but among
all classes of business as a strike of
the dimensions feared would simply
ParalYze buslnem at least temporarily
W I Bancroft vicepresident and
getters I manager of the Oregon Biort
Line said this morning that he hail
received no notification of the enDInc
of a strike of the local firemen
Everything la moving along Just the
same aa ever with the Short Line
ssld Mr Ilnncroft and I have not N
calved any Intimation that the fire
men who are employee of the Short
Line will strike I know nothing more
than what I Itnve seen In the papers
and am almplv awaiting d llop
meet Mr Bancroft did not vetatttre
any statement aa to how the mutter
would b handled should the strike he
railed and all the firemen leave their
J F Dunn euperlntemjent of memo
IHe power and machinery of the Short
Line ppr he had received no Intima
tion that the firemen o th Short Line
were Instructed to strike Id fact
NIt Mr nunn I hv talked with
ofDolala of the lxal branch o the
Locomotive FInn and Bflglnntnan
and the tnlil me dlllm tly that there
would h no lnke here They told
lie the hal 111 itrlenncs k settle
sad while the would of roura like
II receive an Increase In pay yet they
did not feel that thc had sufficient
mplslnt to take part In the itrlke Of
rurse If th men do go out It will
ripple the roiid temporarily But real
im I Io nut think the strike will be
W H Hmlth asalatant
I superin
tinilint of the Usit Ill Route had I
hurt nothing of the fireman on his
road going out on a strike whan seen I
this morning The fireman on the
Halt Lake Route hv expressed no
Intention of walking out said Mr
smith und whether they would con
ider thetTi eive bound to follow the
order t ttik If given ae ing they
liv I > gni v iflrM then Iven t nin
c t h > fit ni 1f sri T do kno w
that lit telii i lift 1 the Unit
I iki it I I all Ii n in not
J 1 nly gneral lIuprlntndt
of the IIn e a the Jnr 4 RI
OrllI rallra1 In I Ih aiii I 1
not think ni 1 wil I I bv
the llkr Mi II Them p UP tire
r SI r lr1 il Ih
I I tivri Mi MM llto alIt I
wd t Ih t II 5 fh fl n I I
lti i 1 Upn I
H irI rim 1 id nl
ol Su n yen if the
strike III eclied T hardly think h man
wil I jut a a Ihj have IIn grtan I
and no omilaint f contracts Iroln
by these three Inp
On Insurgents and Declares Re
publican Party Will Keep All
Its Platform Pledges
It lleteniin Iriilmvr and Mii t
Sclcntlllc iljiisiinmit of rnitrcthc
tlll Oiiinlr ier lieu
Ipel I Msnh IS speaker
Cannon In a letter read at I let I
of Republican editors here today e
hewed his attack on the Innurgenta
and lr that all the pledge f
the ptalforn will b kept h > th u
publican party If it baa the contli I
support of the txople The ltte < c
addriesd to Oearga C Kan kin t
nt ef the jUUaeH Hfcxisllnmi utnul
ift OCt4l6n ii1ngA1d and in pa i
I folheweCANNONA
Dear Mr Rankln I have your favni
o the Ith mat Informing me that
there will be a meeting of the lllltioii
iKapublican JMItorisl aseeetatlon at
Bpringflaid on March I In Inviting
me to give you a word of neourajt
melt and suggestion
i thank you for the courtesy but
I feel there Is no occasion for me either
to adUae or encourage th Republican
editor of Illinois who have been a
potent factor In the politics of th stats
since before the Republican party wag
formally organized
The Republican party b n dli
carded any of Its principles nor has I
ought new laauee simply for the
uat u m f pur
pose of aatrhlnx th crowd ever ready
for no veil leu Where It has ndded a
new plank lo Its platform I has kept
Ill pledge Republican melon
ties In house amid senate cnoperutlng
with the president placed the Panne
tariff law on the statute book Aug i
or within less than five months from
the beginning of the session
Within cii month after Its enact
ment that law b demiMietrsvted that
It la the bet revenue producer a well
as the mOt scientific adjustment of
protective duties we have ever had
fully JuMlftn the presidents declara
tion that I la tb best tariff law ever
enacted Thr Republican party did not
promise a fiie trade tariff not a down
ward revision but a revision In which
should be recognised the principle of
protection with the minimum and maximum
imum rates to preserve without exces
sive duties that security atovlnnt for
eign competition to which American
manufacturers and producera are en
titled and also to maintain th high
standard o living of the wax earner
of this country who are the most dIrect
bnnenclsrlea of the protectlie system
In carrying out that pledge of the
platform we enacted a tariff In which
there were 6M decrease from the DIn
Icy law 20 increaSe and 11M Items of
the dutiable list unchanged T anti
He on which duties were decreased
represented ISWMXOajO worth a consumption
umptlon while those Increased had a
consumption value of less than SlId
ttttoe The Increases were o luxuries
and the decreases on necessities and In
the flmt sK months of the law more
than M per cent of all Importations
ware free n duty the largest percent
age of free Imports we have ever had
under any tariff n even excepting
th Walker tariff of 1M which was
culled a free trade tariff The Increiww
of len h been newrly aMOOM
In six months making the Iayne law
the best revenueproauoer we have ever
hd and that Is s prime necessity In
our increased expenditure for the
greater development of th unry
The Republican party ha carried
out Ita tariff pledges In a way to justi
fy the presidents pride In that enact
ment and It will carry out its pledges
as I h time o discussion and argu
ment on the form of wlee legislation to
nicit those pledges
The present congress In regular
session has been more energetic and
more am ceimful In carrying forward
the work bCore I than has any other
Iongreap In recent > esrs
Thi itnnltleee have been giving
moit ardi rtud to tll number of
lllla to amniii ihe Interstate commerce
law sill iilui isglslatlon promised lit
the Miiiiii nn platform and I think
I ran cat I ilrt that this letftsla
lion I ill i e all while all the
pledge of the platform will b kept
bv the parts If II lisa the continued
support it the tie rr i party has
ever been ahit t alplh all 114 1
promiSes In one oiciil r l mgrem
an t orl i i 1 hlr lias
nevfi t 1 n xi I
It la ih f i L i I ii Uvpubll
yin litr i I I r ti i people Inform
v1 is i IC KIlt iiccompllshed that
they may not b milled h > dma
gojttiea whose function la to com
plKln and create dltMtlifactlon
and the Hcpuhllcan editors of Illinois
ran be of material w itaiKe in pre
Between Visits to Points of His
toric Interest Receives Visitors
And Replies to Corrospond
In Mcr tti Itcejarst Tiatt lift ln
I SMI ireisure I
Tt It U IfHpoaetMe
Khartoum Mnrch 150111 on m
tug ih > mom of their brief stay In this
the capital of the Egyptian general
government of tile Soudan the Roose
velt were early astir today Col
Roosevelt was especially busy occupy
ing the interval between excursions
to point of historic Interest In reeelv
In callers and making reply to such
or Ms valumlnou correspondence M
fee had been able to examine
After breakfast b summoned to him
the native servants who had accom
panied him through the expedition Mid
p tbru tb epiti a
bade them good bye Each received a
present of rash from col Roosevelt
and a gift from Mrs Roosevelt
The eight seeing program began with
H vlalt to Gordon Memorial college
hull Ht the ast o of th town In
191 1 > > uhft < rlption solicited from
I CI nRH t T i 1rw < xv I I mlerwood
v iv Vu
rMitxi silt IFEGIN 1 wiv
f TI I S O Iv < I K I M
s iru
Governor general of time Sudan and
Hlrdar of the Egyptian army King Hd
ward repreeentatlve h prepared a
rousing welcome for th mighty hunter
ruan wfrl
mcPrenldent Reoeewft at Klammsm
t h British people by lwd KUehlte
From th college a drive waa token to
other Mart o the toW 10 Koeee
veH Mrs Roosevelt Miss Ethel HOMNH
I velt n a G Sir Rudolph llama
general of
I Von Matin the Inspector
lh Beldam stair made up th party
I They occupied a carriage drawn by a
handsome pair of horses and escorted
by two Egypt Ion lancer During the
drive they ware Joined b other m
hers of MaJ Un Wlneates stuff o
cupytnir two carriages
elK laA
loiter In the forenoon the Roose
yalta abandoned their carriage for a
motor car a unaccompanied drove
Int the suburb This afternoon the
Roosevelt planned a visit t Kerrerl
the scene of the great belll on I
2 IllS when the Ani11
forces defeated the khnllff and recon
quered Egyptian Boudan The trip to
Omdurman will b made In the uicldar
yacht BMn
yt tentathe plans of the Rooaevelts
provide for their departure from h
on a SfMClal train Thursday night On
t way to Cairo a stop of one day will
be made at Amman upper Egypt on
the east bank of the Nile and two day
will be val over to a visit to Ltutor
K Y let of Denver who name
her to meet Col MaoasTWH today had
an Interview with the latter and pre
enled him with a petition from the
rhambMr of commerce of Kannu City
and other western cities asking the
former nrenldent to return to the
Unie States by way of San Fran
Mr Roosevelt replied It would be
Impossible for him t accept tb sug
Kestlon owing to hi engagements In
cluding bis presence at the marriage
of hla son Theodore Ronasvalt Jr
to Miss Eleanor B Alexander which
Is to take place In June If possible I
however h said he would visit Den
ver and ihey nne during th frontier
day celebrations la August
Col Houeevelt upon bis vlllit to ths
bordon Memorial collage addressed
th students Informally eMpraasIng
great Internet In their work and re
marking upon the splendid praana
made by British energy within the few
yearn that Its Influence had bean ex
erted In Khartoum
senllnir the truth to meet Action that
the people may fairly judge as to
the fldellt of ths present administra
tion to the principles of the party that
gave I power to the sid that the
president may continue to have the
support of the legislative department
In working out the policies of the Republican
publican part >
wiivr iMiitsmievr 11I
Vahlnlto March 16 PretMent
Tsft sent u the convention of Repub
lican editor at Hprlngfleld III > 1iv
tHe following telegram
Rlncorelv hope that y D will have a
full meeting that there will be liar
manila and that the Republican editors
if In i 1 alIl stansi by lhi > action of
the niiiMVan iongrf and Republi
can ilItratiofl In referent to the
tariff II I I i I ther progr sMe Irglnla
tlon 1I r sslon of a meeting like
the otto II ilted srlilng fri > n n
normal sane end patilotli fteiublt5 n
attitude will hsv much Influence for
axiod In Illlroln ant thO i oct f tin
r unlr WU JAM 1 TAFT
Lively Times on Water Main Ditch
On Second Avenue ThIs
Morning L
FIn Hill Knocks Ringleader
Sensetos and Then Romo j
How Abandon
1lnl 1r ft irrrk and Itfll
lane WI n Tlinm Awn TheIr
Vst Pllr A cream
Flourishing revolvers and autoajuttta
libnols and threatening to Mil Fore
man J H Hill who has eharfw of
laying a watermaln on Second aTm
between Lend N atTests more than
half a hundred Infuriated liresk and
Kalian precipitated a riot about Ava
minute after S oclock this mvnilM
and but for the quick aintaarance on
ihe scene o trouble of MMorcycle
Policeman Qrlfrln followed woa by
other policemen no COb c7r1 mn
would have been ho
Nearly 1C meg were put to work
this moinlng on Second svenna b
Doyle t Schwarta who have the eon
tract for laying the water main Th
mn were In charge of J H Hill
foreman Just after I oclock lY or
six foretaners appeared on the Job and
asked for work Hill toM him they
could hsie a job and that they 1b
he paid 1150 per lay white the
Americans were to receive IS per day
The men started to work but within
wo w
In five minutes trouble darted When I
Andrew Atcias who assumed IfisjJtf
1 I
hip uer the foreigner rushd up to 1 < I
Hill and demanded that Ms follower
ie ic the saajw scale of wages as I
o j
the Americana Hill told him this F
01111 not be done and ordered th I
turn t return to their work or leave
tin 1 trim the ordered the whit
men mini the foreigner to quit work
at tin same time signalling to two of
hi men In a Bash three e them
drew revotesse MM s artd wtrartf I
Hill In a tfcraatanlnc manner TIM bit
ter nothing daunted draw a rand r
and knocked Mel unrooaoloMa to the
With howls of rage th forelsnstrs
rushed to the seine of trouble dr Wing
ruah o Il
InK weapons as they ran Hill anod
with a nun and seven other Amrt i
cans armed w PICkS hovels and
places of Iron hold the enraged ma at I
bay while a man In th enlghbOrMood j
turned In a rio call to the potto Pa 1
trolman OrHHn jump on hit motor
cycle and In a few socontU ranched I
the seen of trouble BIT this Mm i
Stoles had somewhat recovered from
the blow h received on th jaw and I
was urging bis mea to vtotesjc but
OrlOln Disced him under arrest dis
armed the man and than arreatad thee
By this time Mounted Patrolmen l4 I
Crouthers and Cotton amid Sergeant tt
Johnston and Patrol Driver Moore r
reached the scene The apnenrnne of I I
the patrol wagon and the two mount
ed men was the signal fo a grand
scattering and th dusky hued trouble
makers dId Dorando In every direction
ion throwing their weapons away an
they ran flteles and hla companion
attempted to run but Oriffln and the
other policemen held them with
threats to shoot They war loaded Into
the wagon and guarded b Driver
Moore while other policemen took alter
some of the fleeing farJ pfln Tina
latter threw their guns over fences T I I
Into ditches but the did not t running I
ning until the last was nut of sight
Ths entire neighborhood wa aroused j
h the tumult Mothers aoliMl then f
children and rushed thant late the
house while the male portion o tl I
Inhabitants who were bom u04
themselves and stood ready to assist I
the police In quelling the riot i
While the police were looklais for
the troublesome laborers two or three i
Oreeks went loa residence aa M tret
between Routh Temple aDd Klrirt ave
nue and demanded th return of tbelr
weapons which they claimed thy had I
thrown Into the yard A young man i
armed with a Winchester rhle
rmet It Wlnehtr re rushed I
out and drove them off rua
Only four men were are Ty
gave their name aa ADdmw ules
Ralph Baronl Anglos PHBPM and I t I
Icons Hsppas They erg eharirad
with disturbing the PMC carryIng I
concealed weapon and Bteles I facing I
the additional charge of Interfering 4
with an officer When searched at th
station the btitei had certlfled checks I
amounting to f 3 4no and U
moUlltn U4f0 Inft 1413 In t I
each on him i
I got there tint In the nick or
time said Patrolman Ortmn Thren
of them had drawn ln on lltil but
w had knocked Stele cold with the
Mitt of a gun The men wr yelling 14
like I lot of Tomanche aad It look 14I I
ed t me like theN had the murder
bit When the nth officers arrrvxl
there was a great enattailM asW In
a few seconds you miuldttt BM a Otek
sir Italian In sight We t Ok I
1 th guns we could find and H I j
armed the men I arrested 1
Quiet was restored In about an hour i
and the whit men and several I
foreigners who had not partIcIpated I
ot rti i
In the trouble resumed work pie i
man Hill will swear out a cemptahtt
against Htelek J In all probaWUty
wlnlt lrllU I
he will b charged with assault with
a deadly weapon with latent to o I 1
mit murder A young Italian whe had II
been on the job stated that lbs I
trouble was csiised b five men nec I I
rmploved on the work who ordered
all Ihf foreigner l iIII unlrw they 1
were pail S n r lay the same ai I
I the American I
I h

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