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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, March 17, 1910, Last Edition, Image 6

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n < U J
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C > twor Mm rrlr IAI l NtelU 1n1II
thI mkltw Owr TlKlr Own HIM
Ollivr r
An in the many Inn ho are
MIIIIIH Hncharn Hxluy arr Wllllani
J < rii MI Ion unt of thp dlrlon of
tin I I iii topp r conipuny wid H urg
1 iiiitin T iiral nwiwcvr ut the Ma
r < rn valley MliKH rompiuiy and other
nun TlKimpwn lnUTe Thry are
iiiikiiiK a hurrhvl Infipoctlon of the m
Ii i < amp and mon fupwlally the
i Ml Iopp Monti m i oiwulidated
liiHlUi and mill
Mi < Junn and Mr Thompwin arrived
jivinluy from lily when Ihiy have
bn for txvrrnl day Nikln < > vr tbo
i ii iinnian iofi frmtiuf Nvda Con
111 and othrr proprrtl of Uw
liK < In which they are lntermt > d
1itni to that they vlnlled Yerlnftoii
I ll < n Muaon Valley prnpnrty trv
iml wa Ito they were In Artaon
iikin ovei the Innplratlun and other
1 tup rtlen
K hnve to the Mn Valley Mr
Thou pinn iwld
MHMn Valley I in i irellent rondl
tii uih phyalrally and Hnanrlally
mill rot I Thompaon The report re
IK made out by Mr Ounn to b
rit In xtuckhnldcrv nhowrd that tne
inii tinl In IPt VHOQQ tona of oiu
< ln < li I ill avrrafx from 1 per cent to
4 I i i nt copper Hlnce the data for
I hut ri > rt BH obtained development
lii I M ronatderably t th tOIl
iiij < In Ihl and the beat valux I
< i founil lit the mine arc nhown In
Hi I t 4t levrli
VHli the ratltliwtlon hy atock
li 11 iiHt Monday of the plan for rn
< luin the iharea of the compmnya
HIltxIlzHtlnn from 008090 to HOMO
mill IHTI iKlnii the par valuation from
111001 ni In IIMOMO the rompany hall
the AII ulih wtilih to proceed with
the hul lltiR ir Ita mnelter for the bond
Uxuo rf IlraxiOAa Ilkewliie autbortaad
MI the MIC Ithu been fully under
HhHrelnillei of record April fc arc
len thf rUit to Kubvrtbe for tba
honild I ir MI 1 1 the rut beliif OIM SUM
tiond fr em h fill pur lue of atork
h M Tin prlii nf the hond IndwHtlK
lnt > re i riini April until Mar 2 whan
PIIMIWMI i In will he SIM2M
The iomruiii IH nmeller will be
n runliin ntunt < < t from 60 tona to MO
tnn ilMiK < HI n In It will be a
Mrilirht Hmltlnii ilinl with hlaat and
reverheiitoi fui mil e and It ahould
he him n In lihm l month from
tlil I mo Julrx Ki tlarth the noteil
llriilKh Inliiinliii iiHtHlIurnliit will
10 Krnt rHl I h true tvith of conatnK
tniii uk and nr tlie xnielter after It
1 in i Miiinliiiton
ltliirr RTIhh QCITI 1Mb
TrnilliiK InlN tn IIr o1er Much Aflrr
Slnklnc SIM > II of Ywlrnlay
In Hplte of profamlonal atlmulua au
111 10 the market thli morning In
n effort to t < > revive It and bring It
IH i k lo life ana m It failed to work
Titrtlni did hou Homewhat of a
revival hut tin murket wan till
Inmjuill and v ik TradliiK waa In
furt Mill mI mill i lonely Hp
Iluaeheil emn < < in Durlnj Ihe MI
tlre morn InK inu i 72J iharaa
hungod hand irul the enoimoua aunt
ir Jvri no repre < nte l the cum total
if the iranaai tlon whlrh i In the
iKhbnrhood of JliS for cnmmlaakMM
the SO odd urtue hrnkera
Hullork mid the lowed It haa done
ni any time One brokfi paid X 50 far
an entire blot k or Mio aharea d
n Ar a no thl < k waa aellloc
nrnnit an hluli HX 14 oenta Kvery
Fiik on the honni showed waakneaa
If one were named ll would b nscea
r to tell them all Th unlucky 13
Rtoek < traded m waa evidently a
The following were the nalee on the
rurh market 1KM ahar at Opm at
M rentu 10AO nbaroa at II centa
buyer AO daya 100 fharea nf Ilntah
Trenmire Hill at 10 H renta IM aharw
of Kl fentannlal at > l centa
Fotttnoon I Afternoon
Laid Htka I I
I Bid lAekedi Bid Aeked
Itetk Tun11 IS u 11
Bluff Amal 11 w
Bl ck Jack 1 11M M IIH
Bullock 14 M I 411
omp Bird M
Carlsa CO
Cedar r I 11
cent Mam M I
rrntury 7 It I 11
I oinrado I 7 77M 77 71
olumbUol47 M I 41 I 14M
Crown It CM ff M
Daly Judgrl lts 4St tM 4 a
Decker CI toll ri
I > rann I U
K B B t
K c Point tMIt1I 11 I 91
K T Con t 11 01
K T Dev 144 It
K T O Ki 1101
Kmerald I 1 11 IS U
1C Calumet ttM 11
Oold Reef M
CJ C Crown
a Central lBH 1 l ICO
lb x
Ind Queen I
J P n D 1IIIt 1S i ltSH lesM
Iron BIOSI VS 11 M
Joe Bowers I M I
Xeyntnne It It
K William Ot 11 M i
Lit Bell j 170 i ltt I I 4M IUW
U Mam UH 1 I 4 W
MaJ Evan I 1
Mas Val 1 lN IM t IU IM
May PayI e < eI I I
MrKlnley 01 1 01
Mil Hill 1 01 I I 11
MlM flat 1 III I MH 1 011 em
Mt lnko1 All I 011 M I MS
Mt I Kxt 1 r I n
Moerou i 4 < sr
IflU fortVoflkt
Rretdtnhti 11
We have three klnnn
w e can cnmmand
and theyre all the lat
t tyle perfecth
Hiinltan The Moon
with the dlaappearlng
tpe rlter side which
folds Into the left nine
of dek The Globe
drop and the Diet1
drop Finished In oak
or mahogany
Best Prices
BrceaenOf es uPpJg Co
OObt 2ndSo
MIA Pit u it
lliit ftlhoI 13 AIII
LKAI 170
IIJAI enl < IIRflM
COPIliH nninliMl 130 n knl
tKlujV SIOllflIUS77
1 17 JIIIMI ll lx8fW
N British 1 I M 16 I H
N ralr 1 tlfc i M
Nev Hills 14 i MSS M I 41
Newma 2 Z SSt I
Nw York 18 ISHl IM II
Ohio p l IM 4M 4 nt
OpohotKW i SS I SI I SSM
Ptoch M t4H SSWH
Ilu r It ItM
Prtnc r m M M
Proro f 4
h J its
mi Klnjt I ltt IIIt
I tchwab I 0014
B Troughs I 10
KlchAnac 10
loux Con at
H Col Con M
K Iron Bl It n
Tin Cent I tMt
Tin Comb M ft
Uncle lam
I nlted Mer j r
ttah Com Ie
Victor n
Victoria lUH 14
WeM Nev I IS tt
West Utah j t ttH
Tank Con It 1
Yer Topper I III I 14 1
Stock I Hid I MIt 4
O ex 11 1
old Aaterteall
nfllrtalll 1
mAh 1twYo ifill It 11
m at
l > tnljohn 1
Ilullock KM at H
Columbus IN at 47 Ml at 47
Indian Quoen SI4W at 1
Iron Hloaawn M at M M at M It
at l
Mt Lnke t9t Bt 8
Nev Hill KXI at H
New York Ml at U
Prince Con IM at II Miter W 1M
at W buyer fit
Silver King IM at J IM at SSft
41 at Sl S at tn II at SM
Inux Con I + to at St
Tin Central Ml at IH
Utah Con LOW at t
Colorado Ml at T7 IM at 77 Miler
M IM at 79 tmy r M M at TS SM at
7t buyer M IM at 19 IM at M burr
M Iron Iloom MO at II IM at tS
huyer 10 IM at M wller M 11M at
as Mount Lnka S4M at 8
New York Mt at It
8he8 Value
Regular 1MSI IUKM
Open M4M ISttM
Colorado 1MM at n SM at 77 Ml
at 77 seller 61
Colnmbu Hs nt 46 10 at 47 m at
41 IM at 4S 100 at 4114
Kmenild too at IS
Iron Blossom lSM at tS lJM at 91
Keller 80 IMO at SI
tower Mammoth IM at 40 seller W
100 at M seller M Mt at M
itlh Pnicllcr VIII IIP IBO Sli
Tlnira Inrccr
Needle Cal Manh ConaMoraMe
activity H In evidence aiwtnd the
Needles unielter Intel The nfAru htta
tHMn overhHiHed ant lncreis d consid
erably In aim CarkMil After carload
of lutnfeM anil tmlhllng material Is
being unlnsMleil While actual construc
tion work has just twen tar tort and
the company engineers are ntlll on the
ground laying off the plant According
to the prevent plans a Klven out the
melter will be Inomaaed lSM tons a
day capMclty the prevent one having a
capacity of M ton Thla will make n
moat cmnnlnte reduction plant In this
part of the country and will Increase
the mining sxtlvlty In the local district
aa there are a laiwe number of small
Brnrtlea that can be worked to a wood
profit when such an excellent market U
at band for their ore
rrim xcoxi SWJltHS
HUlerlllllllI1 n rlhni lItIln1
1111I Iroin Plum
Washington Mairh 17 Uatlrted that
the present methods of operating Ita I
smelter by the Anaconda Cooper com
pany ar not only demructlve of the
surrounding natural forests but un I
iMsaaary Atty Jen Wlckersham yea
tardar cu wd a bill In equity to he niod
at Helena Mont agalnat the eomMny
The bill aska for a permanent Injunc
tion to compel the company to ntwntte
Ita plant at Anaconda In such a manner
aa to end the destruction
The company bola restated the demand
ttI the government that the method of
mlllng be changed and among other
contention haa represented that It
would oat millions of dollars to make
the alterations The attoiney general
however announce that the suit wilt
be prosecuted vigorously unle aa he
hopes the iompaiiy will coopMvle lo
terminal i < IIItllll conditions
On behalf of the Montana tmaltara
the contention is made that they cannot
convert the fumes Into Held u W
done In California and Tennessee b
HU or O wholly different character
J ure
A full Investigation of thla claim by
liMilinjc experts haa Mtlaflvd the ov
i iniii nt nl the fenatbMlty of oonvertlng
ihr tunina at Anaconda Into arid and
tint there are large phoaphato deposits
ne r hI that may be used with the atJd
in the nwinufacture of fertilisers
Jamea A Pollock A Co bankers and
broker furnish the folio win received
over their private wire this afternoon
Butte K London 16OSO Cumberland
Kb 701 Olmux Consolidated HO
< Nevada Consolidated 2H < UIi
Nevada Utah 1 118 i Nlplwlng
lH t Newhotise 1HCT Tenne ee
Copper MmrM Utah Copper 4 f
49 K Onl Daly mVS DomInion
< opper 207 Kly Central H4WV Kly
olldated 4Jlll i Furnace i > k
41i S Oreene O A 8 i om 7 Hked
Mitchell IU 4 V Montgnmer > Sho
hone 4 tl Nev Smelt Ing fi
Silver Queen 1810 Silver Leaf 10 4J1
11 K Edward H K Cobalt J4S
nohalt cmitral ISSH McKtneyn r
iBh 4 e9 Tlntlc Mining jti
Qthraltar 1B Frt National Copier
44 < TH Honton Con ISHWv Yukon
kild 4tl 71 e North Putte Txt
im Miami Copper 28 < 4OH n 8 Q f
91 Penna Wyoming H 4i El
J Z 115 llHV IWKolMaefl 2
tn lllMIll flppll III > S
Hii dnlril TSfl1 111 1111 Cop
den Tfl i oppcr Ihlni S4JTH fop > et 144014 Hr
The following opinions on the < opper
market were received over Kadger
HIOS private wire thl nurnlng
Walter Fit eh A Co Amalgamated
Copper I the u talnlng factor In
the market ye terday and the < cu
mulation of tock the pant few day
point Inwards In
terests purchasing by large
J 8 Bache e Co The market haa
rather a Holdout appearance and re
covery should now set In
wan Market not nl > oversold
but sold out the condition I dlstlnc
lively favorable for an Important rim
Jamsa A Pollock A Co banker and
broker furnish the following received
ever their private wire this afternoon
A c M 4Wi0 B Ely SH04U
Chemung I6HOU Davis Daly 1 311
4MI4 first National 4O 4 Iiwnlr
atlon I III Majestic tnOK
Ohio Lop 4 I1KF7I Hen
eoa M M 8 A O t ir
Begole SHO4 Ely Central 1 3l 3l
MM StlMl B L 102 Chief JS
4JHs Ely o 7MNO Of Con 181
I < a BxHSf 47U0H Nev Utah II
tll OM 7K9H Houth L IC
ISMi Tonopah7He BohemiaIH < 4
Black Mtn 14 H Cactus 4 11
Chlno 11 OIlB I oak 1
M Baltic 1 Ray C ntral
S ttl JTllll Leaf UO11 Yuma
1M Witch Il4ttt Adventure
I f4 B Coalition 24H 4
Cent WVI a D W H L d
ll4Oim Mohawk A104B N B 41
f H Santa > Shannon H Utl
Tamanwk MtfTt Victoria 44 4 M
Kins C 1 u B C 1M0H 1
max tK H Indiana 4 H4 4I IM
71 N lA SSK9K B fluh
1It OIL MtH Apx 4 ll r
Al Com4 Mfl 4 C A A 1t L
M lietS Franklin 1 H H Maa H
0 H Nevada C SS9S4 Old Im
41 tfr IS Oereola 1M91U AHuuea SOfjp
H Trinity IV Ht > lvertn 1 O1W
Wlnona ItHtJIl CorMn 1 K Han
cock SMMi Royale SM S1 Miami y
H Ojlbwy 144fH 8 A B 11tI
U H com I H 47 1 R pfd alH4
Atlantic 9K lt C I 174 SS Range
7SH4 7 O C UM 4f 4 Mich 14W7V
Nlplssln l Vi > qulncy M 8t Iar
rot II Cll Uranby M aak Utah
C St4 > I Wyandot 1H Zinc
M b B B 161 Helvetia S < O
KfW 4K H Arcadian 10 Ray
C SSH I P 1301
Tbe Bank of Kngland has advanced
Its illscount rale to 4 per cent
Charle Tyng kas rum from a
trip to the camp of American ro
T annual meeting o tbe May Day
Mining company will be held o
April 4
The following was received over
James A Iollock A Co private wire
title raernlrig
It Is understood that close to SMO
tana of o were alp out of lb
Cod min fo February and lh
o ran better than IM to the ton
Colt U accumulating a good sur
The following were the Men
quotations received from New York
this morning by Badger Bros on
Tlntlc atocka Colorado 72971 Iron
IMosBom eU Hloux 1194
Carlim I9 I
United male Smelting and Meaning
rompany haa declared regular qu
terly dividend of 1 per cent 0 Ita
common stock and 1 per cent on
preferred payable April IS to ho
er of the record March II
1C A I undqulat general manager
of the South Utah Mines and Smel
ter formerly the Newhouso Mines
anil Smellers I In the rlty today on
liueineas IleUUIve to what la being
kccompllshed b the company he Is
After being In quarters on Second
South street for may year the
brokerage noose of Jamea A Iollock
brolraKe today being changed to Its
new offices hi the Felt building 0
Main treet The companv Is one of
the first tenant to move Into the
fine new structure
Developments at the Cardiff r get
ting better In the crosscut off the
tunnel the OM body I vsrylng from
II Inches tn three feet and Is making
In H solid formation that speaks for
permanency The ore at ant carries
rnn r eent copper and 111 ounces
r sliver A thousand sacks have been
sent to the min to care for the ore
Jarbldge la probe My the highest
Jrbl tn live In of anywhere In
the United States There am prob
ably Unlle persons scattered over the
country there now There are three
restaurants there Prices throughout
average better than M per cent r
than In Halt Ike Ham and egg are
Tl centa and coffee 1 cent Potatoes
with bacon tnt
arc II cent a imund 1t b
41 cent a pound
With still 10 feet to drive before
getting under the wlnae In which high
grade ore waa found In what Is called
Ip the Patch Consolidated
the Jap leas at Bye Itc
solidated property some excellent ore
U being found In speaking of the
strike there Supt Bayniond Ray says
Ve have drifted M feet on a Harare
which where It waa cut by th 100
tot tunnel was six feet wide with
average values of s a ton The val
ue have Increased tall and the
crosscut at the face of the tunnel
Mow 1 feet of commercial ore with
only one wall In sight When t left
the mine we were still driving for the
opposite wall Much nf the ore la of
shipping d running from I ounc
M In silver
es tn 4 ouncea allvr
By Badger Bros Wire
New OrleansReceipt tomorrow es
timated at 1100 to S1M against t 7
lax week 4M6 a year ago
The certified stock Insane T bales
and I now down to 1MIIS
Baardsle The general opinion on
the floor II that July and May are
IHirt receipt today estimated at 1
1 against 1A1M last week against II
KK last year and 11079 In ItM
stock certificate bond and blank
hook of nliv I or ntvte made to
order Kutlmnt vrimnllv furnlnhed
6 ftURtr C1t > Townnlte s 10
14 Thatcher Bros Banking 110
t State Bunk of Utah 3 >
X run Iilaho lull IM t 95
4 UtahIdaho fur Con 10
aX Utah Sucar Bond
ViOCO Bumpier ValUy B R Bondv
Edward L Burton
47 South Main 81 PhonM D I
I Me bfB fo annnum that w
have Initalled the
Duplex Wire I
of I 1 Ilutton A Co member
Hw Tork Stock Exchange tc
dYng paetal attention to Cop
per Quotation and offering par
tat facllltlei for execution of
order In New York itocki and
cotton Boaton copper and Chi
cago grIn
Badger Brothers
ICO Slain Slnct
The local market are HHflumlna nor
mal condition followInx the resump
tion of throuch truffl between thla
< Ity and Harramento The lateat re
ifilptfl Include two o rii of oranffe of
flno Pnvor aweet Hnd juicy and guar
anteed free from front Hlo I car of
line California lemon car lot of Utah
and Idaho potaloen a art Idaho
apple with general exprenn ahlpmentu
of cabbaven extra fine and mirrulent
lettuce maid to h never ourpaaed In
the htatory of that much denlred vegetable
table Cuban tomatoea made more
common here b reaaon of the rallrotul
connection from Key V at Price nf
chicken are tending upward aa are
alan prke of meat The quotation
of pork and baron have Ion up 1
centa In 12 dftya and with hog nelllng
at I cent on the hoof Ih future of
pork generally It dlnquletlnic
The Bah market are recovering from
aemlfamine ataJtia with a goodly
array nf article now that the embar
go haa been removed and In general
the market are fairly well aupplled
with th neceaaarle of life T advent
vent of aaparagua la particularly to
he noted upr and grain continue
quit Km are nIl arriving 1 fast
aa might be dealred The quotation
obtaining at prevent are aa tlow
Family nor p cwt 210
Flour atralKht grade per cwt IM
rlour high patent p cwt 1M
Bran and whorta 144
a r
atralKht aborta IM
Timothy hay per rwt IM
Alfalfa ha per cwt IM
Corn per cwt LSI
Rolled barley per cwt 171
Wheat per cwt IJO
Dreaaed beef per pound TD
Dreaaed hen per pound It
Lard pound 1
UreeaeJ veal pound U4fM
Pall lamb iiound UU4fttM
Dretwed prinK pound 1
Iancy braakfaat bacon pouml W
Ituaden pound PUI 1
Turkey p r pound II
Creamery butt p pound 4
Butter ranch p pound M
Cheeae per pound MrM
Ranch egga per doaen W
Neufihalcl cheen I
Orange per doaan M 44 41 U
Onl pr 41 a 7
Lemona per don M
Lme per hundred lJI
lan iW doaen
drape fruit each I
IKUe pound M
lwa p pnd u
Apple per peck 1
IVMnegranal par fl11
Cranberriea per quart UW
nlrr 1
Dapple each t
Ktorlda grape fruit won U
Datea u uJ
Malaga grape p pound H
Layer raiilna e txranil K
Honey per pound 1
Bta In can each Si
Dili ptcklea qur 1
Hour picklea quart M
Popcorn three pouuda o Si
Sugar 14 pounda for 1JI
Citron peel per pound SI
p pI
Ion el per pound SO
Orange peel par pound IS
Mlncvmeat p pa it SO SI
Hweet elder p gallon u u 4
Kye hominy p0 U
Can lugar I
Beet augar tH
Bt uar
IM Oleomargarln 4 > le augar par pound SO U
Almond > er pn1
Walnut per pound U
FllberU p pound H
Peajiutu l pounda for Z
Mixed nut per pound a
Celery two for II
Lettuce three neaila 25
New turnip three Mr 10
Hell pepper par pound Au
Sweet apuda 4 BBHMi lor X
Saratoga chlp par BMMd 10
New cabbage par pouad 5
Ureen onion J buaclMa for 10
put per pock > o
Cucumber each J
Japaneae iiepptra pur pouod 11
Parsnip I for 10
Oynter wlect p quart 8
O > atera large aelacta per ct
Holea per pound 15
Craba 1
Oyater umall per can M
ml pr
N Y Count pare II
Rmok Trout ah 1
Halibut per pound SB
Halmon ier pound Jt
Mullet and carp fowr puad H
Mountain troul pr p W
California nmelU p pound I
Dreaaed beef per pun 7Wfc
Dreaaed veal per pound UVfc
v I pund
Dreaaed pork per pound B
Dreaaod mutton per pound 4M
mulon plld
n Jr
Imh per pound UH
Ijtrrl i er imund t
IJve hna per pound 1
T > rew > d hen per pound SS
> re ned prlnga par pound J
pound SO
Turkey per Jun 1
Kre h Utah creamery tr M
Itimh butter M
Jnh butlr
Kamh ngg
1tnli < heee 1 Mir fun1U
Krf tern chne per pound 1IVII
Timothy par Ion
Alfalfa per ton 1IM
Wheat per Cwt Lift
OAt per cwt 1IS
Corn per cwt lTO
RId < > b per cwt IM
Parley rolled per cwt 113
Klnui fdimlv per i wt 27S
Flour Mtralght griide per I 2 Hi
Mriin inrt short per cut 1 ai
I iTIM nl per rit 2to
Flour high patent PIT cwt 3UO
New York March 17 The Uani In
the Ilank of Knglwnd aim ounl rain ha1
a mixed effect In the opening tuck mar
ket today fnlon Paclnc and Cheaapeak
Ohio were down large frI but
moved toward recoerj New York > n
trl rime point and then reai ted H
ltltbiiru Cual and American Can row
Helling order InrraaMd after 1M Initial
dealing NorthHcit rn Baltimore Jk
dIIA Balmor
Ohio preferred and Weatlngbouae E
trlc falling 1 and Ht Pull Support
waa then extended and Headline waa bid
up from 1MH to MR placlnir it n point
above ye iterda > > cloving KttlJt of a
point o more were alo mid by lnlun
Ilicinc Rock Inland C f 8teel Am
mad Copper and Hoot hern Iaclftc
Thi effei I of the HM In the Hank of
Rnalund < ll > ount rate on foreign 8
hange wan nnmounced Oold pr
from New York were ionalder d poaal
ble It wa feared that foreign ubcrtp
< to American bd would be cheek
ed The itock market waa undisturbed
Yenterriay abort aeller bought t cov r
Price advanced to a fraction higher
than yeiteraay clodng Amalganalad
Copper and GrOt Northern Ore Certifi
cate gnlned 1 and Louisville A Nash
ville 2 U
Hond were Irregular
The tone of the malt continued to
Improve but the buying was limited tn a
few stock Largt blocks o I H Steel
were bought In the neighborhood of H
Inton larinc WM alo o th exceptional
man but the rest of th lender w 1
Buying sniffed to ram extent Into
causing rise la Pennsylvania
other qusrter caulng a r rnn
sylvania and Houthern Railway preferred
nf 1 monBHheffleld IH and Big Four 2
leading stocks generally were at a
staadaml with comparative price how
Ins A number of substantial advance
Inr market o < iaed Arm and quiet
The further rise In prices platted Reading
rloae aVmthern P
IV over yeaternay IIm
< Oe Chapeake Ohio 14 and
Kansas Texas Rio Irande American
Mmelltng and other 1 Cnlted BUtas
Hteel touched o Hanawha A Xlchl
gan Cnrtlflcatsa row 4 8nIIted
il Big four m and American Sugar
Chicago March nCattle Reeelpta es
timated at 1 market Mrong to c
higher Beeves S > f Texaa rtsera
< > western steer I K i stork
er and feeder 11 < cows and let
rs TMtlfJ calves I MtttOM
lions Receipt estimated at 14MW
market IIt Ught 181 mlxed
H WM heavy WtSftMtt rough II I
1IM rJ
Wm good to choice heavy II W
pigs tmmOto bulk of r 10 1 i
lhepRmelpta estimated at MWO
market strong Native 8 W w t
ern aNj Yln 9 M lamb
native anWWft weMem 11fl
Kansas City March t7CattleRe
celpt > market strong to t higher
Native steers ISMM M cows and heif
ers liOf 7W stecksra and feader 4 M9
117W aok n f
1 bulls 4 > ralvaa l 4 flS
western steers 47I0I IS werlern cow
HogaHeeeipt fO market sl ady
Bulk of sale 12 I B heavy Mf
Bui packers a butchers 1II
light l lMn l litKS ltfN io
SheepReceipts PIr market steady
Muttons 1u lamb 00 VI fed
weetarn wethers Had yearlings 730 W
fed western ewsa 7SW7W
Omaha Mart h II CattleRecelptr
t market steady to strong Native
steers IMtM10 cow and helfor 4W
e steers ICM47 M < anners
3 4 s stockera and feeders 4 0 e
34 IM9 bun tag etc 4JR
Hogs Receipts K market steady
Heavy IRep s mixed 100 M4i
light WJOdW W pigs M bulk
10 M9 45
SheepReceipt UM market Uo hlirh
r Yearllnga 7t M < tnets T3 > >
I f10I Ib n a IO
8 IXHIS Xh HW ol lower T I r
rto u
ma 2 I
March HCoi Hi ed or P
ilanwgo rapivt aD failure o eotAd
rain to ralla In tbe > nuthw i gave
a strong tone to the early tnt in
the wheat pit today At the oulwt July
advanced W to H a September and Mav
I M Aral nour ofTertnir rl lUlit
In the distant options wid July and 8ep
tember held most of their Initial i 1 rKih
while May o more liberal olTering
sagged back to abut yesterday In
Ing point July moved to 1M4 after
D at lUH
opening at tMa May opened
to 4 and rested at lUVt
f rn prices t the mitsst were un
chaaad to H up but quickly fell away
abundance of offerings May traveled
on a Ibunn 011 lry
Ie down from 114 to 1 4 and with thu
other future rested on the lower level
Opening price for the May delivery
were H to > up at M to 4V
Oat price were weak In the enrly
trading starting unchanged to h off and
Inking till further In the first hour on
general selling by country hou nd
commission concern My mnk from fe1
to 44Str nfter Oln unchjigett at
Light reoriptii of live hojr at h im k
Ing icntert unrt lontlnuwt high prl a fur
the anlmaln HttntulatH1 teh provision
market all thA product opening At tin
advnr pork gaining from M to MH at
th < outnet In the nft hour a good de
man ket quotation at the advanced
figure Opening Dgures on the May
priHluct wsre Pork 13 K7Vi I up lard
1 7H to 14W 7H to 1 up rb U W7H
WheatAftsr advanrlag still higher to
ward the middle of the day th market
nxperlenned a han < nlumti O realis
ing sale July dropped fro 10HIC
1 A to 1 MV while May made a till
greater 11 from 1 13 4 to 1 ItV The
market loe l weak with July unchanged
at 17 and May H11 lower at lUS
Corn tater In the day the market wa
affected li > th > > break In wheat Msy
Ing < to W the other future Jouniey
Ing wtth I The close was weak at near
the bottom with May i o a I
Cash eorn No I HisWH N I
white V No 2 yellow I > No 4
MH M7H N 4 white oevt No 4 yel
low sTVss
Close WheatMs y 1 12 S July
IV7 Bepi U M H
CornMay OH July tt Kept
3 OalMay 4V > H July 0 Sept
Mess loik per bbl May m1 July
K 70 ept St
I urd per im Iba Mavr 140HO i
July III Kept II ttU
Short Rib per M Iba May HUH
July 11 ftepl 1It
RyeCasK 71 1 Mar 1
Barl y < aah MOW
Timothy March 4JO
CIah 1 I
Chicago March 17 Butxr Steady
CreamerlM Ui dairies
RggaKlrm at mari caaes Included
I H rseatpts 7tll flrsu SI prim flrst
Cheese Kasy IMales I 4 > H Twins
US Vk Toung Americas MfcaM
Long Io llO
New York March I7Haw RUgar qulst
muaoavado s lest SM c nlrtfuwl M
Mt cf
teat 4M molasMS sugar M test ML
Reflnrd steadjr cruobsn I M granulatad
I S powdereil I V
Cop steady No T Rio I 11M0
V No 4 Santos
l < u t Ie Thursday Man
AmaJgorfuUed LVfV i t
Amerlcon Bent Bujrar MS4
America Car A rVuftdry S3
American Cotton Oil 1 4
American Unomotlve 51k
American Srn lttnp Kaflntnf 8
Am Bnutltine A Rln pW 107 K
Vmertcan Sugar lUOalnR p 1WN
Anaconda lnlD O > 4
tAtohuion llS i
Atlantic Coast Line 1S3
Haltlmon > Ac Ohio 11
Brooklyn Rapid Transit i
Canadian Pacific 11
Chesapeake A Ohk o
Chlcaao A Northweetern VHt
Chicago Milwaukee Bt Pw illlVi
Colorado Kite A Iron U
r old A Inulhern 1
Delaware Hudson 171 I
flawa lun
Denver A Rio Irande 41
Denver ft Kin Orxuvde pfd 7 H
Krie H
Great Northern pfd IM 1
Oreat Northern Ore Ctfs 8
Illlno4n cenlral 141
111 lr
IntertHvmwfh Mot M4
Interborough M H pfd >
Ln 4 I N ivlh 11 i
lltaewiri Partflr 70
fMlwnuri Kannaa A Texn U
National Biscuit bid 1A I
National Lead 83
New York Central J
Norfolk A W nt m 1 W7
Northern Pacific 13IT >
Paclrtc Mall 31
Pennsylvania 137 >
JVople Oaa 110
inillman Inlaoc Car 1S
Reading 1M
Rock Island C 41
Ilnck Island Co pfd
Southern Pacific ti l7 i
Kouthern Kallwnr
TTnlon all 11 W
fnlted States Steel S5 S
1nlled Stale 8t l pfd 1MT
Vabash Jl
Wabah pfd 47 i
Western Union 7B4
Standard 01 045
Xew York March 17 Money on null
steady 1 per rent nrilnr rate 24
chwlnir hid and offered at > t
RW buins very firm anil ncth M
dayj and M d 4 Hi por cent MX
months 49H
Close l rlm m rrntll i appr 6
K IXT ient
I b
1 I
II Z 1111 1 I I
Bond 1
IJ riih Id 7
10 Con I
10 Amal W SDR < 1 >
John C Cuter jr
1 J
22 nn 11
1011 Pl 4 11f
HterllliR X 111 1
bunlnniii In
bUlnN lmuk i i
for tdy lull 4 i
Ciiinmeri iiii MM I
War ullvrr 11
JIIHn olr n
Uovernmont IKJIUN k
bonl irregular 1 I
There In a PIMWU
Rnrland H 111111 I h S
1land > rup rll f kl
ea lartlnr h L
IAk n In ta
8ecrelHr > J i j rh
Heal Kwtat n ntiT r lh
a letter from ll rc i 4
H la atale1 thai if nl Ih ln hk >
here la not too ntrm rltI
houa will he I hrb
wil hI ftpened I
New Incorporations I
The Irlce KtCKin Iunin
ng company of Irl i h HiA
article of incorpoat 1 KIn
In the cretHn f Jon l
ha u capital to k j o I
Into hare 4
Mt Ji fn v u hl
U prealdent I s u
president J V Bterlnu r r
treaaurer Albert nt t
L Werllng direct < 1 I
OSrv trrx 111 I I
HKRVICi Til ill 1 1 1t
Jas A PoIIock Co
> TS to SI S I
t kA Hint Koi 1 I t d
SolJ In ay m irk
F lr t
I 1
of Tr
Table showing tho rinit
prices of
Utah Stock
by month for Y ir 009 m k
tent you on upph atma b > 14
dressing ua
Kelly Montrose
ItroUer lin McCornlcl Illnclt
Will Buy
a z c M i K
1 Dcseret National Bmi v
Will Sell
2 mahMex cal < k SUM
W 1 hndla nil Ifxl n < k <
Jas Ac Pollock Co
Bankers and Hrok r i > lahlh1 I 0
333 to 335 South Main Street
Telephones Hell Ex hang M n < l T
Our Own Private Wires Reach all Markets ol the World
We are now located in our new mIA in iho
Our service on New York ant loon Sio k KM limgi i I <
Chicago Hoard of Trad New York Cotton Exchange i <
Stock Exchange and Salt Lake stuck A Mining Kit haiK > 1
excelled Hlork i nrrloil on liberal Ilrln
Cf UNVe t VW ImfS4 fm Cwyon IO
2 ssfflo Snanfliky0
p 0 Qwcy 0
Gelt iNe likkefis W
At Jbup C lltlIv e
3Bf Scntllk M SxS W 3HI 5
W8 Jo y < gIf McGr
3 n 5 I I W We 4 I rl

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