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L 1K > J t
LAST E mON DES ERE T EVE N I N G NEWS s Your Drought Who Announcement Annrwlate to tho Altrnllon Vntuw In the of XewV
1 Have Considered Mattel and Some Regular
In rgents Considered the Election of
Inpf ublican Have Minority
Leader CP Champ Clark as Speaker in the Event the Or
ganixation is Defeated Conference Held No Decision
ReachedUnc1e Joe Remained in His Room All
Recess Until 4 oclock p m
Mab IAt S p
I I Whln1lhntatle MarU
p ttiftoII tjjr thAI
1kO t
0 t 111I wall
r ctlla utli
Ih hU to III lndescrbeblc
trTId nd deafening yell
Ih iuIt ot Ihl th IIlIIt
JTC 1 IIlh
Ift o t Ihelr Dlrnocrtlc I
n 0
rlm at U
In the trtll < rf
he Inuntent
thai the
rIdl ere conldrlnK It
in In poW r t depcMl
a tll
I ldkel nn < > n or
tarm of the house
tlflLS Ieadr
rh iecilon of Minority
speaker was
i aik as pu
h 1 nl
lieci UxUv by some reg
l r iiIsflL They say they
u Ini a Democrat In prefer
i A Republican who deftss the
nj nl t hh party Thin course
II I I mitmgent upon defeat of
rnilIon In the 1ft aent crt
Uiilncl March III11r 1niu c
T IpflhII nil flshl mull tomomm
n l Lr ntIVOtPd with regulars
In order to
111 IHI if tu recess
tIflp t > onalder the compromise
pI h h ih ffutkm hid neon work
g VI ih H mcxrat and Insurgent
ui it that lire vote Indicated any 10IIe
i rrgth whatever on the main profl
t on al Iup
i prnntuHc Champ Clark said
T h little nces mean nothing The
jit is jtill n and when the tlnal vole
< ukn Ii nil Know that the other side
t hiue is th ked
I initue Inderwoud said that
rits voted agulnst a recess
i HIM mnsldered that the light
rl that no compromlec wan
I > a IiI no cunfrience on an >
j i i r d Even the regulars did
i I MI i M lory
0111011 alter the rtctss wa
n Ha mrurgent convened in He
ynitl1 iarlners room for a
n i > n uleruiloti vf the ureno
0 fl ror IeIUXUleP
10 m > urgt iui who voted with the
gIN IVI a recess were lla > r sentH
I KnJall 1lckett and Woods of
1wl KlnKaici uf Nebraska Miller
ri vtfa < l or Minnesota end Par
ii KIII ant Fuelker of New York
lfpr iitahe Norrl leader uf the
i irfi n iMnex and author of tho
i IIIn before the house stated that
h m > urgent < had been released
I ii ihir pledges and allowed to
> i i a rci In onler to further
IM niprimie under conelderatlon
IIEtitttS xi > 1SS11ItGiSES
WnMington MarehlLA c mmlttt e
< M tin HguUjs composed of Hepre
rntall t Jlal1 tit Pennsylvania
> th r I ia and Oimatlllld of Ienn
1 1ej nut thi insurgents during
Vii rnt ng In an effort to reach H
bans lor oinpromlse No compromise
s j Tt a hut there In a pueelblllt
r are s until 3 oclock
rtir urKnt Hrpubllcatia wdwted
M M irdicr iMara Hoyea CI
> nn i win I and Norris Neb to
if nniilai reprecentntlon from the
r tt1Jla n t arrenc for an enlargement
ot the ruleS lommltlw of 10 or IS
h with the elimination of the
Ti unf rrie was hflld In lUpre
1 ir GUdrs room and lasted
from 10 w to 11 45 a m T1IC drastic
1p nf dtpotlng Speaker Cannon for
na long tontlnuwl failure to nile on
in pont Of ordr WM Hwjuwpd but
ni dflnlte df < Hon was reached
The Inlurpnl came from h9 con
artncf In sullen but determined frame
r mini Rpr ntatlve Underwood
0 f Ih Vmo < ratA stated that the wove
dpnl lh speakers might be made
Inlll Ih iwkpr consent to rule on
rf7 r of th Norris resolution
a rrllIII it I l rtifticult to pee liow
I HII n t lllllt the speaker or ds
nil t rlf ntatarm8 elln he
Inl t urgpant publlcan ray LbS
nfrn Wfl14 the direct outcome 4
8 oT rrm the oxIMIns rule
mpe mads through nepreeenta
1rnInt r 1nnlvnnln They
thV say
rules mniltte bRa given them
Ntrane that It will bring In a rule
It r im nlarmlIt of the committee
m vii h Understood that a recqee of
unlll ctocX mlllht be ar
tI aneed pndlnlt the conference 10 ct
the atlllation
The rule lIhkh tile Insurgents ex
KinV rulee romnttee will agree to
tSr I ruld rrovld for amendment
but fiimT lIna of tlle Norris resolution
PummeLing Ihe ant
he IUOUl1tl mRltlng
h the m5mbr II n Ihe committee elective
II1Vft hli UUOII when the on
nn brok up wkelher the rule
MiM III term
lrovM for the ellmln
alon tse r the ollfoakr from tbe commit
lor h
Ind I a nitL hat would he don
liJenllmn s agrflmlIt be
Wp0 th
two pucan fartlon
hre t 1 h Umlnalloh ltlf howevor
Ao t0 IJe
1h i no doubt whatever
rontorll ulenl are w hold another I
hale 2 Oc4ock Bt which they
nflr ° rranlPd to report the result of
norernce with llNrll
urd Imlth ot time rul0 8Oftlt1ILted and
lIri of 1lInylIInfn
Ih ftlIrm for Ihlll adjustment ol
n contel11l1lf1lea or count
n ot te matter
r to the
b the menieee or the ruIN
rlrnllIeo And the rfernc ot the rssuit
Nrn 1I1
ontfttlnle between the ngu
and II Inlurgent to the secenmi
foen f t the
7 InAu1renl for ratm
too 111 the results to he fotroutote1
4f ig the reessa pllllffO to expire
nrpnl In Mr Gardiner
11 5 pteIold1 over by Rapreseztta
Ihoo S IKiye of A tonla Soul ot
Nenl tlalell h thet pros
trlry wn Inrllned toward
rnt rauai iemlure but more
ie at e rluls1
iV Pievalled
The latlr element
i mV argued that the
xa t n mbr on the committee was
btantuT The rule I brought In
may protlde for a committee of nine
or IS member clx of them to be Ue
publlcan seineled b > publican cau
cus and the others to be Democrats
The question of Immediate depoelllon of
the speaker from the committee wa
brought up and several speech were
made but no action was taken
A motion to remove the prevent ser
geuntatarms of the house Henry
carson his been prepared and may
be offered on the floor of the house In
the event the speaker should refuse to
rule on the Morris reolutk The err
t antataim It wa stated at an
rarly conference of the irUNirgenU had
admitted that he was making mi effort
lo secure a full atleadanc of members
r want to know why I was ar
rested demanded Mr Ilolllngs
worth and who signed the warrant
For hair an hour the horse play
went on the Democrats shrieking
with laughlcr nt Mr Holllngsworths
Indignation Finally he was vvcused
Uncle Joe was in hU room all
night now and then coming out Into
the hour where Itrnreiwntatlvc
Daliell held the chair He seemed
Imperturbed by all the warfare going
on about hla head
Underlying all the events and hilari
ty of the night wa an ex
ceedlngly serious vein This appvar
ed especially when Representative
Norris at 510 proposed Itn adjourn
ment until noon They had exempli I
fled the principle for which they
stood he said and here they were
in the dawn after a steeples night
wearying themselves out trulllI
while the men they were fighting
were getting a good nights sleeu
Mr James of Kentucky made an
eloquent prolmt enameL any conces
sion to personal comfort which would
tend to detract from the Impres
slvenes of the object lesson which
they were giving to the public of de
votion to the public business while
the Itepubllcnn regular were delib
erately absent In the pursuance of
a conspiracy to prevent a quorum
About 11 a m there wa a hot
debate about the possibility of ap
pointing a new nergenmatarm or
other officer necewary to bring In
the absent member It wa the gen
eral opinion that the serBeantalarm
and his deputle were making no
sincere effort to find the mining lie
imbllcans Mr Dlell In the chair
ruled that the minority there present
wa helplesi to appoint any additional
officer nf the house
The Democrats contended that the
appointment of additional officers
necessary to secure n quorum was an
o ntlal part of the trowers conferred
upon IeM than a rjnorum by tile
Constitution of the United Stain and i
the rules of the house
There was R hAng wrangle about this
and finally Hepresentatlve Hardwlck
Dem of leorgla moved tho appoint
ment of a temporary assistant set
geantatarm with authority to em
ploy additional asnlirtanre to bring In I
the missing representative
The chair ruled the motion out of or
der but on appeal WAR overruled with a
shout The name procedure WAIl gone
through with on a motion that the
newly appointed officer be equipped
with new warrant
Then the now officers went nut to
look for tbe missing Hnpubllcan
Thin affair took on a somewhat dif
ferent aspect however when Speaker
Cannon himself came on the mcne This
was bt 6 a m
Mr llurlesonof Texan dgnwnded of
tho speaker whether IK had signed the
hou new warrant u ordered by this
Uncle Joes voice quivered with
uppremed rage RI h replied with a
bang of the gravel
The choir di < cllneH to b eateclfted
by the gentleman from Texas
This defiance by the speaker struck
sparks all over the room Mr llurle I
sons fnce WAS very red and his oke
to shook with passion as he mid
With all respect to the speaker of
this hotter am I t understand that
the speaker declines to obey the man
date of this house Have not these
warrants been Issued T
Warrants were Issued shouted the
speaker under the rule for summon
ing of each of the absentee
I mean the warrants ordered by this
house to be given tn Joe Blnnott who
sync appointed by this house I special
assistant vergeantatarmi persisted
Mr Uurleson
The chair has no knowledge of any
Joe Rlnnott whoever he may b re
torted the speaker with scornful de
I submit the speaker is ae much
buft shouted the Texan to carry
out the will of this house When there
is not a quorum as when the Is a
Then followed a lively Interchange
participated in by Ir UHUrwovl
of Alabama Olmsteail of Petin y1r nH
Jame of Knntucky and the speaker
the latter evidently minpreawtnif hll
motions with Ill difficulty
The end of It wa the speaker re
futed to recognise the authority of tese
than a quorum to lue any warrant
for anybody
Ices than a quorum ha n powers
In thl ret nave thoe conferred
upon Itby the rules Such a warrant
M that requested the speaker carefully
fully emphasised the word requested
Ity th gentleman from Texas neil
th member Its than 1 quorum would
be null and void and would b no protection
tection to Mr Joe Slnnott whoever
he may be The speaker will hesltiit
long before performing a mlrt 1
duty undei the rules otherwise than
proscribed by the rule
The sneaker then modified bis a J
greeMre tone and continued remark
Ing that the long night vigil had rvl
dently led certain member t b Kim
whiM earfiIeC In the ue of language
and to cat suspicion upon faithful em
1 have never known a quorum h
h obtained In th early morning hours
or before daybreak he > ald
fly this time the heat noticeable
cooled there was some desultory argu
ment but everybody appeared to lose
Ilitveet thereafter In the new seal
ant srstantatarms and hla nacigned
rime Imnils of tin big mUle clock In
the bark of the hall IndUxttd oWk
when the roll call was nnaluded I
wa evkl nt t the most casual > t
server that the Olmnteacl motion ha <
n lost but there was no hury In
announcing the result H require
some time for the clerk to make their
tally und the speaker himself showed
0i dl < po ltlon to extw llte matter At
tail he stated that the motion had
been defeated 24 to H with I present
but not voting
A weary yawning from the Demo
cratic sMn of the house which wa
audible throughout th chamber con
stituted the most animated ra
tion that greeted th announcement
At this hour enl Joe was till
at the helm He appeared slightly
worried but th carnation which had
Rfd his lapel yesterday wa atlll
fresh and his ok A n the least
bit husky
Mr Mann raised the point of no quo
rum but apparently the speaker wss
not certain of the footing of even as
close a friend as the Chicago member
whose heir had not been b for
24 hour and he refused to entertain
the point Me held that as the hOI
wa n even then undergoing the process
entertained ass of a cell th point could not b
There is a quorum of record he Mid
li doe not mater
He then stated that n business could
be transacted so lone as there wa not
a sulllrlent number to meet the require
ment of parliamentary practise Im
mediately the house thinned out Prob
ably not 1 members were left In their
seats and some of them were asleep
some read tIn morning papers other
fathered In groups wearily dlsciuctne
tn situation The speaker held hie
post Idly toying with his gavel with
the same fondness often manifested b
an old hunter towards a gun with
whIch he has brought down much
game Home of hi Democratic friends
took advantage of the opportunity and
going to hi side joined In Jovial n
ei Un
Admittedly I was the lull before the
storm All sorts uf things were pre
dicted before thO clone o the day DI
n generally were preparing for
a strenuous time
There nlll b some snake killing b
fore tb day is over said Champ
lark as he sat In his seat rubbing his
tired eye
Many Including the speaker went
to breakfast Even Uepubllcan Whip
Dwlght wandered out fur a brief rest
and wa found asleep In a quiet
fome one cruelly v oke him to craik
a joke at his expanse He defended
himself against the charge of no hav
ing his Republican cohorts In attend
ance by saying that the responsibility
for the While mans burden had
been taken from his shouUlers and
turned over to the sercpuntatarm
The speaker ate sparingly He ordered
breadatlrk a large cup of coffee n
two hard tolled egg
That the day which had begun at
noon yesterday had been an exciting
one was shown by the olllctal report
ers noire They had taken down lit
000 words more than three times th
average and n of them had had a
wink of M ep
At ttt a m Representative Norrls
lot Nebraska asserted Ills confidence
< contn
of resolution a majority of from U to 1 to hits
We will heat them he said Them
Is no doulit of lie result unless there
Is some legerdemain
Minority Leader Champ Clark who
stayed at his jKMt all night made th
same prediction adding that It was
the mot remarkable struggle In the
history of Con grew
The this maintaining
speaker of house Is
taming I date of anarchy here
tooutHd Iteprewratatlve at acti U r d o
MJteourt abcttly Ixtfore I et
Mr I IfhttejPtvaiiia w In
th chair and had Jim CTppwl U
house to order alter member had ben
singIng There will b I hot time In
the old town tonight
The HrueantatarnM 11 thr
continued Mr Wiuckelford and makai
no effort to perform bl duty because
the speaker may have privately direct
ed him to pursue the course of ion
action Out the sergeantatarms Is
bound to arrest abentee and bring
them In here When he refuws to Jo
that he II bringing anarchy upon us
Because the speaker lInda that he Is
not able to dominate the majority of
this house he bu refused to have a
quorum brought Into this house
Gentlemen on this Moor were routed
from their beds to come here inter
po ed Mr Cnudrey of Missouri
p did the serjeantatarms com
to my room and get me and leave un
disturbed 26 or a other member uho
were living nearby Inquired Mr
Shack elford
Hnpmeentailve Payne coming on the
floor referred to Mr Shackel fords re
marks as a harangue
mrk hope the winds of the rave will
ceaoe for a few minute shouted Mr
alai toward the Mis
Payne axsma the towr th 1
souri member
fr gentleman with 1 0 a or his
confederates does netMr lyn be
gail Mr speaker Mr Speaker shouted
Mr Hhackelford who objected to t
having M or M confederates
referred to as halnf I o 1 i
They were not my confederate he
declared They wore t confederate
of the speaker of this haute and I make
the point of onler that the gentleman
I Incorrect when he says they were
my confederates
I dont think anyone on this aide
nf the hour would associate with the
Missouri continued
gentleman from 1ul tntnuNI
Mr Payne the gentleman from Mis
rourl Pynl sneaked In here while there
was a cull of the house without having
been recorded
A scene of confusion followed this
charge Mr SMiacketford going before
the Htwaker1 desk declared that he
was ready to answer any charge
He Insisted thut he had been prevent
In the house during It hours except
ing two hour he had gone to get some
sleep AHttln Mr ahackclfonl charged
the espeaker with having filibustered
to the detriment of the house business
t the function
He has refused to perform
le he took an oath to perform
shouted Mr ghackelford
Representative Hardewlck < OA
then moved to dispense with further
proeeedure until the coil of the house
At that moment Sneaker Cannon ap
peared on the floor Many members
had com Into the house during the
hat cOI
debate Mr Hardewleks motion h
Int cHrrlvd Speaker Cannon resume
the chlr
Itulerulrulfl shouted a score of
Democrats as Mr Cannon hammered
his gavel for order
Open the lore and let W have a
little fresh air ordered Mr Cannon
mnlllng In response to a demonstration
olin lpnM
tion on the Democratic side The
chair he added In the near future
will rule and HRKln he smiled as
Democrat and Insurgent laughed
The debate drifted along with but
Th Interest on the part of the house
U wa evident a quorum was present
and It was known that I committee
representing the Insurgent was k
Ing representatives of the regular Ile
puutlcao to jxinfer on the situation
and tlie debate was regarded as a
ant t11 toward
mean of permitting effort looking
ward some agreement
Speaker Cannon vacating the chair
to Mr Olmsted of Penn was an Inter
ested spectator standing a the marble
teA of the clerk
Washington March 1Llt wo a
memorable fight which iUy light found
still In progress in the house A stub
Continued on cage two
Examination of Talesmen in Dris
kcll Murder Case Continues
This Morning
Unit liffenilnnt MfH Ntit lUr Is
IJHII I I tin QI4F4tN iiit
Ui Inll the INVOs
At noon today I jurors had been
secured In tM Drtakell murder uae
lh tenth iM l accepted by both
Ides benr JSeiea m Lewis H travellnc
man reaMlnx It rAOwen avenue The
ninth juror IMHi pt4 Thursday after
noon WM H beeI n Morris Tit
other eJI J MsS ate Anthony Bates
O U achlln I It Oree W A Wil
son henry PWKMkb Jr J L Camer
on and J T PnnHM
Among the tasMnan xsmined at
this mornint usIon of Judge Uewj1
court where th ease Is being tried
was H B Matthew whiter home I
at ill remIt First North atttet I
transpired that Matthews hal strved
attn ontcer Riley In Uw pdt t
special policeman dna tiii t > A I
encampiueht la thin city last automat
and was engaged In a like occupation
He A well itrqualBted with Klley and
had formed an opinion as to the lu
noonct 0 pit at tb accused and
was challenged by tb dctnise fur Im
plied b Vhs state aid not resist
excused the challenne A Mi Mattuew was
Itancl J Franklin residing at U
east I tUb Mouth and mid < ip l aa a
clerk In tne Cuhn Dry Goods Ir wa
th ruxt talisman examliKd le
answered the queries of buiii sdes
satIsfactorily until It came to the mat
ter of his belief lu capital punishment
when he I h did not believe in In
flicting th death penab o circum
stantial ewldene TIM prosecution ex
ercised IM ejfthlh petenWory chalhepae
and excused Mr FrankWl from further
Kara O Meat o UI Four
avenue wa the next M veiled tu i
the jury bux but h aid he had
formed such a steed eplalen as to
the Innocence er guilt o th accused
that he fait h could not sit as an
lm < artlal Juror and wno ohallrnf
for actual Wa by the defense The
tale did no realst and Beot was excused
Mllo Andriu of Big Cottonwood was
examined and eied unwi UU ninth
peremptory el b the f fene
7lnes Mare residing a S fen
Eighth West was kUWHwr Mlesmau
who claimed he tad fMMMlA H xe
opinion I the oa s I
ethahleaqed fat 4 t
tense W4
The probability that the dbgnddi
will not take the stand In his Own
behalf wa forecasted by the 4ue1
put by the atOM for defense la
the examination of ta teem en tide
morning Mr Thowsw who did Woet
of the questioning made a pell point
tofln M pt
In the examination as to whether the
nonappearance o the wIlBSM tnd
In his own behalf would ntiftjttdlee the
mind of the prospective jvrer against
their client In a few Instance the
probability seemed to weigh against
the defendant In the mind of Mine of
the talesmen examined although the
law was explained that weh a course
should have no effect whatever against
the defendant
It is expected that the two remain
ing juror required will tie secured
this afternoon perhaps In time to per
mit of the Introducing of some tNt
for the
mom before court adfoutn
Chicago March I5Vhen Ir1dnl
Taft entered the room of the Chicago
Tft club the
cam Newspaper yneterday thf
members greeted him with a song to
the tune of the Stain wwg written
far the occasion th last Manes of
which follow
Theres a man stroe th ocean
Who Is coming home Mm day
WIll he tlrup a coramthm
It a bet so some ro M
Who afraid the o th Mg stick
Not a soul It frighten will
For whos got a skflit sMUakmh
wl boys all aiunrw Bill
Seattle Weeb Man 15The coroner
ners Investlgutlon of the oftuae of the
treat Northern avalanche at Welling
ton in whkh more than U issruont
were killed was begun liar today Pbs
state railway commission will participate
It is expected that
pate In the Inquiry I xte
IM witness will b examined
An American Opera
Refused at Home
Tnli 1 I > 1 hi KilneiN Hnise
Saturday News
I f
dlifr features I Iii b as follows
ISemmes of the Alabama the
Worlds Greatest PrivateerIllus
Labor Members and Wive at Swell
Society Function in Lomton
Charlotte llronlrs Secret
The Holdcn IHgodu Frank O
Carpenter riles of Muddha
Greatest Monumeni Unlit at lisa
goon over Klgdt Hily HII of the
Modern Old Master of Italy
Who Nearly Starved
The Stor > of the I > eeret New
The Job Department printing In
the Karly Pay and Now
Has Been Definitely Determined
Upon With as Muoh Exactness
As Possible at Present
ieni Altwfll oUH Hi hatter
PtaW April 2hlipti to VnrftHM
IClIIH mltl444I
Abdbamed Sudan March lCoi
MooveHKuropean Iterlnary lisa been
Vnnrtely mrmln upon with as
much exartnae aa I is poulble to
make In advance and was ftrat announced
flounced today T former president
will arrive in Horn on April t In
Paris April 71 In Berlin May I and
In London on the folk wln Itth o 17th
In several Instance Cot Roosevelt
will arrive at on city 0 the sonic day
that h leaves another hut counting
each portion of tb day aa a hol
d It may b said that h will spend
a week In Paris a week In Berlin
four day In Rome three day each In
Genoa Vienna n Budapest two days
In Brussels The Hague and Christ
nla n I day In Rotterdam 11am
burg Copenhagen and Stockholm
The special train bearing eot Rooee
nIt Mr Roosevelt and Kermit and
I n an
Mh Ethel and the other of their Im
mediate party Is dl at Wady Haifa
US mile from Khartum late tonight
Here a special steamer the Ibis will
b taken for Bhcllal A visit will b
made to Assouan and Uusor At the
latter pUce the train d luxe on the
Soudan government railway nil betaken
taken for Cairo where the party Is due
As already announced the Roosevelt
will sail from Alexandria on the steam
er Prim Helnrich March I for Naples
where the steamer tf due on April I
Early on the following morning the
American will proceed to Rome where
they will remain until the fth ha
th will go to Hpeila for a days slay
The 8th and Mh will b occupied In a
leisure trip over the 5mile from
Spetla to Onoa which will take the
tourists along the beautiful Riviera
Aftr three day In Genoa the party
will proceed for Vienna arrl lag there
on the nth The Austrian capital will
he left on the 17th and two clays given
over to a visit to Budapest the Hun
garian capital On April M > the orl
cnlitl rxprar will b taken for Paris
Tin pnigram provide for a visit IK
T 1 pvld I
llrusMls on the fth and Col Roosevelt
aiay remain over one day before pro
reedli l UJJ Usiae to WdCh caSe
HrirtWuie QI Oil 5d4I
a May fc O tfrletiers
hours Map wW e h1s at
m and Hamburg wUl raoarre a
dying visit n the day following 00
mnhaaen should be reached lute In the
afternoon of May 2 the departure for
Chrlstlanla being made that sight
The stay at the Norwegian capital is
In doubt but will probably b from the
Ird to fth permitting arrival A Stock
holm In the evenln of tl latter date
iVil Roosevelt will return to Chris
tlanla In time to sail on O Mh for
O rmnny and lie I due In Il rlln on
the 5th
The date t his departure from the
herman capital is In doubt but h expert
pert to leave there O the UHh a
rvn In London o th following day
thoucli I Is possible his visit In Berlin
chfdule will be extended one day beyond the
Col R > x > sevlt and his party arrived
lier this aftcr on In a special car
over the Sudan government railway
Most of th trip thus fsr from Khartoum
toum which wa left at f oclock last
night wan made M the night but the
early hour of today NOM4 a sight
of a conslderaM retch
CD Roosevelt exfresnd himself aa
astonished at th luxury of railway
traveling through a Iwort and tpafce of
the railroad system as a aiudHanr to
British enterprise In colonlMMtvtx winch
WM able to conquer all dlffteultl
Rlyria 0 March l5htnliart Green
once a wallhw banker Is In jail here
ruined and disgraced through his
mania tot broken down horses ne
was a rveSlbd on the charge of stealing
a team MMigina to a farmer of That
lln The h lna were discovered In a
stable In company with other team
also stolen
Two years ago Green was vice president
dent of the Farmer Merchants
bank a trustee of th Methodist
church and respected He lost his
fortune through stock peculation and
In May lItS wa sentenced for horse
stealing but he p twice from
prison It Is said In May ItM He
again fell under suspicion and rented a
barn In Cleveland which It la charged
he proposed to All with steeds He
alan appeared to covet the moat de
lapldnted equines he could find
New York March Commander
lihrt t Ieary has cu short his le
till tour in the south The failure of
iio Brown of Georgia to Inlrwtttee
him to an Atlanta audience last night
his iefpren to the commander In an
111 view as I tnkrr and the small
attended the lecture
T wl that aln < IBtUN
trught forth an nnnouncoment from
ih civic Forum of New York Today
nnlrr hoau ausplces Pear Is lectur
ing that his plans haw been changed
Th announcement says
The < Mvlc Forum lecture bureau has
fonrui It advlWkV to cancel all of i
Commander Robert E IVarys Mouth
cm lecture daJSe owtn < to their d
sire to avoid c evidence of coldMs
toward Commander leery
The bureau refuses to allow Com
mander Ieary to b subjected to the
liability of gratuitous Insult such as
a given In Atlanta by fbi Brown of
Kansas city March u l the sentence
Imposed upon hll by Judge Ralph 5
Lstshaw of the criminal court o this
city I carrIed out Fred M Miller an at
torny nt his eltv will have lo t the
tint soles wh sill otisent to become
his wife
Milieu jestercim llle < l TTIT Ippl allot In
the null In which he r pre him
self ss a ionelv single mcii Inspired with
the lofty ambition i iskf unto himself
a wife and soliciting the aid of the
Wlt pe 811t
court te tnt end
Her is a nan who onlre to prefer
again hJmeMf la lh rtmlnal court a
cnarg of wanting to get married Mid
Judge Iathhaw wh n Miller applica
tion was read Kit the application Mr
Clerk Knter a pies of guilty after his
name and sentence him to be married to
the first woman who will consent tn b
come hi If
Miller specified lust his wife must b
wellbred modest and willing to aspire
to Leach the highest plane In life and the
m1 lofty limit In thought
Portland Or March ihknrv Tur
rich nf Duluth Mine representing
eastern capitalists today computed
the purchase from 8 Henson o Port
land of 2eN s < res of timber kind for
nearly llatWMA The land lie between
the Columbia and Nehalem rivers and
forms one of the mot estnlve tract
in the west
Washington March liOpmn today for
th first time 10 the general public the
new national museum was thronged with
visitors Time building Is a distinct sd
ditto Ir the rllyg architectural
triumph and wtlitn it will te gathered
a might utlIi tin almost priceless In
Daytona pie March 15After
spending a fairly restful night Pens
tur John Daniel of Virginia Is In
practically the same nndltlon as last
night and Is still nimbi t recngns
Chicago March It Affable tn M de
gree diplomatic all things acid a
thoroughly lIre wire I fvnnd Kaiser
Wllhehn said BenjMin Ide Wheeler
president of the fnKerstty of California
He has just returned from au European
trip and Is e his way dome
i W mol cordially fnelve4 very
Where I went especially by the kaiser
hfO continued He Is a wonderful man
and he growing In popularity with hI
Germany hi rapidly advancing n the
emperor Is responsible lo not of Us
Improved condItions And yet lher la
nothing like the fnited States
The Hoclallsts as a political Iiartv are
gaIning strength In Oennaay They gain
ed H little after the fall of the late Von
Burlow ministry n they have won eTfl
sldrrable strength from the very recent
stipremtim o the populace In the agita
tion for the f1 of the suffrage basis
In Prussia They are much lea theoreti
cs I thin ihey used to b ant are thei
fore milder Ton could more appropriate
ly call them the pregrstv or radical
polltleal parly of Germany ay lh party
to the Left HI nee they have become
more practical I they have drawn over to
them msny persons who while willing
to take sides with a radical party would
n rare to 0 elsssed with the outright
llieoretlril wviHllstu movement Today
the Morlsllst party In Germany Is dOing
things and It Is temporarily wtlsHeci
with man reform which would never In
aicepteil i > v the theoretlcsl K lali n of
oilier inv
Washington MHrah lfOwl K to the
condition prevailing II the hoses I
wa Imp to secure a quorum of
the H lllnir rPln 4iot hlVMlteatlng
commlUf this morning and adjourn
ment wa taken until tomorrow morn
ing nt 1 < oclock
Chicago March 15The mediation
proceeding between the Railway Man
agers association and the Hrotheritood
0 Locomotive Firemen arid Kng1n
men before Martin A Knapp chair
man of the Interstate
ma tl commerce lm
mission and Labor Commiscloner Nelll
were resumed today
iuthrla Okla March 1flnv
Charles N llaafcHI was exonerated of
the charge o mlMtpfiropriatlon and
mismanagement of stale fund In a ye
P ° IIi In the lenlture here to
day by the house committee composed
of the Democrats and two Republic
Marion Ark March 18Rob
Auaten and Charl Hichardeon
iiegruea r lynched early today In
the courthouse square by a mob o
gin men The vtctluM were charged
with aiding a Jail ddMwj hr Mon
Jay night
Richardson was arrested In
Memphis yesterday and wa brought
here early last night While on the
way to the local jail a mob overpow
11 Sheriff Lewis and took the
He confessed to complicity In the
raP of prisoners and implicated
Holt Auten The latter wa appre
hvitded and It looked as i the trembN
InK prisoners would be hanged at that
time Cooler counsel prevailed how
ever and the two cegioea were sur
rendered to the sheriff
Early today however a mob formed
and marched to the jail The ugroe
were seised and the hanging followed
Ninetieth HlrtlHlny mil rary nf
Jrnerwl IHlrkk Cmimir Olebrntnl
The nlneuith birthday of O Pat
rick Edward Connor th founder of
Port Douglas W observed In the
Auditorium Thursday evening und r
the auspice of the American party
committee T hall had been taste
fully decorated for the occasion and
cove were laid for M Among the
ilaBti given wa one by W c A
moot a member o the Scat company
o pioneers coming Into this npn
147 Other speaker r Mayor John
S Bnuusford lu Judge A J W ber
toper br Judge C C Goodwin and
Col William Nekton were read I J
Dlnlnny city attorney provided and
the musk > wa produced by an arch
Ira conducted by Harry 1 Woodruff
The embalmed body of Private i
Miaunty o the Fifteenth r S Infantry I
was shIpped today by H O Evans tn
gprlmtfleld Ky tot Interment The
deceased l1 attired lu full drea unl
font The death certifIcate innreeeiit
ed Hhuunty a single while the woman
who shot Alms Vwtr they
rid > s iIA > were mar
f I Ij
Craftsmen and Contractors View I
The Situation With Much l I
Optimism ITO
t It
17Hh VwrlmveH h III 7tHi s HH 1
liirft < is ItMtM on I Slrtctlj I
LiIlsi4i 1 iidtiti
UHI 1111J1
I Ii
The labor troubles which have t j
threatened Bit Lake In the coming I
spring and summer are < 1Itltl j
even aa the snow o the hillside
before a warm Chinook wind and according i
cording to present Indications the
season will b one unalloyed joy to 1
contractor Investor and worklngman l I
A meeting o th Salt Lake building j i
trades ouDel Ia to be held Monday i
night when the conditions will ht j I il
thoroughly threshed nut freesur t
brought to bear upon th Insurgents i
by the more sober mindI men la ex t
pected to have a ulutar effect and i
I I IK not thought from present Indica L
tions that the rltv will be troubled
with any roaipHcatlmis In h strike
line so far a the oncern ulldlng
I operation
I The mechanics all ile way through
are drawing top notch wages IH BIt
lAke and having much weight upon
the local conditions the Influx of
mechanic from the east men with
families and some means has mad
many men pun ihoiightfull at their
pipes when their days work was done It
The majority of the mechanic be >
llete that he labor conditions cannot i
be Improved In the cltv at the present
b Imlv1 <
sat time and the more liberal minded 1 I
of the men feel that It Is not the
right time to cause any labor trouble
Th nosMblllty of a tieup on trans I
portation because of the threatened I i
firuna strike has had something to
In with the present feeling the fear i
lhit supplies would be cut off from the I
east and that all men would be laid 1
off because of this Another feeling
ery general is that the contractor
are treating the men right In regard t
to wage and that the union line should
not be drawn too sharply at the nres
rot time The heads of the various 1 I
organizatIons generally seem to fei
that the time is not ripe tot the threat I
ened attempt to make Halt Lake I
close union city The splendid weatN I
of the past few we ks hs made all <
the men feel better after Ih except
ally hutd winter anil they uncnnsclou
Iv contrast their Idlx and wanting
days tci hllKP which they have of lat
All In all there is a marked feeling
among the mechanics of the city that
It II peittcy to let wMI anongh akn j
It is not probable that them wMl be j1
any rouble among the Irontrorkors of I
the city The Jones company erecting
the steel work on the Hotel Utah and I I
the Reams building has been the ob
ject of attack by the union during all i
the winter from the fact that It has an I I
open shop that anybody who can de t
liver the good can get employment
At present there are net more than <
members of the Ironworkers union who
ATM not working and Jnhn Munsey
buslne agent nf the orgnnleatfon experts
perts to place them every day lit 1
even went no far aa to offer to take the I
KrarrM building contract oft the hands ji
of the Jones company for tho note pur
pose of giving these men employment I
The carpenters will gt their l mard
ed Increase of pay It for eight hour I
on the lint of May The plasterer 1
are satisfied with their scale and so
am the brieMtiyws The lathors are
working on a sliding scale every man J
getting money aaeordlng to the work
he is capable of doing Practically nil i
of the mechanics are willing to go 4 y
ahead with their work and cause no C
trouble and the contractor show a I
dlpoIUon to treat their men fairly i
Washington March ISTo sell newly
hatched chicken with Kiuter egg Is
regarded by tbe Washington Hunta 1
society M a violation of the law and
shopkeeper have been notified by the L
society that chick cannot be plueed 1 I
on sale or displayed In show windows r
this Easter I
It had been reported to the e1et
that In the past many of the chickens I I
sold with Eater egg and toy rablti II 1
have been maltreated by children tr
whom they were purchased
Washington March tIlIric Oni
Charles Morton commanding the di 1 t
partment of the Mlnurt at Omaha I
wa placed on the retired list ted
on account 0 nife The vacancy will
be filled by the promotion of Col Ralph
W Hoyt commanding the Twenty
fifth Infantry
i I
Chlcsgs March 1IRe Johnson
Myers pastor of Immanuel ItnpttM I I
chunh I soon to leave for the heart
of Africa to determine whether flap I I
tilts ought to withdraw their mloftett t
aries from that continent He will bead t
a commlMlon of three sent out br the
Baptist Missionary union
member Jph Clark I I
The other are ph y
the missionary who attained pimn
hareS through his contro nr with
Professor Frederick Starr ever condi
Lions In the ongt and n Mr Keigu on
of Rngland 1 i
The party will go IU miles In m
n territory and then will pene l
trate atlll farther through Houdan 1
New York March UThe annual
report of the New York Foundling A t
Orphan Asylum given out hem todai
declare that there is an unusually a
five demand for New York hables m
th UalUid State particularly Now I I
Orleans and other Louisiana cities A
shipment of TO babies sent south ejne I I
time ago proved no satisfactory that I
the Inntltulii has had requests fm
more and Is iiu getting ready to shut t
another consignment
The homes to hlch the babIes mime
destined are iarsful lnspitt three
times II v different agents of the asylum
before iriuests are approved The
iMldren range In age from S to S J

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