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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, March 25, 1910, Last Edition, Image 6

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I Ii Mining of idfniiiillc miltl IK llet
i j 1 Icr lush IHgglHg for < J n141 If
i i Irht C cli > MiMli Illglier
1t > t HI I I Th mining jml milling of tungaten
I f the big In
I I i fr rml e to be ti
I rrtck th and
diisiri of IN4 p 4r
ft i 1111 pail of White Pine cwun
1 tungaten hall
ix N i In both place
l b > H n rind In tomiMercble quantltle
I i M 1 1 fr ek It Is declared that there
p I j 1 r MUM but what a great deal of
J i J i n s uld be made from thta or
ttL i if Ill u iiMn Bi of Bait Late aic >
i i I d x IIng mo t vf the tungsten property
1 t < 1 C P rreafc while K L lletcher
1 I 01 Lh 4l A O Turner are the pun
L of White Pin
I IP i luiuivlMi miner
fi i Y r i Mntv I Y the Mid of the fear both
I j I i I rlloboald be yielding conalder
I i i r iewtKe lo tungten a recent
t IJ i i grim n 4n New York ay
I I < nIII lU Increasing consumption of
J t lnllIn ni fhe nvent movement nt
I I I vimnl i i InlUU In buying up
I tI i itten ore deposit
J i n Hoj M mi iln > > vnda la coK
I 1 I lit Miliiert i j ei d nopoitince nre The
t 1 r iimr i i i i veur I exp < ted lo be
I I 11 ur Hi 1 Known In I lUHg
i t I I fl n iilil ln i if IH per unit tvhert
< i IW 1 n Ironl ritnl 8110
Ij f 1 f1 iiicl th nuin III Ilklv lie ciin u d
I i i 1 I I Hi III
j d Th lam i iroiliii ing rtiKtrli to
I tt Ij < m I i 11 r iniitv Coin hill thv
f 1 J 111101 I I 1 u ui i isterti Inf rc l <
I I t 111 i wllll Hew dlHtllit It
f r riounil Miiint ii i evpei II I un
1 i leriallv i IMIIII i > ni nt lonHltlmi rtie
I intre ti < till iilitl it nub trc Nviula
t ifl i ilw i nliol Ihe N n York I
t I Ii nii i ki t und t hi in aNo i ouch ri I
i p II rtJllt 11 It Mini Moiini tin MOM
I Ii ttii i omi u thr > 1011 oi > en t trig i mi
dr erii In tha 111 wi Is uwnivl hv San
I j 4 IIII IKO I > pl luit the Pi imsv I
1 I r i 1111 I iiinlnil th < Iuishnt
I j t trtl l in HIM Mill I IHII v havi
Ii < i I I IM iht up oil I itrrin1Iflg pro Irl
i 1 1
I t 1 j Tin Kiiiiumifmii of tnngnlen by Iho
Ij rl I 1 ili i ral Klii tn lompiiiiv for the past
I I I Mur motiMI 1 to 2iiOOPflOui tungsten
1 t 1 lamp MlanKiiix mid it N admitted that
1 I
I this Mill not 0111 lie tenth ol the de
i nnnd tirIng tin v t when the else
I I n IJ light tlI1 ill nilipl tungsten Alit
r I IIH lit unlvernallv The ninie metal I ii
I I 1 k I he uneil h the a tit nutiith manu
j I I iftiiriiic iitniitnn The greatent use
I i t of tungsten IP l > > the steel loiupanles
llIrltt Sliotte noUlr Irll5 IIntl Trail
j i i 111I It lrlCr
t iF i Trdlo on the hull Ik BLock and
r 1 Mlittng 1t bftIte w ll ller irn n
r 1 Inll thAn In vera day In apllo of
t the uIuini r bn being low
i 1 Inti auIIi sure tbe nt hevfly
Irad1 In nit uual The numbotr of
f r I I Iiitii tlliqioscil of thl mornl wa
j it Irl 9 JO chili the amount rprsntud
f I hi l I I F the trtI WII S8 I
i I j t i j oIrtd I t again dlmblnlf back up
i In Ile Iat II Ittt when It biatnr q It
11 i j Jlvldend Till moinlf OQ hre
e I J mild alld III plle oC the hiavy
f Utn It Hilt CI high a al cent
t nd non it th ptok aold below o
L Ii tent Iron JIaoln wa llho
r f J iaty cIIts nd In 111 or II being
1 r a13II 10 1PIOt II Went was t
v j
I I I L I lltB bekw tic price of yostrday
I I t if rtt atxk NoItI H 1 Si 89 and 10 tenth
h I lIIng at th hItr Irlr
For the flIt time In litany days there
a nil trading In nlumbu Tha
I 1 i I fUul tniithr of Ih list has atitteed
p 1 hn intrst 111 II levied a Icetit
j j sse an1I1 t41ut Jumped UI todRy
J nd sold HI 41 oiati 4 tofu trlem
i huylnj alpI I kI thla tuek III
f f oaltlon
Silver 1 na oRIItn showed ut list
tel today 11111 I al to There wits
t but UIII it Ih Ink out al the Mee
H Oil Ih ub Hkt there was a
r are nUlllh nr iliks that J4POIUII
I t rut r1Iflg a a not as Iroujt its Itu
I I if t I 41 001 sam time tho ub market hu
I f I bi i n UrllIIIIK more athuUnn than
U f Ih Kulr IrItiInE Th ssles this
it i rnnrnhtg ntp 1lv hundred share
i t 1 i f J ay rntiniHt HI 31 eents huor
I I I f ill 15ys 40i htro itt JI Ith lit 1914
Ii t I 1 nta 100 titti CM r 411 I haln al II
l fl I I inia Mitt shut of WeMlerli Pacille SL
t I 1 1 13 cents
j 11 I Pornooit Aftrnoint
1111 Itk 1 I
1 t Rid I lhotdl Bkl lAsbod
i r
i 1Ik TIIn1 11 I 1
I iia I N
I Ititti m1 I ii 1
l IIBk lact ie I I 14
I I l lulh1 OO14 0 N14 8
i I mp Bird 1
t I l L Ia I 1
k 1 j 1 t4ar SI14 i 1 1 I4
I 1 h 7 nlla 10
j i Iorldo 1 1 1
I i j olumb N D 10 I
fl I Mitcur I
I hI rown 11 1 0014 N N14
1 i 4 JI 1ttly Judas 10 111 I III
ii f I t1f ticeker
1 1
fjlI ft Urlln I 1 Ii
h i A A Milt
1 J 1
ilt qt I K t PI j I 1 0 es
I K T c nn I II1 01 l4
I r I K l tv NI OHtl fi14 1414
i I 11 E T 0 K 0014 WI 1l
I Ely isI I 1
1 t t 1 r r I 7 i IN I 974 IN
i 4 I In oln 02141 r UJ4 I
I 1 I I II I I2i I I If
Iny 1 l I I
f I H 1 11 s Sl
c i J 1t1r 4 O t4 4
i f t KI g svIJ In
4 J I 1
I k
i TOiA
1 i J ilL l Blue
i I P fin i S
I Ii I MIII ninl IIf Mm
3 1 jr is prlnto von hud liittei let us
ii i ik them rot t W e have
i I ttie faillltleH foi making anv
i h t lxeil print lain r ml
An expert i I i Imrgc of th
< 1 4 or Am 1 HI v ii lA
I Inn IM LIUv I hn I
t tan niuiix ma
I our hUr i H
I 1ft J i By ElectrIc lght
111 fI 1 t7t 1711 i JR7 I
I Miln I 6
Mt M ViiI I 1 MITJ 172
Mu > DHV
Mi Kinley i 01 I
Mil Hill 0 OK 1
Mln Flat i 014 0114 fl I II
Min Ixke 1 t
Mtn L Ext 01 02 I
Moscow 3 I 1 id
1 I
N Hrltlnh 1 31 3 0
N Fulrvlfw 34M jjH 1 2
Nev Hills 1 M e I sa I 6
New York 0 t44 t1
Ohio Copper 4 IS I 12JMJ 4IM iJi
Opohongo 11 I I
Pinch MI 04 I ii II 01 i < 4v
Put I N I IS I I 1 W
Prince Con I M 11 1 I M
prove j 1414 I N l 11 1
8ae 40 0914 14 214
liver Kind JN I IMIW tM
Irot Chief I
Schwab I
ItovM T i 1 N 14
Rich A 1 I
Mu Con U I 14 ssa 41
0 CM Cin 03141 NM Si 04
l Iron m f 0 1 N 1014 I
aa cf 04 04 O
Hwan ft 01
nn cent IT 1 07 m
Tin fob I 01
Tin Kmp I 1
Tilt HumbJ I 01
ITncle Ham l 3 14 11 I 3
Unite Mer 0
Ctah Con 04 14 N14j Oi
Victor n I 0414 40 014 0414
Wet Nev U N s N
West Utah 114 tOO
Yankee CoOI 1 q 40
Ter Copper 00 01 1 t
fnltotcd BtoclH I Md 1A
Os I 1 1
Ely Itlll I 00 I
UlnieJi Treauje 11th IS 10
llnt Tr 11
NaldMvr 1
Tint Hndr
bob King 1
foa uln I
Phe GuideS Ia
pdirnt iy 10
Hnlham Rutte 33
Hint Cpnl Mtan33 1
ist Qlny a
ikillen lutln 4
Ely ll
Colorado Lion at I SOO at > 1
K Tin I > ev O0O at 4
Iron Hlonsom 111 at M III at
5 100 al X 4 seller St
Little Hell 00 at 176
Lower Mammoth SOO at K MO at
67Ohio Copper Ifn at 4la
hocks MI 2000 at 414
Prince Con 100 at S7
Provo 1000 at 4 setter I
Heven Troughs fOO at a
Sioux Con 404 it 41H 700 at 4 2
1000 at 41 seller 60
Cedar Tal 61100 at 8 ti i at i
100 at 6 S seller III
Colorado too at s
Indian Queen 1000 at I4S
Iron Itlossom 800 at 8 MA at
I seller 60 300 Ht 90 buyar Su
Kast Tin Con 1000 4 1
Provo tono at IK
H4lver King 100 at IO
Tin Cent 1100 a U
South Iron UlMaom 100 a H
T Uiaraa Amount
Regular 11100 8171400
Open 1610 I 052
20 tM ISMl2i
Carla 100 at U
Colorado LON a t
Columliu 708 at Si
Iron IHoawMn JI at I
Lower Mammoth M8 at I
Miller llin 1004 Ht ti
Mow lW tl 1W at U
Prince Con 100 at 1
Hloux Con HOP at 41 IM at 41
Sotitriw Illtli Ittlo Mine In Yellow
Pino OlMrlit NiMiilu
The Sultan mine of four clHlmi In
the west side of the Yellow IMne min
ing district near loud Springs Nv
haa been purchased lit D L Houtg of
Provo The property I U d Ir to b
one of the best little mined of the dis
trict and recently I made a nlo strike
of aim ore During the summer Mr I
lout expects to spend most of ilia
time at lb mine
Mr IlouU left for Oond Bprlngi this
afternoon to look after Mrlr at ue
property Jeaa J Knight I Nephew of
flr of Tlntlc h taken a
half Inlaraat In the property with Mr
Then ha been n Incorporation of
the property and will not b The IHVH
silt owner are putting In their own
money and have opened up oVe In sufficient
ficient quantities to see their way clear
to handle It themselves
Shortly after purchasing the property
the tunnel through which the grouiil
Is worked tbroua a 30 foot vein of
clean ihtr ore running from 40 per
cent up With the small fore of mon
now employed the property I ship
ping better than a car of or a week to
the sine smelter at lola Kan
IBpsctal lo Ths News
tKOVO March 11VIlIord T Ollrs
hat received a boa of specimens from
the Tlntlc Humboldt which show
Tnl I lw
every Indication of carrying val
ue and 0 which assays are now
being made The ore I a from the US
foot level and the hat has been link
ing In I for elK ort 1 I a a carbon
ate ore and 1 the miner who have
examined I believe It will show good
returns In gold I vcr and lend The
strike haa caused the company to In
neHse its force of men The mine ha
lutelv been equipped with a new hoist
unit i vigorous development campaign
i n h imuuurated
Sit I rninilMti tlI to Cil SII
11 Irum Suit Iisle
in Fianckuo brokers and tholr ex
i huiKf are all after the business of
Hi ne camp of Jsrbtdge Not only
I 11 but the menhanta of the Golden
< t i lt > are also anxlnus to take I
lianiv at securing the trade Within
1 few days the Han Franclnco Mining
hnnge will have three men at Jar
iiiiigi They will be th gueat uf W
K Htevens They will ala up the alt
ii ii MIM and explain Ui their fellow mem
lens the brat mean o graibblnt it
great deal of btistness that I the ap
r Jnrbldge never produced a cent will
mean much to the brokerage concern
anil merchant
I I understood that the spring
weather la Just moving the rhrvmitu
stage of the Malt Lake exchange With
a few days mon Of warm weather nn
idea of In n 111 the baalnea of the
exihanRi hint ih > velop The exchaiifn
II Is tjnjrt4 Mill send one melt to
I ho JarhMKi i untr MUIW lim
A an ex < htng i Milt Ink hal a lit
He the btt i > r I nvii Mn Francisco
I lh laltir g lH the new business It
MI MIL t that It uiil In thr miiiply point
1 I the winip mil I i hn1 llko Nc
tvlll IK lii < oiiiilliiiik Vint A I one
in iu etng broker nay Halt Ijiike bus
IAln Frills Mountain Home Buhl and
i ore of Idaho town to help It liu
tint Is no sIgn that men hants and
m nlng inon 1tl shoulil alo o a l
Ihll on the trail
Iiis l Tlnll Minn fun Nitti shiMit On
To I OMIT Irftel anil Hike 1 Out
Iullll II Clinic
litpeilal lo The Newsi
Bureka March 21Tho winSc con
nectlng the ZM and HO fool level itt
the Boat Tlntk Devetupment min
broke through lat night and today h
men are bUy putting In a i hut tu
handle the ore This incanx thai
> HHIM sloping in be lone rt hc
mine and Ion profit xhould b mmlr
Inlike other companies In the dl
net the Kajit Tlntlc hail been pay
Ing Its own way for mote than a r
and doing a large amount of devtlop
tfleflt work beside paying for excellent
equipment which has been Installed
Much better value are being ecurt l
In slIver on the lower level Above
t the 2M level lv1 ra from 1 ti 4
ounce and from that to th 310 tb
values have run about 10 to m ouni
The drift on the 4M level along a
stringer of ore is paying th expenx
or that part of the work T tnal
strInger shows according to th lat
May U per cent lead and i tunas
In silver The silver value r gradu
ally hi < reHKlng a depth IK attained
Within 3 day the < omp ny will tar
Kinking the shall ittcaln I is now
down a dttancc uf too feet and as non
aa n4rk start will be pushed another
10 feet without delay
Within the pant tuix month the com
p ha marketed 33 mrtoaul of ire
that have netted the company IKVOO
The company baa been making enough
t meet the pay roll for over a year
shipping from 11000 to 14000 worth of
ore a month There la ala 100000
shares of tock In the treasury no that
there Is but little chance of an amea
mont ever brine levied
Two tail o excellent ore will be
loaded next week The company la not
shIpping a car tla week as a aarlng
can he made In the navullna n two
card of ore and the tt returning
with a load of coal T Iat two
car of 01 te tbe company tIJK
Mid the two aidti OilS b et week
a th Itll o we
ilanagei Kellova beIleva will Ve f n
better He liertarea that they wtll run
clear to 11500 for the company
PnjmraU4HM aro beIng md to M
sum work at the nrutll fVenentl
Manager J M Beeelmeyer 1 barn at
tb property for several dy > getting
thing weok In readiness to 8r w next
Work 10 tlll being jwrmied at the
ITOVII although the shoot of o en
counUrtd there come time ago baa not
olN tl 1
turned out aa MUl f ctory aa ejcpecte1
Tie company U atlll drifting o the aot
frt level n a wlne mink In tlw
or body h no bAt out lh
vulutf exMCte4 The company la < k
ID two drills
A wtne which I being Ink fnvm
the 700foot level of the Tlntle Standard
property Is getting some nlo results
In the quart The latent aaaay shows
a ore carrying guU and lher
The Itoche Ualata will shortly a
to Its present h
W j BnHr 4 e and J B 1hosion
will move Irn from the Atla
building rwtxt week a take iipt 1
treet ter In tb flew Wt building on Mmtai
I I underatood that the fat Con
nlldated at NIT baa seat a carload of
ore to the smelts The car W Uhvn
from lh working In the BrllllHrrt shaft
and ihoweJ f per eMt copper and U
In fold
1 IV nooHlng and Wllltom 0 Mob
ke have returned from lb Seven
Trough Mearch praawtty a Seven
Tromrh Ne They r prepared to
1 to tl boarA of director a
complete plan for the future develop
ment of b property
Lower Mammoth Marled 0 its cam
paign of production yeaterdny when It
hipped two carload of toattillver or
and one carload of copper ore I may
be several week before the company la
hlpulna rewitarly a car a day but I
will not be long before the company
n out regularly three or four ear
H week
The management of th Tampa smal
ler ha succeeded In repairing th fur
nace and part of the plant damaged
about a year ago by a cloud burnt
which ran down the eld of th moun
tain and Into the furnace While the
work was going on the company wa
able to r for its business with lit
any trouble
According to Manager John R Cook
oT Ih MendhaNovada mine near Pl
outs tb property will b chipping In
the neighborhood of 090 Ion of ore a
month a anon a a the railroad 10 reopened
opened to the IMoche district The mine
npnd hoot of n e 470 feet I ma
that will overage does to 40 per tent
loud wi ounces In liver and from K
to MO In gold
ismeal I Uawton superintendent of
the Queen of Sheba Mining and Mill
ing company of the Deep Creek die
trict mpnlf by hi wife panned
trlCl P
through Halt Ik yesterday on their
throg fhlcago This I the flnt trip
rant Mr Lawton ha made out of the
district In live year As oon a he
return he will bring back more mi
chlnery and In a abort time the mill
at the mine will tar work
A great deal of Interest has beti
aroued In Morgan City through the ex
ua of a number of photograph
of the MorganPrencent company
property a mile above the city and a
big dlaplay of high grade ore Tem
Ial hll
company la developing a new part ot
the cointry and attracting a great del
of Untlon It la Intonated to brlDg
the picture to Salt Uato shortly a It If
moatly Salt Laker Interested In the
mOt lt l S
Mr M A lrlp lger has gone to Ely
where her daughter Mra Leslie tad
felt tsill
Manager W I Ooopcr of the R U
Polk company is conflMd to his b
with Illness
wlb tf
Manager C Mattteld of A Booth t
ieHlgnd and is HUcceed
etIrtItiti v has OHlln Ud
e ql hv J i I lluher of Hloux City Mr
llutl < < lll tiinalti In bitt cIty
< > i i mh hi iliu Mia u PM I w
I I t ill Kllikiii I i IU < > l
111 NHI llink Ij
6i I M I 315 00
1n ion VHnrm At Mm h IK i l
tfiM VisIt llghl J Power 45 74
IhiKKi Itah llght Power 4 Par
Edward L Burton
C < iouth Main St Phones W
We beg to announce that we
I have Installed the
Duplex Wire
of K F Hutton A Co member
New York Stock Bxehanee etc
Riving speelal attention to Cop
per Quotation and offering perfect
feet facilities tor execution of
order In New York locks itod
cotton Hoston copper and Chi
cago grain
Badger Brothers
160 Main Street
rhleagn Mauh V Cattle HeoeJpts as
tlmated at lI market strong Beeves
170440 Texas alters 3llttiSiS west
ern steer > 0frm iAch < rn and feed
er 3014440 cows and heifer lvtt
731 calve s
HogsReceIpt estimated at I mar
ket 6 higher llght 060 10116 mixed
MW IOtti bwury loBWll rough
Mtt4 W ii good to choice heavy 10 tto
1115 pigs 03241010 bulk of > s 11
SheepReceipts estimated at 6J
market steady Native 101910 west
ern WMrait yvarlUigs onWtM lamb
ntV i1I western 71001 e A
Omaha Xarth Cattle Reeelpts
IOM market stow to lower Native steer
WajfctO rows and heifers 41040110
western steers i Ban M towL and heif
ers 21440 1k4 eanaers 2W410 ok
ra and feeders 400W7W calve 4J 4t
1 bull stags etc 4100410
ll tr 10 market steady
stronger Heavy IO 1501011 mixed WM
1019 light W44WW7V pig I WWW00
bulk kUstfwM
beep llscetpts XK market steady
to pitsy Yearling 10010 nethsr
1IUO Wfi yrUhf at lamb 0700
Kanws City March JfrCattle ne
iM4 Wi Market tedy native tr
I4MKI rowe and heifers 21040733
stooltsrs and fd ra u hull 41040
410 calves 42040000 western n
i 47 western rows 40040650
IIOftaRe alB4 MiO market I high
er Bulk ef Bale MWftlOW heavy O1 >
Buk parkers and butchers 50690
MIt light 101040 1 plus sAOMK
pRe tmo market steady
Muttons 7Mr lamb 00001010 fed
insearli wether and yearlings 74Jf
fed western eve 1WIK
8t Louis March 50Wool dull Terri
tory and western mediums J e2 JIM
medluma 1I4VM Ane 1011
rhlia March Butter Steady
amerls 069 dairies ZWS7
Egg atady at mark cases Included
IVumn seats J prime flrcU SI
1 I lr J
CheeM Stead Daisies 1134 rH Twins
JW1 Young Amsricns 31401t Long
Horns lOt
Kate Hhepherd et A lo B II Wicks
lots 17 11 I ana M North Ingle
wood Add C
Henry Phlpps and wife to Cjrrsne
stwllrtftn le at block 3 Gordon
plst 10
Enoch N Nock and wife to Gear
gtana 1 late part of lot 1 block
M 4st n un
Kltaabeth Hcott to Kdwanl A Va
rntlivs part of lot t leek It
pt hek
plat A JSM
William J Martin to Nellie Tourn
Icy part of lot 1 block ST put
O pr I I I pt 15W
Edward I liubbartf lo Kllaabeth
Pott part of lot t block M
plat l NO
N pt atone and wife to Claud
fllchard lo I block I Perkln
Xnd Add t
Pioneer Hoofing
Sold laid and guaranteed by
W W Voiidlioit traveling auditor
of the Oregon Hhort Line formerly
ngent at Logan ii a guest at the New
Windsor today
Henry firny a nromlnent lawyer of
East Orange N J with main olllce
In New Tork city accompanied by Mrs
tray Is A the Kenyon for a few day
iimernl Cluirln S Wnrren a well
known cltlen of IKille Mont is at the
A ft lloliiiiann of Kanaa City h
staying at the New Windsor for a few
day on hla way home from an exlen
Ive trip through Mexico
A A Hoiirko I prominent mer
chant of Oursy Colorado IH HI the
Kenyon Hv ha procured a targe or
chard tract In the
hr lrrt neighborhood of
Rlngham Junction where he expect to
plant 10000 tree this spring
Colin W Ijinilln uf i > nvr ranre
entatlvc of the American Map Mak
ers company whese headquarter are
In Denver la a guest of the Moxum
This company recently sent a man to
Halt Lake and wad up one of the
neatest maps of thl city ever publish
ed which will be distributed free h
1 the le lo hotel of the city Th
folder on which the map I printed
contain several page of Interesting
Information concerning Salt take ex
elusIvely This Information ha been
carefully compiled and will prove
a great advertisement of this cliv ss
II la expected not lees than JOoOfl of
monthly these folder will be distributed
W A len of In Pranotaco tray
eling circulator u the Unit
e Commercial Traveler of tho
united Stales La a guest at
the Cullen today He says Ib order
now embracea OOOIMI meml < rs In all
part of the courlrv tOil tliat Halt
lAke h one of the liv that and most
flourishing branche of the entire ic
gnnlxitlon counting a membership of
lielwieu IM and 0 For tIle Iwneit
und lonvenlence if meml rs llbr iiles
are established In all the Important
i Ittea of the country Tn < r < are about
201 volume in Ihe gall Iaks hook
eanlnM at the lull I The vvoik
tonnlst nf uptndale nun and mem
Itershtp In the orgaiiitaLin N nil thut
Is necexsury In entitle Xrnin to the
free use of the llbfiiv whlci Is In
charge of the chief clerk of lb hotel
In which I Is locatej
of Hnckelt Carhart A Co design
lie eminently correct Suit 1 to
I Carried exclusively hv
3 i Main St
Partly Cloudy Tonlclit or SU
unIt y
7am tt
Ism u 91
Carn 41
10am 4
1 sm 1
13 noon
Ii pm V >
highest M
lowest H
llol > TliuixlM OWrtnl Holy
ThurKday or Maundy Thursday wa
ultatil > olmerved yesterday in the
oral Catholic and Episcopal church
At the Catholic cathedral Bishop
P anlan consecrated the oil to be
UrI during the coming year In
NiM 1ixlnl Mit tutger1 8 Robin
son manager of the Postal Telegraph
company office at Michigan lily
Ind will succeed W W Morrison as
manager In this city of the Postal
company offices
CloiiiN N ic PritltTls cloudy
weather iwreil the fruit from frost
last night but expert advise the ww
of smudge for a few night longer
John C fUay county horticultural In
spector feared that a front would
damage the crop both Wednesday and
Thursday night hut bossy clouds
hung over the Wasatch and Oqulrrh
langes and prevented I
llarl cr In Tixiuble W Evans
a barber In charged with employing
Walter Jones who ha not obtained
a certificate from the stale board of
barber examiner In a complaint 1
sued Thursday by County Attorney
Job 1 Lyon In another complaint
Jones ls charged with following
occupation of a barber without first
procuring a certificate Both com
plaints r sworn to b I > J Watts
secretary o the bused of examiner
Cicmilno Iorly IHIPott rom
mhnloner hansen etoed a quantity of
brandy at the New liar saloon corner
of Miate and Kmirth South street
Thursday afternoon and sent a sample
Of It to the itale chemist for analysis
The sUure was made on the com
ilalnt o S D tAlE who allege that
an employe Thomas ONelll haa been
In the hospItal Mr night days from
effect of brandy drunk at this place
also that ho himself had been taken
Ill after drinking a small quantity
of the stuff
W P Cooper Kcrloiilj I llV P
o i cr manager for I I Polk A
10 is seriously III with Bright
Third avenue
lls aae at his home on
so that hla friend are becoming
alarmed Mr Cooper to one of the
best known men In the city con
nected with a number of fraternal
orders In which he has held and fai
till holding hIgh official inwltlnnc
and there will be considerable anxiety
over hla condition
Oetlcn ice ITmlcr Siiplclon St te
Chemist Harm received thl morning
nine sample of wider from molten
natural Ice that certain Ogden dealers
eve handing out to unsuspecting
Patrons Aa the state official held Jar
utter Jar tip In the light and noted
he wllller hairs and light Huffy
rubbish floating around In the water
he expression on his face woe a very
air indication o what the result nt
h analysed would b However prof
tarm nay nothing Imfore examlna
ton preferring to state hi view In
iln reports Htate Food Commissioner
lanaen wa present and took a good
look himself
Mr Cook Iniprmlnp Mm Frank
l Cook who has been roll III
at Ixn Aneelea Is now lnirrovlng tu
latest It I
ooonllng to the Pr I
tow believed he will be fully recover
ed In a short time
e tm
Annual 7 < 31 I ltallCardti are
out announcing The employs nf the
Z C If I request the pleasure of
your company at the annual grand
ball at Saltalr WednnNlay April 6
rains 8 p m Rain or hlne wet or
Pn l < knl Wlndcrt Condition
TOl there Is practically no change
In the condition of President Winder
from Thursday when he was tlll
holding his own nnrl It anything show
ng a slight gradual Improvement
Cranllc Wart Will 1hll
Nearly 200 j IJIe nil I s en at the
ipl hall tonight
Intnlte amuwmcnt lonllht
This Iso
In a Rrandnraidtay of nations Tl
In be a ivUpnnl character ball each
n Ib 1 WinlH o the stake having
eivcted half a ikwen or more young
want In the
i people t refwesent its wn
articular country assigned to I for
I representation There will lie much
goodnatured rivalry to see which of
he ward may give the best show She
wlner to relve appropriate pulses
The McMlllen Paper A ftchool Hup
ply oompan of Mall lAke Bled
an amendmcn to Its article of In
orporatlon yterdity II the county
elI office making 700 shares o
mon and 100 preferred bearing Ia
tarsal at S per cent The capital stock
is 10000 In share of ISO each
MllllltKltKU SUItHUNIMtltS
i WabMt led March 11After hay
ing fatally wounded Mr Floyd J
Webb wife of his frIend with a shotgun
Ru Verne Itartleroad went to tbe
county Jail today
Im the man your after said
lartleroad n later In a cell b r
ated that h had fallen In love with
Mrs Webb and that she rebuffed him
lartleroad who Is H year old had
lv with Ihe Webb mmly for serral
year Webb was away from home last
Illt Webb probably will di
We are the pioneers In Job Print
log and Book Binding In the state
Our facilities are Ihe betil for handing
Ing Ri > claw of work no jnatter how
large or how nitutil
Kxncrt Turn it Komi SlilcllgliU on
11 Imi lltiltiil tin of tin Suit
illliile for llnllrr
I am in favor of oleomargarine If It
Is made right but If It In not I Ie
miserable stuff lure ole U better
than the majority o the butter we gel
and th beat otto rniika with the brut
butter says Herschal C Hotral who
wa at o time tb beet Informed on I
chemicals and machinery connected
with the packing Industry o any man
In the country Nearly every packing
plant of any consequence In th world
now use tit processes and latent In
the care of th offal blood and tankage
In producing fertiliser and other thing
far which the former waste cnn be
Although Mr Hogal is a man of un
twiwil ability and unlike moat Inven
tor hal achieved success In many anti
varied line he doe not cam to talk
but himself He has been In Malt
lAke on business for some time and
will probably make this place Isis head
quarter for some time He la staying
at th Moxiim itoleY
In th packing business they do not
put the best of material Into ole
says Mr Hogel It In R crime to put
Inr material Into a product and then
label I an being the pure thing I h
Ive that every package should b
labeled just what It IM and then If po
p want It let them have I
In a few short sentences Mr Hogel
explained the way oleo oleomarmartne
ur buttcrlm Ix made H ef fat a It la
taken out In slaughtering In laid aside
and sorted The bent In placed In long
its ovoif1 with suit and allowed to
Htttnd over nIght
The next day title fat Is sorted again
and all that which In not clean is
taken out The fat is then placed aw
n barrel and allowed to Heed Aa th
expression iii That ii the fat granu
late or as the miner nay crystallites
Thl process requires that tip barrel
remain entirely quiet Should they IM
kicked or jarred iIurltiK this part of
the prorma the entire barrel would be
polled As this reaches a certain per
iod the content of the barret M taken
out and placed In mnall bag and from
them the oil is queeied Thl la called
the oleo nil
The securing of neutral lard Is the
next prucea lard is put away and
allowed to Med the lam as the fat
After It hu been properly granulated
It ii also placed In bag and the oil
premed out Hut little of thin neutral
lard oil I uaed
The butter ued is the next Item
necessary for the compound As a rule
the packer eel the cheapest butter
they can find for thl With the bent
butter oleo that would rank with the
beat butter could be made Purs butter
causes the oleo to remain freah longer
Ily the iwe of Impure butter the olen
deteriorate fast Thl butler I run
over hot plate at a temperature of
about 110 degree Thl I done to even
ly mix the butter nil carry away the
odor and dry out the moisture
Then through another procei the
oleo oil neutral lard and butter are
mixed with the beet grade of milk ob
tainable and then this maa Is churn
ed up
Aa the mixture come out of the
churn It flown Into a vKt of cracked
Ice where men stand with six lined
fork and mix the Ic and oleo to
gether In the days when coloring was
showed It looked like the richest of
butler The cooling harden It and the
oleo Is then takan to the able worked
and placed In the package
1 have made oleo myself and sent
It to my family Jut to see If they
coulil tell the difference cay Mr
Ifogal If they ever did find out they
never told me
According to Mr Ilogel a Herman
ecurnl the patent on the making uf
oleo but through a foolish lHtem nt
In securing of the patent right the
man lout probably tINOOOOOO that
would have come to him through be
process In the treatment of the but
ter It wa dated in the patents that
It should he run over plate tnt HB de
gree The dropping of the word
more or loon allowed oleo lo be made
at any other heat than Hi degree
Mr IIo al WU one of the IIrut to
Introduce the proeeo Into the Pnltml
Htate Many of the Improvement or
the machlner > used were the result of
Mr HngHli iklll
IfeNlfle being a ehemlt of consider
able note Mr Hogal is a mining en
gineer and a mechanical engineer do
ing nil with the xuntr degree of ex
Washington Maroh JR Senators
Warren and I Icy burn clashed In lbs
senate today over an effort on Ibe part
of Ute former to oMln the pajvMffe ot
a Mil authorialng the me of surplus
waters under Irrigation clHinatlon
project The Idaho senator objwteil to
tka enactment of such a law an con
trary to the Comttltutlon and law of
Ma state
Mr lleyburn t ok lbs lOor with the
avnwHI purpose of talking on the Mil
until some othnr measure should nol
orally conic up under the rule of the
senate After he hud spoken for so
ho or more Mr warren who twit
near him mule a remark solo voice to
taw effect that the Idaho senator
speech wits mere drivel
The remark arouse I Mr IlovMmrirs
r MHitn > snt He dmjltireil lh would not
btlerat Mich a statement even though
wk pnAtllely made He found In It n
dealre to dictate his course
The time Is iomlng be shoiitml
when this sort of thing fillet reiwi
The assumption that beiause one man
ltaahoten here longer lien another he
can dlivct the course of the other I
Another re nnl to the milk of time
lnaurgfits ronuirked some senator on
the iJsmwratlt side but Mr Hnyburn
continued IsVi speech without replying
He saw In the bill an effort to ltItte nil
rrlirallon pmjeet under govenimcnt
mill 1
t kt 0 r ffaruli fitvoriil the hill and
IIS I nun with hln llilKui while
i 11 v iq nndii i nldmlion
You Want CoalNOT DIRT
Ve tIns q5 ff ih n 4 r hmj < I untie rit i i nr i Vei k Klk
AliiTliii Hlivu > n t ill iv liI M if i u Kit IH lean free
trio ill i
Ani > thr tlung nr it it is i lmnp Mir vanl after they have
unloaded thi lot
Woodruff Sheets Morris
Kllm 8 Wooilrnn f f A I Tf Ncphl Ii Morris I
Hcber 8 Sheet COAL CO
Ciiii Q Morrl X VTX iJ V < Ta WIford 8 Woodruff
Yanl Cor 4 III AV I 80 Temple
10 enn
on WIf
If llhldbo SUUr p Nil
lth IIht It n
co J c
10 Z C M I Uy IC
Bond Douh d 811 oo
Fon AlIE
100 UlahIdeho
10 Cn Wag It Me IIUlr Ir I I t H
10 MflRlHuisr 50
UIf Cn
0 J11 1
John C Cutler Jr
tRatabtstled 11
3210 tONII11TTr
n l 11
hi m tM
Vhlngtnn Man h So i
One side by Fr1 i 1 c II
Brltain on lhe Other iit r
two mlli stin wIt n i1
It off the mte unless 1
the I 1411 r
support ot now pi r 5
In rDlllh with iret
Thai Isune uf Ibs oct in I
expressed ill II rI1I cni I a > i
t II
rommlaMon lu Liters
Ongrees tod > by Ir 2l I I ii l
special lAII e After I
Israel well dengr whiiih lhr r I v
as those ° <
lowdln ci i In
tb ommis11 has J ijj
nle I
nconunsndatlun WI j
HTfat the lot 1l tt XI
to Ubsrla in it PlolUlI 1 I
ner boundary disuutui 111 11 ii f
3Tbat the Unilni ntst5 i
to refund its debt n L
quaranta for the 11I1I1 h n r c
Ion uniftr
un suih an arrilllm
irol and olleoIIJ of 11
0That the l lilted IlIa h u
sistgtkv to thc reform ItO
= tiC
flnantws 1I
4Tht Ih nation ohm
and drilling ii um1t1 I
or frontier motile ha
ITbal the fulled tat rn
maintain a 1 I
lesesrch stalln
n Uwr
IThat the United t
uuestlnn of esiabllnhln I I
station In Liberia d <
JOB rjtivnNt
We are the pioneers in Ju
Ins anti hook lrn
BInding n
Our facilities are the bt fr h If
liAr any claw of work i0
tarKo or how small w uuw
Special Cornspimi n i
Kunaa City mock YAIJ MI
flit combination of a ialfc i
fur cattle and H ndul 1
week gave the marKet a 111 I
upward and closing Irln
99 cents higher ou stiers n
and 10 to Ji cent hKlHr I
HradM and stockers ami fd ff r
market la I1M hlgh r ihu i I
February and Jt high thn
ago Today the run i L u s i
the market Is steady i i
Some of the Ishmaei n MM v
today from Kiowa K n
anti some steer In tin > 1
sold m the top 3Sli I
710 to J7S5 nothIng PcI s t hl
has any finish 4 I nil i i j s
sslii an Ion its W HI I
up to 1 hulk of IH nd 11
l M t M 0
Heifers tlin 1 h < ll
gone ax ntiK helfern II t t iI 1
to hlliti toilH at
toiKi iin I i i r
thin htifiiH out of thin
i i v d t
countlj buyi nt 470 lul tUrns
f4S lu 8 ia and tOI vi ill I X
ty can of qmiianttn > inii Ul Ii > r
today mummy leern at 1 tH I J ti
an including one lot of hlI a t lai
Huy fed steer rOn the niuntain olj
at WK to 74n today in iulinn a ii
airing of Cnlnrndo hit rn III f Li OJ i
pound and uinithrr ninnu r hvIe
feeders at > 8 go Stork t r iuii
from 14Mi to > 616
HORS made n net gain ft ni
tail we k closing the Hk lit hu
Ihe host point reaehed ill n
versa Wmlnesday and Thurmiu 11
slim supply of 40000 IKI I ot I i
week and the run tilt i mm if
While the general scour nt i i
15th prtomi hate naihed i t i i Ii h i
bear maneuverH voiiKtinn M I
IM tolls pubes in I I t
hulk 11010 to JIO 110 I I 11 i
In taken In the new IDS I
hIlt farroweil and It i
utruonlliwry care will I KIMM th
now crop and a IIUR i is i inB
saved than usual beraii il i IIr
worth saving than heretnfor un tl
other hand rrwuy young set wsr4
brett last fall which might r 1uif Ih
average number In the litters
Sheep antI lambs advameil i 1 to 1
cent last week and lit irmkvt is
firm today receipt 10000 head MmN
made a new high mark Iday at
110M and ewes ieaehed IK in loilm
TearlliiRs arte uorth up t SW un1
old wethers IS K A big hniiil f prlnr
lambs sold last week at r ml th
mother of the lambs brought K Th
Hprlng lamb sold at Jr today Ot
goat at WM tilushers at 11 Vt TV
ielpts here show an mires < nrr I iii
year since Jan 1 but at Ihe i > mblnr1
market there I a shoring ef i pr
The Great Apostasy cosiderol In
the tight of scriptural and secular
history by l > r J B Talma Pwtrrt
New hook Store 60 cents per cop >
cloth bound
Of every character and ducrlptloQ
arranged from the best legal fonni
and brought strictly up to dat
A full supply always on hand at tlii
Dcret News Hook Store
The helter ila <
Utah Stock
Do not wall till th prln
hooin In on K > ir n t I t
N fIS f
up either phom
our high and nw fl Ih
stocks for veari 1OS TIt
Call on us
ONTY nItKX rittvi i wtt
Jas A Pollock Co
US to MS So Hut t and
Stock and Honda H rl
markit t I 0
Bold In any
Kastrit lorvde to iUI > Jg
of Trade
Kelly Montrose
llroUen 4 211 Ulefiornlclc
Will Buy
az c M i 00
Bank =
1 D ierct Nntlonsl
Will Sell
t UtahMex Cap Slt
11 1004
WI handle

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