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Must Interesting Thing He Has
Soon in His Travels Is tho
Sphinx by Moonlight
Tn Imlll a std Swt < MftI lfltHa Oat
Animals HP Had lNwt 1M
fHlr Egypt March 5Cp with
the im today after a rastful night
cot 7lodn KixMFvelt and hta party I
rail irc i i4 for s vMt to tha
linmriolH i > r ikKara where ors the
uondtrful tomiw of various klncs of
Thy and nr thi Apt bull
y Last ntitlit he sphinx was viewed
b < mo mllKhi and Col Roaaralt said
today the wlird sight bad been
th rough h < njoy 4 b > himself Mid ta
I mllr
It Wit the moM Intstfettin thing
in hud seen during the trip to
Tonight el Rooaevelt and hU
fnmlb returned to Calm dined with
the American nlBHieruU Mr
Fl Iddlnga and alter nttended a banquet
tendered him b > Sir Kldan Oornl the
Hrttiah agent and conuul general In
Major r K Watson pasha aide do
camp to the kheillvi who met Col
Roosevelt a year ago aL Port Id
a an early caller toda > lie paid the
tcalwcU of the khedive to the Ameri
can hunstman and tendered him tho
tae of the kbcidlves upeclal camel
carpe for the eightmile ride across
the desert of dakKara such a ten
der always la aspecial mark of favor
and Cat Roosevelt accepted It with
ideasur The colonel and Kermit each
rode OR of the animal over the
dieary ute to the necropolis but
lira lloosevelt and Mil Kthel chose
a more comfortable conveyance
Arriving at the tomb of the bulla
of Anfct the oldest of which dater
flack to lieo B C tln sightseers
Were ma by an archaeologist In
tructad to act aa their guide With
IIghtllll candle the American enter
ed the dark cavern and looked with
Intwrwt upon the huge sarcophagi
Col JUMwavelt evinced great curioalty
In the method used by the ancient
Hgrirtbma and piled the Kcyptolo
get with numerous question Ona
reo > hHKUi was opened and lighted
CaUHllaa were lowered Into It to how
hew the mammoth bull were lowered
Into thrtr final reeling place
l rem file tombs of the bulla the
pArty proeeetleC I to the temple and tIIe
tomb of Thy a pleboln who awed In
the fifth dynasty but who wa ao
Ortretnatt that he was permitted to
nwrrr a nrlncea Their oltat > ring be
em irrlncea Here Col Roosevelt
and lite family were Joined by Or
S Straus the American ambassador
to Ttirkay and Mrs Strauss Mr Id
ding find Mia IddlnB
On the walls of the tomb of Thy
are various sculptures and painting
whkli thewh they were executed
about IIOO II C ntlll are legible
Thae were really ndmlred and Col
Roosevelt with hi uaual keen percep
tion pointed out to the archaeologist
the picture of various animal he
had seen lately In the Jungle but
which are extinct In Upr R rpl
He declared the fact that they were
reproduced In the tomb of Thy was
proof that the animal once had
roamed Rgrpt fol Roosevelt aim wa
deeplv Intereated In picture show
ing an Ks > ptlan Bluffing geese aswan
wan and a hyena which In the
olden days were used an food
From the temple Cot lloosevelt and
ha party visited the home of the arch
aeologist where thy were served light
refreshments Between the temple
and tomb and the mplr and the
archaeologists home Mr R ii < eelt In
sisted on walking nhiad of his party
the members nf whlih had a hard
d 1
ff a 1
J + I I
1 a
IIMr <
Of Skin Hands and Hair
Preserved by
For preserving and purifying
r the akin scalp hair and hands
for allaying minor irritations of
the skin and scalp and impart
ing a velvety softness for sana
tive antiseptic cleansing and
in short for every use in pro
moting skin health and bodily
purity Cuticura Soap and Cuti
cura Ointment ro unsurpassed
01 > Nr 1 r rwoalrIa rr 4o n
1 tip AulaNle n Tow A e e Thef I
p Yw uu une TIN amlr aunt fno 7
i1Rar1 Id ToYle
1 nlt rt Afrlre
Y c
In +
A Pm
n rr nrarrraM
tLrD e4 yM Ilh rnlamnW Art ahn
rrt1 I ur1 INnt P Nrrh c
W 5wtvW 7nltaeon el Ben sod fiiIa1 up b
struggle to keep up with him The pre
taty of the movement of the Ann
lean wan Invaded during their tour In
n moving picture man who foiuo I
I his muihlni upon them and rolltd IT
yard after yard of film
I Aflir refrenhim rh > nl pair
iiintlniifVl thrli niiM IHK I p b
uard thi Nile In n ISIHK h d a i
Mr Rsrorvell alil M t rnr in
pitI tilt send < nr < I I
Miss Koiunxelt unit Mi I lillr i >
iflni ln AH their rni MIF f I i IPai
while Kermit Au has + MK n n nun
Mr tidings lodi Link
Airlteri i lie Nil Hi i r 1 1 I >
luumh ml I H Ia ilD Hi
river In tit three Iui I p
welln il In ieiiiK ws 0 In
M Ifi In hi II i i tinI i
s Mini r > t lilt all tl lof to
arhols lit t > 0 t and It 1 i I
t in sue r > + I rap tn L I >
undt < i 11 J of fir nt I I i >
the i tiltnii t which o u
dtaled Ann n in tae to I o
1nreIMO Iles ml rmni tl I t
of the dahiI
A1MIull11 r I
tert Ilevelt unl K i 1
a visit b Hi ilrn I I n
and tnri ebvt v th Uoh b i III
peclm ns Ihr Mi I t I nnl
Alfa Kth I mil the other n II < 01
the partv n inuhllr hal r 111 I tl
hotel to nut fn she Iwulin i t jjln
The vlit tn i il n of Mi I 11 l i
without iiilltli 11 bearing II uni
merI as n IIM11tnh frn r fnl
Hodi > v It In + ahee tabln < t h > r il
aa Miritiir > > f omini re i and i Ian
He will r turn b i Constgnllnnl ll d
AinerkftnN tin > vc ry w he r In In
In Calm Thro hundred of Ibrm blay
sent an adders 01 wrlium to < 1
Roosetelt eungii minting him on hi
Safe return ti wlhmtlon Col n
It will hold u riKptlun for the Aim c
leans tuition
Th hoti h 1 e n er before wet n
crowded AIIIIHK the HrilMiln tidy
were Prlnie Kltel Fn derlck non of the
i rmn emperor lull Wu Ting Fan
former Chlmw minister to the Inltd
States who In on the Hay home II <
hope to see Col Hoonevelt before he
Col Roosevelts pioKttim tomorrow
Im ludes a visit to Asher university
Me will atend the Easter services In
the American church Sunday and aft
erward take dinner with the sirdar
Monday Col Roosevelt will give a lec
ture of the Egyptian unlunrity
Fort Worth Texaa March MHold
ing In effort that the action of a f
eral pare food Inspector under the pure
food and drug act Is final a decision
was rendered In the United States dls
trlct court here today ordering the Im
pounding of a shipment of 480M cans
of tomatoes notwithstanding only a
small percentage was declared unfit
for food
The court held the entire hlpment
was subject lo condemnation but en
tered Judgment directing the marshal
to destroy the defective cans and de
liver the remainder to the owner who
I s held responsible for all costs of the
proceedings Further the court ruled
no testimony Hold be admitted to
bow the good should be packed In
compliance with the pure food act and
the fact the damage resulted In trans
portation could not be considered
It was also decided the owner of the
goods was hot entitled lo sample of
the seised goods or a copy of the chem
ists report condemning them
Pine Bluff Ark March K Urgent
Ing alleged Improper conduct on the
part of Judge Jones a negro and a
young white woman a mob of 40 men
gathered at the county JaU late tonight
overpowered Jallii and deputln
and hanged the negro The mob thin
iiicscricit PHOM Kiiirvrnit
Ran Kranclsto March SAftr h
lug prisoners for almost two Mourn 7t
persons were rescued by firemen I if
night from an elevator jammed Iw
tween the third and fourth floors of
a down town building
Those caged In the car had attended
a concert on the fourth floor and wire
descending when the elevator bcnmc
hung In the shaft Half the oicu
pants were women and several faint
ed from fear and excitement before
the summoned firemen arrived It was
found necessary to cut nut the top > f
the elevator and take the prisoners out
one at a time by means of ladders
None wa Injured
rorvrimrurrriis AIUIIXSTII >
Demer March Z6 Secret Service
Agent Ooddard of Denver reports the
art of six alleged counterfeiters
where alleged operation was cliwov
ered by the breaking of the wrapper
In which they had shipped counterfeit
coins The men arrested are Rudolph
Warner David Hugerman Edward
Ilairerman Will tin Cameron K It
Cam run and Alfred Hatch and they
are In Jail at Vli hitn
Spokane Wash Man 96After
holding the town of Northport Wash
In a state of panic for thro hours last
night dynamiting the home of the girl
with whom he was Infatuated and kill
ing the town marshal who sought to
arrest him Martin KlooM ended his
own life with a bullet when he oban
doned hope of escape
Kloose who was 47 ycnrM of age went
to the home of Mrs Jelllson for whose
19yeaiold daughter he hud icincclved
an attachment When he wm relinked
he Ignited a charge of dynumlti under
the building and thru drove tin mith
IT daughter and Invalid pun out of his
house with lists when the blast fullid
to Injure them The townspeople gath
ered and pursued him n > his own hu
H burrlcudid III dr Town Mm
ihnl Jack tietrl broke It In nnd
when KlooM Bred Ihiough the isnel
tin oltlcei fell The dlln charged
nt the door and Kluom fired HKuln < nd
1111 his own life
Hiknur Okla Match 26ll1ollan
i lntrtMlns every titbr In North Amer
14 will gather around the mm il tire K
In Muk < > v e for 10 days ending July t
In the first national Indian connntlon
ever held William F Cody Buffalo
lllll Pawnee Bill and a nunvJx or
other Hut of history will attend md
lnltatlons will be rxlmdiul to Presi
dent Taft and former President ld > ow
volt An effort will be main to nnd
Cay Snake and hav him present
Senators R L Owen of okkUtoma
and writes of Kansas ajid tongree
man Charles fatter of Okiihoma will
be < > n the reception committee
JoffeiMin City March MMaJ Henry
t Hurnett of Dunklln lounty Me uUil
to have bean the only iominlnlonrd uf
fket of the Confederate army ewer < im
tined in the Mlifsnuri stab prlnn teas
granted IL parole In ijov ladle c M
ti r Iov hj Uni it tt IH n V us old
11 i mi I i I I I t1 i ta HUM
01 I 110 hi enJ I M hUlay i n
The car strikers have descended upon New York In strong force each group of two or three with their hand
or nii Aa one of their number grinds out popular melodies two others genially solicit the sympathy of the uses
ers b > and there are few who leave their appeal unheeded By this mean the strike It la thought will be pro
longul until the company capitulate
ISHHHJJJ < < < < < < < < < h Mc f h
Lonvl ted of the murder In November
1S of E R Chancy who had pre
viously killed the major favorite son
He had served but its month of his
sentence the parole coming aa the result
wit of III health
New York March 11iThe Are Insur
ant e Investigation which William A
ilotchklss stele superintendent of in
surance began here a week ago was
not In formal anwlon today but Mr
Ilotchklsa and bIB counsel were busily
engaged at Albany fortifying them
selves with the preparation of further
evidence for presentation when the
hearing are resumed on Monday
Hupt Hotrhkls has been quoted as
saying that he hae thus far only
scratched the surface In an Interview
given out today he says
The Investigation will be continued
until there Is not another fact of value
to be brought out It will be as broad
and deep aa we can make It No man I
will be spared from telling all he can
tell the iniMIc whether he be a Hepub I
lean or Democrat bank president or
hod carrier politician or plain common
dUn And when we get all the En
formation obtainable the results of the
Investigation will be laid before the
proper authorities
Anonymous letter by the score have
been received by the Insurance depart
ment since the Investigation began con
taining tip ax to various feature of
alleged Improper activity at Albany
Some of these tip probably pent b >
political enemies of the men named In
them have been followed up and found
to be of value
Columbia Mo March X The Cub
lonable women was characterised aa
simply a clothes horse for some rich I
men to show off his Health by Dr It
J Davenport professor of economics
m a lecture before the Kconomlas club
of the Inlverslty of Missouri last night
Fashion fixes In Iplent wings on
womans shoulders humps on their hike
and balloons about her feet It creates
artificial and unnecessary Immodestieo
u un u
It preside over the color of our baby
blankets It notes ua around through
lift he saw Our pocketbooks are
emptied by fashion In order that our
wardrobes may be filled with exhibition
garments It makes half our gnnncnts
unwearable when not yet outworn It
pursues us to the grave If there la any
thing morn vulgar than the wedding
It Is the funeral
Walseka Ill March SDlood
stained clothing taken from the body
of John 11 Soyler was exhibited to
the Jury today In the trial of Dr W
It Miller Mr John II Saylcr and
John Orunden for the murder of the
banker last July
As garment after garment won un
I folded Mr Sa > ler one of three de
fendant bowed her head nnd shrank
back In the seat the face of her
father and codefendont John Orun
den twitched convulsively while Dr
W n Miller remained impassive
Old Hayler daughter of the woman
on trial leaned closer to her mother
and hid her face while a hush fell
over the court room
The garments were Identified by
lien W Duenler the undertaker who
prepared the both for burial who
testified to rinding four bullet wounds
two through the chest and one In each
Duesler declared Mn Sflyler ex
pressed no regret when she viewed
the body of her husband and testi
fied all Mrs Rfnler said when she
saw the
wound in h u
Of did ho thin
and added Hf IIJ n
shot that man tmif
all the wound
The decllnn of the pr
Is an all
Ii t
and students A eon1
treatment b
h i
new work The <
n r
For sate by Decr V n l a + t
cloth 60 cents Mr
0 cc c
1h e Clod
Many Ohl so
havent a clock in my house that will
keep time and nine times out of ten
after investigation has been made it
developes that the clocks were bought
because of their artistic merit and not
because of their quality and all of them
are out of order
through neglect
Dont expect to get a fienly con
structed clock that will
always be
curate for the price of a whistle and
dont think that a 50 clock that
sists of a 48 onyx or gold case and
a 2 movement will keep as accurate
time as a clock with a 48 movement
and a 2 case and dont expect
a clock
will feel any better bottom side
up in
a clothes basket on moving day than
you would and dont
expect it to re
cover as quickly
We sell good clocks and no other sort
and have the right one for the mantel
hall bedroom office
engine room
school automobile desk or kitchen at
prices that good clocks bring
i Phone 65 for
I the kitionfi httfJCVli J
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