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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, March 29, 1910, Last Edition, Image 11

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IH W lr Will IIrhu
IMre4 ii
Iifl M °
lln Iktfl 1iietI
i tate hl < < 1 echool track
1M T l CWHIB netd
h lId
et Maddock of the ual
h Jw
sy J nJ ul invitation to all
1 hI that
I expected
md It I
ii 1k 11001 many 1or than laMp
wII tw
tilt 1pt14 Oft retotheeflecttbata
p t t 01 which have never be
f eam hve been working
a SI
were In oniwtltlOlI
LaM ear Fork Brteham City Cedar
Normal Bureka Plllmore
Ctt Tlaerford academy Jordan
ynle iST Heant Nephl Od n
Bt l MI
uWl I1 ntl ant U rove Belt Lake
Pitt CY pjsaiflt lngvllle penl l
im Weber acau
I and
= Walatch cadeU y
petal To Th New
M7rh A mae meeting or
M mi laSt night formed a
bINUll Ufl ranlsatlon elected offlcerr
I to take
Iatlnortd Msnager hopkins
fid Ih Itch county lSsgu
s 10 1Idnr WUC ada president
WWlWrth I prMldlllt ant
JO mlflatr An advisor
WI nom1 nIlnlt of w
plPl 4 vp R I llowrd and W U ElJon
jgp5 rani waS preeonted At
A Il ply
Maithittahl lhlpU hb Mon a
lbs lit well of the four content prft4
dTl liM ad the baLtic ro > nl
i a
tar kh Mnlihed the program welt t
eilati funny that all went home In
rtIt1II humor
11I11 itda was the pd shunn by KII
JIofi11ut Italian In hi go with 1e
t The hulk negro had to null be
iII the n < l of the first round 1104
Lhwlr bad him outclaaeed and will In all
mbaMHty be matched with Young Kr
fainni fur next Monday
ksIIKeTtwt Allen was not In It with Jack
lmeney alt the acme may lie aid of
JIdtII Erne and Kddl Johnson tIM
Psio boy Jnhnaon has shown nne
Mm te last two week anti should L
Mt pln1 S man who can make him
r KM Uavli WOO from Frank Krn
b tee round Rill Rvan was the third
a l hi the ring In all event but the
Sillier which was referred by Manager
KalT O nlnit
We Martll 31 The Whit Box
aad DO trouble In heating the Unl
ty of Nevadea plvknl nln this Aft
m at Mackey nefd bv the score ut It
alunuRli neither eld scored In tbe
M three Inning
Inn n II 8
XmMto Inlveriilj 1 I
WMU fcx 1111 6
SnrleRoaat and Kletchcr Bcbnur
I iii ajwn
u Uuu u
t Idnk nllt 1 liui Jlanitiard thlx
Iun TI Hi ry of th < > mem
lrt of th 1
vrk National in
lu1nr Mrg r Thnni
MIraw The
I tIter l Muanard nw has
ur1 1 O f HIP hull anti win
I m h
iit fI Ihe nrM paId ror
l5 V h lodlllal01l8 club In
b Yn n lf Hub 11118 nnliOl
niuinof the Nntlona
r 0
1 T
L 1J
t r
I 3 i k 11
Ly o
zr g
I rj 1
Urged on by the nucceiii of Nat Curt
mall the former Inlvprnlty of Itiin
aylvanla prlnter who mudc a clean
weep of all short illitHnce race while
IIbroI Melvln SheiipMrd and Harry
1IslIiij two of the greatest apeet I mar
vel In the country today are itnnlng I
to Invade Uncland In quest of more
honor The pair are to Mill within the
= nn = ow 00 xxx
I j
I A1 0
I f
IralllI All tlilH big fellow has needed
to make him n star of the flrit water
Is control Marquard han iMH d ga
lore and H eplendlrl collection of rurven
hut In tRAIt > Ramc test euann It wa
alnxiat inIpnaIhlw ft Uubc to locate
the pan Mnimtt mth the nil of
tluisfy Mall i > n ha been trainIng
him rarefiillv this spring and icnortu
< av that ho has cciythliic 11 ul th it
nne Fcntlal thing known its control
H HMI MWWMaWVxVaWV aiViif iiW Hgg ggB
Plan Early
Your Journey East
In selettlog our route there are lmi > ortant travel renwna
Why that
should Inlluoncn
r Inatwnce BveHlc Oilnnulo Denver like Halt Lake UU
njMnei for werlatul Innr lx continuity of IhNMiRh ear
we with MHwlarrt ant tourist le pere gait lAke tA tin
Ft tner Ilin llli riintlol lrmn HlKheet type at
BUrlIngton electrtollRhtsd trains far all elaMeN of trerel
precision of operallon punctuality of trains coHrtaay of
employ ° ton of MnIIII choice of dIvers reulM that
11I Include all great cltlo Well operated la the com
ment nr travpIre Using the BurlIngton
ll UllrJlnlnll lit Iho < llllly I rItlils Crnlll I eII ter Hint
Im n me tell F ah1 lnhIuIM ChlttiRo KUthe sun parlor
flnver e car In lrallloor about SII tn ltl4 hnw you can lave
u hrurand the mnmllll lIu1 reach the Atlantic Co l In
Miiiiini ant M II mlnut or about our DIIHIIM oiils
dynamo elNlrlolIlhle
S Ins olHltrvRlhm Gfr
II I hat Ikkt can alwRII 11111110111 the fUnglon have U
m3 way It lila how you how the IIl1rllf1rton iI3
C part oC a 41115Way journey or ° f an tlkMntI1I
r In rill h to 1Ire you
I J It I MttlUN fVneral Accnt
107 Main Slrrol
halt Ijikp niy llah
next Iwo ccka and remain abroad un
til HIM end of the miipinier Hhepoard
liar been anxloux to return to England
nine thr Olympic Kamiit nearly two
yearr UK alien hi Unagreed with the
inajnrlly of Americana who were mem
ber of the Inlteil HtatiH Olympic team
and declarer that the British athletic
authorities hail accorded him fair and
Impartial t rent men Since that time
he baa always lie < n out Mikcn In the
The prairie chicken which hats been
cared for by the mate In Cliche county
are doing remarkably well according to
Fred W Chamber elate nh and game
coeamlMrfoner who baa Just returned
from a tour of Inspection There are W
coy teII and each covey has over 19
chicken Bhould there be a Rood Maaon
there will be several thousand Mrd by
tan Warden II II 1etereon lies had
peraonal charge of the chicken
TIle water of Washington county are
to be alocked with train during the
week ISOOO fry having been chipped The
Knlerprie reservoIr will receive 04At
of the Mr Chamber report that the
Mocking of the various Mate water Is
going ahead steadily and nccefully
The deputIes have been savIng many flh
from the Irrigation ditch and returning
n t =
them to various streams Water wad
turned off from 015 of the big dltehea
leading from the Little Cottonwood Ion
day and over 10 trout were found and
returned lo the main stream
WaahlnRliin Man 31Yale won from
lor mil 3 to 4 In the first name of the
Heaaon here todat Automobile from thn
White llouae carried the young people of
Trealdent Taft family and guest to the
More n lit
Yule I 5 2
Cornell 4 t 1
llHtterl Brlomack Temmer and
HudKcr Abbott aoodwlllle anil William
New York March WTh an lays sus
pension of llelvln w Shephard for hi
Krtlclpatlon In an athletic sqiiahhle In
illadelphla In Ixcember expired vea
tenlav and the middledistance chnmtion
celebrated his return to athletic com
petition by scoring a victory In the half
mile event at the annual spring game of
the Fourteenth regiment of Hrooklvn
t II tmveled over the MWjaid dlsliimH
I In Ilr Jo and won the rare in easy
tHKliluli fiom It J liKSII who croed I In
I line Hinut 16 vaida heMni him
Will Krcd Uennlon feel the lame way
next year
The nrt gem of the U baMball team I
will rw pled with tbe L D 8 U boy
on Friday afternoon i
Iluw about that high school C HIUT
The boy need It badly and the board of
education shouldgivelt to them
bert Merged I doing the heel be can
but It look as If the While Hox tire
doing to get a mIghty wet reception
The Oranlle high bawlrall team will
go to Bandy thIs week and play the Jot
Lea high In lIMo nrt olaah of the ear
n In JenenltalI and Caatleton
Miur they dlttn vth4 > ne of tb < nMlt
Lake even WI waiter Jehneon pla eil
V aLer litH on Ibe map
ClwrlM ftadbourn one ef the grMl at
pitcher that ever lived wen 3 iHraJcht
1fI HMia for the 1ravldenre II 1 chant
phma In lbs late nlghtlea tbe record
George Olbeon of the Ilralaa I one
of the three c Canadian playing In the
National league The ether tar
VKourke lllt Loulii Rn < 1CH Archer of
ChIc go
Thnee Matalhon are getting very lire
nom First It la hayes then gt Yve
then iKirando end again Homebody else
oalhl > they ought to get Into the May
bray claa
Tyru Cebb lhe fainoua oiitflelrter nf
the Detroit Tigers and the leading bAl
man bane stealer and run getter of the
American league is 4 Inch under S feel
and weigh ITt pounds In nghtlng eight
Hill Papke the real rnlddlewolghl rham
IUOD seem to Lo the real thing In gay
praise of TlriUab athletIc faIrness The
r work of the Btltlctao will be watched
cloaely by the Amateur Athletk Union
of the UnIted atHtea and the Amateur
Athletic Unton Vaaoclatlrm if Eng
land U ha be a fwaly predli tcl by
Iromlnerit uthrallc authorltle In thl
country that the pair will folio the
ixample of fartmell and turn profea
aloruil should the IndutemiMit to do
mi prove alUfactory
New York itrrhJamea K Sulli
van secretary of the Amateur Athletic
union hs alerted on a lour through the
mlddleweat In the Intereet of athletic
generally From Chicago he will be ac
companied by Bverett c Brown peed
dent of the A A I Their mleeton In
particular will be the advancement of
acbool and playground athletic It la
probable that a rearrangement of terri
tory may reiult from their observation
Detroit March ILJoy Miller the
Michigan university football stir who
dlaappeareil lat January is home again
but home ha not restored his memory
of the past lie recollect nothing prior
to the time he met In Chicago a party
of young men bound for Manitoba to take
up land He rat hi kit with them but
Instead of trying to locate land he wan
cre l from one city to another In the
northwest Not until yeatentay however
did up reallae that his parents were more
than some one he r met aomevthero
New York March 2IIRdwl deary
former manager for Louis aulhan the
Irench aviator hit filed an application
with William hob Jr collector uf the
port asking that the foreign aeroplanen
used and owned by Iaulhan l > c per
mitted to remain In this country Ix
month instead of three without the
payment of duty The three month
PXrtre thl Heck The requent IUM
been rvferreil to the secretary nt Vah
liiKtoii for adjudication
When the machine were lni ortcd
It was ntlpulatml that mile they
WerE taken out of the country agaIn
within three month a duty of JllOi
would be collected The machine are
now at the Jamaica race rouiae held
under an nttiwhinetit for SI5000 In con
nectlun with Clcary1 milt for dam
1aree But here la something coming
to him on this side of the pond for there
are more Kelchel ready for nun
Tht tr J A C ahould get buy this
summer while the trout are rlalne and
dcvlM Borne means to make collK ath
letic In IUh a pOMlblllty There ought
to be some way out of the muddle
Th biggest winner thli year on I ho
American turf are bartle Kaatman
Pulka treat HMven J M Oreeii
High Rang llorlo liver Knltrht
Hpellbound pocomoke Right Maty anii
Uooger Red
We Just got to git a big dlckahlonary
sys IncU Muse
Why Inquire Aunt Miranda
Here1 a report of the ball ame
What lees a nMtker dliturblng rliiler
bet we abort and third mean anyhowr
Fred Uennlon la between the devil and
the deeu bleu sea Bennrn la the coach
L11 T Tlr at Provo sod next year
will hold a similar poeltlon at the trf
U Now he ha lila belt men taken away
from hha by the U I A C HIgh Inter
collegiate Athletic conference Ho where
I be at
There he a possibility of seeing Barney
Otdfleld and hla great BMhoraepower
Iso machIne In Halt Ixke about the
middle of May The speed king la on hla
way to Lo Angel and arrangement I
re being made to have him clop In Bait
Iak on his return and give an exhibi
lion mile
There ha a piOtMtilllly that the I bane
ball squad Kill have a coach thIs year
Heretofore there baa been n > t special man
iippolnKd for the work bill It la fell
that In view of the grneial trengihen
Ing of other < hoi team more attention
should lie paid to bauhxll The regent
will consider the matter at a meeting to
be held Wednesday
Niillniinl IWiMlmll < uitutttiehntl nt
OnlK Oirr Cnli rntrlirn I1nt
Will I Asecmsl
Kxcehrior springs Mo March 21
catcher Johnny Kiln formerly It mem
ber of the C1hB National league baae
mll club will be penallaed but reinstated
n orgmnlid baaeball eoat time next
weth but It will not be with the eoneent
f Han B Johnson preHdent of the
merlran league
The report of Ihe nndlng In Ibe Klln
a will be sIgned by larry Herrmann
halrman of the National baaaball com
mission and T 1 Lynch president of Ihll
National league who with Johnaon corn
IXHM the coasmlaelon
For the Bond of organised baseball
Iicaldent Johnson will not submit a mi
nority report but nevertheteee he ha de
cided opinion regarding Kiln deser
tion of th game lat year However he
In of nee and
mit a Lynch fat a new man
If he had made a mistake In thIs ease
which Johnson believeS he hal It would
only harm the national pastime for him
to discuss he National league presidents
alleged trIor
President Johnson who Is taking the
bath here requested today that his
name be removed from the rport of tin
cumotbBkm on the Kline tame
I believe a mIstake ha been made by
the commlMlon he said but I shall of
fer no criticism of the work of Meecr
Lynch and Herrmann The > constitute the
majority and whateter they deride must
stand renrdleca of anything I might say
It is bet I remain illenl especially In
connection with the conviction of Ptce
dent Lynch He ha a new man In the ad
mlnlstrstlv end of baseball I have no
desIre to speak harshly of any error hot
may make at tllll beginning of his ad
mini ration
At no time since the Kline uaee came
to our attention hat I been able to
urree with the other member of the com
tnlMlon I held out all along for Inflict
ing a more severe penalty than they were
winine to endorse We had several meet
Inn and soon It became apparent that I
would never Me tbe evidence In the same
lIght ma they
Finally the other member > of the cool
mlaelon were able to rim h an agree
ment on what they considered a juat pen
ally Their Idea did not ilnclde with
mine But I Informed them they must
return a majority report and I would re
main silent I learned today my name
had bean affined to the official report nf
Ihe proccedhiM of the Investigation and
I Immediately took steps to prevent the
publication of the report In this manner
I < un willing to let the case pam without
submitting a minority report but I could
not stand Idly by and permit the use f
IftY name In such a manner aa to make It
appear that I was attained with the pen
alty asaeeeed
President Johnson firmly refused to give
hla opinion regarding the truth of the
statement made by harles W Murphy
that Ie had written Kline a letter grant
ing him a leave of absence of one year
Neither would he lay what the declelon
of the commlaslon would be lit how he
would liars penallaed Kiln had he won
hIs fight in the hearinji
The official report ur jibeLJJIher mem
ber of the comhfiBMbrrWnTdeal with
the matters he soll It In not right
that 1 atiuuld illscus their nndlag
I It not true that on account of the
prominence of Kllng there was a tendency
on the part of the coramlaaion to make an
example of his case Johnson wa ached
Kllng case was taken tip In theitame
manner aa that of any uiber player warn
the reply plr
President Jfihnaons break with the Na
tional compilaslnn on niP controversy
came this afternoon when he made the
above declaration lo the Aimoctated Prem
Johnson sld he wits unibte to agree
with the commission o the amount of
the Hue Kin was to be made to pay us
would he aid make n minority report
but his name must not be placed upon he
report 1 bad been placed ther uCn mla
Mr Johnson said he did not wish to
criticise any one H said b believed
President Lynch wee making a mistake
but as he was new In the management he
wanted to lei him go ahead aa he mlaht
detail ne lit Mr Johnon declined to go Into
Cincinnati March aLOarry Herrmann
chairman of the National baaeball corn
mllon today refused to dlcu the
statement of President Jobnaon regard
ing lh Kilns caae
No decision has ben reached offi
cially he said and tM commission
will have nothing to announce O the
can fo a few day yet
Monday nf last wk Chairman Herr
mann announced that after an exchange
of views by mall and telegraph Ihe Na
tional commlwlon hid been unable to
agree and that a meeting to consider the
Klnt csse had been called for Friday
On Ihat da > a long Io was held
Mr Johnson Herrmann and Lynch
being present
Al Its lose an announcement wa mad
Hint ni decision had been reached me
that further mall n wire exchange
would h used In an effort to peifet a
finding The decision It we said would
be give out no later than Thursday of
thl we < k
Mime then n intimation ha com from
headquarter here that any change of pro
grain had been decided upon and Mr
vrrmanira declaration of upn
l rrmln dlarUn today I taken
to mean that the original plan will h
followed Member ef the commlulon ex
plained after Friday meeting that i
pledge of secrecy had been exacted from
all comerned and that nothing author
itative would he forthcoming In mlvancn
of the ofnclul promulgation of the decree
New York March mPresident Lynch
o the National league declined tonight h
dlocui the Kin case o tu comment ou
Han Johnson remark olat 01
RaMlMll men In New Tork regent the I
American league president1 explanation
cc premature In that the undent ending
wa that no formal uinounoement that
Kllng wa to be reinstated with poaalbl
penalties Wits to 1 > mad until Friday
4 ulaU
Furthermore li I not oalt clear why
Johnson name should have been sfflxed
lo the flndlngs Ml all Inasmuch aa Me
understood tu have dissented from tlta
majority opinion throughout
Lta Angeles Cl March HWlth
an average of lu to run Willie lope
equalled the world record of Jaob
Bchaefer at 152 balklln billiard her
tonight In an exhibition game with < Ira
Momlnaetar Hopp mad gu In four
run the third run being HS wnlle
Mornlnmter mad 1H h ilghet run
being 1T7 This was the first gems of a
asriss that Ihe men will play her
New York March 2Pllllp AVIIcox
preeldent or ths Aero club or Columbia
university has computed a biplane
which he expect to test next month on
I onK Island Columbla Is the drat college
to have a power driven machine Bev
era other colleges Including Yale Cor
nell Amber Pennsylvania and Vir
ginia are building machine and plan
are under way foi an luiercollegt
meet A convention will be held In Yhil
adlphld o Friday and Saturday of II
present week lo discuss the event The
delegal will I guest of the Aero dub
i > f the tnlverslty of lenneylvante
TnoMlay March 201h Vln O S I
Hoxlnc inat > h Bpci lul troll 1
Inj Union Depot 7 15 p m return
ing thirty minutes after conical
Koung trip UOO
Ci S f 1 l i
i fn I
J1 1I
I 1o iiUon WILL
MHiuunf liavm l > nr hare tint
MHMilil Driiiko lie MfoHcil
llrkrl lIaise Ma4r
ChIcago Mirth 23The anna at
Kraeryvllle Ol where the Jelfrlee
Johneon tIght II scheduled to take
place July t wlU be dry on thatday
according to James aieaaon one of the
promoter who l In rhlc fn
Even If I were offered 3000 In ah
fn th bar privilege o the arena I
would not coiuMcr th propoattloti
said Oleaann pptlf1
i urn afraid that If Intoxicant wore
nodi at the TingfUf m race riot might
b started b th folltttreni of Jeffrie
n Jobeson The fan will have to
o Ihlraty daring h battle tot there
will be n drink genre °
Final arrangement for handling
ticket for thr fight In Chicago and
surrounding territory wr completed
yesterday by ainawm who cloned negotiation
gotiation with the rallnMd official
Hr sys he wa aarared of a ITiM
round trip rate and the purchaser will
b able to amure ticket for th fight
while purchasing the tranportatlon
Cllenann will leave tomorrow for New
Chicago March BThe family jeans
will go on IM < ke > McFiirUiid chances
hf the Mock yard n htr tp into
the ring against Freddie Walih In their
jnround battle befw the National Bport
Ing club In London on tie night of May
JB With the dennlte announcement thai
the tighter have signed friends and tel
Mites of the Chicago lightweIght are go
ing In hack him to the limit
Johnny MrKarl nd Ickeys otiln at
anise oIlier member > the immeillKte
family may make the trip over to Kng
fmly for the fight and lib the kopes
alone It Is known that MrFarland had
I make a sIde bet of something like
RMD In fore he ecun l the nrttch and
this amount and considerable move will
be taken over as a cimimlaalon
The weight anlta Packev and he haa
written Urn after time that hell surely
hem Welsh There lmp ldrble bll
lernem between thla pair Welaha alde
stepping tattles and then the aawtult up
on Iat Klnneill PacMya trainer ut
Welsh unit hlh frlendK In a lyomlon re
ort hsvi done it great deal to widen
thr breach
Both Pete Hulllvnn and Tommy Paw
1 plht who are
t lightweight
son the two CI lht
to meet In a boxing contest tonight at
Ogdii are In bxl form as the reiult of
over two week Twrd traitlna The Enl
list boy hw made a great bit with theO
Ogden fan and I have 1 aorta o
backing There III much Interest both In
Halt Lake and O dn over the eireat and
there promise to be a bag crwd pre
ent A apeclal train over the Dteatn
Bhort Line will leave at 715 I rI
turnIng ImmMlately after the fnuL
hkp March ApparenUy talf >
c MprnUy
Ket < hel 10 gdng to mt all the tnfUmg
i lUU M > Ut1II lM lMippIw
month If report now curient are tr
Not satisfied with the arrangement t
meet jtnfforu and the tentative arrange
SJSt for a battle with Billy Papk It is
asserted here that Ketrhri ha also
aarred to meet Hugo Kelly ha Italian
mlddlewelcnt honor
pliant to bonr
ill Me renetl Kelly 5 manager lUted
talKy hr had reel ed the followIng 1 IA
m from Mat lumaker Hamilton of tin
gram tm N ah
Vet hn < l cluh I New orlean
malllPB nrtlle 8lil u n
la on Am mllllr o
foifilt 1st Want ttl here one u k be
fore liftlit
ChtcaBO March 33chIcago w the
intercity three ruahlon billiard chain
defeatlna Bl Louis In the
plonhlp by V 2in
Brat two game of the final eriei y < 0
terday p needed three of the
trdy game to II the local and the
games raided f > r this afternoon and to
night cannot alfert the result The vic
tory glxea Chlagn the liver trophy to
ad to the on won Ut year
In the rtlalrlrt Court In nnd for Malt
Lake Count sisAl of rtah n C Mi
Rntyre Plaintiff against Innrnatlonal
Consolidated Mining fompany Iwfejid
ant to be old a 1 hrlf Bale at he
wt frpnt door of the bounty Court
Mnua tpnt the city and County of Ball
Ik Btate of riah on the ard day of
April A l < W at 1 oclisd nnnn of aald
day 1 the right title rlalm and In
lret of sid defendant of In and to thr
following decrrlbed real estate tonit
Kenton Kenton No I Kenton No 2
Kenton No3 Kenton No I Kenton No
I Kenton Rttenalon Kenton ICxtenlon
No I K nt < > n Kxtenalon No t Kenton
Extension No 3 Kenton Katnton No
4 Kenton Kutenalon No I n Diana
Ituate In the Blur Cot ton wood Mlnlag
fHMrlct Bait hake County lt
Pub price payable In lawful
money of the United 8tie
Dated at Bill I < ake city Itah this
ath day of March ISIS
Sheriff run of Malt Lake County Itt of
Ily Alex Buchanan Jr Deputv Shetlff
Jamii IR breten Attorney for Plain
ante of Ural publication March IStIt
ii I
Mel ha hereby glvn that sealed bb
will be refflvnl by he und rl ned up to
I p m Tuetilay April tth ItO for the
mgtentals and labor required In the
erection and completion of an Hghtroom
addition and a toilet sad manual tra
In building to b erected at lh L
fellow School J and First Stineto Bait
Lake City for ll Jlalt bake ity Board
of Education according to plan upeclfl
lon and drawing which are open for
the Inapactlon of the bidder 41 the office
of DalUig HdgaI la the Demerit Na
tional Bank Building corner of Main
and Pint South Btreet Ball lAKE City
ttah a all bid and proposal at tin
ahoy tints will be publicly opened and
read In the office of the Board of Kducn
lion City cad County Building Halt Lab
City tUah
A 1 bid mint b addraeeed to ilnl
o Rducallon for Bait Inlt 11 i
marked on the lower left hir1 rn
Bid or inch hid m1 I
to the lloird f Kdiicitlon it tie ild
tint and placi of oteiog > Kine
Bd must not contain < Ilr I I
quallflcatloiip propnltlon or any other
thing than limos mentioned In thn pln
spec fications drawing contract tnt
bond and bidder mut use the r In of
bid which will b found at the oIlier of
aid architect and n other form of bid
will b received
A certified or eaahler check on anne
bank In Bat Lab City Utah for at
let I per cent of the amount n each
bid must b mcloeed Each check 10 to
he nude payable to be unednlgned and
ii to be forfeited te the undernigned in
rue the hid is accepted and the bIdder
doe net enter Into contract within thru
fay after Is acceptance for the fadhful
execution of th contract and bond here
inafter mentioned
The proposed contract and bond are alni
at the ofnie nf aid archltci I at 1 n ix
there h ruHirtlmd
A hotul mint I f milliM f r m i
cT tin I d v 11 K > I vl Err i tn
tlfH ril itl Tir I I I
Tlic alcaigel vErus tic rlgif t
rcloct an Ml nil Ills
lat Lake cit > Utah I
NORTH rJlNOHAM MINK 1 corpora1
tlon Principal place of buelnea Salt
Lake City Ftah Notice Tkera are d > f
llmiuent upon the fnllowlHic deieribed
look on account of aemecsgent No1 1
levied Bept I im the following ev > 1
amounts set opposite the name of the
respective stockholders
atockbolderaCert Share Amt
Tlllle A K rout l 1 t LOW l 7M
Olady A Bunqulat 1 1000 1t
W b Adanuon 1 W fU
Ullln M young 4 imo 7M
katie K Brown I L lO 01
H at Knelgn 7 Il mw
C t Howe > 14 I 150 j
C W iata K IMl 7CO
Kmll Mill I Jtl IM
Julian r IettthI mo lto
Henry ti KrotaIS LOW 758
louie Kuhn 10 son I7CO
William p OlIver31 IIW 007
Louis Koba a soo Jl
c J Harding37 mom CTOO
fuels Iloliaqulat 1 ifr l irrw
J L Perk II two 1
W D Van Noy M MJ90 iwrs
C J Motey S K9W 1J6TS
Henry Onayle 71 9 1
L H Manger 7 KOW 12760
And In accordance of the law n or
der nf the board of director mad Sept
1 IHO so many shares of each parcel
of tock a may be wceeaary will b told
t the office of the company 400 IleraM
SI Ipn
ulldmg No 14 Houth Main Street S
Lake Oty rtah on the 31k day t
April at 1 oclock noon to pay the
llnquent aae rnt together with < 1
of advertlnlna and expense of sale
Consult Count y Clerk o respective sign
er fir further Information
In the Third Judicial 1triet Court In
and for Halt Lake County State of Utah i
In the matter of the estelee cad g ur
dlanihlp of John R Belt t al Minor
Notice nf IeThe undrlKOeil will sell
at private nale on or after Ut day of
April iSle the fullowlng described prop
erty tu wit
ety undivided oneflfteenth interest In aU
f the property hereinafter tterlb < d >
Commencing St the sotttweet corner nf
lot IS block II ten acre plat A t 014
Field Survey running thence north lA
rod thence north 71H deg MM 2544 rudt
thence north TIV deg mt 113 rods
thence eat 514 rode to the center ef a
fourrod street th nee south 171 N
thence sOuth M dec I min west I
chain Uience south I deg 0 laIn v
LII chain Ibene west I V chum t
place of lM > tnnlng containing I 1 a <
Beginning at a point 1 h ID 31 Hi a
wt from the southeast corner of se
lion M township I sth range 1 wecr
lon lAke Meridian thence north I da C
eat 11 chain 4B link thence north T
deg 1 min past 70 link to the weSt tIns
of the land owned by the 08 L IlvCe t
thence touth U deg 1 min east U chaIn i
10 link to the south line of aecttoa K
aforesaid thence south S dee 1 min East
14 chain link thence north a dK
wet C chain 40 link to the west line
of In I tectlon I township 2 soUth range
I wt Bait lake Meridian thence north
U chain T link to the northwest earner
at ti link to pUc
of lot 1 thence ul I lnk pLoe
of beginning
Commencing at a point tM ls t north I
and 11 rod at from the eoutbweM icr J
ncr of r outhn quarter of sect i 1 I
townihlp X nth range 1 wet Hall I J
Meridian thence cast 18 rod I 1 a
center of county rod running nnm a
eouth thence north along the center r
acid road 3Q33 rod thence wet i K l
thence south r rod to beirlnnlr
Peglnnlnx a a point 11 chain St l < rvn 1
Pnnlnl the eoutbeaat corner of ii
aforeeald section M thence north I H
W mIn east 3 chain thence north I du J
east I chain I link to the center r III
street thence north alone the eitr f J
aid attest 10 chaIns < n link I < > I
eouth M deg 4 mIn we 4 ch n C Ink
thence outh 77 deg Su m uIt chin
S lInks h > the ettt I re T ITic Uid > wi
ed h > Ip I t I ft < thtI < outH
r rleg M > ii ir ii > nr Id vset lrte
I m tin f ntnlne of i IIOM W them a u
i h i link 10 place nf be innlnt
A in > tie nmth unehulf rod of lot 4
lIsIt 13 plat I Wall Lake tit Cer e
lt V M1
tern and lot L block I plat
Crk Cemetery
Written bid win h reivd nt the or
rllel b
Ice of 8tewn Btewart IJ Juuge
84 Bait Lake City ttah Tem f
als cash
fattlhCKAMLKB B XU Ouurdlan
Dated March ttth 1
Stewart Jk Stewart Attoniey
In the metric Court o the Third
Judicial Duurlct of lb fltale of I tan
n and for Bait Lake County probate
d > lon In time matter of the eutste of
Alfred Keel ecad Notice Tie
petition of Margaret Mar Moses 14trk
tUn lr
dminlslrntrlx of th eState of Alfred
for an order le
Mcifx drecitsed praying ror
borrow money by mortgage on r < I
property nf laid dn that 1
persona Iriterceted appear before Rid
coart IC how oaun Why an order shoulil
not be mad to borrow HU and morta > 2 <
se muon a ball be neces dry o
following described reel islet Hua > ei
In Bait Lab County rtaS towlt
Beginning at a point M rod > south from
the tha corseT or the northeast
quarter of all I township 2 11
teaM 1 weSt BH tAke Merldiui Sri
running thence north aimg die tn
line between section 1 and 16 13 rlv
thence north 77 degree S l nnnuie East
IIn rod to the Wet Hank o the Jor
dan river thence eoutnerlv sing seld
bank of mid liver u a point MI rode
tk south from tbe north line or said
asctlon I thence wet 4 rod more or
lei to the said section line betxeea
aid section M and tt thence north US
rod to the point o beginning contal >
log ITH acrei mere or lass hs been s4
for hearllM on Monday the 4th day ef
April ItW at I oclock f m at tl
County fiwirt Muee In the rort fla ra
of saId Court In Bait Lake 1 l i 0 in
Witness the Clerk of o ii
the eeal thereof ftlxe < i i UT
of March A D 110
Mash r
By L P Palmer Bern
Lawrence A Robertson > fit
f eca ed The undeitnyrned will > ell i
private sale the following two piec4 of
property located In Bait Lake County
ltn towit
Commencing M lI feet south n the
northa corner of lo 17 Mock 17 tnr
plat A lug Plld Burvey thence eeutk
I 9070 fret went C fet north I ilex JJ
Din wot 10 feet north i dec east H
I feet ti a point du weet of beginning
east 4325 feet to beginning subject to a
I life citMe In the wt II feet of lbs
south M feet of said property In favor
of John Cole and Lucy cele his wife
duO fhn their life time
Also commencing IdtH feet nouth from
the noriheaet corner of Mid lot 17 thanee
outn 0 feet thence Wet 11 feet to the
eat line of Bait Lake canal Co land
northerly along km Mid at line to a
point due weal of the point of beginning
II it fet to beglanlnK
On or after Friday the Itt day nf April
110 and written bid will b received it
the ofnce of Tonne k Moyle attorney
Deieret National Bank1 Bide Halt Lake
City Itah Term of Bile rash 10 f V
cent at lime nf bid balance upon con
nrmntliii bv the iourt
Dated March M ISIS
Young A M > yi Attomnti
Motor Cycles
Kxcelilor fllngle and Twin
Cylinder Pierce Single nl
Four Cylinder
I Key fitting Safe and ILn
I Motor Cycles for
I Rent
I Bicycle Supply fo
CI WeaL al n
hell IC28 Intl 8SB
Sal Lake Jr t 1
ror aU
Ttlrl I Ine Esents
A IU I Ca1nrnl
Exchange adR c
I 48 Ei 8Em SOUTH 8

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