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< If41JtJI X
ky l t Jo
r LAST EDITION I D E S E RE T EVENING I r NE W S Tour Hmuzht Uho Announcement nrec4nt to the < > Attention Value In the MJfews of Peonle li I
Public Will be Admitted to Taber
nacle at 9 Oclock Tomor
row Morning
ollIkoo IIr lrlOlhut
Ieiali ol 11U
Jli He vin4er Ine liten
JrlldlIy lIplelld
1 t the fun
I r
8 at i ul p
01 Iro t Jhn It T for
th J h stiff federal
ountv and city Ofndal dl
of tii > evcrj corporation
Ir <
10 rt hih l < cased JonP4 IInd of
nHif Ih riiLruad companl
ihilnrwn fonnnltt ArraiMm l
I i fr Die funeral of
rr lU
hav been
1 J u v Winder
Ii > 1 tMi ind by 9 oclock
r it which hour ho
I 11 t at the tabernacle
I i
i II rcadlnea for the
S l
II i ° view the feature of
< of church official
J 1 Hies of the duceas
i I 0 MI the city from dto
I I I i p their last rpct
t I i muiind churchman and
th n Aiuce hav bn re
J r 1h ui i datives that they
1 d I u ly in time for the
Inn > T morning
rd h business houSes of
II 1 01 HI a director will
I I j is during tbe hour of
Ih 1 j niei to permit their
tind the funeral and aa
k I P t to the deceased Yo
I number and the
r M I i L On
i ni IIK men antlle cstnblkth
1 i i t from 10 30 ain
k i 111 Thursdaj
i L 11 Snciir company of
i vi nlo a director
miin MS during the same
i i K TI r re pect to the dead
i u n f the directors of the
MIIP will attend the
t 1
ill Id
lmUlIK nrgiinhIt1OWhIch wilt
Mend the funeral hi a fcajty ie tbe
I in William U Brown
t < IT r tlit veteran erpanlautlnn
t i r UK i < uid a call te nil meet
I I i > niiile prior to the service
M lor ca h member to com with hie
i n i f
Th funTil wlics In the tuber
i 0 AII i ciiim n < e promptly at 11
rk am Thursday TIM progrAm
In r thf rlr if as follows
Ibmn Goii mores In a mysterious
rm tnhfnmlc holr and organ E
Ki lhir hnitoi J J McGloltan
Praur J li K Taylor
lImn M > Father tabernacle
I okI
yu rtt Who lire Thme Arrayed In
ivht Mr Ulp Thomaa HMIward
In Emir Ramsey Morris Robert
ilil M jnrt Horace 8 Unlgn
i kn
It inn Ml m nes of confusion
I rii < s EtiMsn unl tabernacle choir
Srifalc in
H > mn Rrs fr the weary soul
hfrnii h ind organ
ffcniiii iiin s mour B Young
IIrKan > i
A ih i i iiori Of the Mrvlce the
11 x JI fi in outside the tiber
Th following order will
t 7J v d n tho funeral preeeSon
J n v and patriarch
I 0 i bs lien
jtflht r
ViN > n nrrient of eqvsnty
IIIIg whuprlr
l TIK Of athku
dn Relief oolell
r MI aniker and choir
Sunday ICIlOO1
nri oird
1 I J T y M M I A board
I r Y L M I A board
M I Jnmary board
Mor fri L I don class hourd
rir r hslneea orllllnluttolUl
1 i 1 bPlongej
f i i Miry organlnllon
11 th city cemetery where
Mi had will be a fol
I1 > timds with hill urn
T 1 holr
r S t I crue by Dlehol Prank
rl t 0 > Of nagement will have
t t timber of car stationed
t mil BIP of the tali rnacl
po > j
1 Thursday to accom
+ t
Th t ho may with to take
c < inNeynnc to the city
> t I I Ih funeral exercises of
i J lt Winder The car
Nlxth avenue entrance
Wants Them Sent to Jail Instead
Of Paying Small Fine
To the City
Cliy Auiirnoy Stick In Hi 111I100
Of Making Their Trail
Hut mill I lock
1 will not permit any forfeiture of
bonds In the case of gambler or per
son arreated for the violation of
liquor license ordinance said City
Atty II J IHnmny this morning
Tbe ten italement was made In
the explanation of why the eltyi
sleuth Chief of Detective George
Sheet had failed yesterday under a
direct order ot the court to produce
men whom he had arrested but had
only their cash and not their person
to produce when their canes were
The statement however brief as It
was made vetla a lot of interacting
stories within the Inner circles of the
administration lowing on the heels
of the city attorney recommendation
that hereafter the Issuance of saloon
license should conform to the pre
scribed rule of the statutes a recom
mendation that was resented by Mar
tin Mulvey who combines the occupa
tion of coum Hutu with that nf whole
sale and retail liquor dealer Mr Dln
Inny has shown his earnestness of pur
IM In the fight
From tabs whispered about even In
the city end of the corridors of the
Joint building It has been something
of a practise to arrest a gambler oc
oaalonally but only In an eaay way It
required Just about 1W ball for the
gambling fellow this bolng the neces
sary amount to permit him to go back
to his old haunt and continue the Wen
tenor of his ways After the exertion
of arresting the man and taking over
the lfIO a feeling of lassitude would
overcome the pollee department and
even the gambling man would be too
MY or perhaps miy III devote any
more attention to the Incident
Irately nty Atty Dlnlnny baa heard
of two case of Uu hookworm dlseoxe
III the gambling fraternity and the po
le department When four cases net
for yesterday before Judg liowmaii
were culled and there wax no response
but the showing of the usual 100 bull
Mr P I nina Mt tfUajloimis Chief
SMe wlw qB UaJiiJWunho ban 1ltl t
l fed aajfi taUtt ftitit tiMttniia iiii <
irongbt Into court and unleee there Is
a atwdtoua violation of the courts order
he will round up and produce fla four
men In court this afternoon
Whether hs does or does not how
ever the city attorney wilt bo satis
fied as after Investigation In which
he had a lengthy talk with Chief
Shiest and Chief Harlow yexterday
he ha learned that the four men were
not gamblers but rather of the order
nf nmoqumMiux That being the ease
Mr Dlnlnny will Ixt satisfied to see the
city obtain J1W from each man
Hut behind It all Mr Dlnlnny doe
not want to see Mr Mulvey have the
real power of the granting of saloon
license and IUI a saloon keeper and
seller of liquor Mr Mulvey might
have some Interest In gambler Mr
Dlnlnny wantS to see too that gumbkrs
go to Jail Instead of paying Into the
city treasury something like SUM a
Mr Dlnlnny said thl morning that
he had obtained the Imprmslon that
the four men called for yesterday In
court were gamblers but that after
Investigation he had found that they
had been arnwtwl for vagranoy AVtth
that aseuranee he will let the matter
rest content with the citys receiving
SIM from each butI will not per
mit any forfeiture of bonds In the win
of gambler or persons arrested for the
violation of liquor license ordinances
was the reiteration made with n grim
smile that meant warfare
Washington March SO UaJM
Home one ran find a way to repeal the
law of supply and demand there ta no
remedy for Increasing prices asserted
Samuel II Cowan of Pnrt Worth Tex
HM counsel for the Cattle Italsers u
suolatlon of Texus before the senate
food Investigating committee today
The people of the United State
iMXMl never expert cheap meat again
be said
Mr Cowan told the committee that
In the future It would be nocesiiary
for cittleralser to maintain H high
or even higher prices Ulan at present
In order to keep puce with the In
crmued cost of grazing land and frod
Mr Cowan thought the present price
of beef was due to the decreasing pro
duction and the Increasing population
New York March JOIt needed but n
brief examination of the evidence sub
mitted by the police fur the grand Jury
to return an Indictment of murder In
the first degree against Albert W Vol
ter the young man held for killing 11
yearnld Iluth Wheeler Wolter will
probably be brought to trial next Mon
ipil Lake Mercbants
All next wcok there will be gathered in this city
Thousands of Conference Visitors
fl nil parts of Utah and adjoining States
If mi can reach them now In their home through thIs big edition
i o NX Thursday
11 J
Traffic Across the Lake Will be
Resumed Tonight as
Veeterii Ijiclllc Iiip SnMnLim CUIII
eruble SlHiUIiiR Up Uy JIIIr WIIM
or eeicrtlni Storm
Traffic over the Lucln cutoff will be
resumed this evening according to In
formation given out In the office of
General Supt J M Davis of 11M Ore
gon Short Line today While the dam
age done by Tuesdays torm wa far
reaching and rendered the lake bridge
In several place unsafe for trains yt
none of the trestle wont out and the
work of repairing the track la not su
difficult es at first Imagined A large i
force of men Ie kept constantly at band
on the wet side of the cutoff at lAke
side and another gang on the eat aide
and at Ogden and today btwon MO
and MO men are at work In replacing
the damaged portion at the fillIns
and It Ia expected that train will be
running across the lake again this ewV
Pawenger train have been detoured
by way of the old Promontory rout
north of the lake for the last 14 hours
live trains arriving at Ogden by thli
route laat evening A delay of only a
few hours has been caused by this de
tour the Overland LImited from San
Francisco due st Ogden at 2 oclock
this afternoon being scheduled to ar
rive at 11 p m No freight trains
have been dispatched OHM the Prom
ontory route for the reason that no
time would be gained In so doing
The Western Pacific suffered a great
deal of damage us the rwsult of fues
lays storm several section of track
going out west of Grants station No
particular damage was done to the
Western Pacifics rlnrapped line over
the southern edge of Salt YAk but
further west the track went out In
spot A large number of men with
repair outfit were dispatched for the
cene yesterday hut It Is announced
from the offices of the road In this city
today that It may he several days be
fore the road will be In shape to re
sume train service
The Salt Lake Houte and Denver ft
RIo Grand roads have escaped In
jury from the storm so far as reported
and the trains on both tbNe read are
moving practically on lime
fRr s
Ogden Utah March 3touthiern
Pacific train continue to be sent west
from Ogden over the old Central Pa
cific Hue north of the Great Salt lAke
but local oniclals state that the Og
donIuctn cutoff will be reopened to
rattle late tills evening
Work trains are rapidly repairing
the storm damage to the embank
ment which form the approacrtiw to
the bridge acrose the lake The tres
tle proper was not damaged by the
storm of Tuesday In fact not fine
It construction seven year ago hall the
big bridge been Impaired In the beat
by wave action and thin demonstration
of the durability of the structure has
caused the Harriman engineer to pre
pare plans for the displacing of the
IllInn with piling and the trestllng of
several mile of the road now built
up of rock and earth materIal Pile
driver and bridge gang are at work
extending the bridge on the west Mile
nf the lake and the statement Is made
that with the completion of the lin
rovenients at that point the driving
01 piles will Ixi commenced In tim east
and where the greatest damage oc
curred during Tuesdays storm
The bridging of the entire distance
across the Inland sea was K II liar
rlmans original suggestion but later
the expense was thought to be unnec
aoary Since then the lake hiss In
creased In depth nearly S feet and the
recurring storms with Increasing wave
force on the larger body of water have
made Imperative extensions to the
Herlln March 3OA illsiiatch from
Mulhelmamlthcln say If 60 soldiers
were killed or wounded In a collision
of a special passenger train with a
military train today No details or
oltlclal confirmation ha been received
Daytona IrIs March IOrhe Im
irovin nt which had been noted In
the condition of United State Senator
John W Daniel during the lat four
days has crated according to his phy
sicians while there has been no 1IHle
a marked slugglshne Is apparent
Washington March SOMore land
In Montana and Wyoming wa desig
nated for settlement under the en
arged homestead act by Secy Bellin
ger yesterday In Wyoming M2H0
acre which were not susceptible of
successful irrigation at a reasonable
cost from any known water supply
were placeT under the term of that
act making a total of 1SSSIOI acre
In thc state which have been so dg
iatd lit Montana 1UMO additional
acre will lie d IK nosed of us enlarged
homestead lands bringing her total up
to KtWSTO acres
ntUburg March IOlRj Robert K
itnwart for many year prominently
dtntlfled with the Republican party
In this district died today aged 68
St Louis March aoJoormal charges
gainst rWinund P Cry suspended
chief of police of alleged neglect of
duty Insubordination conduct unbe
coming an officer and accepting a
present were served upon him today
The most serious accusation Ie that
he failed to art In beginning au Inquiry
Into the account of the police helmet
association when Informix of sue
rlclcua clrcttmotaLlccs
Star Marksmen of Police Force
Arouse Neighborhood of
South Second East
ISurly Morning rutllsilo CranlM nn
Incipient IlIlIhJllMk Sjr
grouts Ilcport on AITnlri
At 2 ockxk this moralooattiviis In
the neighborhood of ut MHh Second
east were aromsd from IMsr peace
ful slumber flrt by a IroN chicken
thief and second by the appearance
upon the scene of thr > talwart police
men armed to the te > nd deter
mined to capture the rsbur
The Incident following the cold
blooded murder and UMfl rumor of
an attempted lynchlnaj eMUMd no anal
of excitement In the vleislty and much
apprehension police tpMdcuarter
Desk Sergeant Ienal rowiVad a Ide
phone message to the aKm that rob
bers were at work at M aovth Second
Rat stiee At that ila tsd hour
there are not usually ny patrol
men about police headquarters but
Lend managed to call In llitrolnwii
Pets Rynon and Carlabarm and gave
them the Information HWe the pa
trolmen left the station a jfeond tele
phone message was reoeivbd to the
effect that a chicken thief Wk robbing
the ben coop at the plan named
The three policemen wltlt drawn re
rolMrs lan to the cM ynon wa
elected by the other twe UH coat to
sneak up to the hencoop JVhlle they
guarded avenues of escape On hand
and knee Hynon crawled fe the coop
and called upon the rofebe to surren
Instead of complying wit t the com
mand the robber flail and Jynon took
up the chase while the otheK policemen
ran around the block In Hie hope of
heading off the imtraudetyshould he
eecape llynon
The latter followed the oUcken thief
for several block Brine iOta u he
ran In the hope of stoftplgg him but
the latter only ran the fpMer Hynon
chased the robber to Injnirtn east
thence to Fifth South and from there
to fifth Rut and back to the starting
Sleepy cttlatac were aro Bed by the
mekt and ruwd owl of doors armed
with halve pans toroh rn broom
at1ek 4UM POiMt l b4IMaaUl < > I
Hets and arlberg ur i wuTiTtg TntliV I
tlcally to iutd fro trying In vain to get
a shot at tM thief but the chance dU I
not come llynon was In hot pursuit
and regard lews of consequence chased
the robber to a shed near the hen coop
and mode the capture single handed
and alone
The explanation of all the fue was
not learned until Lieut Shannon ar
rived at headquarter about 8 oclock
this morning and received the report of
Deek Sergeant Lamrt the Murk Twain
of the department The report le as
folh > vi
I enxl 1 jiin March 3IIParty
phoned from ltd south Second Bat
that a chicken thief wax at work In
tIle back yard Sent three of the eraok
i4iote Bets llynon and Cjirlsberg
Hynon on hand and knee discovered
the thief Cliased him to Fourth Kast
thence to Fifth South thence to Fifth
Rest thence to Snnnd Meat to place of
beginning Pisovcred it wa a dog
Had hold of A hen which said hen had
been dead about three wk
Ircdrrlik Cunningham Alln ICddy
Kay Who UoMcl Hlcliiiiotnl I
Juetoflko of VSSOOO
New York March 30With the lin
ing up today at police headquarter
of Frederick Cunningham and Prank
Cheater the two men caught last night
while trying to get away with trunk
containing I300M In stamp stolen from
the postutllce at Htchmond Ya the
detective force believes It made one of
the most Important captures In year
One uf the men arrested fur the lUck
mund burglary the police Iwlleve I a
Eddy fay a much wanted fugitive
whose picture Is In every rogue gal
lery of Importance In the country and
for whose apprehension a total of about
12000 In rewards ha been offered In
various cities This prisoner I the
one known aa Cunningham
lie wa recognised by Detective Pen
body and other oldtimer who said
that at Hddy Iy he waa known
as one of the most skillful safe Mow
er III tit < country According to the
detective bureau Pity Is wanted In Iie
Angola for blowing the safe of the
potolllca In 1M6 and getting away with
I107S8 worth of stamp und 11000 In
gold There I JlOW reward for his
capture for this crime
Five years ago In Peoria III he
dew the safe of the postoftlce and got
away with J OW 0 worth of stamp A
year later he again blew the sajnc
ate and this time he made off with
I740M worth of stamp He was eon
vh ted and sent to Jail In Springfield
Ill In August 1W7 but broke out a
short time later He alen broke Jail in
Janeivllle Wla where he had been
sent for safeblowing The Iv
y there Is a tecord of four murder
against him
Fay the detective say I worth
from 460008 to SIOOOOO and own a 1
string of race horse Th nollo say
they dont know much about the man
caught with Kay Iloth after ar
raignment in the Tombe court will
lie turned over to United State Com
missioner Shot
The Itlchmond tMwtotne eat wat
blown some time between Saturday
night ami Monday morning and itt
OW worth of stamps and 3ete In cash
Norfolk Neb Marah MTb Rooky
mountain storm swept over Into north
western Nebraska early today Pour
ivclies of snow fell and drifted boWl
All wires west are down and north
western train traffic Is completely tlid
up No trains were sent Into the storii
> oaui > e nf the lee of wire through
ralna teioE belt up at yarlou olaUi
He Was Sixtysix Years Old and
Had Roignod for Nearly
Twentyone Yoars
11 Mutmreli ClHlinetl to Unto Keen
A hired ieitxtileut of
King tloiiioii
Addis Ababa Abyaslnla March M
Menellk II Unit of Abyisdnla died to
day aged M yean In the tw ntynnt
year of hIs Mien Prlao LJJI Jensen
grandson of the late monarch age 14
years is heir to the throne
The ancient empire of AbysSinIa or
Ethiopia Include the kingdom of
Mar Ambara Shoe with other terrl
tories and dependencies Its area Is
100000 square miles and the population
Is estimated at between MMMo and
Menellk was elected king by the
Abyssinian chieftains over Rae Man
gaaha lie claimed to be a direct de
scendant of Holomon by the queen of
Kheba and styled himself Comvuerlng
Lion of the Tribe of Judah elect of the
Savior King of King of Ethiopia
enellk refused to acknowledge the
domination of Italy over hla country
and compelled the Italian army to ca
pitulate at Adowa in tIN when a
treaty was signed rrcotnlilng the ab
solute Independence of Abyssinia
Hlnoe then peace has crowned Men
llks policy toward foreign powers and
the codntry ha prospered with the In
troduction of Improved methods of gov
ernment and commerce
London March 30Todaya report
that King Menellk is dead appear to
amp by way of Aden Arabia and It
IH thought here that It tll only a repeti
tion of the rumor of the monarchs
death which have been current for
some days Commercial which
ar > In direct touch through their agen
cies with Addis Aboba received no con
firmation of the report today
Jai kson M4as March 10The sl U
senate met In executive session today
t um consideration of the state
ment of aUla uial r T J HIlts that
In MM rot 6aa4 tiMvo rMks vp rv
man tomes be Hoeopteil ftoea U O 1
lanoy a wealthy planter a brIbe of
Hf to change his vote from Varda
man to Prey In the recent ssnatorlal
This taking o testimony I pIm
nary to any formal ImpeachoioMt proceeding
Mr Duianey declare th only occasion
Bon Senator Bilbo ever approached
him In a financial way wa with a re
quest to borrow money to pay bta rail
road fare to New Orleans but that he
did not make the loan
fist Atty MoKell hu flatly infused
to furnish the senate the evidence sub
mitted bY Senator Bib before the
grand Jury
The senate be damned wa the
terse comment nf the district attorney
Ht Petersburg March 10A caravan
of M gypsIes broke through the Ic
on Cheremenetskl hike near Lug to
day Of the men women and children
all but a few were drowned
London March 30Tom L Johnson
former mayor of Cleveland who arrived
rived at FUhguard yesterday on the
steamer Mauretanla la stopping with
friends In Regents Park Mr John
son Is visiting Hurop with the hop
of Improving his health
Washlntton March Itin aid of
proposed legislation affecting the dis
posal of wter power le on
the public domain the secre
tary pbU the Interior b with
drawn temporarily from a form of
disposition tt tot nf H4 G N of
land In Washington California Colo
rado and Idaho The withdrawals are
located a follow
Seven thousand three hundred and
thirty acre along the Columbia
thrty 11M along
river Washington tO acre aon
Sulsun river Cat 2N acre along
Colorado 41st acres
Crays Creek Coloro re
al Williams Fork iilo and IUl
acre along Boise river Idaho
PltUtiurg March 1 Ospt John
Klein former city councilman member
of the big six aud th man who con
feed two week ago bringing the
latest graft exposure Into publicity
went to the Western petltentlary to
y and called up the sheriff from
Warden Franciss office He told that
official he bad better come down the
re with his commitment I be
wished to serve It today
Klein unless he 1M pardoned which
Is not unlikely will serve three and
a half yoars His voluntary trip to
the penitentiary Ii taken to mean that
the district attorney n grand Jury Is
now through with him having gained
1 th information the little river man
IH able to furnish
A presentment tom the grand Jury
Is expected some time today The
presentment will I is believed cover
th testimony given before the grand
Jury yeaterday tnn Charles w
former select councilman and member
of the bit Ix who It IC reported
handled USMW graft money In the
passage of the city depository ordi
New York March MJahn 8telbllng
> puty United State marshal for the
oouthern district of New York and e
close personal friend of Col Theodore
Roosevelt Is dead her from a nervous
strain following the recent wreck at
Marshalllown Iowa He warn not In
jured but for a time was pinned In
the debris and suffered from shock
rtdibllng was 12 years of age and had
i iiurf e of all prisoner Kent from here
10 Atlanta 0 It a he who took
Char W Mora tb banker to the
fiscal prison tliwo not tone ago
Officers of Executive Board of
United Mine Workers Disoiiss
Details of the Campaign
I S buys It IMM PeHHjlvHiiM anti
llllHOt WIM be IW VtUNe
i lit Siiii iiimr4tl
I Indianapolis March 30The officer
and members of the national executive
board o the Unit Mine Worker of
America arrived at noon today from I
Cincinnati and this afternoon Mid a
meeting to discuss detail of the cair
peOn th miner of the several d I
I trials r making fo Increases of
rat s and improvement of working
T district strike that may be de
clared will not to Into sdact until 1 i
oclock tomorrow night and during to
morrow much may happen that will
change the whole aspect of the situa
Therefore the miners officers today
expected th executive board meeting
to adjourn tonight and reconvene In
a few days for the purpose of direct
ing o advoing tb minor who shall
not have signed new contract with
the operators and are on strike
Cincinnati Ohio March M While at
a result of the plan adopted by the
coal miner IntUoaa convention
yesterday there will be no countrywide
strike of the bituminous miners Prenl
dent T L Lewis of the miners or
ganisation declared today Just brute
leavIng for IndianapolIs that Penn
ylsanla and llllnoi will be completely
tied u The miner In th two dis
tricts number 1MOW
That means a fight In th two largest
bituminous Held In the United States
Pennsylvania1 annual production Is
150ilOOe ton D llllnob 50000000
ton Ohios production Is tt6MWO
tuns giving employment to MMO min
I think mos of the Ohio district
will b at work after April 1 Pies
Ident Lewis said Ohio ta one of th
tate in which the ort can sign
up by districts o vn ubdlstrKtn
and I think one of the drat to sign will
be the big Hocking district
Plltsburg March MA strike u
union coal diggers of th PltUburg
district may bl averted when the oale
explro at midnight tomorrow and the
milters probably will continue at work
under a temporary scale calllug for a
uner cent Increase pending a settle
ment of local difference chief among
them beiNg the introduction of new
PraaMent rranul Feohan of the
Plttsbur district No t United Mine
Workers of America arrived from Cin
cinnati today a bold out hopes fur
a settlement
President Feshan stated that several
coal operator had already stgnlned
their wllllntne to e the temporary
contracts as outlined In the ultimatum
Cincinnati conference
of the Ctnclnnat enfernc
Kansaa City March 10That there
will b a strike of tb coal mIn of
the southwest comprising the states of
Missouri Kansas Oklahoma and
Arkansas beginning April I when tbe
present wag agreement expire was
the pressed opinion of r > rnlM
l opnl
today lives of th miners and operator here
10 whistles will blow am usual for
t hr men to go to work on April I
but if the men work they will do so
under the present wage cte Id
A J caey editor of lh American
Coal Journal th oltlclal publication
of the operators of lb southwest
The operators have staled their
position and that was final The min
er demand an Increase In wage and
the Increases will not be granted
I II > s Hisrr ixciiiSAhii
Terra Result March 11It was an
nounced here today that all work In
thf mines of district No I which com
prises 1U mine where 11000 men are
employed would be suspended April 1
unless an agreement was reached be
tween th miners and operators
The regular annual convention of
this district Is called for March n and
arrangement will b made at once to
Invite the operators to a Joint confer
eceJ Is believed the operators will con
cent and that a settlement will be
Washington March 15One thousand
corporations In existence at the time
of the enactment uf the new tariff
law last summer failed to make re
turn to the Internal revenue bureau
under the provision Imposing a tax
of one per cent on their net Income
above G I was said today
A number of corporation disregard
ed the statute to submit such return
by March 1 and they will be subjected
to heavy penalties other obtained an
extension of time while In numerous
cases the organisation hud dissolved
before the calendar year as to these
Ally Oen Wlckenham hit been asked
for an opinion O which depends the
question whether action bal be taken
for tbe recovery o the taxes which
they should have paid
About Sa000000 ha been paid to the
treasury on account of th corporation
New York March 30The New York
New Haven Hartford Railroad com
pany has filed with the Interstate com
merce commission schedules of I
re In Its passenger rates Thcxo
t advance are due to the Increase In
mntervs wages mad recently to the companys
Khedive Sent a Representative
To Extend His Compliments
To the Departing Guost
94 HiH et RW Dmwd lira Star nml
Strp Plying Prom Roth Man
iHWiJt V Hllwr SIIIIHld
Cairo Egypt starch 30The Noose
veIn were given a hearty sendoff
when they left here by train for Alexandria
andria this morning Among the
American received by Col Roosevelt
was oM from the headquarter of
the American mission thanking him
fo generously acceding to the request
that he visit U mission station Ie
for hi aid IB the work of redeeming
There was a treat crowd at the sta
tion to witness th departure of the
dltlngulhed American wb p
once in th EgypUaa capital baa been
of great Interest to all err Ernest
Ooist Urltlah agent In Egypt was not
present but he sent Gen Maxwell tu
pay his respect and to ay that tie
repct a ti
was unable to express hi appreciation
of all Mr Roosevelt bad done for the
civlltaatlon of Egypt
The kbedlv cent a representative to
extend hi compliment to the depart
ing guest sad th member of the
diplomatic corp generally were pc
ent As the train drew out of the eta
Ion a large party o Egyptians raised
a clM
Alexandria March M Mr Kooe
veil received an ovation M 0 ito stepped
from the train at the pier station Hi
topped to receive the gm tings of sev
eral prominent perronugii and thru
with the other o the party walked
briskly aboard the steamer which was
dressed In flags with the American
colors from both
cl flying fm masthead
A treat crowd followed him o tj
the pier Am be stepped aboard the
vessel Mr Roosevelt acknowtadfjtd this
popular welcome by ratetng his bat
Every berth on the I > rln Hatarich
was occupied and the officers had given
OeUp or
en up their quarters for the ue of
paxiengfiv The weather today wa
magnificent anti the steamer SHltoU
wlr a piuinlm of a splendid trip Ui
NPIMi1iHVIf r +
Tltjtltli IS Tr
Cuxhavnn lirmany March 10If
Olfford Pin hot former chief of tho
bureau of forestry of the United State
sailed on the steamer Prealdent Grant
to meet Mr Roosevelt In Kurope lie
could not be found when the vessel
docked here today The pursers list
doe not show that h wa aboard
Plttsburg PH March 30The apex
tacle nf motortnen and conductor tan
n LnUOn
an running to the suburbs wined
with repeating rifle Is ltnes < l
nightly On account of the hold hold
ups In outlying districts which as yet
the pollre have been unable to P
Ith p street railway officials have
furnished arms to their car men
MontclHlr N J March 30Chrles
Sprague Hmlth educator and lecturer
8pr itor a cUlr
dtN at midnight In the home of his
brotherinlaw here today of pneumonia
Mrs Smith who wa Iliac Isahelle
Dwight Ia now In Europe
Professor Smith waa born In An
dover MaMa In IttS Hr a a grad
uate of Amherst college supplementing
h course there by work In the unlver
shies of Berlin Rome Paris Madrid
lot and Scandinavia lie occupied
the chair of modern language and
foreign literature In Columbia univer
sity for many year but b bend en
gaged for the last 13 year chiefly In
the educational work of the Peoples
Institute here of which he was the
founder and managing director
rititicK Aseiotniv COXVOKHD
Athens lease March 10The
proclamation convoking the national
assembly wa read by King George In
the chamber of deputies today and
wa received with cheers
New Orleans March Reltemthig
his purpose of sending men and amis
to Bluefiekkt In support of tb Inmr
gent movement a alnt Pr iileot Ma
deli of Nicaragua Gas V I R G
don declared today that n perisa s ob
stacles b been thrown In the way of
his expedition
upltln a Intonwntlnn on the
part o the government Is without
foundation he asserted
lvrpl March 30Advices re I
ceived hr state that th Denting between
tween the natives and Liberian troop
at Caje Palma Liberia continue and i
grow more serious Rev Mr Bparv a
native pastor at the minion In Cape
Palms bait been shot and killed and
the live of the white rwident are said i
t b In dancer I
The hostile native apr to be get
tint the better of tbe troop whose o
ifuses when they were Mat to stop I
the native trade In French territory
caused the outbreak The native r
Id to be anxious to have a few This
llshmen killed with the object of bring
ing about intervention by Oreat Brit
ain I
Washington March 3 ProtU >
4I > CJ A II lOt1 UlfllllHt illf lici 1
aloe by longie i > f ihe Halm 1 j
ert E Lee for a plaie In Stitnu hi
were presented to tbe senal idj jbv
hlatr Lodc of MassachuiuU I
I m

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