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19 r I
< < c f
r LAST EDITION D E S E R E T EVENiNG NEW roF rJ r Tour Hmnzlit Wlm Announcement Anprnciafr lo the Attention Vnltte tn the of Jin People U 1 q J
mcni An onnnnr
JO = 1fiJ
= = L
in Tabernacle al
Huge Throng
Funeral of President
John R Wlndor
Associates Bear Testimony ol
His Many Sterling Qualities
And Splendid Life
Ii4s 11fr III 11rlI
Okilr limped I H SiiIlI flI1I
ortcitc Tollon to mt
T i h irl we leave behind I
T I h im ured by this ay1ng
f President John Rex
II II md
In the annals of
li i u i ioi II fl
i mi lin ountry Not In a
I g til i i i i mi ral been n > largely
I r nd i n mIrtvp as the ob
I u i > i ID aged pioneer hon
lined church
fl d i well
f It
VN ii th ii r arrUed for the serv
L i ii n ih 1 jllillng was crowded
I iu < i i ft uil throughout the
mr ins mpH i ron remained stand
Ini Th pin tIn represented every
4 t 01 With men and women
ma President Winder
i in M than half a century
v i LI I nnny who had been ac
c I n him only a few year
If MI h < 4 irned to admire the
E i UK ii He of heart and mind
I li n i iini nig men
iie1 i oIl Pit land were the two
rmau ntt m nihiri of the First preiI
c r v r M I nu Jixeph F Htnllh and
i1 n li ImiI Insldent Franohi M
Inn r t r iihn Henry Smith He
ft 1 t Uiiilmr Clawson George
F i rslln K Whitney David
I M k v nI Anthony W Itlna Pa
I hhii Smith Elder Seymour
I Y e v 11 Huberts J Golden
i i n 8 Wells and Charles
U tL n oihi1 Church official
I ghtr tin stand were geateJ
it niiinty und city effleiuls
C tn ih Jdl were men prominent
In t KK or nfe Ju front ware prtsnV
I hs and Jtiut beyond ill
i n 01 fr the family were
tnuM iti tr ule workers mot of the
C M i ing irssed In whit
i II idi tTlnlll were many and
bilUul ringing from the most oont
h ilf gn i in mere handful of flow
I i 1 ur n the bier perhaps by
v Kii fi ici a of many year stand
1 < R < dn one of the longest
I i th in in many years liter
w r II jrK f 60 carriage In line
II i ir i uhed at the head of the
ti i II i i Mug tim > Dead March
> ol llany street car were
xj th i MXms who desired to
1t 4 II neat In city cemetery
i inintin i IIU fact that many of
111 n nf flh had sat In the tab
Irr r r rtlv after 9 oclock
a I k the casket containing
ti rr of 1icaldent Winder was
Ii he residence 49 north
n tr n t i the tabernacle Im
m ia v IM the street Twelve
P i r the deceased were pall
be ir i rh George Mldgley Val
11 lr K ito > Kimball Will Wlt
I I lit j Itert William Lo
J ii i m inder Hoss llranford
f III Howard
< Midgley and
Fhrh +
F IK tin casket wore BkKr
Li i 1 u < IIilh nirtj0p Charles W
N I Jlfc Finn
l fy A Smith Hon
1 h nl ft 1
iuIig Bishop T A VII
F It ji K Grant and John R
1 I I
ll K f placed Immediately
rn tin Htand where It tar
a < UIII u clock Tin building
p i iutrii draped In white ind
I M Iig number of polled
iI Hi bier and upon the
Ptl I II tj 1 A large portrait of
r F II d i hung upon the front
B K in
AI i i kIlt doom were thrown
roo < I I Hundreds that had galh
ut 111 d and In single lie
I i n casket and lazed
t I In and peaceful In the
1i <
I I i
II h i i iri > than a quarter of
r n tiNt eomer to be seit
3 1 Itt time until the hour
t ly stream Vowed Into
v liug until the adlnoe WR
n4 i I
I J lh II Ii the remain Wtl >
th rganlst J J MeCMlan
1 Wwarfl P Klmbalt
ri Y annon rendered the
e lions
y h oIl
rjv Ani I M h HammeIH
If < Imuvet Oullmant
Th i I VI K P Klmball
jIl Ti
Oft It Devted
i T
Elio Loud
Cll on
I mlllO
11 Volckmir
M 1
Wk L
Ill T Chopin
h I 1IW fro > Tann
iT I
IT Wagner
Ami Ii Batiste I
Tt iT My Wife 1lOlUe
Mm i Schumann
Th neethnwn
1 m i T urt prealtled over by
Hi T I Ih I Smith Oottmovefl
L yih i is way was rendered
Imi Irt oan Slepliens con
ITliI J J McClellan pre
1 THI i I gall Prayer was of
H i i npb K Taylor O
Him a next lUng by then
l I It i Kr wu Ulfler William
III lii In part lly tlnot
j y i I IIt Pre ldint Winder
Mi III In Indian service
IT1 I J IH eeoc tad with him
h I n1 huelliere ell I18cl tit
p1 i Union lapaclty In the tem
IT < will Mlak of his eccleala
< iv r alc 1 I hall speak of lila
i tiUTIflTCN
T eureer
T T kr i ulel not recall one cir
cumstatice that would reflect dlscredl
on the life of John Hex Winder Nova
heard a whisper of scandal agalns
him A a a military commander he wai
kind and cooeMerat as he was In even
phase ot his life He wa totally v Ith
out gull plain In deportment und hu
only one standard right and Justi e
Kvery cltlaen he declared ran fine
something In his life worth to bo
Bishop George Itumney of th ltcn
lloth ward followed and said in IMU
In the year 1853 Mrother Winder i am
into then mountains and local d un a
lot nea where the White Hou e niu
Kt nd I feel I hne lost one of nv
ery b < wt friends on eirth I hiv
known him ill that liin and I kn A
him to be an IKHH nt nan tiift heat
was for the rhlidrcn throuanout th1
world I have knon him Intlmatel
In numerous capa < llles and I aIWYT
found him looking nut for his own cit
but for the good of all
Thrre nan not n KIII who worked I
e III him for H > er In the temple
but what lovd him He treat
ed everyone with the greatest kinI
net ind considersion In his temple
nor he has been the Instrument of I
reloalna thourandn In the nii t
uorll and he lias gone to meet th i > I
yorI i I know he was one ot th
be t men that eter lled upon li l
fix i tiol and that In would HIIUIKI
han laid down hiM life for hi fi < l <
And I am as certain that his fawiv
siir have the pilvllege of nieting I
Hrothir Winder In the life benn nj
I 11 MI that I stand heie today
loiilr II K Qrunt was the nr I
speaker He said Tlie < upstonc plii J
upon a useful caieir were the losing
dayi The speaker had lieen ailed
by Ir ldent inder to hie bedsidi
nml he was with him much of the time
until the end tame The strongest im
Vlction thut hid ever come to the
speaker of the existence of u Supreme
Bring had been receiveI while In at
tendance In the nick room
Tilt character of President Winder
warn shown clearly In the cloning days
of his life One of his last requisH
was that the member ot his fain
should not appear at his funeral li
black a request that had been closely
adhered to
80 resigned was President Winderti
go declared the speaker that he fir
quently dedicated lilinself to the Lord
Oh Lord here I am poor wek
mortal man that I am Father I am
dying do with me an thou wilt and
If It be thy will I am willing to go on
or stop laboring In this life and If It 19
thy will I am here There Is nothing
In my heart but to say thy will be
done not mine
He passed away In the presence only
of his wife and lila eldest BOn John
H Winder Jr concluded Elder Grant
Who Are Theee Arrayed In White
was sung by a quartet oompoetl of
Mrs IJsslo Thomas Bdwnrd Mr Em
ma I lams ey Morris Robert Skldoway
and Horace S Hnwlgn
President Anthon H Lund followed
and spoke of Apostle Paul where he
aid he had fought a good fight and
thought those word could honestly be
applied to Brother Winder I have sat
by his tide day after day and seen
him In many situations he was a wise
counselor just man He ever had a
emil OH his face we always were
glad to see him coming and on the
street oven he walked like a much
younger man and did not let the bur
dens of business care weigh heavily
upon him Ho had a wonderful mem
ory He was a wood man a nobln man
I learned to love hlmI was proud of
Ills confidence Ills opinion was nought
his word was to be relied on antI lie
spoke what he meant and meant what
he sold Ho wa simple In his habits
In his tastes In making public con
tributlnnn ho waa always on hand
In the Black Hawk war he spent
month and month helping and pro
tecting the people there He was ever
uneelrlsh among the people Ho waa
clHHfun to manage the work of complet
ing the Uimplo and worked theft and
from the time of his appointment to
the time he wan stricken with sickness
he never mimed but ono day and that
was due to sickness lie loved the
temple work and wan looked upon as a
father by the temple workers
During all my awtoelutlon with him
I never knew him to do one thing not
IwfUtlng a gentleman and a Latterday
Saint He loved President Smith with
n deep affection anti there was a bond
of deep affection between the two
May tho Lord bless his wife Ills chil
dren his grandchildren and may they
emulate Ills beautiful life
President Richard W Young of Bn
sign stake gave a short resume of the
life of President Winder naming emi
nent rulers who then held away and
enumerating Important event of co
tetHporaneous time
The many positions of trust eccle
siastical civil and political held by
Precldent Wlndsr at different timed
wen recalled by Rider Young and It
wu shown that In seth and every
po llloii PreHldent Winder had been
true and faithful AH an officer ot the
Nuuvoo Legion lie had performed
heroic and invaluable service
Reference was nade to the Invasion
of Johnston army In what has gone
into history as the Utah expedition
and the part played by Col Winder
wa recounted This campaign was
followed by campaigns Into central
and southern Utah to subdue maraud
ing bands of Indiana Col Winder had
many of the qualities of a soldier
hravery foresight and keen Judgment
He wa a man of strength without
harshiMsw a man preeminently Just
and considerate
Khltf Heber M Wells said In part
My earliest recollections of John It
Winder was when my father was
mayor of till city when lie wo IUJ
eswir Then again I racull a fine onli
ne form of a 1111 riding a prancing
steed In one of the early territorial
military displays that was Hrothor
Winder I knew him In many Mime
lea and always looked upon him as a
tood counselor and a fatlier Among
its eminent characteri tlc wa hit
great Industry and energy He be
Icved as our late President Woodruff
who said It la better to wear out than
to rust out He was n general and In
no greater gen
my opinion there were
rill In the armies of the Lord He
was good to the poor and ever kept
ds life sweet In his long capacity its
city aseeasor lie learned to know near
ly every person In the city Intimately
And lie did Innumerable kind acts for
the poor
lie wa always a friend of tim young
man who ever loved to listen to him
and his Ideaa of hope lie was an
nsplration to young men and gave
hem invaluable advice which they
never forgot
The speaker related how years ago
Hrtither Winder WB nearly stricken
unto death how President Smith went
to Ills side and stayed with him
brought long hour of day of Buffering
Mhlcli rtwulltid in Biollmi Winders
nnal recovery Then when I saw years
fterwanls that President Smith had
electMl him as his first counselor I
felt that was because theM brethren
tad gone down Into the shadow of tin
valley of death together and their I
Continued on pace two
rrr rrrrrrr r v rvYYr r r Yy r y
uuuuuu uuu Uuuu uu u u u uuuu uu U
Government Secret Service Men
Seeking 12000 Worthof
Property and Purlolner
Also Have Eddy Kay Alias 1rctl Gun
nliifihaiu Charged Wlllj Jlobbcry
Of JUclimond rostofflcc
New York Jareh 31 Twelve thou
sand dollarn worth of loot and a
burglar were till being sought here
today by government secret service
men and the police In connection wlUi
the recent plundering of the Richmond
Va postoffleo
One of the most notorious safe crack
ers In the country Frederick Cunning
ham better known as Eddy Pay la
under JIOOOO bond hero with his com
panion Frank Chester charged with
the crime
A third man who was with Cunning
ham and Chcnter Just before they were
caught Is still missIng
In five trunk J73000 of the tUMQ
In stamps and caSh stolen was recov
ered In Installment Tuesday and yes
Los Angeles Cal March 31 Hurglar
leu which netted him nearly IWOOO In
stamps and coin no part of which has
even been recovered are charged to
Eddy Fay who Is under arrest In
New York for alleged participation In
the Richmond Va pootofflco robbery
Three southern California cltlew are
thought to have suffered Los Angeles
Ban Diego and Pasadena
Fay was well known hero several
year ago occupying sumptuous
qUArter In a hotel entertaining lav
Inhly and posing as a man of wealth
and leisure lie suddenly disappeared
In 190t and on the day of his dlxap
pearanee the NlohlDelOlnko a Japan
ese bank reported that a safe had been
dynamited and 116000 in gold and notes
cured Fnyn resemblance to a photo
graph In the rogue gallery directed
suspicion toward him and ho was trac
ed to Central America but could not
be extradited
A few l1IH after the fink robbery
the Kan Diego postotrtce lost J107J8 In
1907 the
stamps and JI960 In gold In
Pasadena potom was looted for 13
000 In stamp and though clues were
lacking both robberies were charged to
New York Manrch Bxploslon of a
bomb In the basement of an east Thirty
ninth street tenement today shook the
structure to Its foundations shattered
every pane of glass In It sid created a I
punlc throughout the entire block The
explosion was the work of lllank Hand I
Kansas City March II Advices re
ceived here last night from Martins
burg W Va nay Allen II Noall at
torney there for Elmer Q Swope who
rl he Is a son of the late Col
Thomas II Hwope deniM his client has
signed a quit claim dned lo theSwope
fortune In favor of Mrs li C Hyde
niece of the dead millionaire
Mr Noll It Is wild will continue his
efforts to prove Mlmer Swope the son
of Col Swope
A T Milton attorney In Kansas City
for Elmer Swopc Is positive In his as
portions that nil client signed the deed
Ilosswell N M Maroli 11Sylv nlu
Johnson a wealthy and promlnefit oltlien
of noell U dead from the effcti of a
Itluw on tin bead from a monkey wrench
hurled at his chauffeur a week ago by
an Infuriated farmer
While speeding near neuwell Johnson
automobile frightened a team of rnuleo
being driven by n young farmer and the
latter threw ttlRW at the chaffeur
Ills aim was bad and Johnson sank bock
In ills neat unconscious and with a crush
ed skull The Identity uf the farmer hu
not been learned
Admiral Fournier of the French
Navy Thinks It Calculated
To Arouse Japanese
Maintenance of Kqulllbrlum llrtureii
Itltnls In Pacific Slionld DoinJnatc
llrlllsli and Ircncli 11111011I
Paris Ilarek MTlic ltllHtKii
K chapter of the memoJri of Admiral
Peurnler commander of the Mediter
ranean equardnm of the 1Vench nary
which examined Into the po lblllty of
a war between the United States and
The admiral bi of the opinion the
naval activity of the United State It
hurry to finish the Panama canal Its
haste In the equipment of a naval
base on the Pacific which has been
redoubled since the question of Jap
anese Immigration ha come up and
other similar Incidents are calculated
to arouse time animosities of a people
possessing all the gloomy and vindic
tive characteristic of the Insular race
of the tar enst and who are Justly
proud of their prowl military qualities
Whether the conlllctlng Interests of
the two nation can be reconciled or
must end In war tlin admiral thinks
la a riddle for the future If It de
velop Much a war might involve the
whole world Including Great Britain
and France
The hynothests of a war betweon
France nnd the American republic our
sister born under our protection In
struggle In whloh two nlllt mingled
their blood My the admiral would
be In our eye a Boarllege W hope
never to 00 forced to iworlflee our
trHdlllonol friendship with the United
States to fidelity to our engagements
with England
Admiral Fournier believe while the
maintenance of equilibrium between
the rival nations In tho Pacific should
dominate Ilrltlrh and French diplom
acy strong fleets would be the greritent
preventative of trouble between Jarmn
and the Inlted States Involving a
In the quaint style of English as
she Is wrote In Cuba the provincial
goernor at Havana Cuba In a cir
cular received at the governors of
fice this morning In Hnshlmura Togo
manner write to know A young
fellow Jose Antonio OJeda la missing
ftnmnwliere In the United States and
the Havana authorities are seeking hie
whereabout The letter of Inquiry
Havana Cuba March IS 1910
lion Governor of the State of Utah
I allow mysfllf to write the present
lagging of you to Investigate the place
where Is actual the young CubAn fel
low Jose Antonio OJd Hn was ent
by this provincial voliernor lo study
veterinary In the District State Col
lege of Angola Indiana Tlie aaltl fel
low of whom t send herewith a foto
graph went out of the college In a
trip to Cuba having been In N ew Or
leans In the month of June of the pat
year ami dons havo no more news of
Thanking you In advance for any
ln < ulnltlvene that you can make In
knowing his iictuul place I remain
lion Oobernor truly your
Provincial Ooberiior
Albert Itarrera
Serio 1la dmon
The descriptive circular sent out by
the father who will gratify with a
Hi reward reads
IotographlA of the young Josuhp
Antony njedaCuban Rsludante In
Tilt State College of Angola Indiana
K IL To go out to the College for go
to Cuba In the months of June of Uie
last year and not had more notlels of
he Say pry to which know of Ills life
or death gives notleli to the Governor
Provlnlalal of Havana Cuba very
acknowledged lila alarms father U
to gratify with M which give notlcl
for he A OJBDA
For the First Time Convicted
Murderer Shows Nervous
Apprehensive Fear
Ijiiincillulcly Taken to Stale PrlMin
Where Ho l < o et J1U Idiinllly
Aiming HIP Other Lifers
141am K DriaJMU th M
layer of 8fwlul Officer C =
was nentenced this morning t I the I
remainder of file antHml lic M bard I
tabor In tb state prison Immediately
following th paMtng ot Matamoe Drie
kell was taken to th pricon and this
afternoon will merge his identity Into
convict No and g the wear
Ing of hl prison garb
This morning scene was as dramatic
as any feature o the trial 1 a eae
fidgeting from one foot to th other and
supporting hlnuwlt on the tale while
he listened to the courts review or the
I trial Drlskell fer tb first Urn showed
H nervous apprehefiarw fear as he
walled fo the word that meant life O
death for him With b face clean
haven the JitllOtWas mote noticeable
and when during t omrfs talk I
seamed t th listener la perhaps
the Jury recommnndation tn mercy
might be Ignored DrMwIl paled Into
white aa the little remaining color
died out of th chek
When th wont minrtManwet for life
fell Drlskell gave a noticeable stab of
relief and clretuxwl into his chair aa
one unburdened at a teN Bven
while listening tn hlg attorney aaWnai
for the perndoetofl ot 3 daya In which
to move for a new trial Drlskell
reached Into his pookeia drew out the
tobacco sack and fumbling beneath the
table rolled a cigarette No sooner had
Sheriff Hharp stepped forward t man
ale him than lr IItl in lb pres
ence of the court lighted a match
twemlngly hungry for th soothing re
lief of th tobacco I was not until be
was removed from the courtroom how
ever that he warn allowed hla desire
The courtroom was filled with spncU
tore to witness the mnlenclng of the
man found guilty of the murder of Of
ficer Elk
Urlnkell under heavy guard
Urk1 Kua was
brought to th sheriffs office from th
state prieon about 910 oclock and un
der the watchful eye of Sheriff Sharp
and seven deputies w taken Into the
ourt room about 19 minutm before
Judge Lewis appeared on the bench
In order to obviate any poaelble dem
onstration and aa a precautionary
I measure Driskell was taken to U
courtroom by way of the circular and
clcwwl stairway
In th courtroom while walling the
I opening of the cu Drlskell sat In
I conversation with his attorney tb
nlhah Thomas In tone barely above
R whisper the convicted man talked
animate emphaelxlng hi lUtement
with nervous gestures and with a fre
quent flitting smile
Whan court opnaed and Dist Atty
IxKiflMurow stated to the court that
this Is the time sef for the sentence
of L I Driskell Driskell draw back
Into his char almost as if hrlnkln
from what wa t own
When iold to arise rtkel shuttled
to his feel cleared Ida throat two or
this time and found upt > ort by lean
Ing with one hand on b table When
asked by the court If he had anything
to any Wore udtnnnt should Ni
paml Drlskell In 1 husky voice bat
one that could be toward In the silence
of th court mom replied
No I gueaa not I was found
guilty of the crime I was charged
with After a momentary rasliatlon
he continued
I can say tliln muih again though
I am Innocent of th < rime
In Ills address pronouncing semens
from some o the opinions expresssd
there was a belief among those In the
cur room that the court would Ignore
limit Jury recommendation for life Im
prisonment and this feat was ex
irefle l In the drawn line of Driskell
face a he listened Intently tn the
words of the judge
woro beginning his addrejui Judge Lewi
mid thnt the court wa aatlaned with
th verdict of the Jury pronouncing thE
defendant guilty of murder In the first
iagrwe Stating that there wee a ten
d noy to lesson the weight of olrcum
Mnntlfll ivulriii the ourt expreR
the opinion toil fiiHiuently drrumitan
tin evldiiii l mill atlsfat tory thai
dlnit millet e In th present Inalaiid
the iimrt thnuKht the xnfaknes of th
defense hud bii in the direct evldenct
iath1 than In the Mrcumstantlal evl
Jent and in tho lilontlflratlon bv ii
i 0 tiireps
ni in VII ar hat1 ulili
< N 111111 ntmuil I tilit if t i v
iik 1 Ill rin tiuiilriil ai off ii ei >
I U 0 H vni Hr try iig to e
HI I I hi li mttt jienalt hlld evi
I nfo I it i e lien munli is com
nittHi v lul MrtiintN nr 1 U
i it pe heii mi itTi er t prutoctlnj
Id pui i h xhniM himself I I full
IiLit iv 1 law and UK Jut i
hoiiM Ij > < i kn this Int cnld a
He i i f tin posclMliU of cnn
ID KIM Hi evidence or the n lent I
fliaiun tli > dliect wltiiesw Un
IT > > I T i T In Hie mind f the l rj
u fHl i lmiit I am n prepared tr
rt v i MI iit Justified In maklnt
tie i ° u4atlon I I were not Ir
tout i iff there wa n the pos
Ihll f error I would disregard I In
F ndatluii tot you have beer
lit sei i dtlli deliberately taken th
I ir officer
l urt will follow the recess
IT Iiiii i of th Jury and the sail
I n that you b confined In lh
i I iion I t hard labor fo the tern
v i natural life
1 n hi plf1 on the ort stnt
t i reference to the poaslbllltv of
11 doubt Mr Thomas asked tot
i iIl time In which to make a mo
t i IT fu i flew trial Mr Thomas ialrt
M ii 111 motion would b mOl on lt
i of nc Iy dlco Ted evidence In
r i i if hi Client After argumenti
I i irn n1 the defendant wai
j i M iliii In which to take st < pi
the cow The rv
I i 1 hearing of m
i n Mi the new trial will be based on
i eldeme and also perhaps or
in ground of error
11 Men h IJTI rermnn
miser Siih < r has left fatie 1nlma
Uberlan author
on the > r r LIMrln
Hen aienrdlng lo latest advice rom
t rdlnl German commander tif
Uberls The colmnr
fer to land a detschment and quell thi
outbreak of the native Is said to IIUM
o that tin 01
the Uberlsns
B Incensed Lbrln thi I
dered the Sperber to leave Liberian w H
t rs within M hours or lake the con
The situation between the natives and
Liberian troops Is 1 to b improving
Washington March 31dly
enough the first case the seen Jus
tice U at active work In the su
preme court of lh United tate will
lake up after the Easter recess will M
on resulting from R vacancy on the
bench when the court rendered a de
cision In a similar caae about four
year a ago This was when Justice
Itonry I Brown resigned and before
Justice Moody was appointed
Julc caae is that of Collector of In
ternal Iteau Ht of Chicago
against the executors of the eatate of
David C Woodman of tb same city
Dvd Woman of the
apaulsb war stamp tegMattoa The
ovUxtme oT tb come afe the pay
nrt et SeeatheM Um st taxx
m a TSe VHI Tx
t e B > vanuniit e can 0
argued on Monday
Washington March 31The ol
leellnRs In future
bill prohtWtlnif Illnl llu
bi marleta of the United State
the gymahl Ins re th U111
with amendment en aP to apply p
cincally to the cotton exchanges only
I lf I Indicated outcome of the deliberation
Indlte ol
liberation of th subcommittee
ItrllM committee on agriculture tn
which the antioption proposed legis
lation was referred
The subcommltte wa In session
unable to
until lute last night but was
reach a conclusion and will meet again
today In
A number of Important change
Introduced by
the bill Clr
bi Intru
The subcommittee
were discussed ubomltt
w T
1M aub
Incorporate a provllon
decided to PIt
stantlally similar to one of the sections
of th Mklns act relating to Immunity
pm Wr ruT IIANOIfiS
Washington March ireoldsiit
Taft last night sustained his reputation
nlht uln guoat at th
as a
JSarHy ball of the Navy HellM octety
ehrl bl yard Peel of th Mary
at the navy o
nv r
the preaMent upon hi
Meyer rcived prNnt up
A feature of the oeaakt was an
exhIbItion drill by l of the Mayflowers
and the navy
low af the Dolphin an nv
yard president Tafl dw Jbjjt once sad
then but for a few motnewto his aister
thn being hi
InTlaw More
Ila Mr Lul o bln
According f > other
Msr < h
lUnbur IIAlolnl
pisVraerS n the President OruDl Off
Ford Pin hot landed here yesterday le
night and pre ded this
remained over
rmlne Copenhagen He aopelred
morning list ss Qaylord apprO
on the psssenxer I the officials
When the steamer arrived ortcl
assorted they bad no knowl
of the hip rd on bosrd of the de
posed edge of chief time presence trrstr the Inltod tates
p It had bran persistently ported
was who summoned ptnly President
ioiiference on
for a 0fI
to Kurope
Ruev matter regarding which
conservation rdll
those differing with Mr Plnehot have
tl diler Taft
haTIhe of presIdent
had Ihf support
h embarking at New York Mr PIN
ebot was listed as Oaylord Bmlth In
that he might avoid reporters
ortkr once outside of New York har
However 011
Hopv to eoaveal his
made no
bar he atfpt l
Wernlty and conversed Freely IU other
paasenirri He did no male known his
Sefmlte intentions mtlll a meeting
Sun Mr Roosevelt but fellow paaaengers
sid they gained the Impression that such
a mertle wS
iii vl11 10 eopeohs4en Is for the pur
I of calling upon ii sister Ldy
pose Alan cllnl Urn the Brlllsh min
ister to Denmark who Is III
Washington Mart h SI Mimula funeral
menSes win held today for Jee1i
David J Brewer of the supreme court
of the United states and an hour later
the body wsOn its way for burial at
th b
Leavenworth Kan
The president the members of the su
preme eourt with the ieptlon of Jus
tice Moody who is 111 and representa
tives from the house and senate attend
tv the short service and nied as hon
orary pallbearer Otherwise only meet
oey of the family and a few intimate
rrletids were present All with th ex
ted of President fart wnt with the
> od > to tilt special ca at tilt station
bo classes In Oeorge Wsilington unl
rally when the lte justice was a
lecturer were abandoned and the uni
da versity buildings were coed during the
The train will arrive In Ieavenworth
on Raturda morning
O llr
Services will be h1 there In the Klrsl
I rongreiiattonal church and burial will b
In Mount MuncIe cemetery beside the
of the justices first wit and her
Two Hundred Thousand Will Stay i
Away From Mines Until Oper j j
ators Grant an Advance M j j
itewle lrhies e oHllal c f
llf SIII 0 f 11
CIHI itw lays 1
Indianapolis March 3tT MttM i
oale miner of the bltunriOMM
coal field of the United Statea will I
strike at 1 oclock tonight and will j
stay away from the mines utU the j
operator concent to pay an advance
In wages of five cents a ton according
to the announcement today from the 1
headquarter of the rmted In Work
er o Atneriaa In this city i
I have received no Information that
the miner n operators of any dis
trict will 0et together today said
Thomas L Lewis president o the o i
I ii barely possible there will b
Joint conference in the Indiana coml
district and In tlie Hcxklnf districts q
before nth We are so lr the
tristate conference at Cincinnati that i
there la hardly time for
tl district agree
ments t < > b made before th expiration i
of the tonight present working contract al midnight I I
District agreements will b made i
speedily and I am confident suspension
of work will continue only a few
fiTlyThe t
The executive board of t Min
union is In session today transacting i j
routine business The member will
leae the city tonight and Wilt go at L
once to their respective district tn
represent the national AdmiBtUrHtkMt
natonl ll
In the direction of th local strthe f
Chicago March 31The mot QBtln i a
litic of the local coal operator oj h
set 1 days aa the probabt dlr
of the shutdown of th coal IhMB It i
Illinois pending an adjustment o JU
ference between the bLISS miner and
the operator
That Chicago will feel t effect of
the shutdown In two week was the
prediction of coal men Kallroad and
the large manufacturing plant are
prepared for a suspension of J 9r 4
davs but mOt of the coal dealer have
only a little two k supply o R
Prices are expected to advance hrp >
ly to th small consumer
JIJIUhIL Jrlr il
uiYiriiis tliV1IItON 1
Rt Louis March 21The Illinois I
coal mineD itll leave the mines at 4iO t
this afternoon with their lamp n j
pick and will not reenter them until
a new wage scale Is signed The In I
crease In wage and the cost of shot
firing demanded by I h 7MOO Illlnoh 1
miners according to Q L Garrison a I
member of the executive board or the
Illinois Coal Operators association
amounts to 14601
O Mnlneii is March URumors I
that th Iowa coal operator are read
to grant an Increase of 5 cent aa asked
by the mine worker gained credence
b or Clee
following a visit of President John 1
Reese and a committee of operators to
a 0
the office of the state mining depart 4
ment today Afterward It wax learned
that the operator Indicated to the state i
mine officials thai they were willing to 1
treat with the men upon favorable 0
term lo the miners
Every mine In Iowa wll uP at
4 oclock this afternoon the Mm for
expiration of the wage scale
Kansas rity March 1Thle evening
the whistles of the coal mines 0 U
muthweetem interstate IteM will call 1
the men to work but the men t all
probability will no respond as they f i
have aaked fo an Increase In wage
meet which the operators say they cannot
tT southwestern coal field employs
T SCMO m producing UVMM
ton of coal annually and Is composed
t D r nnual t
of the state of Missouri Kansas Oklahoma
hams and Arkansas I
The operator of the southwestern
Te opr t luUwm
fields say they are well prepared for a
shutdown Railroads and lane con
sumers assort they are prepared
No Immediate effect pnp strike t
will b felt ro want of fact at leal 1
for 1 day the operator aay l
Ptt March 1At midnight to Iii
night approximately MMQ union coal 1
digger In district No5 will Irka At
that time the prevent wage contract ex
pire mind aa yet new agreements I
have not been Binned f
I ii believed however that the strike
In this dlatrlct will be of short duration
Kt iai Mmrh 31 tljllo ranch In
northern Mexico mite property of
ths late Lord lttiaaI Beresford was sold
here today to William and Kdward K 1
Warren of Thiv Da km Mich fo HWOOu
II old
The sale we concluded by Robert
Klines M COIl of the Mexican subsertv
taiy of finunci in behalf of Lord Admlml
Churls tUrenford itf the British navy <
brother ami tidmlnlRtrator of the estate
r LMtaval Beresford oll
Lord Berosfnrd was killed In a wreck
al Medicine Hat Canada about four
years ago
UulhelmamRhein Germany March
13It appear today that more than
KM person received mote or less ser
Iou laW when the steamer express
an down and ureikod a rnttltmsmy train
bound fur Htrasburg yesterday There
wa one death during the night mak
ing the total Ieat IS and nix others I
were Mild to 0 iHlnp The littma
wero MO Horn t
Two Rigiuil men hii V been rI l
and are itmiiied with s liilng given
both trains the tight of nay at the
me moment

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