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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, March 31, 1910, Last Edition, Image 3

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n yao a
4 1
utrr of Itnli WoolcroncrV ASM
ct er
d Is 1llIIhII Hocanllne
ItMi li s lnaiiatiruUtl
c H Htewart of the Utah
v t n
rs uoctalhwi made fui
I cr
this morning of thw UH
4 if nit nt
tna ondlttons existing In Ihe
Irtomto port of the stute and Jut
nitir lint In northern Arizona
r lt
0 urn extended observation
prnu b Illsho
what was told him by
ml Rom
of st UtOrge and other men
III m Unit territory Mr Stew
r that the policies oCr
i 4 un id
ii 1 not only n
t f i al er are
in I ikulated to wll > e out of
iul that ttr
1 n i une Industry that the
ttru jwn there are forced to de
I 1 11 tin ready money That
i r I I t fruits and grain dow
i these can not be marketer
r b
lira cost of Hauling them
I r l tn iillroad al Lund or Mo
a ine inhabitants tIre of un
m d kdd iducts only suvh eat
I on and have for years
1 I
j I uod niorlal depended upoi
v tl securing read
k using for
1 es
I uuich to buy clothesfarm
1 I r and nun other thin
1 ° t juld purchase for the
ubaecmnee the forest serv
AIoo tJ tracts of lane
I naw s vast
I md l + iluelens from a limb
I ay 11 111 I the tallest tries are oft
1 sciub cedar
mote than a <
n lofty heads Just above
r p i s of itage brush am
Y d maduaysrttlrougl
01 The roadways throng
1 CI tracts arc fenced In will
I n n
I ear M that trespass Is fort
d Ii n finest reseives Tirur
Irhim t i it harder on the k ca
m fart that the forest serv
I nb things Jo itrenuous If
I I u parts of the state as U
uid of sheep usually pas
1 don Into the southerr
I I i hi tale to compete will
r I I t In I lie frantic attempt
J it fiom the veer narrow
I j f Th favored California
II i my that has secured a
y i rho best part of the
itlon away from tin
1 nh wire born and broughl
I desirable
hm MI cornered
i that HMI stock owners
a r n irmrcl ring of the Call
nr mrpany ire forced tci
x It V mllex fr water and
I i the sheep haale
tn herbage for long dim
ittu have been starving
Utah ran
T i 7 ns of southern
u i i aunt why they nlmulj tra
HveHlMMti tf
1 I iKht of a
I chime of the forest serv
m nt In the net where Ihlt
ro cost are entirely inbj
inI to facer a foreign
nx that serin to be stand
t h th foicst ulnilnlstrHtton
t I tn d ruin of a long estab
mhiitry Mr Htewnrt
f matter up at once and
rah the Ith senators slid
i tl it thin Injustice may
I i I and a valuable liulus
r I 10 inir mm Mr Htewart
ii noon to the fart that It
thin that the
n h I irk 11
I the country is being
I n i irkeis nay they can
i n nth to Mipply the de
i it i imt such repressive
this acoided to the
i M mid cattle man that re
i In and plays an lw
i rr tn mafttng tmr isejThet
i h rf and mutton With
r i < neessary to g t sheep
i i rllrnncls und r pr a
they are In such ems
n IIIt they can not be
market but must be
al while lambs can
i it nil
ii i 11 icon Slmrt IInn
11 return 13000
01 return 4660
nv via Portland at
April 4th to Ith in
i illie 21 Jlaln Street
llnlnt luued by the
yesterday Itert Mc
o r employe of the Held
I iiiu > Is charged with
r i Ibid manager of the
> ton Iambi witness
I i Me Xrthur forged the
1 1 il > Id to a check for J10
National flank of the
d missed It on C H
I edrged that McArthur
to 00 similar checks
itcri gating WOO having
1 ivintnl at the bank
AM ItcArthiir has not
Iv FOi E 14
4 I JI ss
H alJtl
ir1 No mate how old lad
1 h faded your hair looks or how
long you have been gray it
j will work wooden for you
f keep you looting young pro
c m a luturiint growth cf
lieiltliv heir top iti tiling
re suex out tnd Positively Re
hove Oandrull
Woil not ml 1m or linen Will nl injure
Touthil Is Not n Dye
tt 008 lads BOA Botllest DnJii st
hllo Uay 8pecCoN v r kN JUaji
i c
Should not be neglected It lends to more
serious troubles lUlims that the Import
ant function of the liver are Imperfectly
performed The but inedh Ine to take for It
It the mild gentle end purely vegetable ca
thartic Hoods Pill which act on the lire
and bowel cure Mllousneu contttpatlon
morning ana sick headache break up ooldt
relieve uncomfortable fulness after dinner
Hoods Pills
Arc prepared by C I HOOD CO Lowell
Man Hold by all druggist and sent by
mall 1riceaSc
been seen about the city since Satur
day It In thought hr has left the state
Soldier limiting ThrniiBli Trniivini IIf
Imtn lii > D IK iitlicretl In
Mike Janeky a soldier wan arrested
at 11 oclock Wednesday night while
In the art of climbing over the tran
som of the Smith pawnshop at CI east
llrat South street 1111 wan arrested b >
1atrolmen Gritttn Fronts and Jllnton
and when searched at police head
quarter mix revolvers were found on i
him Jmekr might have escaped with i
the weapons had he not dropped one
on the floor The noise attracted a
patrolman and the three policemen
war watting for him a hen Janekv
climbed over the iranmmi He IB
charged with burglar In the Drat de
A private mf may be rented In the
nro and bur larproof vaults of the
Salt Lak Security Trim Co 35H
Main street SI 00 per year
Circular Sctllnr Inrlli SIIareloUII
MllllOll Id SIlIrllllmllJII
8uqUnK a program fur the ub
servance of Arbor ca > Friday April
IS Stale Supt of School Nelson ion
pent out a circular letter to the vt
rlous county superintendents of nrlloI >
In the state With the program ou
pent a ropy of the governor pri > < la
trsttUm designating Arbor rta y
The suggested program t ax follow
Hont to America Inxocallon read
Ing tire g < VeTh rli proclamation song
T1lli Urftnd OM Trees tune There
Music In the Air Why We observe
the Day recitation choice of trees
chorus eswy AfterCare of Trees
remarks by principal and school of
ficers singing Arbor Day March
air Marching Through Georgia
tree planting on achool ground
Imnk llcrniiiiin Meld In twnll the
Actltm of DMrkl Court
Frank Hermann under arrest for
perjury waived hU preliminary hear
Ing In Justice Illshops court Wetlnex
day afternoon and wan held to await
the actlnn of the district court
Hermann wsji suing for divorce from
hlii wife and while stlflng In Judge
C W Morses court swore that he did
not know when Ills wife wax and thai
he had not seen tier or heard from her
for many month Judge Monte at the
time had In hla possession several let
ter written to the woman recently by
her hiixband The divorce proceedings
were dlamlaaeil by the court and Her
mann wlullplacd under arrest on the
charge of perjury
One of the largest deal In orchard
lands made Ih Utah for some time wan
consummated this week when the
American Fork Fruit Stock farm
containing MO acre located on the
Inch three miles north of that town
naa ooh The purchasers were II f
Puffin prealdent of the American Fork
Heal Estate association and Salt Lake
and Mlllard county associates The
price la iJOOOO Mr DuIIln ban had a
lifelong experience In fruit culture
and he regard Utah county an one of
the beat fruit growing sections In the
slate There III no need of people isav
Ing Utah aye Mr Duflln and wok
Ing home elsewhere an Utah county
alone today hold out splendid opixr
lunllles far not less than 6000 inure
good energetic heal of famlllin There
are at least 190W ucre of fertile fruit
lama available In the north end of this
one county today
hikes of HOCK nit tlio Inrni nllIlIul
To Got limo licit Iteulls
The Mlllanl Arid Land oompmy
own 17000 acre of rich farm land
situated U mllea south of Klllmore Vv
old capital of the then territory of Utah
Th company now liaii upwurdv of 3000
acre of title large tract under cultUa
lion l > lantwl principally to grain
Some uf thlll dry land there hate i > n <
1 II c till IT buihel to the acre accord
ing to J A George who la connected
with the company
We hav bound that lied Turk I
wheat wlilcli by the way wis im
ported from IluMlu ut a coil of J9 a
hush l but coed ua good all the orU
Iud may now l > e had In various purm
of the state for Jl 10 a bushel the
regulation price of wheat doe lies
dun in Mlllard county planting about
TO pound to the acre We prepare the
soil a season before planting and ow
the grain us early tui June or July
Thin gives It a good opportunity to
sprout before winter helped on by the
nmUitiire In the lOll and the early fall
rain If by fall we see It Is approoca
Ing iUtiKn dy near to the booting
period we rent the land to tOme sheep
man and Ut him turn In a bunch of
hhP to clip the tender gram d wn
ti tin ground After the sheep urn
lemoNed U shoots up and II toady to
htu vet the following June
There 1i one Important feature of
grain ralaliiB that I overlooked by
mast farmers and that U every furor
hould hisss at leant a few hives of
t and a big grain term nhould
Imve an extensive apiary The bee U
quite essential to the proper distribu
tion of the pollen In the Held for you
moist remember there In male wheat
and female wheat and you cannot ma
ture a crop of good healthy plump
giutn without the two A field of male
wheat may grow up and be npjMirently
study to mature but It will hrlcl
up In the head and give no cop Th
bonny yield Itself will more than pay
for the trouble of keeping the boo
Many farmers have yet to loam
that the real profile of most farm
come In taking care of the noCi11o
lag end That ts having a mall
drove of hogs to turn Into the pasture
after harvest to clean up the fallen
chant and wit out the comer not
touched by the header or binder Thy
will require no other food for month
Then a hock of thicken can be kept to
advantage and made a paying aide
line Then the now a few sheep cot
eel brood mare all together will bring
more to the farmer than the grain
ytildH of mot farm when kept Inde
Indent of the aide feature hero men
Head The Great Apostasy by Dr
J IS Talmago a new hook on a great
ubject Drnerot News Hook Store
t rt rr rsc In ter
Iilrnllllcil by Ilolc mlinrlllcs ns An
MHhtlc or lIolhllrlllll Shut
ArroMifl nt ninim
That the young man who was with
Thorne sill Hays at notc was young
Mo Rtarse now st ins to be no
doubt ilia photograph has been icoig
nlsed by the Boise authorities The
following description of Morgan with
photograph have been sent to the
police all over thin part of the counfy
Offk of Chief of Police Salt Inks
city thWllntl tot hlghwn rub
bery and mum dcr Walter Morjun
kniun am mg HiMlates as lit Mot
gi and among the hobo element ac
uily Age S3 about 5 feet 7 Ikhl
weight 145 or Ito pounds ery htny
dark hah fluffy and Im lined to 11
curly dark brown eyes heavy eye
brows Kltlicr black suit with derby
hat or blown suit with blown derby
hat The above phiilogrnpli wan t ike i
four y oars Ago but In ci n ddci < d a ery
good likens
Morgan Is wanted for the murder of
George W Knwll or the night of
Mimh 241 110
Address ill cnmnmnliaton to 8 M
Hallow chief of police Halt l ike CItJ
For a short time WednemLu nlth
It was h > lled that Morgan had hr e i
captured Th following telegnin woe
ttelied by ehief of 1ollie Ilailow x
Chief of Iollce Malt Luke Cityl
hold otto Hardev suspect Salt Lake
holdup Bnturday night Hn father liv
ing east side ffl Halt lAke Sunday
Anr iHlgne IATY M iloiicx
chief of polie Nnn Idaho
Through i > il HMIHI p 1 u
roan tit Ih SIt Ixk ah alr Ilanlea
uiui Idi ntllled as a Salt Luke man a
iiirprntcr by trade who wfil to Idaho
rrtintl > In search nf work
With the cutting down or for appro
prlatlin for the state huxl tomrd from
J 1 1000 to StOtO the bonrd tins been
compelled to dlrpencr with the ncrvko
of its specie auditor and Hire clerkn
The land botrd Baked for the larger
appropriation but the mat board of
examiner carried out its plan of econo
mising Ihe fund Those leaving the
service of the board are J A Edwitrdx
special auditor William Pardo Mlsa
Myrthj Olson and Mlsn Harbarn Swan
Odeon dance hall wax the erne of a
merry party Wednesday evuilng the
Keith Brlln emplo > fx l irtli > lpatlng
under the direction of tin management
of the Institution There were nearly
300 employe present the pilnclpal ob
ject of the dancing being to penult the
employee to meet each other and to
promote general good feeling among
them All wore bade showing the
department to which they belonged
Punch was served Held band fur
nlnbetl the music and the hall vyai
decorated with flags and palm Alto
gether this KetthOnrlrn twill wn one
of the successes of the iiprltig seaon
Dr Fred J Peck today lectured to
tht H rtblblent club on The Nebular
Hxinn > Md > In > ntii iih ill he
eiuLt he ihr Iii it 1 nhrrag
inlTtrs tle ittT yrr chi u d
to study the formation of the moun
Friday morning Prof Wm It Roy
lance of Provo will address the stu
dent nt the regulir chapel exerclees
The senior cluss has decided to wear
caps und gowns to chapnl exercises
during Die n malnder of the year
At 190 tonight the students will at
tempt their firm modern lansruaae
meeting In the assembly room the pro
ram to be as follow Oertnan songs
by a luartet oompnoed of Oennan Hv
dents Hpanlnh fare In two ItmlnuW
acts Hpiintsh dance sons by a quar
tet of French students olte art French
The evening wW be ghfn neuter tltI
WMW H lima uR 1 hoe lawi v
auspices of the Modern Language
Iiil i n AVntFon formerly manager of
the Z c M I of Ogden Is In the city
today on business
Air Wtlltam Tlm v Jr Mrs Me
Knight and William Thaw of Pitts
burgt Pa ant registered at the
KnuUford today
J 1C Klnion of the UalUd hate
navy hospital of Los Angeles Cal Is a
gue t at the Kenyon hoteL
M U lltilTnwn a prominent min
ing man of Park city In registered
at the Kenyon having com down on
John ririiiniliis a wellknown min
log opiratoi of pnitland Or In down
ft ITI the north > looking Into Mime
minlni mtters iti tit sertinn
Mr mill Alr 11 H Hour r Nw
Haven Conn are guests at the Cul
len Mr Rowe Is one of the propel
torn of the George M Fltsch Hard
ware Manufacturing cumpany with
Its plant at New Haven This Is Mr
Roves first trip to the west
1illuroronl1fr and Mrs M W
ilusby rrhann Ill I > iivld Goodman
hex Stern Clucagn H F White
Montana c F otto Mr and Mr K
J OUgherty New York Mr and Mrv
J A Dameron Amerln Fall Ida
Walter Raleigh New York R P M
Ltfinan and Mln M l ennun 1
couver n c
IfOliynn J Alex Sloan New y
J B amore Pueblo co A M h
kr Tonopah Net W L Jlnffin
Park City Mr and Mri N1 Li
wod Logan Jnmrj R v hn A
Leaver Mr and Mrs J 11 P tor
J Moor Kanmn City Sum 1
CullFii Henrr JWffsrson f r
J W 8tlnnr Helper T Ms
Idaho Palls Mr and Mrs H i I < I
lels Montrose Crib Mr amt M <
B Rowe New Hsvon Conn X It I
Moor flew York W M Lewis 1
i WlUm Mr and Mri Go Si r
Rlekflwld Jnme Ooopi R H L I
Ogden James P Kennwly Inlrn t t
AI Utah A A 11t > i > Caitle nal
B D Rowles < ddneld W J Mihu
Una Net Thomas De Lit MII
Tooele Miles T Steel Inn Franco
MOMIIII 9 ff Doyle R B Brown
Ogden Mr and Mm Tny Robin in
Butte J C Jones Provo Mr and
Mrs J M tone IMrtlnnd Mr ant
Mrs U E Reaney Mrs H B Martin
Evanston C M Bpaldlns E f > t
Louis J N Hall Buffalo
New WliuUxir Alma Stray IHirlnr
ville J R Merfpr Rlngham Alex 01 h
on NfU Anden vn Park City A T
Oberg iirl ti Paul IMinRan Txigan
< M It trl 1iovo U c AtkUi R
If Cildwll TorIo 1 c Lleh 11111
KHnHa tit
6rti r
1 t v
This Fine Book
Thousands of copies of which have
been sold at THHKB DOLLARS each
can be had by paid up subscribers to
the Dally SemiWeekly or Saturday I
New for i
65 Cents
On application at the Circulator
window i
Postage 35 Cents
Iur C H
or un IID <
Profit ShalDino Sales Friday
WjUGZ i i
lI l oTj Cliflil3j z zI
The Object of These Profit Sharing Sales Is to Turn Friday From
One oi the Dullest Days in the Week Into One oi the Most Active
At the time vc made the announcement of our Ij oclock closing on Sat unlays we decided we would be willing to pay if we could make
Friday one of tIll busiest days of the nook and we hit upon the plan of Sharing profits of taking from all Departments Items and selling
them without profit to ourselves on that one day of the week
The Object is to make it so worth while to como here that you cant afford to stay awayand that means giving up our Profits in order to
pay you for shopping on Friday But wo cannot fill Mail Telephone Orders as you can easily understand under such conditions The thing
do is to como A careful Canvas of these Items will mean real Savings to you Try it
I Capes
r 1175
II I a tit iM
N r Ladies Bells Ribbon Sale Ladies Hose
Iadlc taffeta silk < lrx < ± In
lOc drudrs III 2f c heat 3V Grade nt 2 > c Per Pair
f navy black recede but or nntna
Made of good cjualltN Uiybetelntll lle it SOi YiiIucH nt 2Sc Hmitlful pure silk moire nr ladle Ma > o Cotton Hone light In the new and popular styhs itii
6 Inches wide vvul t line and full plea I skill
and taffeta ribbons
Bills and
black navy Fun y lilt it urtet plain
12 Inclu long In liaux weight In fast black or tan hrai
of the dainty pastell of nobby Klustlc HeIts with teary and a variety of el guru fancy alb trimmed with silk lriM in tu
a variety mllltarv effect very stjimu buckles the masons newest und I tin the very bent roc values on the bent of all 35t hosiery values 1011111 t II rICIIIr at 91 lu
hadfii and popular garments 600 vat on best sale 50c at st > lcs 25 C wile ard at a 25c at on Hale 25c tiny Kil 11 75
rFr 3 98
Iav ftn ttxwa rsrr r
75c Maline Bows Ladies Cotton Hose Ladies Hose 124c
JrlUI ea t art Grades at lllc Hot 2fo innle nt tilt 1er Iulr Ilcwt SOo null at 12c Per Pair f
Ruffled White Swiss Beautiful full and Huffy inullne flit Hurnun colored Knitted all black Btrl th tics senmlexM or LaduH taut black sramleMi cot P e1C I es
o bows silk or Kilt Doutuche braid Murk with balbriggan soles In all ton host all sixes 11 itli double
Curtains trimmed In white and colnre b1 ladles size the bt grade heN and toe the try IK st 20c
All the lust < Hinting all th be < it
J5c values on an sale grade on sal < at 121 t g
21 surd lone and 29 Inches sale > at 19 C at 19 C per pair JL mit C stvleie AT IKSrf THVN fisr lj I
wJdoAT LIS S THAN COST2 > ards rdx i iiMoin 61 ° C
at a ard
to a utmtr e
pair rust30c at
at a Hair Childrens That Dress
Black Kid I a r 40c
I Ginghams
250 Pieces Outlon School Great
Shoes In thp populir White India
White English t a ishf blue simoon
f Linen 1 1 IAM limn Coo Linens
SSith sbfhnl 1Lexaynnia ILJ lnon ijI
ai U varda too
L t
Long 0 i ni mi01 huIItt i
Cloth50 rates jtli Jtat customer at a
1Long v a tip Sl1 < to Sale I s yard r 1 1 t Made of the flnet Ftr > ptlnn
ianl bolts worth i 50 a I H vuhh tl iO jam Ar LhnS THAN cST 10
bolt at LISS THAN coST 1 nt pr pair ½
l 71 C r > ards to a e imtomer
Almost 22
bolt to a uxtomor 1 49 mos l at a > ard C
at a bolt 98c
100 Ladles Kid Over S125 Couch J 50c
Nottingham Lace 1 t I Street or HURRY Covers Le P i D oor
If care 75c Percale DrrssJno
you >
ttJ In Persian strip
Dress Shoes
Curtains 1101 2 5 Ill > TJIHII Rnlala ODe to share in ffeet Il las Sacqucs 39c
Iolnt DEsprit Center Kffects lleautiful new white lawn Vltli fight or such un imu tna1 to Fine < percale In icrey or dressings navy Panels
ual ts In six different nt > len ti sole
o n v uBtomer nt
1 artl long omer
lIorIer3 yards a c UM
with Grecian
matchablo Iolnk RTouml wit h fancy
and 3G Inches wide white or cream trlmtncd with rmbroldor worth up to 3 Bach design sixes 34 to 44 A Irish point iff i v 1 LER8
lace or fine tuck nip XIZCH 24 nt per pair values this
AT LKSS THAN COST 2 pair as good ilir Ht ib Krl TJfVN oOMl1 to a i
sell Kulur at
44 Thc
p a
to 19
tn a uMomcr 1 95 offers 55 c la nrlt C
at a pair 50 C ut U j rrkla > 69c S19S sale at 39c turner Ht u >
ciiaosi ritmYY risoM iaoo iivrs AT 075 0
t 75c B Ie Sew even lluiiigli the Irlct Iyyl11Y 075 60c Satin Striped
r C Bengaline
enga hr has offered Frldu am full nf ila hlng hall k
and harming Im laded are all the uv li id + I
d1l i
1 I Challies 37c r
trimmed In latent styles ont yon pl < a < iiipiii
1 c y t SIlk 29c Yard them with the J12 00 Hats Iwhrc a nl fir r
11lld Y ourMlf If they arent rally better 75 1 xoo yards of Satin striped chat
0 7V 1 lit a 80 Inches wide In plain colon
l I ZOO > anls of Heiigullne 8llk 18 hoi e cltli satin striped fancy figures and t I t I
1 Inches wide In all colon also black CIMS AXII HOYS intimirxTs oral de lgos ales fancy colored tics Ii W r l I t 1
white and cream b < autlful silky llVNDKICltClIIKI tiara All with satin stripes elegant
0i q c MUallty suitable for ladles and chil In fine while cumhrlK In instIthvl tier fabrics suitable for lacMeH and chll UJP
ri dresses waists and Kimono
drens dresses walats and touts era Special 4 FOR 25 C regular value 60c on sale Friday it s4 I
76 salu
regular value 96r on Friday at
speclal price per at CIS Me upeclal price per 37e
III 29Cat SOCKS reed I i
II Yard lie values In fast black or tan Maco 7111 C I y i
II I ottoii special at
I ry 11 + I Ladies Childrens BOc Jersey ribbed UMIieitWlSAU shirts and drawers 29c Childrens Childrens A
I Upctlal Per garment Cotton Hose
t Black Kid Hose DIUCSH SIIIUTS HOYS 75c alues I Mi knkkr Cotton Best 2licGrndn
plain or
ii 150 valuus
ii j il d rants booker or straight kaet at hay Ier Ialr F
3V Quiillly ut ileated fronts cuffs on or
pleab st > les HIM i lal A gkll Hose t
I Of Tcr fair letached spe 95 C atPy 9 C childrens Una
500 Dress Skirts Oxfords getable Milk lIul at J Vr BOYS SIMtlVti SlITS Hot tsar tuck ribbed medium
hose In fast black i IUn irr Iulr eight fast black 500
VXIOX SlITS tl 40 Suit siz i to lit 10 lVr
2 45 1ith patent tip or tan all still Mercrlzed silk 18 n pe I II i tan red pink Junior Jackcls 222 f
drenM RlxvH the J3 00 xr dpe rfarkl 5245 st black or tan blue or white
and blui hor cal AI a
a c > ults the most perfect tlnr rlbh > d cotton Timer H oar xtraordli
p re t I I r N t J5 seamless cotton
pre I
r 01 Idled
nD d lt
tar hu1
In mA
K raln > in < an
xklrtH all sit IWMI tilting ton hwe In all
Ladles In allama or
panama stocking In an 2 23 value all i ki host In all sixes ttnnty lull j ii ki 1
HUllllan cloth colors black lant sold evrY excellent wearing IpecUl ill dal hlldrti M MlzllI an excel ten t M HI X K b > 1 eu i
navy or era In four dliittiut Mhero at 2 50 quail Friday HOYS ISTS t ill ut 3 35 Ih > bMI u eitrliiK wearing prett 21x1 wetyht
Ph 1lh
1uhlt w fuy 11
style In the new pleated effects while they trade Imlucer at JrOIsJoS 1 < r quality for 20a kl nit
I Friday 7n 8I1TS th n bbl stocking rare aav or rd 5erg
fects all sizes 15 00 values last at par pair per pair JIO and 50 Milues est spring s tI s 0 lrlcla at per pair I sain Friday til oa hlk and Klt
day Fri 245 195 19c pTHlHt 25 c pal 495 10c 2c oIu 1 > 222
< n 557

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