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Comer of South Tmple ud Glut Tem
pie shoats salt LAe CIty Utah
horses U Whitney tWIne Mensger
8Cl CKirm > N MUCKS
lIa Advenes
< < 00
Rv Mall per > 12
iu ousters per yar
smi rwI per year flrt
lurch Nwu per yr ar y Iir
rvesptednl I sad other resdlnR mat
1 1 for puWicsllon should be 1Idsrd
Ullr w sit bdslesai eowMunlcatloiw
j sit reNltaatre
pelt LftM CI Cub =
I eaulWesNow York
tern epe
J nknn f > AMorn Fltt Iron Bulldln
l I sA W UMeurar HulicUnlf
i nun at t s pMoflce of Salt like
> as second claw mattir nccordlnK
1rt of Centres March JICT
The cnuntr superintendents of schools
In this stale recently passed a cost
imn fuwtait the establishment of
rectal chenta for mfH delinquent by
rMwn of physical mental or moral
In diet educational rmpolMm of
current school problem IOTUM br the
Ituh Educational Review Wt Had hi
the ddress of MIN AdA Van Stone
Hitii i of Hew York ample proof of
he rscessJty for mach Institutions aa
lhe asked for by the oowitr super
fl mlents
Ml + n Harris shows the Importance of
n rII al Inspection of Hcneol pupil and
b CCI that only In thte way can
b brought to the knowledge of parent
in i teachers those partly
iihtskal defer is that Impair health and
retard mntal progress Mr dyes
who III In charge of the Rusesll Sage
foundation for the Investigation of
backward children believes that the
latter class often constitutes oni third
jf the entire membership of the ele
mentary school and recent Invevtlgu
lion tend to conttrin this amazing
itKttment Thus It hm been acer
rained that of more than M46M ehll
Len examined In the schools of Masea
husetts 81000 were defective In vtelon
nd 2ZWO In hearing It le elated on
fllabto authority that 99 per cent of
hr school children of Germany have
lifertlxe teeth and examination lies
hon the Mine condition In American
towns 117 caves of adenoid are re
ported tor a single city
Dr Cronin chief medical Inspector
New York City In a paper read before
lhoe Sibuol Hygiene Aiaectatlan of
America stated that all children re
ported backward Uy vartons teachers
of thee 91
were examined and out
MIl cent were found to have physical
Dr nil ley examined the eyes of
UK school children and found that 4IT
jer cent had some defteleney of vision
Dr Sexton examiner ITO school chI
Iran at New York City and found 113
xr cent had denolent hearing In one
> r both ear Of the only one wa
known by the teacher to ba defective
ind onty ten knew themselves to be
le clflt In thin serow
In ctndnn It haa ben found that
18 per cent of the school children of
hat city are behind their proper grade
in the iwheoli b cruse of defective eye
tight hearing and other ailment
HIM HarrU holds that If a special
law is to be formed Ilia necessary
Irat of all to organise It under con
moles which make success possible
In every school or ch < yvl district with
in enrollment of a thousand children
there should be found special claoaen
The school or Institution eannot
he peculiar problem of the backward
mil dcflHent child It le to he beet
cowed through special handling with
tpvctally trallMKl teachers In well or
panned special ungraded or grading
liasnes In close eonnectloli with the
traded ctaesea
Various authorities have said that a
hlW who habitually frowns squints
> r sugars from Vieadachea or show
dgns of nearalghtedn has a die
urbanco rf eight and should be recom
tiendeU for exarolnallmi by an oculist
f the CUM la beyond the simple testa
vhich nwy be made by the teacher
Apparent Inattention U often Indicated
ty poor bearing The child who la M
ilnd and keeps his mouth open awl
las a vacant enpreaeton has adenoids
IVheti this growth wells It of en
c the nose M ffectUHlly WI a
itnptMr cteeeo the entrance of a Iwt
lIe Swift In hto Mind In the Making
i in s is D < Mfn M even poor
lyealynt adds to the lawrttuds ro ulUm
tool It depleted aystem caused by
ulenoM make the child Xuplii In
Mhool as well us Inattentive and all
he time his teachers are wondering
nhy he will not 40 all hU work
There are no physical defects of
hlMhoo that have such a stupefying
Mert on mental life an have note and
hroat obxtnictlona and none are more
lastly helped
Adenoiihtl amwth not only produce
mouth breathing but deafness aa well
Ih4P proper dovetopment of the brain
c prevented by shutting oft IU direct
wpplr of ojtxnen
The jwrallon for this trouble U a
ilmple ene and not very painful In
ivory Instance In our schools where
this abnormal growth has ben re
moved there haa he n a visible bright
mlnir of the poor vacant and dis
tressed face of the sufferers better be
havior and better scholarship Where
is when the adenoidal condition IK l
owed to remain the child often sinks
nto a state bordering on Idiocy
The State owes to Itself aa well aa
o the abnormal child the duty of
tnabllM the latter to take care of
llmeelf ad to be a help net a bur
i n to the community In which wi
ives It would seam that medial In
ipertion to ascertain tile extent and
number of such delinquents le the
ant step that should be taken
We notice from an Item In the At
antto Review of April 11 that one
lev A f Chapman who Is said to
lave been a missionary In Utah ha
nterUlned the Y M C A of Atlantic
Sly with some lurid tales about the
jitterflay gaunt Prom the report It
4pe ra that lie spent four years In
Men and that flurtivg this time he saw
Tily To Ixittcr day Pants ° chnnpn
their faith so that his missionary ef
forts like that of to many others wo
an entire failure That accounts of
course for hie hatred of the Mor
mon Hut has he ever stopped to In
quire whether he himself was qualified
for missionary work Judging from
the falsehood he told his audience at
Atlantic City we would think that it
would be a good thing for him If some
Mormon Elder by divine aid could
convert him t 0 repentance and a new
The Rev gentleman Mid If correctly
reported that Mormonlsm Is u menooe
to the ChriftUenlty of the West Pray
what U the ChrlMtanlty of the WestT
Mormonism la a menace to uln In all
Its form It Inculcate truthfulness
honesty chattily soberness humility
and every virtue It to a meftaos te
tyranny for It seta men and women
free it Is a menace to the public graft
for it demands hot men In office
It la a menace to the saloon and the
brothel for It reveals the eternal con
sequences of debauchery It Is a men
ace to the kingdom of satan for It pre
pares the way for the kingdom ef hear
en Rev Chapman la not even original I
In hie accusation The Captain of our
Salvation himself wa hated l
ed and put to death as a menses to
existing Institutions
The Prophet Joseph when flaetaz
from the persecutors at Ktrtland form
ulated the following as a motto of tile
The Constitution of our country
formed by the fathers of liberty Peace
and Rood order In society Love to
led and good will to man All good
and wholeeonw lawn virtue and truth
above all things and urMarohy llv
for ever But woe to tyrants mobs
arietocraoy anarchy and toryUmi and
all thorn who Invent or seek out un
righteousnMM and vexatious law suite
under the pretext and color of law or
office either religious or political Uxalt
the standard of democracy Down with
that of primtcraft and let all the pea
pta say Amen that the blood of our
fathers may not cry from the ground
against us Sacrwl Is the memory of
that blood which bought for us lib
Such are the sentiments of every true
Lntterdtty alnl Such Is Mormon
Ism If that Is a menace to any
thing Mr Chapman holds dear ire
hope It will bo more than a menace
Wa hope Mormonism will be Its
moil VAniis HIGH lmu G liT
The Hallway Record of April 9 m a
leading editorial argues for a general
and Immediate advaws In ralrway
freight rates One reason given Is the
general advance In wages that has
taken place recently Another Is the
necessity for the immediate expenditure
of a bllllim dollars on raltwuy equip
ment In order to take care of the ex
panding volume of hutlnvM The Boo
ord rwllnvea that the shippers will bo
more benefited by the Increase In trans
portation faellltkti than they can pon
slbly be Injured by any advance In
freight ratM which the nude may be
compelled to make
Ah Increase In railway freight rates
means an addition to the retail cost of
the articles transported U means that
the men whose wages has been raised
must pay part of the Increase book Into
the treasury of the rod It means that
the benefit to thn employe will be les
sened by the Increased coat of living
It means another spurt In the eternal
race around the circle In which WaKes
atunys vainly try to catch up with
the cost of living First there le
a raise In the cost of the neees
SArlei of life then after n struggle a
ral In wages nut aa soon an the
wages Increase up go the necessaries
of life Them seems to be no end to
this continuous performance until a
panic comes and deranges everything
preparatory to a freeh start In another
handicap race between wages and the
cost of living
Htlll we cannot but regard the addi
tion to wages aa a good sign The
Pennsylvania railroad has voluntarily
rained the pay of 191000 men 6 per
cent making aggregate rules of from
JGOOOOOM to tl9060000 a year The New
York Central system has offered In
ciuaeen eetlmated at JtWOOOO a year
TlM Philadelphia k Heading system an
nounces a raise In the wages of 11000
mm at a cost of MM9000 and mtb
dentist advances In the wage of both
trainmen and telegraph operators on
other Important roads are simultane
ously reported The men certainly need
this addition to their wugw at this
time but the ultimate consumer which
Included the men themselves and every
hudy ales furnishes the funds
An interesting account of too sugar
industry In lineal llrilatn is pubHshtnl
by the Unltwl Htatao department of
commerce and manufacture
Speclttl Agent II fitiulnlozko wilting
from London stale that the conmimp
tlon of augur In Orwit Ilritaln to greater
per capita than In the United Slate
The per capita consumption In the Uni
ted states In 1M7 was 8161 pounds
while the poor capita In the Uivltwl
Kingdom was 8619 In 1000 and M In 1000
In 150 the United Kingdom Imported
MOM tons of miHwr and the per capita
ootMMjmpllon won It pounds Per OKI vi
ta Increased tn II pounds In 1870 M
pound In ISM 71 pounds In 1S90 M
pound In IIKW and 66 pounds In 1N
The ImllOrtlll last y or aggregated 170
GOO tons of SHO ounds eaoh
In IHK refined sugar sold par hun
dredweight of Hi jiounds at an aventga
price of SI1 This price was redueml
In 11160 to JTOa In 1600 to Jl T4 and In
1W8 to JI01 which waa the lowest saver
age annual price In 1906 it mm to
1141 white In IMS It was IX In 191
foG tar refined sugar has roM for X il
with H fair imMpect of a further ad
vance Duvar WHS retailed In London
the first week In March at from S to SH
renta per pound In 1874 the sugar du
ties In Gnat Hrltaln were abolished ex
cept on brewery sugar and In ISM this
was also abolished In 1161 dude were
relmjwsed to the extent of 81 for each
lit pounds of M per cent polarisation
and over which means all refined sugar
The raw sugar duties wens reduced ac
cording to quality 57 cents duty for M
par cent polarization beet auger and
49 cents for each 112 pounds of 76 polari
zation In May 1008 this duty was re
duced to 37 cents for OS polarization
signr and the tams proportionately on
a down scale applied to raw sugar M
In 1801 so that 88 pr rent polarization
beet sugar paid 30 cents for each Hi
Noting that the Britteh hundred
weight is lit pounds we penwive that
sugar is much cheaper In Britain than
In any of the itwurproducing muntrie
of Kiirw sveral of which pay boun
ties on exports of sugar
It In a further curious feet that
though Ot llrltaht onnewiiM HO
mueh sugar she has very few refineries
Than are according to Mr 8tudnl zkn
but two auger reHMrieM In London four
In Liverpool and live on UM bank of
the Hirer Clyde In gcotjand In addi
tion te thaw regular sugar refineries
there are also ta brewery tIft a
la London which produw only brewery
sugars called saaah rtn which how
over Ie as t to be Onto n4ed with the
tlOfLl tel product of other JOg IOfI
British liners are pennltted to send
their sugar free Into the ententes most
of which Pace mstrictlOM on the Im
portation of Russian and other bounty
fed sugar
One good storm desert another
Cheek often succeed where brains
wOIfoI fail
MftbIaIl Lana prefer a highball to
a low ball
What kind of day dreams do million
aires have
Showing off doesnt straw that a
man Is off
II tu burp Mill smokes but the erup
tion appears to be over
The census takers should take the
coruoneiM of opinion on the census
Surely the crowned heads of Hunpe
are giving the Colonel a square deal
Those Daughters of tho Revolution
earn to have descended from airwwns
Neither an setreitomer Jeffrie and
Johnson are both solar plexus experts
A good memory It a good thing but
some declare that a convenient memory
Is better
It Is said that good Americans when
they die RO to Part Colonel Roosevelt
who Is a good American has dispensed
When I road a week ago lost Wed
nesday of the death of Prof William
a Sumner who aa Yales teacher of
political and social science for 37
years gained International fame and UM I
affection of thousands of Yale men I
recalled how I once helped Prof Hil
ly as he was known to Yale men to
take his Initial and only plunge Into
practical politics
I am satisfied said the professor to
me one day a few years after ho had
joined the Yale faculty that It Is ex
senUa that one should have had some
personal practical experience If he In
to write with full Information upon
political subjects Can you suggest any
way In which I can Ret that nxpert
enoeT And the professor gave me one
of hit engaging smiles
Do you mean that you > want to hold
office I asked
I dont care a rap about any office
for Itself was the reply I havent
any ambition to be an officeholder Hut
I suppose that In that way you con get
behind Ole curtain and see tho real
workings of practical politics
That was a hint sufficient and a day
or two later I was able to tell Prof
Humner that the leaders of his party
In the city of New Haven would bo
delighted to have him ooctpt the nom
ination for alderman from the ward In
which he lived
The professor banned the pleasure he
I seems to me that IN just about
what I would like to have he wild
I suppose If I am elected I will be
nand a member of some eommtttee
and then I will am the actual working
of lily politics Yes Ill accept the
nomination for alderman
In due course Prof Sumner wits nom
inated triumphantly elected without
his having spent a cent and appointed
NHV woiuc Volt THIS nuvn
From a Consular Report
Consul Horace Lee Washington de
scribes a novel method Introduced by
the Liverpool school for the Indigent
blind to enable some female pupils to
become selfsupporting Qualified ex
perts have b eii engaged to teach cer
tain blind Inmates the massage treat
ment of patients This furnishes a
new moans for these unfortunates to
provide their own livelihood Records
have been kept of those who have left
the Institution qualified to practice as
inamMgn nurses and the reports are
most encouraging This work Is al
ready a familiar employment of blind
women In many places In eastern coun
tries Another somewhat unusual trade
In which soles of the blind are being In
structed and from which good prac
tical results have been obtained Is
piano tuning
New Haven Register
It Mama scarcely a decade ago that
the reproach of the abandoned form
was very keen In the breast of Con
necticut Kven as recently as that
you could find them by the doom In
OilY uf the hill towns of the state In
any town well removed from the cities
Can they be found now The Wllll
mantic Journal says not In an ar
ticle In a recent Issue written with
circumstance and detail which stomp
It as leased on carefully obtained In
formation It declares that around WII
Itmantlc the abandoned farm Is no
more It says that where once the
problem wax to find a customer for the
farm the prevent problem Is to find
a fnrm for the customer It cites one
real e < dat dealer with JO customers
for farms nn his list and not a farm
with which to supply them It men
tions another with a customer willing
to pay J500C lash for a farm and
waiting In vain And this Is In the
heart of the mmty whose report from
one of the agents of tho Connecticut
Missionary association startled the
ntnlr hv the conditions of abandonment
with the formality of dying and gone
to Paris Hut he never was a respec
ter of precedents
Dr Wlloy has never taoklod the serv
ant girl question Which shows that the
doctor Is a wise man
Before a ehlkl follows the toot
nteps of Its father It should know
where the footsteps lead to
The drugstores ash cure by the pound
but It I4J Impossible to get an mine of
prevention at one of them
If a man wants a right good clnche
on anything he should get a good hair
one they are by far the best
The pntltldatw do not seem to think
m much of the President as the people
do After all It Is the people who count
Uncle Joe says that he laughs
best who laughs last He and the In
surgents are still grinning at each
AH President TtUt and Mr Ilryan did
not ilaeiMM the tariff or politic they
must lmv tAlked of the cloud In lite
wet and wondered whether It would
brine foul weather
The election of Mr Havens over Mr
AW ridge In the Thirtysecond New
York congressional district was a
double entendre Democrats and Repub
licans giving It different meaning
Rostand U said to have received al
ready over three hundred thousand
dollars from the production of Chan
ttaptr Por him Chantfcler Is the
goose that lay the golden eggs
Senator Aldricha announced deter
mination to retire from the Senate at
the expiration of his present term
mean that he has abandoned his plan
to save the government throe hundred
million dollars annually
The Went does not come Rest to
search In historical society libraries
for the worhs of Tacitus and Qiuytm
It waste a thin faded autobiography
of an emigrant or a sheaf of Illiterate
letters from a pioneer on the prarles
says the Itaeian Transcript Poor be
nighted West What a pity It cannot
have Commonwealth avenue for Its
promenade and Copley Square for Its
lounging place Poor West Happy
By J E Edwards
This dally series of anecdotes and Incident that throw new Interesting
and frequent dramatl light on famous events and personalities of the past
have been collected by Edward during nearly forty years of more or less Inti
malI qullinlance with mny of the countrys leaders since the Civil war Each
allfodGle or Incident ii fresh from Mr Edward notebOok and either In whol
or In part > It constitutes New News of Yesterday garnered from the men who
Sfr1 neweIhe hilloror from equally authoritative sourees AS Itn
p4 > rtant eontrlbutle of the
contrlbutlpoj Human Interest sort of American history the
artlales have a dlttlngtlve value all their own
to the cewtnlfue on which he preferft
10 sene He took up his duties nth
great Zjoojt JIe was the dtatlngulshe1
merrtbor of that board
But quite same time bnfnre the year
was over It was observed that the pro
fessors interests In things political be
gars to abate When the time come
for a new election he was utterly in
different to a renomlnatlnn In fxt
he let It be known that he preferred
not to tx rennmlnated his wishes wens
respoctw andhe was out of practical
A feet weeks islet I met tho profes
sots You should have remained on
the hoard professor I said I have
no doubt that you could have Rone
from It to the legislature after another
term <
He shook hU head froro sly
No sir he said I have had my
experience I have been behind ths
curtain I have loomed that human
nature and ambition play a far greater
part In political life than do academic
arguments or any logical assertion of
this or that principle I have AIn
learned that If any one Is to Buweol
in public life It In far more Important
that he have a certain toot n real or
manufactured magnetumi the mastery
of the tmlenco
of hoodwinking and very
thorough knowledge of human nature
than It la that he should bo learned or
know the history of the federal con
Now them are quallBmtlons I do
not prwsees I never would succeed as
a public officer and If I felt iusnm < d
that I would I wouldnt touch a public
office Hut I have learned my Irs n
well I know the other side now The
years experience has been of Inestim
able value to me for this reason I am
HtUIled no morn office holding fur
me And the pmfw Hir smiled the dry
smile of kno < wledffo gained at the cost
of disillusionment
and denotation and consequent depravi
ty It d > eel sed This report from VII
llmantlo Is not single In Its testimony
The demand for farms from other sec
tions of the state agrees with this In
large degree
Dr llobort B CouKhlln In Medlal
Old afire 18 the period where one finds
a gaunt many conflicting opinions but
the evidence appnars to be In favor of
regular exercise and plenty of It up to
old age especially If one has been ac
tive In early and middle life H Toep
pen In the New York Medical Journal
mentions A man In Holland who was
70 when he won n welleontented skat I
ing race Alan a man pat TO who
came In ninth In a 30mU race which
occurred In France a couple of years
Him He sums up by stating that It
Is futile to try and lay down general
nlie limits for the different kinds nf
athletic sports One of the most re
markable feats for IIn aged man ever
recorded Is the great performance of
Edward P Woetnn who at the age of
TO walked from New York to San Iran
clean In 106 days One year prior to
this he walked from Portland Me to
Chicago averaging nearly 10 mile a
day and covering 1100 miles Vfcston
has been an athlete all his life as In
an Interview with a reporter he said he
exercises every day excepting Sunday
His habits have always b < m good and
he Is n strict temperance man
ruospisniTY AS A noosTum
Philadelphia Bulletin
The buslnoee boom which now seems
fairly under way In most of the United
H tat ex Is having an encouraging effect
on postal receipts Where there was a
deficit last year of more than I1T060
I 000 It la now predicted that the short
age for this year may not exceed one
third that amount At the same time
too much Importance should not be
placed on postofHre deficits so long as
these are of moderate proportions The
main thing Ifc to serve the public con
venience promptly and effectively
The ship upon clearing the harbor
ran Into a halfpltchlng halfrolling
wan that became particularly notice
able about the time the twentylive
passengers at the captains table rat
down to dinner
1 hope that nil twentyfive of you
will have a pleasant trip the cap
tain told them aa the soup appeore < l
and that this little assembly of
twentyfour Will reach port much
benefited by the voyage I look upon
these twentytwo smiling faces much
as a father does upon his family for
I am responsible for the safety of this
group of seventeen I hope that all
fourteen of you will join me later In
drinking to a merry trip I bslleve that
we eight fellow passengers are most
congenial and I applaud the judg
ment which chose from the passen
ger Itst thus three persons for my
table Xqw and I my dear sir er
here steward Urine on tUe fish and
clear away Iheee dishes National
Frugal North Briton In his first ex
perience of a taxThere monstopt
I hae a week heart I canna stand
that hangt wee machine o yours
markln up thae tuppences Punch
Bath Phone 3569
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sents the great struggle hutwoen
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our better suits
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WI10 i
Who purchases the supplies for your power
plantth fuel boiler compound packing
belt dressing oil waste gage glasses oil
cans belt lacing odds and ends
Who receives the salesmen and listens to their
voluminous arguments
Who listens to the complaints about this oil
and that boiler compound
Who listens to excuses for lack of power and
shut downs
What your time Worth Add that to all your paLter
plant bills and contrast the total with the coil of our central
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ate your plant aleclrleally
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pantry and bathroom too i
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liness Gives such a hard I
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absorbent and sanitary An
occasional wiping with a damp
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applied and costs no more than t
ordinary finishes Ask to see
samples and color card
Both Phones 512 37 B First South St

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