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LAST EDITION I D E S E R E T EVENING NEW S Vonr nroneht Wlio Announcement imnrlslr to lif Value tentlon In the of Nerr People It
iltl III AM i ni I
jt Will be SemiPublic Simple
And Without Any Osten
Body to be Buried at Elmira N
S Y Beside Those of Wife
And Children
Ollt of Orcat Writers Jnt Act vas
To lira n CliMik for Holding
Ireo Public Library
Redding Conn April ISNew of
t IU death tatt night of Mark Twain
I d otormfleid did Mt reach the coun
try aide until the morning papers
joujht It up from the city
KxpreMton 01 Brief were than heard
I a ail tide for Mark Twain WM not
pcmooally dear to his dote friend
I lt
I tat he wat generoM to his large ac
I ttainlinee tared the ben utie of his
jjtndsome new home with the neigh
I tn and took a lively Interett In the
I tCtlrs of tbe town
I tvral of bli neighbor who stood
I rfcne to him In life were permitted tn
vIiw the body Mr Clemens did much
C lf hn work In bed and to deth V
pill seemed a part of the lurrouitdlnBs
lot his active life Hanged about hln
per his book IJ slde Mm was hit
tabouret ret with a tobacea jftr a col
lection of pipe a stand of cigars and
airbee In abundance Above lilt sd
I t rending lamp
In old day on of hit worries had
ben lilt chambermaids
They alwayt put the pillow on lite
Btpo lte end of the bed from the gas
burner he wrote so that while you
read ami imnke before sleeping as Ii
the ancient and honored iulmn of
bhelr you have to hold > oui book
aloft In uncomfortable positions to keep
th light from dattllng your eye
books Into
Tb < v always put your
iricrIh > places They always put
thr matrhbox In porn other plate
Thf hut up a nw place for It every
day snd put R bottle or other perlshtblo
flin tunts where the box stood be
oie This in to cause you to break
Mil glaa thing They alway save up
all he old scrap of printed rubbish
tho floor and stand
vni have thrown on I
the table and
them up < refully on
itirt tite flre with your valuable mati
In later years when successive sor
mw < descended henvlly upon
Mark Twain had been spared all sueh
nnall dlcomfort lie lay today among
II 1M luxuries of disorder that he
loved Death that stamps some face
with indignity baa left nothing but
MMIity on hit There were no linen of
reIn no hint of tadneis nothing but
a Urge and serene benignity
The free public library which the
literarv colony hero Ia building will
Mind at a permanent monument of
thr towns most distinguished
cltlten The building Is to be known
D The Mark Twain Memorial
One of Mr Clemens last acts won to
draw a check for 6000 as hit con
tribution toward the building fund
Ban Hrtrd Ida Tarbell Jeanettn
Olldr and Dr W C Demlng whose
lfe II a greatKnimldnughter of
Nathaniel Hawthorne have raised
ITKM more and the work of erecting
t building Is to begin at once Hesldea
hi financial wlttanc Mr Clemens
Hive a great part of his private li
brary to the institution
Mark Twain died In the room In
Which he had done most of his writ
leg In the lost three years Here
propped up In hit bed with volumes
of wnnke Issuing from hfci cigar or
Pipe he scribbled or dictated hit
autobiography and other works
A few hours before his death he
roav r ed at some length wllli his
literary executor A Hlgelow Paine
retarding hit manuserlpu
There Is a large amount of un
puhltahed work ben4det his autobln
raphy which Is a collection of Inci
dents and short stories of his life Ac
cordlnt to Mr Paine there are many
short stories several longer works and
III odds and ends of a lifetime of
lIMrtry activity
i There are atorlee which Mark Twain
began and cut short either from
fatigue or lack of Interest Than
I there are other which he finished
but isc nled because ho thought
tam unfit
Mrs os lp OubrilowlUich Mark
Twain daughter will retain Storm
jlld as a home and will live here at
I least during the summer month
PoItjs Hrlt 1ItI
Blmlra N Y April UTh body of
Mark Twain will ttnd lie last renting
ll < in the family plot here where ul
italy have bcnn burled his wife hUt
daughters Husan and Jean and hU
lnfnt son Langborne
A simple nuubl aloe marks the
Kraes in tile c m4 rr hare On It 1M
a IHtl upltapii WWrt Mark Twain
ttjt sonna tins uttur at wifes death
It leads
Warm mmnMir sun
Shine kludli here
Warm siuXUrh wind
Hlu I suftly hsre
Qicii sod abovi
Ue light lie light
foofl nlgBt dtur heart
iuod night good night
Vllj IIB nuiiiicn mSIlIJC
Vllli AM III1D11KN
New YUlk AprUgA simple fu
awal swvkw ever toe body of Cumuol
j a Ctameu will be held In thlA city
umorron afternoon The body will be
fry takvis to hnlr N Y whet
It wilt U buried bo 7fle those of hUt
wife afId otI lid rn
F A Duneka of Harper i Ilrolher
i r cle11II puUII ri who Is arrang
eg t nil fuUMmlL staid It wiw the
wlI of the faintly that the norvlflM be
aa brtef ae 1 inaeIbie Later on a pub
e moiUl eervlco will be held
Or Henry Van DuU of IrtHceton
1 Ivrslty will preach lliv fuiisul MI
> n at the brick Presbyterian church
II J clock
The funeral Mr Dunka sail would
° ° f a lemlpublla neiue and would
be attended only by relative and cioee I
I frtonalH or the author TheR WIN bo no I
pallbearer and although Hual anuH e
megt haft not been mad the service
probably will consist of chart addreebsti
by Dr Van Dyke There probably will
be no muelr Mr Dimkn Mid The
hot > will be brought to Xw York
from Ileddlng COlin tomorrow on a
special car
SKHVICK wiii UK llltll i
New York April UJorlend of lark
Twain announced today that arrange
ment are being made for a great pub
Ik memorial service here at which It
will be possible for the thonwn who
knew and loved him to be prevent
Tribute to his life and chamctw will
be pal by a number of men prominent
in public life and In the world of tot
ter The detail have not yet been
perfected but the service will be heW
In ena of the large halM of the city
and probably will Uke place within 1
Severn New York pMlor thM mora
ine said that a part of their Sundays
trvliii would toe devoted to suloRT of
tile humorist
KxprMakHM of regret from iron at
IUnll statesmen lawyer ctorRymen
rrhviurs and UuslneM men of praml
nenoe from the AtlanUc to the Pacific
arc published here today The tribute
etc mar numerom and varied than
upon the death of any other man of
prominence In years
In foreign countries too they tee a
deep sense of lorn In the death or
America greatest man of letters said
the Has Dr Cha F Aked the Eng
Ush pastor of the Fifth Avenue llaptlst
rhurcli Th whole world knew and
lovd him lie looked straight Into the
heart of things He was much more
than a mere man rf letters he was a
gppit humanist Hr was more than
that he viai a great prophet Few m
ot clearer nigh have ever looked upon
President Woodrow Wilson of Prince
ton university voiced a similar senti
ment that the death of Mark Twain
was more than a nation lose All
the world knew him He spoke the
pint of America He Injected human
llfr Kith a flavor all his own
P Hopklnson Smith spoke for a co
trrfe of the liumorhttn New York
find Those who knew him Inti
mately feel to the full he wild the
loss of a man of high and lovely chit
actor a friend quick tu excite and giye
affection the bighearted human man
iiHcoiMCcnov or
AN 0111 SUKKTnmitT
Hannibal MoApril Ullark
Twains first sweetheart Mr Laura
Finer toM bat night of a vHIt she
made to the humorists boine in Con
necticut a couple of year ago I
visited Mr Clemens at his home In
llcddlng Conn at hUt relut with
my niece flies r < aura Fraser In 1998
said Mrs Prater and on leafing In
sisted upon him again vlsitlne his old
home In Hannibal
He replied wdly Iaura I guess the
next extended trip t will take will be
up yonder I can hardly expect to
visit the scenes of my childhood again
as much genuine pleasure as It would
give me
W remained at Mr Clemens
home continued Mrs Irazer two
day On the morning 9t our depar
ture I found on a tae In my room
a splendid steel engraving of himself
and written above It these words To
lAura Krazer with love of her earliest
sweetheart He WIUI one of my dear
ct friend and I cannot express my
great Morrow at his death
The rather and mother and twe
brother of the deceased are burled
here reeling In Mt OHvet cemetery
overlooking the MiaaIulppi river
San Franoleco April USan
Kranelseon old timers are conjur
ing up runlnlscence galore of the
day 60 years ago when Samuel L
Clemens was plain Sam Clemens and
the mime Mark Twain had no slgnl
HrHnee much for anybody except
pilots and roustabouts on the Mis
sissippi river and Its tributaries
llavk in the old days muted Joseph
T Goodman the pioneer editor
of the west who gave Clemens his
fIrst Job all a writer Sam was the best
company the drollest entertainer and
the mott Interesting fellow Imagin
able Ills humor was always cropping
out and It stayed with him to the last
A few weeks ago I received a letter
from him couched In terms so
characteristic of him lie wrote
Come on and vlirft me once more
before we get so old we cant hear
each other swear
It was my privilege to read many
of his works In manuscript before
they were sent to the publishers I
recalled his giving me the manu
script of Roughing It to read one
afternoon when I was visiting hIm In
the early seventies He had made n
great hit with Innecenln Abroad
and he wa afraid he would not sus
tain hla newly acquired reputation
When I began to read Horn sat down
at a desk and wrote nervously
For an hour I read along Intently
that Ham was begin
hardly noticing Im 1 blln
ning to fret and shift about uneasIly
At last he could not stand It any longer
he exclaimed
and Jumping up e txctlmd
you you have been reading that stuff
an hour and you havent cracked a
smile yet I dont believe Im keeping
ing up my Ilk
Clemens came to Han Praiurtsco
from Virginia City Nev in IMS or
ISM He went to work I a reporter for
The Call but he did not get along well
on that paper I guess they thought he
didnt get around quick enough That
wu after he had left the Territorial
Rnterprtse and had made isle noui deplume
plume well known In Nevada Wbl
He was here he wrote a dally dispatch
lo our paper the Territorial hInter
nrl e in Virginia City and those die
Mtohe were among the best things
lie ever did All that part of his early
writing l lost to posterity I belIeve
wrllnl that destroyed Virginia City
ear ago consumed the flies of tho
Territorial Enterprise and a file that
wa complied at a cot of < 0OM by
Flood and OHrten and which wa used
I o prove tltli to scores of mining
lainis was donated to the Ban Fan
lrn publlr Itbrnrv and It too ii K
Ietriried In the great fire of four an
iff n
Clemens left Sun Kranclmo in lIt
crier he had written Innocents
throat as I serial for The Mta which
was the great papei here In those days
He had rwelved iml > K < f > r en < > h In
dHlnimi mid 0 lien The A iti was going
to publish tlmcem i leturs In Imok form
I Interxemd in hit bilmlf and persuad
ert Th > MtH s publisher to release the
copyright to Ram
In Ito esrlv end middle 70 Clemens
wss a frequent lsltor to th Bohemian
dub here William Oreer Harrison re
call that Clemens wa not a convivial
man at that time He was of ery
empomt habits said Mr Harrison
snd wit rather quiet and tinobitru
slve I was mid of Clemen that at I
reporter here he had not the slight
est conception of tho value of new
He would go to I coroners Inquest and
f > inrl the proceedings after the man
tier of a society wedding and he would
write up a wedding In the style of a
> rlie fight Only the ridiculous np
pealed to him and he warped all hit
Administration Will Try to Bring
BallingcrPinchot Investigation
To a Speedy Close
Inl for the President M Present
Hnle of IrogrrM May ln t
Through Summer
Throllh InnI1rr
Washington April ISAn effort will
be made by the administration to bring
the ItalHnger > Plnchot Investigation
speedily to H does In this move the
Indication I that tbe wish of the
friends of th secretary of the Inter
ior will meet IU the ready acquits I
canoe of 1 member of the eongrese
canal committee without regard t <
their view on the question of whetlv
or not the charge igalnst Mr Ua1t
get have been snxtiilnetl
Secy of State Inux visited the C ir
Itol > esterdn > and cmferrei v q > fe I
ral members nf Hie commlne I
had no definite plan to presnt
merel urgetl that the ln > iun I ex
pedlted He is sail lo hai kc i
for IreeMent Taft i nS the rife 1
wa drawn that the manner in v rI ti
the hearing wa diagglng had br n the
subject of cabinet discussion
When Chairman Nelaon m c I a
the Capitol today he said he n uj fv
to Induce the members of the < < I nut
te to give an additional dm ea > I vscek
to the hearing Inder the proenl
order tUf committee sits on 1rulais
end Saturdays
A brief executive setelon was held
prior to taking of twtlmon but the
attendance was to mal to bring up
the subject of extending the time that
I to b given to the l cflnl
I has been the understanding that
the defense H the Halllnger side of
the controversy lute been commonly
termed would put on the stand a dozen
o more witnesses In addition to Secy
Halllnger hlmelf Should each witness
bo examined at tbe length that has
characterised the examination hitherto
to I Is admitted the Inquiry would
drag not only beyond the probable pe
riod of the present testton of Congress
but well Into the Hummer
Senator Knot Is to sail for Europe
May 21 and bbs colleagues aN exceed
ingly anxious that the Inquiry be oM
so that hp may nrslsi In framing a
I is also apparent that additional
time mint b given by the committee
to the taking of testimony WhIU the
committee ha no Intention of making
any nile which would In anv manner
curtail the bringing out nf facts the
atlrnee on hath side will be asked
to assist In conserving time
litucd Strangely Silent ns Mo Guzfl
lMn Hie Sarcophagi lJ lrr
Entering the Crypt
Paris April UAtler paying a trlb
ute to Mark Twain Mr lUioooveU b
gan today with a visit to the tomb of
IHMlnc first Into the chapel where
were seen the tattered battlettags
Hn laUed bte s rap
tured In the Napoleonic campaigns Mr
Roosevelt kept up a running flee of
comment with Oen Daltteln military
governor of Paris concerning In 1dnll
of the various battles but when the
rotunda was reached from which he
looked down upon the red marble tomb
of the conqueror surrounded with the
flags of Austerlltz and other reminders
of the great victories of AuMertltz
Frledland the Pyramids lena Marengo
and Moscow the former preofdent grew
strangely silent
A few moments later the party de
scended to the crypt through which
thy entered the tomb over the door of
which Mr Iloowvelt read the words of
Napoleon written at at Helena In
which the great general expressed the
desire that his itches reM on the banks
of the Seine among the people he loved
Here In H niche was shown Napoleons
celebrated sword end back bit con
tained In a glees ease and the un
marked stone slabs which the English
general placed over the grave at Ht
Helena but upon which he Nfl to
permit Napoleons name to b chiseled
reportorial writings to strike that
Parr April K Former President
Itnosevelt seas greatly pained lo hear
of the death of Mark Twain He said
I Is with sincere grief that I learned
of the death of this great American
author Hit position like that of
Jnel Chandler Harris was unique not
only In American letters but In the
literature of the world
He was not only a great huninrlst
but I great philosopher and his ant
lags form one nasal In American con
tributions to tiW world of achievement
0 which we have 1 right as a nation to
be genuinely Iud
In the lgkln lIbrary which Mr
fioeveit cirlei1 through the Jungle
if fion were two of the late nuthor
lob Huckleberry Finn and Tom
Sawyer and Mr Hootevelt says he
read both of them several tlm and
always with the greatest Internet
A milk depot to supply pure milk
luring the summer months to Infant
mind InvnIM will h eitabllahM at the
Flrightm Hlreet pharmacy at n and
Mouth Temple streets beginning April
56 hv the womens climbs of Pall Lake
Mrs C H McMshnn president of the
Utli Federation of Woment Clubs met
with the chairman of the vlo pure
fond and sanitation committees when
the plan were decided upon The
object Is to place within the rrnch
of 1 who desire I fresh and pure
milk onoted and kept at 1 low temper
ature and bottled under strictly hy
gienic condition I will be dispensed
it a nominal cost If there It suf
ficient demand for the milk other de
pots will be Ntbllhd
Principal of the L D S U Busi
ness College Given Responsi
ble Appointment
Solcvtlou 14 n Popular OHM a lie 1 n
Utah Man WIlli n Hamnl
Tor Work
BrSHftt HtiuighHiii Hn i I tuday
wax apjHmt i n In 11 II
er i 1lln i urn v 11 h I I I
mrmbeii dunl Ju > h
nolntmrnti ioifjring I m 1 InIW
torehip and other dei > rlinnt < f the
huge gymnasium hay as yt been
The appointment of Mr HlncMv will
be welcome with universal satisfac I
tion aj being one that he Is distinctly
fitted to nil beth In personality and
experience At preeent aside from be
ing a member Bf the presidency of lib
erty stake one of th general board
Y M II I AM connected with the
playgrounds nunlttee and other offi
ces he is a member of the presidency
of the U r > 8 I II nd principal of the
business college of tttflt huh institu
tion This position he has held for 1
llfjaht N H lntJsey wW bom 1Ktedl
vllle 4 years ago In fU4 h < entered
the nrtghnm YouR oxaidelfly at Provo
from which liMtlltitlon he fadiutted In
1M9 In November IU he graduated
at Die RVuitnwn National college
Ponghkeepsle N Y In May 18 h
received the degree a nl from Uric
ham Young academy and B D from
th < general board of Church schools
He wn engaged as teacher In the Brig
hum Young academy In 1893 anil con
tinued In that position until MB roll t
JMe when he accepted the principal
ship of the I < ntterd iy Paints business
college of Salt lAke After the death
of Philip S May cock he wOe
sustained as Munr to resldenl
Hugh J Cannon of Liberty stake
Mr Ilinckley Is I road Impromptu
speaker a good raconteur a natural
humorist and a General favorite with
th happy faculty of getting close tu
the hap at work and IAY
New York April Arbitration of
the wag demands of the trainmen and
conductors of the New York Central
lines west nf Buffalo was agreed upon
here today The arbitration will b
Independent that now In progress af
fecting the men on the Central line
east o Buffalo but the name arbitra
tors will serve
Hteiibenvlll Ohio April K Rlghleen
of I night force of 25 machine men em
ployed in the mine of the Yonghlogheny
Ohio Coal company near Amsterdam
are thought to b dead ns a result of
an explosion In the mine late last night
So far six bodies have been recovered
Seven were taken from the shaft un
Imdan April flA esvere ehoek has
been experienced In the Liverpool cotton
market according to today Shipping
Ossette in the discovery of forged
bill of lading for cotton purporting
to have been shipped from the United
Hlates The quantity Involved Is said
to be between 16000 and MMO bal > s
Englands Greatest Hon
or for Colonel Roosevelt
I told in an Illustrated article In
Sahirday News
Among the oilier feature appear
ing In tomorrows bg paper are
Tecumeh Americas Noblest In
dian Patriot another Illustrate
contribution to the Historic Narra
thee nf Amt
Frank Q Carpenter write on
Womens Illghtt o the OlrU of
Mnndalay Illustrated
The Cxar a HilMla Master nf a
Dozen palace but I 9pendl f
900COO on Another Illustrated
The Artistic lAndmark of the
Year In Iarit The Falun
The Wonderful Morrison Cave of
Montana lu tr t < l
And all the latest local tele I
graphic and general new fit to
Nurse Anna Houlihan Supplement
ed It With Vivid Illustration of
How Her Patient Acted
111 llTOil l > rm ItticU HU Anih
DHIllllHl Up 1114 Wholl lhHly
Shook Violently
Kansas City April aDecribin
tutu sinking detail n mxpplementlrg
her story with a vivid IIIUMrtUon of
th a lon of her patient MlM Anna
Houlihan a nurse today beajBn at the
J 1 d murder trial th Mory of the
irMh or Crlsman Hwope
I > hivi is Indicted u the charge
I I IM rd ring him I was Wius Houll
I I > < i ml the strike
1 of the nuraes
o i ti Hd at the Awope house
n iv fhe la a little blackhaired
I i > sitlte manner of tpeecii
1 i tn being murdered In this
I i m said to have declared la
> I m in speak ng of her sus
i I > < Hyde n after the had
I i ignition firmly she put on
11 hat and sajd she o D
I L < UM fr the bwise D tl > dr
1 ir hlyle ivent with him
i llpllorl of th convulsion
r i tu Oisinun awope following
t rini t < TlnK of a capsule by D
II v IK tinikir to that which Miss
1 gi ystirday of the attack of
> > 1 i under mHor circumstance
< > xaminatlon of Miss Pearl Kel
n i < ul Scopes nuf wa i Vm
in Ihl rlnilnxi ort by Atty Frank
r W1 today Mr Walsh Indicated
urfuie the opvning of court that his
interrogation would b somewhat extended
Dvrlnl the entire afternoon session
yesterday II ulsh questioned Mus
Keller The examination of li wit
ness s necmaill long as she bus
testified atfour different hearings She
hae hM before the grand jury tb no
turisl court which ImeetlgHted In be
half of Dr Hvdes llltel suit the coro
ner jury and the criminal > ourt
Miss Keller Is recognised as the
states premier witness In the hearing
Mr Hyde will be used by the defense
in an attempt to refute Miss Keller
testimony Thu the whole right cen
ters down to a battle between th Lw
womenr Hjrdej l avell vertttl li every
angle of her iII c rssa 4 l
ending much aM to httJiiKf eeeecl
ally In the eMmln > ilaA7f MM KMk
She hut had her chair moved for war I
In the courtroom to thai she Is at the
elbow of her husbHnds counsel
IJttle headway was made by C
Walsti yesterday when he attempted to
entangle Miss KIM The witness ad
mitted on lh stand that she had made
a careful study of what her testimony
In the ce would be as man M the
investigatIon began She retired to her
room and wrote a history of th case
for her own reference before h ever
gave a word of testimony al any place
she said
Alt If Col Sup look Ihe strych
nine tonic three time a day Miss Kel
testified that he did
her said she never Itfe tht hf
Mr Walsh then read from the deposi
tion of the nurse
I administered the tonic three time
a day
I may have sid that said Mlti
Keller but my chart will show the
tonic was net administered three time
5 day I gave Col Bwope his medicine
as often as he would take It
Mr Walch completed his examination
of Miss Keller In lee than an hour
Ally Heed took the wltnew
Was Mrs Hyde present when fir
Hyde asked you to ue your Influence
In having him appointed administrator
of the estate wa asked
She came Into our presence twice
answered the wllnee
When she appeared Dr Hyde cpa
fd eeaking
Albert I Oil an attorney and bant
er 0 Independence succeeded Mite
Keller on the stand Ills testimony cor
roborated Miss Keller story of th
Hyde Needing 0 James Hues Hun ton by D
HydeDr Twyman askedOr Hyde three
times to to the How and then Mr
Hyde Implored him to close the In
cision mid the witness
Cross questioning of Mr Ott by Ally
WaUh developed the fact that Mr
Hyde held Huntons a In her arm
throughout the operation
The recital of the death scene moved
Mrs Hyde to tear This iii the that
time that the has given way to her
emotion since the trial opened B
tween Mrs Hyde and 11 union there
ties a peculiar and strong bond of
friendriitp During the entire time of
the opening breach between Mr
Hwopo and Mr Hyde over the latter
marriage to the physician Hunton
never nave evidence of favoring either
party more than the other He live
at the Swap home and often visited
with the liyeIes I wise largely due
to his Influence that friendly relations
were restored
Uncle Maes as he wa called was
considered In the light of a parent to
all of Mrs Ixigan O BwnjeVs chil
dren after tutu dath u their far
10 years ago
MIss Anna Houlihan who pureed th
typhoid patient In th Bwope home
no the next wltnea calM
iiver the protest of Dr Hyde cows
nel the witness began an account of
the death of Ihrisman Swop
Thi court advised the Jury that hi
i as testimony about this death did
not tend tu prove motive on the part
of Dr Hyde In the alleged murder of
< 01 Hwope the evidence would be or
dered excluded
Dr Hyde ordered th three nurse
In the reeldence to land their care to
all > if the patient In tI house she
said This course was objected tn by
the nur testified Ih wltne b
cause they did not believe they would
be able to care at well for t patient
In this manner A they would I each
attended to on person They Ala fet
the paid that by following the suggn
lion of Dr Hyde It would he difficult
to keep the record straight
D Twyman wa In charge of the
patients MId hits Houlihan but we
felt that Dr Hyde at a onlnlaw of
Mr SWope represented her
The nurse chart In the case of
rhritman Svrnpe wens Introduced at
They showed veal nurus had made
entries In them
Miss Houlihan said that on the night
a D J aii > ii Ihrlsman Hwop WM
salted will tiif lunvulslun which Im
mediately jjivceded his death the WM
attending tu three patients
r Hyde mailed me to Chrisman
room and told me the doctor mM the
patient tempvraluru MO rising
I went out of the rom and upon
returning a few minutes later Ut
Hyde told me he bad given ChrUman
a capsule 1 Hyde left the room
I started to give the patient a bath
He talked with me and seemed In good
condition Suddenly be was alM
with a convulsion His head drew
back His arm doubled up The
lags became rigid Hla whole body
shook violently He made a mol
peculiar moaning sound
Here Miss Houlihan gave a Illustra
tion or how the patient acted Imitat
ing the moans of the Mitteriwr man
she made a weird noise that oautod
many spectators who did not r
ed just what the was doIng to rite
nes out of their seat and peer a the wit
nesI rushed to the door and called Dr
Hyde she continued
lie came and u WkM ha hap
pened to Chriamanr I told him I did
a know Bhortly afterward I re
marked to him I looked M though
Chriaman had meningitis D Hyde
said that was what wa th matter
Reed What did Dr Hyde d asked Atty
He gave two hypodermic Injection
o digitalis and nitroglycerine u
wltneee answered
Mlaa Houlihan said she V the p
tint a hypodermic Injection of strych
nine at D Hydes order
D Hyde again left the room at thl
point he sid
At this stagt the court adjourned for
the noon recess
New York Aprlv sz Henry Vettll
art Inspector of bridges and hlghwavs
of Prance I in New York on an Im
portant mlaalon In behalf of the
French government He was recentlx
appointed by Minister Mlllerand head
of the system of public work tele
graph and telephone of France to
Inaugurate a plan hv which young
French engineers will study the pro
gressive methods of the United t
in various branches of engineering
manufacturing I
M Vettllart is now In New York ar
ranging the details of tiNts b > these
French engineer Thy will b de
signated from the government en
gineering nchuol of France and will
he maintained at the government expense
will the method
pens They wi inspect melhoa
of American production at large
manufacturing center the motive
power plants at Niagara Fall and
the large projects of railway river
and harbor and canal construction In
various part of the country The
hEad of the large steel electrical and
other concerns are giving M Vetlllart
every aosiiramr that the voting French
engineers will receive every facility
for studying American methods of
production motive power and construction
Jules Boeufve formerlv with the
French omhuy at Washington for
lan years accompanies M Vet
tllart M Boeufve was largelv re
sponsible tot the project for placing
the statue of Kochambeau at Wath
igteaghlch ted to the notable de
monstration of France American cot
dlslltv at the time the Kochambeau
lstue wo rfdlUd
Vjuiieii mill Children rc Ilcclng for
Their lJteaCrumintry Plawinleil
WIlli Tlirmit to Iorolejncr
Hankow April 2Th stluatlon In
Hunan province Ia reported a critical
Women and children are fleeing for
their live from Changeha A number
of villages near that city have been
burned by native b The country
f placarded with threat to kill I
This news was brought by mlselon
sty refugee who arrived here today
from Ohangaha and nearby stations
Many of them had traveled I miles
on foot and reached the Yangtae
Kiang river In ran Their house had
been burned and they lost all of their
personal effect
The missionaries stated that gunboats
boat In the river have their guna
trained upon fhangsfca and nearby
pint and have afforded a refuge for
many foreigner Three thousand
Chinese Imperial soldiers are occupy
ing the strategic points of the capitol
and detachment are being hurried to
the outlying district where rioting la
Man Chinese have been killed In
one Instance a technical school was set
afire and 19 students were burned to
When vessels reached Chanseiia to
Teacup the Imperiled onea the Chinese
mob saturated Junks with kerosene
from looted station of the Standard
and letting them site
Oil company tlng the 11
allowed them lo float down stream In
n attempt to deatroy the oncoming
The viceroy of Hunnn province and
the governor of Changtha assert they
have the situation In hand and that
order ii inractlcally restored but the
missionaries tay they fear further out
The telegraph wire tn the westward
of the disturbed districts have been
ut Many missionaries American
French n Norwegian remain at
outlying poet
The British consul nt Changiha who
has arrived here akl today
If one foreigner had been killed a
mar probably would have follow
consulate burned
ed The llritlh wa
because It emploved laborers from
another province In the construction
of new building
The monetary loss to foreign In
ternals Is believed not to have been
IfcMltle Wash April JtTb Mottle
Par assocIatiOn at s meeting last night
adopted with bat one dlMtntlng vote a
the action of an
resolution condemning
rsuton cOmnlnl ti uU Il
teolern mairssitHi tn publishing St article
oonuilalir an attack upon ecretarr o
the I Bier 1 K A Halllnar In which b
was referred to am a shyster The ar
ticle referred to was formed an un
warranted and vicious steulfunon the
character of Mr HaJllMer and a reflec
tion uuea the good name of the bar of
the federal courts of Seattle
The raeolutlon reviews at great leegthi
the court records In the mates referred to
In tine msKtuln article and the report
of the special referee In bankruptcy and
o a previous Investigation ° f the bar
which exoneralml Hafllniier
The reeolutlon also contains a renewal
of the endorsement of Balllnger and d
el that the charges mad by the
magazine whatever an without any foundation
wl tvr
Further Discrepancies Shown by
Testimony of Anderson About
Brooks Survey
Would line Mle Appear OroaUr
AJH Slit nf Working 8mUel
Snmplag of yro Taken
In the measurement of th > lanA
tope there exist a difference of t
1 oubt feet between the figures pro
duced by Prank Anderson a surveyor
for the Mllver King Conaolldated Mining
company and Charles P Brook an
n for th Silver King Coalition
KIM company fpon the accuracy of
the survey of these two men depends
the entire case brought by the Consoli
dated company against the coalition
company to recover lo040OAO worth of
ore alleged to have ben stolen from
the Parsons slope underlvng the Ve
suvius and Andes mining dalni After
npr hit submitted his II guns thi >
mornlnft at thp hearing nf the case Sw
lore Special Kxamlner John W ihrtt
Slid the ihn repsm j une found 0111
lsidee W I Olckeon chief counsel for
Thomas KIIHS and hi crowd s ked
that a Ji nit suney b made of the
stOp A tty Herbert 11 MaimlUan
ihkf < Outtii for the IonnolldHtx
u reei to t Anderson and Urooks a
slated liy an engineer who Is to he il
cldrd iipun M them will lea v for PJ
Clt alnrcla morning It o ill I
ably tak > the days to survey th rtm i
In Impute and then the leruit 11
gUn at the lusTing
From all appearance the t r
solved Itself thta morning into tt 4ue
Lion of how
too numex I IIDIIUI i
Kearns and the Ivialltlun tiniiMtn
would hme to pay The inasti stroke
of the
Silver King fnnsolldsieil cent
puny aee van made th morning
ii llh the Introduction of the tigurm ob
f lnei hy Anderson and anothei imvri
showing the ON secured In varloin
places In ih stop drifts and iMltee
The open ift e In the Parsons tlopc
Is iepr > entej b > Anderson as being
sHill < Ihl f t The niletl portion nf
tin etoiw ind connect hg workings
hh n < s < Hed full of n aI < > after th
ore w is taken out cintatn 134 ISO cuhn
feel a total of 59J1VO
PIAV < > F T Xt KMIKin
htftoks < islarei on 1li < uiiiie stainl
that th < elope < rl > asuiril ivx <
f1 The niemun niMif r Ih yaM
as given by Brooks I inn Si Rieater
than that found by nderaon ThU
maltaa the open spare as given by
Hraaln much lesa thin by Anderson
The play of the Kturns engineers to ail
Intent and purposes Is to decrease the
site of lh ttope maintain that th
aste which nsa caved In after th >
IIUIP sO gutted has expanded an I
thit the o was of inferior grade nnd
that there was considerable wa le con
nected with its milling
Hut behind that the nolldated
mining company appeal to have I t >
In a map which was made an exhibit
this morning While the surtey was
being made Anderson and his men
made a search for samples of the ore
In the walls of the slopes and drift
and raise Font teen elegant samples
w < r > procured and In this map the
exact top where they vxer fouR is
marked The samples and the assay
of each will no doubt be produced In
the near future
In determining the six > of the Par
son a top Anderson used the pam
method employed by Riooks He ob
tained a ptonlmeter from the surveyor
general which was tiKted seveial
times The volume of the open spa <
wa iccuied with this Instrument bv
taking tlie width breadth and height
of the calties The filled portion wan
obtained In a similar manner
Ill a ut > of discrepancies several
trtllnt thug came omit In the testl
niiny In H number of the etlonal
planes < the stops Anderson stowe < l
that Hnnki had represented th wat
line In the slope above tl line of the
rolf as determined In his rve
There was I different of five feet representing
resenting the oorn spae In one sec
tion Anntlir Is in the hanging wall
drift No I where there In A dlrfereno
of 12 feel Tmni the evidence Intro
duced It appears that Ilrooks took the
Insld line nf the mali for the outsld
vvnll of the stoie That I i the way
that Andersnn figincs It omit at least
The cave raise l < another point I
contention The jmsltlon of the raise
dir In the two surveys The roof
above the raise I al < > uletlared to be
several feet higher bv Andersen than
represented by Ilrix > k >
Where these at dlrTerenert exist 1
survey will b made by the two men
and mother engineer lo be chosen
The hanging wall drift and the cave
raise atop n the trail around the
outside of the top ar still aIM
bUt It II claimed and a le will
i probably be made through all these
During the afternoon teasioa Andei
on wa on direct eraunlnAltrBH He
went Into more detail about his cur
vex and the figure that he obtained
from his calculation
Terre Haute Ind April UTheC
men were killed and eight probably
fatally Injured when a train of empty
express car on the Cleveland Cincin
nati Chicago A tt Louis railroad
truck a defective switch and struck
the car of a construction crew on a
tiding at Sanford Ind early today
Those killed and all the men Injured
except one were member of the con
struction crew and were asleep In their
ca when It was crushed
Albany N Y April II Woman
taxpayers are permitted to vote on
proposition for the bonding of New
York state vlhlsss for ImpovemenU
In a bill which became a law today
Washington April Corporation tax
aaeement up to date amount to tit
WL1W Only HMCHT has ben paid Into
he treasury Corporation have until
June 3 to pay up
I t
I t
II i
I 9

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