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QAST EDITION IDE S ERE T EV N IN NEW Se Tour Brouelit Who Announermsnt rmrrr1l to UIP tc Allpntlon Vnlne In tlie ot News Peonle If
32 r j
Roosevelt Addresses tin
Sorbonne oivthe Subject in
France and America
Wl rlh 1II4 Well Known Views In
cidrnlally Touching on the
Sterility of Notion I
parts April H Theodore lloosevrll
i tu rMMeflt of the United 8tat
6tIftctd bl eagerly waited leclui
I Qtltenihlp In a n > ubllc In th
Dili this afternoon Hlf nut
L M twmposed Of all Of the meni
M et Ui French cabinet student st
uud from the University of Patl
ttt many distinguish gUMt bi
I tM occasion war regaidsd OA th
I Imnnrunt feature of the distill
pie 4 Americans vlult to France
III tile courM of his addrenf Mr
tlt made reference to the sub
d at hurnan rights ana propirt
Jrtt m the following parasruphs
Mr position as regards the munlc
kUfnti < an be put In a fw word
k Ufry civilised foclety pro rlv
ilcMi must be carefully afeguarded
Mkurlly and In the great majnrlM
tttttn human rights and proP < 1 ty
rfrtti ar < fundamental and In tin
ku rue identical but when It clearl
aitn that them U a real conflict be
IWO them human right must hav
hand property belongs toJ
to u per
Sun iwl not man to property
lr liooievelt spent today In tile
tU Latin quarter across the Seine
vttrb for centuries ha been one of the
MfHtttaal centers of the world At 1
itoek this afternoon In his oapac t >
utfertlKn member of the French In
Jllttl he attended the regular ses
rim of the academy of moral and p >
Htctl sciences In the conference hall
iftktoldMazarln palace which ls now
lie Iwsw or the Institute This room
tu wkcted Instead of the smallei
nan In which the forty Immortals
fffi In order to permit the public ti
I eiltr and because It la tho usual meet
1tr fact of three of the academies
ttt wademy of fine arta the academy
tt taKrlpllnns and literature and the
itiduny of moral and political scl
Althougb Mr Roosevelt Is entitled In
titr the green brocaded uniform of
it Msdemlclan he appeared today In
Mi fimllltr frock cent dress At a
dod he delivered hla lecture In the
mid tmphttheater of the florbonne
1Itrf he was most cordially received
1110 rtmarki were followed with In
MK lsttn t
limralng to the traditional custom
tftte academy of moral and political
atacn Theo < tON Roosevelt entered
tUint formal presentation
Eatl Ikutrou who presided alter
1M ctKtomary routine business hail
km fwiudid addressed the academy
V tbe mult of his observations made
Mr his rrcrnl visit to the United
tain warding tho growth of edu a
tm th re M Iloutroux took Col
ta cvtlt s Meal DM the highest type of
811 which American education sought
t I produce quoting frequently Roose
IMI own n nds In the exposition of
hi fame From the doctrine that a
all who a > oinpllshisl nothing and In
Mttt onh in i rltlclxm Is a parasite
Mttlnc only corn the speaker
nulvm n < seveits doctrine that man
k torn for action to work and to
uttit lit father words for the ttren
cu life lie Mid the aim of theAmer
m Mnit as enunciated by Roosevelt
M lilt dovelupment of an American
a rtrordlpM of the differences of
eltkl in religion
nil Amrru wa open to oil com
at diIar4 M Iloutroux It recognized
u trjr citizen only thoN who were
winlv nnj fxilunlvely American In
irt ana ilrntlon Tho American
Ww h dii onslstd of love of na
wi iiile eulenre faith In the power
Jtacfst I tor respect for human
Pity nn i nirtiiu toleration lie
ilt t jlnrly upon Hoosovelts
Ihorv r111 iirg the duty of the rich
Wfii h iii substituted richesso
Mbc f < r p 101 M oblige
1 tiniink M Iloutroux Bald that
i4ac Iut owes to all the possibility
Trw hut nvfe to all the sslblllty
It W hn t omfnrtable life The
Ittlth frtun > should Arst work
fe Idi fllnll ant with a fortune ho
JW T It fr the public good To
tti J llf1 If binasslnif gold was Igno
It m reo sary to tench all the
win f If rk tn mn of fortune the
ttflp f B rk without remuneration
llIol M Koutroux wore the doc
wiirih mm whom America recoir
v an its i i 5t authoritative repre
r t4tIe 1 how return would be
CIo4 Ih FIntnfoOUII and universal
ethu1li ni
ill Ur dut said M IVoutroux Jn
KW i nslder whether we
LiiLi Iaoot l jr t 11 legion from contempor
lb Th iie h f M Llanl vice rector o
re t r f Paris In Introducing
knki HII WU4 laudatory After
k inj thr American vxprcsldent
wptiiif it nutation or the unlvernl
u 1 iu > 11 the university ixxr
ttlH I Us student to hofir
fciM r l lr r tll New WorW
w > i iKiikH by uctlnn Ill >
ia KivlnB tn tHle wnrliJ
lin h aiM energy justice
t J C r Il > < thi > means
A tLng f I Uuo evlt M Ltenl
1 11 h hlle anti tIt use
U ubnl dim thH 1It1tl
Uti r M Pinh h You dont f
rfT r IKiitIfM nOT rffcfal
aI1 IJ sr u rough soldier
i i i
I MI I ikei it ofnettan
4mI lfh vlrtu > and a living
Ar I rluo you praAeli
Mti 01 iakT mntlriawl re
w n I It the f nibotJlment
i ii r I l III hut In his jatrny
m fcimi nations perceived In
t nf k Illeti reprasonta
U tr I r Idenl that tliat of
rill I 0 1 lhe uhamnlon of
it linn a ii K tho people
Lke > j MIIunciuaon
nitiu I 1 Am rlcans who have
A1I1t r UA you will see tlrat
it lj hi rrjic are sister not
ftip 11 tradition hill also by
ton d f man > itiegis unit ftJ1
Ifth I c Ul < > tn III the lathwys
It I
h1 1 ln < l Sorbonne Col
u 11 epke un hull
hn 1 m the fippubllcs of
mi H
ii i Iidted State In part
IUa f e Tf and with ua In my
Salt Lake Astronomer
Tells When to See Comet
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The accompanying cut Is a reproduction of a telescopic Mew of JInlleyk
comet drawn by Alfred Ilordame at 450 am April 21 the Instrument In use
being a 6Vi Inch reflecting telescope by Brashear Th comet though plain
ly visible to the naked eye Is not bright enough to be picked up easily un
less one knows where to look for It
The vemet had a bright nucleus equal to a third magnitude star The
coma or head was brightest In the part turned towards the nun showing a
curious fanlike wisp of light The tall could be traced with certainty for
3li degrees from the nucleus extending In a straIght line opposite to the sun
without any curvature
The times of rising of the comet as given each day In tho dally prms
are very misleading to the public at large Thee times arc calculated for
rralevel and arc thus about 45 minute earlier than It rises over the Va
satch mountain There Is no need of getting out of bad at 330 am and
thus Imitate the experience of one of our most esteemed fellmvcltlz
who set the alarm and arose at that hour climbing to the roof of his house
followed by the whole familY to gaze with rapture at the brilHant spectacle
presented by the planet Venus And thinking they bhchl Hnlleys comet
Several of the party maintained they saw not one but half a doen tails as
The comet Is rapidly gaining In brilliancy as It continues to approach the
earthand by the end of next week shoukl become a beautiful ok > set In the
morning sky though moonlight will dim Its splandur to same extant It will
be In CBitJrtn tonwithilia planet Venus on May > distant only nbut 1deg
and distant from the earth on that data about 6fMd9tt mlls The com t
will rise earlier each morning until May 10 when It rises about 117 and later
again until May 18 On that date It will pass aerora live suns race between
7M and S pm mountain Umo and distant about 1S069000 mile After May
19 the cometwlli appear In the evcnlliB sky each night Mttlne IstW In the
west Moonlight will again Interfere but the comet will now appear largar
than In the morning sky It will set on the JOth of May at about S pm and
on the 3rd at 1030 pm It will be brightest abbut theM date
own home In the long run suocem or
failure will be conditioned uPon the
way In which the average man the
average woman does his or her duty
ordinary everyday attaint
tint In the
of life and next In those great ov
cnMonal crises which call for the heroic
virtues The average citizen inunt be
a good citizen If our republics are to
succeed The stream will nut per
manently rIM higher than the main
source and the main source of national
al power and national greatness
found In the average citizenship of the
nation Therefore It behooves us to do
standard of the
our best to see that the
average citizen Is kept high and the
average cnnnot bo kept hlgn unless the
standard of the lenders Is very much
It U well If a large proportion of the
leaders 111 any republic In uny democ
ure an a matter of course
from the clasccs represented In this
audience today but only provided that
those clossM p < Htses the gifts of sym
pathy with plain people and of devotion
I and those
votlon to great Ideals You
have received special advantage
like you
vantage you have nil had the opportunity
tunity for mental training many
ou hate had leisure most of you have
you had n chance for the enjoyment of life
fur greater than cornea to the majority
of your fellows To you and your kind
much has been given and from you
much fchould be expected
It Is not the critic who counts not
the man who points out how tho strong
man stumbles or where the door of
deeds could have done them better
Tho credit belongs to the man who Is
actually In the arena whose face Is
marred by duet and sweat and blood
who strives valiantly who errs and
comes short again and again because
there U no eifort without error and
shortcoming but who dom actually
strvo to d < > the deeds who knows the
great enthusiasm the great devotions
who spends himself In a worthy cause
who at the best knows In the end the
triumph of high achievement and
who at tho worst It he fails at least
falls while darimf greatly so that his
place hall ne > nr be with those cold
snd ttmld souls who know neither vic
tory lUll defeat Shame on the man of
rultlvatttl taste who permit refine
ment to > v lop In a funtidlousneM
that unfits him for doing the rough
work of u workaday world Among the
free > oplM who govern lhempolven
there Is but a small fiefd of usufulnnM I
for the men of cloistered life who I
drink from contact with their fel
lows Still less room Is there for those
whit deride or slight what Is done by
those who actually hasr time brunt of
the day nor yet for those others who
nlwuyK prese that they would like to
take action It only the conditions of
nrtunlly are
life wttf nnt what they
1 pay all homage to Intellect and to
filatyiratft and specialized training of
tlm Intellfst and yet 1 know I shall
have IntI assent of all of you pr AMit
when I uilil that more Important still
are the commonplace eteryday qual
Itlus and virtues
It Such ordinary overyday qualities
Include the will and power to work to
light Qt osesi flail tn have plenty of I
liwiltliy children There urn a few pee I
1 1iy
plt In rery uountry so barn that they
can lead lives of leisure These fill a
useful function If the > make It evi <
dent that Ittlsure does nt mean la
n Jut the average man must earn
his own livelihood lift should br train
ed to do so nnd he should be trained
tn feel that ho occupies a contemptible
tr tht
position If he does not do so that he
U not an 108 envy if he U Idle
at whichever end of the social scale he
stands but an object of contempt an
object of derision
In the next place the good man
should be both a strong and a bruvo
man that la be should be able to tight
he should bu able to secee Ills country
ai a soldier If the need urUe Them
are wallmeaning philosophers who du
clalm agalnkt the unrlgfitnouantB uf
war They are right only If they lay
all their ninphasls upon the unright
eousness War Is a dreadful thing and
unjust war Is a crime against human
ity hut I Is such a crime bocausj
It Is unjust not because It Is war The
choice must ever be In favor of right
oousneiMi and this whether the alterna
tive be peace er whether the alterna
tive be war The question must not
b merely la there to b peace or war
the question must be Is the right to
prevail Are the great laws of
righteousness once more to b fulfilled 1
And the answer from a strong and
virile people must be Yes whatever
the cost
Finally even more Hnjiortnnt than
ability to work even more Important
than ability to fight at need Is It to
remember that the chief of blessings
for any nation Is that It shall leave Its
seed to Inherit the land I was the
crown of blowings In Illblloal time
and It Is the crown of blessings now
The greatest of 1 curses Is the curse
of sterility and the severest of nil
condemnations should be that visited
upon wilful sterility The first essential
In any civilization In that the man and
the woman hal be father and mother
of healthy children so that the
healhy chldrn 1 race
shall Increase and not decrease
hal Incrte If this
Is not MI If through n fault of the
society there Is failure t Increase It
Is n great misfortune I the failure u
due to deliberate and wilful fault then
It Is not merely a misfortune It Is oio
of those crimes of tns and selfindul
genes of shrinking from pain and ef
fort and risk which In the long run
nature punlshea more hravlly Own an
other If we of the great republics
If we the free people who claim to
have emancipated ournelv s from the
thraldom nf wrong and error bring
down on our heads the curse that
come upon the wilfully barren then
It will Iw an Idle waste of breath to
prattle n our achievement to bn lt
of all that we have done No
al thlt hLe dOle refine
ment nf life rut delicacy nf tM le no
material progress no sordid hmpltiK
up of riches no r < nsuou development
o art and literature can In any way
compensate for Ule low nf the great
fundamental vlrtuei and nf theo
great fundamental virtues the great
est the race Is the races power to perpetuate
In short tho good citizen In I republic
public must realize that he ought to
possess two liSts of qualltliw and that
neither avails without the other He
must have those qualities which make
fur efficiency and he must also
have those qualities which direct the
efficiency Into channda for the public
good He is inoletw It he hi Inenolml
There Is nothing to be done with that
typo of citizen of whom all that can b
wUd Is that he Is harmless Virtue
which Is dependent upon I sluggish
circulation Is not Impressive There hi
little lIe In active life for the timid
good man The man who Is saved by
weakness from robust wickedness Is
likewise rendered Immune from the
rObuster virtues The good citizen In I
republic must first ot 1 bo able to hold
Fact Brought Out That Members
Of Executive Committee Had
Interest in Legislation
Ily 1orpleii Shipping Cimititmi iiit bit In
foiiRifsf He Referred to
Hep SUCiierwm
Washington Aprfl 12The direct ttY
terest 0 nwrrtbtrt of the em c iUvi
committee of th Merchant Maria
league of the Unit States In iaIsIa
Lion they urgwfl wtui brought out at
today hearing before the ship subsidy
Investigating ownwiltt
Prosecuting Atly Ralston counsel
for Representative St nori > n of Min
nesota the aB w member under
the leagues preiMgMMU prodded
Pinton of trwHHBlW a to the effect
of the socoad CM < the Humphrey
bill The vitflaU WflmltUd that a large
proportion ot th yommlUee and nthei
ulik isis wer siikR In production
aid tratMportatton o Iron ort or steel
and would thereby b benefited by the
additional rotcctlon of the large In
crease In tonnage rtutle 0 ell en
tering from certain countries
Mr Pcnton ni4 that view of the
matter had not OMurnd to him before
nor did he btllev tb question of
pwunlaty I direct Interest of any kind
unllY dret
had occurred tp any of taO officials
Ally Rataton vitirUed to know about
the published ii rnce In the Amer
ican Flag tie leguVa organ to
repretentatlv of the foreign ship
ping combination In cad eut of Con
greWbo do you man by In Con
Kee1 demandwd Ralston
That applies to RepresentatUe
Steenerson replied the wltn v We
felt from his attitude and his bitter at
tack on the league Imis motive was not
worthy that lie was nterntd In the
other Hide of the question
Penton declared the foreign Interests
dominated the Merchants association
nf New Yorkand that the league would
prove agents have been In Washington
working In the Interests of foreign
shipping meaning thereby limo mem
bers of the Merchants association who
had appeared before 11w merchant
marine committee of the houe
Appeared regularly at a hearing
Y8 sir
Mr Ralnton asked facetiously If that
wa the wU conception of a lobby
Mr PentorT atfrnltlod be had a high
opinion of the Integrity of Congress
Oespltn the Ainftrlran Flag publica
tion of references to lnUtr and cor
rupting lobbies He pointed out that
no publication endorse all that I pub
Mr Penton said If Senator Rurinn
had charged that the merchant marine
bill wa tainted he had said what
wan untrue lie Identified lelte that
had passed between the league and
Representative Borland of Missouri In
which Mr norland had declined to re
ceive a copy of the American Ilag
as It abused the nocond class mall
privilege and a reply from the league
that If I was Intended ax an Insult to
the league the December number
about to Issue might pay its respects
to him
Washington April Government
employes are much perturbed over reo
Ports which Indicate that the hookworm
disease dreaded toe of all work Is ap
proaching the national on pita I In Vir
ginia only a short distance mouth of
Wanhlngton It was found In one school
that 37 of the M
pupilfi harbor hook
worms while the two children who did
not have them had moved to the coun
ty from Washington only lAt fall
Microscopical examination was made
by the United Stat public health and
marine hospital service nf the
marne h0plal 88lee children
In the school with the result Indicated
The examination was at the request of
Dr A C Fisher of Hmtnerton Rich
mend county Vo
The report by the bureau says that
these statistics n < vI not b surprising
to any person who has followed the re
rant work on hookworm disease and
who Is acquainted with rural sanitation
In tho south
The only point may bo emphasized
the report concliidefl that the state
ments a to underdevelopment an4
sanitatIon are based upon local Vir
ginia testimony
Seattle April 23John Koren a Nor
wegian naturalist who Ilu just returned
turned from an expedition Into Alaska
has been commlloned by John K
Thayer a wealthy resident or I an
raster Mass to conduct an expedition
into northwestern Alaska and Siberia
for the purpose of gathering rare so
ilogtcal specimens for Mr Thayern
trivet museum Mr Koren will make
the trip north In the Power schooner
Alva formerly used is a pleasure cruls
er by Mr Thyer The party experts
tn II gon IS months Duplicate sp rl
aHHis will be given to the Harvard 10
Ioglcal museum
his own He Is 0 Rood eitizen unUe
le han the ability which will make him
work hard and which at npei will make
him fight hard The goad citizen IA
not a good citizen unless ho II an ef
Vlent citizen
There are plenty of men palling
themselves Socialists with whom up to
R time point It Is quite lsffible to
WOrk I the next step Is one which
both we and they wish to take why of
nurse tale I without any regard to
lie fact that our views as to the tenth
itp may differ Hut on the other hand
kHI > clearly In mind that though It
laa been worth while tn tae on step
his does not In the least mean that I
nay not bo highly disadvantageous to
Lake the next
The good citizen will demand liberty
< > r hlniHflf nml as a matter of prlo
I wilt sec to I that otliers receive the
liberty which he thus claims as his
own Probably the beet test of true
ovn of liberty In any country Is the
way In which minorities a trnated In
hat country Not only should there
b e complete liberty In nnttlrl of re
tglon and opinion but complete liberty
rot each man to lead his life as he de
ilres provided only that In no doing
ho dos not wrong his neighbor
New York Last Stopping Place
On the Way to His Final Rest
ing Place at Elmira
No Vocal Music No Palllxarcr Two
OrcHii Scloftlons Mrief 1rajcrs
And I lcv WortU of Hulojy
Nw York April Kervlcw an elm
pie aa his whotoaome life attended the
tritntt paid tare today to Samuel
L Clemens Mark Twain
Nw York city was the lat MoppIng
dead authors tat journey
place In the athr lt jYn
as his body was brought here from hl
home at MIg Cnn where tve died
to b taken to Klmlra N Y for burial
Hut It was her that th chief e
pivsslon was to b found of th toy
tag regard In which he wa MId by
toe people
The Urlk fresbyterlan church at
rifth avenue n Thirtyseventh
street was selected fo tb funeral
Ors this afternoon Two eI
friends of Mr Clemens were chosen to
the Hev
speak eulogies They were
Dr elule Dyke professor of Kng
tub literature at Princeton university
and Dr Joseph Twitched of Hartford
a city for IT YIn the authors home
Although the Ilrick church Mat 1160
persons It wan by no means large
enough to contain all who had desired
to a e for the last time the face of
Mark Twain Four hundred car of
Invitation were Issued with the under
standing that when these had been
presented the doors would b open to
the general public After the service
I was announced the opportunity
would b given for thorn outside to
nter the church and ne past the
plain mahogany collln
In keeping with the known senti
ments of Mr Clenens the program
Included no vocal music and no pall
bearers Two organ selections brief
prayer and the few words of eulogy
constituted the service
Attending time services were repre
sentative from the Lotus the Authors
and Players club prominent publish
ers and editor eminent members of
the bench and bar and literary men
and women of note
New burn Or April flSuffering
from on attack of dementia Ir l I
Kollln of this place yesterday killed
he two young daughter by striking
Ihe little one several blows over the
he I t f axe 8h war rMtndmd
from Injuring her other child by her
husjand and later was taken Into cus
tody Mr and Mrs Rollins came here
about a y 4r ago from Rochester Minn
New York April 31iay cards
I a new motto of the New York
State omen Suffrage association
Th card which are expected to play
HII Important part In the organizations
summer campaign are played like the
old time gal of Authors They
were devised by one of the associa
tions vicepresidents
A In authors the curds are arranged
In group entitled Doubling Vote
Woman ftuflrage and the Homn
Saloon VUN Family Two Car
dinal etc
In the cardinal group one card will
ask What does Cardinal Gibbon
say of equal suffrage the answer U
J would 1 > the death blow oC domestic
life and happiness Hut then an
other card coiiiex back with the quen
tlin What doe Cardinal Moran of
Australia yf and the an wr U He
nay that the woman who thinks she
would make herself unwomanly by
voting Is a illly creature
New York April M Collector of tht
PaCt Wllllain Leob Jr will noon put
Into force a renrglnazlon scheme In the
fore of customs Inspectors under him
which he believes will result In great
ly increased efficiency There are In all
about 404 Inspector I Is the Intention
to divide the force Into three classes
Th men In nrst class will Include those
whoa work ban been shown to b so
n > ld and thorough A to entitle them
tn the designation of experts They
will rweelVft salary Increase to bring
their pay up to i 6 a day
In the second class at JS a day will
be put the men not so long In the serv
ice but whO work Is r ardl tut
promising Time third class at Jl a
day will con lst of new appointees
and those whose usefulness has ben
Impaired by ag I
New York April tt Russians here
han > received advices from St Peters
burg to the effect that John D Itocke
rellcr has riven a large sum refiorted
to be fSMOCO to eMablih a sanitarium
for tuberculosis sufferer at AbbasTu
man a watrinjr place In TransCau
asta At the RockeftlMr emcee at
I Hrnndway no one could b found
who know nothing about the report
ed gift
Newport I I April 3War prime
list which will continua throughout the
summer In Narmm n tt lacy began
wfnr dawn tmlay when Forts Adams
and Wetherill wrnt attacked by small
learners theoretically i w4irnatf < d n
MttlMhlp TN forts quickly located
the hostile b MarchllghU and lilt
hpm out nf cotnmiwlon
Utica N Y April tlEdward Pay
son Wxtton walking to this city along
the tow path of the Krte canal eel
lapsed thin morning two miles west of
rhlttenango Thee e with him red
him to a farm house where he was jmt
In bed
Hyracu N Y April SI Bdward
ayson Weston resumed his trip at 1
> < lnck this afternoon having almost
recovered from hla sudden lllnois
Developments in the Cross
Examination of Anna Houlihan
The Nurse the Cause
Mac Did Sot Sec hit Doctor Cic I to
Swop ne 5 Day of UN
I1r t CoimtlMon
Kansas City April 33Fir hide at
torneys were well p4e4 with th de
vetopm nt In the groxamlnat1on ol
JHss Anna Houlihan a iiurse which
took place this morning
Miss Houlihan admitted she did not
e Dr Hyde administer a capwle ti
Hye atmlfMo cpl
Chrisnuui Hwope o D I th day
the pattent bad hi first convulsion
Practically all of the entries In the
rUatl o entr
chart In which he kept record of
ChrlMnan Swopes condition were made
at her convenience from memory she
aid Today however h WM un
abl to recall many facts about tho
patient Illnew without referring to
her chart Sh also amid ba left hr
records at the Swope house when abs
left In December and did not see them
against until she was called bro the
grand jury during March
Owing to attorney In the Swope case
having mad arrangement to take an
other disposition In Dr hyde libel suit
this afternoon there wan only a morn
Ing session of court today
Jurors were given th liberty of th
courtroom after court Another base
ball game was staged for theIr bemflt
bll WI stae tr ther bl
on a diamond just outsIde the building
Die Juror the majority of whom have
now been In the custody of the marshal
tar two weeks are well notwithstand
Ing their temporary Imprisonment
Miss Anna Houlihan the nurse who
occupied the witness chair the greater
part of thn reunion yst dy took the
stand again today leI direct examina
tion was resumed by Special Prosecutor
James A tee
Mr Reed asked the nurse but a few
questions regarding the Illness of Mar
garet Hwope Atty Welsh then took
the witness
Mr Walshs first question s re
garding the box of candy which Miss
Houlihan testified yesterday that Dr
Hyde gave to 8tlla Swope Just seven
days before the young woman wan
stricken with typhoid
Did you see Dr Hyde give Btella
this candy asked Mr Walsh
ye H else replied
ry Did nt see her eat any of the con
I did not
Mlm Houlihan said h could not re
rail the size of the box nor could she say
whether Dr Hyde and his wife ate
candy at the house on the day the
box Is sold to have ban presented to
Stella Swope
Using a plot of the seoond floor ot the
Swopo house drawn by Dr Hyde Mr
Walsh developed that three persons
were ill lIevolol Hilor and that the
plumbing had been torn out
Kxamlnatlon of the witness howl
that Dr Hyd ordered the nurses to
wait on all of the patient instead of
acting Individually In order that each
nurse might have to work hut It hours
a day Had each been assigned to a
patient she would have had to b on
duty 21 hours 1 day
Mr Walsh dwelt for some time on
the entries In the nurses chart The
witness seamed to be confused about
several of them
I had no Idea those records were to
be brought Into a court or I would
bruh more care In preparing
them paid Mia Houlihan
Spectators laughed Judg Latshaw
SptCtltor laugho Ltshaw
rapped for order
Plwvduig Chrisman Hwopea nrst
convriHon the patient was alone
cnYI Hyde went to his room and
found Mm Buffering and complaining
Mini Houlihan was not In the room
1 Miss Churchill another nurse I t
Mr Swope and went at your sugges
tion Swop rest didnt hr queried
Mr Walsh
That Is true replied the nurse
Did you see Dr Hyde give Ohrtsnmn
a capsule on Sunday was asked
This was the day Chrlsman Swope
suffered his first convulsion
autrere not she replied
Washington April According to
present Indications Immigration to
the United StatN for the fiscal year
1910 iromls a to reach one million
people If the record for the nrst nln I
month of the year Is maintained The
irrlvaU for March were 116741 all
For the nine months of time lineal year
367949 It has been several years
mince the Immigration figure reach
Ml the million mark the last year
being 1907 when lJJt9 aliens were
admitted to the United States Of the
mmlgrants who were admitted during
March 110JOT were mule and JV1S
were female Of these SI00 were
German 11808 were from the couth
it Italy MAS were PolUh and
5906 were Greek
Kop the first seven month of the
rlscat year that hi from July lat to
animry Inclusive 11691 Immigrant
were debarred Of thee 209 wore kept
nit because of Insanitary or feeble
mentality In some form 1H6I he
Mue they had a loathsome or dan
lerons contagious disease 7 76 t
liable tn become a
eau1 they wore lable bAnle
public charge and ftt9 tioain It wa
ihargetl they were contract laborer
The Immigration law provide that
for good cause Immigrants who have
been In this country for some time
may be sent back In that category
lbs Immigration bureau for the seven
nonths retHrnwl to the country
whence they came 4It persons be
cause of Insanity of other mnul
noston April 22Wittm the right side
if hIs head crushed In an ugly stab
wound several incites dp on the right
side of his throat and various cut and
braless about the forehead and top of
the head the head body of Samuel
naypole aged 8 an Inmate of the
soldiers home was discovered yes
terday lying In a levine on the farm
of Joseph filers southwest of the
Officials declare murder and robbery
ha been done
Swoop Down on the City at an
Early Hour for Days
Sightseeing Days
They r Heine Kuterlnlncd tiy Ioail
Ciiiiiinltteoii the Program Including
VNIt to Lake nml Organ Recital
Well ted well groomed and t hai
a mol proMperoufl looking crowd was
that hotel delegation which swoop1
down upon Salt Lake and enptured the
lawn bricht and early this morriim
There wore 900 In to party nearly all
from Mew York and the X w Kng Inn
stats They are on theIr homeusro
trip ft L Angel wheie thiy at
tended the annual convention of the
Hotel Men Mutual Benefit Aswvlation
of the United States and Cnad Tnb
party wa met at the D It < 1 deiit
by a committee of cltln and at a I
1M of the memb r went to Salt air a
charge of a committee made I at
Usun Porter Ira Tuttle John CSornlrori
and Mr Culbrtson The visitor
showed much interest In the great pa
vilion with Is immense darMlng floor
111n wth
and the blue stretch of the great wU
iw The extenvlve alt beds near UK
approach to the lake and the trig Or
held sm lter attracted considerable
comment On the return Sam Porter
dhtrfeuted to each of the visitor a
little block of crystallite alt from ths
Immediately o the arrival In the
olty special car were In waiting at U
ot 8tll
SAltalr depot and carried the vUltoni
to the tabernacle where thy were
treated to a special organ recItal by
courtesy of the First presidency
At noon th New England delegation
ws ompelled to catch the eastbound
train omple New York delegation Of
10 stayed OM until C pm
At 230 the New Yorkers 100 strung
the Commercial
were tendered a luncheon at
0 tendr rooms Mayor John 3
Branrfont made a happjr address nu
behalf of the city Joy Johnson quire
for tin club and Judge K E Coibum
delivered the principal address on be
half of the Real Elate aoeiaiion
After luncheon the city was Keen
over the sides of automobile I long
line awaiting to convey the lslt n
to the various points uf Interest
Fourteen year ago th I M M H
A met at L Angeles and UK CH t
ern delegations stopped over here e
route Sir of that delegation Mr and
Mrs Bdward M Tlerny Mr llr
Henry 1 Wood John Harke aHdOha
F LurMlerc were among time N 5W
York delegates They note a vast
change In this city since 1S96 Mr
Tlerney was former president ef the
association and together with rd
A Reed has charge of the fstv York
Thirtyone years ago th assocIatIon
was organized At the L AngatM
convention John H Mitchell of that
city was chosen president and Restate
was designated as the next place of
meeting In April 1911 The H M M
II A of the United State and Canada
Is for the mutual t neat and protection
of the hotel men and nan n 31300
beneficiary clause In case of death I
has nearly a thousand members S
The New York delegation consists
of the following Bain Mr V N Now
burgh N Y Wyard Mrs G D New
York Roland Mr Frank A K New
York Unyce Mrs S 0 Mountain
View N Y Royce Miss O G Moan
lain View New York Drown lobe I
EIR J TuokAhoe X Y Burke Mr
John New York lluttr Mr John
W New York Butler Mrs John W
Sew York Carrlgan Mr C A Now
York carrlgan Mr C A New
York Craln Dr M It Rutland Vt
rain Mrs Dr M R Rutland l
ISustace Jlr Alex C Hlmlra N Y
nehrtng Mr Cha E New York
norton Mr Wm F hklllenHUdi n
S Y Graham Mr WO New Yark i
Grlnwold Mr H Drldgn
ortawoll Oricwold f I O IJrldge
port Conn lIeu Mr Fred L Maple
wood N H Hall Mrs Fred L
Maplewood N H Halpln Mr Paul
Mailewn Halpln Mr Frank Vw
York HIIMard Mr Times M New
York Hurlhut Mrs Henry A New
York Joh itoii Mr Chnrlea D
Klchwood W Va Jov Dr A V r
Swburg N Y Kerr Mr Lawrence
R New York Kerr Mrs
Lawrence R Nw York Knott
Mr R I New York I t
Larseiere Mr Chits F New York I
Lne J Zo Now York Linden
bach Mr Win Buffalo X Y Un
I lutra1
lenbach Mrs Wm BuffaJn N Y I
edenbh Ir nutr I
Uoughran Mr Fred FidiktllonHiMl I
Lughn Lunney Mr J n Wash
ingtonvine N Y McCann Mr Jr I
New York McOuin Mrs J 1 Nw
York MrCullotigh Mr S hartford
Coon McDonaM Miss F L Ulnghoja t
tO N Y McOlynn Mr John Troy
N Y McKee Mr T A Washing
ton D C Mahr Mr Julius D New I
York Mahr Mrs Julius D New YM
Mason Mr Joseph O New York l
Merrall Mr Frank A New York
Meyer Mr Fred I New Hav n
roan Nott Mr C R New York I
rtMHra Mr D J Mariners harbor I
N Y Oslis Mr J A Albany N Y
Of Mr J A Albany N T nk I f
Miss Marguerite Albany N Y Oak I
MM Gertrude Albany N Y Quinn I J
Mr W JohJWKMi New York Quinn I
Mrs W Johnson New York hood M I
Fred A New York flood Mr Fr > i t
A Now York Heist Mr W A Tort
l a Ret Mr W A Yo P
Kunrlman Mr Jam New York Ru I
lman Mrs Jaittes Nw York HUMOI
Mr il c New York aadt dt M
c l R New York Schutt Mr O F t 1
u4ilngton D C Schutt 1f a F i
Wellington D C 1d Mr Wr I
it New York Sntlch Mm Wm H I
New York Smith Harry W Km port I
jm l iw < > ny Mr Jam I Port I II
lervl N Y 9wny Mr John W
Pert Jrv1 N Y Tlerney Mr Kd I
asemi M New York Tlemey Mr 6 I 11
naixl M New York TIle Ml a i j
3nvlv K New York Tl rny Jr
Mr I M New York Vullqustte J4r I t
iVm H New York V4lqutt MtM f
VI 1 Nsa York Vaimer Mrs Mary t 1
S New York Wagner Miss May C
York Atsgnr Master W R I
Sf Yor Inr t 1
ew York Wa hburn Mr B B New
York Wehrle Mr C S Stamford
Coon Wehrle Mr C 8 Stamford 1 t
Coon Wehrle Miss Lllllo Stamford
Ionn Whiter Mr B W Washing
ton f C Williams Pr Percy M
llutland Vt Williams Mrs Percy M
Rutland Vt Wood Mr Henry F
Continued on palo two

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