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l K
Real Estate Operations Active This Week
Veorly 100 New llulldlnes limo don
Up In Tluit Section of
Salt I4iko
Over 1000000 according to mine at
the best Informed niUty men nf this
city tea been expended In rextd noes
cm the north bench during the last 12
months In that time It U ert mated
that between WO and 400 new building
have Men acted In that part of th
Us and theM bulMlivg range in
price from J3WO up to as high as tiny =
In 17 a few yean after the boom
price of property In that quarter ot
the city dropped alnvwt out at night
there wut no demand and the property
lay an If dead and the reaction bas
been disappointingly low up to with in
threw or four yuan ago when th ro
came a change and the prict have
gone upward In Ian and bourns
During the last year they havr 1
all > Cfld probably not more than I j r
cent and yet the price of kola up I hdC
are considered sldl low M compared
with thoM of residence property an
other part of the city The elevated
site out or the smoke and awn from
the noten of the city and yet nj < > vu g
all city comfort and convenience su > h
as city water electric light street ar
service and store delivery make of the
north bench a particularly desirable
art of the city In which to pn < l half
ones time every U hour of the day
Jots can till bn had up there for tm
low tui WOO theM being the lees de
sirable far up on the hill with north
frontage But loin on thn north bench
do not mean 26 feet but 40 to 4U4 feet
frontage With south frontage prob
ably none can be Ind even as far north
OR Thirteenth for IBM than 600 to < 600 I
West and cast fronts are sought after I
almost an eagerly as south front
The south view up there twpeclnJIy at
night Is unique with Its double firma
ment an It were the thousand of
starry electric light stretching out at
the foot of the hill llko second heaven
Another feature which will old ma
terlAlly In the advancement of tho
north bench to the building of tho pro
poned 100000 public schoolhouBo near
Tenth avenue and V KtreeL This big
modern school will Induce many fami
lies with children to lootto In the vl
otnlty The operation of the itreetcara
on Ninth avenue gsivu the north bench
another boost this spring
One mom reuron why iota command
higher prices up there In on account of
the limited awes which is not more
than half a mile In width by a mile In
length This limited s of a neces
sity follows the old law of mipply and
demand a abort supply Invariably
causing a rise In prim The Intrinsic
value of tho lots may be not a whit
better than in other quarters but tOO
fact that the limited supply doubles or
trebles the number of buyers ever has
an upward tendency and yet present
prices are fI < LId by oon rvatrvcs to bo
cheap compared with what they will be
by full Today there are not less than
40 new houses In tourse of construction
north of Eighth avenue and a great
many more are In contemplation Dur
ing tho past year one linn alone the
Halt Luke Security S Trust company
has erected over 40 buildings In that
part of the city That means an In
vestment In bulcllngs alone of 100000
or over The Goddard Investment com
pany haM built a large number of resi
dences on the north bench also Doth
of these firms have numerous build
Ings now partly constructed and many
more about to bn built
At present the Goddard company la
building a JlOOO borne on Ninth avenue
between F and 0 streets two J4500
bungalows on Ninth avenue near K
Gray and Grosh of the Modern Homo
UulldlnK company ore now constructing
at a coot of near 2000 five modern
houses near J and Ninth Mr Oulo te
erecting a 14000 home on Tenth be
tween II and I streets At a cost of
near 112000 the Goddard Investment
company Is erectn three residences
near II and Eleventh and Is opening
up a new tract on Twelfth avenue be
tween I and J They have a definite
promise that the electric lights will be
carried north of Tt nth avenue present
ly the city water already being up
there This some company Is building
u modern home on the corner of C and
Eleventh to cost 4000 Mr Bnll y on
D vtrcet between Kleventh and Tenth I
Is building a JJ 000 house On the cor
ner of D and Tenth Mr Colt > s also I
doing some building to cost about K
000 In the old mission style a store IA
now In course of erection on the oor
ner of 1C street and Ninth avtmue
which will be much in demand in that
rapidly populating part of the city L
Know and L Snow Jr are building on
Ninth between K and L and two
houses on K street between Eighth and
Ninth each to rout about UCO Way
up on Thirteenth avonuo near D
where there Is a tt000 building restric
tion the Goddard people lest fall built
one handsomo residence and now have
two more on the way
Improvement work at Highland Park
during the past week has been connned
to three main varlets of operation
the grading of streets the planting of
trees and tho buildIng of houses
The work of britiKttis the streets to
city grade la of Itself no small Item
for there are something like 10 mUM
of streets In Highland Park What
might be classed as the rough work In
tho grading Is now nearing completion
The aim of the contractor has been to
get the greater amount of the earth
removed to wh rn he wonted It before
attempting to bring any of the street
to that uniformity and neatness of ap
pseranco which they will aswim when
they have been made to conform In all
respects to the demand of tho city en
Ono reason for this of course nan
been that If any streets wore finished
la fora the rough work had been com
pleted it would not bo Itrft In suuh
good shape as It will be on account of
the heavy teams passing and reese
Ins over it while tho remainder of the
Improvement work III going on Fifty
teems with all mirts of heavy equip
ment are at work on the streets con
ntantly and that of itself means a very
considerable amount of trying traffic
The work of planting trees Is nearing
completion for the season The season
Itself precludes further activity In this
regard and the dwMre has been to com
plots the Improvement work on all the
streets before too many trees have bern
planted to Interfere with the graders
und the men laying the cement A <
ready about ZOo of the total of TOM
tree have been planted lining the
streetn of the tract as far east as Dear
born the D street of the tract Fr
the streets of Highland Park have
names whose Initial letters ant In al
phabetlcal order
Excavations have been completed by
tho Kimball IU < harts Building company
pony for 13 houses on the tract and da
Two Biggest Building Propositions Under Way in Salt Lake
LA I x
I J j
1ry4flA1 I tf j4 lt > t F
I lli IlJ WJdJl1L b
rhow by tab Paolo TAscvntaa cu
u uu
lImA have been solcctod for eight more
making a total of 20 out of tho 60 to
to be built this summer on which work
will noon be under nay
Kimball A Richards report that tho
sales of property have been going ahead
at a rapid rate all week and they insert
that the advantagM of the location and
the Improvements Installed on it have
appeab to every visitor who has seen
the tract
Uptodate the real estate demand
In Bait Lake this season has been
practically centered on lots In the
suburban subdivisions with only here
and there a sale of Importance In the
business district Of course one sale
of business property would counting
dollar for dollar equal a whole week
full of suburban lot purchase and in
the aggregate the sales of business
frontage will far exceed the sale of
lots In Salt Lake this spring but so
many people are Interested In and
making these small Investments In
city lots that It gives to the casual
observer the trend of Interest in that
direction Now Im looking for an
unexpected turn of things said a
real estate man this week People of
moderate means are making most of
them purchases but many who have
money at their command have been
buying up and platting tracts them
selves and the latter are the ones I
look to to turn about and put their
money In business property which the
record will prove Is a surer and
quicker source of proflt than residence
property And If a man Is able to 1m
prove his buxlnesj property It U
vastly more profitable than rents from
Over 100000 will be expended In the
new hotelgarage building being erected
on the northwest corner of Second
South and Second FAst streets by J C
Lynch The building Is OxSS feet the
entire lower floor to be occupied by the
Studebaker automobile people under tho
management of Mr Qulgle the upper
two stories to be for hotel purposes
The front la of Utah stone brought
from tho Castle Gain quarries the
main part of the building U of buff
irlok Marren taker are contractors
for the stone and masonry work The
expectation Ig to have the building
completed early In May The loner
part will be so constructed on to pre
vent as far a II possible the noise from
the auto reaching the hotel above
The president of the National Asso
ciation of Real Kstate Exchanges In a
recent oddrese d llver d bofora the
American Civic association of Detroit
made some surprising statements that
may be of Interest to tho Salt Lake In
vestor He emphasized tho value of
building restrictions saying among oth
er things the following
Time was when the real estate man
believed that to bo successful In the
handling of a new section of a oily It
waa necessary that tho purchasurs of
the property bo given unrestricted prlv
legea to dispose of their holdings as
they saw fit True the subdivision
with building restrictions was occa
sionally heard of but in most instances
restricted subdivisions wero usually In
high class sections where only the
man of means was ablo to select n
home site and bemuse of his means
was able to thus protect himself against
hn future
What la the situation today It has
como to pans that the subdivision that
caters even to the modest workingman U
or the man of small and limited meats
must provide restrictions as to the na
ture of construction that will be per
mitted In that section and restriction
that will preserve the Ulnrlct along
Units of homelike beauty
The real estate man who does not
assure the workman and the mechanic
that for Instance no machine shop or
cheap business place going to drop in
alongside of him some dayho does
not assure his client that hH neighbors
homes will not bo of no Interior a grade
that they will provo an eyesore that
them house next door will not be built
out near the sidewalk line nnd thus ob
struct his viewthat real estate man Is
going to experience no little difficulty
In disposing of his subdivision
N M Long and company owners oC
1uigvlaw addition situated on State
street Immediately south of c JraniM
stake house report the following sales
of lots In the plat during the past
week Qeorge Thompson three lots
David Berenter one lot Alex Ilrown
three Iota O L Uojrl two lots Ed
ward Cederholm two lots Arline Ho
len two lots Illchard Kerner two lots
and W P IloberU two lots Seven
teen more lots have been disposed ot
to various parties all of the purchasers
being Salt Lake pmple
Longview park consisting of 21
lots la In one of the mast fertile dis
tricts of Bait Luke alley It III on
State street and already has a 15 min
uto oar service Thlt feature alone
places the property among tho most
desirable of the newer additions for In
Ijongvlew park the car question Is set
tled State street which runs along
side the plat Is macadamized the
streets of the addition are all graded
boxelder trees are being planted and
cement sidewalks Installed The view
of the valley Is unexcelled though the
property has no gravel like most of the
new additions The soil at Longvlew
is a rich black loam
The N M Long and Company wan
recently Incorporated for tlOOOO the
officers being as follows N M Long
president and treasurer William Mc
Call vice president G Edwin Sooonl
secretary and these with Ralph W
lUgdon and Harry 8 Harper as di
rectors The company will make a
specialty of fruit and farm lands
ranches business opportunities anti
city properties It Is the owner of
Gordon South Lawn and other addi
tions beside Longview
Contract were let this week by A
N Humphries owner of Idlewlld
addition for a mile and a half of
cement sidewalks to be placed In
Idlewlld addition on some of the
streets which have not no yet been
paved Last summer over three mllM
of walks were laid In the addition and
work was only stopped by the stormy
weather The finishing of hut sum
mer contract was reported two week
ago and the new contract was let
Friday covering street frontage of ap
proximately COOO feet
Mr Humphries reports that the ad
dition Is rapidly nearIng the point
where every lot will be out of his poll
session and In the hands of the Indi
vidual Investors who have been visit
Ing the ground for the last year Hlnco
the opening of the tract Mr Hum
phries reports that he baa sold over
700 lots
Tho past week there Were ten lots
old four out of which are now held
by persona who will mako Improve
ments on soon as the sidewalks are In
stalled and the water Is secured on
the tract The ground bought Is be
yond the district where the vvalka
were laid lost summer
nnnnnnnnn nnn
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n n
Work on the Cllft House corner at
Third South and Main streets was
completed yesterday and arrangements
are now being irwJo for the occupancy
of the ground lloor by the Van Dvke
Drug company and the United Cigar
Stores company The Van Dyke com
pany according to Charles Van Dyke
manager will open Its new store Mon
day when the last of the drug supplies
from the temporary quarters in the
chamber of commerce building on
Third South will be moved Into the
new store and placed In the new ma
hogany wall cases which have been
Installed In the building
The Main and Third South sides of
the building have been wonderfully
Improved Where formerly was an un
sightly combination of broken doors
crumbled bricks and a saloon en
trance Is now an array of plate gliuw
windows set In hammered copper and
a show window of red polished ma
hogany The entrance to the new store
Is between the two front display win
dOw The store has a frontage of 27
feet wide and has a rrlate KlaN show
frontage of 20 feet on Third South
On the Third South street aide of the
store will be the store of the Sanders
Granger Floral company which hat
also been fitted up In mahogany The
fence around the store was removed
this morning and everything will be
ready for the opening Monday
nn n
Kdlson street formerly Franklin
avenue Just east of Elate and running
from Second South to Third South wa <
only a few years ago one of the tough
NIt alleys In the city being lufeMeil
principally with a lowdown class of
dark and white trash whose noc
turnal revels kept that part of the
business district In a turmoil the habi
tues of tho place causing the police a
pock of trouble Hut during the past
year or two a complete transformation
lias come to Franklin avenue and to
day It Is ono of the busy spots of the
city being occupied by many of the
bout of the smaller business houses and
manufactories and several new build
Ings are In course of construction
Smith Ailains manufacturers of
tents and annlngn era building n two
story brick there the Skelton Printing
company Is now located there Deny
Iron works are located there the Wal
rus WKKI planing company Is in there
the Salt Lake Wire and Iron Works
the Johnson Cornice Works and other
And EdlHim avenue of Inlay Is one
of the busiest little streets In the city
Inquiries relative to Salt Lake and
Utah resources continue to come In tu
the Real T > tats association Clumber
of Commerce and other organizations
and to business firms and many Indi
viduals Such Inquiries seem to be
Increasing every year which shows
that the people are looking to Utah
with a favorable eye and a desire and
Intention to make this state their home
If they can bo satisfied with the lands
or the openings for business houses or
manufactories Those letters come
from all parts of the United States
but more particularly from the Mis
souri and the Mississippi valleys where
there reems to be a state of unrest
which grows stronger as the years ad
vance The large Irrigation openings
In various parts of the state and many i
more tracts on the eve of being opened
INch of hlch ban distributed ten of
thousands of booklets and newspa
per notices favorable to Utah togeth
er with the Influences at work prompt
Ing the Innumerable Inquiries nil will
have a tendency to ultimately bring a
great many new settlers and invest
ors Into this state during the next few
years and It Is predicted that Utah
will double Its present population and
wealth In less than 10 years
Stock certificates bonds and blank
books of any size or style made to
order Estimates promptly furnished
Scmloli on Mule Sirrct ommn1 I
lsItrr tll
ut 1130
This Eucnlug
At I clock today
the nl
hotel gemMh
ua oponed for Inel + tlon brm
Imbue At lht
onlht the doy
be eked for an hr 1 will
rooms In rder aIPr
the usltou Aare
gone ail
t sw Ih nrt rl
tlon of n Klll wlll legtn
Nut BO onmoth In
01 the Nehoue hm MI 7thlUh
funlhlnM eatlerwtrr 1n In Ii
rang menu 1 M
any hooh I o Iho
m unuin Int r
vestuh Ii Ilia
tivtlt rhenchrlllll < rnll h
the raughn ee Mr i I c nlOe and
aa < It r hila male
i ai Ih unir
I Ite hauly rrr untrrm
rntl i i n
roOo III titled ulth i Brag
a i
fun leis an elemniK lth >
l > 1 xmlnstcr I igru J h
mrptK 11 l in ttJjI
Ute uIln
ttn hen ll I
f tlc 3U nom h1 10
ivrry roTm In the hus his r hll
I l
ccI voter ant
Ili light In the
n a h I I
1 < I
1ltphlnlly good
1111 c
b > get sunlight l ea me
g rlth r 10 + ilr I
lIr rofeetron A feature f lh semlo4 ran
S3 far never presented in tr It
> to
a palm garden on lhe loa I 1p nv
looking the street A tr > phint
each room the Tiinptn eyetom nr in
lights electric elevators wrltm rvL
lounging room 26
mmplp r HI n eleP
trie fans and ventllatns hIk door
entrance for baggage 11001 tn army or
trained Bttend nUth s Htr only
few of the features one mitt Ps II qe a
hiX through the ix < rll < nt atablleh
Tho Ttathskeller In the baffcm n al
ready known as the Louvre sbkh II
reached by three ntir ry from the
hotel has the repunti f > lr being the
fluent cafe In the west
Mr Holmes Intends 110 mak the
Semloh a popular htil oor th < be tar r
sort which will pnvia rcP ry mfort
and convenience the tlul traveler
could desire and ylt vrr < Lear > r the
extravagant luxury hlh OIl neree
lty must characterli hlrg i hotel of
stupendous size and coot
Back of the I X L turn I ire store
I on Third South street Is leing crt < ted
by that company one oof the largwt
and most Comm < 1loul warh > uses in
the city It will be six > t rleso f re
inforced concrete and will ot Is
000 The structure It 87 hy Hi feet
Tho work was common il tart
September and It will be > > mpltted
by the first of June It la being bui t
as near fire proof as owilc with
metal door and window taxes fire
proof roof steel and CmI + tilnn
floors and walls etc Excepting the
structural steel In the frame work
everything Is of Utah material r
nellui Went Is the general tontrar
tor Last fall he completed rr the
name firm a J30 000 Improvement on
the adjoining main bulging f the
company making a total of Illloo
expended In that bloc by the < ne
firm within nine months
O U5000 ° p rP
IDQWlr W kilL lrQ G1tlr A ILQ1f m
1 Ul11ilWUlIL pAI U CCIRUt CC1t ll
A vide from the biibinohs center
The most delightful location in the city
tor street car line passes along the North side of this tract and a franchibP granted to
oxtoud the canine on the west side work to begin within GO days City water mams
within about 300 feet and will be piped to Beautiful Park Crescent just as soon as it is
possible to get the work done
Gall at offices or phone any of the agents below and make dates to go out in an
autoinqbilc and see this beautiful tract and select your lots before the prices adanie
Every one that has visited this location pronounces it the finest in tho city and
Prices ran C
prices the most reasonable considering the location and advantages
from 4125 and up including cement sidewalks
AIID Ct ffitfi1Th 10
rrw IID 0 mm flu o
IlU llll Ih1IID e 4 7vV ro llIlhci10 n n vJeUO n j t1I lID lMl I Ir Op4Q ° r fi o
Uubbard Investment Co Phonos I73G Vest 3rd So Cartwright McGhic 49 and 50 Commercial
Bell Phone 1488 W J Dooly 315 D 1 + Walker Building lit

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