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pIl 4ir1 i I
L p
i 1
ii 1
Lit IE
i I
1 1
I 1
Temple and Esst
Corner of South
pie treru Hnlt Lake City I tah
Horace < t s Vhlmrv Bulnrss JUnasjer
tin Advance
iI veer
Hall fr
Jlv per
t tM
Ju carrier Ir year
mlWkl per vrar
< W
hiurda VHS per year
M indence Hud other reeding Mat
i r r rniiii ailon should be aafieasei
ddra Rii huiintn ootamirelcatteni
fnd all remittances
Salt UN e CHy UWl
lr in Rwrt p ntnt t es New Torfc
ett BUII
Frk1lfl P AIT JaI lion Bulldliw
< hi > RO A W clf 8 urity BulUllt
Mitered at IM 1aotfl of Halt Lake
i M seem d c u mutter according
i ei nf < tflErOa < Mr < II 2 17
hone who desire a preliminary look
a our mm h heralded visitor to the
silir system from the depths of spare
Kill have tn s f It within a few days
i r i Ise probxhu wit for a really HIM
Mew nearly 15 rtavs longer
The mom riw nearly full la < omlng
further east esiJi night and may
iri entlv alma nhlltemt the comet
l > v lighting up ihe eastern skies where
tli > latter appear Just before daylight
Nomtl nlfteen nights heme the moon
111 have passed nut of sight beyond
the eastern horlsnn and will then rise
only In the daytime This circumstance
will permit ua to view what promisee
to > > e a magnln < ent dlnplsv nf thla In
treitlnK wandenr of the skies In caae
Its Increasing brightness shall be cot
pondlngly dulled by the light ot lira
mnnn during the next half month or
For Ihe preaent however the vlow
of Halleys urniet with the naked eye
l nut yet of such clearness as to be t
all satisfactory
Only persons with rood eylght
could as yet discern the faint apot ot
light and the nebulous streak that for
about tvtentv minutes only are visible
sbove our eastern hortaon an hour be
fore aunriee twy from 4tt to 4U am
fly the latter time the approach of
dawn dims the view and before that
time the wanderer ball not rfoen above
our mountains By diligent use of Rood
opera glasses the writer caught the
first glimpse of the comet last Sunday
morning April 17th In the form of a
faint oval nebula The atmosphere
was murky at that time Vnu rising
In the hue like a ball ot red tire On
rnday morning April tt a fine vie
W obtained again with the gina
revealing the bright heed and plumy
tall of the Interesting visitor
And so of this longexpected comet
of Halleys famous calculation though
now dimly vjilble to tho naked eye tM
view with Rl coof18 M much more Im
If the observer Just prior to 441 In
the morning will watch the eastern
heaxens he will first Me Venus now
the morning star arise In all her bril
liant beauty a little to the south of mat
Afterwards at about 444 am as far
north of Venus as Venus la south of
due east the comet vrlll be seen just
above the hortion In almoAt the name
horlsontal plane with Venn
On account of the proximity ot the
Waaateh range tn moat of the Utah
ilties the exact time of the rising of
llalle > s famous 71year caller will
vary a few minutes with the position
of the observer In respect to the moun
tains east of him Tea time given was
recorded for observations made by
Irof Qlbaon and otheri from the earn
pus of Ihe University and therCtorC
quite near the Hlg Mountain or fled
Butte peak over which the comet rises
here about onethird of the distance
down Its right hand or southern slope
The comet now comes up about two
degrees south of tile too of Heil Butte
peak whkh Is In this city the pent
place of the suns Brat appearance
It precedes the sun by about sixty
minutes Not yet specially remarkable
In appearace being now only of the
third magnitude as stars are ranked
the comet at first resembles a star
rising at practically the same time with
Gamma the last tar of the square
tf IVgasus that appears above the
northeast horlion It Is close to the
tar omega In the constellation of
IMsces The reason that the comet can
not be seen after sunset Is that It Is
now to the right of the sun and hence
visible to us only hetsae sunrise
The comet was nearest to the sun
or at perihelion on the eth that Is
practically today In Its Journey
through space It will paaa between the
earth and the son on May tlth and
will prabably be seen to beet advan
tage shortly alter that date At that
time In the mom Ing the tall will ex
tend from the eastern horiaon toward
the west and In the evening It should
be seen extending from the western
bortton According to calculation It
will be on this night too that the
theoretlial brightness of the comet
will reach Its maximum which will be
nearly 7000 time that at the time of
Its discovery In Beptember
There may or may not be an unusual
brilliance of the comet possibly ac
companied by some auroral display
at the same titan
The transit of the comet across the
sun will not be visible In any part of
the Tnlted 11818 and In countries
where visible on the Islands of the
paclfllt transit will occupy less
than an hour but will present the un
usual phenomenon of the head or
densest part projected directly upon
the suns disk
We conclude from experience that
It Is a good thing to view the comet
at that s > stlr and spiritual hour which
Just precedes the dawn The mean
sinking to the west with Jupiter bias
Ing just now a short distance beneath
her gives to our clear skies their
aicustomed glow without obliterating
the various constellations that gleam
with their wonted brilliancy through
this rarefied atmosphere Venus god
dies of love and twit to UMA her
MIt the most Urllllunt object In he
chloe at night naha from wor the
eastern rnnge like the brilliant white
art of un Knl ti iiii wlun tlu > nil
N ilfir in Hk u lull or iiinsim nit
in th prfm r n 01 i O lf ml
a 1 11 n > Hi I tin air HH
1 ° tt r1 H i iI i t nnj tll
rc 11 7 1 ir < > < oS th ri i t Hill
kurcv I ti J II iugh the u 1cr
I flower which drcAmltig seemed to
weep ao that air earth and IIky oom
blned In their volcoteaa but eloquent
Invitation to lift the eyea and xalt
the thouffhte In contemplation of the
myriad mysteries of the great bill
vault whereon the heavens declare
the glory of God and the firmament
ahoweth Ilia handiwork
Thla la the timeof thu celebration
of the pnaaover among the adherent
ft the Moaalr faith Originally th <
Chrlitlan Baatw and the Jewish Pale
over were celebrated at the MOM tine
There was quite a controversy about
thla between the eastern and western
churches and thla wa nnally wttlcd
at the famous council of Nice whlcli
ordal ei that Carter should always be
kept on the Bunday next after the full
moon that came on or diet after the
vernal equinox Thus aster and
Ioaaover were for ever neparxted
The Jewish Psenover na instituted
In order to commemorate the eiotfu
from JVirpt It was Intended M a
mean ot perpetuating In the nation f
mamnry of the redemption from Hgyp
llaa boMtea aM reminding the people
of the power and mercy of dud In HIa
dealing with their rather It was
alao a typical Institute Intended to
shadow forth the great aacrlic on
The eaaentlaJ feature of the celebra
tion orlnmaJly was the laughter of a
rum or kid the Mood of which WM
sprinkled upon the door poeta The
animal was roasted in a oven whole
with two spite of wood farmlMI a
roM thrust through Its body Thus
roaMed It was served with bitter bathe
Indicative of the bitterness of the
Bgyptlaa buti < Uge What remained
after the reliaNt waa conaumed In Are
lest It ahould ace corruption rotre
than twenty and not fewer than tn
were admitted to the Mired ordinance
At HrM the people need to eat Paacover
with loins gM about aandala on their
feet rtavee In their banda and Nfl ity
for a Journey Titus the RsodtM was
represented and Its reality Impramed
upon each sIa qiwnt generation Lot
w they partook of the fMaorar In a
reottnlrtl ixiellkHi
Of Mark Twain Mr Clemens the
man and of hit work aomathlwK nor
chould be Mid
lie was above all else a typtoal
American Genuine to the vote ha
MW through onnventlonul ahemrt with
remarkable tonight and depleted them
with a keen whotaftmiled and kindly
humor that entitle him to the rank of
a phlloenpher teaching by wtttlelnM
Jill humor was 11I1 unxpecleal nod yet
of the local
a obvloo bin urine Lws
slang and vnrnaetiMr ao unarCactatl
that many able critic derided that his
worlui were frivolous his style vulgar
and his bntika unworthy of recogni
tion anti they were denied a place In
many public and private librartee on
this very account
lAke many another gentua there
fore the crl loa were unju tto him
and failed to dIscern the aolld merit In
works no funny M to be Immensely
appTertated by the average man How
ever It hapixmed that the tardy reooK
nltlon of hh worth AM a teacher was
at length Recorded to him during his
lifetime though In hla advanced yean
and It will hardly bfl paid of him aa
of no many other that he lived a
century before ala time
TINt writer recalls that In late own
college days the writings of Mr Clem
ens were expressly condemned by the
literary purIstS aa a pedal example
of tile Injudicious use of colloquial ver
nacuhur and In particular of Amer
ican slang oven those critic who
look deeper than vronU sand phraitenl
ogy for vtd tM > eii nf merit berated
Mark Twains works aa lacking In any
claim to permanent popularity Thus
In Prof Rlchail ons American Lit
erature first published In IBM we
read that the creator of Innocent
Abroad was doomed like several oth
er authora daaaltted with aIm to obliv
ion Vials really able critic went on
to aay Twenty yean hence unless
they chance to enahrlne their wit In
aome higher literary achievement their
unknown aucceaaora will be the privi
leged comedian of the Republic Hu
mor alone never gives its maatera a
place In literature
U was this failure to perceive that
Mark Twain wall not writing humor
alone that misled the able critics of
his day another of whom aald of him
and ArtemUM Ward It will not do to
Ignore them aa mere buffoon or even
to predict that their humor will soon
be forgotten
When It came to be perceived that
Twain Was writing hla conviction and
that his irrepressible humor wall only
hit great and uneoneclotM way of con
veying both hla argument and his ails
corning view of the fact and condition
of which he wrote a change came over
the spirit of the literary crIUclm con
cerning him and the Influential eockrty
of contemporary literature which had
previously condemned awl flouted him
turned completely around and praised
without Mint the unique and wonder
ful natural endowment of a man who
could without apparent effort delight
the heart of tins of thousands of hla
countrymen with Roughing It The
Innocent Abroad and Tom flawyer
Modern psychological opinion tuna
taught ua that he who truly under
stand human nature and more ep cl
ally child nature la qualllted to In
truct and warn his fellow Twain
works clearly dleeloa this knowledge
Prom beneath all liii Joke It ii now
clearly dIscernible and better ttlll he
not only knew but loved the boys of
whom he wrote while he truly appreci
ated the man whom the crude life of
the western frontier had concealed
from the auperflctaJ gaae of those who
boiler that clothes and manner
make the man
It In now but a few yearn since I rof
Itieln of Yale quoting the remark of
a renowned critic that It would be
Hdi < uloni tn inmpnra Irk Twain
with Holme iildil that this III true
hcnuse l1i1 In I think It not Un
likl > that tii mme nf Mark Uwaln
VIM outlast th namo of Holmra
He has not the subtlety of Henry
James nor the wonderful charm or Mr
Howell But the natural endow
ment of Mark Twain la still greater Mr
Howclla haa made the moat of him
self Ood has dOM It all for Mark
Twain It there be a living American
touched with true genius whoa books
glow with divine fire It la he He
haa always been a cnnackntloue artist
but no amount of Industry could ever
have produced the Huckleberry
When as nom It is seen that the
delight of boys In reading Tom
Sawyer la due to the great Interact
In the story Itself and that the un
abated interest with which aa adults
we continue to read this and other re
markable production we have In this
one fact proof of the proposition that
the author haa given ua here not Tom
lawyer merely but the picture of th
American boy In general true to life
and full of reality
And everywhere truth marks his
pair The partial failure that oc
curred In his hasty yarn of A Yankee
at King Arthur Court I yet all true
and Important aa an exposure of the
good old time by MM who believed
In the present and In human progrea
Me prove In abort that our III the
good time by ahowtnpr ua the wretched
condition nf the people their Ignorance
and degradation the coarsen and
brutality of the higher claaaea In the
Middle Apa
we cannot mention his other produc
tions but while Twain lived he was
a alncere patriot the staunchest be
liever In human freedom and In t h
IP of man that our country pro
duced during hits day No other writ
er hall been ao cnaractarlatlcally Amer
ican no other has evinced more power
fully that hatred of ahama that Irrev
erence fur dead forma that sympathy
for those net well born that divine
faith In the ultimate triumph el worth
over birth than Americas uprorlous
hiimoriat the sincere honest witty
and at last well loved Mark Twain
Dr Lloyd In bin recitation of the
story of Joaeph In Barmtt hull lat
Thunday made the remark that It wan
the beet story ever written And he
mad that aeaertlon without fear of
It Ia rather strange fmm the view
point of the modern theory < rf evolu
tion tht we muSt pr back In the his
tory of man thouevtnds of ymni for
the best literary production ever pro
duced and alajo for tile beet works of art
On the common theory of evolution one
would expect to And olvlllMtlon today
further advanced than It has been In I
any previous age and that the further
back we fsn thn more primitive are UM
mental products of man Hut thin la
not so Palntlnga sculpture architec
ture poetry history rhetoric nil were
m far advanced In the dim antiquity as
to oxelta admiration and wonder
Evolution aa a mean of escaping the
laaeeqnce of MI Intelligent Creator la
not a sufoeas Aa a theory on which
to explain the process of creation It Is
admtraMe But It Hoes not account
for everythIng Behind evolution we
rat see a Uvlng IntellKetice planning
and creating and pruMring the world
no a habitation for Inteillgencw And
these CHm to this beautiful world an
tenant well equipped mentally and In
tellectually to take pncwwelon and rule
and enjoy their exlalonce That la the
reae < m why no matter how far back
we ff > In the htatnry of man we And
evidenced of high culture True there
have been dark age owing to war
and aavaiwy Bntlre portions of tilt
human family have temporarily for
gotten the pursuits of civilization and
become uncivilised Hut that does not
change the fact that man came to this
earth a highly developed twin cape
his of learning and HniltrntarntlBK the
revelation of Owl pertaining to both
physical and moral law
Theodore Sehroerter who In the peat
need to amuse himself with literary at
tack upon the tterday 8alnt hot
finally turned his pen mralnat the Unit
ed State government It ii as natural
for an anti Mormon tll rave against
the government aa It Is for an laMe
to advocate suicide Both are consist
ent In adopting such a ne
B H what Mr ttehroeder Mil to
my In an article In the KMItorlal K < I
view for April
It la only tut a matter of liberty try
permlacton under an expressed license
from the stain that we are begotten I
rmJtlad to I
no unllcenaetl physician Is permitted
preeeribe for prolonging or shortening
our slay no unlicensed purveyor H
permitted to supply our medicines or
food no unlicensed plumber to supply
our aHilary appliances when dead no
undertaker may even bury us without
a permit or licence from the state In
other word from the prenntal to the
poet mortem existence from the beget
ting through every act essential to our
existence and to the llnal rest and de
composition we act only under ntate
compulsion or AM matter of limited liberty
arty by jiermlaeion nf our master V I
have Mbollahed the Individual despot
of national sway fo a vast army of
petty deepntc often operating under
law ao uncertain In meaning that
right and criminal conviction depend
upon arbitrary official discretion or
ex Pt fen standards of guilt deter
mined by that unnumbered band of
deeplcable petty tyrants who are en
trusted with the enforcement nf the
law Ours b come to be a govern
ment of aplea MMIM of whom are con >
feaaed criminals and a government by
private graft societies operating under
pretentious moral and misleading
name and with the support of n pub
lic too Indifferent or to stupid to get
behind the queetlnnbemrtns epithet
to discover what I Is that these plow
frauds really mean
That shows the real sentiment of n
pronounced antlMormon toward the
poun ntMor towan
government under which we live und
It I Institutions He refers even t the
marriage license aa an evidence nf
slavery ate If he were In favor of the
socalled freelove principle I U
really no wonder that men who ase In
the officials of tb stat only dpt
and tyrant and who regard the public
a 1 stupid and Ignorant alae feel Im
pelled to attack the hUrl for In the
Church tint state has a faithful nup
orter Th CTiurch recoirnlies Ihl state
all a divine Institution clothed with
dIvine authority within iti proper
cpheie and Is over mady to respect
Ua law and decrees anti to defend It
from Its enemies with the men nt
It conJ AntlMormonlm III
unAiuertcan and Incompatible with
loyalty to the government
JIAXV rKiits
I Captulit Cook an n w seem Ilt
l > le I a faker In the world of ex
plo h Is nut the fIrst one OM
of tl ear church father describes
men with but en eye seen In ala
travel and other Rive long stories
tr Id 01 re Inl t
about the bird Phoenix
There never wan a 81 r Jon Mantle
vllle and yet his travels a patchwork
put together by nobody know who
pt tothr b nby IIWII wo
has been sold b the thousands antI
quoted as authority
There was a Marco Palo but some
of the stories about what he won
his travels are very much like fiction
Louis d Rougemoat hem of the irawt
umaalng tory a man ever lived to
tell set London by the ears with a
circumstantial narrative of his thirty
year experience as a cannibal chief
In the wild of unexplored Auatmlla
D J VcottKehrl D Hugh IL L
and other anthorltle vouched for him
Almost everybody accepted him at
his face value He wax just about to
uproar before the British Association
for the Advancement uf Hclem when
a native wlf from somewhere out of
the Past lnop rtuiiately arrived and
blew upon hla pretensions
A great many Instances of faking
successful for a time conk IM related
We may give one which seem to be
ilnaely paralleled and In the casa of
1eary and rook
Nearly three centuries ago there was
a great explorer who sought the north
hd made several
6 paaaaaje He hl IV
atempta to Hud that myaterloua and
evereluatve to cathar and at
vr passage t Cath an
last had been toM of a mighty river
far In the Interior ot a nw emitifHMt
which weubt lsd him tu tl Mil a ea
of th M He wanted to make an
other effort to ranch that great river
and had gone to Prance to enlist the
aid of th king n the nobles In sup
plying him with the needed equipment
This great explorer wan Samuel de
Tbll Int ftxp w rul t
the founder of Quebec and
Cltamplainths fond Qub an
the discoverer ot tH Kraut lake
At tM name time there wits another
who was ambitious for fame an I great
and nuceaasful explorer This young
man spent a winter In Canada among
the Indians One day he suddenly ap
p at QUO just M a ship wan
sailing fo Prance He bnAriled this
he arrived In
vessel In haste and when arve
France he had wondrous tale to
tell of great discoveries of hardship
ndured of difficulties surmounted and
dangers dad He v wt received by
the king and iuwn and all the nota
bIN of the kingdom and again and
again told the story of how he had sue
Ie where Champlain and Cadillac
ant Carter and a host of thor had
failed He was the hero of the hour
10 pet of Paris and Fran honors
were showered upon him lie told how
he had paddled up this river In his
canoe and down that how he hal
threaded his way through dense for
ests and fought with wild beastn and
with savage men how at last be hail
come to the shoren of the great salt
seas how th Indians MM him at a
people who came twice a year to their
shores In great Ip to trade for furs
that thee people were white and wore
their hair In a long tall behind All
this and much more glibly fell from
his tongue a dosen times a day
Much against his will he was forced
In g with a new expedition under
Champk as its pilot and guide
Champlain landed at Quebec and al
most Immediately started on his quest
for the salt sea Day after day he
pushed his little force through the wil
derness until at last he e m to a
tribe of Indiana who recognlaed his
gaul Then cam the end It was de
veloped that th guide ha spent the
winter with these Indians and had
not boon a mile farther went
The story doe n8l my what became
of the faker except that he dropped
out of sight
Selfdenial la R matter of necessity I
never of choice
A first class butler has dignity
enough for a whole senate
A man who speculate In future can
never know what tuba future will b
Il sincerely to b hoped that nil the
By J E Blwardn
This daily series of anecdotes and Incident that throw new Inle retlng
and frequently dramatic light on famous events and personalities of the past
have been collected by Edwards during nearly forty years of more or less Inti
mate acquaintance with many of the countrys leaders since the Civil war Rob
anecdote or Incident Is fresh from Mr Bdwerdss notebook and either In whole
or In part It constitutes New News of Yesterday garnered from the men who
made the nethe history or from equally authoritative soured As Im
portant contribution of the Human Interest sort of American history these
articles have a distinctive value all their ow
Uy J K Kdwards
One day 1r the early spring of 1174
O Bulketoy Henatur
when Morgan Duileo now ntur
from Connecticut wan backing almost
slnglehunded the Hartford Con I
baseball RIM which two years later
Just missed winning the championship
being only one or two games behind the
Chicago he took me t Me a game
between the Hart fords and a semi
lirofeealonal club We At in the seer
ics box
I hay brought you here said Mr
Uulkeley the mol enthuaiaatlc fan I
have ever known that you might see
at work the new youngfitnr I found
playing with the old Atlantic
Brooklyn lies out them nt shortstop
now and I want you to keep your eye
on him I dont mean that you should
keep your eye glued on him while hn I
playing shortstop although he II very
10t at that position Hut when he
cornea to hat dont you take your eyes
oft of him
Pretty soon the youngster In UM
lon slight of build and only a few
Inched over five feet cfttne to bat
Now cautioned MI Bulkeley you
will f something that you hum nev
er seen before I dont know whetlu
Its right or not according to base
ball rules but he does itand there
you a r
The boy stood at the plate with the
but outstretched directly In front of j
him like a musket nt present arms 1
Thus holding the hal hI let the ball
tilt la squarely after OM or two ball
haul b < en pitched Immediately tlau
loll dropped Jumped In front of the
home plate and narlow wait within
slate striking distance of first bane be I
fore the pitcher could recover the bal I
M Hulkeley beamed all over I
Now he shouted above the uproar I
work o smudging will not b fruit
Jntft Is snttl to b on U wane
There ww a time when It was on the
In the winter k water swallow
men In the summer men swallow Icy I
I la far 4 > ettar to stir up enthusiasm
caaler than trouU Jy5 J J I the tetter Is mUeh
An n4arty v ryhody liken mi
Odd JWIow eay1 contemporary
Bv n so
Those Greek rllle club are merely a
preparation for the day when Greek
hal meet Greek
The man who wants little here be
low never mae himself known and
henie Is unknown
D fnok seema to be lh only man
In the world who ktw how success
fully to travel litoognlto
Doe the country enjoy peac b
cause of UH present liattleeili o be
cause of Ia prospective one
Attorne > General Vtlckersham would
like to sal Governor Jug on the
of the United States
supreme bench Ultet1 Slt
The chief of police now wants tw
automobile patrols Why only two
Why net twenty The more the mer
I Is Httlng that the return from
Klba should be marked br a visit to
l In the Invalid
the tomb o Rp on Ile
To the official list of questions that
ask imoukl be
the census enumerators oull
added those formulated by Artemus
a TN aiwwer to tbeni would
elicit really valuable Infnrmatlnn
If nol masters cannot drive their
sheep through any of tho canyon to
the eastern ranges thay will hate to
carry them over the mountain In
aeroplanes This would make both
wool and mutton higher
President Taft Is wearIng of the
longdrawnout BalllngerPlnehot In
quiry and Is anxious to have It
speedily brought to a clmo In that the
whole people Irreopoetlveof party poli
tics oc previous or present condi
tion of servitude are In full sympa I
they with him
Mark Twain was one of the worlds
great humorists hut In the lost yean
of his life he became a great philoso
pher Cervantes wan one of the worlds
greatest humorist and he to In
the lostyrars of his life became a great
philosopher A strange coincidence
ant yet not for do not the minds of
Sot men run In the same channel
T two young men who broke Into
Westminster college and destroyed
property pleaded 1 an excuse that
they wm drunk The holdup who
rohl xl R nre tLc r the other night of
fer as an excuse that her win drunk
The excuse does not mitigate their
crime but If drunkenness was really
the causes of their crimes I It not
snottier argument for abolishing
saloons and the whisky truffle
I hall 1 a benefactor every writer
or speaker every anon who on the
platform or In book magazine or
nenapeper with merciless severity
makes such an attack upon erll men
and evil practiced provided alwayn
that he In turn remembers that the
attack Is of UI only If It b > absolutely
truthful T liar I n whit hotter
theta the thief and If Ills mendacity
take the form of slander h may be
Wft than most thleyen I puts a
preiniwn upon knavery untruthfully to
attack an honest man or even with
hysterical exaggeration 14 assail a hail
man with untruth An epidemic o In
discriminate assault upon ohs twe tar
dons n good but very great harm The
out of every scoundrel is ghtddaned
whenever an hoixwt man Is assailed
or even when a scoundrel Is untruth
fully assailed Theodore floosevelt
you will see the captain of the other
nine making vigorous objections
Sur ervouKh vigorous roteats Wer
inMdo but without await
Again In his proper order the
youngster stood at the hmo plate Hut
this time Inttead of holding the club
rigidly In front of him he tossed It nt
the ball Just before It waR over Hie
plate That werv d the ball so that
I roll rather slowly toward third
base He will get to first base before
the third baseman ea pi ok It up an
nounced Mr Halkeley confidently And
the youngster did
I looked at Mr Bulkelny In wonder
In all my Ixiseball days I had never oen
anything like the batting of this lad
Mr Bulkeley smiled enthusiastically
They call that a hunt he said
Some AabaU player think that It is
all right Porno insist that It Isnt fair
1 la a entirely new freak In bamhall
and this bog hal Invented It lila name
Is Barlow
In these dnys when the scientific bunt
In one of the Important feature of the
national are It II probable that Mor
In O llulketey senior senator from
Connecticut when things grow a little
dull In the Senate chamber recalls with
a consIderable decree < if ratlsfaetion
that It W with his flrnt llnrtfor l
baseball nine that little William liar
low demonstrated fully the value of
Inn bunt In baseball to the player who
knows how tn employ it skilfully This
Harlow did In lees than one season for
a serious Illness did not permit him
to play long with the Hartford Tot
In the short white that he was with
the team hn taught the secret of the
bunt to his team rrmtri nnd It wu
one of the tricks that speedllv made
the Hartford club one of the countrys
best for Q few year
I From The Battleground of Thoughtl
In mitt I have often her U
Country said that Palestine Is
Of HMIH not a land of much va
rlet even that It IB very
inonotonous I one compares It with
other countries the statement JAY lie
allowed to be true but in spring It af
ford delicious contrast of cold and
almost grievous sterility with soft and
langunrou opulence Ihe contrasts be
tweaii the heights nnd the jilaln Sad
and stony are the hill or sometimes
dull In their rounded nudity Noble Her
taon with Its glorious crest of snow
excites the spirit But as one rides
through Palestine tb general effect of
the hii hi tune that makes for a monot
ony not free from
fl frm melunclioly Munot
nnoiHt to are the plain But therein
lies for m their supreme attraction
As one slowly descend Into them pick
log his way among the bristling rocks
he ha the eensallon of being taken as
by some green and tranquil sea full
of lulling murmurs and of movements
that suggest passivity to the mind Thea
wild flow ra stir in the hreeae the
prairies of corn turn to a delicate pal
lor as the silken wind bends each ear
Prom Robert Hlclien Prom NU
reth to Jerusalem In the May Century
Vlivtho Our legislative reporter
CiiliiiuliiH quotes a member of the
Hullilu House a saying the
only reason he knows of
why there III such
thf overwhelming sup
port for the bill to make Columbus day
a legal liollday In that It ho had the
active work of the Knights of
Columbus J will b news to mOl
people that such a bill h over
whelmlii supxirt and how can a bill
have such support when mOlt pcnplr
am In Ignorance of It or of lh move
ment behind It This matter evld rally
merits larger public attention than It
b been receiving Who are bark of
It ali why Columbus dy or October
16 has been made a legal holiday In
Colorado New York and we believe a
few othei states Including Pennsyl
vania In each cave the enactment was
brought about quietly with slight pub
Ik knowledge of who had been behind
them movement In Pennsylvania and
New York I was said the Italians
wanted such a day In recognition of
their Immortal countryman and that
their vote was becoming too numerous
for the politicians to Ignore m fall to
gratify by yielding tn avry passing
demand or whim But here In Massa
chusetts I la the Knights of Columbus
who arc Mid to demand the holiday
and this II a Catholic benevolent order
conipue < for the mot part of men of
Irish ant And what can b
their Interest In adding such a holiday
day to the large number already le
galised Simply the name of their
order Then by the same tnkwn ny I
not the Knlghta of Pythian demand 1
holiday In recognition of some dated
event In the lives of Damon and
J1111 Or If we are to adopt boll
days to please the vanity or satisfy
the sense of the Importance o frater
nal organizations In this country may
not the Freemsiionff fairly claim first
recognition with 1 holiday to com
memorate the anniversary of the
founding of Solomons temple They
are much more numerous than the
Knights of Columbus who are said to
number In this country about 110000
while the Masons number over a million
lion And then might come a long list
of other fraternal societies claiming
publlcan similar recognition Pprincfleld Ito
Ilitil It Ls dlffl
I un
Of Mmk dllkuH Vh tic len
1I h
Twuln Parlismentsrla JT
hOlograplled I
Inou Persons than more ta
atonal phutograiiher T 0T y prrh
his beet IndlvlduaT 5flkh I
pun riult
thinks he ha rsrejv pnrral l > ut h
cess than with Mark Inr U
leonine whliT ah 1
headthat Ii
rtHHl out whi hok lt
dark eainst tho
ground I is of hu h
that Jlark Twain iihaatograp
lark Tln Mid m lila
to New York Amongt I return
AmoOJI other ton1
hNp U1n m hy nrK
thaI of being Kllflhmn w
blhC lhotogrsph
11 J am no a IIImer In Psriit
mnl Hut r lairiiii
neither larl
Ilit am I a men
Congrq hiva hr
1 an flirlvAm
UggesjaJ that I sh iu n THrin
tograjihed In Congreas Ni r hlulh pho
that t
say they have
not tu i t I
Is r
an that
be bestowed thll Iny mlaht wihout J1 i
yet I wa net bestowed nn fn Awl i
ton JIln or tJni hlllo
the 10 f
photograph with
photorph wih the
Parliament In Ih or
reaHanal my hlklrunl 1 I
tn myself Here Ynrlnl ears I 10 1
J I are hi n title nn
menta of anllqult two attifling I
amlll of the hloll
survival or th flit I
From sir Bentamii u Ilp
8r Inlaol
till >
Mittens In the May RtrrH
Vaudeville nnd Motion Picture
Veck J
Comnicncliie Monday
ConHInIIA ldIJ tlari
Bartlett Cnllina K
Jartet fnlina 1enlrl nm
oily Novell
Oehter fillmore Miiitarv Io
Mr Mix nt the Marit
screaming Cnmedv
A Case of Identtfv A < ifrink
Holmes Mystery
She Wanted a Bow Wv a
A Wise UumyVery Vinm e1
Matinees I > all 20 to t jr
Ings 715 M30 and tlc Fn
A flood Clean WhJpo vow
Highest Grade
Rock Springs
Central Coal Coke Co
10 West 2nd South St
piioncs hell EX 3 imi O
Let Us Tell You What will Serve
Your Watch RequifcnienJs best
its our profession
A sick man if compelled to choose
his ow remedy would procure some
common patent medicinebecause i
was advertised
The average man wanting to buy a
watch goes to a jeweler and asks for an
Elgin or Waltham for the same reason
he would ask a druggist for Mrs Win I
slows Soothing Syrup for the baby
because they are advprtised
The most effective remedies prescrib
ed by professional men are never adver
tised and the best watches made in the
world are rarely exploited through the t
magazines t
Go to your lawyer for legal advice I
your doctor for medical advice and Ley
sons for watch advice We are serving
ourselves beat by selling you the best If
watch for the money Ask for the Ley
son special good enough to bear our
name and cheap enough to be within
the reach of all who expect correct time
Phone 65
for the
Correct Tile
Clearance Sal
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Tn order to make room four
of midsunumr Hd
our stock midmmJo
OUl ue Iiau
liuory now en rontl WI
I fi 7 rt5W decided to make a most sprl
tflj anti misses of Rult IJakr
did offering to the women uni
all our
Monday9 a m to 12 noon we will offer
pattern hats at ONE HALF PRICE
For three lays only beginning next Monday 111Iflllllg
stock nt trimmed
you may choose from our elegant new RtoCk
med huts at tho above big discount
212 South Main Up Stairs

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