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LAST EDITION J D E S E R E T EVENING Ni W Pet Q Tonr rtrntielit Wlm Announcement Xnnrcpmr In tie Attention Vnlne tn the of New People li j
Druggist Brecklein Testified He
Sold Him Twentyfive Grains
Of Cyanideof Potassium
llrlnit Their Lunches ninl
Art Anilous to Sea Mr Snn > o
Ami Mrs Iljilo
ltaII City April 17 Cyanide of
otum the deadly poison which UM
tate ontnd Dr Hyde gave Col
iOpe before IsIs death played an Im
g op
porunt role In the phyatelan murder
trill today
Hugo Hrecktein a druggist and three
of hIM employe testlMed that Hi tillS
ortmlf In September and December
jlW Vr Hyde purchMwl a total of M
f rln apule of the poison at his
place f business
gu dungerous wa tilt poison and
to ran wen sales ot It In capsule
germ MILl Mr Hreckleln that he once
named Dr Hyde ot its deadly qualltlm
nd told him that unless he promised
to hstdle the capule himself and
throw Ctt > what he did not UM ho
voui1 i fuse tu cell them to him
To thin the wltncw said Dr Hyde
replied tie was acquainted with the na
ture of th poison anti wanted It only
tot the purpose of killing does
TV physician made no mention of
dMirlns tu rid hits office of vermin said
Mr Hiwkleln This was the use the
pniinn u put to claimed the defense
In its opening statement
> rni e the noon recess Dr A I
ftrnart a bacteriologist took tile
Mind It wan from him Dr Hyde ob
Uined the germs with which he is al
leged t > have Inoculated the 8wope
family and other
Men stand little show of getting a
rut In the Hyde murder trial Women
are bi < Kins the prosecution and the
milorltv nf the witnesses are women
liiih rat probably explain In a
i > ira ut < why > o many women attend
tile tnil The women pectatora alt
cant to MO Mrs Swop and Mr
JB rntig attorneys there are seldom
more tliiin a score of men to be found
In the i rtators peitls Lawyers are
ivon ircference by the marshals In
muting spectators At the opening
f IAI h Km lon the halls are crowded
i ih women
Many wmen have been present at
r r > lon of court slnrr the selec
tion 4 Ih jury began mar than two
v < v < ao The majority of them bring
ihr innhee and remain In tholr seats
ii rtn in order to retain their places
< > n > old woman pleaded with tear In
lv > r t o he admitted She wa ra
fivrt sin whispered to the marshal
that h would send him a nice present
If in nonia only admit her to the court
nvm HP CIII The prevent came the
r t diii liv messenger It was a clear
n Morv of Dr II Clark Hydes al
ol u liasm of poison entered ac
i i Into tli trial this morning when
II via Hoover a bookkeeper and
lliaiinii st employed by Hugo hirsch
> m H Irugglit took the wltnee stand
t > K biht with her books In which
I llde > account
Hnikicitiii phannacy was burned
10 t lumber but the books were
mnnfi II a safe and were not Injured
Th > nat nalil In its opening statement
t mm I I show Dr Hyde purclranetl
r ml or notasMum at the drUR store
> 1 tiirnii last fall
MIW lt ivn was questIoned only re
iJ htK Pr Hydes alleged purchase
H r 11 media and Holllden digestive
ht luring November 1948 The
> ok showed that luring this month
I ii n Ian bought M7 culture medIa
it to ITI tnli media that typhoid germs
dfoii Sncral of Dr Hyde ac
lIt urn offered In evidence ant
IinitI uithout questioning the witness
M ut Ihfin
< 4r lirrklrln another plwrmaclut
MnR 1 the entries made In the book
b Mi s Hoover
vaiKr of potaeslum WHS first men
tnwi iv Prowicutor ConkllnR when
aster Mr nrxckleln had been excused
re rri the account offered a evl
Ilm > They showed Dr Hyde wits
rK1I iih purchaslnt four fivegrain
1 vil if iyanlde on Sept 12 four
a Fir i and 12 on Dee 9
Fri W sullen a druggist of Mt
Tu i lifted that coctlna pill were
liran tmulants hut contained no
irj hnpii The pills were In use In the
iiff hmiH
Un i Williams a clerk at the Ilreok
mn > tr entitled to an alleged pur
hMic f ix nvegraln cpsuieaofcyun
idf of r > tHH ium by Dr Hyde on Deo I
f Thi iler Mid William wa first I
nihniid to the store and Str Hreck
Iin > HKiting error ordered the clerk
tn leleh > no Dr Hyde and ee If It was
vol I t
I nliMl Dr Hyde and asked him
f h inicred the cynnlde Mid Wit
Irni 4H > answered he had I In
mind iiit he wanted to do with It
H MM IIP desired to kill dog
niil MI then nil the order asked
Dr itr Conkling
I < lll
AitiriPM for ir n > de objected to
t w irytiminy maintaining the event
MrratM twk place two month after
th Itnth oC Col Swap The court
rruli hf objection
IMI ru ever before sell cyanide of
r i nm to a physician querIed Mr
1 nkllhlC
11 M was nwered
r > f ii nvpr eli II In capsule form
I n I oIv hut Dr Hy4 r
W nms < ald the cuntomary
Ailing the poison was n a
1 i rrm In which photographei
u WiKh aKkrd but one question
< xnnlimtlon If the poison was
1 lii lump form Th wltiieM
I t I not
n M i qn another of tire lt
i k ivi n1t ° llJl
Ir laaji merely c irrob Mp < 1 ih
0 inldi to Dr Jlyil nn Spl 1
1 o lt klln was the next wit
t1 Hli mild Mr nreckiflii called
If I re for th canul on Dec 5
111 <
w Miveiintlon followed
1 M him raid Mr llrwkl
h kne the poisonous nature
or fl Ii t If nii it was very daiiRer
I t 11 r und the houxe Home
l n i 1 011 him might mlstike the cap
0 rr rit ir kind ond tnk
< ih trfliiM result In death I
T r i rl him th poiann
te I iu tln undcratandlnir th8
handle It himself and dmtrny the part
of It he did not ue
Dr Hyde toM me he wanted tu kill
some dog which had bothered him
Did he mention that he wanted tn
kill bug or cockroaches In his office
ask d Mr Conkllng
He did not answered the wltneee
Mr lireckUIn Mid In It years he had
been a druggist he never had sold cya
nide far medicinal purpose and never
before In capsule form In lola experi
ence ha testified he never heard of
cyanide beIng uMd to kill verttiln
Neither did he recall ever having sold
any cyanide In lump form
Did Dr Hyde ever ask you If your
book were burned In your fire asked
Mr Conkllmr
One of my clerks told me he be
n Mr BrcckMn but the remainder
of the answer was lout In the objection
of the defendant counsel
Two capsules filled by Mr Ilreck
edt were exhibited The druggist
aid he had taken one threegrain cap
sule and put Into It five grain of cya
nide and one grain of strychnine
Attention wa called by the state to
the similarity In appearance between
ll < etlv capsules and the cyanide cap
You could compound a thousand cap
miles that would look almoat alike
couldnt your Mked Mr Welch
I eo W repWed the witness
That wa the extent of the croneex
lt XTlo ISO letter From Women
Asking Ills Hand III Marrlngc
0t IxMils April S7E II It
Oreen of Terrel Texas presi
dent of the Texan Midland rail
road and son of Mrs Hetty Green
and who recently announced In tit
Louts No liad not married because he
could not find a woman who would ac
cept him except for his money admit
ted last night this receipt of 1M letters
from women asking his hand In marriage
nags in the peat tw weeks
The letters are accompanied by about
I photograph of the writers accord
ing to Orson One of the letter warn
from a widow with half a doien chil
dren Green will remain In St Louis
several days He denied a statement
that hia nather had retired or was
about to retire from business
Chicago April 17 Screams and cries
From the Italian colony last night
brought the police t the scene of what
Is believed to have been a lunch
Hand murder at UBS Gault court The
victim the seventeenth In the Italian
district was Gotano Dlsalva
Pletro Montalbano was arrested an
hour later on evidence furnished by
George Colardo a ISyearoid boy who
lives In the house In front of which
the crime wa committed
Pletro came Into th house right
after the shots were fired the boy said
n told us to tell the police he lived
here He dow not but h Is a friend
of my late Lena
Montalbano was locked up and the
boy Is being held aa a witness Toe
prisoner Instet he doe not know DI
salveThe dead man had been shot and
stabbed in many place
A letter found piC of Dlsalvae
pockets possibly may help solve the
mystery I Is written In a woman
hand and In the Italian language
Flagstaff Ariz April Important
observations of Haley comet have
been made recently at the Lowell ob
servatory The finest series of photo
graphs were obtained the morning of
April 19 when the tall measures about
nine degree or approximately St000M0
miles The tall hu generally divided
into two diverging branches and the
distance from the nucleus of the point
or divergence has varied from day to
dayOn the larger scale photographs thee
has been a marked variation In the po
sition and number of the finer stream
ers leaving the head All the tall tit
directed away from the nun I Is at
present foreshortened as viewed from
the earth
Numerous photograph show the
comets nucleus to Rive an unusually
bright continuous spectrum which lit
attributed to reflected sunlight Bisect
ing and paralleling the comet are num
erous bright spectrum band chemical
ly attributed to hydrocarbon and
cyanogen These bands however are
h to be left Intense than In most
Strife Hotwron Itognlnrs nnml Insur
gent Itonclipi an Acute Since
Seattle Wash April 27gtrife between
and Insurgent wings
tween the regular Infa
of the Republican party In thl state
reached an acute stage at I meeting
of the Republican state central com
mittee today to set a date for the Ro
mil toa ta
puhllcan state convention to nominate
live candidates for supreme Justice
The contest comes from the candida
cy of Congressman Mile Polndexter of
nnlm8n Insurgent leaders In
the house for the United States sen
storvhlp to succeed Senator Piles
Pnlndexter haM a strong stale organi
zation but Kith senators the other
two congressmen from Washington and
the state central committee are openly
hostile to him The regular favor tho
holding of the state convention In
JIM or July and the adoption of a
platform condemning Insurgency
pltnn platform It is said would
handle Pnlndexter In Ihe senator
ship primary which Is to b held In
Heptember The Pnlndexter organisa
tion contend that the state commit
tee ha ceased to exist and that the
primary law provides for the selection
of thc ew committee at the Heptember
mlmartes The progressive maintain
that the state convention should h
rnled bv He newly leeted enmmltlee
ind should be held after the senatorial
primary Jenator AV L JIHHM Is leading the
fight against Polndexter
New York tpnii IT Wllllnm Brnlth
a ieeltlig wsllnaper InICIIr
W erbury Conn who was on a visit
lo New York Hy wtn killed early to
day when 1 folding lied In which he was
leeplr lioeMl un In an apartment In
c t Twentvthlrd street His wife
steeping be ln him was nearly smoth
ered In denth In the hd lhl8 hefor
South Norwalk Conn April S7
hItch Hand letter threatening the
Instruction by dynamite of the new
Mt Ladlslaus Itomun Catholic church
have filled the foreign born members
of the congregation with consternation
The writer wants 600 In gold before
May 1 The letters which are In the
hands of thr pnlirc aro plain and writ
ten In excellent English
Great Navigator Preparing to
Lock Himself in the Ice for
Seven Long Years
I niIgm I for Salontiriu Imctiltun
1CHli 1 rut unity 1 KiiKirgc on
ItnMcrii Coast of Greenland
HSn PmnoBKO April rDeUlls of
CJt Itoan Amuhdeens piano to reach
Me north pnkt are contained In letter
from th Norse explorer la Henry
Lund NOn consul h Amund
sen who r auoceedjstf In taking a
ship through the Northwest ps sige is
preieiring to leak hlmeelf In the ice for
seven years and expect to drift by the
pole The voyage will lie undertaken
for the purpose of scientific Investiga
lonlh a crew of II fellow countrymen
Amundsen suys he will start from this
city early next year In the Pram a
sturdy little craft used by Nunsen In
his Farthest North exploration The
Fram will be titled out In San Francis
co after being brotsght around Cap
Horn next winter The coat of the
outfit J1WOW I la estimated will b close to
The Itinerary of the polar cruise will
be through the Bering strait to the
northeast of the New Siberian Islands
where the explorer will permit the
Fram to frerse In The plan Is then
to drift with the IC flows and current
winter and summer for about seven
Amundsen writes that he ha care
fully estimated the results and believes
that he will M carried past th pole
and that eventually using th auxil
iary gstHOlliio power of lb Fram 8
may b needed lie will emerge 0 the
eastern coast of Ireenlaud
of this Is
The chlef object thl expedition
to study tb current temperature and I
sea life of lh Arctic region Instru
ment said t be new to science will
b used that will enable the explorer
to record the temperature of the ocean
three mile below th surface
Amundsen state that he is not es
pecially Interested In reaching the geo
graphical pole and plan to x there
only because the pole lies In his path of
Chicago April 27Au exposition
building three times as large as the
Coliseum i this city wb re several
national political convention have
been held and more than twice a
Im as Madison Square Garden In
New York I to be erected In Chicago
by the Illinois Kxposltlon association
The nwwctatlnn has been Incorporated
for JWOOO and letters soliciting sub
scription are being sent to 1000 of the
principal business firms corporation
and capitalists of the city I Is es
timated a minimum of H000000 will
be needed to finance the scheme
Chicago I the pivotal point of the
nation raid Harlow N Illgpinbothain
who is treasurer and It is high time
that the needed accommodation for ex
position convention trade school
and like enterprise b provided
Plan for Ih structure contemplate
I seating capacity of between SO000 and
Chicago April Romances of the
Civil war were renewed at Galena 11
today In one of the most remarkable
gathering of confederate and Inlon
soldiers held since the close of the
war Hundreds of men who fought
with or opposed Gen Ulyhsew S Grant
from every part of the United States
gathered at the former home of the
dead warner and statesman to cele
brate the eightyeighth anniversary
of Ills birth
An Interesting feature of the celebra
tion Is the fact that the orator of the
day Col Jme Hamilton I wl la
the son o one of the confederate gen
erals who surrendered to Gen Grant
In the audience were hundred nf for
mor soldiers who bore arm under Gen
Grant during the war Gen Frederick
Dent Grant violated his1 own fixed rule
not to take part In celebrations In lion
or of lila father and went tn Galena
PltUburg Apt 11 7A nwrgs of
five of Die largest radiator ivorks In
tile country hal jist been effected ac
cording tn a Plttsburg dispatch and on
May I the United Htates Radiator will
begin buslnoc A PltUbtrg company Is
aid to b a vtrong factor 1 tie com
bination lisle and ollkes are to be opened
Comiaiil In the merger HrcirJIng
to the story urn the Lnltc 1 iSlutex
Itadlator nnd nillor ccniiiiy of Pltts
burg the United Mate UmlUtor com
pany of Dunkirk N Y the United
Heating of Detroit
Stnlos HOtln company 1lrl
Mich and the Hcrreflden Manufac
turing company of GenevH N Y
The radiator department of tic J I <
tt company of New York Is Ihu
mid to he Included In the merger The
bond are being underwritten by the
Klrst National hank of Dotrolt Hfltl
th Clllseiw Snvlngo and Trust com
pany nf Cleveland O
Charles K Patterson nt Dunkirk N
Y It said to be the president of the
combination and n J dross all of
Dunkirk is vice presIdent Both mm
were formerly connected with the
American Locomotive company
Portion of farrl on of 1arli Per
forinol Them on the 1lrld of
Paris April ILCol Uoowtvelt this
morning saw a nortlun of lh garri
son of Part perform war operation s
on the field o Vlnornnri outside the
gates of that town Accompanied by
Den Dalsteln military governor at
Paris American Anbaaaadm llavun
4t jUMertUMi 11aiUM amtiaMsuilur at
YV atilogtun aNd Mador r UuBtley
Molt military al A at Iarls he
drove Hi X MIIMMMtl tu the rIO
cnat au o VMMrnne which is now
uett a a ImnHcK
Kntvrmi tIM keep he was received
nun military BKMHMT Here the party
with th exception of M Jmawrand
mounted lwrs aNd escorted by a
platoon of MriP M uut to the
maneuvering MO open pace ono
and a half ntfift mtk lyfng between
h chateau M tl > firetit of Vlncen
tie where a MHw e evolutions were
executed rafUIr mt tlt > rvlce comll
tkm In order WNlr Itooaeveli
an opiwrluBlty tj ofciarm the technical
netted ot tM BNMh army
mt o
The meMsosese hiinjl an attack
lag army eoaetbeg t a regiment of
ch lraii4 l1 a regiment of I
dragtrana two bnttallns of Infantry
drR taJ
and a battaty of artillery In pursuit
of a retrcMttAg crier K ee retirement
isaa beliMT prateotwl by throe Held bat
hens a baltaUoa o aouaves n a
battalion of draajooM
The attacMra advanoed In open formation
mellon under protMUon of the guns
niakln fr p th machine I
gun attaeh l to each unit firing at
th end o every rush As the rear
guard of the retrntlMt army lied b
fore the charge q d don time
spectacle wa a thrttHw one
Cat Roosevelt watmly oonaratuhxt
Cn Dalsteln on lbs ah and go dis
played by the tre f > and the admirable
fashion In which tM operation wrr
When the mnmntVoT were cmiluded
UM troop dld bolor Oen Dalstcn
and Cal Roo Vn while the masaa
band played the tHar Spangled Han
Heturnlmr to the tnvaaay for lunch
eon Mr HooevK M Wd for a few
minute at th Sale Artistes Fran
cats which will b fermally one on
Saturday Mr IteneliSIt came especial
ly to see George Qr r I Sarnards group
The lAte of IhurnIthity which he
created for UW Pennsylvania iat
rAp4Ul TUB July ham given tl rp
fptl Rooaevelt
Ihe place of MOor add Mr RClt
felicitated the Amerloma sculptor upon
his arhlevefltoflt
Accompanied Vy tM president and
other o leni oC the akm the former
president then made N hurried Inspec
tion of the otter work In the ststusry
lon t ot the
section seeing among other thins th
a or
group I Amertoma sculptor Andrew
drew Conner and th Shrare of an Aftt
drw la aR
Ward who so
ran a VM4fS br Herbert r ap
Stanley rear guard in
rompanled Soy rr < r
Stopping before the flfurea of two
b e I cui1ttt
how a J
made th mlt ke of w y 4pist1n
I lee movement
An elephant aaW Mr Roosevelt
elpo horse its Isga on
Is like a racing 1
1 Ik together These sic
each side move toethr T
phint are truo to life Barrle wa
always wrong
IlwA Roosevelt entered the painting
actions only for a moment to ee Jean
ItlO Surre
Paul Lauren triptych The
Ilul of Yorktown which he paiiteI
for the city of Baltimore
f the request of Paul chess Mr
Itoo nelt today autographed a series
nolftlt oay autorpe be now
of his photographs hlh I b
at the ctorr fair In New York He
id he had already contrltraled I gun
which fair he bad need In Africa fo the
fairMr Kooiwvelt today accepted the
honorary presidency of the American
FrancoAmerlenB committee
rectlon of the FrnrAfto
edl a delegation from which called
upon him ywHerxlay
St Ioul April 27FIre of unknown
origin caused a kiss estimated at JMO
00 In th mammoth plant of the An
heunernucoh lirewlng association frt
today and for a time threatened the
entire establishment with destruction
Five hundred thousand bottles of
beer were destroyed and million of
burning cork made such a dense smoke
that the firemen fought the name In
I black smudge
The street about the plant flowed
with beer for more than an hour and
smoking cork bobbing up and down In
the stream gave the streets a unique
The bottling and storage haoe r
completely destroyed entnillttK a Jose
Valuable paintIngs and furniture
stored In the building by J A Faust
vice pretldent of the company were
destroyed with I Ion of SMM
8t Petersburg Tuesday April 1
A hill authoiislng the government In
time ot war to irmmHmleer all vessels
flying the Kusslaji flag for transport
purpose hits been Introduced In par
liament the diima Itself taking the
Initiative The measure which Is mod
sled on German Austrian and French
laws contemplates the compulsory
service of all men employed In the
merchant marine excepting only for
eign subjects and hands baton 18 or
over 1 years old
Atlanta Ga April Zvry ntant i
er whose cotton ha been Injured
should replant In corn and not at
tempt to grow a second stand of cot
ton said itt Commissioner of Agri
culture T O Hudson yesterday Mr
Hudson wa discussing YMleaJ of
this weeks cold wave on the cotton
crop at least 1 per cent of which has
been ruined Cotton leer grows wail
where It has been killed b the cold
he added
It net er If you have any doubt nil out this coupon and mal to Hugh
A MeMlllln Supervisor of Census 106 Dooly Ck Bait Lake City
O April K 1010 I was living at address given belaw but tn lbs best
of my knowledge I hav not been onumernted there or elsewhere
Street and No
Relates Talk With ExPrest
Roosevelt in Which Latter Said
Dont Give Up the Ship
Helar DoiiyxrHlM Wnnt Ni More
Cittisimlima unit Vltli ItiMiripint
On Prelliiiliuiry Shlrinl lio
Washington April ST There were
bUll senator preaent when at 1
clock th eeoale was called t order
In pursuance of the adjournment resolution
lutton of yesterday
It seem e t me that we ought to
have a quorum mildly suggested Mr
Overman of North Carolma I
I U senator mean to hUt
there is no a quorum Inquired Vice
IreeMent Sherman
I think that we ought to have a
quorum In transacting business aakt
Mr Overman
The chair will aaaum that the
senator mean to call attention to th
fart that her is no quorum present
and president will order a rollcall Mid the vice I
The rail developing a sufficient
vln utclent
number for business purposes tb rail
road bill was taken up and Senator
Hayner o Maryland was recotmhwd
to proceed with a long promised speech I
In opposition to certain feature of I
the bill
Are the Insurgents In earnest o
hai they Just been flirting and co
quetting with us
Senator Haynor of Maryland In mode
seriousness asked this question and
others even more pointed In a speech
delivered In the senate today on the ad
ministration railroad bill lie said that
the Democrats wanted no more com
binations with the Insurgent < m preliminary
liminary skirmishes but that the re
calcitrant Republican would b n el
coed Into Democratic ranks if they i
only would enlist and take their feelIng
Ing with them
Pointing out that on almost all preliminary 1
liminary move on various msasurss
before Ih present Congress th in
surgents and Democrats have stood
together Mr Rayner said that When
the final vote is taken upc the bill
they us seem leisurely to stray cay from
Now h Mid the question Is
what do your friend mean Are they
In furriest or are they simply flirting
and coquetting with us I It merely
a temp engagement or is It a
permanent love ItT
Ts the senior senator from Indiana
for rnetance embracing us for the e
utary and trmnaeort o b moment or
4 be w Wtlfe with us in th
bonds of holy pldc wedlock I
would like to kaww from him what his
future Intentions are Whenever we
have voted with him I harp notued
he caat a radiant smile that is full of
feeling n our direction but Is this
merely the symptom of a momentary
affection passion or Is It the token of permanent
I do not know how the reel o my
colleague feel but 1 a becoming
weery of being fondled and orsend
only to he ivjerted and deserted when
lb supreme moment arrive When I
listen to the siren voices of the Intrepid
and daubing Insurgent from Iowa I ani
thrilled with the rehearsal of the crime
of tb Republican party I knew It all
along before they told me but they
have recited It with such dramatic fer
vor and such halt detail that
the indignant blood has surged through
my vein anti they have ray profound
eat sympathy fo belonging to a party
that influences la governed by such demoralizing
Mr Rayner formally Invited the In
surgents to come Into the Democratic
cup We offer you a party that la perfectly
pure and that ha passed beyond the
stag ef temptation b said We
nt you and wont you badly
Through many sleepless night Mr
Hayner Mid he had thought over bin
proportion At first he had been of
the opinion that the Democrat might
themselves solve the problem by going
over to the Insurgent but their ex
perience In connection with the railroad
rail bill had been such that they could
not pursue such a course with assur
ance of safety
I will b recalled he said that In
the rlr rate debate under th lead
ership of xPresdent Roosevelt we
joined hand with the Insurgent fore
of the Republican party Th hut word
the expreMent svld to me when w
were conferring over the critical situa
tion were Now dont five up the hlp
Mr President I leak his advice and
did no give up th ship but th ship
gave me up The night before the ver
w takon the president wa out In I
lifeboat with the senior senator from
Rhode Island and the junior senator
from Maseachuvetl When the vote
wit taken we discovered that upon
the evening before the president had
ordered these two sturdy sailor to
man the lifeboat and before h stepped
Into I he had scuttled th ship and
made for the chore U th company of
these tlngulhed marine
Now we d not want any more com
bination like then > Vts want the In
surgent II onine tn us and we will
pilot them to a eats deliverance L
the senior senator from Indiana not
stop with administering a drcultooi
blow beneath the belt that is mere
mutiny that k n rebellion that In
magnificent but It I not war
evlarlng himself the advocate of
Hiatus and not of railroads Senator
Itaynor of Marland today addreeead
himself to the general aspect of the
administration railroad bill while that
measure was under consideration for
Mr Rayner gave special consideration
to the provisions relating t th la
auance of stock and bond by railroad
corporations which h contended were
no part of the regulation of commerce
But assuming that they d constitute
Much a regulation he claimed that In
HO far a the state charters to railroad
were concern Id the provisions were
contrary to the Constitution
He asserted that tnngrea would
have as much right to lower salaries
of officer If a roil or to decrease the
wag tin JIIY i IH it would have
to gulalf iti lsiiiilli of tok n
There Is he declared no duel
don of any of the federal tribunal that
hay ever readied such 1 point of con
itruelliin of federal KIIJKI vision Thi ro
in n < text wrltir < I i ommiiitiit 1 tbilt
I 1 hnp ifHl o to tci I > RH o tn < I tuo
ilictrlne that igulatlon I rommircr
I arilf nith if the right tn reulatI
every art m i nnectlon with mtTitixte
prUol from t Inception of their
charter all through their organization
and through every cope act that
thy pei form and unleeai I hear some
other ground advanced fo this con
truiilii I must beg to offer my din
sent therefrom
He contended that I charter la a con
tract between the state and the In
corporators and he argued that the
bill contemplated th violation of the
obligation of such contract Mr Ray
net declared that he was not In the sen
ate as the representative of a railroad
and added
I have never accepted any employ
ment from them In ray profeaMon al
though I havu had many an opportunity
nity lo dn so anti I have never advo
cated their claim before any Judicial
toim or legislative aoeenblage My
hands are abaolutcly free I a their
friend when they do what to right and
their enemy when they d what I
wrong They are tb pride o the
country as they are a curse when they
terrltorlallK the kud and apportion
It among themselves aa their subju
gated province and they are a mel
tu o Institution when they Invade
the hall of legislation and attack and
trample upon the Immortal rights of
ti people
1 do not know whether they an for
this bill or against It n I d n I
car Having held n communication 1
with them o their agent or attorney
I am utterly Ignorant of the position
they occupy Im here In defense
of the state and not o the railroad
Contending that It never had been
contemplated that th right to grant
corporate charter ahould be taken
from lh state Mr Rye said
It I a one of their reserved right
that must b maintained Inviolate
and Intact I 1 can d this we can 1
literally destroy these charters I
this Is Interstate commerce then ev
erything In tb vocabulary Is Interstate
commerce I challenge th constitu I
tionality of these provision I charge
that by violating contractual right
granted by the state they undermine I
the fundamental law of the land that I
they practically overrule th maxim
of the Dartmouth college tas I
c clf to b lacorporatad Into th
law by every text uiier on tin iu
JoctI claim that the fifth amendment
to the Constitution Is applicable
t thla bill fNen where the
conatltutiona of the Itt or
their law or the charter they have
granted aiv subject to alteration
amendment or repeal T Cowtre
at he fnlted Stte cannot thus de
prive the state of their vested and
inherent right exercised for over a
Bbl xrl fo ovr
hundred year without being challenged
and will I
lenged o questioned An never wi
believe that th supreme court will
ever sanction such a revolutionary doctrine
Insurgents of i
Washington April rIuat
the s < nat < through the eloquent tongue
of Bcnatnr Dolllver today spurned an
Invitation to quit their party saitmIates
and Join the Democratic party vhkh
Invitation had been extended by Sen
ator Raynei In the course of a speeih
In opposition to the administration rail
road bill The exchange ot mock com
pliment and aprto aroused the
enate and gallerte tar several hour
and finally resulted In political debate
that goaded Senator Bailey Into a
harp defense of the minority party
A lively general debate fMlowed
Invitation to the Insurgent
Mr Raynor Ivl toa tl 11
gent senators made A general hit with
the Insurgent themselves quite aa
much u with the Democrats and regu
lar Republican Mr Rayner had not
resumed his seat before Ml Dolllvei
was recognized
Rcfore replying to Mr Rayner In
vitation Mr Dolllver entered upon a
vlton at UPB
discussion of the capitalisation of rail
rll advocated the right of the national
tional itorernment to crutlnle time It
tonll the stork and bonds of railroad
He said the le could In no way In
terfere with the federal control of In
tercut commerce and argued that th >
tattl n
control of capitalisation might b used
for that purpose
Mr olllver then declined Mr Ray
nets Invitation with thank Taking
nl the question as to the disagree
ment of the Insurgent with the r g
ular Republican h Intimated that
there wa room enough In the R
publhan party for all elements
pbl Is a large parly h said and
It ha within th last 1 year con
verted a number of people to its faith
It is large enough and good enough
to carry on the fight for good gov
ernment but If I ever did feel any
temptation to leave I I would have
to look over f Ion many things b
fore I would pitch my tent with the
Democratic party because I know that
Dmoric prlr much discontent la
th Democratic party as to its leader
ship as In the Republican party
Mr Rayner Interrupted with the sug
gestion that while there might b dissatisfactIOn
satisfaction In the Democratic party
regarding leadership the trouble In th
Republican party related to Its prln
Mr Itolllver dissented He contended
his party wa right In principle and
prty wa pressed as to the action
of the party with reference to the
I a > neAMrtch tariff he recalled th
course of the Democratic party In the
enactment of the WlUonOorman tariff
law of IM saying that If he had ever
felt any Impulse to embrace the Demo
cratic faith the trend of event In that
direction would have disillusioned him
because he declared the Democrat
had then lost the opportunity to make
good their promise to reduce the tariff
I os Angelef April 37 Acting under
orders of Postmaster Harrison scores
of postal employes clerks and farriers
went to work yesterday to aid the cen
sus enumerator to gather the name of
entitled to be enumerated
every person ntlte numt
as A clttsen of Los Angeles Postofflce
alary allowances are based < > n popu
lation aa welt as receipts and Mr Ham
risons subordinate have lent their
assistance with an enthusiasm horn o
the knowledge that they are working In
their own interest
Ottawa April Z7W H Fieldings
serviced as minister of finance during
the hurt U year n recognised In a
substantial manner when last night
he was presented with a fund o ap
proximately InO
The > res ntation took place at a
small dinner attended by the Dominion
premier Sir Wilfrid Laurler and prom
inset member of the Liberal party
The money was raised by private sub
HIM hester N YApril = Dlspatih
iN fron Alexander N Y state I lit
Alert J < I nnd Albert Ioth impio
es if a trill In thit lon erc dnwn ii
I I TIliwr1 < TOlt lit ti gut Ill1 v
111 v t thir r oat vMllo att i lUns
tu i lange R t
Promoters Said to Have Collect
ed Millions of Dollars Through
Sale of Stock
blocks ninl Iloiul8 or Irll rtorf
llons Wllli AgRrpgntH Cnpltal of
slnooino Were nenlt In
rhryenne Wyo April Z7By th
filing In the Unltrl mute court her
yesterday of a complaint in I civil m
lion against a numbci of promoter
who have been negotiating Macks ant
bond of I different mporHtlon who
lapltal stock aggregates mote tha
MIeCsN where I made public rh i
ii alleged to be a great fraud by wh ti
I the promoter during the lat 10 y < <
are said t have collected nvilm i
dollars through th sale or t ek
The complaint conies cp 1 i i
action dealing with tin p ii in
the promoter of valise mm ig i I
way tramway sineitinx ji lilac an1
mercantile compent or tin tncami
mint district Carbun ounty Wyo I
ing directed especially igalnt K W
Cob 1 A Nurtotn J H Draper A U
Hawse I N Penmxk and other pr
moter a the IeiinVmin Copper
company end the Inlted Smvlten
Railway A Copper company Which
took over the property of lh Penn
Wyomlng ompany and a large nun
b of suhldlary compunles
The case tomes up on arguments foi
permission to file an intervening peti
tion In a receivership cane recent
heard In I tie fnlted States court lir
This pruyir wan granted yesterday n
th petltioi filed In cuurt
Mining snil stock opTHtlons rxleil
Ing OMI the last 10 ycttr ji neuil
eeiy Mat of the Union are unkl
Big hond houses In several of 4e iage
cltlts of tin fnlted Btate an Inter
ed In the < nse
The companies involved li the a ton
Th Imiid BtatPx miltciF Railway
A pxr i ompany
The PeiinWyomlnjf fnpicr mipany
The Xoilli AmTl an a 11 com
The Saratoga A Km iinipmeiit Rail
way i ompany
The Encampment Smelting ompan
The Encampment Pipe line Ditch
The Emerson Electric Light com
The Knrnmpment Tiamway Company
The Enrampment Wui ruorka com
i T Kmnmpment Land l Townslte
rmpanT Haul lAke Tunntl Site Min
ing romran >
The llaggerty < i > pi > er Mining com
pnT Csrbondale foal company
ThO North American Metrcantll
company all corporations under the
laws of Wyoming also
The Rquitable Securltlen company In
corporated under the laws of Illinois
It Is charged In the complaint that
Cobb Norton A Draper officiated ai
director and oBcer of all these cor
porstlnnf end mnnlmilate ihrm for
thIr mrn r ont 11 io i1 detriment
nf the i fgst n th o itholrie
The pw v Hi oi ii J fn in
Nw York Api II The humid f
aldermen has endorsed th plans for
a sane Fourth of July In New York
City In place of the noise of cannon
ading and fire cracker the day is tn
be celebrated as a civic holiday A
cording to a resolution paxsed by tin
aldermen the city is to have a hits
tortnat pageant and patriotic nereis
together with a parade In which thou
police a lire departments th natlo i
al guard and other military bodies ar I
various patriotic and civil societies iv
have a part This according ti the
dennen Is the way the thy med
observed years ago
MIlliiHiuIrr Broom SHJ Our N I
Criiinlry of ConileiiMxl Suffering
Chlcsgo April 17 Having ende k
tour of the coast cities Kdwttrd Iiio 1
mllllonalie of Denver who is atudylnx
the lot of the homeless and destitute
hobo In the cities stopped In Ihl a
go yesterday on his way to New Yor
A country of condensed human suf
fering where the churches ore ox lr
a 1 painted picture and the charlil
I association welts to avoid giving win
ever possible rather than h lpln
un Mr Browns description of lila In
prrenlnn of the coast cities
HIs method Ia tn dress an a huh > 01
throw himxelf upon the merzle nf th
streets to see what will occur Hi1
has hen arrested many time an I v i
grant It Is his purpose to UM his In
fluence tuoutd obtaining better facili
ties for aiding the poor but honest iniii
who ha no place to steep inl ti pro
cure better Julia and lodging huel
Port Tonnnend Wash Aprl T
Wiley Bennett I private in the U r
artlllary at Fort Warren wa 1 I1
e to three year a Alcatrai for pi
Jury under the fittings of u loun
martial mad public here y aurdav
Bennett wa suspected of robbing an >
murdering Private Kobert Dunn ani
throwing his body over the bluff be
tween this city and Fort Wonian se
em I week ago Questioned unit i
oalli hi made ronnlctlng statements
The officer unable to secure sat <
factory evidence to convict him r
him on the perjury charge
Ottawa Ont April 17 Canailii
total trade for th fiscal year cumuli H
March 11 reached the record figure o I
This Is an Increas I JI175OUJJ
mon than I per tnt as compar
with the preceding U muRtha I is itr
Increase of JM000000 compared wit
the previous period of 1M78 At pre
< nt UK nsrulii monthly inertness oii
tni < oiiioiiondiiig tnonthi of last > n
HII ninnlnK vi 1 1 f > 0flH > u icr rnontk
mil tin InIn atm na point to a tori
I lail ni the neigh niho j of J800000 I
11 urnnt fiscal jor

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