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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, April 27, 1910, Last Edition, Image 11

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0 c =
ork of tclpullal In remi hiiiht
or ollecc Iutcrc Mltllo
V CMI Athlete
track athletli among
f In
In uJge of the middle wet this
1I centered In the wurk of Ms
tf1P Too a Chlneae bo > who III 5p
chun 0 l a varalty contender sIi4r
rln 1 ° f Washington and Jeffer
thi r In Iennaylvanla Tlia
otfr5 by the young oleatU
V I m ry and Udur meeting
ln I i tie Ameriren prtnte H t
h rI in tltuUo a t tak no
I f V 1 he prediction Ii frly md
k h hi
A runner will < >
ti < Ilneae
that majorty of tte American
I i
j he racea during the cunl
trllh wrTfl
I fl I his preliminary training a t
TuI and Jlleron academy
WJhtfltfl been mOdOat and nvtr
but I aN fttt tam hoaure at the prep
rco r
tried lInllun 5 JIt ttnocted
h I ° k durlac tn lut winter In
10 W HId J Jlymlum whn un
111 ior track III lap to the mile
the the
II shoe be tovcrtU
wflh aM iilktlea In A Itttl ovr II NflflhIfl
lC 1 i onsldered fat going on urn h
fk ttsrk Physical Instructor
I V f Klrcbner Imroeillately began
L f
Lw mtrud the Chinese boy and he has
to 1 M il into one of the ftreateal
n rn that ever entered the rotluge
runner tI this tlon In a recent Indoor
IttI n t at Plttabur Tal took threa
door m or four start and howd
> ut
srsu h lIIe that he wa Instructed In
w nn1 evrflt not to It himself out
hi hp mil the Intention 1lnK to
to 0vr nfl III I muh u pOssIble
fh wphlnglon and Jtrrn team
nee In flOI Important tr11
IS before In the mIl
0thrt ° hAn ever
ir i litHi If Klrchner lays he < x
iin hi IhlflPC protK to keep the
ram 0 J i I the front Tn all the mrt
tftm Ti will be entered In all tint
ft1 im limance He haS alao bwi
practJ tpr1nl > K It hurdling and It Is predict
14 thii It will ShOW the way over the
barr rr in many of the crack runner
in hm he will appear this year
s Tin < n Chlneae Is a natural run
Mr 110 I II YOre old well aPt up
iif nv erftgP height rungy and grace
ful arnt II the moat enthusIastic can
Mtttr for > arslty honor at Wahlng
ton al J ffeion TiiI Is modest Tn
dtmrLi hard uluilent tralna well
Ind pular among the atudenf a Ho
liu irriit fnllh In hi future as a run
lth confldenoe
l ii > in I rnn
Mo ling fal Ie member of ono
t ilu BJthBt and moat prominent
fjiinlii > In the Chlneae empire tile
flhT Nul Vong Tal Is It multlmll
Indre mid to he tao tal or gover
nor uf the province of Klang Hu of
whlih iinghnl 10 the capltnl ThB
fnmiH if > m however IN at Canton
At the unlver lt > thIs afternoon Coach
Mtddu and his itixlitiinta are holding
I trjoui for candidate for entry In the
dual met with the high school to je held
on dimming Held Koturaa afternoon at
I o l vk Competition I keen for placed
I i I and the following
un tl > entry lIst men
Nfl 0 tried out for performance this
aftrrnonn In the event mentioned
one hundred yard dart Illchardwn
Riier anil Carmfch el
Web j imp Ulbrum Ru d ll mlllkJ
In H o lmiiend Hvrupp and Smith
Pole ault Krtrkton Major Taylor
and Rciiardion
Brmd lump Outhne Holmatead
fKilr UHkelley and Kwapp
FVJn Rrlntun IIc4ntead Walker
r the ivnnlchael atone Richardson
Rttrr K irrlck and Ilomney
i net It Maildock has arranged the
ferule of eventa for talutd ln meet
n h punrt off In the following order
it milred yard rtanh trial heata
Mil run
Tw > inrtred and twenty hurdle
Tmr hundred yard dah
filttit hundred and elcnly rard run
On hutuired yard Mah ftrmt
fn < r hnndrert and forty yard run
Hrtimi lump
KhM put
H mm < > throw
1lr 0ult
High jump
Th intre will be announced tornor
mw The ffrtHMi of the meet will be
Rirtrr IJeul Elliot flnlah Judge JIc
Se < KiMett and Home timer ella
u lummer and Oinurlch Held ludKex
le1ro olfoon and IIi > rfall rink of
nan ronl scorer and announcer
Rtl > oi I
v I Pet
PhladIIhla ITS
Pitttbur 1 1 s
Now York S I T
rkiiac 4 j 7
iBrimisii 1 4
Holton 1 5 III
1InIokJ 1 f
It i4uj 1 1 11I
Nm York April 11I1 a poorly
pltyeil game New York defeated Brook
vti tndiiv j to 8 New fork not the
vlnaing run In the ninth Inning on
1Iklo triple and Meyers single
Seor i1Ll
llTOklsn S W 1
V w 1k 14 J
itin I < oBII Wllhelm Deaaau and
Kfwtn rrnndall Ames Dick son and
I rnimH KIm and Kan
PhlltdHphla April 3 Ihllndelphla
Moiled lionton today by a ninth
lurunir rolls wing made hln debut with
itt hum tnt end pitched excellent hall
after t urst Inning
Buelon 4 2
Wltadi IIUH S 7 4
B ttt n o I urtlaa and Smith ura
him E UK iind DoMn
ImpiM Itlglar and Kraall
Ontiiiiii prti KHt Leut cin < in
nau mini postponed cold weather
hiJiK April MFltUburgChliago
tunii nisipond rain
w J itot
ttIIsJpI1 3
itOtrult 1 s 61
SJ Loul j j IUI
Xw York 1 I 5
tlIUlO 4 s 111
histtn 4 I ut
WLthiugtn 4 1 411
th caeo 2 4 St
iiinatun April MWaalilngtori
srjvf Too pitcher to the l > nch txUv
dIftat1 N w Yk s to 1 Walker wa
tile I it orltlcal point error In
IItt r i antt L llvlt being raapoiiclbli
in li 11 r r Sew York rune In the IMM
n R H M
Ini i j
lh It i WMIkr ae4 Itrst tan
If I MI Warhop and Hweeney
5i1 I AIrl blcalfOo1evelRnd
Isle Apr1Itht LouIaDtrolt
lII off wet Iffutllltk
II w X itt
It J f 4 I iOO
I 2
Wlcaita e n Z 401
I W i do
LJti I 4101
2 J 4f
brkR 1 TICS a 1 a 4 2
At Tnili
Topeka De Moines 7
lhItIfl Lincoln 4
fi I lflv54 omahu I
f J pI 81ux CIty 9 SI J
k i
tIwa iw i = 1
4 < tj L a I
4g 1
4f i
y >
f4r ke
w fi3 I
IpSE I lPc
4 r4 0
l I
Look out for Clark rlfflth and lilt
bind of Cincinnati baseball vvarrlom
la now the cry along the National
league circuit Crir Icntn han lin
rroved wonderfully lmc Iwot WH sn
and It ii out to make a strung tight fur
the banner Those trade pulled utl
during the winter have materially
strengthened thl Hwji and Vfee men
of the game say the Khlneland native
will come pretty near popping the Hag
should any of the leader take a slump
The Cincinnati iMrittngatlm lark a
few numbers of being of champlonahlp
team caliber and any slackness In
Portland U I Of
San Francisco U 10 AO
Vernon U 11 1itJ
Lo AnKl U U KM
Oakland t M M
flacratnento fit =
Han Franclcco April HVerpon won
rfMttr from Oakland today t to I In the
fourth Inning sIc htta and 8ve tolen
heM netted Vernon four run
Score R RB
Vernon I 11 1
Oakland 1 T 8
UalterlJIItt and llogan Nelson and
Loa Angeles April 11Los Angelas
won from Bacramento to4aFln the fleet
Inning when four hits yielded three run
According to leporl received hero from
Australia George keiichroldt the
former world champion wrestler bettor
known a the Ituufnn Lion I to sail
fIr thin rountrv within the next IWO
week In of H match with jMnnk
llotch the pivaent bold of the title
rmmolers III KnnxH City have offend a
good steed jmiar for n contest between
the pair fKH Mi ha alrendy acceoted
and It Is more than Ilkelv that Hack will
do the Halm KM r Mint h U > st the title
lo ijriti h tw > VHHIS Hgo lbs Itiisxljin
Lln lis II en anxious tnr a letuin
tnati FCI lit > pHht HX mitntha ur more
Itak has hei1 innllng all meiH In tin I
null > H led In In 11rIIIIII1 ah inc fur a
bout W 111 < jt < H
livhtlnK the HiH Hill incnn a Jolt that I
will maki Plttsburg hlcaKO and New I
York fans howl The lied como near I
having the best muting ami IMM run
nlng team In the Nntloinil heM gil right
now They were not as KMH In til
flfhl work lift weapon HM they fhotill
have horn hut thin > t ur they uti there
with Ktoiiit and plckup tUiiwxt aa ac i
curately as even the rub Tim pitching
department held them bark last sea
son and now Urlfflth thinks thl ha
n corrected Siting the team up
the lied come pretty near being the
one beat bet In baseball today If any
body offer decent odd While It la
Whalen weakened agaIn In the laM In
ning when four more bits were bunched
floor fl1IIt
BacrHmentn 2 4 0
Lo Angela 1 It 1
Batteries Whalen and I A hong Erie
walter Crlger and Orenrtortf
Portland Or April aaan Fran
deco hut rMrtland out In the opening
game of the series In thla city today by
the score of t to ft The contest was a
tight between two men KMiley and
Score L1II
Ran Krancleco 1 1 1
Portland 9 t 1
Battnlea Henley and Merry Ouyn
Krapp and Arnbruater
Columbu I 4 Wo
Toledo I 4 tW
Xlnoeawolli I 4 b
lit i > aul 1 4 4M
Indlanavoli ° J 4M
Kanaaa City 4 I 444
Louisville 4 T 37
Milwaukee J i IM
At Kanaaa CItytPul 11 Kaneaa
City T
At t > ul > vllle TotedoIxnilavllle game
poatponml rain and cold
At Milwaukee MllwaukeeMlmttapolla
game poetponed rain
At Indianapolis IndlaiupaHiCotumbu
game poetjvooed rain
r lt
Tacoma S fot > >
Vancouver 2 vu
Hpokane S rot
heath 1 ioo
T PORHI Wiub April a
Scott R 11 K
Heattle 1 4 i
Tacoma i S 2
BatteHea IltndrU and Shea s hmlii
and Byrne
HpflkNite We April M
Store a II K
VNiwouver M n 2
Hpokano 13 u 2
Hatlerlee Ilunh and lAM KMliln
Illckey and Brooke
Irbana Illpeti rfOtr f ° < tlHll
will make It debut se a snort on lilt
nols Held today when the first tnlver
silty of IlllnnlN eleven ever oriranltvl will
line up against the crack team frrni the
Ihristlun Brothers college of gl Ixmts
where aoccer has been a principal sport
for MM e year No adihleton will be
i hargad In order to Insure Interest fr
I h rooter are Inclined to view the spurt
with ttenlmlem
iJitlJ April ITJam fly lit
nt rot I nBoun < > d taut night That he
would submit a n offer of a WMI puree In
an effort to bring the wrestling match
between Frank ootlI worlds champion
lond tenhila SMly1 > llph champion
to this city
It the Detroit offer I accpti Ill eaJd
the match will
probably be ataaed at
Rennet park the boon of the IJetroit
American aaII and will be a daylIght
SIAIU5II iltlS IlliyK ItKTAIMilt
Now York April ITDanny Maher the
A Vfl0tIlii JOtky rfitpled a retjttn thof
IBO0 from iorw ItOetety to lid his
nll Nell 041W In thiS flethv
It Is Mid to de the litigest figure ever
IIBn1 ls a JOckey ri > i errla III a
Sliflhlbi apadt
uturdu April 30 Admission 5
gi 1oIally flficpted us A chit prnpoal i
tion that Plttsbtirg Chicago and New
York will tight it UI Cincinnati Is the
ilirk horse ll > blitrl IK considered to
in me of tin best fist MIII kcri In the
nuOii It agucH r Hkcrt un < l the only
Mike MltrhHI arc two of the greaiteat
utlleldpr iln > lng the gam today
Bcene showS close play at home plate
In recent ChicagoCincinnati game A
good line on the real strnegth of the
Red win bi Riven during the series
with the Cubs now being played In CW
caaxi The team played four games In
Cincinnati recently and the Red Won
t 110 out of four
H >
Hen Keracher the Herman pilot of the
Vanderbilt clip driving the Darrauq ra
In car who wan In a sraaahup on In
geslde track Sunday afternoon will boO
able to compete In the Salt Luke meet
at BueiiH Vista track on May T and 11
Although the car wa badly damaged
and Keracher slightly Injured I will herr
repaired at once William Plckens msn
agar of Barney Oldttfld w I here
looking after I detail of the meet re
ceived a telegram from Oldfleld yeeter
say gfternoon Kers her I a daring driv
er an hae bad many narrow escapes
The automobile dealer will meet at
the Commenliil club tonight to arrange
a tiiimlMi of Kpeilnl eVfltS for the two
laYs meet Muniger Pli ken say that
Hnlt lk will see ome fast racing and
he hopes to ft e oldntM lower the dirt
track record in his Ulllien Hens tar
fi l A
t r n
I t
I 3 ct
I 4
Aitihiiii Drexi I inIlie Ihe millionaire
boxer ur rhlladclphli II rival Th
latest a ilranl for hiim in the roped
ring Is William W Harbour the 1041 of
the throad inanufiwtuiir who recently
won i hi amateur heuvvwelght chain
IIOUK p of the I IN Ktales in Ikmton
liiiiiMi is nime KtreiMiiuH than 11
Uuai City frlviul While BidoT tile
ply hi cklll ex hislvely ro hIl rich
friend Barbour trfllee In doing It In
public AC In the ease of Drexel who
Is alKUM aeconded by Jack Ollrlen
Mitrboui hOp ala IVH had n stellar light
In hiS cornei in Hie pei 5111 if mi other
tIIn IUIILH l IFlit Iompadcrr
Inn IH i 1 hiiMiiifitli OM the clev
IMIIHH hwn li < Hull MII ind It IH nos
KIM tuft in the n1 future there will
I > Ill > i iu u Harbour and Drexel
jut thu lnnura M tile luUUutialro clan
11111 tn The New
Provo April r Wednesday May 4 ha
been net Apl the opening of the ttaJt
county baaebnll league summer cam
paign O that date Kane will be play
ed ha follow K
prove V Bprlmrvflle at lrovo
penis Fork ye I < ehl at Lehl
Linden V a Payson at Linden
A number of soccer player are at work
attempting to organist a team here with
a view of entering the stat league They
will have a trial meet thIs afternoon n
th llhrar grounds 1nno ha come
good material for i soccer team
The salt Luke Hoccer club will meet
the Eureka clrb Hetnrday at o llotig
Ie In th first game of the eeaeon for
the Dayne championship cup Th gain
was t have been played on May 7 but
into we found Impossible sO the date
WM advanced to Saturday The change
In the date catches the Ial team In
poor shape but the player will n doubt
put op a good game
T local player will meet at Ptort
Douglas this afternoon fo a M
prnettw The eleven will b plckad t
dny and from now until Haturday they
will play every afternoon
T Pelt hake star hat out U
Bonnevllle baaerall team In a Ulnnlng
game on the Bnnnevllle grounds Tues
day afternoon In Ihe heal Inning the
Stars bunched their hits fiilng the baa
Rrinkle drove one over the leftnelder
for a home run scoring a total of four
inns oiiiniii scored with a home run
Il In the Collie Inning The Atari are
HI lous 10 meet any amateur team In lh
i HO anI ih manager would like to ar
T mice it vain > this week with the Itah
11511 041 hallway company team The
line up
Hi irs Bonnevllle
t1W c A Bohne
Itrinklev p McMurn White
Miller fb C Rohne
Cillagher I Halvenmn
flood Iherson Jb Carroll
Konnell 55flrfrmes
fmlth Jf Heinle
Young ft Matthew
Shut rf hsaaoea
The Pembroke stationery baseball team
debated the RandallDodd In a lively
turn Tueariay afternoon at Liberty park
Kvan pitched a good game for the wIn
IIIK team and received giltedged sup
port The wore wa 4 to a th wInnIng
11 being cored In the last inning Th
Pembroke HandallDodd
V Tlngey c johnson
Kvana p Jonr
Hradfordlb Irving
11nwndgki11 Hedberit
PembrokO55 Croeenun
Ieck Sb ItolnHM
Kenon hf Winter
1 T1n r y c f Torriniwn
Clayton rf QuIMberg
Kphralm April MTtM tall men of
Gunniaon le kept the basketball to
high In the air for the hort men In a
match game played In the Qunnleon
Opera house last night The score 8
I to I and shows the a4vantag e of lone
leg and arm The house was SIted to
its capacity the game being well adrer
UN The lineup WM se fellow
1ight rimhmaa Red Bantam
W K Tulleatrup rf Mow nioiianl
carl IodeenIf Wm 141444a11t
1rthurjolanotnI C E lldR
JY Chri tnen re I I Stoke
U p Christensen g ilertln Peterson
C II Child rda Alma Larsen
Are the Innelder of today an fact
and clever aa those of he pelt 0
they play more cclentlflo bull r John
M Ward one of the old U mem wo
i < quei > ted to an wer there question
the other day and lie replied
There are some great player n
the diamond now 1 might mention
Hal Cbaae the craeK ArM baseman
so an example but when I look back
Into the history and recall snob star
Inneldrr its Kred Pfeffer Fred Dun
lap Joe Start John Morrlll Hurtock
Tom Tucker nor Ct > nnor and others
too numerous to mention Im forced
to Say that I sos no Improvement
That is the reply almost any vet
ran bal player will make to these
iiucrlea hut I 1 bard to convince the
pieaent day ns that better lnfl4d
cr5 than Cltaae IMvlln Ilridwall
Tinker Wagner Rver Kddle Collln
IsJnie Chance Miller Konetchy and
HoblllBel for Instance ever lived
Itut going Lack 90 ear or more
I In ic pR infielders who made won
derful top Itghtnlnr double ptaya
ennatlonal running catchee and played
hit game with plenty of the science
prevalent today
Orator James OHourke who noM the
Bridgeport club the other day and final
ly retired from active work on the field
Wa I hlch class firM baaeman when b
more a Roeton uniform In 171 and 1M4
Joe Htart was In hi prime when he toy
ere1 the bag for the Vrovldence club In
1154 but he had previously earned re
no n tn Hartford
Hid Farrar of the PhlbuMphUM In
toe wu I superb handler of thrown
liilin and headed the Hit with an av
eiagc of 1 fo lit name which
woo n new record But the following
> PIM Morrlll surpassed those flgure
with 1111 for li games and carried
orr the honor
Ann recovered itiS grip In 1M
and iwei while the Isatllntr Stat tPot
troll In lIP > wa Jake Virtu of the
Clrxlind Roger Connor who had
left the Olanta after several years of
Ir vra
hrllllHiit work played with the Phllader
phln i Inli In 11 with the top average
of totS for 1M m another record Pat
TitbfHu If the Cleveland excelled In the
a rngio of V 1W an r his percen
tage of wt In IMt being the beet ever
mnile ui tn that time
Turn Tucker of the champion Hoe
tie under the bile Frank a Steel
li dt the title of king of first basemen
men after that until de wss replaced
ti > Fred Tennoy Prior to the rep
i > r Tueket mid Tenney liaseball aw
other notnrl first bagger In Comlekny
I i 0 1oiiti Long John Heilly Tommy
jM < ihiU I > ave orr and many other
WI I pta > ed great ball
rIle 7 c M I Junior won th sac
flt game from the Auerbach nine at the
I inh giound Tuesday afternoon by a
t Ire of U to s The heavy batting of
tin junior was the feature of tIm eme
IllS lineup of the Junior was as tot
10 settle c Hotter lb Baker l
V hill ill Kngllah al Moondy lt
T iKie It Bmery rf New 1
i he r irk avenue No 1 baaeball nine
itII from the Mlxlb tret team by a
t re If it to S harris and Cole was the
1I q for the winner
The Imperial baseball team defeated
I I 8 < mlih nine Tuesday afternoon by a
KI ore of Ib to 7 The battery of the wln
IIIK tenm WAS Hhlngleton and Hlller
In the grade school basketlialt league
the bnya and girl team played pevsrvl
liuxreMIni game Tuesday afternoon be
ing the second series A doubleheader
was iilyed at the Waaalch school
groundS The Wae teh girl lined ui
naalntt the Lafayette team a defeat
ed them by a score of t to 6 The Lafa
rite boys team won from the Watch
lova team by a More of 1 to 1 Th
Watch hr played a careful Jam
hit the Wasatoh boy lost on ragged
ITt Sumner girl won from 1M Kmer
son girl basketball team by a score of
1 to I The team work of the winner
vtn extllefli The result of the other
Iragtie game III aa follow
rh y Hamlllon 4
iirnia S Wiuitilngon 0
11 ri rsldi 1
Jjnroln 1 11 <
lii WoLetiiOfiton 0
untqua WUhllltOn 0
The Lagoon lake is to be thrown On
to the public for fishing this rammer
by the management of tn reeoit pl
trlct Item Warden Rmllh but Hocked It
with several thniiMnd baa and there In
no doubt but that It will be a favorite
pine with the fishermen The Hot
Spring lake was seined last Tueeday
n a carload of flah wa taken up to
the Lagoon resort
Inder the condition that the lake will
be thrown open to the public every season
son the llh and game uommtaetoner ha
agreed to look It every season with
baa Th late will also have the right
to take the flan from the IAn lake
and stock other laP and stream
Ilhll JAIOIIlt
District Game Warden A H Move ar
rived In Hrlaham hat Friday with 150
tft eastern rook and Herman brown
trout taken from the state hatcherlee
end brought to this city for plantlntf In
Boxelder creek
Accompanied by County Commissioner
A W Valentine n Deputy Ou War
den L Anderson Mr Moyaa went up
to the Mantua spring at the head of the
creek In the north end of the valley and
planted the tiny swimmers In the spring
and small creek that have their head In
that realon Aa the fish grow In 515
they will find their way down dream
but should the tiny thIngs b planted la
the large creek now the tlder trout
would eat them up In a hurry
Warden Andenon mated that It wae
very probable Roxelder creek would net
another apportionment which will stock
News the stream In good shape Boxelder
Harry Kant who has just returned from
San Vranclaco ba obtained the aaenoy
for the Locomobile and the ear will fce
handled by the Tempt Automobile com
pany The company Intend to build a
garage n establish an agency tr the
Ttah district Mr Meat wa not ready
tb morning to announce 1 his plan
He has secured a etc for a garage and
have every department of the business
handled by specialists There are only
four Locomobile In Halt Lake accord
Ing to Mr Kaar and h believe tl la
a rood Held hare fo manufacturer of
the Locomobile
About > t don men and II dogs had a
big time In Cave hollow about two
mile and a half southeast of Bountiful
the frt of the week
George McNeil took his bear up there
and turned him looSe for th dogs n
men to pursue They had mme fise
Mr McNeil is expecting to sell the ani
mal right way so they thought they
would blot one more good ehaae Davli
County Clipper
New lork April Bif the plan of
the Aeronautical society do not mln
al the aviation season for New fork
and vltlnlty will open Monday at Mine
ole L I where the Organizations new
aerodrome has Jut been completed Ten
member axpect to begin the work of
trying rUxll mechanical bird next
week A woman aviator Allen B I Todd
was the first to reeerve I cull In the new
aerodrome which Ic the Urgent In the
country Her machine will be on hand
the opening day
Hay Grin and Con 110 W let
Fo Hell Pho 1212 Ind 1404
Alciandcr Optical Co is Mnln
NOTICE 01 A3S SsmsTi 3
MILLING COMlANY incoriiorated un
der the law of the Butte of Utah Princi
pal place of business Bat Ike City
Utah Notice la herb given that at a
rneellnc of the Hoard of Director held
meUnl h day of April A 1 10 an
nxeeement of One cent per chare was
levied on the capital took of the corpora
tion pny ble on or before tM 2h day
of May A D MO at the office of the
Secretary of the company No 4Jt Atlas
Block Salt Lake City Utah Any stock
Bok which this assessment may remain
unpaid on the 30th day of May A O
Ittv will b delinquent and advertised
11 ale at public auction and unlex pay
ment is made before will be sold o the
fth day of June A D 11 at 10 oeloek
a m at office room O6 Attaa Block fAt
Lake City Utah to nv the delinquent
assessment together with coot of adver
tllng and expenses of sale
4X Atlas nlMk Bait Lake City Utah
The Board of Education of Murray
School District will receive bid up to
Thursday May Ith l w at 7 pm for
th erection or two school buildings one
sroom and one room Separate bid will
be receive for the mason work and carpenter
penter work Including plastering and
painting Plan and peclflcatlona can
be seen In the office of the Uljonboric
Sunxlnerg architects 4R Newhouee Rldg
gaIt hake City Utah Bach bM must be
accompanied by a certified check of Scent per
cent of the amount of the bid made pay
able t th Hoard of Hducatlon of Mur
ray School Hstrkt The aucceeeful bid
der will Ixt required to give a bond In a
sum equal to onehalf of the amount of
the contract price Bid will be opened
i =
g rdw
at the office of the Ibtard of Education
of Murray School DiStrict In the City
Hall Murray Utah Thursday May Ith
at 7 p m
bid Flight reeerved to reject any or 1
Murray School District
The underlined School Board of Die
trlot No 1 rob Grand County Utah
nlll receive bid up to J oclock am
Wed May 11h for the remodeling
and the Installation or a r80abi
ventilating apparatu to be Installed In
the District School Building and High
School Ilulldlng situated In aD Utah
accordIng to plan Old ipeclflcatlon pre
pared by Watklnn A Birch architect
Hat Lake City ftah
Ilan specifications and Instruction t
bidder may b found at the office of
George W McConkle Mnotb Utah aim
at the office of the fold architect
Each bid nut be accompanied with a
eerlfled check of S per cent the amount
thereof a a guarantee that the ac
cepted bidder will enter into contract and
give an approved bond within one week
after aM work la awarded Otherwise
the amount lotb forfeited to said dU
trlct The School Hoard will meet at
their ofnoe at tbe aforesaid time and date
and publicly open and t saot all An The
right I reserved to reject any and all
By order of the School Board
Dated at Moab April t WO
Winston Churchills
New Book
3 1 the Author of
Illohard Carvel
A UOMKM The Crisis The
= CHMJMC1X Crossing Con
0 Iston Mr r
weg Career etc
An Absorbing
American Love
I Story
= Decorated Cloth
Illustrated 150
Deseret News Book
The Leading Book Concern
Notice Is b given that sealed bid
will km received b Iven undersigned UP
ueral the
to 3 pra Tuesday May 9th 10 fo
matarlalx and labor required In the erec
tion and completion of a boiler house and
toilet room building to be erected at the
Hamilton School Eighth Both and
Bighth rest Btreet Salt Lake City for
JJbth lt
the Salt Lake City Board of Education
Bat L
accordIng to plan peclllcatlona and
drawing which ar open for the iMpec
Ion of ih bidder at the office of Dai
all 4 He < lres In the riSc Xatjonal
Bank Building corner of Malrr aflo First
South treets Salt Mho City Utah end
all bid and proposals at the above line
will be publicly opened and read In the
office of the Board of Education CTty
1 County BuIlding Salt Lake City
All bids mut be addressed to noard
of Education for Salt hake City an < l
marked In the lower tenhand corner
Bid or such bids may be delivered to
the Board of Kducntlon it the said time
and pine of opening oare
Hlrts niusl not contain i unlhtIOnU quol
IHiallona proposition r any other
things than those mention 1 in the plans
epectflcalloi I drawings ulract and
bond and dder must n the form of
hid which Kill b > fitniil it the office of
aid archil ti and tI titer form of
bid will br rce4vcd
A certified or ca hin < heck o some
hank In Bait Lake fit Utah for at
least I per cent of the i mount of each
bid must b Inclosed Eih check Is to
he made payable to the undersigned and
Is to b forfeited to the undersigned In
case the bid Is m pil and the bidder
dO not enter Into contract within three
deyl after its acceptan for the faith
ful execution of the contract and bond
hereinafter mentioned
Th proposed contract and bond sCot
also at the office of said architect and
may there be examined
A bond must be furnished to onehalf
of the hid with good and sufficient cure
tte all satisfactory to the undersigned
The underpinned reserves the right to
reject any and 1 bid
Bait Lake City Utah
C0nult County Clerk or reipeertve sign
1 for further pv
bate Division OIRIC for Bait lAke
County Mtate of rtah In th matter of
the estate of KealaJi Albln B ckstead D
oeetel Notice Th pet it loci of Hyrum
Backatead admlnlatrntor of the estate of
Kealah AlbIn Beckstea deceased for
Jk ea
connrmatlon of the asic of th following
dab real etate of sld decedent to
vrltA Beginning flftvsli and livetenth
tN1 rod south from An W corner
of the JJW quieter of section thirtyfive
11 > tOwnship IW o IZI couth of rang
one 41 1 west then e east one hundred
and thirtytwo 1SZ > rod to the west
bank of the River Jrdan thence up
aid river thlrtylx 3 rod more or
1 I thence wet one hundred and fifty
eight Ut rod to section line thence
north on said line thirtyfour It rods
to place of beginning containing thirty
blnnln <
one and sixty hundredth 4310 > acre
more or less reserving rlfrhtofway of a
mill race two ill rods wide running
through the above described property
Except elfchtytwo and onehalf rtl
rod m the southwest corner of the above
Ii property a described In deed
to Hyrum Beckatead Jr recorded on
May W 1MI In book 1W of 1es P oge
H I more particularly described ns
follow Beginning slxtvnlne ind trot
tenth oilS rod north HI < l two r 7
eat from the outhvv > st i ornei if t > e
northwest quarter of aivtlop r I n 0
l a townahlp two 20 Si nth nne
one in west of the 8 > ilt Iik rldlnn
running thence north sevi tII rahalf
< 7 I4 > rod thence east 1 i > i p ds
thence south seven uit i iT1 4 I
rod thence west pie i > 1 xl to
Itace of bealrmlnc i nni i i Ilt two
and onhalf t W > i t i i sum
more or less
B flegWnIng sevei i c 1 rods
east from the soutliw i of the
northwest umiii or i e i rtyflve
iU tnmnslilp two i I o < > mav one
ill f at the Unit Inl Meridian
theme Ion hundri six UM
rods to the west banks n th River Jor
dan thence down salil river two and five
tenths JJ rods thence west one hun
dn six 1M > rod thence south two
and fivetenth US rods te plice of b
sinning containing one xmi sixtyfive
hundredth ti11t acres more o less
V Iterlnnlnit at a point on the
Gardiner Mill lines eKhtvrVur i rods
west from the center 01 section thIrty
flin iV l In township two Ii south of
rinae one in west of Salt lAke Merid
ian thence southerly along Ihe east bank
of said race thirtytwo and fivetenths
illji rods more 01 leas to Catherine
Ileikstesds north line thence Ion
aid line one hundred twenty and
rivetenths IMS rods to the west hank
of said River Jordan thence northerly
onl the west bank of said River Jor
dan fortythree i41i rod more or less
to a point ole a from place of begin
ning hence west one Hundred and to
ll rod to place of beginning con
taining nineteen and twelve hnudredlhs
It 12 ncres more fir lee said tract be
ing contained within limit of the
R W quarter and lot No six In said sec
linn thirtyfive < 31 subject to a private
easement In llvrum skId for the
purpose of I roadway foi ingress and
egress one il > rod wloe by thirtyfive
rods long extiMiilln trie u1 rttl of
the west end of the last two above
described pieces of land designated It
n C herein
D An undivided half Interest with
Hyrum Beckstead In a certain rightof
way runlnt from the County Road to
and acroee the tardtner Mill Race along
the south lit of what I known aa the
Kgbort property and more particularly
datcrtbed aa follow Beginning at the
8 W corner o the N W quarter of section
lion thirtyfire 430 > In township to < 2 >
ut of range one c t west of the Salt
I ike Meridian and running thence east
seventysix lit rod thence north one
II rod thence wet seventysix TO
rod thence south one c I rod to place of
beginning containing seventysix roil of
ground more or leg fO the sum of ttiSO
And the following
upon terra towlt
Cash subject to confirmation by this
Court sa appear from tne return of sale
filed In this Court has e sat for hear
ing o Fda the Mh day of May A D
tote at X oclock pm at the County
Court lou In the Court Room of aald
Court In Bait Lab City Salt Luke COun
ly Utah
Wltnecs the clerk of said Court with
the seal thereof affixed thl 3Mh day of
April A 1 1010
Seal Clerk
By L Ialmer Deputy Clerk
Chrlstenaen If Chrlctnnaen Attorneys
fo Petitioner
bate IMvlMon In and fO Salt Lake
county Utah In Ue matter of
the estate of John Edwin Cox Deeeanod
NotlceTne petition of Martha Rllen
Cox administratrix of tbe estate of John
Edwin Cox deceased praying for the
settlement of final account of said
Martha Ellen Cox admlntotrattx and
for the distribution of the residue of said
estate to the persons entitled baa been
set for pren yiiday4 the flth day
of April A D 1MO at 2 oeloek pm at
the county Court House In tbe Court
Room O said Curt In Sale Lake City
Salt Lake County Utah
Witness the Clerk of Mid Court with
the seal thereof afftxed this nth day ot
A A D Itia
i Heal 1 Clerk
Kv r t Ialmer Deputy Clerk
< > rn q Oatrell Attorney fir Ivti
t mner
tionerjiji Cycles I
BxceUlor Single and Twin
Cylinder Pierce Single and
Four Cylinder
work Key fitting Safe and looks
workMotor Cycles for
Bicycle Supply Co
81 Vet 3rd 60
Hell 3028 Ind 8211
I Salt Lake I Direct wtr
Sal I
I for 1 Sport
T art nt vnte
California I
I Calfol
and Eastern I
Exchange adn r I
48 E1 f1X SOlt S

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