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Tells How He Sold His Stuff at
Prices Far Beyond Its
Real Worth
lie Ohc Then IVcoly and Without
rusthid laua Nu
oe York April tt Oeorge Ade
way among the speakers at the Joint
Uniict III this citY tonight of the As
ti i iled Press and the American News
vi I r PpublHhera aMoclatlon deliver
ing 1 brief address on Helping the
kdr Mr Ade said
Mr Toastmaiter and Gentlemen
Th AS IH fated Ptesa is a great Instl
tui u Around a newspaper office wu
all < i felt easy In our mind If wb
ka i the Associated Press was on the
j1 My outoftown assignment was
vsny given to me In the following
mad Send In a good story the A
r nul Pees will cover the fact
I r sprct the Associated Press be
ran it hat nothing to do with the
sn lnq supplement The Associated
1rfler eni In a heavy editorial
m i Irn and marked It Must It
n i oiocred pictures to go with the
stun ml It never came around the
n M nay to inquire why It hadnt been
j j up The Associated Press bears
It erne relation to tile American
r r newspaper that the solid busl
t nan does to the American family
Ii iUJM In the background provides
i IL wltrial keeps out of the apot
It takes all the blame and get
i ty little glory H < pcited but not
I turgid on tile front page whon there
i rand jubilee father and the As
i a Iress are behind the potted
I d it with the orchestra checking up
tl Inlle
I am glad to be here for several rea > I
n 11 Now that you may have forgot
tn what you paid for It I am wiring to
m the gentlemen who bought my
innrhiH i sold you an assortment
of iipltal letters and a job lot of er
r uiir and you thought you were
g < tong a new brand of humor Very
iiftrti 1 would weaken when It came to
Iknirig the voucher Then I would
nod wane of the other syndicate stuff
ii < lake courage
I cry man who has not tried It
think that he can edit a newspaper
once a comic opera and manaae a
tmiH I still believe that I know a lot
about the hotel business
II hn I went to Chicago to help Vlc
I r Lanron uift a community that
dbl nut want uplifting I noticed every
day m giinp to the roof garden a
lirxf and ellllfhted apartment In
uM h a number of nobby gentlemen
Nero seated at rolltop desks talking
Mout circulation Most of them were
un ing and the more they smoked
the nnre enthusiastic they became
txut the circulation I learned that
th so aristocrats of our profelon were
IIltal u known as the business end of
oho paper About the time we began
u diagram the dally murder they
uouid put on their top coat and dog
rkli gloves and saunter over to the
iiitorium hotel In those days If a
jirng man from somewhere out In the
nan belt tame to the office and applied
ra t lob he was asked It he had at
vi < 1d a firstclass western college If
he replied Yes and could produce a
letter from the professor of ISngllsh
showing that he bad written articles
for the college paper he was put Into
ilu > editorial department at lit a week
If lie could prove satisfactorily and
utwlutely that he had not attended
nor liege he was assigned to the
buiiican department at J40 a week
I learnd upon Investigation that I
had made a mistake In taking up the
lit tars end of the game so I resolved
t K > in for advertising Therefore I
h use an author and a playwright
After 10 > cars in this rarefied at
in inhere of dramatic art a practised
nI y at K a neat or Jl on the aide
I < dk I feel that I am peculiarly
IMlifled to discus American new
pu < rs I can proceed with safety be
Ruse It I say anything uncompUment
kr I have a scrap book to prove that
they began It
Jvciybody want to help the editor
Ni its regards cheaper wood pulp or
kIIIlK down the pay roll but with
utKiitlons for filling up the paper
M t people still believe that every
newspaper must hustle every night to
get enough copy to separate tho ad
vmisements Being K post graduate I
know that you are compelled to throw
column and columns of stuff on thn
W Very often In glamHng over a
10111 tariff editorial 1 wonder what
was thrown on the floor However I
an not here to upset any traditions
inr Iv to offer a few helpful hints
In the first place the city newspapers
c I Klay as compared with the Indiana
neurer of the seventies are tame
Invtehrate colorless and apolovrtlc
Th first newspaper with which I vat
assfated came out every Thursday
faun a room over the hardware store
Sugarcoated tablets quickly relieve
Sour Stomach Heartburn Nausea Wind
In the Stomach Seaslckneu Sleeplessness
aiding from Indication or Dyspepsia
They are competed of the
bOlt digestives cormlnn c
tires and correctives and by
are agreeable and eeonoml FLOOD
col Put op In three sires e coop
lOc aSo and 1 Sold by
all UrtiggiHa and sent promptly by mall
on receipt of price by
C T Hood Co Mfg CbemUts Lowell MASS
The fire of the Civil WAr were atlll
smouldering Indianas chief occupa
tion was politic Nearly every man
was voting a II he shot and some at
them a Rood deal oftener Oar office
equipment consisting of a Washington
hand press a footpower job press a
perennial towel and a few font of
type meetly Holloa Ah but we hud
an editor
Thoee were the palmy days of Jour
nalism of which we hear m much at
present No taint of commercialism
no aubMrrtence to the counting room
because there was no counting room
no cog wheel or card Indexpn1nvlv I
M majestic figurehead of an editor who
wan animated by a high and patriotic
resolve to promote manslaughter ea
often HI possible When he opened up
on a man the man only n < vpe was to
walk outside of our circulation which
he could do In about to minute
If you hear a man raving about the
golden age of American journalism
when each editor exercised an Indi
vidual Influence and led the way
through darkness with a flaming torch
above his head let It KO at that IVtn
take trouble to examine the file nf that
wonderful period or you may be dta
c t urag d over your present effort I
plead for a return of thtsre heroic day
when every editorial was n trumpet
blast and every paragraph was a fire
cracker We used to go to praas at 2
oclock and hy 4 oclock the whole pop
ulation doM be out on the street
waiting for the sound of aaaault and
The old11m editor the one we all
read about who aUmped his Imllvldu
allatn on eaeh tissue of his paper end
did not lather about the pvMwork < t >
you rememtxr what he called p man
rf he didnt care much for him He
didnt call him a mollycoddle or an In
ixtrgent or a malefactor or an unrteslr
1Ib1 he raid that the man wa a gel
tmon a hell hound n pusillanimous
liar an unmlUsatRd horrothtef a viper
a cur and a caitiff n reptile a viper
a cur and n whelp
He reared n lot of valuable and ex
nmaalve words that are gradually be
ing eliminated from our vocabulary
because the editors of today steeped
In eommerrtsllftn hare abnndiHied the
method of Wilbur F 8lor v and ac
cepted the leadership of Mrtward W
Also the newspaner of today are
criticized because they are kind to the
hlg advertisers I think ne > w nnn ra
are somewhat under the domination of
the tog advertiser In fact the big ad
vertiser has got them trt worked up
that many of thorn want to run him
for a third term
I read not long ago down In Brown
county Indiana the front mom of the
county poorhouse a large cheerful
apartment with southern exposure and
Plants In the wlndowtOl ocruplcd by
n man who for many years conducted i
newspaper that pleased everybody On
the other hand If hard to IH sucrmn
ful without disappointing some of your
bent friend So It you cant > lea e
all your critic do the next best thing
and pleone your subscribers
Oyster Hay N M April S9 Theo
dore ItooMvelt although our most
representative cltlien In President
Tafts opinion may not be enumerated
In the census of 1910 despite the zeal
and Intelligence of the enumerators
This result is likely from the fact that
the Roosevelt home here the legal resi
dence of the colonel Is closed and
every member of the family is away
There are not even any servants In tte
house and the neighbors cannot answer
the question of the enumerator as
some of them concern family history
There Is also universal doubt here
an to what Is the colonels present
trade or profession
Hy a coincidence another Theodore
Roosevelt was enumerated during the
canvas In this vicinity He was u
tramp whose place of residence Is
given 11 homeless
Utica N Y April 2OWm J Wal
red former treasurer of the town of
Herklmer jumped from his automobile
lest night just before It was struck by
the first section of tho Empire SlAte
express on the New York Central The
machine wan thrown MO feet and was
badly damage but Its owner escaped
with a slight shaking up
New York April 2tA gentlemanly
burglar In evening dress who Invaded
the uptown home of Policeman Joseph
Daugherty early today received a
warmer welcome than fie expected
Policeman Daughorty wear three
medals testifying to bis ability 81 an
expert with the revolver and three
shots from the policemans pistol en
9t tLI
f I j
I a 1 Iii
g t h
Tho new Keysor Warehouse 328 West Second South
street is now open for business Private rooms for tho
storage of furniture Heated piano room for the storage
of musical instruments Also a general storage business
transacted 0 S L trackage Both phones 2823
rouragtd the intruder to beat a hasty
retreat He probably one his life to
the fact that the first cartridge failed
to explode
The policemans Kite was awakened
by th sound of nn opening window
and screamed u she saw a bulky mas
culine form climbing Into the room
Dsiughcrty jumped out of bed seized
his revolver and pulled the trigger In
stead of the exnvvted report from the
weapon that had won him the three
medal there wax only a dull click
Itefore he could pull the trigger a < < KIn
his wife shouted Uont kill him
and knocked the gun from hi hand
Daugherty groped for It In the dark
ness and regained It In time to Are
three Ineffective allots after the burg
lar as the latter camprrd down the
New York April 9A special panel
of talesmen will b < > drawn to furnish
a jury for the trial on May 10 of the
men Indicted with Charles It Heine
secretary of the American Sugar Ke
nning mpfiy for conspiracy to de
fraud the government out of customs I
dutUs pre sugar Importation The men
indicted with Reks are Hmeat < I
Orrbciht former superintendent of the
Haveioeycr and Klders refinery In
Brooklyn Janus F Itendcrgit former
cashier of the same refinery Harry
Walker assistant dork superintendent
and Juts K Xalllgan Jr and Jean
Yoelker former assistant weigher
New York April tAftr several
months of quiet Investigation by gov
ernment agunts It was announced thl
morning that formal inquiry Into
charge that there Is a combination
among watchcase manufacturer In
violation of the Sherman antitrust act
will hoo begun at once Wltnecee from
tverul states will appear and testify
Treasury agents have been gathering
evidence fur some time and special ac
countants have been at work to pave
the way for the Inquiry Some of the
largest companies will be asked to pro
duce their book I
Providence It 1 April nOrders
were received from Boston today to
hut down the Weybouet RIveraMe
National and Providence mill of the
Anwrlean Woolen company Several
attar mills also closed It t unknown
here how long the curtallmetit policy
will last About 8W operatives are
that outdoor exercise is needed by the
American People Thats all very well
but hew can people with rheumatism
follow thta advice T The answer Is very
IlmuM Ballards Snow Liniment and
the rheumatism will gu leaving you as
spry as a colt Gives qul k and per
manent rsllsf from rheumatism neural
gia lame back and all palm Sold by
7 C 31 I Drug Dept 112 and Ul South
Main St Salt Lake City
For your money at our Kemoval Sale
Mehesys 14 Main St
Chicago April Twentynine new
ministers were graduated at the Me
Cormick Theological seminary last
J A McDonald member of the Ca
nadian parliament and editor of the
Toronto Globe In an address to gradu
ates said
There Is no place In the world fir
the man without a m > f saac unit with
< ut cotter It Is ni ivner irltMMi
if the lllble and lei n I dlHM < rtaton <
on the knotty thrJlCi + l problems
which have occupied houm of study
that the people want it Is the real
heart message they want and need
AVatertown Conn April 291t be
came known today that Charley Tart
the presidents son who attend hb
uncles school here rc < > lved a ducking
yeeetrday at the hands nf some of his
fellow student young Tuft took his
ImmenMon goodwiturr and emerged
from the brook bedraggled but smiling
Other students who shared In the ex
perience with the presidents son In
cluded Harry J Cocker of Sun Fran
Finest floor beet music Baltalr
Saturday Train S oclock
To Perk City May Snil
Special train leaves Halt Lake Cltv
at I p m Returning loaves Park
nty Immediately after the lecture
Fare llSO for tile round trip Tickets
will also be old fot H 20 a m train
returning on regular or special train
Everybody Invited
Klndlay 0 April 1IOn hunlrcd
cripple and Invalids iiccompanlrd by
over e110 other pilgrims fumed a
great candle nroeeinlon to the shrine
at Carey U mile from hen last night
to pray for the cure of their iiUrnunli
before the famed statue of the virgin
nt the Church of Our Lady of Consola
Bperlal train were run from Pltis
burg rhieftfo Cleveland and other
points te aooemmonal the plgrim and
througttovt the morning masses tier
aid by allt prtestt headed by Father
Xlser who to In charge of the shrine
I The statue which Is known through
out the country for the miracles which
ore ald to have ben performed
through Its agency Is a fao simile of
the celebrated statue of the virgin and
child at Luxembourg
Via Deinrr t Rio Grande
To Ogden 1911 a m 186 p m 1110
To Provo Canyon 750 a m J125
To Iharaolin Qlen 120 a m60u
HeturnliiK on any train Electric
car from Ogden Union Depot to the
Dancing Saltulr Saturday Night
Pans plant In bloom superb selection I
lion 2 per hundred Phone 1106
Porter Walton Co opposite KnuU
St Paul April 29 HHann Anderson
a farmer on the arm of fake Mlnne
tonka lived for 16 years In such dread
of a charivari that he remained un
Recently he died and left a will
making Mr Mary Dmilelson hla
housekeeper hili sole legatee Ira No
land a grandson Is contesting the will
In the Hennepln county district court
On behalf of Mrs Donlelson who
fees that she Is entitled to the estate
accordng to the terms of the will a
r P
Good Tea is healthful
Tea retards tho waste
of tissue it stimulates
the kidneys it promotes
a feeling of content and
pleasure But use good
Tea poor Toll is dear at
any price Hewletts
Uncolored Teas are al
ways good
mass of testimony has bpn Introduced
to show that And ron during the ln t
IT years of hip life wax In love with
her and wIMieit to marry her and that
ho was deterred therefrom only liy his
dread that the boys of the neighbor
hnol would render his life a burden by
un oldfashioned charivari
No decision in the case has been
handed down
Spokane Wah April 21 Advice
from Band Point Idaho plat that a
fire last night destroyed the lumber
yard of the Ilumblrd Lumber company
there and threatened the town of
Ponderay and KootenaJ
It is estimated that the yard con
tained over 50000000 feet of lumber
and the Ion IK placed at nearly half a
million dollars
To Turk City May 2nd
Special train leaves kit Lake City
at 6 p m Returning leave Park
rity Immediately after the lecture
Fnre IIto for the round trip Tickets
will also be cold for J0 a m train
returning on regular or special train
Everybody Invited
Grand Ball Haltalr Saturday Ee
Saturday April 30 Admission 26c
Dig floor big band big time Sakair
Saturday Train 8 oclock
Come to the surface In the spring an
In no other season Its a pity they
dont run themselves all off that way
but In spite of pimple and other
eruption they moetly remain In the
system That bad
Hood Saraaparllla removes them
and cure all the painful disfiguring
troubles they cause Nothing l >
cleanses the system and clear the
complexion like Hood s
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ing Wraps
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I 1 orrJ

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