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r i 1
V 1
What Ever Woman
1i6hould be iSlad to < now
own For the Sweet fiirl Graduate
llli sweet elrl graduate
pending every spare minute
T ih < can from exams and
crams those nerve racking
teista of m ntallty to tho selection of
malrlJ and style for the gown In
tiich ue hopes to look her prettiest
en the rat occasion when Ihe shall
rtiu Jr heepskln The graduation
frock I second only In Importance to
coming out and wedding gowns
select for tho
but it is Hen harder to
Is tested to
11II0ulY ot the designer
utmost to kp the frock strl tly
iihln the limit if the newest tliero
ii in the world of modes and yet have
J yU flnl girlish In app runl
Fut thli seawm when style all favor
th flflU the noire Is comparative t
Jy eRY jitif ny dear girl beware of
1n11Oii ii n the two walsted model
II the n > kin tied In closely about
tilt kit ln a ribbon msh line been
duM t > I witty member of the male
J4 Diking In such a costumei U not
i thme f grace at any time and a
gr i f art nn graduation day to be a
b > f t mclou and a trllle awkward
i i < dirt li U > along the cause by ap
rnrlff I f a klrt that Is bound to
aiik you tumble nil over yourself
Illustrsted are Trench
Te rwns I
ll dtla that make for simplicity and I
ertflM In a graduation costume
ThY hii the required slinky effect
A i it tir feet without the suggestion
tthe Id In nppearanco that Is so un
lier omlnlf The cklrts are plaited about
Un wat but as all textures used this I
Ma on lIT so soft and pliable It M
lond p < > iMe to give an effect of real
fithfrs and shlrrlngs without adding I
wren 11 My to the most exaggerated
illirrw The first secret of this Is I
the ibsolutly perfect fit of the under
trta cr lining Since the outer tex
titf Is 90 very soft and often of trans
pir iil rave It I the linee of the un
tm Ip therefore which show the real
illhouette of the dress In the gowns
leU tn the Illustration the slips are
et white silk The more elaborate
m del has an underskirt of white chif
fon at the bottom of which Is a ruffle
biTTed < n eords The oversklrt Is of
tmbroldertd net weighted with a hem
ol Hft satin The full gathered waist I
It of nt cut round above the bust
Th ruff 1 cap sleeves are In one with
the bodice and are outlined with a
narrow line of embroidery The under
ChIVH are of shirred chiffon And
apropos of the drooping shoulder line
reused by loo Ye and bodice being cut
In one It U well to build up that same
boulder piece by placing a small silk
or rhlffon riffle In the lining at the I
Ip of the sleeve nut to come back
fur a minute to the frock described
a tucker ot lace forms the square low
aerk effect and the girdle Is of folded
The other model Is of white cotton
1 I
J 10 >
< < t 1
j w
C N z
3 z
tf 4 1 I I
t 4 b I r TI J t
i F k I J
p f k 2 j
s 4
r 1 i
voile than which there Is no prettier
and lees expensive material for the
graduation gown The full skirt Is
trimmed with a deep band of dotted
net which In turn Is run with valen
clennea lace The bodice has an odd
little bolero formed by a ruffle of the
voile and a deep girdle outlines the
little Jacket effect A kilted frill of
net softens the round reck The draped I
sleeves are caught In the center with
corded pearl ornaments Ornaments
of pearls also finish the ribbon stream
era which hang from the girdle down
the front of the skirt
In all the sheer wash fabrics and In
lutE and green make an ex
qulelte combination for a spring
luncheon The napery will be pure
1Ihlte linen and the green touches
Wiled by the floral centerpiece and
Ihe clfcnraftons of china glaM eta A
Ull Cans r vase of Easter Illleei Is a
tnarro ng Center decoration for the
labk at tout Its base may be ar
ttng < d i N hs of lilies of the alley
is lit gnrn Ir to the guests Prom
qch hunh of the lilies narrow green
Uth ritr ns are placed across the
Ihl erin at the name cards which
tarA ar hind painted with a but
AI t1 1incheon decorations are
white and green the viands must fol
low this Idea as closely as possible
and the following may be found an ex
cellent menu
Little Neck Clams
Cream Puree
Chicken Timbales Flaked Potatoes
Tomato Salad
Wafers Cream Chews
Spring Pudding
Ponbens Salted Almonds
Arrange the clams on the half shell
In a bed of Ice surrounded by wreaths
of watercress The cream puree Is
made as follows Boll six medium
sized potatoes until mealy and press
4 T 1
J e4
Ic A J 4
j I I
< Jtj
d iII
flI of the
parasol will soon be
mind Ih ti u8 and Damo Fashion de
tlos Ihl4 55so that our shoes
Tbu I 111 tara ol match In coloring
° mer el Pehsiye mandate that few
It harmny live up tn but an attempt
nf coloring is within
rrh of the
Ihl tven a moderate pocketbook
an Sunshade oor themselves are lovelier
faM and many new ones have
the ° vers made from a piece ot
WIfl a foulard gown which thy
rOrnpany The
1111 win economical wo
t1nd no trouble In covering
i one of her old parasol frames with a
piece left over from her frock
I Japanese shapes In parasols are the
very newest with the ribs curving In
ward The handle on all the smart
parasols are longer and larger than
King are sometimes used to hold
I the tips together and white sunshades
show charming Ivory handles and ribs
tipped with the Ivory
I Fonr parasols are very fashion
able Many of them are lined with silk
In contrasting colors
Zulu C077OA VOiLt
chiffon voile and the many causes It
Is possible this season to furry out a
style of dIM that has not been avail
able for some years past that Is the
high girdle bodice with a skirt hlrr od
or gathered over the hips Tin bodice
that accords with this model Is of the
them through a colander Heat one
quart of milk In a double boiler add
the strained potato and cook ten
minutes them strain through a sieve
and return to the double boiler Add
enohalf teaspoonful of butter and
season with celery salt tn taste To
each plat of soup add a tablespoonfu
of whipped cream Just as It goes to
the table and over the cream sprinkle
a ery little chopped parsley
For the chicken ttmbal boll two
chickens until tender skin bone and
mince the meat very fine using only
the white meat Iteat four yolks of
eggs with a tablespoonful of butter to
a cream then add onehalf cup of
chopped mushrooms a pinch of salt
white pepp tr to taste and onehalf pint
of cream Mix this well Into the chick
en and add the stiffly beaten whites of
the four eggs
Use little china tlmbale molds for the
baking and put a single whole mush
room In the bottom of each then flll
the mold with the mixture place them
In a pan of boiling water cover with
another pan and bake In a moderate
oven for threequarter of an hour
I Serve with a sauce made ot mushroom
I liquor thickened with a little flour dis
solved In milk add one tablespoonful
of cream and salt and white pepper to
I To make the flaked potatoes boll
four or five large potatoes In salted
water until mealy drain dry and re
move skin Have the dish In which
they are to be served very hotII la
best to put It over a pan of dolling
water nnd rub the potatoes through
a coarse sieve upon It Do not touch
till potatoes until nerving them to each
guest or the flake will lose their
The tomato salad consists of toma
toes sliced heaped In nests of white
i lettuce leaves covered with mayon
naise sprinkled with nut meat
I The spring pudding Is pretty and
I toothsome For It grate sulflclent
I fresh coooanut to nil a coffee cup mix
I with It two rounded cupfuls of pow
dered sugar the white of one egg and
H tablespoonful of vanilla extract Last
of all stir In lightly one cupful of
slimy whipped cream rut a site of
angel cake on each plate and heap
upon It some ef the cocoanut cream
sprinkling the whole with powdered
pistachio nuts
Serve while and green bonbons and
finish the feast with cup of coffee
heaped with whipped cream Tie the
handles of the cup with pale green
Ot course youll want some new hats
but why not get out last asons left
over and bring It right up to date by
a fw clever touches T
Dont be discouraged It the straw Ii I
soiled for If the shape Is correct and I
the straw unbroken dust can be con
The puttyllkn substance ueed for wall I
paper ls good for this cleaning process I
Another useful cleaner for light straw I
18 block magnesia This can be rub
bed over the hat In the block or first I
powdered The thick paste Is kept on i
overnight and brushed out the next
morning Repeat process If necessary I
White cornmeal and gasoline mixed
r baby variety cut late a deep round
effect abdt the shoulder A quaint
old world touch Is added when a bertha
of the material starting hi the center
back closing is arranged on tIN bodice
An attractive drapery of this kind Is
one of the material a straight piece of
Into a paste will freshen both white
yellow and gray straw For Mack
there Is nothing better than a thorough
sponging with alcohol after a careful
dusting If the straw still looks rusty
a coat or two of shoe polish helps
Hteaehing Is lee easily managed
Sponging with oxalic acid and water
then setting the hat In the sun for a
day will often whiten Yt applied on
a different straw In the same way It
will streak and ruin
The New Blouse
n i
MMII8 ViHiht Is Hi c or the newest
modela MIl is i runUcl a long run
during the i 1 months It Is cut
In one the i irt and the sleeves
and a good t plays on the style
are being made In some cholo hand
made models the seams down the
back of the sleeves and in the shoul
ders are set together with band bead
ing Turn back frills flnlshtnsr neck
and sleeves are the lateat whimsy
Moet women who have the oppor
tunity to grow flowers delight In do
Ing so They love to tend the plants
and plan novel effects to be gained by
charming color schemes Here are a
few hints given by an expert gardener
as to the arrangement of shrubs and
flowers In the yard
Beside the shrubs In the yard we I
must have flowers Plant all you can
afford to buy If you sr prepared to
take care of them Starved sick dls
contented flowers cry out for help to
every passerby Cruelty to flowers
should be made a criminal offense It
Ia almost as bad to abuse a beautiful
flowering plant u to beat a borN
Dont plant In round beds IHant In
long beds In front < > f the shrubbery
where the flower an hav a back
ground of green fags Plant the
tall brilliantly colored flowers at the
back the cannas hollyhocks and the
like Take the big ugly CAM bed out
of the lawn and string the cannas out
two or three plants deep In the front
of the tall shrubbery way back In the
yard Plant the smaller and more dell
cato OHM near toe front
me goods nntrred at the edge with a
three Inch corded ruffle The ends of
he bertha are gathered up closely Into
a ihou luglnnlng at the enter of the
I hark The folds then broaden out grad
I ually over the shoulder and round al
I most to tbe waist line la front where
a panel effect corned In three per
pendicular line rather far apart makes
a very smart trimming The girdle
used with this waist Is made with
two pieces of wide soft satin ribbon
On each end of the ribbon are roeiette
IJIW thing are more difficult than
to get a sick person to tak nour
ishing food and no task as a rule Is
worse managed Amateur nurees may
be successful In other matters but
they generally make a failure of the
food proposition
The nurse Is usually to blame when
the patient will not take food She
will bring a huge sauoar full of jelly or
a large cup of beef tea to him and he
will reject It with dlsu t because the
sight of so much food is distasteful If
she brings a few spoonfuls at a time
and serves them dslntlly he will be
glad to wt
Give little food at a time and give It
often That which Is eaten willing
end with relish is far btttrr 0110
double the amount swallowed with < M
If a time Is fixed for the Invilld < <
meals always be punctual If kpf
waiting moat sick people will refuse
food when brought to them
H careful never to leave food In the
sickroom In the hope that the patient
may eat It later on Miss Florence
Nightingale the worlds mot famous
nurse says this will prevent him from
taking food at Ml In nine eases out
of ten a sick persons appetite Is raprl
dims and because ha enjoyed a err
tale dish one day there Is no reason
tn Imagine that he wilt like It the next
therefore food should be as varied tu
Dont rely too much on beef tea It
Is a useful stimulant but nor puJy
i nourishing as moet people u pog
Be careful to serve eer > hlnK la the
daintiest style Glass should h iTlx1
I silver burnished napkin lily v Mi
and saucers free from slojis fl
little details will make all tlw ilt r
I one In the patients appetite
Always be sure that the < pvi nt IT
placed In a comfortable ponlil n ti ri >
and drink slid be carefnl 111t r
rumba are left In the bed
There Is often troublu hon r t
rhlnlng hems or trucks of tine nil
lln The flimsy malerlHl Is apt t
cockle and It Is not always e IM
regulate tensions exactly t rei rt
this before mischief Is don II
matter Is simple enough If < > kn >
u little trick Jut your dell Ht ni is
i Ito under the needle Just 8M tliuutc
you were going to begin work In th
usual way Then have rcnIs 1rC
narrow strips of paper and sii n
th under the muslin and pr n i t
machine away The effect v 1 I
like machining a item pi < e > f > 1
Instead of puckering gauze > if r
the strips are machined to th ir
meat but It Is perfectly easy to tra
this away after the work H frt
and Instead of doing harm It help t
keep the hems straight and urn
Another little dodge IK Ufffu r
those who prefer hand tin k < l t T
clothes and underllnen hut ylrr r
the accuracy of the tucker on tl v
lag machine for spacing and itm > r
ness Run the tucks with Hi
chine but without the thread TJ
you have them set and you are reel
to run In the hand tucks where tin
little machine holes have made their
Meelng Is knowing where It Is Is
the way one woman twists an old mot
and she Illustrates It by row upon row
of glass Jarsand bottles In her kitchen
closets In which are all the dry gro
ceries In plain sight Fruit Jars with
screw covers In various sites are the I
ones employed by her and the con
tents are not only visible but they are
safe from the Invasions of mice or
smaller depredators Among her sew
ing necessities the same system pre
vails bottles with screw tops for va
rious kInd ot buttons the bottles that
come from the druggist with tablets
and pills hooks and eyes and even
tape and binding and her small rib I I
bons and pieces of lao U you would
The ribbons cross In such a fashion
that the rosettes come a little to tM
top and bottom of the center front and
back waist lines
By the way the newest girdle shows
a pretty waist line placed exactly In
Its natural position not saaggeratedly
long nor so near the arms as to change
all natural proportions I
The stockings and slippers Illustrated
will convey the latest Bottons of smart
evening footwear
believe It are Incased conspicuously
In a giants can The bottle and can
stand on a shelf where the light fall
on them when the closet door U open
ed and tjiere Is never any doubt In
that house about the assets ready for
the seamstress when her work begins
Punching eyelet holes by guess may
be all very well for experienced needle
women but when essayed by the tyro
It Is apt to result In painfully Irregu I
lar rents In the fabrics
There Is a new eyelet maker which I
Is provided with a gauge to regulate
the slae of the holes
A WOMAN who lives tn the t
will find she can save a great
many pennies by regulating hoewetsvM
trash ashes etc Trash for Instanoa
la an expense In tbe country beeuuso
the householder In a number of oaa s
pays for having It carried away 2
therefore her economy come la hav
ing Inflammable Muff burned on the
premises And u dry trash to easily j
threefourths of the refuse aba saves
lust that much on cartage
To hold trash there should be a bur
re I and a firm mandate Issued by Uw J I
head of the house that old tins bottle
and everything nonburnabl 1M put m j
in It In another barrel paper lags a
etc that usually flll tile h T
rnp basket must be placed 1
tn particular spot on the pies 1
ti mill be reserved for the bolevsl j 4
it ulll he a black and unsightly I s 44
I for that reason a retired nook
tolIllt to chosra If there la none the
tn limy be used for after too lira j7 j
it the gravel may be raked over
> iadayortwoMItyecesotth5s r
i hlitTltlt I
rOf the ab unless they are
v r o rep they make eixoellent walk
M the intry It Is best to bare taimi 1
irlJ l1t aa some may be bunted
liter limn reducing tile coal bill These
f f are imlers that will pack town
rd and smooth and save buying
nuel fr walks and drive In tMe
A iv a whole walk may be mad of c
iHhts with a thin top layer of gravel 4
This it a tip for persons building osun t
ry homes on limited Income They I
i < e none others know that the ananetal
inands of tbe grounds are endless
mil this Is one way In which moauy
tNy be saved If one does not re
iiilre ashes for the grounds there ar
always country road In need of re
pair where they may be put t
en have no objection to this H tin
ashes are property placed and many a f
dollar may be saved 4
WaLL WHY Non 4
Salad for breakfast Who ever fesnrd
of such a thing Why not serve out
meal porridge at dinner or ystr totIk
tall after the roffep I
Not so fast One Isnt racoaimomMag Li
Just any kind of salad for breakfast
not those unnatural combinations ef
fruit and mayonnaise with whipped
cream than which by the way there I
could be nothing more lIIorrtntll u
simply a crisp Httl green salad to eat
with your loaded graham bread and
bacon Suppose you try It before you
pass Judgment When a green salad lei
served for breakfast the fruit coors
may be omitted and this In Itself Is a
solving of the question which Is upper I
moat In the minds of housekeepers at
the prevent moment reducing UM
household accounts
5 Into
S erCii
k S
c 1
f t
Ti I
fl 11
1 I I
d to 1
I t II
t II
i I
b 4 I
4 j
Ft t
i j
I f
j I j
H1II tile < lotliii t nr > young
girls art Itlny simple the are
strictly up to rt t < V dver Ittlc
touch here and tier puts the ImltllbU
mark of smartn on them I
As every nulliH know It IP a much I
more diatcult ntter It make a mud
tsh simple child dress than It Is to
make an elaborate coetum Tb Rue
slan Influence I noticeable ID all the
smart little frocks of the spring They
usually consist of ons piece dresses
Many ot them are trimmed with the
new Russian embroideries In bright
rich colorings These banding are
particularly efteotlvo on linen and j
erg > > UIH Patent leather and colored I r I
liithcr belts play a prominent part in I
hee > > trek I
lln lllimtiHtlon Shows a harming It
drs tr a girl of eight or ten In whit Ii I
litton The Husslan overblou elab p
orately ThMer In whit hangs j
gracefully over the platted skirt The j
gulmp of lace and lawn ii out round I I
at the neck and finished with a plaited 1 j
frill Th ribbon sash goes through I I
silts at the waist line of the blouse A
quaint bonnet made of small pink j ft
flowers and a pink Wk parasol trim I I i
med with Dresden ribbon aompUto thti i I 1 ii
vary fetching aestume

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