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Almost Every Man Approaohod
By The Nows Is Against
The Proposition
lrr44IH of tali linkcy Club Nuts
Truck t llll No br I iml Again
IIK Mwh lnfvrw
The Innovation of Sunday radII < <
represented In thi automobile ra c s i
11t HUBdny and which may be H f eli r
towar the breaking Into the Kundav
name lot pationagr though mriiixi
the li iv has not yet been proteKii I
ftgalnst at hut to the extent of the
luan i > of it complaint
An In ttM rum of live contest
County Atty Job P Lynn u ready to
IMIM u onmplalnt against tin violator
tit the xtatutr It come one will coin
The Ilut against pufctlc entertain
ment on Sunday 1 found In section
VOA chapter 10 of the statute of
Utah ami provides that every p rini
who on uinln > ifft up ehlblt open
or maintain or ulds ID these forms of
promotion fights any character hone
ravine r any other form uf barbar
ous or nolny amusement or If anyone
purchases tt kI ur admission fur such
or pay un admnslon fee to WItOeSU
such a spe < tsde IH guilty of a misde
The affairs at Buena Vista come
under the count v Jurisdiction but mi
fur no step his been taken to enforce
the HundHv law at that point It la
lefreshlMR however to not that the
president of the full Luke Jockey club
says that he IN opposed to all HQnday
racing and will nlll be Induced to teas
Die nueim VIol tra < k for Ainday
events hereafu
Considerable ciimmi > nt baa been In
dulged In us III who In renpOMlble for
ii Ho win I he Ian In bC broken and
the ma > < > r and I Millie hate been blam
ed fur Iat Mundae menes To settle
the controverts the police who stop
ped Sunday bicycle raring at the Halt
IHlace a > < < ltr HRO Rr that the race
track Is 01 within tile corporate limit
of the i Itv anil hrme without their
Just wlml u niimbur of Bait take
clllaens think on the attention of Sun
day radii IN given below The gentle
inen were Interviewed haphazard on
the strwth Htnl In their otfkcaa this
John Condron president of the
Halt l < ak < > J cke > Club principal
proprietor of thu lluena Vista track
where the iindiiy race took place
and preKlilent r the Cullen hotel I
inn oppoM it i mi I UK of all kind on
Sunday I think the day should be
properly oliHrv il I Invariably re
m hotel t ir on Hundav and think all
general iimiiHenu nts HU < h aa racing
should nut IK illovved I dn not be
lieve I coulil HKnln he Induced to book
another tttrm tlon at Hun VUta for
II Sunday 1 I dn not lielleve In It
John C fuller former governor of
Utah I un nidi ally opposed not
only to gundav home race automo
bile raced ljt ItiMo to theater and
other amiMitiientN helng opened on the
Hnhbutli I think all such place
Mould be rloeed from Saturday night
until Monlnx morning Thing lire bad
enough at the hesl Htid therefore I
im unaltciitMv optioned to throwing
more trmrtHUom in the facea of our
voting people There IH no queatlon In
rnv mind I I I nil amuxcment which
have a tcntletii in illvrrt our minds
f i oin the ri I spirit of the day have
H tender towHnln ileinorallcatlon
i ieclally k thIs noticeable In the
> oung and > u cptihle
thrum Jo Month United Htate Ills
t1o t attni v I itni strongly oppoaeil
to auto it tnt hs racing or any
Mirli amn in nti on the Sabbath day
I think it nlirlv wrong and should
tie prohibit Sunday is a day that
hould b ihi > ived very differently
from eiiRiitiin In general public
iuiBoiiHnt hne the people gather
rr loud HI bolmcrou times which
III my niimon are entirely Inapprn
lilnti nn i day which the majority of
ilirlntlati > ave been tauffht to respect
irid obneive an a little better than the
other fix flay of the week
r merit A Hllver president and man
n ei of the Hllver Rmthen iron Works
i nniiMiu I do not know jut where to
lit iu thi line but it Is my opinion
Itit riilnir on Hunday though It may
> > ill right UN conducted at prevent
uoiild lead to evil and on those
frmnlii I am opiuwed tn It Hut It is
hiMI thing rr one man to draw the
line foi the government of another
ier on vve an Mil constituted no dif
ferently Amusement la neceaaary to
nil people and there am ao many who
iivei no to church and for such the
Iil regulated Innocent amusements
an of rourie the most desirable
Dean K MiNiece Weatmliulrr
t oiicRi We have racing enough U
i time to cut out all kinds of Bunday
tIng A day of rent once In the
II Irk Is due the public for all claxvv
f people Huinlny amusomenU are a
iiexci mtliin of the day
liy a manufacturer a ent who doe
iit wish his name printed BsMh
Nivvi H W0i111 Im ashamed I was
thI <
Vnditor < J McNItt O 8 1Im
i 0 i opiMiMd to It
luo HH VruyI dont favor nt all
tin ruIn on Hunday It IH merely an
riitcrlnii wedge for all the objectIon
ulle fviiluros of the old time race tmrk
lth ill gambling drinking and other
Judge c P ulburnI am In favor
r itilmill amusement on the Habbsth
iln > web as band concerts and other
uinKent rncreatlono Rut there are
Unto vthen one must draw a line must
ilntlnate I doubt If there Is n
i It I K I to lie derived from Sunday
Mitiinohlle racing
Pie ldenl Mumford rtnlt lAke fhrlt
thin nlnI am pemonulty against
niiiiiiiotille racing It Is H desecration
ot the Sahbuth day It Is dangerous
t Ir at any time and especially so I
u Ml It be on Sundtt The Introduction
or Sunday racing meni bringing back
lieie all the vlien of the rate track thut
IiiV < nude horse ruclng In the past
ut > tided by o MIU < h moral danger
J U VwBTlff Sunday automobile
ti 11Ir U dcmnrallilng and unchristian
Vrc It to become established It
vnuld mean the appearance of gaIn
Mi n hnk milking jockeying drink
tug nnd all the other objectIon
hi eleinenU thut we And In connec
tion ultli horvvs races I trust the
< itv ml county offlclalH will prevent
It inttixi Ktloii here
F V 1 n < IB I do not favor either
SnnilHV i Kiobtlo racing or Sunday
tuiHeh ill pit MS It may or an right
for n man to rId about the country
with iiis family of u Sunday afternoon
hut thI thai N another proposition
f A CHlluhun I am not particularly
11 < 0 to it allhniBh I 10 not patron
O fundav atitomoblli racing myself
ltt mOl espe lally Interests nip U
tb I u th i liiiitTriirx Imagine they
own th fjith xldi Mulks nid all
J < JR
I Patrons
of 7 eM I DntR Store
tfntl here with confidence for
anything they need in the
drug line
Experience h taught tM
we carry th best qualhics
anti our charges are alwayi
quite rraiionahle
PrMinjit delivery
= = = =
Tltr Pure Drue
IlK > n iry
I SiHilli Main
l J
Mall Ontera
11 i 01 f o bi dine to i urb
the M k ep Hum vlthln hound
EXI I ot I M VIIsl do not lie
lie Ve III It
Iicsidcnt I P1 of the Mer
chants bankh see no objection Sun
day I th only day o which I V5II go
to tee automnbllo racea
A R llamas altorneygeneml am
< Methodlit and conaequently do not
believe In theM Hunday rare
He y J L Perks Heal Batate na
Hatlon f am against Sunday automo
bile racing although I a not whit you
would call an orthodox person There
are its day In tb week ra this sort
of thing and the lieS of people who
attend ttunday racing are generally the I
people who are a > ble tn attend uch
thing during the secular da > n of tie
week und lit a day of rest de
manded by humane consideration and
automobile raring ii a direct on
t the observance o that reel
Rev 1 A Hlmpkln In these day
of rushand crowd all sorts of Sunday
sports and recreations are an
economic sociological crime against
the rent In one day of seven which
our human economy demand
Ou 8 Holmes proprietor of the
KnuMford and flamloh hotel I think
It 1 right In fact proper that the
people should be provided with In
nocent amusement on Sunday a well
as any other day 1 understand there
was no attempt at selling liquor out
at Buena Vista People who work hard
six days In the week In my opinion
require diversion on the seventh Tou
know there are lot of people you
cannot drag to church anil they will
have amusement of some kind and
why not furnish them with Rood
sports well regulated o I WHS not there
8unda > but I understand the only
crime about I was the cloud of dust
the apectator were compelled to
breathe enough to turn the whol
town sick
hIlt Irrleiitlnii Irolcct for Aiuiln Or
cliardt In liislcrn Utnli
John T Smith and W L McAltoter
of Salt Lake returned Monday from
H trip to Price Carbon county where
they went to look over a big Irriga
tion Fropoaltton that Is now being
opened up In that part o the state
The Irrigated Lands company has been
working on the project for year and
now everything is In readlnea to
o n the headgate and turn the water I
Into the 20 mile of canal convey
ing the water from the Irice river on
the west eastward to a point near the
town of Price where 18009 acres of
land awaits Its coming Th land is a
rich deep loam admirably situated for
the opening up of a great horticultural
country and the Intention is to con
vert as much aa possible of this big
tract of land Into fruitful apple or
chard The numerous coal mining
towns In the Immediate vicinity In
sure a ready market at profitable
price for every box of apple that can
lie raised there for a long time to
colas anil should that market become
surfeited by the product or a great
orchard tract nf 20000 acres Halt
JAI Denver and other more distant
part ever hold out an anxious hand
for good apple In fact apple can
be shipped any distance lAnd In that
part nf the Mate good for orchard
with perpetual water right ran now
he had for as low aa 10 an acre hut
when I Is once demonstrated that ap
ple can be grown there successfully
which Is undoubtedly the ease the
prices will not long remain at that low
fIgure The Irrigated IAn company
people expect to plant between 3000
and Jot acre ef these Price land
to fruits most of which wilt be ap
ple The enterprising town of Price
IB rapidly coming to the front 1 is
doing a great deal of building and
otherwise displaying a progressive
spirIt that is attracting attention
Ofllrpfi alt C W X M Co Ttiklnic
11 Trill In Hituicluvi
President Joseph F Smith General
Manager Oeorge T Odell and len C
It Burton director 1 of th Consolid
ated Wagon Machine company
ate through Irovo this forenoon on
their trip nf Inspection of the branch
house of the company Inl from
Provo to Usher city and from there to
Dill N I IlHtertnml Kn ll li Vl ten
Willnull Noiv In I ii istil itt I
1 Bhimaau a Japanese laborer ho
w employed at the GarfIeld mfUt
la at 8t Marl hosPital Buffering from
his b being
Injuries to back caused by hlnl
struck by a locomotive Monday after
coon The physicians In charge of tb
caae have not determined yet whether I
or nor the man spine Ii fractured
This afternoon an Xray photograph
will b taken to team the extent of his
Bhlmasu with other Japanese was
at work shoveling cinder from th
railroad track when an engine cam
along The foreman of the gang yelled
for the men to get out of the way but
Sttlmasu did not understand English
and remained on the track The en
gine struck him with terrific force be
fore he could get out of the way He
a attended by Dr I U Barnard
of QarAeld anti then brought to the
city and sent to 81 e Mark
Dennty I S Mnr lml IVIN of 1 Vllt
To It 1cwvemuirlli Knim
Deputy 1nliett state Marshal
Luclan I myths returned this morn
ing from Ft Leavenworlh Kan
where he went lit charge of Linden
Walton convicted In the federal court
of counterfeiting and Ueorge Peter
ien convicted of forging and < unhlng
I money order for SI0 at Mldvale
i lloth prisoner were sentenced to
serve JS months In the 1nlted 8tiitr
penltentlarv nt envetiworth Watann
hnvlng a flue of uOO tucked on to hIs
sentence Marshal Hmythe spent iv
eial dais In visIting relatives after
leaving I Hvetiwoith nt Kansas Iuv
St Joseph iieHirl e Nebraska and
Borne Interi tlnr rmrtlcularii regard
ing the goveriimint prlxon at Leaven
worth were gathered by Marshal
Hmythe during hi stay at that pi
Th are now confined In the Fort
Ueavenworth prison Ioil prisoner of
whom f 12 are white men 317 negro
so Indiana nine Mexicans two
Chine four JspMCes n I mill
tary prisoners th latter serving life
sentence in 1 there are lit govern
ment prisoners serving life terms
Wince July t i I Tol prisoner
have been received by the Leaven
worth prison being supplied from the
trrrltory extending from the Canadian
line on the north following the Ohio
river to Mississippi and Including the
northern district of Texan and Arkan
hits tn the Pacific coast Kaat of that
Ictrlforv 1 prisoner are seult to
Atlanta Georgia the prlaon at fort
leiivenmorth nnd Atlanta being the
only penitentiaries maintained by the
government f W Mcflaughry to
warden of the Fort Ixwvenworth
piiKon having held the position since
July t UU
IKie el In The News
Va litnton I c Mnv tIIho post I
mtr uptKiintnl Iurlhl Idahn coon
tv Norn A JII s 1 K Amlrews re
nI lilllnn llniinl i iiinty lewis
J hlawks ie J M > Khy an
InhHi Idilllc ami Ortaon Sliort IJtm
111 fiinfrr mi tin ioicnil
54 ins 11
The live Ik omdals of the Union
Pacific system are holding a meeting
In the olflr of Dcneral Manager B
croft of the Oregon Short Line In
which the general situation with regard
to live atock are being gone over The
main points of discussion relate t the
lining up the busuMa from the Inter
mountain states t the Chicago and
Omaha markets location of feeding
stations and detail o shipment look
Ing to tbe best and moat expeditious
method of handling livestock ship
ments during the coming aeaaon In
attendance at the meeting are tbe fol
lowing officials Charles Ware gen
eral superintendent of the Union Pa
clflf W D Lincoln superintendent of
transportation and C J Lane assist
ant general freight agent In charge of
live mock for t Union Paclflc 1 of
Omaha J M Davis general super
intendent J A Ret general freight
agent C I Tuttle assistant general
freight agent In charge of livestock
and Walter S Anderson car service
agent of the Oregon Hhort Line The
Union Pacific official arrived In tb
city late yesterday afternoon and with
tb local railroad men occupied a bus
at tb Orpheum theater last evening
Ilirtloit Son SH > M Seiuttor lark Will
Wllliilmvv ri < iin Mlnliw
A story Is current In Huston that
former Senator W A Clark of Mon
ana Is about to withdraw from the
mining business In order to devote
hlmll to railroad building Accord
Ing t advice from the Hub the
tumor is circulated that large mining
Interest In Butte have been acquired
by the Anaconda Mining company and
although no confirmation can be had
here the rumor la generally believed
1 la said that Senator Clark haa allied
himself with the Hill Interests and ha
advanced several million of dollar
fo the purpose of securing terminal
and other property In the northwest
for the Hill line
I I Curll general agent of the
Nickel Plate line with headquarter at
Omaha Is In Salt Lake today making
th round of railroad row
1 1C CiKlliiK general agent of the
Kanahwa DUpatch In this city ham
Jut returned from I trip t Mllfnrd
and Modeni where he went to look
up shipments of wool Mr Gosling reports
port that the shearing season Is In
full blast with a heavy clip and lively
movement 0 01
Derailed Cnr Three car loaded
with coal went derailed at Thistle
Junction last evening delaying traffic
on the Rio Grande until the car could
be placed back on h track Tin
were running as usual In two or three
hours time
Ihnnheraer Mm Ijiml Simon
namberger president of the Salt lAke
A Otrdea railroad ban acquIred a tract
of land north of the prevent depot hi
ll Lake from the Lemon estate the
Wagner Brewing company and Bailey
1 Hona which will be utilised In en
larging the > ant farllltlo of the road
Free Lecture Timlalil Dr James
K Colllnge phylologlMt will taka as
his subject tonight at the hall 41
south Main street Loose Him and
Let Him Go On Wednesday night he
repeat by request his lecture on Life
Ivitielncro of lUtiinlliHi The
Daughter of the Mormon battalion
will meet Thursday May 12 at S p m
at the home of JN Isabel Thurman
Jill south Seventh Kaat
In Jrvcim HltilwnU StiiilkiLee
Greene Richards the artist who re r
cently returned from Part has open
ed a studio at the rear of ftC east
First South street the old Kldredge
residence Mr Ulchard ha set aside
Saturday afternoon a visitor da
for those lover of art who desire to
view his collection of pictures
HcleaHit1 Ijut iIntuiiseA C
L > nv delegate from the Presbyterian
churches of Ibis city to the Laymen
missionary convention at Chicago ha
returned from the eat He aays all of
the Protestant denomination In the
country were represented over 4SOO
delegates being present Denomina
tional line were Ignored 1 acting aa
If In but one church The plan was to
reach with the Scriptures one billion
of heathen and returned missionaries
were present to present the need of
pagan countries The proceeding of
the convention will b printed for gen
eral circulation
Tit Solve SitisuiilaChieC of
Police Barltiw has been working for
several day on a new proposed
ordinance which he believe will solve
the speed problem with reference tn
automobile in the proposed or
iKoHiiit nhUh U uun to lIst Muuniltled
to the city council there are clause
which provide for the regulation nf
the speed of automobiles on certain
streets Heavy fines are proposed and
also that all drivers be licensed and
a revocation of the Iliense when the
ordinance IH violated I Is also pro
posed that no person under the age
of 1 years will b granted a license
u m
Jury in Marsh Case Raturns Vor
dfgt After an Hours
I I fit SeWe Hf S for May 21
Trtitl li Prm llt WH Pro
nlt +
After an hour deliberation the jury
In the case against James Marsh r
tamed a verdict fInding him guilty of
having aaiaulted Mr Mellnda rfewell
with Intt to commit murder The
penalty far his offense iii from one to
M year IH the state prison but time
for paaahag sentence wan continued un
til May I In the meantime the de
fondant b at the request of hut coun
sel 18 day In which t file a motion
for a new trial and la at liberty under
The testimony In th case showed
I that Marsh evidently Infatuated with
Mr Newell and when rebuffed had
attempted to murder her In his jealous
rage by forcing down her throat a
quantity of laudanum The screams of
unlt o ludnum
the woman whom March had attacked
while she was In b attracted her lit
tie win and his playmate who was
upending the night with him The boys
answering the woman creamrushed
upon Marsh with an axe handle and
tt and beat him of while he wa
xtlll gripping Mr Newell about the
throat Later the police In reap to
the hurry call found Marsh secreted
In the cellar
The defenve made the plea that It
was Mrs Newel who had become In
fatuated with Marsh and that when he
r her affection she attempted
suicide When Marsh was caught a
cording t the defense he had been
trying to prevent Mr Newell from
accomplishing her design
The question of the validity of UOO
bond under which Marsh la at liberty
was raised by Aat Dist Atty eath
erwood I appeared that the bond
had been signed by three persons two
qualifying In the sum of 500 each and
one In the mm of 30 The court held
that the bond was but for UN a It
to but kwmuiae of the defendant
bondsmen residing at Irantavttle Too
eto county and the Inability to reach
them quickly he was given until
Thursday morning to complete the
Letters of administration In the
estate of Amendo Roacarin who died
In Unit Lake July 1 lie are netted for
by Thomas W Hloan In a petition Died
In the probate court this morning T
estate consists of a poatofflce money
ore for 0 personal property ap
praised at JIO an accident insurance
lioltcy to MOO and > 45 In cash The
heirs to the estate are a widow n
two children residing In Italy
T Town of Rlngham canyon en
tered Into court today bringing a con
demnation suit against JosephIne Mil
ler the owner of a strip of property
that Interfere with the plan of the
mining town In making I Main street
Inferring from the complaint the town
of Hlngham canyon Is widening Its
principal street and under the survey
a portion of the property o Josephine
Miller is needed l give the full width
of the street The court is asked tn
condemn the profwrty and fix a fair
valuation aa purchase price by the
F Baonmttn a saloonkeeper at Pruvo
filed a petition In the United BUUea
district piton this city this morning
asking to b adjudged I bankrupt
liabIlities are Ktven as J17 U4 conalat
leg of unsecured claims for liquor and
cigars mol with Halt Lake City
houea Te assets r nil with Sit
worth of property claimed t b ex
But three appeal came were pre
sented to the supreme court In its Ia
sitting yesterday all of them being
state case The ease of t state v
Webster Green and I4arcnao Montgom
ery were argued and submitted and
r case of the state agaInst Phil R
lAX was submitted on brief
IA docket for the May term the
hr of which will conclude May K
May IVD A Smith vs T U Butters
el al county commlaatoneni of Mor
gan county appellant appealed from
Judge J A llowell Mecond district
May 10H U McMillan and Frank
J Hagvnbarth vs Charles W Whitley
appellant appealed from Judge C Won
Morse Third district
May 10 Ormua A Hate vs 8an Pe
dro Los Angeles Bait Lake Railroad
company appellant appealed from
mpny W Morse Third district
8 ll11r National Bank of Xe
II Christensen county
phl appellant vs ont
> pplbnt from
ty treasurer et al appealed
Judge Joshua Greenwood fifth Its
trtct May 11 Addle H Uiftls ailmlnlstra
trix of th estate of moose J Lj1iia
tl o
va aclHc Mutual Life Insurance corn
pany appellant appealed from Judge
George plat Third district
May U Oeorg Naylor and Hulda
C Naylor vs Joseph M Jen son et al
appellant appealed from Judge C W
Morse Third district
May It Oeorge K Chandler e al
appellant u Utah Copper company
ptan appealed from Judge C W
Monte Third district
o 1Z Raamua Xelaon appellant
vs Henry Marsch appealed from Judge
Joshua Greenwood Fifth district
May 12Fred Bunker appellant vs
Vnton PaotOc Railway company v
peal d from Judge M L Rttehk Thud
May 1lu the matter of John R
Manning an Incompetent appealed
from Judge J A Jowl Second dis
trict Mar llWM Mountain lAme and
Htone company appellant n George
M Mmpn al appealed from Judge
George n Armstrong Third district
May II Clara lArSon appellant vs
Oregon abort lAne Railroad company
appealed frrnn Judge T D Lewis
Third district
May 1H H IXKVltt appellant vs
Ima Thurston appealed from Juilge
W W Maughan ra district
May IE A Mtdgtey et 1 vs the
Campbell Building company appellant
appealed from George G Armatrong
Third district
May itNails C Pet son appellant
va Maim Benson city recorder appealed
from Judge W W MaUffhan Pint dis
At the session o the supreme court
yesterday lb elaa of 10 young men
who took the law examination were
admitted to the supreme court of the
state and can now practise Iw in
Utah All of the 10 candldatea were I
admitted ynnterday as follow VI1I I
H Kolland Wtlllam and John Hlggli
Robert L Judd J L Sey Jr J E I
u u
Johnson Charles Kelly J K Adam
Phi U Warnovk and Delmont Huffa
Judgment In fnvor of the plaintiff for
IST2W was entered In Judge Morne
court this afternoon In the ease of the
Consolidated Music company against
Dan Radovlch growing out of a transaction
action regarding a mechanical piano
At the residence of Mr Annie T
Plercy II J street on Monday a unique
bat delightful affair took place In the
reunion In a social gathering of over
IB ladle b had comprised a class
In theology In the old Thirteenth ward
early In the Ma This claaa W taught
br Mr Ellaa Plait mother of F B
PIt the prevent bishop of the ro
organised TwelfthThirteenth ward
and o the occasion of Mra llatf
vltItl birthday h was sur
prised by being met at the home of
Mrs Ptercr by the ladles whom she
bad taught theology II their girlhood
nnd many o whom she had n met In
many yearn Mr William Naylorwho
with Mrs Naylor was prevent as an
honored gust wa superintendent of
Ih Thirteenth ward sunday school for
many years and the reunion was a
delight to 1 present the afternoon be
ing spent In reminiscent mood Plan
elections by Mm Thom and Mr
McDonald soNgs by Mrs Pnulton and
recitations by Miss Lou Platt and Mrs
Thomas and short talk from the
guests of honor were pleaaant feature
T ladle decided to meet together
frequently In the future In a social
way and will meet with Mr Mabel
Park Thomas June 13 at 1M Third
avenue Those present were Mrs
Eli Platt Mr and Mra William Nay
lor ra Llnle Platt Brown Mrs Car
rie Platt Mr Mamie Lyon Mr Mary
Morris Klngabury 11 Lydia Hanks
Parry Mr Annl Petersen Poulton
Mrs Laura Dnnelaon Burbldge Mr
Annie Mtromberg McDonald r MK
hcl Park Thomas r Alice Arnold
Lambourne Mr Kate Burt Con
Mrs Annie Thomas llercey Mia Kate
Wells S4iss Ixiule Sloan Mr Uaale
Taylor Beer Miss KTH Platt Miss
Ix > ule Platt Miss Louis Pelrcey Mra
Mary Ooold Reynolds
Provo May UThe B y U track and
Held t a won In the B Y UA C U
contest here Halurdajr afternoon o a
core of n to i Both trams were well
pleased with b outcome aa the A C
I team did not expect to d a well
aa It did Coach Teetael of the A
C t who wss roe with the H r
1 and has a hot of friend In Provo
was the recipient of many conaratuls
lions fur the good work of his team
About a hundred rooter cam down
fro Logan and the met wa wit
nessed by about i people The follow
Ing is the summary
Two Hundred and twenty n rn
Whltehead A C U Peterson A C V
llenlln B T IT time 844
Janln hurdle ftlmmon B Y I Baird
M Y if Allrad A C U tlraettH
Right hundred and eighty n run
Chamberlain B T U Plant A C U
Wyatt A C U tIme3m J4
HelayWon by A C 1 net timed
Pole vault Johnson A C U Hancock
P A C V Peterson K Y U
heiiihth M feet T Inches
hot palI Peterson B T 1 J
Peteraon I T 1 Henlln B Y U
distance It feet I lach
Broad lumpHalrd B T U mo
B t a JupRlr A O f distance
It feet S inches
Discus Peteraon A C U Knapp A
C Dult B Y C distance li
feet 3 Inches
High lunp Halrd H Y U Holtlaon
B IlahJuNPKr f U belirtth 3
feet 4 Inches
Hammer Throw Peterson a Y U Ol
son A C I Pck t Y IL distance
Ill feet I Inches
High hurdlesChrlatcnaen t Y 11
Paddock A C U Wltchell J Y U
time 17 seconds
One hundred yard daahWhltehead A
C IT Henllne B Y 11 eteraen A C
V time 1016 second
Mil runCooley A C 1 Itd A
C P Holdaway B Y P time4M
Four hundred and forty yard run
Chamberlain B II1 Plant A C 1
Wyatt A C e time MM
O Moines Iowa May 10 Judge
Smith Mclherson In the federal court
today dismissed the complaint of the
Shawnee Milling company of Kansas
and Updike Milling company of
Omaha brought In behalf of the West
ern Milling company asking that I
H Dial Atty M U Temple of Iowa
b enjoined from mlalng bleached Hour
hipped Into Iowa The court uphold
the federal rulingss regards bleached
The complaint was brought by th
ghawnee Milling company of Kansas
and the Updlkn Milling
Ilk oJIIIII company of
Omaha The decision doe not state
whether or not the Aump process of
bleaching flour Is Injurious holding
that question In onefor a Jury
tUcecl Carrestwindenre >
LEHI Utah Co May 8The new
tabernacle and ground are being put
In first claa shale for the dedication
uf same next Hunday lAwn al be
lag planted ami the building is being
painted and thoroughly renovated lt >
Ido and out Incident Joseph y Hmlth
and many other Church ofda a
expected to be prevent
Nest week the following prominent
young people will b married Robert
MrOmle of Ixl and Mia Kate Harvey
of Pleaannt drove John A Pox of Lehl
and Mlas Chloe Boyer of HpringvHIe
of William Lehl Davis and Mia Ten Htewart
Mr George I Robteon former lessen
of lAtH Mills N Elevator company has
purchased that property also the OaK
residence hero and will live hare and
start the mill tsp at once He la one of
the beat and most tel millers
In the state
Judge fiamu Taylor who wa run
down by a frightened team Thursday
and h a rib broken and otherwise
bruised up Is Improving nicely
The sugar company is busy with a
large force nf men putting In new beet
sheds removing the Hpringville sliest
to Prove and overhauling the mllr
While a storm would lie a very good
thing the beet generally are coming
u nicely
Grade work In the public school
closed last week Iiromotlon exerelHeH
were held Thursday and a HeM day
was Friday given In the City park and pavilion
Mr K 1 Osterloah Is experimenting
trying to grow nix acre of apple or
chard an dry farm land wwit of Labi
Closing exercise of the Y L M r A
of the four wards rn ti season r
held last Tuesday menlng with 4eaa
Ing programs and rcfrcahment
Mr J 1 tlaniner left Friday for
New York to meet her son J 1 Jr
who Is returning from the Herman mls
Mon field
Mr O 8 Kchow has just erected a
fin cement block home In the southern
part of the city
Pipe laying for the waterworks aye
tern t ben rushed to completion
Order to Show Cause Why Not Is
Given by Judge Marshall
In U S Court
Similar lo Allege I litmus Miiilrt In Silver
King Stilt IIIlllltlrHl 113 Suldti
Splro Now on llnntln
According t the order of Judge John
A Marshall o the UNit Btale dl
trlct court for tM district o Utah the
owner of tb Silver King Coalition
mine at Park City wU Appear t ho
C why the application of the at
torneys fo Mr Charlotte Cassidy
mmptaluam In the action lid br her
husband M Cassldy D I IMC
charging the Hllver King people with
Illegally extracting from the Captain
le adjoining the property of the 811
ver King mine o worth more than
2t30OM for an order permitting an
examination of the Captain lode HIM
adjoining property of the Reams
mil auld not h made
James Ingebretaen n Jhn A Shel
ton attorney for r Caiwldy were
yesterday given leave to file an amend
ed and supplemental bill in the cult
against the company The action In
volve extraction of or from the
captain lode which adjoin the Silver
King property I was original
ly filed by the husband of
Mrs Cassidy tb owner of the
Captain lode claim but Itis ileath hav
ing occurred In the meantime the alt
in being carried on by hut widow Mr
Charlotte Cassidy A demurrer to the
first milt wa filed by the attorney for
the defense which W sustained by
the court Iollowlnsr this the com
plaint wa amended anti Died again
T suit Is In all respects almost
similar to the case of the Silver King
Con lldalrd Mining company against
the Silver King Coalition company
which Involve the sum of J5000WW to
ore alleged to have been wrongfully extracted
tracted from the property o the Con
solidated company l > y the agent of the
Coalition company now being prevent
ed before Special Examiner J W
Christy who wa appointed by the
court to take testimony In the case
The order by Judge Marshall restrains
the defendant company i ndlntr the
hearing to how cause from creating
any barrier or I ln any act to pre
vent or to render unsafe Ingress and
ngrcjMi Into any and all of the mine
Should lh application of the attor
ney for the complainant tie granted
her representatives a to be allowed
to make a complete examination of
the Cnptaln lode mining claim or In
the direction of part of any vein hav
ing their apices within vertical planes
extendng downward through the end
line of the Captain lode mining claim
and upon or wthln the mining claim
part described In the complaint and
therein alleged to belong to defendant
company and connect with the under
ground mine working to allow the
complainant representative least
four In nutnlwr for 2 days and there
after at all reasonable time during
the pending of the suit ingress and
egress through any mining shaft or
mine opening by means of machinery
nnil appliances of defendant company
n that the defendant permit such ex
amination Inspection and survey to be
inaJe and allowing the fnmplalnant Its
agent and representative to remove
any harriers or to repair any under
ground mine working necessary In order
dec to make ingress anil egress tnti
aid mine workings with safety
o S
special Cnrreenonilence I
KAHIVIKW Banpete Co May 1
Friday May 6 County Commissioners
C 1 Allreil of Chester and Peter
Matson of Mount Pleasant made an
Inspection trip to the county Infirmary
her with an architect from Provo
who lies IMMIH looking after a few Im
provement being made there They report
port that an excellent water system
lias IMMII Installed which furnishes the
building with plenty o pure Water A
beating system has also been Installed
Another Improvement is the division of
the inmate Into ward
The Kalrvlew city council appointed
committee to arrange for th recep
lion of the Salt Lake Commercial club
also to arrange for Decoration day
The city father have alao arranged
lo Iwnd concert t b given at the
city hall each fiuttiUy at 4N
et hl Sunl a 1 pm
Th dlstrftt school of Fairview cl
ed Friday May 6 An excellent
e 1rld A > fellt pro
gram wa reiMlered the same evening < <
In the tCcllpse pavilion
Horn to the wi C of C I SteW of
Falrvtew a boy April 17 and lo the
wife of Peter Olson a girl on April
2 1810
BncclM1 Correspoiwlence
KAIIIVIBW Sanpete Co May 9
fire broke out this forenoon In the
Frank Christensen residence now be
ing occuiaed l > y Dr Earl llefor the
KM ehold furnishings could be removed
the nr wa beyond control and all the
paraoruil belonging o the doctor were
destroyed The house was well fur
nished uul the lois will b quite
a auiu The building wa burned down
The residence o Bruce Cox just south
of the Chrtvtenaen place was also hurn
Mi but tho furniture had been removed
uninjured Other building were
damagml but through the effort of
destroyed willing band they ware not entirely
The fire department from I Pteas
ant made a quick run to the lire
Tit Amount of damages la not known
at present
I Special i > MTMDOnd nc
LA OtlANUK Or May Conditions
here have never been so promMng lm
gigantic crepe of all kIn aa right
now No frost whatever has visited
here to do the laat damage The nroH
pecta for cherry peach plum anil ap
ple besides small fruit ar simply
great I1 goes well there will tic
hipped out o till valley thin year
nearly luOO carloads of 1l te apple
alone besides score of carload of
clmrrles Hmall grain Is nearly a tnt
high and exceedingly promising Susar
beet ore planted And thinning will te
Kin at once The stand so tar Is per
fect Last year the average tonnage
of sugar beets grown here excelled
anything previous n a bumper crop
Ie looked for tills year Tho Amalga
mated Sugar compunv i v
the adjoining allow i Hi
which proved verj i
ind a gioat
8t acreage i
this year A
goodly i 1
people have moved Int i I
county of Lite a It i I
a ward will be rlrtllz0
President L J Jordan
Hiveral ycoi ago > nn 1 is 1 I
While a r have m 0 i
here it IK
I Rtral t nn I I
few I any have liettr 1 t
lon and many will leturn
n qneitlmi ilranile RMI
hard l 0 eii il muh I M
Moil Is utitiut iied
I i for I
j 1011 Iii anything that It r I
is crrtalnlv fine
fralll a i > l i
duxtrlou Mnimon r I I
I alrtulv 1 goodly nuinu
there IN rn iin for nwnv in
tO bellevi 1111 ItlVemiKiti
from thiH II ho contimi
tht thi v niav se fnr IhI
The Ily nf iii Ilrftnl
the front with exieehni r j
log more than tuhlo I
during the uist 10 > enr
boom hut a thrifty hal
fhurch initterN In tin I
are In good shape Th
ileney IH working v < iv I r I
several stake ifflccs
1101 tM 111
Unity generally pr ° niu t
stake and the results un
The netline of the Prlmlt I
I an allImportant subjm t >
and student A concise s r
treatment la given In In
new work The Ort i
For sale by eeret News J1
cloth 99 cent
PIt rI ly Cloinl y AVIIIi louil vi n
n Tonlalit or il iii ax
CiMiler TiinlKlil
I a ra
I am
lOam I
11 am =
1 noon
1 pan
Lowest highest
The funeral of Thnin i t
who died In this city M
at th family resldcm e L
today at I pm lntetnit
Th funeral of pooru
34 year w held t i <
from the funeral hs1I i I
Taylor 2 south West T MM
terment In City rmIn
BKLUIn this its I v
Exforrt Bell wife of 11
lu her 40th yir
Vunerel wuo lieM frin
fan Ron avenue 10
Inlerinrnt In Ilty i IIP t i
K K Kvans KlnrKf O
Floral designs a spceiUtv f e
Coal Co
We can deliver the f j w
ing kinds of coal promp
Aberdeen f amT
Hiwatha ci I fk
Castle Gstr Rock Spr act
Both Pltrme ID ir3 Main SL
A Dollar
1 I nil u r > 1wa
the blt i itli iia
fai tiirrr < < rr j
jinn NTIII
itnlliiiciit Cn TI W
Secnml South
How About
No one wlirt Imi ever
PHONE in th h > ic
woMltl think of he ig
Itouia without it Wily
should you not iail
vowrsclf of this r < IIm
ical necessity vliu1 out
friend and ni 111hiti
find indispensable
Call the lana t1
Union Dental Co
PaInless extraction of te tt > orAl
pay All work guaranteed
JlfE Us
We Treat You Right

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