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Corner of Routh Temple and lAt Tem
ple treats Salt Lake city Utah
race G Whitney Du ln en ManaSer
tin Advance
By Mall per year tiq
Ily Carriers per year tlW
fiemlWeekly per year 1lW
Balurday News per year 200
i Address alt budneii oemmvnleatlens
end all remlltI1
cart Ih City flan
Correspondence and oth r reaiJlne mat
tr tor nublteatlon should be addreM
to the EDITOR
VAotern n preftntatlve > New Terk
Franklin P Morn Flat Iron Butldln
ClileacoA W Wolf Security Building
Hntered at the pottofflce af Bait lAke
City ore second else matter aocordtng
to Act of Comer Mured J UK
> t The head of Halleya comet which
I has become like a tar of the Brit
r magnitude lust now rise In the
morning at a tew minute before four
oclock In thus city Ita long plume to
flrM eon extending near the ummlt
of the DIg mountain when the ob
server stands at any place on Second
Booth or not far north or south of
that street
The till is visible at three oclock
nil a fnlnt has it Ii now almost or
quite RtralRht and run parallel with
the two star of the quare of Pegamu
clone to the earth hortaon To the
naked eye It is about ten degrees In
length With a Held glass the head 111
seen OR a distinct pot of shining light
Ae the writer watched the comet rise
on the morning of the Ith and noted
the aspect of the slurry heavens the
ally was clear with not a cloud to
dim the ether blue The wind
I were whit as Kverett says and the
entire vault of heaven thick Inlaid
with the diamond light known only
to land of the balmy and rarefied
atmosphere Kree from the dust tog
and smoke of mo t place the eberv
here can vlw the constellation of the
Blurry universe brilliant In all the
sparkling splendor that Ie peculiar to
their shining from our clear skim The
liura of the Blurs of first and second
magnitude blue red yellow vIolet
are evident at a glance and become
more cliaracterllle and Impressive the
longer we continue to gaze at them
The Milky way but an hour east of
the zenith extends In a vast arch of
powdered silver from north to south
The constellation Hash the mystery ot
their existence upon the observers
view recalling some of the myths with
which the ancient world sought to
I relieve mans oppressive wonder QJI to
their function In the material universe
l In twenty mjnute Venus rises In all
her glowing beauty of red and violet
1 while Halleys comet fades rapidly
from view Ily 40 the comet has
practically disappeared dimmed by
the gray dawn that Is spreading
through the skies The cool air stirs
again and crowing socks renew their
announcement of the dawn Ae Ten
nyson exprewea It
For a hreee of the morning move
i And the planet ot love Is on high
Beginning to taint In the light that
she love
On a bed of daffodil sky
i To faint In the light of the sun that
one love
To faint In his arm and to die
Thla dreamy tlllneee nearly always
ushers In the dawn when one arise to
i note the appearance of the famous
wanderer from the depth of space
now rushing past the sun and earth
with Inconceivable velocity
The appearance of the comet while
much better now than at any prior
time last barely half an hour and
Is really less Impressive than the view
I of the glories of night vlsslbl on any
near evening through our unsullied
Mien Ae we step out Into this de
ll lou quietude and lift our rya to
the broad vault studded with Nan
unutterably bright we can under
stand the exaltation of him who es
Unlmed 0 night how sublime is
thy language to me
And we apprehend that star gas
ins of the real sort has special value
with mountain ami valley dwellers
For the mountain enhance with their
iii It outline the dlttlnctnen of ties
gloaming contellstlon above them
And any youth who learns the star
grmips here at home auoclstee them
Tilth the encircling mountain peaks
and whenever wandering afar as whAt
a missionary in foreign land recalls
null the familiar constellation their
accustomed environment In his nath
land He feel as did a local poet
O diamond light In the cUrry dome
O mountain height that guard our
More deep your menage is to me
Than uord can eer make Known
Hciause these Bight recall the ob
JII with which they are fret as
dated the starry side suggest the
hlllx and range about the valley of
1 the mountain and so become re
minders of the dart place on earth
to those who wander afar and whoa
thoughts joy to dwell on the
I rmmoric or home
i For except as we go tar north or
far south on the globe there are na
I Rllpn skies these are the ame In
tail lands and Just because ot this
1 fat the observation of the heaven
while It lift the mind to a coutem
plntlon uf grandeur that exist afar
RIo iitnliuln It of what It cog
goats at home It broaden ones view
because IIP Is studying precisely the
sani object that observer In distant
places arc also considering This par
Illrlpatiu tends to make ot him a
nttrcn of the world at large but It
grrvis aNn to attach him to the home
of lux youth and to carry his mind
to th1 well Known scones as often j
nil he v iewe the familiar heaven
Kpiiklnx of the cost of living there
or mmnv pinions One I dlpod
t iii < tlu gold Htnndtttd chiefly re
ijponiM Annthnr soy the retailer
taro taking most of the profit and
still 11111 that the farmer and rail
roads ought to get most of the blame A
special MatsAehueetU oommlaalon fin
the responsibility upon the Increased
Old supply and general waste and n
travofnince carefully exonerating the
traits the tariff and the trade
There may be some truth In all thin
but behind It nil In the cat of govern
ment with all the graft and extra
vagance that attache to It It I very
strange that au few ratty that an cx
pensive government peiessarily must
moan higher coat of living
Our own City with barely 100WC In
habitant pay over a million annu
ally for such government a It AM
and to this must be added the expww
e for county stale and general pur
noeee The Ual d states with less
than a hundred million Inhabitant
upend a billion dollar a year All
this money for the maintenance of
general and local official armies na
vtaa schools etc etc oorae from the
pocket of somebody and M It to paid
rat It add that much to the cat of
living It is Impossible for the tax
payer to tax himself rich He can
make the few beneflelarte of the tasee
rob but not himself Wherever te
expenees of tM government Increase
the cot of living Increases In propor
tion And the point to note Ia that
toe taxes are paid ultimately by too
conpumer of Uw necessaries and IUI
urtee of life The consumer carrie
the satire taxburden though It U 110
Ingenioady arranged that he doe not
know It That is what make the
coat no high
Look to the expensU of government
Curtail them wherever It I a possible to
do eo Cut down the military egpense
and Invest money In good road rec
lamation of land and other productive
enterprise That will bring living
down to reasonable proportion All
the New York World remark No
body ever heard of a country In which
the coat of living decreased while the
coat of government Increased Nobody
ever Heard of a country that succeed
ed In taxing itself rlofc
King George V aeond the Britten
throne at a critical time A Hard
struggle Ie on between the HOUM of
Common and the Lord mat although
the King is supposed not to belong
to any party but to be above all par
tie yet his personal Influence or lark
of Influence will be a great factor In
the final outcome The new King to In
his bet year lie was born la IMS
No one ceases to know very much about
him except that be has lived au exem
plary life that he Is of a rather re
tiring disposition and that he la food
of apart What the King will be can
not be safely Judged however from
what the Prince of Wale has been
On the throne under new rmpamfblU
ties be may suddenly develop new
strength Ile may be the very man of
the hour In the crick that seems to be
Impending At any rate American
everywhere will Join his own abject
In wishing him a long and prosperous
Thug nags Gates Man Steal
Auto HoueebreKker at Work When
Family Come Home Another Bru
tal Attack on GIrl Such is the na
ture of a great deal of the local new
A reign of terror prevail
That file Ie only a natural cones
queen at the tadirfareno of the City
authorities to the Meta where crime
breed The rumor baa gone abroad
and Ie being cent out every day that I
Belt Lake Ie a good place for those I
who like vampire live on the life
blood of society and they gather here I
They hear that saloon are being ket
open In defiance of law that vice hu
n InetltMtonallied In defiance f
law that the Babtath I being dean
crated In defiance of law and that
plies ftirhts In defiance of law are be
ing Planned as regular amusements
AH this la being noised abroad and the
com of moiety Is drifting this way
Ae a consequence we have burglaries
holdup aaulU upon women an
other crime u dally occurrence
It Is uetea to appeal to the police
But nome time the Htlien will be
around by a more than commonly
grave atrocity perhaps and art
thamaelve for good government There
is a day of doom also for tyrant
A Wet Virginia contemporary has
Issued a little folder setting forth how
and what to write for a newspaper
This la a subject of special Interest to I
correspondent but alp to all Interest
ed In newspapers that la to My to all
Intelligent American Here are some
extract which we recommend for the
practical sutfgeetlnns they contain Cor
respondent Mould read them careful
ly cut them out and keep them handy
and refer to them frequently They
may even tent the value of their contri
bution by theN rule
The aim and purpose ot ill the
new that fit to print and Interest es
many a possible not one or two
Pint of all the New is a newt
paper declined to give the new of the
neighborhood county stall and nation
and no effort should be made to make
It the purveyor of mere gossip or the
Instrument of personal revenge In
dlsemlnatlng the new it must tx re
liable and Impartial to the utmost de
gree Ono In a great while some one
who ha a grudge agalnut a neighbor
writes a letter to the New In which
a sly thruit I made at the person he
or she doesnt like Mometlme It is
cleverly disguised und the editor are
unable to detect It This should never
be done and It is earnestly hoped that
no correspondent or occasional contrib
utor will eo abuse our trust Personal
feeling should never dictate In giving
new Never overtook the coming
and going of neighbor whom you
may not like Olve all the new of all
the people whether you Ilk them or
Avoid u much AI possible ekron
din the call made by one Itrhbor
upon another who live on adjoining
farm There Is little new value In
vtth Item
Do not forecast marriage but re
port them after they occur
In giving the new of a birth ay
A eon or daughter was born to Mr
and Mrs 8oando on such and uch
a day nf the week month and year
Leave off making lommcnt on the fa
thers actions
Write about the coining and goings
of your neighborhood thoNe who lMlt
from a dlxtanr or from some other
town or notfrhbrnhiKKl and thone who
BO away on business or to > l lt Tail
who tt1fV are visiting und where and
whn and writ names plainly and cor
n Thmt use nicknames but al
way the prnrr name
HI i II id iihi riving full firth
lars date age rcsldrnre < aufw fit
death full name number of < hllrlrt
if any left and whets they live and all
other particular
alt all marrtK < e and particular
of wedding
Olve account of all accident fire
new btriMmg of Importance sale of
farm or large property who sold and
who bought crime If any are com
mitted with accurate detail
Report lange crop and crop pros
pect Report any untfaual buamees activ
Report everything of a new charac
ter I awe nothing out which baa
rows value or wWek will Intereat
Report nnthmg of a pemnnal nature
or which will wrong anybody In the
Dont report rumor which have no
fnandatlnn or rumor which would In
jure a penen if untrue
Date the letter and write with Ibis
In mind
With raanert tn the reporting of
crimes we would add that the lea dial
fe published the better Crimea of
course form part of current history
and newspaper cannot very wen Ig
nore them but the correspondent or
reporter would do well to tee his re
port by the Onlden Rule What would
his report be If he himself a ion a
brother or a sheer or even an Inti
mate friend were the paty In trouble
and he had to give a conscientious re
port T It guided by that rut he would
not be very wrong nor would his re
port Injure any Innocent party
Dome reader feel called upon to vent
their 111 feeling agJnt neighbor
through the pavers and send letter
they are ashamed tn sign their name
to Some of thee are aware thai an
unsigned letter goe to the waste bs
kM and ao they sign a fictitious name
Our advtae Ie do not do It Do not
write anything to a respectable news
paper you are ashamed to eign your
real name to Whenever you WrIt be
sure that It Is something yon are
proud to how your friend and which
baa the approbation of yourown con
JIM there been a hitch m the trium
phal tour of exrrestdent Roosevelt
The flwedleh king did not find Urn to
be at home on the arrival of tM dis
tinguished traveler In Stockholm
though otherwise he was received with
the tttmost courtesy and enthusiasm
by the populace And now Kmpantr
William end word that be cannot
meet Roosevelt at the railroad station
nor receive him as his guest at the
palace The German Emperor of
course mourn the death of King Kd
wrd but King OuMave had no such
reason for absence from Me Capital
There has been some anxiety among
chamberlains and high court function
aries on account of the visit of thl
American cltlsen because no one
seemed to know Just what courtesies
and ceremonies could properly be ob
served Aa President of the United
State he would have been entitled to
the highest honors such a royalty
alone expect but an expresident III
but a private Htlien and yet one who
as the favorite son of a mighty na
tion and as one who nay again occu
py the White House la entitled to a
great deal more roflilderatlon than an
other private cltlien What would eti
quette under the clrcumitances de
mand 1 What would It permit 1
Emperor William some time ago de
cided and made public announcement
of the fact that he would personally
meet Mr Roosevelt at the railway sta
tion In Berlin and conduct him In one
of the royal automobile to the castle
MIle ta a distinction hitherto reserved
By J H Edwards
This dally ae Hes of anecdote and tacMsnts that threw new Interesting
and frequently dramatle light on famous events and personalities oC the past
have been collected by Edward during nearly forty years of more or leas Intl
mate aoqualntanoe with many of the country s leaders since the Civil war Each
= =
anecdote or Incident Is freed from rrc Ednardsa notebook and either In whole
or In part It constitutes New News of Yesterday garnered from the men who
made the news the history or from equally authoritative sources As Im
portant contributions of the Niunnn In t oat sort of American hletary then
srttrle have a distinctly value all their own
for the grater part of General
Ontntn two term as President of the
United gales George M nobon of
Camden New Jersey was his secre
tary of the navy He retired from that
poet when Grant cave way to Hayes i
and after practicing law for some time
la hla home city went back to Wash
ington as a member of the house of
uurlng his administration of the
navy department Mr Robesona po
litical enemies had applied to him the
nickname of Secor because of his
alleged partiality to a manufacturer of
the name of Bocor when It cam to
awarding naval contracts for the line
of foods mad by Becor Many of these
political enemies were still In the
public service when Mr Robeson made
his reappearance In Wahlnstnn Home
of them were In Congress and these
almost as soon as Mr Hoboum had
been sworn In es a member of the
house began more or less heavy at
tack upon his actions when he wu
the head of the navy department I
Notwithstanding his aggreslveness
for which he wan noted Mr Robeson
WM very sensitive to attacks upon him
H < < met me one day Just after he had
been the subject of a particularly bit
ter arraignment at the hands of Hep
resent > it I v Barksdale from Mississip
pi If these alack continue Mid
Mr nobeson T shall reply to them
trim the floor of the house and If
I do reply I think It will be worth your
while to be present and hear what I
say I expect to be strongly personal
and there may be a scene
Sure enough a few days later Mr
Ttobraon took the floor of the house In
his own defense and there followed as
dramatic and tense an hour u the
house had witnessed In many a month
Mr nnheaon leaving his desk strode
down the aisle and took his stand be
fore the clerks desk Of Impressive
appearance with his florid complexion
heightened by the strain of the mo
aooi > ou Icuwun
Omaha Hee
The westend shopkeepers of tmilon
have ever found a friend In their king
whom they have hailed u lund Old
Edward on many occasions when h
nrreeded to their requests They are
now applauding him bVaune he hAIl
M 1 his foot down on an rln tlon ear
lier thmi autumn In o1rrn to the
husineu Intortsts Tiudc and Indus
try never RO in vain to the crown In
tweet Hrltiln and now when they art
vies the king that a ventral election In
for crowned heada But the program
Is not to hs curried out
The credit men are a credit tn the
The Utah boom Is being heard around
the world
Brooding Ofer the comet hatches In
MUilty I ra
Armour rtrwBtj 010 my Gover
nor fan ot jm jersey
When pssjHe peak of the Colonel
they do not s oao Colonel Bryan
The wild IOMMM In Congress some
time make onbrldled stsitemenU
The nt Idltlon ot Thawkery will
have to maki It the Five George
H to mid there are BO tank agent I n
hefcven wbMI 1s one ere the rsssens it
President haft Ands the conduct of
ices of tha lnaurirent quit revolt
Bess on mask Mid cloudy days cant
ing not OMt tfceir shadows before
King Bdward waa spared the trial
of reading Alfred Austins poem on
Ma death
What a solar wttitOM Halley ootnet
would make tq an astronomical In
It will betp Halt Late to have a ate
and sane FYwrth of July An push to
g th r for H
And now a toothpick tract Is threat
onoa And this In the very teeth of the
antitrust law
Census enumerator who is
supposed to count all the people but
who misses many
Under tile Stringent foreet reeerre
refrutattons it b Impostble to get a
chip off the old block
A too of steel wttl BMke a million
and a half pens Aril each pen Is
mightier than the sword
It was Attorney Draa end not the
gods who made Secretary BaJIInger
mad so he will not be destroyed
Not one Mothers Day speaker men
tioned the fact that today the cook
Ing Is not the same aa mothers
Mr Caraefffe says that his wife made
him Ahmjra thought he was self
made Whoever made him did a pretty
good Job
Regulars and Insurgents are now
living under a Hag of truce That Is
very much better than living under tin
Jolly Roger
Wilbur Glenn Voltva Rooceeenr to the
late John Alexander Dowte says I
think that women hats have retched
the limit Some of them have ex
ceeded the limit
A contemporary says that the moth
er of the Ontochl was Cornelia the
daughter of the great Sdpto African
and wife of TtberhM Qrnochus That
Is not acconttne to htetory as told In
Martin Chunlewtt
They are 111arfvUeJ advisers who ad
vise President Taft to nee the toma
hawk on the Ineirrgeats That was
one of the things we charged George
the Third with n the Declaration of
ment his white hair and beard shin
Ing like snow and his nearsighted
fee glowing Ilke great coals of fire
behind powerful eyeglasseshe faced
Representative Iterksdale as squarely
aa a man ever faced another and di
rected at him all of his stinging personal
sentences Two or three times Mr
Barkedale showing every sign or ex
treme exasperation and wounded dig
nity seemed about to rise from his seat
and each time Mr Robeeon stopped in
his castigation and eyed his enemy In
tently At last however being unable
to stand the strain any longer Mr
Barksdal plainly angry through Anti
through did rise and start towards
Mr Kobeeonbut nearby friends speed
Ily forced him Into his seat and Mr
Robeson ended his speech without any
further evidence on the part of Mr
Barksdale that he longed for a personal I
encounter with his castigator
A day or two later I again met Mr
Robeeon and here la where the new
news of this incident famous In the
history of the house comes In
Mr Robeson I laid do you think
that Mr Itarkdal Intended to make
a personal attack on you when ho
started towards you the other dy1 It
Is the general opinion that he did
Mr Robesons answer war Impres
sively slow I expected a personal
attack to be made upon me he until
and that was one of the reasons why
I did not speak at my desk with part
of the house behind me but from in
front of the clerks desk with the en
tire house before me But I was prepared
pared for any possible attack I had
a revolter In each hip pocket And If
any one had approached me Intending
to strike me I should have shut him
dead upon the pot
I have never doubted that Mr Robe
son would have done that vary thing
had the aroused and angry Mr Harks
dale been allowed by his friends to con
tinue on his way to the clerks desk
But thank Godthey mercifully re
strained him
June or July would upeet business con
dltlons and begged him to favor a later
campaign they get what they ask Ed
ward drop the hint to Mr Asqulth and
immediately the die Is cast for A late
election Btrangwly enough the vlt
of Colonel Konnevelt hen entered Into
the situation as a vital factor though
I ooe elttitt doe not threaten to be
come a dominant Issue In the cam
paign as It did on the spur of a mo
ment In France Shopkeepers however
huve told the king that the > lslt of
the expri > ldent will probably Increase
the American colonisation In London
50 per cent and have a decidedly stlmu
latlng eff it upon buclnesw For them
conditions to be disturbed by the ap
proach of the election would be total
And why should not the king see the
wisdom or waiting In the meantime
the country will have had more time
for sober thought und action and the
voting may profit theichy
Cleveland Pluln Dealer
American slang deplored by the pur
MK and revered by literary anarchists
remains the Joy of the unregenerate
reader and waxes ever richer and mom
ntctureexiuv Its full value however
tax not been fully realised Sporting
editor and shortstory writers have
Kong weird words with wild abandon
but only to vitalise anemic English
or to entertain the reader with lan
guage puitsles
It remained for O Henry to discover
a new use for lanA And It Is a sin
ou use In one of his stories he
makes of our most esoteric slang ft na
tional code Two Americans want to
communicate with each other In a
Central American republic at a time
when all telegrams are censored They
cannot use English or Bpanlnh for fear
of detection and have no cipher pre
pareo Bo one of them telegraph to
the other In the great and potent code
of slang This la what he nay
iris nthc skedaddled yesterday per
Jack rabbit line with all the coin In the
kitty and the bundle of muslin he H
spoony about The boodle la nix figure
short Our crown In good shape but
we need the pponduMc You collar It
The main guy and the dry goods are
headed for the briny Ynu know what
to do
Official were unable to fathom this
cryptic message if vou are a true
American and understand your na
tive tongue you should have no diffi
culty with It AM n simple of our
Inmost petals It IK worthy of all ad
both T nnes 3669
Matinee Dally 2 IS
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andt llra
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Orphu m Orchestra
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Matinee Prtrre in and all
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a nd Img
Week commencing Thursday Matl
nee May L
Matinees dally at 211 Two shown
evening 7 W and 916
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Complete change of bill at all
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nnu THIS I
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and Stage Pictures
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satisfaction only
100 a pair
= 3 114 nnno sTonE is ATI ffi
Vaudeville Star Acts at the
Louvre Tonight
At the ACTORS IUXn licnctlt nt the IjOUVKK ton jhl the fol
Inning acts ulll npppiir
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MCKiV from Colon lnl In Jomlaliic John
Till KUI SUM OUAKTirrilS fro III th Colonial
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Tin nuiru itmmrs from the cviionini
AIICE VKIlMCi Hlnclnt mid iliinrlng mine Colonial
IOIIN POST npcrntlf tenor from Miulxrt
110NNY AM ntlUMN kliiglnx mill ilfliiolnit from
Hip Casino
3IISS IAT IlMt vocalist from Majestic
ANGEL CITY TRIO from Mnjmtlr
Allllli AinCHKM topical some from Mlvtkui
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IKO Worm crlllit Isis
A pcrccntnsro of the rccolpU of the IOUVUI5 N to 7 > e elven tn
the Actors Fund nod the plnjcrs In the theaters of Salt lake Intend
to mako the program the most notable of the kind ever given In the
Htnatloll of atn and tables Klinuld Im made In nilfnnce It
poisihle ns they arc In great demand
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for true ice economy
Thoroughly insulated with four thicknesses of
charcoal sheathing and zinclined throughout
Sheathing overlaps at all corners making eight
thicknesses of sheathing on all corners j ncl joints
of the refrigerator
Enamel lined throughout and supplied with
wide shelves which allow a free circulation of
air in the provision chamber
Absolutely odorless
I economical users of ice
= A handsomely finished
I strongly built easily
t cleanedin fact theviv
1 tJ h perfect in every respect
and priced within reach
1 gym of limited means
i I I Scott Hardware
168 Main St Phones 748
r ClI2 w 1 l LtQ Ir
Srs q ch
Which Would You Choose I
TF YOU saw a row of apples every one differing in
j size ripeness and color and all for sale at the
same price wouldnt you choose the best Why
not do the same thing when you buy fire insurance
The cost of insurance is substantially the same in all
companies but what you get for your money varies
as much as the apples in this row
o R f Choose the Hartford Fire Insurance
A Company For 100 years it has paid
every honest loss big and little Its reputation
nl is unexcelled It is the best fire insurance
k050C apple of them all and its
policies cost no mOle
than those of inferior quality Why not use the same
good judgment In buying Insurance that you
do in buying goods for your store clothes for
your family or even In such a trivial matter as
buying apples from the fruitstand And the
next time you insure
Insure in the Hartford
Heber J Grant Company Agents
22 So Main Street Salt Lake City Utah
tIIJ r I
Had to lay off work to °
jjj Nothing like that If RED
id MAN does It
trine The only thoroughly equip
r ped outfit for moving pa < k
r Ing shipping storage In the 11II
West Phones 666
1178 Vf Temple
71 VII Ia V i a
What a Jov und delight
to have br < nd Juit light
You can do so In u lni
M i
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