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r uI
Must Face Serious
1 Casts o for Retention of Their
Seats Arc Worried
I Hill Ml Well ilrnnwl
tr iidwr 11 SI III
l11i I 1
III t c frI1
M miner
i < PM Uf Hiil down
I i f memliein who
t i ntentti in their
T l tIle rotne back
S i t Hr ulnic John
i SS nlt of tIP house
ll S i i n hat the minion
S I rtre Jul > 10
I iiu eon thi l60
S r
III the
i 5 ni i S tteml the scope of
licen nun n more
i I i d than had on
tat ltaf > 11
i KT milI thai me
p tiriatloiw liv the
IS rte l tllrivt to
i i in till iireslilent
n I has licen iwedas
UM vianr i ampalgn
I frank
I g M inmeiit
5 n
r t hii > more than an >
I S S in it IMS been before
t Ir MI K lank Mil which
H i rut the tonimltteo
i ir I 1 ft road In ready
5 v i ii 11 t > t < us on cdne
P l ill IM Kepultllrans of
S t 1 ih < IRII It Is not
i i Inl the dulmon on
1 i iIrig regular and inS
S I i I mere likely to be
S 5 M HI iinl western mem
I 5 11 iike the form of tho
i n im hihtp or the
S is irohatdf that many
I h inile 111 the bill
t m numbers believe tho
M f 1 posits which tho
b l uiulil require to bot
inkn H too small anti
t S 1 n i tin bill that peN
I i 101 lie more effective
S I i in the communities
i l
i haigc that the Ulll
I iikrn bill und
IK iilons their com
S U pleted or money
5 i u hall agreed upon
ii ii < oon tn believe
ki tin house the ma
in iiih 0 Iii enileaveor to
g I with H view to pausing
h r amendment Tho
n 41 II IUIT and all the In
S r I I t I i > n < Iui are expcitod to
5 5 d i > i1 50 the ground that
r I 01 I liglsliitlng In
haructerlic the
S S i i
S I L kr Sn the senste In
S n v k the atateliood bill
S S lP n lallccl to take an
U > n in Iringing the opposing
ct < urtlT SSi tae railroad bill
I n HIM conceded that
110 niiraik ota to IHUW
S MI I n uxure In a form I
r I rEs ilcnt Taft Many
1 r iiir of the bill meet
h r r f the Democrat but
n mi rook the proapect of
S i iir lint the ot Itehood bill re
S o S uv nni < lInn If they Bid
ik 1 inijintv In pawing the
i i kui mil Aldrich are
p itinn a Vte on the rail
iI Ui sii iK week but there
S VUtv ihit they will sue
T H nir tsfl inn all are In ad
S timugii a number of
Health Demands
iJt tio bowels be kept regu
Idr lght means sickness
Siug ph bowels arc quickly
r iiUtLd by
loti I Lou lOc sad 25e
Added to the Long List due
to This Famous Remedy
Oronogo MoI was simply a nor
volts wreck 1 could not walk ncrots
w k 5 tho floor without
my heart fluttering
7 nnd could not even
frI rccelre a letter
L Every month I had
Ij such a bearing dnwn
o 5 v sensation as If the
r I if lower parts would
S l full out Lydla K
S Arfi Ilnkhnms VoRtUl
01 i Mi ompound baa
1i h p 1 dODO my nerve a
il vr Rrrnt deal of good
find hpII dimrelieved
the boarincr down I recommended It
to tome friends and two of them have
been greatly benefited by ILMrs
Another Grateful Woman
St Louts Mo I was bothered
terribly with a female neaknesii and
had backache bearing down imliia and
petite In lower ixuU I bcKan taking
Lydia Ii Ilnkliams Vegetable Com
I pound rrpiilarly and used the Sanativo
I Wash and now I have no more troubles
that wayMrs AL HKRZOU 5782 I
I 1rescott Ave St Louis Mo
I Because your CAM Is a difficult OM
doctors having done you no good
do not continue to suffer without
giving Lydla K Iinklmms Vegetable
Compound a trial It surely has cured
many cases of female ills such as in
flammation ulceration displacements
fibroid tumors irregularities periodic
pains backache that bearingdown
reeling Indigestion dizziness and ner
vous prostration It costs but a triflo
to try it and tho result is worth mil
lions to many suCorine women
them still are In conference Among
these are the fortifications pension
river and harbors and legislative
Mils Only the sunilry and general
deficiency bllta remain to be yaaswt
by the house and the senate will Iwi I
ready for these measures as soon as I
they arrive
Slrrncth nnd Kiulurnnrc
Are factors of the greater SUCCMM
No person can do full Justice to
hlmiMsIf without them
In no season of the year are they
more cosily exhausted than In the
prlnle need not discuss the reason for
thin here Its enough to say there
Is one and that Hoods 8ar aparllla
Rives strength nnd endurance as
thousands annually testify 8
Kaniaa City May Bl > ve for a
girl he had never seen caused Thomas
Clndrlch to commit suicide by Jump
Ing into the Kaw river her today
Clndrlch came her from Cretin a few
years ago Becoming lonesome he
appealed to Mr Matthew Bldnlck
the wire of a fellow cuuutryman to
And him a awth art She described
several of her friend who Were back
In the old country and Clndrlch se
lected the one he thought lie would
like to marry
Mrs llldnlck took up the young
mans cause and courting the girl by
mall won her oonoent to wd the
bashful youth Mghty dollars with
which to pIty the faro fa this country
warn forwarded to the trl
That ie three week ago No tid
ings came from Ciixlrlchs finance lie
became diondat thlnkloc she had
died Vor three night he did not
sleep Hone deewted him
Im going to and my sweetheart
lie told a friend as they war crossing
time Kaw
Scarcity had he uttered the words
when he leaped Into the unollen wa
ters J9 feet below lila body wo recov
OeneVa N Y Jtay aDr William
H Hroofcs of Smith ob rvatory ob
served llalleya comet Saturday nIght
end made this statement today
Hallo comet win to IK seen Sat
urday nlnit In the weetem ky cloee
to the computed poeltloo The comet
was flrst seen with the telescope In
bright twilight and In the presence of
a nearly full moon A little later In
the evening about 8 K oclock It was
detected with the naked eye although
vtitli difficulty on account of a haze
The tall could be traced for only
a few degrees partly on account of
the moonlight Aa seen with the tele
cole the i i met or hend Is pointed
in shape with the nucleus directly In
front nnd It appeared much smaller
anti fninttr than when seen last week In
the ancrn heavens
fl T
I or all thfi new and handsome ef
1r iI i feet In Womens Pootwvar this sea
11 V m mir linen of Strap SandaM havo
I the most enthuatafttlc admlrem
2 heyre Beauties
Talent Kid Gun Metal anti suede
leather Some are ornamented with
lH > W8 or buckls Stag flH14 High
Arch and Short Vamp One two and
Sale Prices three Strap or frow 8traw Kerv
isI 40 nnil wlili
II e f at tip The Ixiw itts nt the MI flfl surety
IJ L4I = thu but foilit the prices plewie until
U 5P Hi IIhnp
Important Opinion on Powers of
Interstate Commerce Commis
sion and State Commissions
IMfforfnt ItHlw fur SHIH IHIMIMI fn
Jut mill Imlrr ieeiimneffiutcs
Mn > tie iaitr4 + lLpil
Hilngtin May Hnulatlon fit
rallniHil freight rate orllnarlly In a
complicated question InviUIng Intrl
aid matter nf IIn but It foecnm
rvrn n mme wrtoim problem when Ivn
regulating iiuthirltlea cla h on a prop
oHttlui f the reasonableness nf rater
Thmightrul oberrvetM nf freight rat <
regulation have anticipated hut m > n
ir or later a conflict or authority a null
urine between the Interstate commerc
romml lnn and one or more of 111
state railroad omm1n lnn ronrrrnlni
the fixing or rate
IreclaHv uch a conflict ha An
velnped over It vompartlvely Inslgnlfl
cant case that recently was brought be
fort the interstate cmnnieicc mmls
don It wax that of K K Haumters t
o of Penmicola Flu ngulnst tin
Southern Kxptes rotnpnnv Th wm
plalnants are halt dealer md Hhlpperi
at Pensacola In the ordinary courn of
their buMiiens they operate largely ir
the Mate of Alabama shipping flih In
quantities frnm Penwvcil to pnlnln ul
destination in that state by eKpresw
Recently the railroad commission of
Alabama fixed an expres rate on ah
from Mobile Ala tn other IntraMit
mints that wax fur below the ixpres
rate from Pensacnln to the game point
of destination Thin rate the c pre
company wee forced to put In elfe t
although It uotentiHl against It Mlill
flrh shlppern by rva < > n of hi rate
were given an fflvantajr over the fIh
rhlpper of Pensacnln to points wlthn
tAlabama although In manY Instance
the dletance from PVniiacola to points
of deiitlnatlnn wax lens than from Mo
The Southern Express company re
fused to make the sam rate from Pen
nnrrli to point In Alabama an It wa <
required to make from Mobile ItM t
funal resulting In a cninplnin nit 1
against It with the Interstate < Mnm > rte
Th commission1 opinion In the CM
was handed down today It wan prc
Wired bjr Commli loner Hilan and
the unanimous Judgment sf the PIn
mission It Indicate clearly Uu lit
of conflict between the national r m
mlmilon and the various Mate riynii
nlnni In the regulation nf freight and
expreff ratea and In that aenne In n k
or the meet Important decIsions render
ed bv the commlaclon for many month
While the raze directly Involved may
be considered its Inconsequential rom
paratlvely the principle enunciated by
the commlaalon Is nf countrywide nn
pllcatlon an It open at once the fitter
ron whether the national ot the ntxt
regulating authority I r to he paramount
In the ftxlna of freight rate
The commission statm It 8 position In
these terms
5 Upon general principles of comity
the action of a state commlaslon In
flxlrig rpJa on state traffic must he
treated with all due respect but this
commission baa never felt Itself
bound to accept S stalemad rate as
a nec awry measure of an Interstate
rate Without crltlcHlnit the state com
mission rates from Mobile this com
mlaalon In the light of the record and
its own Investigations finds Itself un
able to accept the Alabama rate an
a fair and reasonable basis for fixing
the defendants rates to the same
point from Iensacola
The situation and the testimony are
illKCuesed thoroughly In the opinion
In minoundtiK that It would not ulose
the record In lie case until the defen
dant had made further efforts to con
test the order of the Alabama com
mission the Interstate commerce com
mission says
The carriage of traffic by a com
mon carrier for one community or one
set of shippers at leas than It carries
the same traffic for a like distance
and under substantially similar
traneportatlon conditions for another
community or another wet of shippers
Is not only In contravention of funda
mental right and Justice but Is essen
tially Iniquitous If such a discrimina
tion Is practised by a common carrier
as between communities or different
zeta of shippers within I he same state
and on traffic moving only within the
state redrew may usually be had
under the state laws On the other
hand If an Interstate carrier Is guilty
of such a discrimination with respect
to Interstate traffic redress may be
had under the act to regulate com
But when a carrier as In this case
nerves two communities similarly
situated by hauling the same traffic
tinder similar condition from a J lnt
of origin to ilestliiatlitfW IHJgSfcme
state and also to time na
tlons from an interstate MBit r of
origin It In not altogether CUKr that
existing legislation afford redress
against a dl < rlmlnutlon as between
the two points when resulting from
an order by the state commission But
iinlem nome such power Is lodged
omewhere under appropriate legis
lation It is evident that slatemade
rate if entabltuhed In pursuance of
a narrow or selfish local I > hey may
not only hinder and harp and burden
Interstate traffic and y tcnsMite In
terests but mar If a4JtUt r t hat
pml In view take from k poMr In
mother mate a buslneiw that natural
I v belong In that point or In which
It IH entitled at least to participate
nn the Itaxln of equal rates and equal
Whatever may be thp explanation
nether It rents In the greater Mai ac
Mty and ability of the fishing Inter
eat at IVnsacoln or whether It Is a
natural advantage belonging to that
vrt the fact appasM that tIorJeltrs
Pensarola has enjoyed a tarwr Dusl
ness In the distribution nf fish through
tilt the tate of Alahiinii than ha
Unllli Hy a rend JUKI ment of the
itatc rates out if Mobil whether ci
ti tender MC not the pm j PS of taking
from Pen aiola thmnvh lower state
itatle traniiprtatloii < barges what Itr
Ulterior eal or Its greater natural Hl
iitagen have given to It has cut
nenced and Is now gmlng on
On principle It Is clear that a < ur
rlr operating through two or tnor
itntea Is but one vehicle uf conitnrn
m 1 tlI tinlflo moved b It nhHih r
ttte or Interstate ought when tl
J I nersl transportation eonilltlons arc
the name to bear Its iiet proportion of
I in rot of operation nnd ougltt t 00
M n < t i lore and no ices than its Jut
I rniortlon of the revrnuei of the ur
I lr
5 Any other theory N riindamentxllv
tioiiiltMto Illogical and timeasonahli
at i sv he but nl that 001111 vre exnremi
M onlnlon that the P HKIIX mit rot
tltMtlnnally protect Interstate corn
nerie us well ax the carriers that nr
tigiged In Intnnitate tiansportitl n
Iv reoulrlng that any state IriirTti
m veil by such a carrier shall beat IM
nt protHtrtlon of the cost of < > f ritl fi
id ttld Its proper propoitlop if ii Ii I
to the carrier and that with m h an I
Pure whol x mi in III II
sunftuf mill of i > ur > st uml I
selected grain no hifT n
foreign matter the flour of
Leads them all
All Grocers HaV3 it
end In view It nuiy authonzi thlx stii
mission to fix minimum u S at least
for state traffic when n s > I hv tar
ncr engaged also In inlrt5t 111111
liirtatliiii or that It ma riuiid that
luj cartiii engaged In th mli r tit
tiMnnptirtiitlmt of paisent t M j > r q i
trty may at the mime tiiiie < tii v Ntnt
traffk at raten that an n lliui th
lat s exacted by It for irtTMt S MI
rlage of like dlstajKv 11111 tunIs UK
tinnrportatlon lndlUon It hi ho
over not attempted any nn It 1Il ii
tlon and whether msrh in nHinn ni
would ntnnil the teat nf r rust ty 1st tis
riurlh under the Constlt > ll > n HI 11 nt
xtamlx and if sn wheU > t It wmil II
siuiiraiai from the st inlunt 1
liroail public policy are nn lloii lust
must ultimately be deiirsttssi liv Hit
Ifgmlatlve power and thii fnv i
not profitably be dl eui < d Isy the corn
mission In this proceeding
Chicago May ZJ Inr a III year
old horee hks been Ifltn the highest
recognition ever awara < i any animal In
Lincoln park when th < cmailidnner
yesterday formally passed rennlutlona cue
gratulating him OH bla W year of faith
fratulatlng and retiring him pensioned
for life to spend the rmalndei of ill
days In ease and luxury
Although Is coasMered an fid age
for a hare Porter Sa far from being
Indeed be to hr from being disabled
or feeble aid WUtnun O hamilton
Ktuhle manager of Lincoln park He
IIHX been a faithful animal for M yean
und we did not want to run the risk
that In case then should be any change
of affairs here at any line ha might be
sold Into strange hasid and perhaps fall
Into herd lines
Tlio resolution maya
Resoled That the liwiid do hereby
emancipate forever Porter from heavy
ir ff 5jlL 1
V ZI6 SOUlMlt45T I
Top Notch Value
In every package nf our fin
ished laundry products
The basis of value given hv
our treatment with SOFTKNEU
Both > hon < s lit lii MAIN ST
How About
No one who has ever
had a BEL TELE
PHONE in the home
would thinli of keeping
house without it Why
should you not avail
yourself nf IttU ecooom
icil neceHity which OUr
friend and adirhbort
iid indiapeitMbk
Call the Mttttger
HaysH ai
Never Fails t6 Restore
Gray Hair to its Natural
Color and Beauty
No matter trstv I un it ha been fray
I Or faded IlomuU i luxuriant growth
of healthy hnr SMIJH its tailing out
I and positively removen Iau
droll Keep ljir vift and eloasv
will rt OII Ln r Ilaca Will not
injure your hair Is not n dye
11 and SOc bottles at drttflolntei I
aNal Vlnr Ire tack ra Ceniot the 1Ilr4
HklBPhikH 1 Mx > NV rkNJCA
nays SUInhealth Otntmontcunm I
rVftmna rrlirvrw tsan trulM tninw itm
efoaind fejnU IUIITU < nitnirn I > n kly html I
I l3c st drpgIta Kjid loc lur eaaspte tut
1 lihnr lit Mmll never b e sold but h
al ii hat the place of honor and the
I niiM flit itahlj stall hall be well
j cHHj for njtered and fed and remain
I t i lrisriY of Lincoln park until his
< 1 lit mi hie photograpa history and
I 51a rlpilnn fKCtlier with these reeolu
tlns shuil h framed and hung In ti5
11I1 tuItlal uiu place in the Uncoil
PHI W Ht ilili y
I p
A touch of rhoumntlsm or a twins
of iiriiigld whntcvcr the trouble I
I nibcrlains Liniment drives away
the pain at ont and cures the com
plaint quick liri nnTlkatlon glvei
I rtllf Hold by all dealers
Hay Orain and CoaL lit W lit
So lUll Phone iS2 ted 1404
hw lince nt pictures and frames
rte our display of tart mirrors r R
ftnagc 10 12 and 14 Main
Stories of Success
No man In Amer
ira Iists won greater
fauii nM H benefac
J tor of mankind
4i him Ihp eccentric
1 ° I < 1 Philadelphia
S merchant Htephen
S r i rd nnd i he or
phan boy training
ictiool nirard l oi
l ntands an a
t 4 noble monument to
S his memory Hn
1 wan a pathlie fig
ure living mt IIM long life In untir
ing IndiiHtry hindlcai > i > ed by physical
defects and with a heart that went
out to children In a great welling de
sire to give them what fate had with
held from hlmn education
For yearn he sailed the sea mak
ing the world hU bent school and
Industry hIs beat capital
Keen shrewd honest he always
coupled his tact and farseeing In
business matters with a propensity for
saving We are all creation of habit
Once you acquire the aavlfiffs habit
the putting away of a fixed amount
soon becomes a real pleasure to look
forward to
A dollar will start a saving ac
count here and the money Is safe
from burglary fire or your own Im
provident spending
9tt 3laHi St saul lake City Utnli
IH the bnstnm heart
In the IHelrtct Court in unit for Bait
Lake County State of Itch Edward B
Wicks Plaintiff against Anna K Dun
Up IMvls William O Dunlap Austin
Iiavls M M Hsrman and Jane Do Har
man hl wife whose other and true
mime I > unknown Defendants to he sold
at pherlffs sale at the wet front door
of the < ounty Cr Houe In the City
end Countv of Malt Lake State of Utah
on the Ttli day of June A D ISIS at t
oclock nOOn of said day all the right
title claim and Interest of safd
fiefiiidanla of In and to the following
described real estate tnwit
Commencing at a point M rods south
of the northwest corner nf lot five Ii
block elght > two < K > plat A Halt
Lake city Survey In Halt Lake City and
Coiint rtah and running thenc south
two and onefourth < ZH l rods thence
plot one hundred and forts and one
fourth H ftVi > feet thence north two and
nm fourth < 1 rod thence west one
hundred forty and onefourth < 1M fet
to ilace of beginning
Purchase price payable In lawful non
e > of the Inlted States
Paled at gait Lake City Utah this
12th slay of May IsiS
Sheriff nf Malt Lake County Stat of
Ry Alex Buchanan Jr Deputy Sheriff
Kuril HIM tlurd AAtfrMV for PlalaUJL
I ate o frt publication May 1h VW
The undersigned Trustees of Hnefr
Miool DUtrlctTHenefer Summit county
Itah will reclv bids up to 11 a m
June I ino fo the erection of a school
budding Plan and epstMlteatlon can
b found at the office Of Watkins
Birch architect Dooly Block Salt Lake
City also at the residence of Thomas
KliMna Henefer Utah
Eta h bid must be accompanied with a
rerun d check of live pei cent the
amount thereof A a guarantee that the I
accepted bidder wU enter Into contract
and give an approved bond within oats 1
week after the said work Is awarded
otherwlne the amount to b forfeited to
said district The Trustees reserve the
rlgltt to reject any and all bid
fly order of the Board of Trurtees
Dated at Henefer May 17 IMO
IN I CO a corporation principal place
o business Bait Lake City Utah No
tice There are delinquent upon the fol
lowing described tock on account o as
sessment No a levied April Uth 1WO
the following amounts set opposite the
names O th respective todlhoc
Cert No Name Shrs Lint
UT J P flettisonIsiS ftfM
t H r > Meter MM I M
711 1 p LenlaonlOtel ILlS
7ta Henry Prelpwg U 1
TM Joseph Btltnmnan IIM BM
Ho H Heller MM 1500
1010 P T Brady 10 1140
Vet Joseph Sllvermaa MO TK
J k U
im R f tMMaon MM 4000
im P J WMteott MM WOO
1IZ7 BamuM runt MOO SlOO
lilt leery Freiberg U 1000 IS f
IIi W W pavla lO 11
UJS F J Westcott We MO
1174 C W Townsend1051 IKtt
IMS I L La Rue 100 7M
And In accordaace with the law and
an order of the Board of Director m
twa imh day of April Ito 1 many
shares of each parcel of stock as m
he necenary p sold at the office
of the company 514 McCornlck Block
Halt Lak City t ta on th 4th day of
June atl oclock pm to pay tM de
linquent assessment together with the
cost o advertising and expense of pals
dvcJ Icy
J14 MoCornlck Block
Th Beard of Education of Jordan
School District will receive sealed bM
up to Wednesday May V IMO for the
following changes and repair Mason
work carpenter work plastering and
painting at the Bluff Dale School
Building at Bluff Dal Salt Lak C
t bali
Kor Instruction pply at the of
fice of Lillntberg Sundberg
architects U NewhOuM Building Salt
Lake CIty Utah or at the orto o the
Hoard of Education of Jordan School
l > l tnct at Mldvale Utah
Hid will he opened at the offlo of the
Board o Education of Jordan School
niitrlct at Mldvale Utah WdadH
May I 1910 at I pm Each bid must
la aiompanted hv a certified cheek of
5 per cent of the amount of the bid
made payable to the Board of Edt
of Jordan lchtl District Th succe
ful bidder will b required to give a
tMind In a sum eoual to onehalf tl eon
trnt price Rights reserved to reject
nn or all bid
Jordan School District
Firm insertion Thursday May tah 11W
1 h und mlirnd ira of Spring
lily School District Spring City San
iMte County will receive bids up to 1090
Us lock alit Mei I7tb ISIS for the In
uiutlnn or nn heating and ventilating
iHirttus In he placed In the District
4 liool tiulMlng at Spring City Utah
plan specifications and Instructions to
IMddern mist he ound at the Ot of
Uitklnn Hrh arclillecta Dimly
Hloi k Halt Lake Cltv also at the Office
Ilk I main Spring Ci > tilde will
I received eparae for the bbller room
mil nil mn on work also for the work
mn1 wor
omplMe n iihnwn of plans and specie
atlonr t nh hid must h ccompanl4
with 1 ertind cheek of 6 per eat o
the imr > i of bM a a suartniee that
tis > 11 < Mder will enter into eon
toil and give an uppnrvr bond within
5 week Otter lisa acid work Is award
Sti Kurwtpe th nmMint to b for
iltc to said dletrlct Tti triisleea re
i V the right to rejei l ut and all
Isitla ni i fpt tint rurt thereof
ls ord i of Kchool Tri tcP
J S HI AIN Clerk
I it it Spring C > t > MH > ills 1910
Sealed proposals will be received by the
State Board of Kxainlnrs at Pie of
floe of the secretary Room Ut < lty aol
C001K7 BuUdlng Salt L City Utah
for pertain tM flllng cases and de
vieS for the State Auditor ss per plan
and specification o file In the Of0ea
of said State Auditor Cltv and County
Building Salt Lafe City Utah the bin
t Include delivery to and taUatlon of
said flllng cases and devtoss In 1 of
fice of the State Auditor
IUd will be speaiid at 1 oclock noon
on Mtmilay the sth day of Jun U
tin office < > f the OOVOTnor
Katii lid must b aroompanled by a
retimed Ins k amounting to 10 icr cent
of the ami nt or the bid t IM held
upon cndIJI that upon the aw rdiu
of said iviilHi to him the bidder xtll
contract filhfully and iiit < mptly perform tw
The Board rt vrice the right TO rrjjel
nny anI M l > J
By C H TIHOET 8cr Ury
North Bligham mine a corporation
Principal place of buslneas Isle Lake
City Utah
Notlc There are delinquent upon
the following devcrlbad stock on pn
count of aoaseatnsnt We 1 levIed Sirt
I 1505 the following vnrnl amounts
stockholder set opposIte the names o the r H < otir
Ct Slwrwi Amt
Tlllle A KnMtx 1 tWN J TM
Olsrtys A luau t lot IM
W D Adamson t MM ITM I
UlUan J Young 4 1W TH
Owrge 1 Brown I 11 40 n
H I Knilan 7 HKW 11rM
C B Howley14 205 lM
C W GatesII IM 7 i
Emil Mill U t 1 VI
Julian P Cmtthii tM I
Merry a wrontsii iO IS >
louts Xohn I IM4 r c
William P Silver J 1 III n
txmkt Kohn MO Xl
tA Kon S 1
C D Har1 vtmw m n
Nels Holnvjulst H 1TWW JrM
J L park M lo 7S
W D Van Woy0 521011 14571
C J Ma1r o 05 lIMO llLi
Henry Quarto n W P
U I Marlger f 1TWO mM
And In accordanc ot the law and
order of I arC director made
Sept I 1M so many shares of earn
parcel of start aa mar be neeesiary
will be sold at the office of the com
pany 400 Herald building Mo IM south
Main street Salt Lake City Utah o
the 1Mb dar of April at 1 oclock noon
t par the delinquent assstwment t
6thr with coat o advertising anti we
pone of sal
Node Is hweby given that a speclsJ
Me hb
meeting of the stockholders of Central
Mammoth Mining Company a corpora
tion is hreby called to b held at th
office of the company No 115 ComPiler
elal Club Building Bit Lake City Utah
on th nth day of May MM at t o clocs
am fOr the purpose of submitting to
a vote of th stockholder the proposi
tion to amend the article of Incorpora
tion of said corporation 1 as to read as
hereinafter orrlo and If at such
meeting the required number of stock
holder vote In favor of such amend
ment to so amend said article to read
as aforesaid or In such other manner
a aorld determined upon by the
B dleln
stockholders at caM meeting to wit
That the said corporation shall b
called and known by th nam o Cen
tral Mammoth Mining Company and
shall he and ot formed and organised at
Mammoth County < > f Jusb Utah and
the place of the general office of a
11 o
corporation and of the general financial
and commercial Uusinea thereof shall beat
ad etl
at Provo City Utah but transfer busi
ness financial and other offices may be
established and business cpndncted at
any place either within or without the
Stat of Utah Directors meetings for
any purpose of the corporation may beheld
held at any place either within or with
put the Stat of Utah as may b dl
bribed in the notice providing fr and
caning Mid meating
c V1 >
That thu annual stockholders meeting
of said corporation for the elec
tion of officers and fo the transac
tion of such a brslness as shnl
lawfully corns before II shall b held
on the third Saturday In February In
each year at 1 oclock am at the gen
eral office of said corp < rstlon A rI
rntatlon of a majority of the capital
stock of said corporation shall tt neces
sary to legally Bold said meeting snd
1 stockholders meetings of said cor
poration either general special but a
less amount nay adjourn from time tn
time or to a day certain Ths officer
of said corporation shall b elected by
ballot or In such manner aa shall be de
termined upon st the meeting and the
person Itlvlnl a majority of the votes
r nlt
of the stockholders at such meeting
nhall be held and declared to b elected
to said offices respectively Each stock
holder shall be entitled to as many votes
Is he holds share of said ruMtal stock
and representation bv prosy duly ap
pointed shall be allowed at all muting
of the corporation far the election of
Officers and fn other eurpones as ehois
provided The first election of officers
shall be at the office of ald corporation
hal thud Saturday In February A P
leo and I I hereby provided that a
an hM < general meeting of
the stockholders of the DTJ corporation
at the day appointed for trte note shall
not forfeit or In any way Interfvr rub
he cnrpornte rlvhtu sriulred under this
agreement but any such merlin msy
be held at any subsequent time upon
giving notice as required bv law N <
notice whatever need be given of regular
annual stockholders meetings Special
stockholders meetings may h called by
the president three directors or stock
holders reprtPntlng st Isst orwthlrrt
holdra rJtlnlf capital stuck of the
corporation Mailing of notice of any
HpeHal stockholders meeting at least ten
daYl before such meeting to each stock
< bolder rrtlu postofflu address and If
not known t the place where the cor
poration has Its principal place of bust
rU shall be deemed I t notice
It shall b he duty of the secretary to
rive sueh notice but In case o his failure
ups the president or any ole officer
my give tile MOIC
The hoard of director nay MtaMsh
any office either within o without the
Ithr wtbln
Hate of Utah which t authorised by the
articles of Incorporation but the place
for tb election of officer and pc
publicatiOn of notice shall h a the
general office of the corpora t Ian
And to transact such other mildness as
may lawfully enme JUB KNIGHT the meeting
First publication April M 110
Consult County Clerk or respective slgn
irs to further Information
the Third Judicial District Court
In Oerlft Crt
lr Ju41r
I Visnd for Bait Lake County Stat of
Hah n the matter of the estate or
Timothy K Hurley Deceased Notice of
lale of Heal EstatTh undersigned
will sell at private sails the following
scribed real estate on or after th i th
Cr qf ra A D 110 st Salt Lake
City rtah and written bid will b re
calved at the offlc of Mathonlhah
rhomas Mitl tTr Judge Building Halt
Lake City Utah for
commencing t a point 30 1 rod west
from the southeast corner of the north
west quarter of section B township l
north range I west Halt 1aJie Meridian
and running thinoe north 10 rods thence
wt 005 rod thence south I rods
hence eaM r 1 rods thence north II
rode to beginning containing M4I cr
more o leas
Terms of sale Cash
DAIJ H PABKK Administrator
Mthflha Thomas Attorney for Ad
bate Division In and for Bait Lake C slurs
1lvll tl
ty Stat of Utah Department No ouI In
the natter of the entate of William Tat
ar UeceaMd NoticeThe ptltlun of
James A Taylor praying for the ad
mission In potbatn 01 a certain do > u I
ment purporting to be the last Iti
Testament of William Taylor dvciased I
stud far the granting of Letter of administratIon
ministratIon with will annexed to James i
A Taylor ha ben set for hearing on I
Friday the 4rd day of June A 1 IMO I
at I oclock p m at the County Court
IUUMS in HIT Cuuil Rouui uf Mill Cu 5t
in Halt Lacks City Salt Lak County I
I tab
Witness Ih Clerk or 1 Court wilt
Ih peal thereof ftfflied this loth d It > if
May A n inn
I Mimi Clerli
Bv I P Palmer l > epiit Clerk
I stahiti Harrington Attorney fo pell I
I inner I
ii UuLdRt4J
k I j
Dr Marfels Female Pills
17 Years The Standard
Prescribed and recommended for WOin
eat ailrmnts a sctrnuacally prp r
r remedy of proven worth Th r
from their ue Is quick and pwauaeal
Par ale ut II drug store
aa al trc
S wi I
The coal that rlocs not slack
Long la iniK and txunnmical
Hiphct quality and the best
prtparatiun Ack your Dealer
Consolldalea Fuel Co
Jesse n White Oenl gale Act
Unit lacks CUt Utah
W W Wltcr Preldent Genrg
Kimiiu Vii IViKldf Elllas A
Smith Canhler I H Hills John R
Hnrnen John C Cutler David Ec
rice W Curln George Suther
land R < > d Smiot w r James C W
Nlllev A W Ixlns
4 tSr rnl inter < t p alt on navlngS
BstaMUhed IIM
JAbUbe U
CoBWerel Banking m all I
Draaeh roar pr cent Intirmi paM
O p asposlU
The State Bank
of Utah
j gdilMte loonieS o Banks Firms
urn Individual U extend t as
Uiinere every ronMil e urtTr
and tll
JOTBIH p sMITHlrssident
II J G15440TVIe President
CAJ Aast CubHr
f C
FRANK KNOX President
JAMXS A MfltRAI Vice preetdset
Capital and Surplus MKMCO 1
A thoroughly modem saving oepwt
meat conducted In eonnectloa with
tail b Safe deposit boxes for reSt t
Bstabllsbed im
Continental National Bank
Capital 25000000 i
Bur braaoli of a modem bank
J IC CRt Irc W 1 Noble 1
VkiePre T W Borer Cashier
The Utah National Bank
Capital cOd guPpies ston05
Accounts of Bash COt
nrnu s14 Indtvduals Invited 4 per
epat 0 lUvlnss DapoeMi
W S afcOimick PresS at T Had j
M rweT K Cutler Vice
= C H Welle Aeet Counter I
Sat Lake City Utah j
Capital 50000000 j
Surp us50000000
l S HJL1S President
JOHN l CLTICR Vice President
JO S TOtNfl Cashier
K 1 HHUl Asst cashier
Jta K ItonvM W t niter
A W Oartoan < l org e Komn 7
Jobs C Cutler Rd Bmont I
bavM ilcete John C Share
LTB MUU Jba R Wlndr
W M Mclntrr M rj hltncy
rraods I
Knfsty Depasil bias Vor Kent
Merchants Bank
277 MAIN
I 1 Clark lrealdeat
John J Mali V I > at H IMibatlr
V 1 W M Uivannaa Otatahv
R G Dun C I
pa orncwa 1 jj
The Mercantile Agency j
01 Rust UenereJ Manager liUI I
ftevada Utah I Wyoming
Offloe In Progress City Building ttah Bit lAke Jw

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