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Mrr 1r1Iii
1h I U > 11
o f i
f1 Wllford W Emery Set Apart 10
f reside in Twntyninth
i c C preside
di it Ward
JIP II Kllllj Will lr < fJe 111lHip Mr
Kenll nf IVirmer Want IrniiueiI
To tlir Illcli louiHll
VMp blshopr of the Tweninlnl
aiI j Salt Ixike ttiki ua M reorganize
J fest rtjht at n i o nrrn e of the ard
jftet Op Thendore Mi Kcan owing tn tin
past tlNit his huplncii interests refjnlr
r i frequent ahsrnc fnin the city vtAi I
4ts I an honorable rfliati as were flU
HIono Elders Samuel f Kail am
1 p Wslaifn A Mite of thank
I extended In the n tiring blshoprk
t thetr faithful ami mInt services
tISr Wllford W Kmeiy was sun
lUlMtf Aa blshnp nlth riilr Jueeph II
lAK as flrst eounwlor and Kldel
PfllHklln U M Ken n as second coun
MM President Anthon H Lund anti
tH members the stake piesldency
I attended the Kurd conferem e Hlihoi
i ItaMry was set apnit by President
UuML Counselor Lake by President Ne
i Jtttt to Morris anti Counselor McKean
LI JSewnselor Umrge K Kmcry of the
iTt I resld ncy It wan announced
qj t the Pint Presidency had approved
11 oposed appointment of ICliler
ore McKean as an alternate high
M HCItor of the Halt Ik stake
53Rt part of Onter ward Malt Ik
eo which I embraced In North
iornt wu oriranlted Into a branch yes
I toriViy by the Ink prmldency Rider
VHktln H Rudy Wa sutalne ac
PrMldlng elder with Klden John W
Tslhatl a nrst and IsI A ned aa
SoY counselor Ira It Rudy wa
PjKrtnted Irk The bishopric of
Center ward and about 49 of the Sal n Is
Of North P lnt were prewnt at the
Meeting The croatlon of thla branch
wn rendered necewwry l > ecau e of tbe
fQQtote dlatance of North Point from
ttlB Center ward meetinghouse and alu
IJeeUIe In time of high water It la
lillpnwlble for the people of that dis
trict to get Hccewi tn the main part of
Confer warM unless they take a cir
cuitous route
1est Knlclit Offprn Old tAKldlllllr
Ground IliMir IrlUlcuo
On Saturday In Irovo the board of
director nf the Irovo Woolen Mills
UNJrty held a meeting to ratify the I
1MtL ale of the company prop
to Jesse Knight There were
pnwetU VlcePreldent Joseph F
Smltlv and directors tjeorge Jtomney
TtaWnTu R litter J It Barnes W W
Hlliir ami John C Cutler The aale of
ti nroperty to Mr Knight for the
Miir of iielOO waR approved and en
1MiIICIlf Of Sir Knight hi attorney
1lt > It Thomas Mated that Mr
t would Hive to every stockhol
der wjio dlred to Income Interested
Mt1be new comnanv the irrlvllege nf
J MlbMrlhlng for stock on the ground
Hoot In other worls they would have
J the privilege of entering at cost to
igM Mr Hlter and Mr Cutler were
tinted a committee to audit the
gIbednea of the company and Mr
wcpbr a commtltee to pay off the
ya debts and distribute
iiiiag aseets among the atockhold
j A resolution was unanimously
jBIitwl tendering a vote of thanks
1 a lnv Heed Hmoot fur his long and
affitt services aa manager of the
8 y during whose term It bail
j ed success and after whose re
dent the operation of the com
llKl proved unprofitable
i 7 w
Vnrcioti >
lr rireproof Slnnizo e
t Ns taU Moving Iacklng 8tor
8811 ghlppln of household good
i i
Jf < gg Injuns of the American
I s fceld a powwow Saturday night
r Witich although only a few were
Mt much talk folloned and the
1W tfsolved awful thing against
cftgta n Fernitrom anil decided to
I Wtelr annual picnic at lagoon
I appears tu be no significance In
Wilnclrtence that tho svralon was
Ii the rooms of the criminal dlvt
f the police court After hurrahing
j > while and whnnplngerup for
naotutlon the annual eat became
toolbin topic and Chief A J
sr was chosen to take charge of
Kaflr which will occur at lAgoon
> It A committee wa also named i
UVsrtIa the American party
t lJi Invitation ate out for a piano re
al to be given by pupil of Mr
< r Ranborn aclsted by lire lAc
r t T Brtward and Mr I I Ooddard
0M the VwallNts on the evening of the
1i Met In the Canning apartment
excel lent progrnm hal been pre
The piano forte iciltal nf Mr Der
I ma puplU ut fiist announced for
I Met rrldi will h > given next Friday
rvenlns Mm 7 in the First Congre
ssjttlonal < hnnb The young perform
1 Jjsjawlll be nblv Misted by the uest
iy local taknt with a well selectid pro
Ii nmm
The miihii ir last week waR un
usually i nii in in the cuuntlea of the
U state ulih light n killing rronts Mun
day and Tuxmlny which damaged vegc
J laUon aoincnlMI However the fruit
i wa unmjuiiil I here were light
bower on FrMiy hut only tempoiari
I ly relieving the drouth on the dry
farm Tin maximum local tempeiH
ture uap 7 iIgreeii on the lith Insl
and flit I u st 41 leg on the Uth lust
The pr M ination for the week wa
M of mi Inch
HIIIIIIII nril In lion n f KMer
it li it p nOK i nivniii
it fuieuill e Union I I II h UIMII in
It a a I I rn I lrg IC <
nils TiikiiiK imrt in the program will
1 Iw the bt ti ra Inn tt U nl rn Urh nl t ilcnt
of ttv whri 55 hlN SUM lnki sinke and
Pnllit lit ir d H < IM Ii u H nti >
to iit JiiiK i > r n u f ih IIHM
r inlh Iin M ill i > i th p
Ill rn
TucnMi iiril 1 U i T r J I
I in
i J
Those Who Trade
Here Most Know
Us Best
Their verdict la that you ran de
pend on getting pure drultflfJr
anything a drug store carrie
at lowest pnmlble price all the
time at X C M I Drug seeN
Tim Pure Drug
JJj fioiilli 14tn
4 I Street
Mall Oncn
InlrII Piirllw In sihrr lUng Cn
CJct lu In UlliiPM Durlnc
Jlnttthia I hut
While Frank Anderson BHrveyor
for the Sliver King Cofieolklaletl Min
ing company waa undergoing a
Marching croesexainliwtlfln this
morning at the hearing of the case
against the fMlver King Coalition Mine
company before Hjreclat Kxaminer
John W Christy David Kleth W
Mont Kerry and Charles p Ilrooku
surveyor and engineer for the Koarn
crowd sat In the Jury box It was the
noet Interested Jury which hiss been
In one box for a long time from all
appearances Judge W H Ulckmn
who represent the Kearns trowd Ra
counsel WM attempting tu tangle
nderaan up on xime of the rnhitakee
he hud called attention to In the mir
y of the Parson slope made by
Jrooks For half an hour Judg
lckaon had Anderson attempting to
discover where Ilrooka nude hUt mls
t1III but the witness aptiarently wit
inable to fathom It
Anderson was called during the
afternoon for more croiseXHinltmtlon
by Judge Dtckson HI examination
was comrlotM at the close of the
fcesfKon and the remainder of the week
will be consumed In taking testimony
aa to the result of Joint determine
Ion of the specific gravity of sample
of ore taken from the slope
SUIT ox ovKitniiArr
The National flank of the Hepublle
has planted suit In the Third
dUtrlot court against Jeme C Coogan
to recover 1141K It IC alleged that
thht amount Is dun on an overdraft
J Sllro proprietor of the Vekln fee
auranl wa found guilty In Judge T
D Lewis court on the charge or selling
liquor In his restaurant without a li
cense on Sept 15 1009 and wan fIned
KM Hiiro wa convicted In the city
rMurt and he appealed the case the
same tim being Imposed
H C Hanson seeks a divorce from
ttla Hanson In a complaint filed In
the Third district court In which he
allege dewtrtlon The were marrtod
In Weston Iowa on Oct II 1000 Ac
reciting to the complaint Mrs Hanson
efterted her husband In tlsllnnee Neb
on Nov 10 1806
On the motion of th plaintiff lh
aim of the Han Juan Fish Packing
centrally against the ItashIloytance
Fruit company has Just been dt
mheed In the Third district court
This suit was brought if recover WOIS
for fish sent to the Salt Lake company
O II standing order
In an action fed In the dtatrlct
court today the c A Smurthwalte
reduce company of Ogden seeks to
re from Dan Haiuen 1104510 al
aged to b due on a bill of merchan
lee old to the defendant
Wedded and deserted all In one day
la the plaintive story suggested by A
N Talamante In hla paper tiled with
he county clerk From the story
hlch will be related In detail be
ore Judge Morse at a later rate It
m that Franclsea Tatamantea
love was for an hour only They r
Harried with due ceremony at Pomp
on California Nov 24 1897 and lie
for night fell the bride hail apparent
h forgotten both the ceremony and
the marriage vows and leaving forgot
to return home
I1 Uorltcrx Aeent DNnrnu a Man
ttllli n SITPW Driirr
John Munsey bull agent for the
Iron wore union hart nn exciting
Itercatlon this morning In hi ante
In th old Commercial club building
with Thomas UcOurHn a disgruntled
Iron worker and before they girt
through there was a gun play nnd a
near shootlns Neither Munsey or
MeOurrtn would talk about the affair
nd the former went to th office of
I he county attorney with the avowed
Intention of tiling a complaint again
McOurrtn charging him with aeaault
with a deadly weapon
Mane did not ere to talk about the
ifhlr ment merely making the brief state
mentOh he I no good fellow I was
i little personal matter He drew
> gun on me and I did the rush act
in him
As nah as could b learned lh
Fact are that McOurrln went t MUD
wys oWlce and demanded an Interview
which wa denied him McOurrln then
whipped out a gun and pointed It at
Munsey The later seised a screw drlv
< r and rushed upon the Intruder dla
irmlng him and marching him to pol
ice headquarters The poll declined
I U take any action In the matter except
In take charge of h revolver and ad
i lae Munsey to consult with toe county
p Iorny
oinnirncciiicnl KicrrKrx In 1M at
Mliluilc on hlII y
inimim MIV nt exeri lw > 9 of the Jor
Jan distn t hooia will take plar at
he MMilr iard hnnse at t I m
v ndI > n xt Mo JO The ai
nt t ih i ds ml br delverei
I uy Ucorto W MlUdlctou of this city
Bars Are Down and It Is a Wide
Open Town Appar
On Strength of Ills ttord u Tlilnl Prlu
light Chili Will Ojicmto nt
The Halt Lake Athletic club hae been
organized to open u the prtie light
game a little wider In Halt Ide T
Auditorium on HJehard street baa
ben leased and beginning In June the
tub w ill give weekly boxing matches
staging 20mund fight M well A K
KM lions of New OrlMiajs will b the
official referee but the hacker o the
club are not known
The auditorium le being remodeled
for the Into The ring will b aland In
the middle and the ntwts will be UT
ran 11 square a out It When It Ie
completed the place will seat 7000 peo
ple and Mill cot HWO
When Kid hoes wa seen he WM I
aeked If he had seen County Atty Job I
P Lyon about pulling off the bouts
Yen we called U him and Lyon
aid It would be I right with Mm I no
complaints were made HuM an
The club Intend to put on four six
round lights a week from Thursday
Jimmy lleeigan Is coming from San
Francisco and he will be matched a
week later with Young ISrtenborn or
Peanuts Hlnclnlr whom County Atty
Lyon stopped from fighting In Halt
Lake because he framed up a fight
llouB says that he Intends to put on tho
best mel In th country and IN trying
to get some of the beet puge hero to
Thla is the third club t put on fight
since County Atty Lyon and Sheriff
Joseph C Sharp consented to allow the
without Inter
law to be violated any Ille
ference The Manhattan 11 has been
putting on fourround amateur bul
for several months but I had drifted
Into the professional claw and Is now
giving sixround bout and will stage
Itround and JOround flghta In the
near future
11 A Ont Is spending conslderabl
money at the Coliseum at Haltalr fix
ing the arena up and building up en
trances He in figuring n putting on A
finish fight about every two week
With the three prUeflght promoting
clubs In the field Salt Lake will have
Iwo weekly programs and twn big
fIghts a month The opening of the
name here Is attracting all the un
desirable and their backers and
1lrble pug a ther bck
followers to RH Lake
Rt Lfl
fBlw Manhattan club puts on Its
weekly card tonight h manage
gIven permtsarum to put on
unset were
sixround goe tonight by County Atty
Jnb P Lyon who said h hail n personal
sonal iujstlen and that the flght
would not be stopped unlsetiiIoIflCbn1y
The main event
for complaint
asked a 1le min
ukf onplnt Jack
tonight Is the fight betwron
Downey and Jason Haws of Marysvftle
The other events are na follows
Hantams Harley HUM Oared and I
Young Forbes St Lout
UanlRms Kid Davis Halt lAke and I
Young Vaughn St Louis
WV lterwrfRht Ike Cohen tumvwr
and Jimmy Fdden S New York
IlttriHnii InMicclod rnmoiimrd Good
And Trulllo Sehetliilo Announced
of the
with oftlclaU
A Hpoclal car wih
Hallway company
Utah Light nalway compny
Main street and First STuth at 1SJ
pm today for Lovendahls Corners
the nreeent termlnu of the street
extension now being made
railway elnaton bln
toward Sandy and Mldvals and IH
miles below Murray city hall The
thorough way In which the entire
line has been rebuilt from First Skmth
street clear through to vnlecnU
Houth street and beyond with Its
lo Twelfth South street
double track Ifulh
dOlble numerous turnout beNlnl
ft source of gratification
was I urC and the fine
to the inspecting olfll tne
InpUng is being built for
boulvr between Ninth South and
waROI trafc btw approval
Murray wa noted with apprval
Murry made with
Hapld progress Is being wih
the grading south of the Corner to
Roadway Si where a spur track will
Ioadway to MMvle The new
b bui at
Murray service goes into
Wednesday next The hat car
ft edneY lM <
and Main
leaves First south an
streets at JIFt 1 am arrtvliiit on the
return Bt 6ie In time to enable
Murray people to caleb the early
llrY ascend
ruin out of thIs city The
per leaves at 140 then at 620 630
618 and thereafter during the day
every It minute for Murray every
other car running through to Loven
dahle S
D c K Wilcox operated upon hta
daughter Mona this mornlni at lh
Dr Groves L D H hospital for appen
dicitis The patient had just recoveie < l
from a recurrent attack and decided
tr an operation would forestall any
return of the malady At her request
her successfully
her father alienated upon
Mr and Mr W S Ijuicton uf Ix
tall are guests at the Wilson Mr
Langton U a roceeesfut l u lnea man
ot the Queen of Cache
lr and Mrs It H IncnlN are at the
Wilson Dr Ingalla Is connected with
the United Stale army
U C Kelly of the Stanford unlver
thy la re l tered at the Wilson
Dr liny Dart registering from New
fork CU hi K ttte New Windsor fo
1 few day
ClirU Ilink 1 business man of
tirlgham city Is at the New War
I C Slcnuiiid anil P Mnencli two
young men of American Falls Idaho
rswleUred at lb Bemloli thl morning
They My the cltlcena of that proipnr
us town are right now more tnlereit
f In th propueed Immense dam to b
mtMtrurtetl nn th Snake about 8 mile
bove th town and the great Irrlgn
lon project under It than anything
dee Time surveyors have been In the
stid onv tl2 planning the work
ivhlch contemplates a mammoth un
lertaklng anil It la expcitcii that ac
mil cnnsiiuitlnn I be inaugurated
Griwkr 1nrMcIl John D Hlhbard
0 Grlulr Klnlm k nnd J H Scars ali
> f IM ago nrotiilnintlv Ionn itel with
the 11 i > i i 0 o CiXe nnipanv nf this
tly an In the ity mspe tTg th
plant 8 p4 ore guetU 01 the bttnloh
hint Iltllp Oulf Can In Crowcd li 1
Mace Hide llcpnlri Jlnhlicil
In Iorlnlzlit
H I Van Heoeen supertntender
of the Utah division of the Slt Ikl
Heal returned to Salt Lake till
morning from the front Mr Vn
Housen lays the work of complettn
the repair on the washedout rtln
of the line I being carried on with
al possible peed seven work train
are working want of Ilarrlay on th
eauriern r b of U washout and It I
confidently expected that train will b
running over the completed line by th
flnit week in JM
There la dully atago communlcatki
between Caltonte and a point 21 mll
west between floyd and Kyle wh r
b line has been brought Into slump
from the California end M that rtl
wishing to get through ran do no nn
Iv staging six hours from CaltonK
Krom all indication only about 10
mile of tl lies remain to b reptliM
and with the enormous force of mel
working from the eastern end with no
doubt an equally large forre worklni
thla way from the went I will be i
matter of only It day cr two week
before the but break have been ma
whole anti the through line be ready tr
operation agaIn
I IA Viirrcii traveling nnmenRe
alt of lb LMhlgh Val mllijal
with headquarters at Denver U In
Halt Lake on a buelnem trip
J I Sermon formerly a clerk In
the baggage depitrtment of the lv1
ft Illo Qmnde h thin city haa heel
promoted to be amtiHunt tMtet clerk Ir
the Rio lands station ofllce
Oil I Itonion general ant of
the ienaer department of the Den
ver Illo Grande ban returned fron
OKiltn where he went to complete ar
ranRRpiente for the opening up of tin
new uptown office of the Illo Grande In
the Iteed hotel building The order foi
the furniture for the new office has beet
placed with a Salt Lake firm The nec
city office will be under the dlrectlot
of Frank Foulm commercial agent of
the Hn nrande at Ogilen with Vii
Ham Kohn an hta aeelntant Co lieu <
ton says the new office will be a beauty
Work on Ciuiltl Stullon One hun
dred yartln of umbrella sheds have beer
con > tructe < l at the new Gould pttMKn
Ker station In thin city and the flea
tinted glass has bern placed In tI
windows of the building A large force
of men In nt work and It IH thought
the building will bo ready for oun
m a veiy few wwk
I < > 0 lolm m Dclhrry Hoy Siitnln
Sntvrc InliirlM by Itcn on of
Itinniuuy Aiililcnt
Joe Johnson aged 1 years a delivery
boy for the alP Grocery company
U nl the 1erge talI8lnJ
from cute and bruises and roncuselon
of the brain aa 1 11 of a runaway
accident which occurred on Stale street
between North and South Temple
streets at noon today The youth re
ceived a terrilllc fall but according
to Dr 1 I Steel he hu a good
chance to recover
Young Johnson has been working for
the grocery company about two weeks
He rule with his mother on Klghth
West between First and Hecond South
streets While delivering this morning
he was driving north on State street
when the horse became frightened by
reason of mime part of the harness
breaking ant dashed up the street
The drIver became alarmed and made A
flying leap from the wagon Ills head
struck the pavement with force render
Ing him unconscious He remained In
that condition for more than 10
1 H Hyde witnessed the accident
and quickly picked up the boy and
took him to the emergency hospital In
en automobile Dr Steel was called
and stated that the young man was
suffering from concussion The un
fortunate youth moaned pit Ion sly call
ing for his mother and also for his
father who Is deed He will b kept
it the emergency hospital until able
lo h removed to his home
Hand of SlKHhoncs Will ho Initial At
traction nt Coliseum
The opening attraction at the Coil
eum at Raltalr beginning next Stur
dy evening will b a band of JO Shoo
hone Indians In native dances rite
ind festivitIes The exhibition will b
mntlnued three day Monday after
noon at 410 there will t > e a real Indian
neddlng In which two handsome
wedlnK Nhlh h8nd81 young
lenlzens of the forest will b united
tor aye
Such Is the announcement nf lan
iger R A Grant of the Coliseum
flown p5 the hlpprodrome according
In to a statement glvon out Saturday
At the same tm Manager Grant nn
wunced the appointment of Ilrlant H
fount as general publicity agent for
he Coliseum who will also act as ai
ililant In the management of the vii
lot attractions to h presented dur II
ng the Season T Indiana will ar
Ive Thursday In 1 special car and I
lth their tepees eontumes para
fihernalla and supplies will b taken at
ince to the lake where In the center A
ho arena an Indian village will b
let up
Falling In a quorum Saturday after
loon the city board of education
wi meet In 1 special session tonight
along the matters to be considered
wi b the now high school alte and
he report of the committee on build
11 ts and grounds In relation to the
iffer of the llnlchor property aa a
lie will b received
VI Auction TliU Morning Only Three
11UU 1110 All Rejected
The county commlsttonera who have
II advertising for eale th old county
jl property on Wet Second South
treet conducted I small auction title
nomine Theta were only three bid
krs fo the property Frank I Htaph
e tIe bid JIOOOO George Williams of
ered J17000 and Walter J Burton
ountv commissioner iimds an offer In
hla Individual behalf of 1SOOOO All
Ids WTB rejected the conimlssloneni
cling that they cannot entertain any
> 1 1 > lon for lees than 140000
There WAS a more successful sale and
ean up of property for delinquent
axes civerng amounts due from the
oar 190 down tn last year In most
ases tn i ountv bill In the property
lvr the unouflt ut the t
Tlirco Sum > ful Three Ilvlponcd to
A Month unit Many Turned
Donn Kntlrcly
Throe irdons were granted to stale
prisoners by the bro of pardons at
Its regular session Ftttunlaj Those re
ceiving the clemency of th state are
Rdward Hypbui sentenced March 1
I M to 18 month by Judge r1 fo
assault with a deadly weapon C M
Heybolt kenlenwd Nov U 10M by
Judge J A Howell to two year for
forgery klward JCoevcn centeuced
Auc U IH by Judge J A Howl
to three year for grand larceny
The application o Hurvey Ilae and
William Reese fo pardon were con
tinued for on month HHM was eon
tenccd to M years and Ileene to 40
ears J > y Judge H 1 llolapp May i
lM for murder In the wcnnd degree
The request for commutation of en
tenee In the CUM of W W Wood
sentenced to II month by Judge
Joshua Greenwood June IMS for an
ault with a deadly weapon was aim
continued for one nvnth for further
hertnT following applications for clem
ency were denloo
< Moran TJtt nentrnced t Rye
month In Mlllard county jail P > l
Isle for an offence u lnt > hi tlty T
lluilf sentenced to one yeaf b > ludge
T D Lewis for burglary In the second
K Nov 2 109 John De lAnK
sentenced to six month In Salt Lake
county Jell for mallrlo mischief Jan
t 1210 Harry Lawrence sentenced to
six month In Salt Lake county jail
fo misdemeanor Jan 4 1910 Kdwnrd
MrKee sentenced to li month from
Uintah county June 1 1808 George M
Bhteld sentenced to three year for
burglary In third degree March a 190
George Hubbell sentenced to one year
Aug I 1849 Dune Mower nentenced
to one y ar for forgery from Cache
county Nov 3 1909 Ilenjamln Carter
> ntence to 10 yours fo assault with
Intent to commit murder from Pluto
county July 9 1909 S
TonIght the fIrst of the benefit pei
fornwnces of tit Itlmo will be given at
the Colonial theater the proceed to
go to the Orphans Home and Day
Nursery It will b good news tu the
hosts of friends of thl must worthy
lof local charities that a large number
of tickets have been sold and wltn
those which will doubtless b taken
up today the house will b filled Not
withstanding the various sums received
In aid of the Home there yet remain
many needs to be filled for the comfort
of the little waifs of the Institution and
no better way of contributing to these
can be found than patronizing tho play
tonight at the Colonial
o 0 0
This afternoon Ir Anthony Oodbe
entertains In honor of her noIre Mist
ronave Knowlton Miss Sybil Foote and
Mlss Josephine lawson all of whom
are to be among the Juno bride The
rooms are prettily decorated In the
spring flower and the Monies Is as
elated by hr apn S
On Saturday afternoon Mrs Godhn
entertained at a parcel shower for Mien
Marjorie Clodbe and Miss Teresa Godtw
abv > Juno brtdeseleet the rooms being
i < oraled In white and grvea nJlh
syrlnga blossoms and ferns and about
40 guest being prevent
0 0
Mrs Frank Pearson Jr entertained
at her home In Weimar avenue Fri
day ovenliig with a china shower In
honor of Miss Myrtle Halgh one of the
June brides Carnation and palms
were used III the parlors while In the
dlnlngttmm the color scheme was car
ried out In yellow The table was
adorned with smilax and yellow pan
flee and lighted by crystal candelabra
hade In yellow Games were played
the prize being awarded to Mrs D
Cameron The Ret present wen
Misses Myrtle HalRh Gal Morgan
Acton Bldredge mil Kroll Myrtle
Van Steeler Lois Maxfteld Kdllh IOn
Josle Maxfield Pearl
Anna Hlllott Mafeld lerl
lanlner Mrs A Cotllson Mrs Hough
Ion Mr D Cameron Maggie Lawon
Mrs Ilrs Hlntze and Ir A J Malln
The hostess wss assisted by Misses
Blanche Peunr S and Kdna Richter
Miss fyhll Foote and Miss Geneve
Knowlton have been guests of honor at I
several delightful affair chiefly In the I
way of shower parties
Mr and lr Robert Klmore are ex
pected to arrive today from Washing
loft on their way to their home In Lee
ngel Mrs Klmore WM formerly
Mine Ibttth Sulhrktml
Miss Myrtle Reel entertain on
Thursday for Mies o 0 Ilesele U Iloley
Mr and Ir S J Lynn and family
liars returned from S California 0
rested In the Canadian banquet to b
leld o Kmplre day Tuesday May V
1910 at the KnutHford hotel The menu
that has been prepared by the chef will
certainly d credit to the Knutsford
hotel Among tho toast will be one
10 the president one to the king and I
one to the Land of our birth nnd
one to the lunA of our adoption
here will also lie a toast In memory
of the late king responded to by lies
D I Bcott who la 1 years old and
who some M years ago drove SO miles
In greet the then Prince of Wales rn
a visit to Canada Prominent business
men such as W S MeCornlck David
telth Judge W H Dixon RxSenator
Thm I > earos Freeman SJornlngstRr
tnil many others are expected to be
flcr Which fircrk Quarrel and Knife
h llnurMictl
The preliminary hearing of Thomas
Peters n Greek charged with assault
with a deadly weapon with Intent to
ummlt murder anti also assault with
Intent to do liodllr hM upon Jim
John a felloW r6UitrmI en May 1
was enlist before Judge Bowman In
he criminal division of the city court
title morning
Peter and John becamn Involved In
an altercation at the rear of Keeleyu
Ic cream parlor and when John
lipped over an Ic cream curt Peters
Iron I knife and slashed John In the
erow side of the neck Inflicting I
dangerous wound Tho matter went
over for further hearing until Tuesday
at to oclock
day morning oeIOk
Owing to the unprecedented Interest
hown of lale In the steel tie now
icing manufactured by the Universal
letalllc Tie company many person
tro calling on stockholder with the
view of taking options on the stock
leld by them And jobbing the stock
tl the public In doing so methods
Ira sometime adopted which can
nly reflect seriously an the oincera
of the company whose good faith and
Integrity is being made a matter o
merchandise bv unscrupulous per
onTh public Is cautioned o deal only
with those gentlemen who bear cer
jled authorIzation from the com
Public attention its directed in the
merits of time tie
By iJalhonlah Thomas Secretary
Honciml Citizen lu1 Vnrlnl III
Slant Succoamfuh Career Sur
vived by Lareu rninlly
OODPJN May St Sidney Steven
aged 1 n a Utah pioneer and on
of fhll most prominent and progrewlv
buclneen men of northern Utah dIed aL
the family re lil nreIMt Adam avenue
at CMI oclock Saturday evening fol
lowing a abort Illness from Ilrlghfa dU
ease aupertndueed by rheumatic nan
ralpla He In survived by his wife and
I children Sidney O Steven of IP
gen Frank J Stevrnn of Ogden Ir
Frank De Pug of Montpeller Ida Mn
C1 T Alvord of Logan Mr A V Our
by of Lo Angle C I Steven of
Ogden Lillian Steven of Ogden J
Stevens r Trenton Ida Mrs K 1
Jones of Lou Angeles Albert U S
Steven of Ogden and Walter F 81e
vena of Logan Albert above men
tloned wa unacqualntMl with lila fa
thera Illneiw but fortunately arrivw
from Australia where he nan been la
boring a a fiMlorwry Jut two bonn
before his fathers death
Sidney Steven Was born at Nunney
Somerwtiihlre Knstend June 18 ISM
being the mn of Jamea Steven an In
fluential business man In that locality
He wan the Mventh In a family nf
eight children and wan educated at
the Turner Institute On D II 1S8I
Mr Stevens was baptlBed Into thn Mor
mon Church In the fall of ItS Ira ml
vertUed to sell out his leather busies
and In May 116 left for Utah nel t
Ing about a doaen famlllex to emlgrati
that year Prior to his departure from
England Mr Steven married Marj
Jane Thick of 1f well Dorvetihlre
the wedding taking place at Liverpool
May 2 ISO
After landing In New York Mr Ele
ven and wife proceeded to 81 Joseph
Mo where hp purchased a load of tea
and sugar to give him a start In Utah
commerce Krom Florence Mo IK
started In an Independent company
with two wagon four yoke of oxen ami
two cows late Joining rapt MeAt
thurs train pent down to the frontier
by the Perpetual Kmlgrntlnn Fund
company They arrived In Salt lake
City about the middle of October Mr
Steven and wife remaining there un
til the following spring when the
started for Ogden At Kaynvllle lilhni
lAyton persuaded Jlr Htevra to atop
and for the next year ho engti ed In the
general merchandise business at thai
place In 16 he moved to North Oa
mien purchasing a large piece of prop
erty In the center of townwhere stand
his country atom nnd residence He
built a tannery and fA the next sever
year carried on an extensive tanning
and leather buolnemi manufacturing
boot hoe anti homea a He nlo sup
piled the trade with leather For mnny
years he acted as 1 commission Agent
for the People of title county In the
purchase of farming Implement iwnd
Ins cast for nl sorts of maehlnvryplown
and other Implements and finally at
the completion of the railroad moved
to Ogden and engaged In the Implement
business In which he hAS become veil
known not only In mirrpundlng states
but to the great house of the ut
In 1S7S he built on Main street now
Washington avenue the Steven block
a fine threeiitory building of Improved
modern style Resides hll Implement
business lie conducted a lumber yanl
In Ogden and wan interested In several
aw milt thus giving employment tn
a large number of men In brief Mr
HteveiiH ranked In thn bulne his
tory of northern Utah as an enterprls
InK man second to none and In thh
buIlding up of Ogden City he wag an
Influential factor
In 1896 the Sidney Steven Implement
company wo Incorporated extending
buginee through branch
this Implement bul Ihmulh brnch
houses Into northern Utah and south
ern Idaho establishing branches at Lo
gan Utah and Proton and Montpeller
At the time of his douth Mr Stevens
wn an active member of the Mormon
Church and during his residence at
North Ogden nerved In the bishopric
and In other capacities anti since tank
Ing his residence In Ogden ha been a
nomber of tne Second ward of Weber
Btako for more than 2 year
The funeral services will b held from
the Second ward meetlnghouw Wed
nesday afternoon May Z at 2 oclock
The remain can b viewed at the real
denco on Tuesday Evening from 5 to
1 oclock nod on Wednesday morning
III J oclock non
Sunday afternoon at Z oclock presi
dents John I Heeler and William J
Knight visited the Fourth ward and
organized a new bishopric Joseph
jnynd who has been the bishop ever
since gprlngvllle was divided Into four
ward because of failure In health
was released having served faithfully
for 1 years Glbwin H Condle who
van counselor was appointed DUhoii
with Alva ttbrlHklo and Seymour K
Mendenhall ns counselors A hearty
ote of thanks was tendered Illshop
x > ynd for his faithful labor who In
urn expressed his gratitude for the
assistance the people had given him
and made special mention of the e
forts of the choir and the faithful la
bor of their leader Herbert Robinson
London May UJlnR Gegore has
ommenced his reign with an act of
leniency granting 1 remission of
hort sentence and reductions of
ther throughout the kingdom and
In the army and navy
He has all Issured 1 touching let
ttr To my people expressing grate
ful appreciation of the affection the
atlon has shown In tho face of a
orrow D sudden and unhooked for
hat It might well have bean over
Jut the sentiment It has Invoked
ontlnue the king has made me re
lila It I a loan common to me and
ny people They share It with me
I do not stand alone With each
louRlit I take courage and hopefully
ook to the future slrong In my faith
In God trusting my people and cher
shiny the law and constitution of
ny beloved country
l It Is announced that King George
ntend to maintain a royal racing
table at Newmarket and a breeding
tud at Bandrlngham anti that he will
atronlie racing on tho same extcn
lye scale as his father
I lulrr IlnMon llenilrnii
111 11IIr 1 n Ju41t s I
Ixwur Court May Determine
Ills Qimllll ui1M
Undera deciaIurmreimjcrei
rIdH1 Iv
T D Lewis title
II tb morning tt ludge uI
a lower court may deterniltie m
or Mt he la quitted 1ht
lt I to
qUW tl Justly try
rcae Th deciafeq
c11 wa hen In lb
denial of a petition In habea or
proceedings brought In the ca e
Meu Met
recently J
ty arrested
charge of I
the pullet court vagrancy and was eentenced coml lu trt pn
a 111 of 3100 as servo 100
jail 10 o n 101 rt Hy 1
At the trial the attorney fir suet lu
terposed a motion Pa
asking fr
noUO a8Inc a h
of judge basing th motion on th
Judlce and bias I r
Judic of the court ju
liuwman denied the motion Jut
rune was brought Into the dlstrx t our
on tin writ o habeas corpu prees4
Ing After argument the court
lh petition and remanded the Cfej
ant to the custody of the
hIre cuaty o chief ur 1
Hnry llerwlen according to a
llalnt ls ued out of
the county Mnr
neya office today had the n hrm n
lurklea lurk when thp lure of t
brook tempted him on May il and h
fell In with a deputy game Warden
Gerwlen will now have to an 1an
th charge of violating th gain it 1
by flaming out of season
Scmitor Sinoot IltJllr 1111 to iii
Imbnrfo Him for Slumps Stolen
Special to the New i
Wnihlngtnn D C May S3 Beatfe
Smoot today introduced a bill to paj
H69 to George Hen postmaster > t
Morgan Utah t reimburse him l
PRe lUmpa stolen from the Mor
n porte without fault on II
Ht Paul Minn May 23A i herO
of inannlaugliter was flied h > tie po
lice today against MM Thwlon
Stark the liyearold Minfliaual5 girt
who wrlle driving an automobile ui
night ran down and killed S B Howl i
a well known St Paul broker In this
city Miss Btark with her nl tr spent
the night In the county jail Hurt pmk
ably will b arraigned thl nft rnon
Plaster CniiitM onA fire ro
square of plaster In the Utah lluhl i
Hallway building fell Humlsv morning
log In consequence the shut N
one was there to b hurt
Mcinnrl of Mlllurd At 11 hertv
Park Saturday afternoon Mlllsnl
county People organised and Ihol UM
following officers the object leln tl
perpetuation of the of
JtJtuaton memories r tkat
county N J Greenwood prfuldnt
Dr A N Hanson vicepresident Wsl
ter A Day secretary Mist Kva Mtl
vllte treasurer I was decided to M
I nth every three weeks the n t
one to be at Saltalr
Hill III of Miv llnhliiMtti Hn
Mabel A Itoblnsun wire r Alirth
Robinson formerly of thN < it dint
nt the Good Samaritan hpl1 Portland
land Or May IB following an opera
lon The funeral services were held st
St Marys Kplscopal church In tint
city on Tuesday afternoon anil inter
ment followed at Illvervlew crmttny
old Decedent wa 30 year and 7 mental
lIirOiEAt H north alulh WV t strut
May H 110 from leakage of thf hsin
Julia A Hughes Biep < lau hl r f
Jula luRha rIII
Mr and Mrs James F Ecksrd bun
Hay M 1WI In Colorado
Funeral services Tuesday at I La
from the family residence tndiotilsf
Joseph Wm Taylor in charge of bodY
Inlerrasnt In South Coltonwnod rosS
tery Friend are Invited to the fume
JACKDONU 78 north Ninth WJJ
street May a isle of seut WfWi
disease Thomas Jackson aeulbi
year Native of England
Funeral service TueMlsy at I C
rrom the funeral chapel of JosfP WU
funerl o Jp
frO ti
Taylor 21 south West Temple Ptt
Krfends are Invited 10 attend Istw
ment In City cemetery
n F Evans Florist 36 S Main OL
Floral designs a soeclalty PtOnMI
A1fl PTh
Kngraved 8 I 1 < Ileae rpiuin to
Snl M4t and receive rewani =
following deecrild eirsy
fulnln claimed and < skeet away T
I claime he hl ne L
to H
sold at public auction hll
Ild 5uIY
Pound itt njJ
tier at Murray Bstrsy >
Murr Elry nIh 1
No 4 Precinct on Monday i oI
of June tIlt at the hour of i I °
black cow far marks on
Moated Utely tel Hot W 110
hllp 11
brumlwl x rl cow Manici 1 Ir
Irn left thlRh car in < rk > n V
Al rattle dehfrnil n th
m m 11 r ln
taken up hy me
1th II of May rxiM fITr
AN11t5S M IITf
Iouiikeper of No 4 IT fl I Mr
Union Dental Co
Painless extraction of tSSLk o I
pay A work rat < J
We Treat You Right
= IiiI I7 1
Owing to the Great Demand
for our goods Sale continued
all this week
State Street Dept Store

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