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LA ST EDITION DESERET EVENING NEWS Vonr nroneht lrn Annonneement Annrer fo the l Attention Vntne In the of ewst Peool a f
lrJ rAGES = r =
i Gambling House Held Up
In the Heart of the City
No Difficulty in Locating a Choice Dive
MJJkd Men Failed to FindHaul of 2600Harry
That the Proprietor Gets a Crack Over the Head With
a GunExciting the Early Morning Scene on Main Street
ililnrliiifiit Hint llien U no
rIItI IMUIH nf Ih Imllt
While u I h Irollli J IIt City tho tlcmrlnicit Im 1111 linUot fnmi
l = II III In Ihr IWIH nr
1t1 nml tlllrllll lol tII ii
ran bllJIA b 11110 < f the
1 1 IIrrNIII IIhllul 110 CIHk I IiI IIIlIrllhll III II
flIltr ccirrrI fl
ti hkh th lilt IIOIIM 1lIlnl
lime Iii Ihl 4 Jlllrry 1lIle III rItuI I III
lbl1ru tIhc rtL
tsjIbIInt SOUlh l Main recl MIIIIO of ticm IIIlIr ir Ie44 fltohII I uIflt III I4iI
1ifle Iahl lr Ir 111111 tnhl IHrol u lIh cnHn haute uoolnz Dnino
4I1I tt 4iI41I IIrolilltl tUII I I1u lnen arnu1 ulll Ioh rolore
aan I hIIt 1I1I1I1I1I1I11 nIlIINllt I Ilinm
fi1u43C I Z 111111 Iho room HiMlniiiininiMlnlall
ltllr UP llnl Iltoah
ntl14 qnletIi 111111I11 n barked III ttlll the Mnlcnirnt
IU 11 i1IIIlIIl II AlmoM linnntly nlMmmN
pWfl 1101 IIIftll nhll llHObwr
B6UW IIIIt nJIII 1110 one of Ilir robbm lc1 Ilia Iniiinltw nl the
ral1 kV ItiI iltkly Iml IlKnnwIiI M rclnl the In
e nulcUr
IIIfI tlI Ho oilier I
CIbllN H1 tiflf t J1 flh mono mill IhimnmN N11 lo tolul 111
ft j
111 tlw IlIIlr = IJt 111 S
rbbfor KIJ
III 1iI bed In
prittGr asc So t He beard
I 100III Jo to leam h
JII1 tzxrzzzz
u u the robber as
mt olI
In IIfl W ln room ad
the IIltor In wrway to the rtrem
bdf4 fts Ihr robber
rh Irlll I t OP the
Itt IY hI over the head
1 Hmoh
ul hla roher for
ii nd f
ilib the bull
bI poliO 4tRII gtLter
rs 1O n
noIdup iry
TM thiig o f Blu they OOllld
peCUTiflC their c I n Ifld tIliaPPtittC4
lewl Third rVutb street
wre In the room
Jut how many
nut be
wn srrrrr vlclln
ral1y kIll d OM of thc
bUt Iii there lout
thr r
Detecttea IIhh
10 lold I hier
xIa that only
tyre erf Igor Ilhl
three IIIe wer
Tnmbkr wnon aa AI Smith n as
valued at
U rIng
tIItd nf a dIll mHI
lIah C I
wa 4bout istw In
10 niJ
C nthr mhler lost WM a
ntrlbuted 1150 In
V XJ I i I acrordhig to De
I WOO In > ah an1
K0 fchll I
rliamonrt ring tti all tb
nith < 160li
unI hIt Innhl sss
r by Ih I 111111 of the robbery
11 tolil I 1 fl llTt to 1100
ib nltred the room
When tin i
th 4orwMy
rsr 111 3X3 g
Irkly d ve tTfl hI vPlt pocket
KitaUcrrn he latter set Ith
loamund In rU anj alUM at tlMv
n4 tlutv tlirtn out uf U frlpiiow Into
I tWt1 10 at
tine on PII f1n
oeH nt aho hut one ef tbe roblier
the ring
ill lulrkly tore
sq the nit
roa the finit jtter Smith
Iii Kh and arm
M nf lh guiitilei utepped out of
thr room JUM t rrr the holdup and
w thn n umdlng Rt the bottom
ot he OIt Ii i ald no attrntton to
m f that if hul when he re
ItHRifil i Hi < in L nan two of the
lOOn d t ih I f the xUIr Their
taM IT js 1 with
bid H ii > kj anal they were
tI1IIfd null iii > iliher revolvers
m weP mni in Jim Latham it
lortor tnt 11 i n III und ace Ineld
the urdiTcrt nil Ih inmite to throw
14 tblr tinnil > In In meitntlm Keat
had entrj 0 I hit the mbtsr
r lied 1 n1 Vielng rdted
KH tn U rrI to iwah a win
de s II Malll tt1 ODe of
UI b < ldII 1 hili and iililng
fall I W ih Mis 24BdgGefl
hbrloh J Mni iiinwnder of the de
4rtnn1 11 milIK who will null
111I Ii I h > in Inp t the
tPy t SS i Miku ulll make the
ttlp rro i hiiik lo Valdet over
Ih dang t i mil trail the Mist
trip t > h K ml vr tten > iitid in
AA I S 11111I814
iT j i > S i muitienucd and
iUI i mi Ktilde lends
< if arn i i o bom hIU been
S 101 the Ii mliwvoreil to dii
Kdt hire II Hilnnd trip but
ft Mmi s S lured that he III
ulout KI 1 i untry from hia
011 obwiv n Man will Bo
IM i RIM i jtieit oiiibon amt
I Yrbank ii M I in to YaW
1Olmnr irs I
w I1411y the small
Me In New fork
1 ii iftr lltlstlllnn
1CtI1 So I S I and the poll
i il over lo th
t r
h I Ih11 A cenl lo
oWI ilmn of the hells
VT S I cr0 expiivltlst
nt i Iud deel
Is Ii Portland KRI
I w poweselon af
i S I I huJ llNU wa
r I 10 surroKHIe tn
Ifn 0 NI i to lake here
I IT i fls I The udmlidii I
l rii eiiihlng mid N
I fl MI t ISIg plee
S i ffl 1 to rule CII
1 1 ted hv 11 ing
INI fr I i 1
u IlKUIv
I > nit MIli TIiy rc
hAlt IAN
11jr 1It1II1111
ITS I 4 K pouklnllr
d UIO ii rtCI IIIlCC5
y up m Iftll th < ii moo
lp It I Itlhr T IlH1lx of
S 11I ba I iillfoinla Vale
s I tin said
111I d HI 01 > we t iitni It
t Isl e rl 11 m thi I 11 a > r 0i
I UflIt1 I v either In Y le us
a 11011 ° hi Inlleil Htaten
lilt trbb i ihan IN that
IIIn i lv1 loiracy
r 1 R
IItj I nx pr ldeni of ll >
Iont lCd toast The Presi
I 0 Allowed
rt cheers
> 51t I j 101
S 1 vf S I dlrettor of the
IOh 5 5 5 I lstm salt thttt
> j i hp world h1 no
m I f lh f I he recent ec
> f luileyi comet
Kta by the neck lst him a blow
on the bead with a irtut
With an uth the robber Kid Youve
hail something coml K to you for a
long time Keate was turiiied by the
blow and It wan pverel minute bf
fore he ioulil reaaln hi aencex
There In wide conlllrt hftwren thc
lory Keatu told at the gambling house
and that which he related tn Ivtcotlve
SbeMa lie flrnt aid that Ine hu
k t about tlMO In tail and thnt the
putmna lOt tlOM In money and dia
mond To HhcetK he aakl that only
three men were robbed and that the
otberM were not moletited and that the
loan wan MAO cash and a MW diamond
rlnc He also mid there were not moro
than six or eight men In the room but i
before neclna 8tiegtn he declnred there
were M mon preeent
They Neintad to know Jut who had
money and who did not said Jet
fkHiH of the fellow were broke and
they were not bothered or kearrhed but
the three men who had the diamond
anti money ware Uu drat to be tviblied
The house lost II 5M and the men
there were robbed of J1I06 In money
and diamond After sticking up the
place they ran down Htnln to Third
South and turned toward West Tem
ple where all trace of them were loet
Keatji said the men were well ma kel
with Mimlkfri < hler > One of them wan
ilMirrlbed as belnc very lull and Men
i tier while the other wn short and
heavy wt While the gamblers were
being ararched by one of the holdup
the other kept hid revolver wavlna bark
and forth and kept up a Hiring of vile
onthii railing the victim all the un
printable name ImairlnaMe
The affair wan pretty well planned
anti carried oat ° Mid Chief of Dr
tectrwc 3het The holdup hail
vIdntb ap 4teri the men they Intwd
trti nd
ebwu cJ lt tki were phtlnlr dU
AIlIt from Keeta none of thu gain
bler would Rive their name It la
aM there were three or tear prontl
jwmt then there and they were In a
utate of extrenw excitement for fear
their oamea would become known
In the opinion of the police the job
was don by rae track followers aa
that ctaai of cronka are usually hHiiar
Ilig about the scene of a race meeting
The police were railed Immediately
after the robber held up their fellow
craftamen and mverul patrolmen and
all the available plain clothe men were
put on the caoe but without result The
entire detective force Ia hard at work
today trying to run down the robbers
Sbeetis ay they have a cine which be
fee certain will let to the anpre
Iwnalon of the men
Wmhln toii Jtey H Treasury of
aldus are oxpcctlnif a oonalderabh de
crMM In the working rath balancu in
the prseectt weak There are to be biff
payment on account of the rHnuma
canal and the mUltary atablUhmanU
June labur metite by comiiarlson
with other month probably vlll be
light ao that no concern la felt Yo
tentay the cash balance amounted to
Suterdaya receipt both from cus
toms and from Internal revenue were
very heavy with the dlabureenient
somewhat lighter than initial the not
resUlts of the days optvriitloJis Mhowlng
an exreaa ot illnTll In receipt The
treaaury deficit thus far thin yar
mount to J1MI6 compared with
17S4IMT2 at the tame iverloO of the Iat
llsca year
Denver Colo Hay 24If the allega
tion of Mm Sophia Ferguson con
tained In a complaint Died In the dis
trict court yesterday are true L V
Wright of thui city In the champion
of the many varieties of light fingered
entry According to Mr Ferguson
Wright stole a house
The woman any she bought the
house a flve roqiu frtnje cottage on the
Installment plan making the Anal pay
ment the rlrat ef April Then 1IIItI pee
imrexl to mov fti abs tettH4 It o ciifri d
bv the Wrights who LIUHt to leave
Mr Ferguson and her hbsbaH nil
their effects or the ta D unri lajt
siege to the hfum1 But while theli
vldllanre was relaxed lni rergusan
declare Wright seemed http and m > v
lid the boll U an utiftoUK lt where
bill ronllnues tft Md dMKint to the Far
Mttlnburnh lit Commander
Hubert Fiery received the honorary
degree of iloctwr ot law from the uttt
venltyof Edinburgh t na >
The conferment WIM made before a
iJUtlngulsliW compAny which gave the
American explorer a cordial welcome
London May sigurm Motiier
Alexandra received Mr Iloosevclt at
BuuklngliAin jHthtuc today The two
had a lotig tlxit during vvhkh her
majesty told the former president haw
t much she apprei lale l tin sympathy
exhibited for her In America at the
tlmo ot hill bereavement
Special Treasury Agent Whalley
Formerly Employe of Sugar
Co Gave Illustration
During ICtmntimtlon IrnM HiniiHiii
or Am Snjttir tNt Sm llelilml
rimi It IMUr
New York May HAI gdwarl
WhaJley took the stand today to tes
tify for the government at the resump
tion of the trial of Charles K llelke
and others for aliened fraud the pre4
dent of the American Sugar Refining
company Washington 11 Thomas and
one of the trusts directors Dr samuel
D Hooker of Philadelphia sat behind
Pirvldcnt Thomaa and Prosecutor
Htlmxon had a Hhort ionversatlon br
tort the opening of court their talk
giving MM to thf report that Mr Thom
UH had been subpoenaed BH a witness
Whalley la a Mpeclal treasury agent
who oos with the Investigators Pan
and Uivilnrkl wbm the famous raid
on the sugHi dock wag made In 1W7
und the trauduktnt weighing devices
were dlscOirered Whalley wa on the
stand only a few minute and wa not
croasexajnlned He waa employed fir
u time by the sugar company and un
der apltaein direction he said used
to tamper with the iicales by rolling
the ball aa he culled It I gave an
Illustration of the process on the scale
In the courtroom twisting the cyllu
dilcal weight to the left of the beam to
decieaae the weight recorded He saLt
he never saw the steel aprlng until thi
time uf the governments raid
James P Kerrigan and Vllltam K
Mulhearn clerks In Ilendernaglea of
flee admitted they never had rrcelvoil
Instructions to compare the government
welghvis1 weights with those of the
city weighers The last are alleged
to be the actual weights on which U
sugar company paid for Its purchase
and the government figures the onox
leglstned hy the fraudulent scale aim
on ivhlih the duty WM basal Kerrigan
said ho pent the government and city
weigher returns to the Wall strwt ot
aces of the trust
Mr Helke knew nothing of his datlr
he MM The witness had no knowl
edge of any crooked device on the
Oeorgr II Hfcker a leEk In the Wall
street office under the Mr lAro to
whom Bpltaer yesterday tevtlfled hf
had told of the fraud that were going
on at the WUIanurtturg dock wan mat
on tktr tI
aldfcen r
he wouM rend Ute ctty weigher1
night sad the marks en the tage tn
Mr BendMlWgel Decker tntlfled
that the sugar trust uaed the govern
ment weight quite often on which to
pay the might cb rgee but the ship
owners berntne aware of the fact and
the practise was stopped
Tide Hue the flmt testimony Intro
duced tending to show that the al
leged fraud In underwehrhlnR were
not directed solely 8lna the govern
Chicago May II Forty decree o
new born tall fo the comet and a
doubling uf Its luminosity owing to
flaming hydrocarbon go were record
ed b the Rftrooomen at the William
Ray observatory last night after the
Kpcvlographlc twavtlvw bad b d
valojMd Prof J It Krwrt director
of the obnervatory announced the results
sults of the computations
Four of us after Independent calcu
teflon agree that the new tall of U
coinet Is 40 ilegre long he said The
tall wag vlseWe long after the head had
set The darkening of the e + cy b th
eclipse of the moon helped greatly In
the observatIons
obMrvatlons by the hand spectro
ucupe showed carbon band in the head
of the comet These are conflrmed by
the development of th negatives mail
with the 12Inch telescope Th Internal
activity of the comet la In full blast
It Is making gas at a terrific rate I
Prof Frost said be < no oxwct to
nee the old tall In the eAt this morn
IngTlie old tall mu t dlnappear he
added When detached from Its source
I can only condense or fails away as
the end of an active tall always does
Fine weather for obasrvtMg prevailed
throughout mOt of the night at Williams
liams flay although It was cloudy and
rilny over Chicago During the total
llpse the moon presented the appeal
itme of H dull red dk In the heaven
Tin according to 1rof I K Ilarnard
of Yeraw observatory awe due to u
red my of the wrtar spectrum which
had the property of bending Inward
rfloux Ill > la May 24Mrs Jo
T Patten of Onawa la who was
burned yesterday afternoon while
ashing out a r used In her hair died
oila While the was cleaning the rat
the iiimeH frvm the gasoline became Ig
lulled and an explosion occurred
tJw York MaY tt Thn women toe
tOTS of the courlr are to ban a sttf
raw organisation uf their own to aM
tl national societies In the cruaade
toe tntes for women Peymln Mpi
WM t e
Leon Nw Thvtt to BJ ar the
becker of 1M new m Ilb la
sfticlaily known is tb m psI
dala and urlO W 0 the p
ml lull asuectatlen
Among the m mlier I D Anna baw
who IP x doctor of medicine though no
niat lining
Hhanghai May 21Natlu riot oc
curred at Lhuan t ln 1 mile north
went of Chang Sha last Saturday A
foiisMenible portion of the city ass
bunted The lAtlherun church as
destroyed b > fire
The general wireI and ailllfuulgii
sentiment are spreading S
When State Police Near Pittston
Pa Tried to Disperse Crowd
Of Italians Trouble Began
Trooper llor i KnncUtsl a nml
lit llliiiMlf Itmlly Clubbol lit
S IIH lie Wmf Iteciuil
Hcranton Ha May 14A riot broke
out among itrlkln miner at No H
oi o the Pennsylvania Coal com
pany near Itt today following an
attempt of a pulse of atAte police
headed by Sergeant Manning t di
pen a crowd o Italian who threat
enWl other when a work train reached
the colliery
sheriff HoIda of Lucerne country
hurried to the colliery and warn lot a
hu eacaprd ftoi rrielvUlK a b scalp
One man taM no badly cldbbed that
he may dlr
Htate Trooper Jasper of Tedach was
caught under bin hone which was
felled by a blow on the head and wa
bartjy clubbed before other troops drove
0 him iwaalkiiit
The riot was finally quelled and an
other one broke out at the gwen cod
llery a mile iiiey but the rioters there
dlopersed when trooper arrived
The strike spread today to the Butler
the lllllstdr and the Central eollleriea
of the Pennsylvania Coal company
IttavlHg only the IMrnuni mine of that
com pah y In the Pittston district at
work Already 10000 mine workers an
Involved the trouble beginning several
days ago with th men striking at No
t colliery because of alleged exceaalve
dockage and short weighing The
f a wlclnK
hoard of conciliation of the United
Mine Workers at a wiislon yesterday
disapproved th > strike
Max Itnliflitoln Who inilMlrcl
MIMIC Imni CliUiiKu Firm IMcncil
Tu Stitcilicart Who Ioviil Him
L Angeles Cal May 2floy
v you no heart Cost back to
CbIcag and when roUr time W up
Max II JMib Mt ta to prhwax I ta
wanted ftt fhleagv fe th ttotranle
Meat of SO from Ufcby McNeil
Llbby Ur wham h was employed aa
a eolleohpr The police rMUe to make
inbllc We nemo o tJ e girl
RubemrfelH oem west m March
and awcHrad work in Ocean Park
using th name Jack Rao U ha
reM In enl corrsarmiHlanc with
hi weelMrt A long Iftlac fr f her
lam week hi which an Mwelt upon
his eR and t aortWV h bad
cauxed his paranto and wreajt him to
give himself up camart RHbnateln to
urrrnder t the 1 IMJthsiTaBd waive
exradltoln 1
lioThrait Am > Itt
Chicago May UA notKw of the
detentlen of RnbMwtdn I > IXM
Angelew was received rwteroay
by lhl9 uf re M and
Detective Thovnaa llaskell of the
detective bureau will b sent to re
turn with the repentant fugitive
The new of ItMbenvtetnii surrender
Wi a shock to rejathraa but night
Poor Max sobbed his mother I
only wish I had known he hat taken
any money He would never have loft
home without being made to give It
wlhout ba ma 11
up Mid lIsa MInnie Hubensteln a
Since m > brother dtaapaeHred we
had not heard one word t him
and had no Idea where he ha gone I
have no Idea who hi sweetheart to
the sister added brcanae Max kept
matters of that kind to himself 1 did
not know he wa Inteiested In any
particular woman but If she a dId
him ax the dlapntch says h did I
canie she thought It was the right
thing to do
In lloiiiularj l l iiilc Uct rca Her nml
IVtiHilur Wliwi Arming Wllliilraun
llellnllu Plan Will IIP Mnile
Wnnhliigton May 24 The govern
ment of Peru has formally accepted
without reserve tbe medlwtton of the
ITnlted State Brash and ArgenUne
In the boundary dispute between Peru
and Ecuador
V 8 Minister Comb Ulegraphed
the state department tiotn L4ma to
lay to the effect that yeaUtfday morn
Ing formal iwples of the Joint note In
Kngllih Hpanlsh and Portuguese wen
delivered W tne preoldent of rVm and
that the same ivenlng he had been
uSUally advised by that ratvernment
that It accepted the mediation without
Tlie lMt jnUltlon upon which the
ltr of mi illution was made was that
tho government should nuepend the
iiVtiallButloii of their iruopa and with
draw them from the border line
To aixcpt the mediation must mean
tbe alp of the condlteMM Imposed
posed earl therefore no siege ftirthcr
wild be taken b this government 01
llrMll O Argentine until IM armies
the frontier have beam with
now IM t tnr hlve wIth
drawn That condition oompilM with
the three mediating government Im
mediately will take steps to carry forward
ward some definite plan fei the settle
inent of the dIMcMltle between Ih
two countries
Bpeclul to The Nowe I
Washington n f May 34Rhpl
Weaver ha < hein Mpixiinted Mtmater
HI May iMmhl HiniN Ida t Ice M 1
Marpby rlln o
Couple Picked Up at Ogden Who
In Many Respects Answer
S Description
sI r nml Miiip Hiul lulltlng Xniktul
01 lltaliaiiKii Vnliil
On irl4sluCre
Ogdei May 21 Hhortly after step
ping off a Rio Orande Western train
from llt Lake yesterday afternoon
Harry Cases afted a year and James
Dunkle ti were arrested by URIcer
Campion upcted of being the men
who attempted the robber of the
Layton liank a few nights ago They
tally vcr tImely with the description
given by the nlghtwatchman who wa
held up by them They appeared
much confu < rd when arrested and
gave contradictor statements of
themselves They stated at first tht
they had Juvt beat their way over the
railroad from Rvanston Wyoming
But a H I W brakeman who In
formed the office of their presence on
the train said the got on at a siding
near lAyton When the men saw
their blunder they changed their tot
and sM they had been working fo 1
a week past for a farmer near lAyton
Oanhler Klllwxi of the Layton bank
and nlghtwatchman Kvan have both
been called to am the prisoners While
they refiue to make positive Identi
fication they mam that there is A
marked resemblance between them
and the robber with whom they had
their memorable experience I Was
noted at the time of the holdup that
one of the highwaymen had a
noticeable limp In his walk
Ing One of the prisoner h
I pronounced limp Mr Klltaon
who also has occasion to remember the
that of them Nada
robbers recall tht one lhm
a long scar on his face One of the
men now In custodY Is also adornei
with a star on Ills face In the matter
of clothing too the plan gnrb
closely resembles the description of the
tobber apparel given the morning
after the holdup Added to 1 thi I
the nfulln manifested and the ron
tmdtclMis to which the prisoner re
Hort In attempting to explain their
umplf week Detective
movements for the past
the Peoder declared w either
the mot Ignorant or the moet clever
pair It h been hiM good fortune t
meet la ew official way
g t r
tlen arttl I tJ how wen same
of their other steels wild hold together
they will be taken In an automobile
probably h afternoon tn the vicinity
and will be confronted
of the recent robbery wl b M
fronted with those on whom they affect
fect to rely In proving for tbemselvti
an alibi
London May 24 A committee of the
Humanitarian league hAt adflrneeed an
open letter lo Col Theodore Honaevelt
In regard to MI African hunting expe
dition protesting against the laughter
of nnlmnj
The league In its letter nay It deeply
regrets that by his recent expedition
during which large numbers of mam
mals and bird were destroyed fo
whnt were termed purpetes o science
< We
but which we P think primarily
were purposes of mere amusement O
have given worldwide encouragement
to that smtaeuMis hUt of slaiiuhter
whlih m mianamed sport i
Hluefteld Mi May 14USC Lara
commanding a tore of government
troop Is today fiercely attacking the
provisional governments position at
the tear of HluefteMs The government
vteamer Venus Is landing 510 trooiw
off a lagoon U mile north of Blue
fields bluff for the purpose of attack
1ld bluf
with Gee
ing the bluff In conjunction
of Rluefleld
liras force back
WAnhlnglon May CWhpn the
enate took up the railroad bill today
there was general expectation on both
lde of the chamber that tho tote
would be reached during the day on
the Jummln amendment requiring all
Increase In rellroad rules to have the
approval ef the Interstate commerce
commlsalon before taking effect Both
the advocate and tbe opponents pro
fesxed confidence In the outcome
unln he
Continuing hta apeeeh which
had begun on dish Thitrsda Mr Cum
min preaented a number of pettiest
traffic association In support ef
from the provision He said that since the
paeaage of the act of tit there had
been a general demand for the legisla
tion contemplated by his amendment
l Uvnver Colo May 2 4 BllUn Uul
I night by his pet O which he bad
been leasing Jackson Rdwaid 1
tfln stricken at
year of aw became panic
lie thought that hydrophobia mtclit
at Ilht hours later he lil dead
Physicians del these his death i
ulted from the Mock of the dog at
tack lllItl > his fear o hydrophobia
Nw York May I The neat Culwn
011 visit tbe narbor of New
Cal vessel tn vial t narbr
anchored la the Hudson river
York l > II ldall
Vr 1horf He
list below < ir nfm lotnb Che Is
Mi tonS formerly
nuts l llalic > 11 Io
flonton unl
tam > ah lanu > aet of
io w MimeO whh foul gnu in 1
f t lie eeI gttt fleCI f ih > ilind
r p ihll
The veel < aan direct from Msvsos
whleti Port slit left OK May 11 A > she
enlertA New York b tie 1IIO
l > flats one pountKr urpf < ed in < 11nt
foi m wlih H harp salue of 21 KIJI > H 11
vilulliiu lirftuiv unsweicd In dinniil <
Mnl propri form fiom Umrinni I ltlanJ
Tempted by the Wiles of a Mod
ern Fagan Boy Comes
To Grief
II Miller ORiiRlH IfwulliHr Aroimil nn
I 1 e 011 I
Aimrliimiil lliHertf la Sent
1t thl r nllHil ry
Down on his hick and tempted by lb
wile of a modern Ytacan R Miller a
boyish looking chap a lee than I
year will epend a year In lisa elate
palms as the price for the chance of
Miller was confronted II the district
limit thl > morning with two charge of
i rim on of burglary In the second
degree Hmi the other o bnr > h ry hi
the third degiee The youth was cajftfht
prowling about the room of D W
flutan In apartment No I of the Ken
Hood apartment houee on April 4 O
which he wilt charged with the kaeei
offenae but lit the time o ii arrest
article xtnlcn from the upartraMtta of
J c fluff In Ih HrHn ford apartment
house on the night of April IK were
found In hi ioK eslon
On account if his youth Judge LcnI
appointed counsel to represent the de
fendant and after a consultation H P
Armstrong the appointed counsel In
formed the iourt that Miller waa read
to h arraigned and plead Owing tnt
the alight evidence of guilt in thi
charge of the second degree burglar
th district attorney waived the 1
ralgnment under that charge after th
plea o guilt was entered In tIn of
f of entering the Kenwood apart
ment with Intent to Meal
In hs lientx behalf tty Ann
strong related to the court the youths
story Two years ago the boys parent
gave up their home In New York City
lend went hack to the old country
The boy started out t are America and
drifted screws tin continent until fle
reached Han Franclscowhere lie worked
Mn <
for a yeA an elertridnn helper
came to Bait Ixike broke about a
week before his capture In the Ken
wood apartment and fell 10 with a
man who It an ered waa a profes
sional crook but who had aaatated the
11 C1
young fallow fin I week Then Miller
told his benefactor that
had been tol by tlt
bM I
hi had better get horny and the work
was outlined far W MtUar waN t
WJ Ulie
seeak late tM KHOTMIOI it iS
ronttw of Mr PHetan 1 wae cap heed
that the pnHMrtr stolen from Mr R
and found on the boy had been given
him by the modem Pagan
The youths Inmnvnce In court aftulnt
manifest In his coneUnt turakM
was hl t11 tur
to he attorney for coaching as to US
tr t1
replies to he made to t h courts qea 1
tlotn When the sentence o one year
In the Wh was paused the boyish
eVident In the feature
look became more vktnt 11 tl f
with pitiful appeni
ture aa h ihrunk wIt plfl
In his eye
London May CA propose to In
augurate a worldwide pvece mo
lt bearing the name o the late King
ttlward wa made bJ Sir William
Mather ut a meeting of the Peace a
i lety today
The suggestion met with prompt
approval and speakers who followed
Mir William Intimated that there wa
reason fo the belief that Bmperor Wit 1
desirous of taking an Im
lam was tkn a
dlr o
lim Wi
pnrtant part If not the actual
hlp In promoting I peace league of the
CmVe oMay M 4h > njamln Royce a
used by Btaclutone hotel official of
diaonleriy conduct In assaulting his
father W D Hoyce mlllkmalre pub
limber pleaded guilty In the municipal
iourt today and paid a lee 0 ff
YON a attack hi aald to hate
been precipitated toy his father an
nouncement that he would b married
Mist Virginia D Lee Th
on June 1 t VInl X Ti
elder Hoyee surprised hi friend bv
having B wedding last night With
hi bride he ia now belt tn be o
liii war lo Montieal or 4uebe <
Chicago May I At the coroners
lugurst last night over the body of Al
beit J Knell eon of Amos J Snell U i
Chicago mlllonaln murdered K yean
ago under sensational rlrcunietancaa
there wa brought to light the strange
career of I man who spent hi youth
In prodigal living and hi middle age
in atonement selfsacrlflc and uno
tentatloua evangelical work
For seven month previous to his
death Albert Rash lived In a email
bedroom In a cheap lodging boost I
While the man was receiving a month
ly Income of IJ from the estate of
his father he paid only 110 a week
fo his room worked every day at a
meager salary n sent 1 the Income
from the estate to his wife aa chil
dren from whom he Need apait
The man who had harmed up a fer
tune In his youth and had been die
owned by hi family because o hu
riotous living spent the last year of
111 llff in cfahaeemk and hard
work According te Mrs Adam who
kept the all house where he tiled
he led a unmll guard of front wlx to IC
men from the lodging house e 1 > Sflt
lay morning to church When he re
turned he would distribute programs
from the church in the lodging bout I 1
ruth tell the other roomer the text and
lel t
MulMtance of the sermon
Aiuc horn iiI awd Wi > i liHiloiio I
Iianaee who have been under b
xervntlon inic their examlnnilon be
f O i > tin IIIIMI Miiinimoii 1 0 r I
HV > Ulll tldt > iJlIUlt il l > till j
Mittu mental hospital ai irovo
Freight Steamers Frank H Good
year and James B Wood Col
lide on Lake Huron j
AecfclctH lliiiten l I Hi fly Alonilar
Jlernftg III HauM K North Hf
IlhMf AH Ijnll j
Port Huron Mich May SI Devtn sj
teen are reported to be dead aa a result
of 1 colllxlon of two b steel freight
learner nn Lena Huron north rf
Polntc Aux Baque In a dense fog ffj
Monduy morning New of the collis
ion reached here today pj
T steamer frank I Ooodyeai of
< IM eland wu sunk lit 47 fathom ot
water Th ntciii Jamwi U Wood
uf Ckvilan1 which struck the Unud
year how on tame tl Pert Huron liar
her tndny with a big hile In her bow
crrrjrlng half a dun survivors fiom
th iloodyear The latter carried a
crew of 23 men and avteral pamcmicrn
Clint V I Ilemenger of Algoun
Midi ho lomnwnded the Goodyeai
Milf Rngtaeei Olbauo wan Umlcl
BuHwtt ne uttveunen and two pas
stngfi Mrs Thomas I Uaasett and
hei ilMiighiir of Marine irity Mich
Mn > > ae < l und brought t Port Huron
tn li Mtmnei Wood
ThO niiiy hope of the xarvlval of the
itbiH win o eta on board the Oood
ru I IIK lu th poealblllty of their hav
lita been rescued by the steamer Sir t
William Blemens which was near the
scene of the wreck and 1 due at v
tour and flault Itt Marie today 471
Tbe < Ioodyear was truck amidships
on th starboard side while the
bow of the Wood wa punctured
In a moment It wa seen that the I
Hood year wa doomtd as she began
rapIdly to all with water Kverynne
on board was nupplled with a life pre i
server and every effort made to men
and launch the small boats Rut the
water pouted Into the hold to that l
that th heavy hatcbex uero foix1
from their frame by the pressure
ruin un lern ath and hot Into the air
In every direction and the falling
hatrhe xpread injury and diatli
among the terrlned crew and pan > 1
gtfrs With hi Infant child in his arms
Hteward IMtt had ulmoot reachel q
safety In a life boat when ons of th
tumbling hatches snatched the baby j
from his urms T lIttle one fell Into >
the lake and was drowned despite the h
franllr elfoH of Itn father to reaeuo
a It was
MM trie wag IIIINUca lIT broken tn I
to the action of tile water having
completed the dvelruclton begun by
the Mew received m the colHaton I
Qoijrigiox occuiiiiicn I NJY
Cleveland May 24Th < IJIlIhrltal
Tranxportatlon compen here ownS the
Jam n Wood and the Frank H j
Goodyear Is Owned b > inH Jhn Mit
chell ate of thin cIty lUte < iinll a
crew of It men In charge of Oapt
Ilemenger of Algonac Mkh
The Frank II OHJyr 011 a mud
em stewl steamer anti na 4tt feet hoar
MIle members uf the t rew of the Oood
year larhjdln Iapl Henunger were
rescued by the Htinmer Wed anti
taken to Pert Hvion mcordm lo nnr < l J
retelvad at the Gilihilst oflki
The oslllJon nrcured at 33t > M < m
day moraine In a heavy fog The One f
yoarii capUtm and ntcwerd the rtei
ards mother nd a wheelman ncro
ated and brought to Port Huron on
the Wood The steamer Mir WIIIlM i
Hlemen < > f leveland end con oit wi >
near the seen of the wreek
Many of the < tond > ere < rtu n r
killed bv falling hatches before lucy
had a chance to jump Into 1 v ter
All had life preaerxr when thlr yes
et sank
The bab > of the < > iHHl > eiti ii i KId a s
lashed from hi a rcia h > a fnlriif
hatch and the infant wai l n that
That some of the crew of the Hood Ki
r em were rescued by the steamer ale n
William themes ma announced at the
offices of the Goodyear The Btotnenn
l < upbound and until It reaches the
iou today It will not be known how
many wet saved bv that vessel
The crew of the Uoodyear was ship
ped at Chicago
New Vork May StI u fern bust H
steamship or a highway This Is a f
< litMlen that the supreme court of the j
raited Male may be celled upon tu de I
eld Tbe federal auvemaMiut liaa II
billed the ferry beat Maaeau owned > N
Nw Teak city In aa acttan le eeifene
the aaynWNit of a aeaaUy far aa alleged
lolaUna of a federal etatut which far
bid Ib tranaertaton of InIllsbI
or ecploahe aaaterlaie on stsaj5Ip i
exoept nn the decks
The goeramnt charge that a wtgoi
load of ganollne wa oarrled on the Nii
eaii whIch oly between Breeklyn and
1ev Tork Counsel contend that Uiu
XasMu Is not a steamsfcla at all but t
lilgtta being s eontlniiatlee ef uli
treet In Niw Turk tty ant as noe
any at a hldr
London May td LItu hi4 1
ander the noted trmvici luta b <
inurnVred by nativt neat Wadul
the Kremh Ponam Thl bait t i
reached the foreign offtie today
iletall are obtalnalMe > vt
Lieut Moyil Aknamltr Uti of 11
Heveoth hatullon British rifle brtgHI
retired from the army In IM He bad
led several h able Mienttnc ixpmbt
tlun Vie II 4ied the expedition t < i
C CI > l > Verde Island In IMT giui thi
expedition of I MM to rVrnandu Pv
r hih resulted in the uepsful ascvnl
of Mount Mi liMixl mill the lUcoveiy
of iimn or 0 hints 1 nI in lISt h
ii thf leader m th > leanderOo
ling > xipilUlcn tor fIo u from lh
Mer II the V rI
II il II 1 Itl i I wer l
voltiin ri d M i i tir ol ins iiMveb tfn l
nI I ocI1 mJaN rrnm the RoyaJ
UiugiHphiHi < itv of Antwerp and
the Royal Oeogmthlval society of Ton
of th
don anti nat an honorary fellow
tittiste I frgrllthlrl MM letv H < KHH ii
loli In 171 afl4 made h IN honi lt
C lIt tlae Crnltnk
f J

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